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Aug 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Back to our conversation a little bit David about -- Ferguson Missouri and somebody lovely African American -- -- -- -- in that money and might they looting tell me that -- they looting. In Ferguson and I don't know I wish him the answer for you but I don't know where you would Zogby. Taking advantage of situation -- like I get I'm protests again be an angry again wanting to know wide Arianna polices the enemy and you feel as though you've had a bad experience I get that. But -- learning lesson and get looting honestly you know now and the shop owners what do you do and you -- it would you do and and I wonder about like it was seen last week. Go on down the line. The deal look at these five -- -- that you haven't you say. I still -- is you know which again -- Adam Dunn a riots. Below -- tires on new car rams or whatever and you know pick whatever story one tool Wal-Mart target -- whatever product you want. Which you get arm and I got -- done right it's nice that that. And then as a keepsake if it's a piece of jewelry whatever time -- get -- giving you stole it and a riot. And understand that on a happier note done today is my daughter's eighteenth birthday on the eighteenth you'll hear us say. Thank you and those golden birthdays they tend to lose. They stay after about money I mean united their -- thirtieth 31. You're golden birthday probably doesn't mean that much doesn't. Now things now blog 121 still to come now that's a big one well which you won't have been born an expert on to saint internal. -- golden birthday is I just you know when -- when I was growing up as a sense thing. A golden birthday and a colleague at start I don't Taylor. But I just realized that I hadn't gotten anything to -- -- -- -- -- now you know there was a caller involves some time ago and it was a a dog now I remember some of your product on new car when it daddies and a jalopy the wells still isn't Mike you know the money in my car again well it's it's in almost as a sign on -- -- please don't make -- people now look at it like it's it's a darker when he -- thing -- is that -- political at least a run and collars jobs. Double -- the -- guess what they think it is an exactly yeah it is big giant increase in the left quarter panel and look folks like today just because cars beat up. You don't have the right to hit it as much as you won you still stood he still rally should stop and leave your name. If for whatever reason you hit somebody's car it's not a function of the word -- around are -- some people had that twice now. -- -- They're they're coming back also good the cars on junkie they netted twice tried. My goodness it -- to tell you what's that about says they're so long and notice that. Yet I don't know exactly when it happened and -- Bob -- car was parked -- -- home for four days -- Biden and even notice it. Tried to pressure washer on it one day in between there and I notice Collison added some idiot but I tell you what. Songs -- chemicals are technically sound that freedom you -- With a car like that you wouldn't believe as space is only big enough for half a car or yelled watch this out so. And I know some restaurant windshield to site at -- for me which is nice. Back to the discussion at hand though Tim from dividend of -- on Devin WL. Good morning congratulations figured oh well that's an easy thing. I think there's this whole situation. -- little and it will be because of it is you know hopefully technology. And in the enemy has already produced some stuff where we know we know the front from the back. -- though was the first city in the state. To put in pocket camera. You have pocket cameras in some areas of new loans now. Unfortunately going to be more -- that that. Police person of the day didn't have her own when a crime occur. Well let me tell you this on in Europe for second team in plaque in men's. And the only had one experience with this. And Arizona troubles some money it's a long sort of been anyway that the plaque humans police sheriff's office carries a recorder around with emanate out electricity you know. From this point on everything's being recorded now was not an emergency situation or anything right but I think I think you need to have. If you had the technology today. That would be isn't an an important part of police supplies I think get -- take somebody's life with with guns and now what he called bulletproof -- after that I think the camera should be the next prime. I agree -- also I have a digital recorder and it's it's smaller than than -- pack cigarettes so it would be easy for. A uniform ball in the carriage both that camera and a report and the recorder or. I mean they're under fifty book -- Well I was to say years ago I went to one of these spy places. And a pen that had god knows how much memory that you could put in your pocket and record all of this story I think was 200 -- and then had to be 810 years ago so I can -- imagine what it is now and how it's improved. -- help -- tournament or the seven years and I'm very wearable. On -- it's around Saint Louis. In fact. He Saint Louis still and the boy is. Hold on and on 8% black situation. And then like New Orleans and and like everywhere there on plays and particularly light. And there are players that are particularly black. Ferguson is one of these they went from white to black and it's about 60% black. Now what I think a camera could have done in this case. Was identified exactly what happened in what direction I'm not done differently -- one of the people -- up on those and enlightening all you've got. But not that 300 some pounds sources. What do you think in terms of the size. In on the little guy I am but anybody around here -- yet nothing frightens me because I'm more of the Joseph -- type where I'm just half nods but I don't see a -- 64 if you