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Aug 18, 2014|

Dave talks about Saints and What and What is Wrong with people

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM -- the early edition of WWL first news on this the eighteenth of August 2014. Where it's Monday a dad. But will be our -- and we'll survive right wing get through dry casks. It was then head up there with the heads down let's and make it on through that fatal accident by the way out. Critics of the superdome. -- from downtown New Orleans towards Metairie. The coroner's man pulled away as I was passing short time ago. The fire was washed down and open up there was -- -- to go out. Good good good spending a lot of time telling you about something that will not affect you at all just so you know there's no delay whatsoever in the area. And it's not impacting traffic. The as a -- away into the morning and yeah I'm so glad this did not happen in a couple of hours would have been a whole different picture we will bring you details on what happened. When they become available today. As I turned to national outlets and it Terri got now from national day calendars dot com. This is a day that perhaps we can do away. Not that the -- totally but the national okay. Wanna make sure yet I'm national mail order catalog. Wow. Does anyone use mail order catalog -- I've seen one. I saw one around my house -- but it was like. Couple years old anti gives away instantly by the -- -- As in yeah irrigate came in May be during the holidays couple years ago one of those things they'll sit in the past you know they show up around Christmas. Party -- before Christmas. Mail order law. For those views who don't know what that means that used to be where you'd actually fill out a little form in the catalog in Gaza today and and they mailed the stuff back to. Now we've replaced that. I it's also national ice cream -- -- I just did that I was national lemon roaring I'm Dan fried but we were talking about putting ice cream on it yet but this is. Ice cream pie Heidi Mac and -- why otherwise all are okay. We have ever had weaponized and -- Yeah. But I never had an ice cream party now on -- services in the day where you you put ice cream on the line I got. Ice cream pie pie actually made. That it is looking forward to the saints practicing again in front of the public in Metairie today -- part nightmares gonna feel. Pull a lot different he -- they went from practicing early in the morning in the mountains to 11 a am in the heat and humidity our. -- -- -- I think it's for the fans you know they wanted to assure fans a chance to come out and see that team and joy. The opportunity to get some autographs and say hey yet they have tweak the schedule we've got the opening posted. At WWL dot com but it -- sweetest day. The practice starts at eleven them for a dancing getting out there early line now. I wish they -- brought some of those 58 degree mornings down with them. Steve Geller telling me about that in the newsroom this morning pouring -- felt good. You know I've always found it funny you know -- a year -- -- when you get there at dallas' and he brought the -- -- yeah I don't. I'm now in Chicago to visit family in Chicago B nine degrees. But the New Orleans whether it's terror shear wind has it that as if you could actually didn't I now as he attacked I I packed the weather and I brought it with me. It's right here in this bags -- -- about that and someone comes to visit from Seattle reign all brought the Seattle with you're gonna sand. People say it all the time that. It's it's just -- counts to speak as you can't write a letter which -- That's that I don't wish Steve Geller in the saints can have brought the weather back from West Virginia with them the year -- by it. I don't knows that's possible and not much you would do it the war. It was in -- fit the whether he described coming home in the over just like I thought he woods described under the seat for my hitting walls. And that's exactly anytime I've been out of -- word was nice and cool and -- hitting a wall a wall of heat. But he got quiet all you want because at least we don't have a hurricane to deal and -- You know it's been very quiet hurricane season but you know was also quiet Thursday hurricane season 45 years ago yes advisors. And then Camille came along. And it was you know this late in the season and is only the third named storm of the season. That year won a monster Camille -- No real not real and do a number on change the face of much of Mississippi yeah -- forever. And in this day -- some survivors of Camille values stories and remember what happens. And it only takes one as the chance indeed. We still have quite a ways to go in this hurricane season which -- be aware that. Just because we haven't had anything yet that means we're not -- We're Trojan along just have a plan in place and be ready Johnston. We'll read along through this Monday thank you do not hear about it first it is going to be well. These -- Steve -- it was sports as the saints. And now practicing in -- to wrap up training camp. We'll talk to him about that coming up after this thing get your forecast in your workweek gets you know I had everyone grab hands lock arms. We're gonna make it through Monday together. 