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8-18 8:10am Tommy, Michael Brown shooting

Aug 18, 2014|

Tommy takes your calls and talks about the latest with the protests in Ferguson, MO

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thank you David the governor of Missouri made the Sunday morning circuit yesterday talking about the release of the video and I guess it's Michael Brown on the video I'm on -- About or at least -- pictures I -- I've seen haven't been conclusive and I would think naked. Find out if he had this cigars on in the allegedly stole that he was wearing the same thing that he was -- and in the video moments before. And I think the governor or somebody would have said you know this isn't him and -- not her name literally say that no. In terms of the release of the video they thought it was gonna make it worse in terms of violence not I'd honestly mania naive but I don't think that I've got to make it better. Because I thought then micro it's OK well maybe there's two sides to every story not. Off -- Greg and I'll tell them tell me why why why because and again nobody ants at and then indeed Boone does latest autopsy. -- that this story all along from the friend had been that he was shot in the back. And the autopsy. Says no ability was shot in the front and then twice. And -- and then in the body and then -- just four shots in the -- six altogether. Now here's the thing when it comes to an -- take their calls on this it's music so 18782038668890870. If you're police officer -- -- usual weapon. This -- doing thing is not possible it does not happen because. You're trying to neutralize that threaten. And if I were the police officer and I hit deemed at that time at that moment. That I had to save my life and go home I'd I'd shoot as many times I could. After that if I was wrong I would have to. Paid the price you know you you know I'm inside -- -- something this John Wayne tonight. Shoots somebody in their hand have begun fallout or shoot somebody one time NN. You know they get the points of they lay down I don't know if that's always true Antoine joins us right now form police officer. Talk about policy procedures and also about autopsy is good morning and one. From -- blood from your experience knows yet as far as autopsy is and everything coming out of Ferguson. Well. I haven't kept completely up with that foot bomb went up. Turned on radio read in the papers etc. When complete opposite stop Bob -- But we saw it was not aware follow the robbery attempt at. All of mr. brown wars so mr. Brown's. Stadium -- what he is probably going to be arrested for the robbery. -- he thinks that the police officer knows about that this stuff on a video when in fact he doesn't. And then the police also has no idea what's going on Providence stop and subject to give up -- in the middle of the street about what to read stop. Are being in this most police -- -- that were shot or killed. Or killed with their own weapon. -- percent to so. Bill or greatly increased when their show there were built up. We had a -- that thing here on am harnessing it was where mental patient wrestled the they got away from lady officers I remember correctly right yeah. That is correct him. Up and so they'll subject was in the call on top wiesel or trying to spend four shots were fired on in the call. Tell -- they probably. What in the second to fired sixty rounds. And -- all of field that is like danger and his -- strong would be particularly prominent. -- are talking about split second. I don't know -- won't war autopsy. Will determine that and the trajectory of the wept phobia. And who won't do that. Two and ahead. I think one in the arm I'll have to look it up and and onto -- head in both were in. From one was -- his head was down and one was in -- they were all from the front none none from the bank and tagged to go to what you're -- and one -- here's squeeze an off you know whoever's in the clip to protect yourself. As somebody's following you may be hitting them as they're falling but you don't realize it is all happened so quickly. That's tell me about ought tops and more than one autopsy what can they accomplish with that there they're going to that third now. Welker worked the ball but he initial -- which would say that occurred in the wall would be the both formally. Doctor big -- it all over caller call and would conduct the autopsy usually. Off in cases like this you would care op apartment Andy come in. Are usually right by attorneys so friendly -- leadership adjusted the Altman. Austin and call out so you have multiple law about it and they're not seen autopsy where. An independent. Off hired. It could be -- Colombian. Do the autopsy. And then basically Paul laughs. Notably it -- forward but on the day. That's how much can you you know I mean you're talking about. Com material here which is -- it that way and how many times can you examine this material without change and the forensic side I think about