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08-16 1:35pm - Sports Saturday - Mike Triplett (Saints)

Aug 16, 2014|

Deke Belavia talks with Mike Triplett, who covers the Saints for ESPN.com, about the Saints 31-24 win in the preseason over the Tennessee Titans.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- Saints at ESPN espn.com. In the NFC -- Mike Triplett don't just now Mike I would just talk a little bit about that the weather you know what you. Factor in when the Saints want to Graeme Brock and the way to preceded scheduled news in the first game of the season. Well -- didn't you know. These these can't practice -- -- to be outside of the -- -- don't have to be outside because of aware thinks that some of and that one game in Cleveland and I wouldn't expect it to be. As hot in northern Ohio. You know it it would be at some other places like they were playing Tampa or Jacksonville somewhere. Well again and it that road tests. What elements really don't come goal later this season in Pittsburgh so that. Like its schedule at that. And you know quarter doubles distorted and that you know area. As a road monkey and the back last year but then when it puts so well Philadelphia. Cold at any started pretty well. Seattle the -- fortunate they've really started it. Get on -- -- and then and I know that wanna build up that -- here but but then again. Though -- -- indoors over. Trip we we have talked about this ballclub what what they have done what they commonwealth from a year ago. And now moving forward. You know. Is not really much to see. Well. That's on that can improve on that would 26 in kickoff returns so that's a league approval they wanna force more thorough was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Clamp down around the mall on some teams when he gets tight situation like with Seattle -- and things of that nature. But -- that some of the things we have seen these first two pre season -- some returns. And in -- It's like what coach Bates and has opens they you know when you look back on the season will it be a situation where -- it some like he has. Where they kind of attribute. To a loss by their own doing and I get to me at that -- it's. That's what they kind of talk about because over the net -- is there's really not much not like about this. You're right because -- those really tell the way. But it would be excellent except we're gonna look back overseas when we don't meet our goals and say what -- word go wrong. It happened in right away it's going to be like this and you let -- You know this -- finished. Taylor last year. Lives on five -- -- -- in the sixth then laughed at New England by a year -- Carolina -- there could have he's really you know should put it better. Uglier yet to say -- I mean. It could have been in particular here at our. Are the brutality as saying this. Years. You're expected something to be better -- local court as well. But it's -- They're good and have to be at thirteen entering number one cheap seat. Think it gets sloppy a couple of times and be eleven and split their historic Seattle -- players that so. It's it's it's a tremendously final and there's no at least keep this. Out of contention but they're one of you know or five. Super Bowl contenders -- And it's that fine line or. Yeah you know there and that who my two ways if that you play in somebody's saying well. You know building it's well we can't make mistakes you know ball security turned the ball low -- At that they have there one of those teams that -- -- be the 12 and three. And a level of ten or twelve to six and in the it is the eight six and in the AFC. But it's not like there you know they'll say it every week meaning Blanco -- ball security. There are some teams that where you know wait if they finish -- even normal in the months that Lackey said they they are they a more mountain hosting the -- will feel. Who witnessed it might -- for the first training camp and the two pre season games. Now all of this and things that -- that -- goals on the to these. Run the football forcing more turnovers. Coverage you'd think that they maybe have not improved like they want to look at his point. And you know just just in the middle leaked it to -- thing. That that it that with a major things and and -- you know network actually -- attribute -- or. Won't -- the line in the run game that they target this summer and there are but it. Picked up from weather -- On it can make those big plays and again in any cheaper and Joseph or. We Cuba there. Think -- -- they're going to be in on some big plays at third one it is you know the -- -- -- cornerback position or some more turnovers. Still just getting complete we haven't seen. -- helped secondary out there yet it's injured bird out there. That are that. Were the pressure brought. From guys like him during -- and let the actual. Besides that all three of those areas which I think is like a short period. In those -- talk about all. So these problems that are -- you know those shouldn't be it shouldn't be. My trip and ESPN NFL insider cope with the NFC south focuses on the unit. The NFC's New Orleans Saints. RE ZESPN dot com I can you talk about that you know over the course of time. You look at some of the teams who can we bring here and you know defense and I'm -- thing to -- rotate more. An offensive I'm a bit in the first two pre season games basic three whose daughter is from last year. That have been in the interior offensive -- -- it was a senate last week gritty last night but can meet they left court. And -- Jones at right guard and I was talking you know OK they can run a ball as effective last -- it against Saint Louis but. They are a team that is at 82 pass attempt they've allowed. One sack that pretty I think that's pretty telling considering it you don't have to would meet you consider or two of the better guard in the National Football League. They have -- play. And it ought to read the quarterback -- it usually get credit hour or so. No question but it's sunny -- you know -- quarterbacks in the dark it's one of those things that are. You saved bullets really comforting to know that the -- -- these -- that they need. Well he's a. -- -- here's some time -- -- back when Charles Barkley would be break it down the NBA city you know the -- to make errors that you know probably the Lakers Lakers they think that that just started all. And -- kind of that is in the move it forward let's just say this thing so don't really clean it up maybe eight -- anymore. Next week is it is it more of a problem that a concern what pre season game left and and -- you start them up blank on that Thursday night in ball point Kenny just. Beat in Atlanta on and it's on and say okay we're just now and not gonna do it anymore. Well yeah I mean. Maybe it -- that -- -- -- and penalties that week nine this week then next week. I'd be something that'll take teachers that that there's no excuse them that they -- teachers. So they could there. From coaches to players that tolerated. Used that. Pretty. Cute and you'd -- this so you. So that that there get their attention that the -- that awake -- our room Powell. Don't -- himself as in the past about. Learn from Bill Parcells sometimes -- -- great. You're -- detention did during Super Bowl on our players are being. This is this is this is that a reason to take it seriously so. It's not something that -- tolerate. But I am competent and well there's no big deal. But I am confident that there is a different -- that increasing and -- regular game. And that is. Seen leasing developing with the -- over the years. So it could be something that they could turner pretty quickly you would hope. Yeah and found it -- bit of movement forward now are some of the guys that you know a forehand Fuller roster spots and if that may -- Who who are a few you'd think with two preceding games left and some practices that are that are in. A may be in contention to be like that Larry Robinson that you you -- let the guys we've seen. Come up over the course he is just hang on with his team make defrost. I'm not sure that we -- seen any open to skill position players this year it is still got a touchdown upset that you -- they sprinkle a little extra bit receiver. I think you're looking more at the guys you better two hours each person or her a spot there. Running back I don't think the rookies. They're structure maybe an outside chance I like him. Especially in a little bit more breakfast got some Gypsy at the steal its players as much. A couple of couple eaten some players have really shine now and that statue and -- like a special the Marcus ball a safety Kyle not to linebacker. Their little older peer awards and an agent they all they. I kind of like some of the things that from nick Jacobs the Giants tight end at the blocker. You know I don't know or -- six undrafted rookie this year though we. -- how can people follow you on Twitter. Mike Triplett and I'm up in. -- when you get home. Oh Wednesday it -- good time it. Yeah -- faced them is in the same city believe. It is below them more pain -- -- but he could. Have -- -- -- my triple -- one of the best in the game ESPN. Dot com NFC south in saint since out of follow him to a tribute thank you so much we -- healthy tomorrow afternoon.