519 thank you so much for starting your Monday here on the early edition of -- W golfers it is time Dave -- coming up a lot of talk more about the fact that the number stay at home dad. Has doubled since 1989. Allen -- guys out there. Could you be a stay at home dad did you stay home and raise the kids while your wife works and women. Did you do that would you be -- right being in the long gone out of the house and make in the money and he -- stays home and raises the kids -- cubicle with that tax mediate 77 in your forecast to. They may be the best rain chance we see all week and it's just it 30% this Saatchi and eve being forced some scattered thunderstorms -- still at 92 today. But climbing up to 93. On Tuesday and Wednesday and as things heat up. We start to see those rain chances dry out a little but just 20% each afternoon through midweek. From the pinpoint forecast center and he wrote to us Clark knocked out. 79 degrees partly cloudy at the airport in -- relative humidity is 90%. Slide out clear and 75. Even mug here on -- our show are. In 93% relative humidity with no breeze to speak of at all. We'll speak of another reason. -- memories he played this week in practice and Willie -- in this. Third and most important pre season game opens today tells what's going on -- saints camp in battery pack. From the mountains the mountain man himself. That he and apple yeah we climbed down we made it fine if that's all good -- achieved up all cleaned up now. -- get out there with sports night and Monday morning -- -- welcome -- David good morning everyone the saints took the practice -- the -- for the first time this training camp and quarterback Drew -- returned to being a full go after missing some time due to an oblique strain. So how did it feel to be back. Odds what has happened. Those great great to be in front of the offense again could you got -- -- -- home so I can use these conditions you tell us again. Brees added that his plan is to play Saturday in pre season game number three against the colts. Also tight end Jimmy Graham was asked about his goal -- dogs that ignited a heated confrontation on the sidelines between human head coach -- pay him this past Friday. How would never do anything to her decision her to a season you know there's. Obviously the game is bigger than any individual or players and and I'm totally against it until I really care about them we want to. -- the falcons revamped offensive line took a major setback when -- left tackle Sam Baker was ruled out for the year after injuring his right knee in a pre season game. First round pick -- Matthews could move from right to left tackle to replace baker. But the injury is a major setback to Hadley and his efforts to bolster an ally and that was already the league's worst a year ago. The defending national champion Florida State Seminoles are ranked number one in pre season AP top 25 poll. Number -- Alabama followed by or in Oklahoma and Ohio State. The LSU tigers covenant thirteen because it's less miles says quarterback Anthony Jennings -- Brandon Harris are improving. I'd like how they're competing there -- competing as a team awards speech guys who for the other and it's. I admire how hill. And pole sitter Jeff Gordon won the Michigan 400 Sprint Cup race at Michigan International Speedway. Gordon finished in front of Kevin Harvick and Joel god offers third win of the year and his first at Michigan since 2001. Today at four it's the second gesture alive from the silver slipper casino what are your top takeaways after two pre season games for the saints. Look good and who's on the bubble. I'm Steve Geller and -- that your early morning look at sports. -- point three -- on Ron -- with the on Monday morning saints practice at 11 AM today in front of the fans out at the practice field in -- correct you have a -- times a little bit -- was kinda curious about that I -- would be. Warmer at that time a little more heat yes it well the coolest part of today is now he's at the sun comes up it's -- getting warmer. And we'll continually get warmer until about 4:5 o'clock this afternoon when we get the hottest day yet you think. Atlantic mated these guys sleep. Difficult time did. To sleep then at least before the or maybe it's part of Sean -- saying hey we need to get these penalties under control and maybe disciplining them in the heat will be. You know punishment -- -- I don't know speaking of penalties I find it interesting you talk to -- Ingraham yesterday right. And he said quote I wouldn't you never do anything to hurt this team. In the regular season yeah so he dunks after scoring in the pre season which is now a fifteen yard unsportsmanlike. Conduct penalty rate which gets tacked -- the following kick off after the touchdown. So we did it in the pre season game. But he said he never do anything to hurt this team in the regular season which sounds to me like the dark days are over for Jimmy Graham. He's getting it out of the system now we're back with the it on the sixteen games the -- Now and I think that especially after the though last game against the titans there when the -- this saints racked up those 22 penalties. And Sean Payton was visibly upset with with -- on the sidelines again and to a bit of -- shouting match the first time. I get a kind of cute in front of the home fans riles up the superdome a little the second time probably a little bit over the top considering the team was struggling. With penalties to begin with so I do believe that will be the last time we see Jimmy -- even in the pre season. Thanks -- NASA now but hey you went so far and we he had taking away Jimmy -- dogs. I get it if he had not that up right off of level that it should be a penalty you have but. Jimmy can do without even touching the operative he wants him I don't hang on I'm. The regulate the NBA in the NBA you can donkeys can't grab onto -- and and different no reason. It just because Atlantic shoddy goal post rooted for everybody because there is happening get off kilter at that. Point it out Atlanta absolutely. Thank you the with -- climate that was sports LSU number thirteen in the -- -- on talking about that is that where they belong in more about Drew Brees get you back here. In twenty minutes here on WWL AM FM and account take a look at your forecast next isn't it text messages. Come and an 877. 