it -- A lot of oh yeah a lot I mean you into multiple doctors. If the evidence is not the stroller -- We're here at one autopsy. Involved and police shooting. Done bought product and me and wanted to. Basic -- -- -- -- the where the suspect was. Basically yen. -- -- revealed or. That there will be well contusion bruises. Current concluded that there -- certain significant fight and not just. And -- as a partner on but no call so a -- showed that the suspect. Was fighting with real person there would. Bruising on his knuckles is helpful own duties up like that that would indicate a significant toppled apart. According -- all apart as weapons. And trying to appreciate you experiencing new caller really do and out -- -- today Kyle back some time. Parker at 92601878. Toll free 866. 890878. From what you know so far of the Michael Brown case do you side with the police and Ferguson. Or the protesters 9% are -- protesters 91% are saying police. At love to hear what you think as an increasing tax -- -- the way the cops there have tanks and all of this military hardware. But no dash cam video. -- -- Another one says white people are so quick to dismiss this as they white black the issue it's now that is an issue of the police. Being able to kill on armed citizens the same people complaining now or on the side of Clive and Bundy who actually had been convicted. Tommy Tucker back in a flash on WW Tommy Tucker talking about. About the events in Ferguson Missouri and I'm laughing about that it just amazes me how. Bad of a mood everybody seems to be in today in a -- things one name the pre season game doesn't really matter everybody's so far relatively healthy. And it's back to school I don't know if it's the heat -- people are finally fed up with -- and you get in and do anything takes five minutes and lynching and a dedicated -- to -- using it gets soaking wet with. Perspiration I don't know but come I -- happy up because. Again I'll tell you as long as it's been. From June 18 two now. If you flash forward to -- it's going to be October the eighteenth so. I think we need to all happy -- quick which in our lives away -- and -- on a Friday. -- ID you know they have witnesses and in some text here about Michael ground having his hands up that according to witnesses are also witnesses that said. He had shot in the back any on -- autopsy does not indicate at all. Another text ends and hear the violence in Missouri stems from the bitterness and frustration. That the black community feels about white society. They feel like they've been beaten down and this is their chance to get back. And show their anger it's not about right or wrong and it's certainly not about justice it is they savaged. Mentality. And one thing I also bring up ears -- I think as well police officers because I think you can look at is one of two ways that. Police officers are judged guilty when they have to use their weapons and -- and they have to prove themselves innocent. Which is certainly against. The way jurisprudence runs in the united states of the justices and but then again you could make a case that they are professional law keepers and they should. B if found guilty and have the -- presumed guilty and have to prove themselves. Innocent so tell me what you think about all it -- avenue Rollins good morning aren't out of WL thank you for holding. And bill. -- want to make -- -- on now on the Michael Brown V chip. And a couple people call and then in so. The talent it -- -- But they see on TV is that like one people are now you know I mean personality always. Taught on the it says. You built. As you wrap up -- I found -- attending college futures. And I think that you get sent out -- and it took society that -- one -- -- things do look no. So that the problem comes standard. Bill at all the -- -- abuse that. You know and other cases Lynette that would indicate. I think that that's situation effort and commitment and the different but police chief I think by number you know by year's insight there. I think that ignited the crowd. You know what I think I think that's like a great point you make Kevin in terms of the anatomy of how we got from -- to hear -- you think if the police had done what the police chief had. Make some offices on the street a presence but not necessarily confrontational. Yes you know I mean it's one of those things that it take its course. Out shot and -- make it -- to what it would give people an audit was answers to what happened. That -- audit but then and midnight in I think that the audit relieve debt that also. Also heard another call you know I read you read the text. That. Black people always look for regional and. That's that's our that's somebody texted him. Yeah effort to read it check. Who we are not fighting you know there's certain situation emotionally chart situation -- Ferguson. React you know and want issues to. But you know mica mr. hockey game when they won a championship. You know you know variety. There's a