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8-18-14 11:30am, Garland, Ronal Serpas Retirement

Aug 18, 2014|

NOPD Police Chief Ronal Serpas has retired from office. What does this mean for the NOPD going forward? Lt. Michael Glasser, President of PANO and Donnavan Livaccari, Employee Rep of the Fraternal Order of Police- New Orleans, joins Garland to discuss this and more in the Think Tank.

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Are welcome back if you could just short due to a hearing about it. Please you -- -- fails to announce his retirement that they -- the new business 34 years have been here about. Forty years plus and he has been. Being replaced in the womb while as I think there's that term bugged. The mayor reportedly had possession is 910 so bull which would suggest. And actually if you. Current book could be you or is going to be removed from the Michael Harrison. Police commander in its seventh district. -- -- find out what the rank and file feel about all of that we're called and talking to lieutenant Michael Glaser. President. And lieutenant bookings show good talking -- -- -- -- Well I think it's a good step for the department I think we were in eight critical spot in terms of morale. I think that evidenced by the number of options we have leaving. And the very few -- as -- been able to hire come on board I think it's going to be big step in improving morale and trying to reverse that trend. Give me give me some of these. The true holds on only once hurting morale and why you think it might change. Well there's a lot of things that contribute to and I'll say that the primary issue comes down to always. Income at the very end of the day. Its income what you have to stand in order to provide your family provide. Ford think -- paper -- like everyone else and that's the bottom line. And most cops -- on board knowing they're going to be. And they also know that they believe the ability to supplement their income would not harm would be PD tales and as you probably are aware sure. The consent decree India accused along side and creative problem with those creepy tales. Those things have diminished in number and and the amount of money that. -- -- -- -- An -- out there and battery at -- becomes crucial because the amount in company is simply not that the primary issue. There are a lot of other things that go along with there's a lot of let me and plans and policies. That put in play. That -- pitching like a good idea on the front end but in reality translate them to be ideas and ineffective. And the police could start working as some. For example we've we had the legal indeed. It's an acronym. For computerized model would tell you district commanders we put their role. And sometimes that could hear from the department that they be successful way to cope with it doesn't it ignores the crimes that are happening. And it ignored the input from. He experienced commanders and platoon commanders and change squads supervisors who know the neighborhood in the need to be. And it took power and and a look at the whole area that really didn't eat -- What we didn't exactly we share. As a -- become less effective because it. And that hurts -- So policy or meet with little more mobile one. You'd have thought that. If you commend Oprah recommend Michael in the figure is underway with a video model. I think I'm hoping that that he will at least explore other opportunities. And all the way to -- -- That might be more effective than what we. I mean you know the market analyst at these programs are good programs in -- effective in the environments -- -- -- would develop. But like so many other thing you know sometimes a computer and email good things -- sometimes you know work that well yet and -- You know you have. 25 people out there and you might be able computerized model would you have. For people showing up three people two people throwing the patrol you can't one. In a designated very good computers. You need to respond to that people call to service you can't be in one spot. And that's something like that have to do immediately -- the -- public reacted to -- That had to do. Couldn't agree. -- on. That's you -- Stallone and the right in that crew blitzer. Well. Understand with the content greeted me with a degree a lot of aspect -- ordered the mayor Richard consent decree some of which will not have a great deal impacted dated date work. Others will remain the number one -- pointed out early it's going to be details can be offered -- created income but more portly and it weighed in on this is that interventions. We have an event every week one or some argue are so small. These events are all written by detail that will provide security and they hit an environment that -- Conducive to getting that. The consent decree waited until that was worked out its -- it's clearly. It's been -- its inception it's an upside down in terms of income. And he also used to work. Is being -- No and a highly pleased to -- being not a -- but I think over time will work through that. And can you gays and get that swelling and -- blowing it all our economy that realization that it's not working the way it was designed. I think it can be modified. That it can be made something that is acceptable to the officer and that will go along ways as well. Correction and encouraging higher. All right let me take a break here we're coming right back. But Abiola Garland rub it over with you this is the big celebrity 1053. Effort. -- New Orleans -- go into the Michael Harrison police commanders so they're accurate. It comes. Up there roads are opposed to announce his retirement plans to after. 