528. Dave Cohen your forecast. Hot and humid on this Monday with partly cloudy skies highs around 92 and 830%. Chance forces bodies storms they'll start first along our coast this morning. And then redevelop and -- by later on in midday and afternoon hours. And partly cloudy and very muggy tonight lows around 77. Bouncing up to 93 on Tuesday and again on Wednesday and look for rain chances in the afternoon that just 20%. From the pinpoint forecast senator I meteorologist Laura backed out. Coming out what. Probably people after the news 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition Debbie WL first news that August the eighteenth that's when he fourteen -- -- some Monday now will make it through together. -- just you know join forces on a lot of we'll do pregame chance and then we'll get on through Monday whatever it takes we fell. Get used again overcome. Yes indeed indeed moviegoers. And that the theaters over the weekend I'll wonder how idea well let's see number one. Teenage mutant ninja turtle our second we bring in another 28 million. Dollars. Number two. Marvels the guardians of the galaxy. With 24 million dollars in its third weekend I'm sinking them number three the buddy comedy. Let's beat cops come Mon seventeen million dollars. -- -- far surpassed all of the is the Sylvester Stallone expendable story. Which team like predict it would be -- first time which opened in fort. I -- -- days lie and he hired everybody in the World Cup. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You're about -- whales was you daddy spent the Austrian open for. Hours not I don't I asked you sure can take out your little question me. On the about -- givers debuts. At least -- -- simply yes it's that it does it play. And find it fascinating. And lot more coming up news -- the hour about now stay at home Dan. That number has nearly doubled -- 1989. Now now it's still a tiny portion. The population. By the fact that it's steadily growing every year it appears more men. Making the decision Q. Either work from the house while being. Full time dance real well you know -- -- up in the school you know picking him up from school doing all that maybe there's some work on between -- Moms out the one she's -- one out there really important is. One day's work all day long bringing home the bacon yeah. And Amber's here is our folks feel about that news. Guys -- dubious at around. And now women -- B -- right -- Being the one who's going on doing the work and debts and -- -- and you gotta wonder when the kids -- eventually raised in Iraq. Does that go back to work Graham made me. When they get a little older now a lot of -- been you know. Difficult economic times I've actually accelerated this the out Stan thanks so where allowed you couldn't find jobs and an island on the -- is. That. So here's our audience. With they feel about that I find it fascinating Nancy I -- the world. Is shooting in -- -- The USS kit and it makes you realize. Once again. How diverse and really collecting. Hollywood south can be in the Dayton make the these opportunities. To do just about anything yet need to battleship on my leg up on right governor wanna make sense to your navy crime scene you know that that's what. Crime investigative -- and its stance but it's about the navy it is and they need they need a you know -- navy background obviously and there you go you got the ship. It is right there yeah they've been filming all over town have been routed in the online at all around new war islands in now batteries you know statements the area New Orleans. Can't wait till September 23. -- in -- on TV. On the way seeing the Promos already you know -- -- And CI national -- -- Bringing us. Little over a month -- the negative. And have to wait a month that to the union now about. Twenty minute mark for Chris Miller joins us from like humans. Where Hurricane Camille actually swiped over plot demons 45 years ago one way to land ball that -- Gulf Coast. And you see that -- it was the -- storm that year we haven't had the sea storm yet this year. Slow season doesn't mean it's a new disease. Its own cars that go live and direct to the Eyewitness News forecast says they did. Aren't saying. Mr. meteorologist Laura but now it's Monday it is but what -- all right we'll get through to get right. Thanks fell -- at all and the Batiste. And say well on from there yen and Saturday love the saints playing in this. Third three teasing game albeit in Indianapolis who Drew Brees not reporting -- that's right here -- supposedly will be planes. That's just. We have a great team that was watching Friday night half heartedly chief Steve fine and we are you are yes at