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WWL>Topics>>08-16 2:20pm Sports Saturday - Bryan Mathews (Alabama)

08-16 2:20pm Sports Saturday - Bryan Mathews (Alabama)

Aug 16, 2014|

Deke Belavia talks with Bryan Mathews of BamaOnLine.com about Alabama Crimson Tide football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Senior writer. Thought the oftentimes those who keeps it was a we talk often and answered -- -- -- -- Pete would give me an alpha. Will the team news Brad -- to August now Bradley is that right well when's the last time Auburn broke open bill -- -- SEC game. I don't think back -- -- a -- you know yeah I think I saw some don't you -- -- and we're doing things like 28 lead early ninety's the last. The other guy -- sort. Pattern of open up with one -- -- not -- game has sorted it didn't work for the and I. Robert -- but you know maybe that's. The news conference schedule Orton changed a tour -- -- opening week against. Yeah it has done is benefit is it the last time Florida ladies -- -- cup game outside the state of Florida with like in 91 so that they're -- -- at it. Technical -- you can do it. You could do it rather everybody knows how to get the latest on the Auburn time. Well literature -- Robert sports dot com of course we'll have a couple of the big scrimmage and having. Starting with a system. And a -- of that and -- -- of -- and -- up and go at all. Just two days until someone should. Bradley oh yeah our regulations the same record is that he -- Travis at an Alabama LSU you know you kind of just wait in the and you get to -- to -- to be up to see some of. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now they're entirely closed they don't get the stats can be taught a culture you're players that's about it and in a -- not want to show that these children from my action so. Oh you'll hear -- remote options of people that are that are the record in the you know it took that but that's just the -- it -- Bryant is it that carried me you know I look at the Florida was with a one loss team a couple years ago and they feel good defense that -- the best conference but it's a full point team a year ago. It is it a concern of what caused the in his first year and it. Then level and he's not to be expected this year -- the -- -- a polls they thickest on the Auburn Alabama at the last game of the regular season seem pizza there. The SEC championship. Haven't heard that sort of look at our schedule and you look at. Just proper position as far as the last -- -- underdog and what you expect from. Regulator now they're the favorites -- one of the papers in the top opportunity and let. A lot of expectation and so I think it fair that they confirmed the hero -- -- -- -- In the fairway at Florida last year you know that sort quarterbacks -- -- have a bit -- back up there and not think about that position and lose. That Marshall caught up in the I'm not ridiculous and no one of the better -- in the country -- it's got a lot of them contribute a little culpable. With all their production -- Albeit maybe bank beat good discourse automatic time. -- Who who stalked off it's all consult -- -- in -- -- -- -- -- quarterback coach at the future for Auburn. Yeah Jimmy Johnson a sophomore he started the game last year played too -- a little bit and fortunately twice. -- really six. Drop back a quarterback that can certainly scramble and look pretty well certainly not the what you meant by looking at but got a -- Period coupled with the running the ball into the only. The quarterback's future -- -- this year and people. To try and start of a mixture. Up up up big Fella who came out a few might have been the best freshman defensive player in the country when you consider what he'd -- a year ago our defense that was a home run defense they look literate zone may fourth title was. And that was Auburn defense that. A Big Three are now 64 right in the middle on -- -- -- coming up pretty are all American by media count freshman last year tremendous with the -- he would. Talk talk about these that mean he's the easiest and category like -- big -- it. Thank you get -- how much -- -- -- and this is is like the you know the thing about -- as a true freshman in the SEC last year at the plate from the great. So you'll need them we've talked to the coaches and better prepared to meet with the progress the way it come -- of the Israel is great opportunity he has tremendous physical skills in. I can be Lebow's. I get it is took the field because to tackle make plays tackle well. You know you have. In particular that is about every single year. And I think maturity has an opportunity to be an extra type guy but that's the -- to. -- Matthews is with us talk about the Auburn Tigers -- getting ready this hold a scrimmage cigarette and a -- -- -- four schools -- to -- the game -- is two weeks from the date. The season -- gains. We talked about it before but a young man that we have a -- play here in the last. East saint -- with a tremendous football player and now what you call -- came. One of the best ju co players thought the Campbell -- -- Pacific locals bulldogs waited so to have level. D'Qwell Williams comes and -- is he had impact player all they expect a lot Manningham ran. They really and the crew has been just tremendous everything -- ever -- -- -- -- -- January. On the field -- a true cultural. We just sort of natural effect. Not much like -- -- all I'm going to remotely excited about. Other -- you know -- can make in the sort of hit you in practice. With anybody and just had that incredible. Of one and they grab late Canadian. You know they can play in the slot a lot this year. Just a tough matchup. A linebacker but it is no secret about and a number. Our nickel situation