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08-16 12:15pm - Sports Saturday - Kristian Garic (Saints)

Aug 16, 2014|

Deke Belavia talks with Kristian Garic about the Saints 31-24 win in the preseason over the Tennessee Titans.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's one of 32 NF Sosa reported in the National Football League and Christie Garrett won. On -- a Christian you on the field last night and a close you could see it on the television that coach Peyton he was he was frustrated a little perturbed. With the lack of but discipline -- he said last night by his team. -- used. Just when you consider most of those penalties. We're committed guys that are you know -- starter or have a pretty significant role on this team ultimately it eat it yet. It's something that it fixed it it would be. In conversation. With the Seattle Seahawks 49ers. -- What about the and it's been certainly the National Football League in it surely been a little disturbing to a certain extent. At first you appreciate it -- penalties from Sean Payton and you know what -- it caught my attention -- that is a sign of or coaching. And in this -- -- -- -- yet many penalties in Boson you know he he's old self accountable. They also hold players accountable and talk to you know cam Jordan Joseph -- a -- -- -- game a -- like. It's it's among the players -- abilities straight bowl model one and go to necessarily. Don't should emphasize and I mean they note that particular LB especially when you collect five turnovers in the ball game. The should be that you -- 21 points or more. -- those penalties have a whale leveling playing field. Christian -- now I'll talk about some of the houses Mandy rookie at that Taylor Alou and I believe he'll be a tackle for. A Tennessee. In order -- he's a rookie put. Cam Jordan at its way with him last night I mean there was a blatant hold a couple of times and their ballgame trying to keep him from good to wanted to quarterbacks. Cam Jordan we talk about good. New Orleans Saints defense has done I think extremely well with talk about some of the some of the things they want to be focused in on. Going into the seats and getting more pressure on the quarterback they've gotten eight sacks for last week before last night but total of minus 53 yards. That is a ticket to prepare for a for the past level. And they put a lot of stress on the quarterback in place in what state did not -- -- -- the second so they did affect the quarterback from -- football. I thought that was that was good last night and also when you talk about the offensive line what they have done on we're talking about an offense that has not played. Now basically -- whose daughters and their Christian senate and to call it because we don't leak so all of pretty will be the senate. But Jones economy today all starting right there they've been playing ball most of the snaps this offense if you allow once that every two games Christian that's only eight in a regular season for the for the whole season 82 -- -- that by the Saints. And they've only given -- one thing. It out now for the line and it played much better in Indy he just not really explain ultimately -- bring -- -- -- -- -- rubs. Jahri Evans out for -- contest out there. Sure that they focused on the they -- -- -- article all tech and -- the number of games last year were bruise under. Right. We've seen that guy can do. Even with guys indication that he pledged. But he wouldn't you know when he acted well into doubt there's not a Super Bowl or when. Been so all the records you like it really well. Double in the pocket find those deep threats and the players they -- the I think is a bit of a pleasant surprise of it you'll know it happens quickly especially. You know -- get to go Kart every -- don't don't break in -- left tackle. And utility injuries did we mention. You -- but. Inactives were attracting. Quarterback in the first two pre season game would be able to certainty down there -- level market which a little bit that -- he could see those guys really. Surging along the beavers to line even the players inclusion of those guys and establishing a lot scrimmage well put -- even some of football and it's positive it's open. That you look at -- and -- Ecstatic over the team you know they continued that. And -- Allen's -- on the ball and abolish. Kristi gave Saints -- report is our parents last night the -- 31 point four over the Tennessee Titans -- next week Chris the most meaningful pre season game. One week Sunday if the ballclub that mean you feel there's a legit contender in the AFC and Andrew Luck in the Indianapolis Colts that is generally the pre season game which the Frontline players. Played the most although they give play a lot more last night when you count of the snaps and look at some of the guys in the late in the second minute of the third quarter. But obviously -- a coach painted its gonna start Sunday and -- it's -- about cleaning things up and being more disciplined. What do you expect some of things tomorrow I think tomorrow at this from a feel we may see especially effective in the heat the toughest practice they've had the training. Gallery economic. Going back to the element from you know I think you pointed out it's like thirty degrees. Different in terms of what recover from West Virginia to here matter. I think it's going to be the toughest one I think chomping -- make sure that he set the tone very early about these penalties he's -- harp on it. Now pretty much for the next you know 45 he's certainly -- Indianapolis and you know he had to -- one thing. Something is it is expertly here that is -- indicating a message to his football team he's always been related. At that throughout the week there on a regular and tell them exactly. What is going to take what they Janet do in order to win football games in no doubt that -- -- six I just know that. The players -- At the -- a little bit. He's gonna drive not an approach is actually I'm sure on too much at this point home this -- about clip of the penalties visit. If you commit that many penalties against religion jeans and -- regular season they're they're gonna Emery pretty good. Christian around him and maybe some guys now we've seen it yet by Marcus ball Pierre water the people step up and listen guys you think -- seriously. Right here with you pre season games left with a shot that to beat. The Knicks Kerry Robinson Pierre Thomas -- -- bush who some guys at a seriously in this battle. Acting like. Not being Aaron Robinson your comments rapid stayed in the traffic gets. Of agent Jerry had a solid last. I'm not. Captain obvious to a degree but I like Jerry Owens. Straight -- in early on cute player urgently dale I did early on that he was always there are just step when he. You know word he's got to be Smart player. And they'll be someplace you know makes you played last night. You know I think you know a player that. Is probably destined for the practice squad. That I don't necessarily make -- active roster is that they are so loaded. At running back it's they are stronger from two I don't think they like him a lot and it is loaded at running back. I don't think that -- last year we saw seven or eight. Undrafted rookie free make your team -- you see that many because of the depths that they currently have right now but. Not much on maybe just played pretty well last night that touchdown pass I'm ability entry -- -- by there's back at quarterback position battle between. -- -- -- Right represent a little bit the edge earlier on but I think. There's a moment last night movement down what is pat back into the mixed. Think sell -- Puerto host on double coverage each and every weekday morning at 6 AM to 9 am on three WL. Saints and a reporter Christian here at Christian -- And Christie Garrett on Twitter Kristian -- more -- thank you so much of the time we will see you tomorrow team. -- --

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