six. -- -- and the first pre season game I was kind of accent of like yes I this year let's do that but the second on the man. The third one though you know is there. That's the one where most of the players will play right right by the fourth one. -- -- Nobody plays and then -- get that out -- -- -- third level really you know it hurts The Who -- and what -- Indy and the fact that -- -- Whitney -- and you know what kind of -- random place together you know group mean it's not necessarily that the key players of the plane and all the time and I currents. All right well I think it. Yeah well that -- encouraged they are though about practicing at 11 o'clock this morning you know battery yeah -- having practiced in the mountains the last. Few weeks over there's a big difference there yet not gonna let welcome home guys yet that is where you live out west Virginia Tech. What -- and isn't gonna be like around 11 o'clock this morning practice field and men at close to ninety degrees a couple of spotty thunderstorms in the area and that heat index probably -- 95 -- under our rights and not the worst it could be you know it's hotter and has been hotter it is it's going to be hot but. And definitely a change from West Virginia but now we've had hotter temperatures so hopefully -- that I and we actually have a decent chance of rain today for the diamond. About really the only time this week -- bright -- yes it was a higher chance and today and spotty thunderstorms today and it dropped a little bit -- eight reps that we sit down 20%. After today's thirty cents. Catch our eye and then soon really more just hot and humid the rest -- -- -- -- -- less -- and -- -- -- -- Nineties yet this week so it's gonna feel pretty hats on an email last week out for someone asking if this was. And you know we had battlefront that came through late last week and it was like if this finally we turn the corner on the heat and a light. -- -- back out that'll be in. October. That's always turn the corner on. August and September. Well. Hope likened at least give me a little relief from the heat where they want. People. Laughter is the -- it. Let me just if anything's -- even heat you laugh a little limit. That amount from Cedar Park Texas I guess we can laugh at this moment. Because she is definitely in the -- all the people filed. She mr. Boyd for a July this year -- for Alice Willie. He just want to see your boyfriend. Yes when you do. Chill a bottle of three dollar and 99 that line -- looked -- -- that he was in jail you have that than. He -- he stole a line wine from a gas station I don't think he's separate and women yet yes they did in. Lighten affidavit does please told them that she wanted it to your boyfriend who was arrested hours earlier -- that she wanted to go to jail. So they didn't immediately -- -- by a fire boyfriend or say whether or not she did get to see him but it seems to meet pretty obvious on its base this is a bad plan. Yes I think we didn't think it only -- if she can't she go visit like you know. Just as as someone who has them in jail -- should not have visitors right there and certainly the end. When he had just been arrested. Now he was still being booked and processed and all that and -- -- the next day to get to the and we don't know. If they actually crossed at any point and that she. She was released on 5000 on weekends. Yeah if you landed in the a problem with the people line. Yet may yet maybe it is true love you sit here right. You know as -- The numbers they don't dances doubles here as 1980. Which you'll be all right if you were the bread winner and your husband stayed home and yell at kids and raise the kids. -- think he'd be -- Our -- yet don't work and -- well people that. It and you both do it then were fight now -- to make any money that. Is it you figure out that yesterday my solutions. That you. Like now that I would sport. Floors on -- Happy to stay -- -- -- -- -- all could work out financially and accurate they'll raise the kids do homework make breakfast get them off to school pick them up drop off. I think I'd be all right with that I'm at least -- willing to try. Always try some more sports with Steve -- that after. 550 games in the -- it -- him well ours is not as much today. What -- texts -- at -- 78 Celanese as I could never be a stay at home dad that he was way too much work for me. At least eight acknowledging. That it's harder to raise the kids and as it is to go and make the money. Steve -- Your work in this part of always -- well. Just -- -- this budgetary train cameras and the -- again back to work this morning in battery with all your Monday mornings or Tuesday. -- -- Good morning everyone and happy Monday -- training camp is back in Metairie and quarterback Drew Brees fully participated in practice. For the first time since straining his oblique muscle two weeks ago. Brees said it was good to be home in that he plans on playing. Saturday gets Indianapolis in pre season game number three fragile person or pre season game literally you know this is really just reversal for the source told us is when the season because very. Now Jimmy Graham's wouldn't say that he regretted dunking over the goal post Friday night which drew two penalty flags. And led to a shouting match between him and coach -- on the sidelines. But he did say that he would never do anything to hurt the team in the regular season. I just love the game you know a lot of