34 years in business to better get an idea about the break compiled them what their thoughts or -- -- And police she'd been. Machinations behind history and we have lieutenant Michael Glaser. President panel. Michael what are what are your thoughts about. Lieutenant Harrison and hope he becomes a permanent change. Well we're hoping to work we. With the new superintendent and -- we have a lot of hope that he'll be able to -- at least something wrong spot at the ball in the right direction. -- it can happen overnight and a lot of things that you look at. From the position of superintendent oppose that position that your commander going to be the transition. To a lot of things. Get -- organized and we ought to be helpful with him on that and constructive and move forward and try to help the markets are. I've got to tell you over the -- a couple years. Whatever I have police representatives. On city -- -- -- believed and please you -- -- they -- and please in the open in embargo ball always gotten hurt. We're sure everybody's good you little bit more able we're doing OK in the main issues car. And they would -- something other than. A wake up whose story today that talks about a study by the civil service commission. Saying you guys are way behind period in mid size cities. And then talk and news you mentioned they both the former police she -- Serpo. Talked about 500 promotions 5% pay raises. What would what is it do what -- usage word from. Let me just explain it to you this way it goes really complex topic you ought to be brought to justice and in thirty seconds -- In the end you know. We look to say yeah you look at apples and apples. As apple and art -- -- saying goes and strike but that's what you have to do we look at the regional area and we look at. Other comparable size cities around country. We have been behind -- And even in coach to maybe some places. Matter when you go spend it with you Lou for healthcare you lose to tent in and the thing that it deducted base salary again. Now all up at all or competency. That lack of -- Simply need to work more hours they put on -- details were available time. And big need for netstat and it. They've taken to activate police there -- street. A lot of special events in orbit and so what. -- It will make its money and -- -- the public and not on the public. Debts hanging and that problem. And now becoming the problem that we're listening or are there income and income. Simply an. -- -- white panel shall there ought to look at that. And compare. And there are reports pictures we're behind -- higher than it behind it yet behind as he looked sort lieutenant because. -- somewhat percent. Percent behind. The national parent and that's what we need to do in order to retain the option that we have to get you'll come on people. Lieutenant appreciate your time very much younger and courts won't call you on a regular basis is albeit subtle so thank you but the come right back debit bill brigades but he one on the welcome back to give her about a and all will be few former lead you wrong for notes. -- and 11 o'clock news conference with the mayor of this morning. -- -- replaced with -- -- mode -- lieutenant Michael Robertson please -- and seven district. The mayor did say possession is nine tenths of the waltzes and so like Harrison and let something occurs. He may Buren police shoot. Here do over add some. Boots on the ground knowledge we have -- -- -- current. Employer representative. Of fraternal order please your new war on the book can be sure perjured. It. -- good what are your thoughts. Is this a good thing bad thing or two birdies to be seen. You know are the pictures coming ego. Our -- so we worked the results eventually worked for the citizens of the city. And we look forward to a new opportunities such -- to certain situations better and hopefully -- the prospect out of body impetus. Well one of the complaints are heard the whole time you losers and its mirror in this council the consent decree. And the detail work in particular but I don't think I've heard -- in the judges -- council people of the -- Talking about a -- admirable that changes. But no I don't hear that George W the threads talking about changing in the thing. Will their retirement serpent let's make a difference when we come sued detailed in the consent decree. I don't think that that in and of itself was gonna have a direct impact on on the concentric -- forward I think that unfortunately we're in the position where we're gonna have to be able demonstrate that some things just don't work the way they were intended to work -- -- treated -- change. Look like -- when you say things. Don't recollect who weren't -- Well I think that we mutually are primarily the changes studio PP two are also some where they just. That does have worked as planned or and sentry goes. I mean there's other elements of the consent greens which are not very controversial or we are concerned I mean that. Senator only times that police boxes aren't interested in constitutionally policing the civic. They want to protect people's more than that never breached so those issues we. You know we're not opposed to to make insure that -- rights protected. What -- the -- thought about. Michael Harrison. The -- good pollution. Well you might expect now this man in the seventh district for awhile now so he has a good feel what's going on India. With an operation bureau which is which prior to the vast majority of the police department and those guys Mitchell Corwin -- -- -- so hopefully that experience will go a long -- Chu -- You know keep moving forward. All right one what is the one thing final question. Wonder what's one thing you'd think the rank and file would like to -- change now that Serb century. Well I think that we might -- the the manpower situation improved primarily. And I also have to throw. Theory that there epic that would go a long way to did not empower. Crisis. -- also. -- Donovan thank you so much show will be following is sure to Mexico -- David Ludwig called. Telecommute. Doubled up -- common. Oh on him and thought we did. -- hoped and bill -- -- -- general or the and I didn't think -- have the break but we do it all right. All righty. If you hadn't heard we're broke surpassed announced today 11 o'clock that he is retiring. From the police force. Air in the bedroom please you mobile Michael Harrison police -- -- seventh district. The -- says -- wanted to check around and in order neighborhood groups and talked with the people of New Orleans for making a final decision but he did say that possession in the words. Michael Harrison -- in the interim -- Is nine tunes. Percent of the law shall we shall sit there -- -- -- the field -- -- so it is immoral --