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8-18 6:15am Tommy, Saints, penalties, and dunking

Aug 18, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL NFL analyst Mike Detillier about the Saints game against the Titans

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- David I always try to start the day of the week especially on a positive note yes you -- doom so let me just finished his phone call Miami. I get a deal that you like your money see me. Wow. That's a positive note if I can -- -- it is it's a joke but seriously. Theory yes I don't really call you this early. But he calls me anywhere in my bills. I'll. I don't want my daughter had -- dated it isn't early and I results we get a C eighteen man. Golden birthday. That is a big one lawyers we say on the West Bank plastic birthday. And cases wouldn't give. The -- ever -- exactly. Let me say this to being positive today August the eighteenth ranked that's very. There has been as -- -- June 18 roughly. I remember you do you -- you I don't I know we had Junebug again. Call while the point I'm making is as much time as has elapsed between June 18 and today. As will between today and October the ATS. So what I'm saying is before we start which in our life away because it's Monday. Keep in mind it seems like just yesterday. It was you. I -- tomorrow. In a way it's going to be October if you get where I'm going to just go and not lightning two weeks before Halloween is what it's going to be a lot of time between June 18 and now. It'll be two weeks before Halloween and went in the Halloween football season's. In the midst of a college foot are out yet you really in the throes of it out and now holidays -- it's Thanksgiving it's Christmas and -- -- January 25 -- at new era can beat you know you went through that pretty fast that it goes -- illness bombed out because it's January. Yeah I mean the beginning of the year in Vietnam and you know they were we have a cold front blows through your buying Halloween you learn. Usually in counties and about and start off retirement saints were definitely has spent some time on Ferguson because that whole thing. I'm not a black male never had an encounter with the police as a blackmail and add them as a white male. I would have thought the video would have quell the crowd would it would have quieted them down of the strong arm. Robbery until I know that this guy had some trouble behind yeah moments before but it. Apparently -- taco but to -- in this hour talking about the saints and up ready. Jaguar opinion poll do you have a problem. Do you have beef. It's not upbeat in the northeast they beat you got beat you got beat you got -- with Jimmy Graham don't get the ball during pre season. Com mom and apparently had a little -- and beat win it you up. It's getting -- chance -- watching game Friday night's recorded at. And I watched it on. On Friday uniting a Chancy game recorded watched it's Saturday night. And they were so many penalties I tried to watch it in regular time like it happened. And inches at the commercials. I couldn't do ROP awards auctioning penalties. I was actually fast forwarding between plays and just watching each play. So somehow with all of the fast forwarding I'd miss the heated confrontation -- declined Jimmy Graham and Sean -- that got -- pretty guide and -- one got Indy hampered regardless got in a -- their coach at how many times after the first and others that are wasn't counting Jordan children nine the first and second one boat. That's fast morning I thought it was the second one or the like you know -- like one of those for God's sakes type thing but I but I love the game and the other thing is when I'm fast forwarding. I'm really not gaining any time because I go to the plate rewind instantly rewind go to the plea rewind to see who came from where -- When time Curtis Lofton comes from nowhere and makes tackles like -- came from or rewind and watch in this you know it's. And it won't come back we'll talk to -- to tell you a friend and and hopefully somebody knows something about. See right here right had a Texans in Jimmy ought to keep don't know a year prove it's dumb role. In a playoff race you know you play in Atlanta and a close game are not cities you don't know about -- senior united and it's. For you not know you don't wanna give the other guys and the action -- I don't know noble we can talk about it if you agree if you agree with the texting him column Mike affiliate when we come back Tommy Tucker glad. It's August the eighteenth and not -- -- over the eighteen yet. Back in a flash and -- Iconix Packers 618 got a W out play Hewitt is on this hot humid. Monday morning's via hot humid -- who we get that we get ready now to welcome in our guests -- -- who has. Oh lord and -- it looks like a cult another penalty. Hang on when it -- get the call here and then we can get do you. Thank you team number 92. Number 57 those -- bombs that -- also. -- holding. Number ninety do you want to return to me. The Obama senate responded that now. First down and -- So there you go a lot of a lot of confusion on that -- penalty flags being around. Mike to tell -- NFL college and football draft analyst I don't mean. I'm going to come up with either way they look at what you seen pretty. These games 03. And