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8-18 10am Garland, dwindling coast

Aug 18, 2014|

Whats really going on with our coastline? Are there any new developments?Garland was joined by Bob Marshall, Staff writer covering coastal issues for the Lens.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are welcome back in. Morgan -- -- time in British rule. To do have power reported five minutes owned breaking news stories go please if you approach for. Will announce his retirement today. 11 o'clock we're learning some. Experts through talk and what happens now. And 12:30 and 12 o'clock. Something I've been intrusive and prolonged and the win you proving. We had a Asia doctor Roland gets about a year ago goods sitting in a program called Ted dot com. And he's had printed. A human -- is an organ transplant. And using three new pro Hillary you'd printed eight kidney. And actually putter and two young -- and then went back to via. Doug come conference a year later with that young -- and so -- that I have been fascinated by and and well coached -- seen in particular and -- manufacturing. The -- units of the -- And we've got a number of experts come on. To talk to us about call for the fuel is actually getting. And repercussions. Potential -- coach and both good and 11 o'clock we'll do short interview with the directorate. Exactly rector. Olympic gold museum job connection. The -- museum and economic development well. Suitable web site that matches in pool we use to import yours and apparently doesn't very quickly. Wore them. The set -- or may be -- hopefully a little bit longer. Do something -- long been wanting to do. Because just have not been able to collect the information in there and we always -- fifty billion now we're hearing seventy of those hundred billion. To stabilize. The more -- with the hopes of weakened state here in itself will be Fiona. But nobody talked to seemed to have an overall okay. This well we've got the support coming this -- guns. I think the pre boom AB ball marshals that fraud that are covering. Coastal issues for the -- and has -- it is I think for over 200. Bob welcome to show court or hard been noted that 300. -- You know hours here -- the -- reading in the Marcellus problem than. I was nutrients. Tell me you the -- did give us an overall what figures or you're figuring it's going to cost. What figures we have come. Well. The 2012 -- remember that there's a plan that's. Renewed or changed release every five years so it's updated. 120. That figure -- fifty billion. Dollars over the next fifty years. In 2012 dollars. Campus -- 2012 dollars. The problem is is that. We have recurring. Revenue this agency. Coastal protection restoration authority which is driving implement this plan. Has recurring annual recurring. Revenue of 280 million dollar. Obviously that I'm not but. Estimates. So a best case estimates on money it's from the deep water horizon settlement range from eight -- Q 22 period. But it doesn't have that yet and no -- how much it will be because a court. Cases that will side that have yet to be -- So. Bottom line is -- -- -- -- planned. That. If you place. What they need to spend. The current building Spierkel. What what they know they have coming here and what they think -- have coming. The funding Israel with its relatively secure. Not only to the end of this decade. After that. The agency hoping to raise money. Through -- hole leader -- sources. Some would term crew so. That's really -- point. Well what would call on the call shall conversation we're having here on sponsoring. Wednesday evening from 68 at -- -- here at all. Art Kyle Graham who is the executive director. Of the CPR a demand charge that who has interest all the questions. He will be there on a panel. -- other experts who offer their opinions and their expertise. On you know first. Where -- the money -- problem where we find -- and just as importantly. What happens if we come up short. And so I would hurt anyone who's. Concerned about the features I'll always have shopping you know to attend because that really is. The biggest issue we -- the master plan there's been a lot of debate about different aspects of it -- -- an -- But all that well and then we can't find the money for the. As always say we're we're talking about something that I have been convinced virtually. Two thirds of model -- -- a brutal -- -- gonna be here we keep getting told all the blood I would argue and that's not true. We need certain amount of money to maintain or I don't think we can mean. Odd. But slow loss and perhaps somewhere along the law and stop and better understand finances well. Where Bob Marshall staff writer covering news coastal issues Portland. A bid to understand you correctly we're we're talking about the overall calls. A fifty billion dollars that's in 2012. Monies are obviously a little bit of work least number ones today. Then you've got the coast protection. Oh associations. It's got 280 million and recurring. Revenue each year then the BP oil spill my jewelry eight to twenty to do it and we have. No idea which will -- be. And if we do -- up the the 22 billion and a 280 million per year. We're world long ways to wave from the fifty billion. For a long do we think we've got financed. In two year term 23510. Well count