sixty that to me is like to. You know it's like that they'll hold the ideal dinosaur movies are yet to -- big giant things. Like each other and flipping around I don't I think if you're intimidated in any way is a police officer. You shouldn't have a job you know -- job not age. Right but that the point on Monday cameras situations if if they had been used in this case. We would not be having nearly. The debate and the problems we're now having because either they all -- Would've been confirmed pretty quickly as -- Not. Acting in the correct fashion all. The the person would've been condemned. You know forest formal movement as far as intimidation and everything else or attempted intimidation mock question Cameron -- It's how did did. They get into the front -- of course. This shot was not a close range though because there was no startling correct. Well again I think that's. I think that's going to be open for discussion to before so what. Got -- ten that it we gotta run I appreciate you call as always a lot of people wait negating and then. And I don't want them to be on and don't -- me on hold for so long and in -- up but if I don't give people sometimes. You know the four minutes and nobody else gets turned Jason Collins -- -- have a W good morning. HA Internet radio now and if you will -- -- -- That's for a long time we'll be right back with you Stacy Ian pearl river -- morning and evidently well. Com sure we get our quick about that right there and hope that equation. I'm. Well when it mattered. And it -- Grant that is why black purple oh. There. Are the outbreak in the equation. -- shot and there aren't -- -- got lack late. Late evening he being Michael Brown would have been shot. -- -- -- And Arabic would it matter what color you park it at the plate copper belt -- it is it's quite -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So let me interrupt 12 remember you are much you wanna say disease so this is about size and not raise sort. Intimidation I mean look if. Acting -- more about immigration. Extreme. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Cap and I. Bet it was neat to -- on -- Doubt that spot. But what is. Is every bit at. There's. A packet that there had been -- -- Each. And and we're -- them. Well wade had there been a lot of shootings and Ferguson during the protests I don't know of -- there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- One and Parker. We check into that idea there's just so much in this information as to try to keep it accurate -- so bottom line. You would have no problem with everybody -- with people protest in salons in -- looting burning rioting. Exactly why. You. -- -- Why aren't. People I'm well. Our area but elect elect people at local election it out there. Goal though. -- Got to thank you say Sam -- you took the time nickel and hold on what to do -- hours so hang on let me know what you think gonna get a text that comes in Tommy my son was pulled over. In saint Tammany one night when my son got out of the car my son is 61. The policeman had a problem in the police and was only five foot five. So does this. Video have anything to do. With what happened in Ferguson should the police have released it because governors say they don't want him to release its state troopers said. Don't release this is not yet held any thing. And his size factor in this at all because and text comes in and says. This of you think a -- should never be intimidated -- are you saying account should never be afforded humanity. I'm saying is this is if an officer's smaller. And every time they pull somebody over if that person is bigger than them they're going to be intimidated. -- maybe just look at statistics and odds if you have a police officers 57. And the average tide is 510 or six feet and I think you're looking for trouble and you might be in the wrong business. I think you should look at the -- been. And if your police officer please call me as a last resort that you need to use that. Not a first resort or not okay well -- keep my -- my guns guys bigger -- on I was gonna happen. And I'm maybe I'm not phrasing that right buddy if if sizes are determining factor when it comes to you are being. Police officer being intimidated. Feeling like big -- is the first thing you have to go four and you're not able to otherwise defend yourself. Then I think you may not belong on the force and if -- police officer I'd love to hear for me are his -- talk about this. Michael Brown was six foot 4300 something pounds there's the video that's out of him menacing. The the store owner or clerk that's about half of his size. And I think in that the rationales a police officer uses his weapon as a last resort. And said there's a lot this morning the feeling in the old days was that and I have no idea how old how big rather the officer was that stopped him. But it dated sub Michael Brown traditionally they would say we know a bigger guy. Less chances to have problems if for anybody to try to take their -- weapon etc. and maybe that's part of it if you're a five foot 520. Are you really gonna unless you're on some kinda drug. Think that you have a chance of getting an officer's weapon at 64250. And on the other side of it. If you're the five foot five officer when you pull somebody over that six foot 4230. Do you immediately feel all right. If -- -- this gets physical this guy and take my gun very easily so. Automatically. The chances of a gun being pulled their shots being fired go. I know it and think and I hope I'm expressing it and I'd love to hear from you when we come back 922 Tommy Tucker double WL. -- in terms of shootings some protesters by a protesters -- seen different accounts one says one in critical condition of -- to. People were shot morning critical condition. And attacks comes in and says. Many find it here. He who. Are saying being a police officer and undersized you should not be in that