we operate. Or will not put up with -- -- in the regular season. It puts one of emphasis. All about emphasis. All of their files. In these new rules to. And all of you that the old games will not be able to laugh a little bit. But it let me tell you what I thought I thought OK first week. You want everybody to get welcome to football and are so glad to see in that first week I let him play. Second week we're gonna enforce the rules so they understand what we're gonna be call in this year or not to be college this year. So I don't know what happens next week I really don't. Well I -- I think that the thing all season because of what happened. Really what happened late. Which Seattle. I think it caught everybody kind of panic a little bit of -- -- the deal would want. You know every chain that has been put in place over the last ten or twelve years would put complaints. Because it looked back. That nobody went to school. Again. -- that in the football pick what you want why did. So all like -- didn't look at it active threats. In season. Come on not to be achieved in the -- in the right. Because that would that game. Not gonna let it continue. This way now. Little matter of the law I do on this -- and what happened. And so little food chains and how would be influenced. All of that what you did on the walls and it checks. Well that's in the pocket. And it. Now that TV and that will be put up with obviously. Our gains in our report by mini games will not be put up with. -- any network. And it's not just the length of the game to me it's the overall watching experience you get to a point where come home and is no float of the game there's no. Added there's no momentum whatever -- -- -- watch in referees neurological players. Probably last night in the pre season game on television. Penalties called within the last to look at it again and it. -- -- -- was at least a close game. I mean much about it can't not understand that but at least I hope it's a close game to 135 to ten. Eight -- -- you don't know that admitted that but I'm not. I'll -- you not undefeated in the regular -- And ultimately the court yeah it -- Abruptly. I'm and the problem that tell them and you know if you. Open. You could do it. Mike let me tell -- Real quick before we get it to the break and come back and talk about the actual game itself. Jimmy Graham daunting penalties again some text from peoples and elegy to answer this not me. That he should he should go ahead and -- all season because. It would it would show the commissioner they may change the rule and it hurts no one Michael. -- -- -- Which you. Put that out there as -- out of double a reading now right right Red Bull riding -- Did the -- and comments that you want to kick all put. It could make it work because of the panel that article that -- not -- -- -- just -- -- -- -- And I called patent. Well being -- And it ended because you know. Act hurt you as well which -- hurting the people on that football team. Ineptitude -- you'll do it but given him an opportunity. To call back when -- keep looking to get out in the end zone. I I you know the first when may be okay you want to make a statement it's over but the second when that's a trend -- that you gotta stop very quickly I think. Six Sony three more of -- to tell you about the actual game. And about some of the players it showed a lot. One plan Lance and bubble we come back again the announcer friend Jo Myers made a point that. Branding cooks didn't lay out for the ball and I'm constantly out for a ball in pre season we don't know what he can do when. I don't know will toxic Sony three coming back in a moment right now tempered at WL traffic and for that we go to Terrell -- I Tommy Tucker talking to Mike did tell DA let's get it out about Jimmy Graham then when we come back. We'll talk about the this is that a substantial things that happened during the game Derek new loans higher and a W of the morning with Mike zillion. Our analysis. Told him like Alex's question about coach school football. And it seems like that all -- more concerned about what they settled. What the same as well mean and that the district Joseph Torre you know I think. Thank the fans want a conscious machine game like a -- doubles it there while for the credit for -- -- -- -- -- game. -- Think in today's world doubles people would -- -- we weren't scored a game. You know I think -- -- in that environment has -- but aren't you in. What has really made -- gain popular. Of people who didn't have much interest both. And I even gambling in an NC football and at all about scoring. And so I think he'll does know one thing that the networks. And at every level they are a model because they get a great rate. What -- oh. Carol bit president on -- -- about that match. -- -- written and so you know one thing that concerns me and I I didn't see more and more. But it credit it he can't repeat would be the on the aunt and a lot of times like this trash talking and saying they'll outline. Optimal for him stop and a lot of that because. Because you know it trickled down those cute that they can in this thing. But I'd really leave Vienna pellets -- it used to watch almost like Madden football. Real life. Which gains high school board that's what -- Because you know bring you our ratings he keeps