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08-16 12:35p - Sports Saturday - Ross Dellenger (LSU)

Aug 16, 2014|

Deke Belavia talks with Ross Dellenger from the New Orleans Advocate about LSU Tiger football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Two weeks and today. The college took both these next two weeks from Thursday kicks off on Thursday August 28 Saturday August 30 will become of the alive from -- would gross in the -- down. And you set from two to 5 PM for LSU and Wisconsin and gentleman is all all the tightness. LSU training camp beat writer for the Tigers thought they advocate advocate dot com. Ross -- -- now Ross thank you so much for the time and I keep up with you guys I had all my papers. As someone who's not a lot I can read it all I -- but I like the paper in my hand and I had him. Send -- the papers like every few days of February and in West Virginia but early on and I realize there's not much you guys can see. But each and every day the advocate -- and seniors they talk about what's going camping -- different positions and players. And one of things -- talk about Ross is is lamb backers on the today one of the land back with his speeches Clifton Garrett. We've known about me the other people that -- come up in the course the last two years that we expect some big things out of -- -- as a veteran guy like me you know. When you go out that you keep playing it like a -- And a lot of people just say oh we can be better than that but I'm an amounts that well if they can be better than that and why hasn't someone beat him out and he really played -- well in the bowl game so. Where all the linebackers right now in his defense. Yet it. They're going to be position group heading into this year and last week in other big gorilla flat especially DJ Welker. To serve for being maybe you know old slow her -- tackles and and they -- and it took a lot of criticism and you know two big position group and the I think here there are certainly better. Last year available one guy I mean Guerrero and a lot of the guys -- be starting and it's a lot of experience and then. You know -- -- -- -- -- added a couple of pounds this fall camp one -- ought to -- it. In the in the a couple of players have made it as well in the team room much sponsors. Look. Oh record and it told him that the you've never had to eat girl talented group. Let's say a lot you know there. They're counted in -- in -- group ticket probably rotator and your guys in the game in. That they're going to be and then then my year off the you know. We either the latter group last year or it was a defensive line especially at defensive tackle. There was an issue there in -- you know that they have to do there are help one Packers I think our. Even though you lost you know eagle opportunity on and I think -- guys there are a lot of people's minds and a little bit of a disappointing year last year -- him on the I think he'll regret there. So that we don't know about linebackers specifically about -- well there. You know yet he's he's held under Torre job and I expect him to you know -- -- like -- Milan back to be. A guy who knows the system than usual partner should. And Ross banquet where does he fit and it's a tremendous high school player allowed expected to him -- is it that is going to be in in the rotation issue we've seen -- -- my Nikki Johnson names that we heard over the course of time and we've seen other youngsters coming here. Like a locker -- within the -- than the Obama obviously. Rask photo he may be the best overall linemen in the end. You kind of see these guys come up and and we look at the -- -- not going man I forgot he was there it's almost like -- is that a college football. If you come and you don't make it impact early so you you get lost in the shuffle of their. Yeah we we topic in the -- yesterday. Interviews and eager you know the year. He just can't seem similar down you know he knows he's number two behind you there. Even yesterday yesterday. But -- -- -- -- -- conference -- -- -- going to be rotating in the -- -- trouble it. -- agent market who did you look and on the field you know great and -- on on defense. Other than ascertain which and there is no respect for doing. I don't know you know where -- creek there probably aren't aren't really good again you know maybe. Irregular than that -- this -- this -- like that role. As seniors. -- use slot of that -- role as starter middle linebacker. I don't know he knows you know last year -- little defensive line. It is no way to put the guy I think you know last year. It'll -- the rumblings that you know he really at linebacker and then move them back in the glove which years. Cutler in the position undergone. -- veteran floor guy in the it was our best we can you know give a whole lot of snaps as you can but maybe -- -- -- -- kind of lose a little sore. Ross village of the advocates hospice is that advocate dot com cope with the