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8-18 7:10am Tommy, latest in Ferguson shooting

Aug 18, 2014|

Tommy talks to Michael Calhoun, a reporter with KMOX in St. Louis, about the latest in Ferguson and Chuck Drago, a police practices expert, about how the police have responded

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Like gone on death -- you're right yeah. -- that's Monday. Around me I -- Any and all of a dog matters are honest with kittens sweaty and haven't taken action hours than me should they -- -- make it kind of commitment to these alternate takes ten minutes. Not a -- they Gaza's light year -- then why -- wall and it really is because and stuff goes -- done because -- -- need. Ten minutes to deal don't have tickets dollar after I've finished. I I don't think there can be anything -- and -- family loses a father but on the other hand I don't think there's anything more reprehensible than a father walking out on his responsibility. I hate Donald Miller and Ohio. Disappeared back in the 1980s and the family. Did know what happened they thought the -- quite frankly they. Went to the FBI to investing your his disappearance and of course of worse things never knowing of course but. They -- go to the FBI and nails it went to local law enforcement -- hired a private investigator they thought the worst. It happens now where is dad and and in declared dead after seven years nine years. Problem is he wasn't there are rarely yen in the -- on the failing it on a Social Security to collect his Social Security after he was. Legally declared dead now -- and -- -- cup in 2005. After he'd been gone for about 25 years. And he wanted to haven't self declared alive again. But the court last year said yet is to be a problem but there's a three year limit for changing -- death ruling so we can't. Doing and I do anything make you alive again stories dead for three years well 28 totally and then Walid there's a three year limit for change and all salt because he was conference. I guess 141718. By the time he was declared dead the judge I don't really know what to do here. Meanwhile Social Security campaign and because. Well he was dead was sure legally but he's really not dead so now the Social Security. Administration when -- 47000. Now I would imagine it and there's no -- -- here was not the mom -- on these he has left the body was gone dead gone and out of our lives and uses Social Security money to try to get through lights yeah and no social securities and Iraq while yet is they're saying -- where's the money. Where's the money gone where where's your salary from two years. Our company or anything master vanish pretty guys -- -- grocery stores get a little bit on it and we. Owned company. -- -- -- Can't over there. 712 when we come back we'll talk to KM OX reporter Michael Calhoun. And it's kind of -- is going on there and Ferguson. The officer. And Darrion Wilson that was identified as the shooter the officers they killed Michael Brown. Six shots were fired New York Times reports over the weekend to -- Michael brown and head. Michael Brown has no criminal record as far as I could find so. You know it is a mystery man on talent got a -- that strong arms a clerk in a convenience store without any criminal record before. -- at a police officer with absolutely. No. Hint of trouble a clean jacket who shoots his -- six times. And I'll try to sorted out when we come back Tommy Tucker -- W -- Tommy Tucker we changed up ready jaguar opinion poll asking you from what you know right now do you side with the police or use side with the protesters in Ferguson Missouri. A Michael Calhoun -- reporter for KM OX one of legendary stations in Saint Louis. Joins -- on a given now to give us the update morning Michael. More calm you know -- and seen things over the week and you get six shots fired yeah two and had. But in the front of the head which means he was not shot -- back is I understand it is witnesses and said yeah we have. The news record of the police officers the video was released no problem no Michael Brown no criminal record as the eye could see so. Isn't he didn't to mean more and more mysterious you. Absolutely. You have all that all the evidence that come out. But you also think about how much we we don't -- for a church were the police department on Monday Ferguson police department which has no part that point. In patrolling the town that pretender over how to police and the director I would patrol and the first department at ago. And a role in the investigation that it will county police and -- -- -- And yet. And on Friday at least that surveillance video of Michael Brown reportedly -- -- that store. Should goers are and -- put that out there in the morning along with the protesters at the and that ordered out there in the morning chief. Simply said. Here is. Ever -- the police report. Are here mr. bill video -- not taking any questions. -- a trick question literally and yet but it became about. And and he said you know if -- a silly after that. -- -- -- Michael brown and it's fragile or you know that they were suspects. In the robbery -- -- about the surveillance tape and culpable because he penetrated the walking down the middle street. Reporters that why you release the information. That -- -- -- any bearing on the case. And -- that -- at the freedom of information. Though such a chaotic. Coated in -- mean. It's in the Sony investigative stage but could the police have released it and it could go too well this is not. They -- it's getting ready to be. Didn't enter college and that the that the bigoted that he's harmless -- state of mind etc. I guess when trying to