profession you think they have a hard time now finding new candidates recruits just imagine if they are only looking. For six would males and 200 pounds a minimum requirement we would. Need disqualified 9599%. Of all females would he want well that's exactly why they did away with the height. And weight requirement analyze all I think on -- in his and if I guess we get questioned our police best services guy. Yeah had their been any studies to show that if you're a six foot four. 330 pound guy isn't a case of Michael Brown I have no sign an idea what size the officer was. But -- be more inclined to take a shot. Bad choice of words to to maybe interact physically with the officer if you think you believe they get his gun away. Or take. Take her on and beat her down. As opposed to if you're owning and somebody Euro on signs where you think -- you know what does a pretty low percentage play. And I could do and I'm just asking you -- size enters into this at all. As it relates to police officers and suspects and using a gun as a last resort chase -- -- inside you are on WWL. Good morning. Yeah I listened to their real and important to -- -- in an American backs. Came. When he. Both this kind of stuff and I'll know and I'm looking at that train of process. The police selflessness. And I'm really thinking that. Been able so why should been trying ample black cops have been trying because that -- Black hole but let's kill it like -- it's an advocacy tanks and and and and stumpel and -- And in a crowd of white people they don't protest when black. Police helped to -- big -- That would -- you well but I just know policy. All. -- -- Black called -- people. And so what could and tried it actually helped so much restraint. That's a situation. -- As. They acted in a wide open in April and -- kill somebody -- -- and -- come in and it. We'll thank you there have been studies and manages school to -- you were talking in. Black officers sheets of white suspect in. There's not an all inclusive searching all but I've read this before and there was a study. From the University of Colorado that showed. And this is not necessarily police officers but. White undergraduates. And and your time a multi seconds here to decide what goes on. From the they would handle likely your percentage of shooting a black suspect. Ended. A a black person however when he came to black police officers I believed. I believe rather the result was the same. 2601870. Toll free 86 exit 890878. Also in that study a different -- rather from Florida State University. Mostly white mostly male group of police offices -- statistically more likely to lead on two white suspects -- While shooting unarmed black suspects instead. And again you can go you can extrapolate whatever you want from -- that the police are prejudiced or. Because. Jails. Ari and as a result they've been through the justice system holds. A higher percentage of African American people that from there the police officer then resumes. That -- Black person is likely to be more guilty of a criminal offense and if that's the case they can also lead you to wide -- more. White officer on black suspect shootings and the other way around. We're doing this on a fly here I haven't had time crunch all the numbers marker and wrote hi Euro and other WL good morning. A -- -- I'm sorry I'm -- late not only in an -- crunching numbers. I'm not even looking at the clock here's David Blake now -- WL first news phone lines are jammed David Blake we're gonna get right back to -- lot of text and I'm gonna try to get to as well. And I think is pretty good text I think the -- that Gary just so many in our culture that have a very disillusioned vision about the police in general. Those same people have total disrespect for authority period it has nothing to do. With police size. And I think a corollary to that is in and maybe that's of the texture was trying to say. In terms of disillusion I would say disrespect. Where back in the day you were taught when a police officer pulled you over to say yes serious man cooperate fully do what they tell you to do and and if whatever reason you wind up going -- sorted out after. And now you know and I talk about this and go down to gul is a lot different I've realized in what happened in Ferguson. But I've seen it on the golf I've seen it on Terry parkway where people pass. Marked units. And I can't imagine doing that but people will pass mark units that are due in five miles over the speed limit. On a good 1015 miles over that. And I mean easy uniformed officers is not as though there and -- card take on the unit with their family. -- anything -- just gives me wonders and -- respect the police anymore. Two mark on the road mark Europe next time you're on WW good morning. All the art and more importantly. It. -- -- -- -- People. Shot. Because it at all. And. All. Well -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But at no point did he talk about violent protests that he. -- -- That issue at. Eight at. That. They let them. Played while the shell that. -- -- You know where are. In Chicago. Where. The black on black children reach out -- open your. It felt. That you know the -- company. Like. The -- Here on the court that -- view. Michael -- You know a blog on Michael by. I reached. It would got -- -- residue on the. Not now just to be clear I read that article from fox and I'm glad you called mark thank you. I don't agrees to agree with everything sound agree with everything anybody said that -- we have a forum here for you to voice your opinion but Michael -- the article and I -- from Fox News. I dried said that he did not have access of the closing Alvin -- new loans morning -- double WL. Could you -- Which -- Won't be. Until. You hit you yet the -- So and so -- So learned put. -- in -- On the and again. Specialist -- when you can. It's. Some change. Go. To -- and move the ball out. And it's good