people interested because of the gambling and it's football league. And building a weighted Derek usually can and it. From a biased perspective because your coaching you know the -- and those games where. Like Mike says a lot of it's about fantasy football about scoring casual -- -- -- touchdowns. Quick. One -- comment on Jimmy Graham and I'm just curious about this Mike if I think it was one time each in the last two seasons maybe twice and Atlanta but we're not Shuler. Do you think if Jimmy Graham dunks the ball cleanly and doesn't believe the game with having his straighten out the goal posts that -- No role in. I guess I really think McCain. All the rule when he bit ago polls really have no doubt. -- have been. For whatever reason -- -- news -- already be out there at the end right. He'd be an installed what I have you don't it'll have been better then this would not happen. Got to thank you Mike -- with Michael we come back about the actual game about the guys have played who did well who didn't. And Drew Brees coming up in season now week three rather of the pre season right now time for -- WL first news that we go to David. Thank you David Blake my detail yea rejoins us now text comes in if Jimmy can't stopped. Don't stop the Lambeau leap. It is not a function of that the NFL owners met they decided would rules change in one of the rules is you cannot don't the football. So you can make your case as much as you want about they should be that should be bottom line every time you do what you gonna cost you team fifteen yards less. They met and that is that the thing about it is it really is costing the football YouTube position. And gave -- -- also -- that it comedy yeah I mean you don't wanted indictment he understands like Jimmy didn't originally. The incident and a really comment. That was it. I broke the back Campbell an ideal and what it can be fixed again -- -- it is almost doubled BG yeah. And never got a penalty for. Because he was hanging onto it. If you and I assign responsibility. That tried -- well. In one point. But you know what all on that particular issue and everybody will have a good time of the game and all and we wanna see Jimmy scored touchdowns. But. You know what we delayed -- game like we did and that's what they actually. -- -- -- thing on on a -- party can undo that work on on heavy -- like it's. Among gold by Woody Allen the goal post like it's a heavy bag but don't. Don't get to team penalized -- who looked good do you might -- what do what impression you. Who stood out rudin looks so good -- as we approach the final 53. Who who help themselves hurt themselves. Two more remote install. You know what because actually in training camp he was that guy -- -- that really stood out and most important player. And almost one eagle does in a freak accident you know he gets hurt the black singles scrimmage can you McConnell yeah. That you just buckled and -- has struggled with -- like everybody. Point eight catches -- that football game and -- I'm glad that he wouldn't be able to come back the protection efforts along the offensive -- second straight week really screw -- On the in depth in the the proposal it would would very good and that was something actually that. -- -- is getting eaten much weight too many times too many sacks. Our beat that. You saw what they needed to put pressure -- And so -- Frontline unit is it -- real good when you get pressure. The negative part about it on the injuries especially the quarterback issue and cultural statement today will be concerned. Because of the fact that you know you look who's -- now doubles in front of because the fact that boy you what's happening you know. Genocide now that you really know Patrick province and got into league champions fighting -- -- Got Corey white and you can bet. That's an incident at cornerback at this point -- -- don't. Concern. As we certainly that you can't period in pre season that deal mean really troubling. In what happened other that a cornerback spot not a lot of depth but. And so all quarterbacks. Duel it out. And I always thought they would keep two and I thought would be breweries and Ryan group. -- boy -- helmet advocates for themselves. And that the question mark in Oakland to everyone's small. You activists he's the -- that 35 year old quarterback it back at that particular. Are you keep an extra rocked the spot. Well about a quarterback and the Vectren. At such an experience. And you've got to cut wounds say the -- line back and pick it up that -- -- be one. You have been written about from now we get final cut -- how difficult that decision. What about really playing well -- would be open to line. Target for a regional bloc in what he was able to do that at first when he wanted it got concerns certainly that cornerback spot. And a bit as far as we know Keenan Lewis is all right as he practiced yet. You know -- concern about that is it's a position that is it difficult on. Especially now everybody's looking for quarterback. People that can match up now you're in the nickel and civil. Manage -- it every bit rates and but the saints. And get a lot of using it happens every year -- we -- that the prevention you may Allah. And you did the -- And that's what happened it would that they wouldn't be the Patrick Robinson