fumble through here Michael and that this guy -- moments before had strong armed a declared two steals and cigars 49 dollars whatever was worth the cigars -- that may -- he was still in that frame of mind when he encountered the police officer and you also said reportedly. Shows is there any doubt that this is Michael Brown or about what happened when you tie it in to whatever the clerk of the convenience stores and. Well I I -- that because. I you know. A totally agreed on -- That are not yet although. Really on the video. The family says that it. That it likely hear it looks like him it's probably him. That created the video -- they were so many people. In protest. Who said who pointed out -- he's art shorts and that is our law cancer. In the picture or by its first galleries where. -- -- them on her looks like it might be wearing sneakers and the other so. You know when it comes to adding that the police release that are 1% vs you know there's any doubt that purportedly in their jets because. You you have different people same thing something different interpretations. I know the attorney general -- daughter ordering a third autopsy who did the first two. And in terms of investigation. The FBI is there it's completely out of the hands of the Ferguson police of the troopers still involved and I guess having any give us a snapshot Michael -- we right now. Economic sort tell him -- you've got. And they are two different sides that all of which are completely separate errors. That that safety and keeping peace in the city for. Which was originally saying vote count equally and we go for a night of rioting looting. And -- general on here yeah. Probable all sorts of measures used with a quick trigger. And the governor after or a bad. -- the mystery state Highway Patrol to take command of the situation still got it all out their -- streets -- -- And chart became captain Mark Johnson or state troll. African American each from the single county it's from the area so. And he he championed the more you know we're -- go -- conversations that people -- what they're -- What all are equipped to -- the situation now to those of the two police department should have been able to patrol. And overnight about 2 o'clock in the morning after another night of wild west where. The police are trying to start peacefully. We're forced a Molotov cocktails and shots fired at police and civilian shot the report by march were back to your gap of about that. All right governor Nixon signed an executive order calling out the mystery national -- We don't know harmony your company's soldiers are coming when they're coming in where they want people we note that. Now the National -- -- at all. On the investigation side into the death of Michael Brown you have straight county police -- called. And have the FBI has two parallel that the case there pretty civil rights charges that could be brought. That in terms of prosecution you have the prosecutor. Will want people community don't try to their culture and special prosecutor. And then you have Department of Justice which is working -- -- the FBI. Robert Johnston told the Fergus and police department on Friday. You shouldn't release that studio. Going back to the surveillance -- -- two times by DOJ. We think they're -- they're gonna be really bad reaction. And we're not releasing any other evidence in order the parliamentary seat or any other evidence we don't urgent. The trial. Potential jurors with which as you get to come forward. -- urgently department released a video they'll tell the governor will Highway Patrol that they were releasing videos so. Don't you were also caught by surprise party so you know we've got on the dollar and America -- rattle off -- Several seven different you know agencies or departments are our leaders -- call. In terms of autopsy before we let you go we did the person was conducted by a Ferguson officials burgers and coroner. All of the single -- -- four. -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- which took an out DOJ. That they like on their struggle. Economic theory the sequestered anyway at that we get to the and a church ought to have that dispute -- a terrible investigation bulk. In different fighting the different charges to still -- of course the special. All we have evidence that the information that speculation witnesses -- the -- It's still it's gonna get a Laporte mister Shapiro. One good question Michael and in terms of area involved physical Larry is an expanding or is it is staying relatively contained in the same area that it's always been happening. Sure well the vote -- -- the release fragmented. Political boundary that murdered there one that spell check out all day. Sure and it's relatively small area. And go the street and -- adversity well that -- others city and so technically occur with just that -- -- by. The governor that they can be expanded to other areas at the others are the top spot -- they're like salt. Thank you Michael appreciate -- time ago we talked me again. Actually help I don't so that settles that all but you know on -- out yet Michael Altoona. Reporter for the legendary KMO excellent chemical taking calls a T six 1878203866889087. And -- -- Michael is now said he did DOJ Department of Justice shall local police department it would be a mistake to release the video. Do you think it was and who are you siding with here at the protesters do you think that they hands. A point in protesting do you think there's some kind of cover up or do you think. That did these people that are protesting. Should move on because there are so many investigative things that are happening here. Did the truth