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WWL>Topics>>08-16 2:20pm - Sports Saturday - Travis Reier (Alabama)

08-16 2:20pm - Sports Saturday - Travis Reier (Alabama)

Aug 16, 2014|

Deke Belavia talks with Travis Reier of BamaOnLine.com about Alabama Crimson Tide football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Alabama will open up against West Virginia join us now with all things Alabama we've visit with Travis -- senior analyst of them on line. Dot com Travis always a pleasure to have you commentary aside right now and of course a huge question. It is the quarterback what. He's taken place at Alabama. If it a legitimate battle or is it may -- to see if one guy the guy just came in from of those who how fast he picks things -- Well baker as we speak right now -- here in the stadium scrimmage and for the second final arm of the fall camp so they scrimmage and I didn't think it. -- a legitimate competition between them and the four straight transferred -- vote first reps this week. -- -- we want -- most of those this week it's been kind of split between the two and we'll hear from Nick -- hear about forty partner or so a little better handle locally on on what transpired. In stadium today. Think it's your question -- again and I do believe that the you know -- are catching. They were to vote against West Virginia just a matter who's gonna go out there first and getting -- today a little extra outs. Travis and I understand that. You didn't sneak into his -- are you the media's allowed -- -- -- well our eye opener media were in foreign media area and. All we -- -- you make me feel more like coming home now aka Jack it's a couple. It'll you know we tackle area you don't want it to the states sees what they were at mile eight -- -- -- you -- I've got to. Exactly and none of it is in context certain closure much anything -- -- numbers split. Com no it's it's it's very much cause we get that little bit and start practiced don't want to get go around here that Tom. Yeah it's going to be very interesting currency at all out here and taxpayer to. That is up to him about it the lead is on training camp Alabama. Victory this year I -- online dot com or Alabama. 47 or are currently oil sugar. Can at this team and what they've been able to do over the course time and obviously bringing in guys. You know a moron on offense and -- and I'm not just talk about some 636 for Coca Coca six 6667. Yet you know. With the offense last year and almost out of fuel I want to -- rate offenses. They had a bevy of backs that mean McCarron threw the ball and I think that's one of the things that may be. Look at they had -- sure isn't the issue it's important but. He photo Auburn game that needs some of them didn't moments in a ball game when they needed a home run. He could throw it deep football talk a bit about. This offense. All of these backs are you prepared him radio -- I mean. Is is it black community how to they shake out I was does that mean you've got three or four back so Riddick there was about six or the -- Yeah you know nothing it's going to be a little short term what we all you tell what AT&T -- -- -- -- transition quarterback position. Com and that's why I think as much as we talk a quarterback. The offense or -- point eight. What was your year on the payroll by anybody's standards you say it but by the standard that they can separate the previous two or three years. It was -- of that -- so I think it's going to be critically important. That they're able to really handle things try and you don't have to be common with those comebacks are key to yell. Appear in very can injury thing or a couple blocks structure or sex only stalemate. And and taken to a lot of talent -- not so on the offense or not thinking how it comes together is going to be. Critical I think -- still pretty good for the top spot right now at right guard position -- on Brown's. Injury called can't. They've worked out -- Taylor and there but I can really anywhere or brown comes back at all during. That he can beat Italian -- -- -- Travis Johnson some Louisiana products -- always team when you talk about the suspicion is secondary. And also Andruzzi making any bail but. I'll talk about a fault that the saudis don't mentally get into all of their he's upbeat guy and into physical presence that it is causes. A matchup problem when when you look at a 64 frame. Where has that -- way to see stand -- but he got a Marc Cooper on a sad but -- -- you if you got speed and size they've got to find a place for it. How is this young man done. Well you know it's it's. At the top of the rotation pretty much -- when he legitimately -- and then Christian Jones. India and light you're talking about three veterans you -- on our experience between them. Gonna be really hard and knocking those three that -- three black. When you get to that for six or seven admitted took back into that rotation network falcon has. Touching it and make an impact in your right here a big -- Our count acquire problem can do it -- no -- intermediate routes aren't get right down to third down Canada. Topple him is. There is stacked tell lies beyond the top three. And they were in position not proven talent still Robert Foster a couple years ago only to be in what actually occurred -- people country. He might be -- -- our course -- on its third year. It again it's definitely. Factoring in there and at the irritation. In our period Stuart bombed a -- freshman. There's -- really good -- history and so. On the competition. And that -- rotation at wide receiver. Is really gonna be interesting see outplayed now get to -- -- Alabama going to do their final big moments before the go to school in two weeks they will take on. The West Virginia Mountaineers and that is obviously coming up and in Atlanta are these big SEC battle games have been us open has been a staple now the commons vote getting close to a decade. -- Collins a lot made about him coming out has been rightfully so I am now seem like he is one of the leaders. On his team where does he -- it what you seen in Alabama the last few years Travis and is -- -- that Mark Barron. Team -- -- easy paktia as a defensive back among NFL lead coming out like Mike -- and you were drafted. I think he has you know I think parent people forget. He would have been really good at triple a after his. -- church for junior's season. Remember he had the injury all the laps game that you go out and gentry not you'd think on. So -- return for Chico or great for Alabama. -- and obviously. Well Atlanta and dornin is -- your program people he's only I think he's gonna -- it. It's hard to imagine in -- home. We are -- foresee boring injury like parents so yeah thank you very much on that kind of career app that all work. Mark parent travel I think they're there -- players. Our feeling in the net more strong safety type type although they're gonna ask him. Appointee to the outfield this year after running the show back there. A lot in -- communication. And so it's a little bit more cool he can't just focus on playing this year. He -- about tomorrow a moral leadership back there the piper got type personality. Like India but from a pure physical standpoint. Channel -- -- go -- anybody he'll pick apart there. Travis again. Let everybody know having get the latest on Alabama crimson. I speak just got to gamble online dot com. And we are part of the 447 sport dot com that works so. You're available online dot com Alabama about forty force seven or start comment and you find. That is what you think about that Thursday it is easy and it worked out there. It you know. I got home I watched them -- -- you know it's it's all in the moment I thought they did a really good job with sought out all the different sports and -- Ku. I I'll -- and there's one thing I'm no longer really liked about it it's the it's more -- much of a sport in general different sports. And -- fortune and you know I don't know. It's force the other continent how much -- like -- -- not -- I any time they can give us more especially live coverage of the bench. I'm all for that. -- track Travis thank you so much -- and we'll talk again soon take care. --