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WWL>Topics>>08-16 4:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

08-16 4:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Aug 16, 2014|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks dining, recipes, food, wine, and cooking with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

870 -- cycles medium wave. Fifty quadrillion -- watts of power blasting off into this guys throw the rain clouds back down to the ground. Going around twice in circles and then going back the other way around. And then landing on down that piece of wire that you have sticking out of your car and that somehow absorbs. This. Little music from 1941. And meet. From 1951. And this is the second course of the food show. -- our program about eating drinking. But cooking. Going to the store and buying food growing year old and food all of these things are becoming more popular lately. And no we like doing it more because the first time around we have to do it. And growing growing up my mother grew all kinds of things and she did it -- who really no kidding it's it's to save money. Frankly I. Don't know we don't so much. We do it for -- the funny thing is. Is that while this trend towards local produce and growing everything locally and even raising. Things like cows and pigs and -- and all of that locally. Has gone on -- this sounds great except there's one little problem when. And that only only a little problem and I think it'll be solved -- And it it should be -- that is that the stuff tends to be a lot more expensive than just the regular stuff. But what are we gonna do about that nominal all food has gone up a lot this year restaurants are under. A little bit of low pressure because that they hate to raise prices they really do. I've been watching the restaurant prices for forty years. And they usually lag behind. Inflation. And you know every now than when they think they can slip one in just to kind of catch up a little bit they do but it's been tough this year that. What often happens is that they'll raise the price of one item. And then leave the rest of the can't similar sorts of things and parched. -- this gives the illusion that though prices haven't gone up it's just that they've they've moved around a little bit and that seems to work and everybody's happy. But this time around everything has gone up so they don't then there's nothing they can now leave it at standard. Tough deal or you can still eat very very well around the world we have 14104. Restaurants. And you'd just give you just the other end of that piece of rope. The day before Hurricane Katrina. We had 809 restaurants we're up 600. -- restaurants. From what we had before the hurricane. It's like a 72%. Increase income figure recently somebody asked me. At the New York Times no -- somebody asked me. Give him give them those ice tracked those statistics all the time. You can find the mall including the list of all 14104 opened restaurants that know me and you dot com and no enemy and you dot com. Well why does this say something host oh JoAnne or no Jones is on us and even at it's it's it is you don't. Tony welcome. Thank you for my confusion I mean those aren't the. Report. Mary -- term why. Shall I can believe that that's -- pricey that's even cheaper than most of -- what like 28 dollars -- The only -- man they called for in a plot that we all. The for a bit and we we walked in the masters and open it trapped there at the bag that little table that you recommended. -- torture. And it everywhere and it was so. Cordial at night and I'll bet -- they did everything. I expect. But my favorite thing lightly at the cat that which was too little. Try. Age on them speak out -- and cheese grits. And that was heavenly and we. That can -- of French pot for its bread and butter and everything is excellent excellent. Oh that guy really knows how to cookie is -- -- he's a student of chef Paul Prudhomme and has been running his own restaurant I think it's 28 years now but. And his wife is just she's funny and she's she's. Very welcoming and make you feel like you're at home. Well -- -- what was that he came got table he met that the -- Amy and she escorted them on that pretty little porch area. And she did so courtroom and we realized that that might be right and then them we actually. Moment with intimately she came out and output again Chico this issue are the spirit -- life. Yeah frank refers to -- as the boss. -- oh yeah she's they have their ground -- just great couple. They Italy Europe you'll hear -- funny story about those two. It's a quick funny story they were born on the scene exact day. It's so neither one of them can remember we can forget the others. At the same age do exactly. -- -- -- Look at that we. Got would be hard hard job. -- -- -- Rodman and made it 24. And. That's why I've never done it. As I've I've been able to see it from the outside that looks like he'll work to me. Right to shall ever and do what you -- but. But -- -- yeah little yeah. We are everything and it's I -- at the lemon cream right there it is the best. Creamy and let me list. And how we can't. We hit it fat and -- it read everything about it. You've -- on. So be met it's probably the best web site that ever come -- Thank you never quite sure about that but I. Mean. And -- get your email. And -- Well that. Goes -- -- make -- And and -- read an awful lot recipes about how she she always worked -- well. -- -- -- -- I have one question