will come out either way and finally. Com do you think police officers in this country are automatically convicted whenever they use that weapon and it's up to them to prove their innocence. Which is certainly. -- to the innocent until proven guilty stated that we have 727 -- a bit late. Time for -- below traffic that we're -- Terrell Robinson David we continue our conversation about Ferguson Missouri some people are saying it's not even worthy about media of media coverage that it's a made for TV event now. And as ride I think in the get a writing that's going on for how many days now five days out is. -- we have one little night and there are words settled down and that's. And it's newsworthy. I think yeah that's. I -- -- -- and -- Excuse me you got tear gas and rubber bullets and god knows what else 67 -- And they're using those sounds music that sounds thing and now while they had it'd be in. I don't know CBS news I think at a special lawn and it's a new devices they are using. Two to get these crowds settled down and looks like yeah. It looks like a satellite dish on Joba would rock and -- crank it up then it's unbearable. And I can hear it in the background last night -- I've sought. What are they -- one of the truck that they're -- -- high pitched noise out that will put you on your approach on your knees there's like Miley Cyrus something just kidding. Hey here's what I am on a serious note that I do wonder about you got to police officer with absolutely nothing in his pants at all. You got out man it's been shot six times and has absolutely nothing in his past at all. There is videos on so it's Michael Brown others say it's not strong armed robbery. I wanna know how -- hold these two got on that hand. -- -- So you could make the case will Michael Brown on he was a bad guy but he never got arrested egos and make the case that Garrett Wilson. The police officer was a bad cop that never got caught. Side and noted talk about this at -- six 1872038668890878. Com are you clear at this point as to what. The protesters are demanding well and that's the other thing -- thinking of David is what do you want yeah the department of justice's involved attorney general Eric Holder calling for an autopsy. As a third time. They're -- when it yeah though. It's it's a big. Investigation and it's gonna take some while to sort out it is and I'm not trying to be indelicate here I don't know how many times you can autopsy body. Because at some point you would think. I don't know well we'll talk about it thank you David to end in Metairie -- in -- aren't have a W good morning. I currently married and I am calling it -- cut I am so aggravated I like to champion the TV at outs are and yeah he -- here and -- I'll do it he'd stare and what you -- all people telling people. They -- -- when it comes on the TV accurate. Do you think a law enforcement officer instead of being innocent. Until proven guilty whenever he uses are her she uses there weapon is guilty until proven innocent. -- It is the lead. Currently being. And at -- And didn't even. Yet I would I would just love to know if you know thank you and there's a lot of emotion involved here but if there could be. You know it's like hey hey let let's let's approach it this way -- governors say you know those that are protests and if you if you could. Maybe a point five people and lets it down in a room and find out what exactly it is that you want because David Blake said. That investigation is not gonna happen overnight again toxicology tests that are pending. Well on both people lightly on the police officers dwellers on -- ground. And in terms of autopsy. And if you know maybe referenda -- -- -- listening -- and Telus I don't know. With the subsequent autopsy if there's anything. To be game. Tommy Tucker we'll talk to you when we come back -- W I Tommy Tucker talking about the events in burgers N and I get a text that comes -- and you won't say this on the air because the show is too liberal. Which is interesting because I get text from people saying the show is too conservative so apparently we must be doing -- us to right. But blacks look for any reason is -- the taxes and you won't say this on the air because show is too liberal but blacks look for any reason to root. Riot rather loot and steal they could care less. About what really happened and I were appreciate your texting -- due respect that might be the reason why. That mindset why so many people writing. And and Missouri chuck Drago joins us right now police practices expert former police chief of the morning -- Good idea on give me your take on -- burgers and probably trouble because it went. I can't understand is how police officer or at least I would love to know. What led to a police officer with absolutely no. Incidences in the jacket at all and this I gotta get Chad Michael brown and had absolutely no trouble with the police before no criminal record. How to these two. You run in each other and and how it is how do we get from there to here if you. Well of course involved remember most police officers navigated to shooting and her entire career. And -- -- do which usually the only one so when an option in the shooting not usual he's never been involved in the shooting. Before or that he has that he doesn't have any kind of our disciplinary history that and mutual and we don't know who's right who's wrong of course and this situation just hours. As far as. Mr. brown we don't know. Much about in the Xiang he's juvenile who recently so we don't know much about its history either most of it won't be released. If it does sound juvenile record so we wouldn't even know about it. -- So even