support it was Colin. And now. And it is gone but it it's. The greatest. In the poll. -- -- Coordinate the ticket. And grow. On. The call and we're joined now by -- -- shell casings. And -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are you go in. -- as equals in this in this oh. -- What's key in. This bit. There's -- cool. It. Outcome that there. Oh. I would be in its. Analysis. Of and I don't know that any of this you know really know what happen on I don't know of the police really know and out and out of the witnesses really know what happened because. Everybody sees things differently -- remembers them differently. Your expectations. Or or your frame of reference. Influence what you see in what you're expectancy which actually so but but here's some that had just occurred to me if you were saying that. Yeah and I'd love to hear from a police officer on this if I. You are. Alvin York police officer. And so if somebody is reaching -- unit. Trying to -- you're gonna guess it would depend on if the unit was running if it was shut off if you try to speed offer give away what. -- Italian of those situations. Situation do you turn key off stealing the engine running when you do. -- Our primary concern will be announced that out there. Aren't. It. Question via -- which. -- And that. At least attempting to get it to grow. You saw. It. In storage. Unit. -- -- You just. Posted the Jewish. Digital. He's. In the position Alvin -- -- -- -- -- It. A and I won't do it. Does not do -- stop. A pop rock reduced. I don't know. You know when -- -- aquittal relate to go how many years union officer. Alan and beating. And a beating. A -- so. How big you. -- -- Okay and that's that and I'm saying what is the mindset of a police officer win. When you stop somebody when you're interacting with somebody with their size -- large you're talking about escalation of what did you -- force. General. Oh I thank you -- I hate not -- I'll be called back isn't gonna talk more about that right now that we have a breaking news situation and that. When news breaks out lead sorry to end the day and night weekday and weekend W. Stocks and sports leader in sports. It's breaking news and this is David Blake and the WWL newsroom with a breaking news story this hour. Multiple sources are reporting that new Orleans police chief Ronald -- is retiring. Retiring from the force. There are reports that there was a meeting of top level and no PD brass. Taking place earlier today no word on any news conference. Just that there would be an announcement made. Possibly just coming over the wire will wait and see how that works out. But it'll go according to multiple sources. Ronald surpass NO DPD police chief you know there's been that recent trouble -- got in regarding a story in which a suspect was shot. And that did not get on the initial NO PD press release we don't know if that's the reason if he was under severe pressure from the mayor. Whatever the case of retirement. For our NO PD. Police chief and superintendent. Ronald surpass we'll have more coming up at the top of the -- I'm David Blake WWL first news. Let me just say this -- yet not yet signed up for -- WL news alerts if you text the word news NE WS. To -- WL dot com you'll receive alerts on stories like that sometimes before. They even hit the air -- tomorrow we're gonna talk extensively about this about. As a story unfolds where there was of course retirement what happens here for NO PD with a consent decree were some of the leading candidates. And what was Ronald surpasses biggest accomplishment or. Biggest failings a lot of that coming up to Mars Tommy Tucker back in a flash under the WL. I'd -- -- -- -- W well you just heard the breaking news there Ronald -- has our report is saying is set to resign the new Holland's advocate. Is reporting that lieutenant Michael Harrison police commander of the seventh district. Is gonna serve as the interim and LPD. Superintendent there has been saying is speculation for a while about. -- has students and job hunting. Maybe gone down in Miami Beach but that seems to be unfounded and in I don't know. I don't know where politics figures and all of this I don't know how employable somebody is but. In Ronald surpasses here before. More handsome new issues with the deet tails system when he was a commanders I remember it I'll throw allegedly in the register the place safe. But anyone on to Nashville. Washington state police I believe -- to Nashville. And even out in Nashville after he came here there was a story about. Something's gone wrong with crime statistics that the Nashville police favorite newspaper the reported this. Was not very happy about Daniel says a law enforcement officer to talk about. Omni Q what is it use of force Kennedy and you get a couple of minutes. -- -- -- It. All. Out. It. -- -- -- -- look at it that. -- I go ahead. One and others I was gonna ask you for one and we don't know but from what you've. Read seen heard about the situation in Ferguson Missouri. Is there any reason if this happened -- you wearing guys walking toward you with his hands up he's a big guy and even though he would appear to be surrendering. If he continues to approach -- would you do then. We are well. And it worked out. At her. Back. -- -- -- I got Daniel I wish we had more time to -- -- I'll be called -- and time Malia. Thank you be -- 954 come in Baghdad VW well. I Tommy Tucker will continue to follow chief Ronald surpasses. Reported resignation we'll talk about it tomorrow morning I guarantee garlands could be talking about it next. As details unfold he's also to talk about 3-D printing. About money to save the coastline and legacy in areas that are threatened and if you know anybody looking for work. Do not miss Garland show -- talk about the Louisiana jobs connection thanks everybody we'll talk to tomorrow morning at six.

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