Graham Lucy Becker director of the CPR and will be -- -- them. Program at oil on Wednesday he says an historic written a couple of months ago. That they feel fairly confident they have the money to stay on schedule. The for another ten year basically. And -- you know between now and then there's -- -- they're really looking for other sources and that's the real. Challenge here in Denver the crisis for the state. They. The computers that scientists the world specified that that the program together. Bring back. If it's implemented on schedule. And -- according to with the best so aren't they have certain it will. That they can certainly. A -- The problem landmarks and some various. As you sir there's no way we can maintain -- -- we have but their projections show that we could actually be gaining more land overall losing. 2060. It's this is implemented. Aren't aren't a lot of that it's there in the important thing here is the schedule because. Of our problems are two sides in Cuba. And so upside never stops. So it. It's here ten years late getting to a partner to -- base and that's below already all the water. Then that will be deeper and wider by the time you get to it which means -- more sentiment more build more money. And so that's that's the issue. So you know the big challenge here is. Between now in the next ten years is looking war. All the sources of funding war as he says in historical -- You know what happens we don't find the money -- what a small coached. And that that has a lot of consequences. It means less this reproduction it certainly means less a storm surge protection. There could be serious consequences. Obviously in some areas in the communities that would have to be moved. So that's big race and that's why on this discussion. Where where we find what you're regal looking -- support. When I knew when you mentioned subside soon if for some of them thought about. Well let's hope we get. Ten years. Ten billion dollars and everything moved on schedule and everything worked his plan. Is going to be electors stories on our new ballroom New Orleans where. Old we've got to maintain that is because it's sinking. Whip to constantly. Put more money into it he -- Bob subside and rates. Of course. That's why it is a little guarded the budget. Mean part of what -- quite -- Peruvian cents or 2060. That's in the debate between sort slurry pipeline and divergence. The the biggest manager diversions is that once they're built. They can continue to build land forever where as the slurry pipeline project which you know credit. Sudden from the river and competent to these corporations and that Bill Clinton and -- votes and struck subsiding. So that you'll come back 101520. Years and to at all over. The other -- solution -- that all bill does not subside when you stop. Recharging their separate -- in the group that built there that's crappy. -- -- -- down that should cute way of mud against that first that rock that it has missed a spot. The -- -- about -- down the crisis in her rock so I estimate continue. Correct and it about reward should never be an adult there's certainly stop the river from reporters and it but. At any rate -- that this is people in the state Mike talked about it speakers you know. The truth there that this does of one and done deal misses. Putting in place. Injuring. Projects that could help maintain this coastline. For. Restricted billions executed up and running. That won't need -- -- probably billions a year to maintain we can say and the prospect of there's it's pretty state based on. The economic and -- were protected. A -- and and it's somebody you're something about. Old oil well oil royalties again helped shoes and play and also the pictures on the certain -- what what's happening. Well that Syria culminates a plan that was so that she was instrumental pushing through. At her. After Katrina along with -- governor Blanco at the time the Gulf of Mexico energy. Security act which will. Finally get Louisiana at a larger proportion. Of the royalties being paid on the on offshore oil and gas and and federal programs. That kicks in are actually in about twenty. Seventeen. And right now. The estimate will actually getting a couple of a couple of billion the year so far but. You know not not much of what happened in the future. But right now like -- 170. -- and -- starting -- seventeen. And actually it could improve. Even more than that after -- on seventeen because. Production has been hired -- what's expected and McCorkel cars are hard. But there's -- the the best news where there's a cap on how much we can get up to when he -- you are. And 2055. The character is lifted. And are here but well 600 -- there -- not to release -- to -- So -- So they're all kinds of ideas so you know once this money is certainly coming in. The state did bonded out we could raise more money that way. You know that's that's all speculation. At this point but certainly that so that's part of the recurring revenue were planning on. -- be the next director. Agreement -- you economic structures. And that were important to the rest of the country. UC any indication that the federal government Toro or governors of all the states and the terms of other state. Recognize that in have in the propensity. To whoever it was more -- So