if he had been arrested. Before it was seventeen or if if none of that can be freedom of information none of that can be obtained of this. Hypothetically speaking and I'm not saying he was but hypothetically speaking he get -- nothing but trouble with the low when he was juvenile we would never know about it. We went no matter at this point now because there's records not going to be. Aren't they are to really get access to his director Chris is a juvenile dynamic be able to get there eventually. The possibly -- analogue mystery that the remote stage and act immediately get better. In terms of the actual stop what we've heard walking down the strayed get out strayed open a door had -- open the door struggle. Would you be able to tell. How -- and from what distance shots were fired they're calling for a third autopsy here at least. -- you know whether it was a hundred feet ten feet right up against the person. Well you can you can tell some something about you can tell you whether or not the barrel of the gun was right up against the person. Or within a couple of feet you'll you'll actually on on person's clothing -- body from the from the governor here close enough. When that if you eat when you get further away urged to eight feeder can't beat it you you can't tell that there's no no you know we get any. Sitting on person you know give the distinguish how far away at that point. But where the bullet entered. On the person's going to tell a lot. When and he word yet on which it. That initial reports saying it struck in the on personal times. That in the top of the head -- could be consistent with somebody that's fighting -- but he officer and we have to remember one thing. We get taken or carried away to -- with how many shots were fired. And that doesn't necessarily mean and because. On police option expired and gone pretty quickly and people don't drop like they do in the movies when their shots. So we can't make anything that number shot cheaper. I appreciate you time Tucker really doing I'm sure will talk to you again as this continues to unfold. He bed -- Rego Drago police practices expert former police chief and owner of -- radio. Professional consultancy has over thirty years of law enforcement experience and I knew. That it's the opposite of -- goes -- I guess must be Draco. Let me quickly go to James in new loans eighteen Sharon got a W well maybe not duel today. -- -- -- -- -- What if you look at mr. brown the meat on them video it's been community area -- -- It seemed like he was culpable and what he was the one week and round and -- pushed in in the it is -- an exodus quality term background. In intimidated again -- I think Indian word. Yeah and it seemed like he culpable like you look in his first. You know he probably hear that attitude into the confrontation with the police officer. Which with a very dangerous situation with the police because he didn't oldest guy apparently. Didn't know at this -- a suspect in. A strong armed robbery which you know put him at a disadvantage it's really. -- want to see what you know what the states and what they're capable of but I intake in this chair culture. -- you like a black. -- -- I'm do you think a police officer. What they can get security argue with the department of justice and you know -- -- civil rights groups and you know time summed up -- opportunity. Put everything on the microscope which should be well let's wait all right -- before we -- cup. That's what actually happened mr. brown will not as mentioning it it was not our war at the theory it can do yeah. In he's being culpable to meet you will be at intimidate type person. That -- Premarket -- potential that he would be a problem. See in terms of -- -- -- the housing confuses me James in terms of and and and in some -- about different web sites talk about. Allegedly Michael Brown's record and an accurate read any of that because you don't know what's true and what's not. But to have a police officer with absolutely no problems in his background and to have Michael Brown with absolutely no. Problems in his background at least that we know about it -- somebody. Did something in here aware that wouldn't be within character now fits Michael Brown. It would be seemed strange to me that he would be if that's him on the video which now some people are saying it is some isn't. If he would just automatically it'd change and -- -- somebody for cigars. Well that's him on video it doesn't seem like that's the first time he did it. Not not earlier -- the yeah he looked very minutes in the economy -- In that they have. -- the this guy he looks like -- well. He's big 63 almost -- pounds I think that I did in India we don't know what the copy that makes the difference also you know you -- -- -- -- 63 what what we bring about. But James -- brings up another point we gotta go here but again -- -- -- back in a day there were size requirements for police officers. Then they changed it and that was I think its statement that 61492. As what Michael groundless. They are saying they changed it to allow ladies on a police source women and also smaller man. I was -- is better if you can be a cup to be a bigger guy because -- you don't have to go to the ultimate. And force there which is the gun and Daniel -- is -- how big you. I'm sick or -- I think. You pull somebody over smaller person there will be a lot less inclined to take a swing at you cause trouble and if you be. You know 5422. Is my opinion thank you James and let -- cult. Run deliberately more calls and we come back 754 time look at traffic and for that we go to Terrell province.

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