so and yet there high expectations. All the duplicate -- be the best receiving corps in the decade maybe Alter and they've got a little more in -- about -- and Mika. Morris Pickens and the coaches will what he'd -- -- -- issue is phenomenal and now you know he's a guy that. I think he's getting NFL potential a written all over Raymond you know you throw we have today -- Colts. You know. When you got -- offense they scored a forty points a game put about five -- the concert you say well how could they be better but I mean look they could be better this year Brad. That could be because they want to doubt that one or more and when you're not in the ball you know Borg 46 times in game. Yeah and the defense that outcome of surpassing it spreading the field that night that reminded. You more dangerous where when people in the bought special skill player like that Marshall. Corey Graham you have the ability to put but you know that particular should be certainly a lot in common games so. Auburn has or not actually. They got most of those guys that you know sublime. Others -- -- the system so they're the book or letting it shouldn't Marshall so you have potential to be a more small ball petitioner. And you know -- one of the things that with the housing -- -- recruiters that I don't know -- you know it's it's. You know I don't just follow these cute and it just is such a young bait but where did you follow at the Haskell with they don't slack and I know it you know. I don't know because was also keen at Alabama has some over the course a year is -- -- in addition that is mean now they want it. But the ju co -- half a dozen little more owners of ballclub Hutchinson we talk about golf coach coal man. How how how much of an impact in those guys coming code but when you get a few college guys -- ACC. You laughing at him if the depth you bring him in the comings. You look and Auburn and a double a -- -- I don't know too close to restore. I think the -- Lambert and the pop -- potential -- that and again Republican put. Can roles in the bucket or two to the Comerica bank according -- apartment or. But -- You know that's going to be part of novels -- you don't want to do it's. Totally up -- chipped it stopped recruiting goes you just want to bring him. Freshman -- mound like a -- and try to build a problem what that does well bumping it out should he wants to look at each team each year. It and make sure he is -- Compete for championships. And that they need to improve position or to the struggling to do do that you and so. It's going to be part about recruiting as won't go to the panel. And brown and you locate two interesting games that -- you -- -- -- saw the San Jose state but it interests want. Twelve days in between but with that Thursday night game Kansas State so that'll all balance that you play Thursday but -- -- -- -- more fronts that. And -- backs that we've positioned -- for you get to a crucial streets. At the Holcomb or LSU Mississippi -- -- oh is that is it that -- go hard after that but. There's a night game at Kansas State we know there's I've football -- -- the campuses out there it is a bit of it's a big part of it. At the media that that's an interesting game on -- I don't necessarily say it's a -- one penalties that -- one. But because the where -- is when he do you -- -- it's a little more interested and cause it's one of those teams that -- quote -- -- -- conferences. But the big twelve Kansas State. I think it's -- did our culture has. -- on their favorite most likely. Now don't belong on doors and obvious Pia it was a lot of and you just look at the late in the state -- -- a -- -- the program. You know that would be well coached out fundamentally. Some of the stuff that you know constructed do to get deep -- -- -- balance or. Position may network as well in Kansas State plus cut. I'll go to places that were played before. On Thursday night so you had a lot I. A typical day I'm really fortunate you know I know all -- the you know -- now so they were a lot and so that. I think that's -- game that as. You know the potential big upset to and I expected and would predict talk that there are so that they'll -- -- formula. I would get rid of that -- actually contrary to get out of line if they. Controller a scrimmage and keep the ball -- walker the top -- point and then. Apparently he's -- run the ball you know maybe they -- monopoly in order to -- and so I think -- had level. Can't go back in August and September they've got you know before that you -- will be yet. Bryant Matthews senior writer public it was about the Auburn Tigers LSU's first road game of the season if Phyllis you look look at their schedule they -- I was -- -- state late September. But that I truthfully to crucial road games at Auburn Florida and back to back weeks and it's going to be a bit of both of these fan -- school equally in the fall -- -- -- -- of the games in Pratt again. Everybody know how to get the latest and best information on -- universe. Check yourself or like complex coverage of football recruit and get -- basketball. That they come up lupica Tampa pulpit. Fully as. Yes he doable -- -- like -- -- an exciting and it didn't get against the new program. Totally changed just can be easier just electric culture -- the sport basketball entered. A ticket sales. Little extra drug program and I know Iguodala -- cult -- and the camp that the same but today so they'll be a lot of prospects here -- How responsive -- in particular suit up into what people shot about you troubled basketball. Ramat -- always opposed comment thank you so much in and you got some work he gets to put this with the notes at the with so take it with multi game soon. --

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