partner on the apparently has spent and what's -- program for example. The government. The reason that -- governor. Governor senator Landrieu and our delegation. Expect through because it meant more money for the article states as well saying it would restore. Which deals with. The Clean Water Act aren't becoming on the import -- Now we're back -- even -- so we're certainly 80% of the -- shoreline and the marketing and whatever settlement -- and that. Anyway so the same thing with the Comesa. Were actually. Pushing that through meant that we're sharing. And some of this -- increase royalty payments with the states even though it almost -- off our coast mostly orange or. Impact dent -- coast. The sports congress that the current political. Make up -- received congresses that this congress that congress does that then. Unable to get much of anything. And overall it should own church and how to -- no interest and spend money on national projects. And he infrastructure projects so it looks pretty damn right now court should you know ten or twelve years. And that could change maybe in five or six years into the political make up Washington check. But that's not an area that we can compromise right now. Problem go to Laguna road second we -- got a plan. Believes in 2012. Money. That says -- word we're gonna the leafs lol and the use of reprieve to a boot museum coastline and from walls with and it's some fifty billion dollar plan -- getting no money little bit more report ten years. We're gonna schedule that if we can make it to 4055. Restore bring in each and putting good money but there. The bottom line is we don't have all the money that we need. Where Bob Marshall where -- -- Real expert at all of the staff writer covering crucial issues for the -- We still losing the the -- football field and our. -- you know are a -- hate that. An analogy. -- next hole. Walks every you know -- of mud and grass from from the -- -- this could be. And it's different in each area I mean it's pretty graphic and people wanna hear it may be -- -- it there. Right you know it's clear tension but let's put it this way epic collapse at the and I saw -- was switched over well the sixty square miles a year. Court smoke that's being lost -- copies -- yeah. We know that this should be written so it's still serious problem still losing a land rapidly we're still subsided. Rapidly. According to know -- we have been higher rates -- subside some ideological landscape. On the planet. So. In the course don't -- rising at saint I'm -- warming so. That is obviously. An issue for survival here in this part of the state. Are certainly most of the communities outside and won't on the coast. And you know even the superb the launch and he won't carry were not. Adapting. Just a sea level it's. We're in big trouble and -- you talked about where I'm from all of the state Paris and my -- they're they're looking in the sort of divided it's trying to get money for. Carbon credits are real rebuilding marsh lands leaving credits now for taking. And I tricked out of the river -- so for them through through wetlands. And of course are working the way here at. Trying to get settlements. Spoke on the Clean Water Act. Penalty which is yeah. The restore back when he and then the other process called that natural our resources damage assessment -- Which is. For too long. Process court process. It's actually underway that could bring in. You know maybe. Even more money to restore act. Eventually so. I think it's important for people to remember once being done right now with the master planned. And I think Carl Graham most in the article that I did but. Interviewed him a couple months ago. It's very -- -- -- he said you know we know that the multiple -- smaller coached him. What will that mean. Fifty billion dollars is not just were rebuilding weapons it's also structural protection. Wannabes and what -- so. We're dependent on this the fifty billion dollars. We define what that well not just the rebuilding what so. And of course. How will we succeed will go a lot -- to every incumbent be prepared him. But insurance company would -- as much as we can attract and keep your. That we can continue within the migration. Good citizens and workers and residents itself. Will it be the linchpin for future. When things don't always worried and wondered. Oil companies have and of hundreds of thousands of files. -- piping all over the wetlands and I would assume that it were -- for sinking -- the pipes. Bull is is there -- or do you see any positive. Connection with the -- companies were we saved them and they say it were in the it's all together and we're gonna find a way to pay for it. By you guys helping us. You're gonna help you lose your selves to that he. -- well were paying our roar of royalties and that quite a bit of money and that's all we think we should. Well that's what. A -- credibility here. The circuit oil and gas. Will go associate with a double order was told me and their answers on this the -- Libya nobody -- -- -- -- -- equipped for the parent or not. So that was I think. And the people at and so we SE always and what protection authority east. So the whole purpose of their lawsuit against southern oil and gas industry and those companies wants to. Find that funding source. For