do you weirdly it's the. -- Read it that well yeah. I really appreciated the excellent for calling out in -- -- all -- all call -- news. -- -- -- she -- the bright suns. Which is a good place to go and he has on the week let's see that it's Tuesday through Friday. Is. 18 dollar dinner. Complete -- Heather welcome to the food show. Where are you doing great. I wanna talk about it. Much -- -- looking out there. -- Hit it on my every. And let that call. -- house yeah you I'll tell you why it's in somewhat inconvenient place it's a little hard to park. But not not too bad that is the one and only. German restaurant in not only New Orleans by the -- bottom who hundred mile radius of new Portland's. We don't seem to hang on to German restaurants here but. It is very good it's a little tiny place you'd walk in front of the fifty times in May -- not even see it. A low low profile but their food is good I completely agree -- Yeah I'm Erica. White and you're prepared and -- well or 1 o'clock after. They ask you would you like copy and -- the narrator. They should be. And if you think -- Idea. Yeah. -- that it went if that one drop and -- -- -- -- People again and played them a little more. I agree we -- we're gonna have to do any club over there one day because again I tell you mean this is it's the only German restaurant of any kind anywhere around here so it. Unless you count the Yeager I mean that the policy to -- house which is sort of a restaurant. Well well thank you for bringing that up I appreciate it. I. Thank you. The the name of the restaurant is -- how's JA GE RH AUS all run together and that means hunters knows. And as they say it's a German restaurant it's a little tiny place. On. -- loose -- limits that right. No it isn't right it's on the Saint Louis street. It's about a block away from from. By yoga it's just off. -- I'm wrong again it's on content that's right it's -- contacts in the same block as Bruce arts but 22 doors over. Between. Urban street in Duffy. Now I've got it straight to a 60. 187 hearing his story. Hello. I. -- that caller I. Artery. That died. -- Don't let them. He's talking about the east. That these days. Pick up the cut out of order try to go out there. -- Yeah by Jason. I understand that there are some farmers who are raising bison. Up in the northern part of Louisiana and I think maybe also the western part of state bison is buffalo. It's you know the buffalo in the back of the old nickel. That's what it is it's that animal right there in nineteen year old cowboy days you know with the buffalo and everything that's it. And it is very closely related to beef it tastes a lot like -- although a little bit different I would say and if you like -- you'd like bison. The only is the good thing and the bad thing about it you you just it's not bad if you know that you have the deal with is that this is a very low. -- -- It's it's very very free of fat so you have to do something to keep it from tightening up this. Meats like that they they don't you know they just get really really tough so if you -- with a lot of moisture. The what did you say it was the recipe you were working on or did you. No I don't have it. -- You could -- yet you could you could see you're at real fast and they just kind of -- -- against the grain that would serve its place rather than rather than in -- state. But look up or you -- marinated you can marinated for a couple of days a really good -- quick and dirty but works great is. A bottle of Italian salad dressing in a wishbone Italian salad dressing or read whatever bring you like. And just put the beat the media in the air for like a couple of days and take it out shaken off the season and up and cook it. It comes out good it's cut it is the this what's in there tend to rise -- it and now also. Takes a little bit of whatever game means there is a -- -- Syria deputies that that in place. So there you go. Little hard to find but it's out there. I I can believe that -- Local if you caught it. Thank -- -- year. Welcome. Let let's. Go to -- That it's I'm doing great. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Two guys. That she used. -- You know and news. Get -- good -- and European culture -- -- -- -- but did. And practically. Well it sure does that's -- that's what people lived in -- who are from Europe they come the New Orleans and they. Especially once they get up on the third or fourth floor of the building and they can look over the whole you know all the roofs and everything is -- this reminds me of home. It was great and it would take to -- Asia and you in the temple scored from Czech Republic in different places and making a postcard that. Put them up on what -- look at it every day. It's a beautiful. Really abuse culture. The culture they told -- you know. You know they've been here a lot longer record. Well I'm from anyplace you know. The food great excitement and quote. When you need to get employees and you get your -- They had about site. Eighty different Beers you know. Call it yeah it's a very little rest and hood along a lot of variety on the menu and it's you know it's not all that big so you don't think much of it but I might like the renovation they did to a. Art degree and the German -- it's so large two people could you -- uses -- -- -- really finishes. It's a tactic like that recommend it to anybody at the plate you know I'm looking forward to may be taken up -- -- -- there. And for all. Yeah. -- -- Which he worked he said -- how's JA GE RAG business. When -- -- street. Team would block that heats but he Andrea 800 block. Of content. Between urban and the -- it's closer to go off the cute little place. We will return with more of the food show in a moment but first please the food show on the negates that in the WW -- WWL one of five point three of them and that's more than happy to be here with -- -- talking food. About restaurants but cooking wine anything you guys and if you think you have silly -- stupid question. And people to -- I'm always running in the people in restaurants. At the grocery stores and hardware store and they always come over and they say hello and thank you for doing that I mean I'm serious you were -- police. Each. But. And then it's something we want you are called because it -- -- stupid question. Please call us with those because those asked questions we yeah I'm not joking match Hispanic -- Hewitt talked you into. It's really true so close to 60. 187260187. Euro when we hear from you you can also send a text message to us. At 8787. And -- you are the big news right now. From now till the end of the month you have the next two weeks and in a lot of the response it will go one for weeks even beyond that. First couple weeks of February review slow. Rest. Up February that I just in February. September's. Now. Possibly confuse September -- Anyway. The -- with colon -- menus that are going on at restaurants around town. It's just a great bargain most of these -- 57 restaurants doing this maverick that's exactly. They have on a three course menu. But 35 dollars there are a couple of minor variations on that -- this one place that's 36 dollars. There -- a couple of places that give you four courses instead of just three. And it's it's not just there you know it's not just some cheap dishes that they. They are trying to get rid of you know or anything like that these are in most cases the among the best issues that the restaurants have to offer. And comes to -- from five star places Forestar places all over the city SOA. Go over to my website click on summer. Specials. Right up at the top -- the main menu. And if you do that you'll a you see some commentary in the hole that you -- I have the whole menu posted out there as -- you can look at over. As long as you're over there if I may. Give you something else before I go away for a minute. I have a daily newsletter publisher of Monday through Fridays sometimes on Saturdays. And just go to new -- dot com and click on. Homeland you can get it. State too and we have more after this update one minute update from CBS. Hello. You're listening to the food show. On the gates WWW -- WW a 105 point three FM. Let's see 260187. Here is Mike who is just called -- numbered here is Mike welcome. -- -- of course are not always sort of European. Press at least as well I'm ready I'm ready to go all. Night and I don't. Hesitated and others in this is the second oldest rest second oldest state house in town the oldest is Charlie's. And -- season and the Crescent City or somewhat similar they're both neighborhood restaurants that crescent city's that place it's. It's all prime beef. Every single but they do most restaurants that guys -- they -- they don't do rightfully so it's. Normal. They actually get rightfully is also trying siege most of their beef which almost nobody does anymore. And the prices are somewhere in the neighborhood I'd say eight to ten dollars cheaper than in others statehouses. -- -- You know they serve with the bubbling butter -- that's something that they invented. Local I don't -- one was doing it before they would. And that this side dishes on the basic things -- wouldn't say they're brilliant with their sides. Gras and it is pretty good French Fries huge -- And again I tell you the reason you go -- -- mistake we go there on Mardi Gras every year after I get off the year from -- your hall. A bunch of let's go to and we we have our list before it there it's a great. OK I sure appreciate or don't trot out. Yeah okay let me give me a report that -- which are sure -- If you've ever gotten. Any advice from me. And then it turned out either just like I said or the exact opposite of what -- says call me up until I -- -- really do. Let's take a look over here have a couple of things. On the message board -- someone's in great show listening from fort Kent in Maine. Well. They've done up here that might cod. Someone else's asked ordered to actually they Damascus just saying Tom getting hungry that's the whole point of the show is to make you hungry -- if I do that I've succeeded. Here is Joseph. Joseph welcome. Thank you protect him a call and Q well the first thing in question. Is did not get the crest of crisis could you tell them okay. -- yeah it's 723. Dante street Dante is parallel to Carrollton avenue two blocks. On the Jefferson side. It's easy enough to find itself adjust. Or just off the corner of maple and -- Oh wonderful wonderful. Run -- dots -- it's well Carol commanders in Iraq. Block an hour or have a reservation about Bob. I can't thank the name of the restaurant. Reservation com priority my daughters at new York and -- on. When that it windy and forty cents. -- Ortiz. Ortiz. That that the name of the restaurant is. And the oldest restaurant America and acted like all in ones and lines and lines here that we have a reservation and Antoine. Friday at noon. And Denver and send -- -- -- -- and commanders in the -- youthful. You know we're gonna have a lovely. Camp menial. Yeah. And ones -- is