lot and now you'll have to championship and stuff like that that need to be categorized like -- time. And even in peaceful protest you're gonna have some -- Local because you know their college student doctors and now parents -- -- could be. Heard and answer to what happened because effective if -- -- -- recurrent thing. Which some guys -- a lot you can do you know on the wrong guy and getting shot. And would. That's full in the city you didn't like call local and long and once so engage. The police are looking for the person actually shot the first. Okay and then these cases though and so on -- -- and pull on his answer and got right there in the shot them. Well you know that he's got -- answered that somebody at some point and you shouldn't be able to gun down. I'm a patriot on this American citizens by like in some cases. Not particularly get loaded on the -- yet. Efforts withdrawal situation. And has them being any -- would Michael Brown. Region and the cause something. It don't look good on that point. -- we got to rumblings I am so glad you called because of the -- call in your points were not based on emotion at least as far as entrance. Concern are based on analytical logic and I appreciate that. Are arrogant -- nine and I hate. I hate any kind of statement that -- everybody together in one group of well they do this or they do that are we do this. Individuals are different a 27 time -- trapping for that would go to Harold Robbins yeah protests here. Yesterday. About the Michael ground shooting that happened. From Washington squares but Washington Square Park on Frenchman street ended at the on new loans police department's fifth district headquarters about two miles away. They organized protests on FaceBook did -- long ones anarchist book fair. Nobody -- claimed responsibility for it. The general posters -- red black citizens are not enemy combatants and don't shoot. Some would bananas over their faces in case there employers objected to their participation other people strum guitars and NGOs while their friends being on. -- -- -- -- -- I think my question here. Is. You'd you'd think you would have planning to protest in terms of injustice here particularly the injustice of of kids getting shot up. And not -- if you seventy people and gather you would think they do something about. Or would want to protest something about crime into long ones and not standing. In simpatico if you will with the people of Ferguson's certain elements of the people and Ferguson of the population. Somebody quoted as singers who polices and occupation army not there to serve but to keep people in their place. So I don't know if they had permits him parade -- And dot com. The police were given special treatment I don't know. We talk about that as well at T six money 7203866889087. They tried to get into the police station. Saying it was a public places that they should have access to another person's agreement there afraid of those. And -- that the door locked and took some pictures up. So I guess and throw that out there to resist some and it's got naked X band nationwide and I would think an offshoot -- is is that. Yet you're gonna. You know I I think there's only so much stuff you can -- the -- tube. Is my plumbing theory at a plumbing theory of life and one of them visitors and politics is only so much into avenue a tube and eventually is to find a place to come out. And I think what could happen here is if you started. And having protests in every time an officer does anything that automatically becomes questionable. I think an offshoot of that not for every police officer but for some is going to be -- -- negative any thing. -- -- up tickets after the after the thing happens there after an accident perhaps Euro. You know got a house of somebody calls -- even animated take any action is an old beat. On the wrong side of this -- in the car and wait for a squad unit to roll whatever. You tell -- 260187. -- 3866. It 89087. Texans and a let's say what's wrong with people in my office is why people -- -- edge it is a lot to do with continued. Hype and coverage by the media of the Missouri case people black white red etc. Have enough to worry about personally and locally and quite honest we've heard enough about it well. You know it continues and I think it's a big news story. And then we -- protest here yesterday so I don't think the media ignoring what's going on. Is gonna make anything better or make its stop and I'll take you calls when we come back. At 260187803866. 