LSU Tigers and LSU and that it's on line and each and every day. In the paper. Ross now. Quarterback it's you know you would look at LSU and you say okay ideally. In a perfect world you'd start August 30 with a -- that the -- he's our guy we're behind my heart does it but realistically. I would think if they have whoever they want solid and plays. Once they come to town in late September asserted before you go on the -- the two crucial back to back games and -- -- -- crew scenario would have the first bout at Auburn. Aunt flora is is that a fair assessment they have they have a little time to maybe ladies -- in some games hopefully settle in on a quarterback. Yeah I think -- you know it you know that they've got. You know with content -- a great opponent prime time this season opener. I'm but it it not comfort gains against a team in concert really well on of people from last year there. They're going to be I think a little and then if people think I really do you expect to be on the top and -- it -- team. You could -- a roster but if I'm right you -- you come from -- peaked in areas that you know you know little but that beat him -- Well I'm actually like it was a fumble. But that's. Yep but I did government there for awhile a little while so the idea about the kind of covered covered -- appeared in those schools and -- So I just don't expect it would be you know world beaters and articulate our call regain. I didn't answer Houston and now I think it -- Munro. Believe gear in the batter's and so that -- game. -- like analytical pre game and away. They -- to the quarterback competition you know that I would expect -- you played the quarterbacks early in the season. And see how things shake out the other or one of the spotlight early -- special that was on game. In that'll that'll help you know helped them they're going to be taking -- -- imagine. Circle goal and -- staging. They've they've got -- they've got to be. A game plan in place you know they're get ago. I'd stay in think it was New Mexico State in the accurately it's all sort of back to back road trip that that wouldn't. Cheat and really it in stride and they they need on the quarterback. Or in the on the planet are gonna play it beatable quarterback about it straight game that you know have been -- pregame got to play rattled that. Ross now lot's been made and rightfully so but -- -- the First Amendment at -- and it also saw some of the features that have been done on pants and be very. At -- young man what about having all the careless the only Evers touch with -- in the can -- -- -- you know keep me here he was once a guy that. -- in his young -- was more highly thought of as -- -- his sophomore season high school Sports Illustrated. The minute four minute wars and we saw him as a freshman Britton making impact on those you made that run. To the national championship game but of course the use and different backs that come through and there. Murky in here you're in four and it looked like the three is is this apart awaits its distribute among carries and so for me it's comparable. And now how good -- this group basically they look like now when you go. Potentially when they came -- Taylor issue. Excluded opponent McGee in here yeah they they were highly touted. Yeah did it Syria did a good group of them -- that about it you'd have -- -- and he's a freshman. But he -- -- guy you know it littler known he would be. Guys -- the but he was talking -- I think he's he's out of it two. That the public forward for scholarship quarterback that. I'm acting like a lot but not -- could not that deep in. -- -- running back by committee you know you you know three of four. A good amount -- throughout the season and I think that the player and the years there. Probably about Aaron -- -- starting -- maybe you'll -- it out and just the senior guys will probably start game. I've been in Iraq but he's -- would not be surprised at where we're at where we're getting out. Most of the -- The higher into the Carrey's I didn't mean he's gonna get. The game. But you don't execute being gains in the heat it's too low to gain in. Hilliard -- you know might eventually do something like that but I would expect all in the -- it is it. It's a solid group a more strategic. You know the guys -- trying to block oral. You got we don't arguably one of the very competent line combinations in a certain degree start between all the moment you -- to with regard to who couldn't. Possibly drafted you know -- next -- stroke. You know when you combine -- American. -- -- Ross how can people keep well with you on Twitter. My head name a -- Dillinger EPO DE LL EG ER -- -- -- -- are the advocate dot com back last sports are all covered. -- to keep -- over the LSU Tigers LSU athletics advocate dot com follow him on Twitter at real role is always a pleasure. Thank you so much for the time we'll talk again -- in America.

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