and -- a -- issues. Injury issues with -- Italy. You see young kids you know it's -- that he -- and see. You distorted. It's going to be big guy. Indeed we can you out a bit. I like I was -- he's changed when he came here originally is that correct in the control room Mason which gene that -- But now he has officially been patronized and -- that -- might give me 12 if you can we come back -- about Drew Brees alone. Do you think he should play for. This third. Pre game season coming up the dress rehearsal if you will because. Not in any game action -- a couple of successful drives mammal that we'll find out when we come back Tommy Tucker Mike Italian ankles -- do you have about the saints. At T six 18780386. X. 889087. -- this is WW Tony Tucker debit WL wrapping up our conversation with Mike -- yea and one other thing is that throwing out there about the Jimmy Graham. Daunting thing is that now it could be a matter of safety because that rights have been extended in terms of physics it'd be more top heavy likely. More likely -- to perhaps. -- over like -- maybe shattering Google play eco backboard in the NBA but enough that we. Army probably the other thing to -- -- talked to Mike about it this is concerned about that is in the -- all that's one thing. But it can handle brick and risk doing that. Which -- only to be as we've seen in the NBA games. Because you know. He. And when you like it or not it's it's going to be a fifteen yard penalties -- -- out yet. It's a reality its like playing golf and -- I don't think they should be out of bounds on gonna get it there while go ahead but you -- get penalized would tell me about Drew Brees no. I game action yet two games left in a pre season. Third game of course traditionally the dress rehearsal what do you do with Drew Brees on. Against. Mean. So in mind goes blank. There priest colts that's right in Indianapolis. Deeply and I think you get him some time in with the first team unit. You know basically it is a dress rehearsal. And so -- you getting mean you know into the lineup the -- -- -- that you've got involved with these oblique injury. You know you can come back and just pretty quick in addition you all and thirty well forty years so. A bit and -- -- and and so. You know he came to accommodate. These monopoly until forty -- for the we're on it today. I'm still at the end and Jack. I think -- -- -- -- -- the injury that -- worried about because of comet that -- body go to football. But hopefully -- against the coats. -- and get that timing down this and drew is a professional that's working really court. -- putting himself in the best position but does not -- game action. To get itself really kept -- low and he would not simply what preachy and. Right now -- think in the you know I would lean toward Ryan Griffin but how different is going to be if he has to go in the game. God forbidden October in the looks they're gonna give him in terms of confusing. A rookie quarterback. A whole lot different not media and opinion playing against this -- third string Q and at that point. You play against teams units and -- and it will pick all you. Once a lot of times -- guys that come in India play a game at two pretty well. -- -- -- -- of coordinated long you know making me that to me about the unity view out pretty quickly. And so you know not a rule it bills were concerned that. I'll check aboard alive the figure out what you can do what you can't. It's like -- and you think you know it until you see this and we'll wait a minute you -- got yourself right. Exactly and but the big debate if you hobby and that kind of old school and pick him -- I I don't get it. I'll keep keep it like received acted -- for bulls forward -- and -- -- -- talked more. I'll know Oakland though -- -- what it meant so it was from the bench. -- Store why just kind of waiting buying time would it you know can turn in general would like their. He told different situation I think he's going to be Korea back and it's a growing number two quarterback. Eventual replacement would leave things out yet. But I would get a spot which you hold that you know it's a short period we can -- Aaron. For a game more -- or two games it a small -- to big injury we saw what happened. Two minutes so when you all right well we saw what happened critical little Peyton Manning. It was -- -- mental drop ball between the first and second string quarterback. And enact countered that the way to work yesterday met you you've canceled its money 21 guy a lot of -- that the big drop ball what. Public -- it would exit last year there Rodgers and Matt Flynn. -- and gives you kind of bounced around like a pinball across albeit it felt. A little bit case and in the. Might imitate what about a dinner break right now and against somebody come. To replace me thank you Mike -- tell yet you bet -- WL NFL and college football analyst -- and trapping him reloaded Terrell Robinson. I Tommy Tucker will continue right Jimmy Graham discussions because of scenes of things that literally make me shake my hand we're also got. Get a live update from Ferguson came elect reporter Michael Calhoun about the latest there and Michael Brown shooting. Darryl Wilson and things and offices should -- most will be back at W.

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