an old restaurant and very very New Orleans but that far -- -- And many matches on the reasons just not recently. And I don't -- ago you stand now. There's applause from the or across. -- So we can just -- the car nobody went. But -- luggage you know I'm always equipment like did you get back. So we're looking forward to I don't they don't want that they expect on. That can get anything they want -- -- That's a pretty good that's a pretty good menu that they have there but really they have their whole menu we can get anything you want. Well a lot of in the -- -- off a mine might encourage you to get the reporting now. Thank you very much for all you know my pleasure thanks thanks -- look at it and thank you. Did you Q2 -- it is the food show. 260187. A couple of messages here. If you call right now you get right you know they might be one person. Did Carmelo is close on the North Shore yes Carmelo is it close about food to maybe almost three months ago now. They just decided that. That it was time and they wanted to retire. And for the moment that I don't know permanently I don't think he's old enough. Quite yet. To do that. But I think that he'd never really found his clientele there are not enough of it. I'd love that we went -- all the time he did great wine dinners but it -- and little. -- the year for. North Shore. And the output and on torture -- is a one myself but right now I'm sitting and abuse rings doing the show that's where so. To me that but. You know you can't go too high flown on the North -- A lot of rest structures have discovered that. 260. 187 me and here is picky. Here. Call comment populist like you're about my culinary experience. And that was one well. And -- again on Sunday. And I wonder if you had a suggestion that pop analysts time and it's wonderful I wonder about in any ideas. The I have first of law I have to admit that there is a problem with by telling you this because they really do print their menu. Every day they reprint the whole menu because so much on it changes again all right to different things from all over the place -- the redo the menu. But there are certain things that are there all the time they have these. Lobster ravioli. That hard shots great YouTube is the only way you could not like that is if you didn't like -- right they they have these great little oysters that they serve on the half -- bake them a little bit it's it's not like -- but it's in that direction will be in -- peppers -- anyway those those are wonderful. And the the fish who knows they did the they just do everything that a bunch of different ways lobster is running very nice right now they probably doing some special things with that. And I just go with what the waitress tells you because she's or he's on top. It's the seafood investment in -- it. Really fabulous. And I'm also is gonna take -- deal. Next weekend for calm cool and Mary and out looking at the bricks brick and culinary menu when he will be quiet huge. Acute election so we'll probably go there and thank you are not now not mine opened for. Angela thank you that you. We showed that was GW -- she was talking by the threat across the street from our -- George welcome. State I don't afternoon. I'm doing through one okay now on the -- -- not. My favorite steak house in the -- all right I want I want him I want you about it. All prime beef my favorite thing here is something that I sort of semi invented. -- and they quoted on the menu. It's -- it's in strip which for my taste is the best they. What they do the problem with sirloin strips is if you get one like twelve ounces it's plenty big enough for anybody you could go up to sixteen -- -- but. But when you get it even so it's only about an inch thick and I think -- -- who better than in stakes. What do they call the New Orleans cut. Is they take a nice big like a really double. Sirloin strip in the code it's straight down in the -- to pieces that look like Feliz but it's early and strip and it cooks better several with the Bob we know that. If you wonderfully they would gratefully they have a great rabbi -- the whole thing. They have. Little addition to their menus that you don't see too much. And that is. For -- -- Italian ship was from Venice not Venice Louisiana. -- And and he put. But who doesn't Italian issues on the new and a they don't have all of them anymore but they do have some of them in -- -- like that because to me. A state. And like a little pasta dish with the red sauce is it -- combination you don't see too much but it's really they really go to get a better. Rather that -- make that eagle. So precedent that that rapid. You know yes it's on the -- all the time opened and they have a you know very good appetizers the end and side issues it's. It's a terrific restaurant there's only one problem did you say you have a reservation I hope you did. It yet because that is not an easy restaurant to get in. That's the beginning of the weekend. The at all they -- was athletic fast so that. Yeah that's that's the only. It has become very very pop up two point one -- Can I get a I traveled. Oh gosh I don't have the machine running. The other -- and it reminded me or call me later album of the you know. That. The food we need to break we do. Let's do it would take a break we'll come back -- more of the future efforts if you will lose. According to eat out the wet it -- yeah. It was not very slight bit and I went -- or are we. And -- chariot. But I. And actually some -- That are. It took it to