889087. -- when it comes to a police officer involved shooting is a tendency now to presume the officer was the bad guy. -- guilty one. And what effect design and have long term on police work Tommy Tucker back in a flash on WW. As New Orleans has the Saint Louis cathedral. WW LAM -- I Tommy Tucker -- WL talking about the events and Ferguson Missouri the National Guard is being -- the mandate and AM. A curfew I guess for two nights rioting continues. And we're asking you is this about races is about. The police in new corners report the top autopsy shows that. Michael Brown was shot six times at least six times four times and -- on twice in the head. And his doctor Michael -- we've seen all over the place. Annan said that one of the shots appeared to -- -- at the top of his head. But it wasn't immediately clear what it signified could be because he's given up because he's charging forward. At the police officer sue Joseph in -- -- urine Debbie WL morning. Taken more browser. On -- -- police are using these weapons. Oakland trying to and in you know the economist with such split second decisions and -- -- You going to be trot worked all been carried by a six. -- -- and I've heard him for a long time here ominous in this is situation in. To Ferguson -- -- take on that. It's -- NGOs and it didn't different statements. Is this person who taught I think -- -- glorious said that. That the we index shot in the back and all that she could be arrested falsifying a police report. -- you know lightning and thank you Joseph I appreciate the call I think a lot of it sometimes. Goes to intent in and around you know certainly not the district attorney or anything but. You know people can watch one into an end to witness something they'd done and in college classrooms before where. You know professors talking and all of a sudden somebody comes in and commits an act. It's phony but then ask you would you see at a -- got different stories of it Robert in -- -- morning -- -- WL. Yeah. It was earlier who all of this played out they were oh. He's a person -- and that's the problem. Purple pride in in the league. And they spread it is to -- the shot to start in the -- he wasn't shot in the back. It was 644. -- that's a deadly weapon by itself. He didn't need to carry weapons -- the lead by the -- -- or. By the late in in the parking and he didn't need -- web. The policeman -- wouldn't. Go to report out. Are -- equity six or 800 pound men running around. It. We everything but everything I've seen and read said. That the police officer did not know about. No no no wait don't come out there you hear what the mainstream media watch you where you get it. The other story that -- needed that copper. -- like what are you know I don't know it's not regardless these you present and it went -- and -- hang on and you said the previous caller didn't have his facts straight now you're figuring you're -- you want this to be effect but -- January came. Right that are dropping like take it to be exact site. But regardless if somebody six foot or were ordered held is coming at -- in an aggressive. That tell the deadly. I'm so tired of these people. Deciding that they know the story is because they are at stake was running and chat back and it will never change their mind of that -- and again. I just tell you that the shots came from on and I know I epic that there are talking -- bullets that they couldn't they came from back. Could you heard eyewitness that I achieved notable a -- it in fact that you put in front of. You know in a date back in the day Robert -- run at a time -- -- height and weight requirements for police officers you talked about I don't know how big of a manual orbit you said if you see somebody 64300. On an accurate to. -- You can't use a weapon against -- six Ford 300. Even though. -- really are. Not -- aggressive. I'm not good at sitting itself to the police officer you would be because there aren't any Arnold that it would close to that. I think if you look at what. It. Would be interpreted by its export 300 I would be in fear for my life. -- brought the streets. The -- the reason I bring that up is really I think it goes training of police officer is in terms of self defense. And I don't mean introduce a red Herring and this -- back in a day there were heightened weight requirements because. Somebody that was sizable -- sulfur like the other guy would be less at 2 PM. To allow five foot two inch. Let me know what went on them. What difference would it be because she just said but wait you just that you would draw you weapon. He would intimidate you so in that case it doesn't really matter because your six to. Know your your order -- Iraq. He was going to intimidate anybody eat Red Cross he literally could. He won't put the bat boy that they strike that they tried built. In. -- you've never -- any pain. You are dropping shots using it. I'm Robert. DD thing is somebody's smile with a new should be intimidated by you. So it's only two inches and makes it every it's it's all about height that ball. -- I we got to run thank you I'm glad you called in. We'll talk about that would come back this size and -- in this at all 260187. He told creates execs at 890878. An image does is I -- only people at a 65 Indiana police force. We have -- -- by the people of any size and Orleans parish timely to trapping them of them go to Terrell Robinson.

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