their workers able to master plan. So far. No one from the orange trees -- the say we support increasing excise taxes. But that's certainly one thing that will be discussed. Wednesday night. At our cultural conversation that bill halter are orderly university. Would you have -- to expert on the panel. The note that. You know when when the state looks at its resources and its revenue generating capacity. You have to look at the industries that work here and that's not resources and one of those assets of course there's that money percent of the nation's domestic oil and gas supplies and accused of like arms through our votes. And so -- -- always span that well in summation. Released -- Paper. Repair the damage maybe we should. Increasing excise tax on what's coming into the state and they all gas industry -- passed on to their consumers. So that the initiative be discussed as well that's one -- -- -- of -- in the state legislature to shoot me said -- it didn't believe that it won't ask. Entries should. It would be held. Pick in the -- of the century and they passed a law. Aren't trying to kill losses. But when you screw. 11 -- questions. Ago I could be blunt. When a goal of march I grew up in the swamp so a -- a lot of theory blue column and I -- go out to -- a mall was struck by how much have called and number one how much is this -- And number two the Norman's. Job it's gonna take of just. Minimizing. The launch. And then I think about whether -- medium sized hurricane would do. Scale with ten or optimistic or use -- we're gonna find a way. Acute let's say New Orleans from being threat. It -- cracked I get a lot and I hit it. It off I'm optimistic that it could be done at this point. I'm concerned the coast. The logjam in congress or lack of understanding -- or. Commitment. Congress. Two. Pick this. Issue seriously in the current funding. I think. Are based on what are done reporting. That many describe which could really help. Longer term though I think -- and we'll be right Stewart as well I think the statement begin looking at. Other alternatives that's what national government. Because the other you know the brigade. Hundred pound gorilla sitting on a -- of theirs and so -- to a rising cities. And you know if that's not a dressed. Them. You know when you get beyond the master plan beyond the end of this century certainly long Eric do you admire. I reduction the great -- probably discard or -- You know that. The projected rates she'll realize that it's also there are not a trust. But just so well and -- in there where it's been able burial. Between now and 26 year twenty so and so. I'll let you know ought to stay in their long time in mountain. People aren't really respond until -- literally. People feel the water -- he. Against her over their feet and we saw that after Katrina when people are like really involved in. And understanding the issues and making sure that the levees built properly so -- -- it's hopeless but at this point we're running -- -- quickly. And if we're not we don't get help. Or find the source of funding in the next ten years and I think we know what have a city that's basically surrounded by. Very high. Concrete and steel walls and I don't know what we'll be locked outside of the -- I'll always have pledged to be one or two what to Peru Wednesday. Wednesday evening 68 PR pat Miller hall -- the world campus -- is presenting it also conversation on how to repay the master plan. Carl Graham who is in charge of the master plan project for the state will be there as well but the analyst. It is -- open to the public there will be some refreshments you we'll get a chance to hear. As projections as well as concern from the other panelist in your beer or perhaps questioned so please come join us. Bob always a pleasure that it is an extremely important meeting love to get your back on the year after the meeting to talk about what will. Great event and we your heading up to and bill 11 o'clock. News conference. Announcing the year of retirement. A police chief -- Sherpa. Everything every says to lieutenant Michael Harrison police commander of the seventh district. Will be -- and room. In copd. And injuring four months and months months not years. Bet the police she would be replaced but always through video and strong backing of mayors from whether rumors are her -- quickly discounted. Rooting -- on news article this morning. City Council entries and William. It's adjusted and they load is where broadcast. But at least five members of the cultural -- prepared to terminate serpent. A power boats gold bugs to be partner. But never booked for at. One. Hamburger. So. Well at all that circulating. All of that behind the scenes. Hopefully we're gonna find out why at the resignation boards that crude goes for best. We're just ready to retire errors are being forced out -- and so we're there and looking at to replace him. Obviously I'm going to be bullies but be introducing Poland open rules reviews on and it. Are double the bureau pretty judgment or opinion poll. It'll lead to leave an opening DO police she broke that your best is resigning that good or bad for the NPD. And the city of New Orleans and that the 8% abuse. -- 50% of receives good idea. We're coming back for the good news conference at 11 o'clock stay with.