get. Out a couple of turn it like to open. Well into. -- -- Really -- Yeah. How. Not brought in there -- Place could be. It took a terrible. I was a -- Check that out. -- -- -- -- try to read -- I mean -- Week Chad. Entree appetizer. -- -- -- we. Actually get. And eager say what you consider. It. Different and really start. Okay. I would say the best Mexican restaurant in the area right now. It's called that'll got -- and grow and there are I excuse me. They have they have three of -- ones in in lake view one of them is in the French Quarter and the other -- is I would be in desperate. And. Yeah the one to go to I would say is. Just flew down my throat there. It's his second it is one thing. That it was apply either that or lying. Anyway. It's on Harrison avenue at the corner of -- witnesses two blocks off the West Bank. I'm rather west and bull. And. That's the way it can't. But the only thing. No no this isn't that west and it just dissolve waste and boulevard -- lake view on right. They have it this is not your typical Mexican and you get a taco and then in July in Somalia in the you know while. This news much more adventuresome than that they have. Chipped in with -- Which is something I'm crazy broad and very few restaurants habit but they do. They have a pork shop that's -- up with this collection of on seasonings that makes it turns red it's just. -- and ever and lots of fish and huge variety it's a horrific. Got to negroes to black cat with the no. Clue that yes. The great. -- 260. 187. 2601870. It's lovely to be here -- talking about food and stuff. Any. You wouldn't come to Europe with me next year. You'd like it a Europe -- me -- me I can't speak about it. On the each club which is the -- loose organization of anybody who wants to be a member. We do what dinners just about every week at different restaurants round and we just had one at emphasis on news. Anyway. We a -- in the habit -- the fifteen years ago of going on cruise news once to twice a year. And the one we're doing next spring. I was hesitant about doing it at first because it it's a lot like the one we did this past spring although really -- two thirds of them. The ports are different. We're starting off in London of all places. And we're gonna show up a little bit early so we can do London a little bit that's an option you can do it or not we have some organize stuff. And then we're getting on the Queen Victoria. -- this is the newest ship of the cunard line which is our favorite big cruise ship line. And it goes down the coast -- the Atlantic Ocean around Spain and we'd stop at the rock of Gibraltar we spend the day care. And then we go to Valencia. In Spain and then to Barcelona. Which is astonishing. And then we move along the coast over to. Oh -- costs -- to Monaco. And hang around there and watch all the rich people -- gamble. At the drive really really expensive it's an amazing place. And then down the Italian coast we're going to the port forward Genoa. And then we're going down to the port for -- and Florence and Siena and a couple of others not very good cities there you can pick where you wanna go around -- there's lots to do. And then we're winding up in Rome and we're also gonna spend little time in Rome. Afterwards we've been to Rome enough times now that we actually have a big list of favorite restaurants we'd like to go to was so we do. If what this sounds at all interesting to you on the the affairs are pretty good. It's next may end its maiden. 2050. If you go to no menu dot com click on -- club. And just looked on the list that you cius BP click on middle just in to give you the basic facts of what what it's about we have a great. A fund together we really do it's I IU would never travel. I would never crews on my own just by myself or with just my family ever get that so much fun -- have a big Venezuela are hoping enjoy this sort of for that or someone who will be back but first please that's. Hello it's the food show let me get right over here to Kelly who are left holding. Well. Kelly welcome. Yeah it. Took cute -- out -- on. Wednesday. So I'll admit you. -- I think that place is very very good they have -- late two they have chicken with Moly it's very good they have a live music good deal I think of Wednesday's. -- -- -- -- We've -- it mildly you ought to. Yeah that that's a very good grasp on exit for those who don't know we're talking Elvis -- grill. It's in the building that used to be discos that you remember the old this goes from my it's a long time ago now that they've pretty famous time. I don't -- Yeah yeah dose of reports. To correct our American Obama remote or. Well eat it up. To argue it's. -- Let's that's a good place it is called. On old mesquite grill on Gretna boulevard just off they'll chase highway. And -- a big big menu. And it it almost seems to slip it almost comes across like a chain I don't think it is. I'm pretty sure it is. And the the exotic things that I've ordered there have really love my Mosley -- people bluntly it's it's a slots classic Mexican -- Not Spanish Mexican. Made of chocolate bitter chocolate. Spice is this some sesame and there is usually. You you can tell if you have a good recipe. If it has more than 35 ingredients. For mole I love that stuff. On FM. On HD. On sky wave and on the line this is WWL radio New Orleans and WWL. FM. HD one -- New Orleans where the news is next from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system.

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