passion for the game an embargo on Sunday it was fun for me. You know that's. This is fun you know my foot a little kid out there and and -- I'm -- budget. The Atlanta Falcons revamped offensive line took a major setback when left tackle Sam Baker was ruled out for the year after injuring his right knee in a pre season game. The falcons announced that the injury plagued baker sustained a torn patella tendon in a 32 to seven loss to Houston Texans. Reigning Heisman Trophy winner -- -- Winston and defending national champion Florida State our number one in the AP pre season college football poll. Second -- is Alabama thirties or game Oklahoma comes in at number four in Ohio State rounds out the top five. LSU football comes in ranked number thirteenth coach less miles on some players on defense who highlighted the tigers' first scrimmage over the weekend. In the -- nine tackles and you know four. Losses forced -- -- today. To backers that world really really good for both welter and can go -- from both guys played -- -- take -- on football. And LeBron James recruiting machine has scored again. Veteran free agent forward Shawn Marion has agreed to a one year league minimum contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers. To 36 year old is a four time all star. And gives the cavs another veteran with post season experience the compliment. King James therefore it's the second -- show live from the silver slipper casino what are your top takeaways after two praising the pre season games for the saints. And who looked good and who looks to be on the bubble I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look at sports like the -- to. They've gone Steve Geller with you on your radio here excess of the Drew Brees is back actually throwing the football full practice get ready ago. And will play in Saturday's third all important pre season. Definitely a great sign and a big deal for every one just because of -- always concerned when your star quarterback is missing time. You would never sat out any pre season games or practices like this before and training camp. So was something a bit new but. You know seeing him. Throwing and then when he was doing the ice bucket challenge in doing a slip and slide along -- on the ground. I knew things were going to be just fine and he looked good yesterday it. Saints back to practice at 11 o'clock this morning guys and with the where's the schedule we've got it on our website at WW well. It come on out to your poison black and gold gets a lot of grafts went with them and -- got him. Last -- says that in the scrimmage they played some step up in the air intake young football yes I -- another for the kind of very descriptive step up in there and take you on football. The eight people out and it shows that -- he comes in in the pre season poll number thirteen in the nation. It was they were in the coaches poll tonight do load is right what do you think goldilocks I. Actually think it's pretty hard for the tigers are I think they lost a lot on offense with you know -- met burger. They're leading rusher and Jeremy hill to top wide receivers and kind of surprised that they're actually ranked this high I don't have a problem being number thirteen at all I think it's a decent ranking that are giving him. Really the benefit of the doubt. Lucky number thirteen yes thank you Steve -- IKEA and also about thirteen minutes more sports here at WWL play about them and that count legally your forecasting a text messages that business. 555 -- if your forecast for that we go to -- meteorologist Laura but now. What this Monday partly cloudy skies and feeling hot again 92 with high humidity and -- freight 30% chance for thunderstorms this afternoon. And very muggy overnight with lows in the upper seventies. A little hotter and a little dryer for Tuesday and Wednesday highs both afternoons at 93. And rain chances drop down to just 20%. From the pinpoint forecast center I'm meteorologist -- -- out. I started out hot start -- made no doubt about it. Clear skies 82 degrees in downtown New Orleans relative humidity at the airport in -- is 90% or 79 degrees clearance 35 in Slidell. Went to -- no -- at all relatively medium north -- 93%. I'm Dave Cohen thank you so much for starting your day on the early edition of WWL first news the president the president just texted me. It's Monday that we get over TP I am right now it is here in trying to go about their way at 58. Talk here for the next four hours a fine and I am well it's about the saints in the titans and Jimmy Graham and and -- And coach ones who have -- with him doing that I wasn't too happy with him but he said afterward that he told us Steve gal I would never let it hurt this team. In the regular season and you know it changes that you -- and what they wanted to and it's I don't think coach Pete -- and do it anymore seasons. One during the pre season and like I got no problem and Duncan which -- played by the rules he. You can't take the fifteen apparently you think. It's it's a dumb -- you know. Yeah it's about for reasons news. Incredible moment what's going on shooting and some different angles and now Friday when we were talking it looked like things were settling down for them like. Maybe they had things and control it all weekend and outer island I don't know like releasing the video -- -- and -- -- -- next Democrat money.

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