WWL>Topics>>8-18-14 2:10pm Scoot: on the resignation of Chief Serpas

8-18-14 2:10pm Scoot: on the resignation of Chief Serpas

Aug 18, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Angela and takes calls on the resignation of NOPD Chief Ronal Serpas.

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Good afternoon a bucket to the -- I'm -- differential this afternoon and know all this week. It was breaking news this morning yeah I was sitting in my my at my table at home. During a little more -- is working on the dispute blog for the show today I was gonna write about Michael brown and what's going on and Ferguson Missouri and everything and involved with with all of that. And I get this text alert. From -- -- UL 87870. They chiefs or pass is retiring. And if you gonna get sick these text alerts like like -- do so many of -- here again you can sign up form it's free we don't charge for text alerts. However you're individual text -- data rates may apply. But you you can get these are breaking stories just like and dislike others do when you may be among the first in your group to get a pretty or am working on the on the blog and realize OK got to change it and write this a blog about chief surpass -- if you sign up for news text alert. Text the word news. -- 77. Textile workers. To wait 7870. Highly touted as the savior of NO PD Ronald surpass is retiring as a police chief of there was police department. There are questions about surpasses leadership in -- police department. And they have continued while the murder rate has gone down chiefs are -- did not appear to have the confidence of his much of -- police department or. A lot of the public did not have confidence in him but a lot of people understand that that is a tough job and it's not just the police chief who can. Who can keep law and order a lot of that falls on the citizens. Even if he was doing the best job under difficult circumstances police chief cannot be effective if there's an environment of distrust and it seems to me that there was sent. Enough distrust. Well all round -- where this. Should not be surprised. To -- took over police department that issues of trust and honesty. And in recent months citizens have witnessed far too many officers. Who have been arrested. And suspended for violating the laws at their sworn to uphold. The growing perception. Overall was -- -- -- strategy in a PD woods was not working. Combine that with the loss of officers to retirement the failure to attract an adequate number of new officers. And the police chief appeared to be in an effective leader too many and to some he was actually an incompetent leader. Many of the problems with NO PD were the result of a culture of corruption something that -- surpass inherited. And that he's been festering for decades and decades. There is spin this expectation that the police chief instantly turn the department around and that's simply not realistic. But what do police chief has had time to affect and change and change is not realize or not changes -- realized that a change in leadership it's almost inevitable. You know I've respected the position to -- was in as you know PDs police chief but I'm not naive to the ongoing concerns about his strategy. Yours is not an easy city to police. We have this this French Quarter Mardi Gras mentality. That is deep rooted in our culture. And that challenges law enforcement. Witnesses -- challenge the law enforcement that law enforcement doesn't face in other cities. -- there's an openness and acceptance for partying and like issue could even see a degree of debauchery. That is becoming acceptable part of our culture. Not criticizing -- in medications departing and the debauchery. Innocent as they may be often that closet in line. Between what is acceptable and what is not acceptable not only for the police but also for citizens. To his credit chiefs are pessimistic -- did tracked down and arrest many perpetrators. And the revolving door of the at the justice system here. Should not reflected a negative way on the police department. And police officers which so often arrest somebody and -- right back out on the street. It's also important to point out that there are countless police officers. Who are following the rules. Risking their lives every day to protect and to serve the citizens and visitors of doors. And any loss of confidence in the police chief should not be visited. On those who have dedicated themselves and their lives. To being police officers with the you know PD. Morale has been -- within the department. And only time will tell whether this is the police chief's fault or whether this is just -- a change in what society will no longer except. There's the consent decree there's so many aspects of this that or complicated that you can't just point at the police chief. Faith and trust in the police chief is crucial every city. We've all witnessed what appears to be ineffective leadership from the police chief in Ferguson Missouri we'll talk more about that coming up in the next hour. And as I brought in a recent bought -- -- if -- dot com the community can really do more than police immediately. In terms of reducing crime by turning over vital information about criminals. And crimes. That are in their neighborhoods. It's impossible to expect the police officers to be everywhere there's a violent altercation. Two people get into an argument somebody wants to -- on a drive by it doesn't matter how many people -- have on the street. How many police officers on the street you you can't possibly expect police officers to be everywhere. A crime this is about to be committed that's just not realistic. -- police officers can't intervene when it comes to the motive the drive so many people to commit crimes. So let's hope there are new police chief understands New Orleans and what needs to be done to steal a more trusting relationship with law enforcement. And also that our new chief wins the confidence of the officers on the force and creates a new desire. For others to become part of the PG. Many of the problems within the you know PD have have been part of this department's culture for a long time. So what's hope that that that that -- change. But a new police chief is not going to solve problems. Italy to senseless crime. Those problems could only be solved by demanding responsible behavior of the citizens of the community. And when I talk about responsible behavior. I'm referring to parenting. To understanding the consequences for negative behavior doing your job as a parent. Doing your job as an individual. If we expect the police department to do its job that we need to accept the responsibility. As citizens. Two Georgia. If you enjoyed our show with the -- this afternoon our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Or seven. And a text ever. Is -- 77. Here's our Debbie WL pretty jacked about the new poll this afternoon in -- PD police chief for a surpassed -- step down is this good or bad for New Orleans. And in a PG. It is your opinion by going to our website to BWO -- carper of we're tracking that at -- would give an update coming up in just a few minutes. And also the -- blog is -- surpasses out as chief of NO PD. But what now. You feel good about this it was the chief unfairly. Blamed for so many things that were not that police chief's ball. Again I think a lot of responsibility for what goes on in our city falls back on on citizens. Do you think this is going to be good positive change to join our show with your reaction to the breaking news this morning that she -- is retiring. Our number is 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And I text states have recently -- -- differential and we'll be right back on debit have you well. President Obama is going to make a statement to the nation concerning Ferguson misery and -- Iraq you're gonna carry that live -- scheduled for 3 o'clock but you know these things don't always happen exactly three. Will I will carry the president's comments and able to talk about it in the next hour good afternoon I Escude in four Angela this week here's our WW a party jaguar opinion poll. And a PD police chief -- surpass has stepped down. Is this good or bad for NO PD in the city of New Orleans. 35% say it's bad 65% say it's good. Give us your opinion by going to our website WW ultimate compliment to your text here just a moment from New Orleans east Linda Euro into the W a good afternoon. -- -- you know. I yelled -- and the heat up and that. Yeah they ought to look. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- People are in the -- air. Light. -- and it happened that he called. L light on Barack and yeah. I noted. I'm in. That. Well aren't -- got up. -- -- -- -- -- -- Linda do you think the city is gonna be better off with this change in this is not to say that he wasn't doing the best job he he could be doing under the circumstances Chris in New Orleans is not. An easy city to police and there have been some problems with the NN OPD for. For for decades giving this is going to be good for the city. I didn't they -- -- -- out because it out. Bad. The he made it it'll be good out there -- And to edit it it. Saying -- well. And I appreciate you listening and thank you take a tactical if you wanna join us with your reaction to the announcement this morning that in a PD police chief -- -- is retiring is as good or bad. What's your first reaction is our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- here -- semi tech's number is 878 cents from every chuck here on WWL. -- student and teacher. You know I mean I don't really know kind of a job needed to be that it's hard to follow things like that what's behind the scenes stuff -- on. When that when that thing came out about what well -- on -- when he first got back whatever it is about the that the page detailed levels situated and his family was involved there and -- So you start here and things like that that is immediately. Loose trust I never did gain it back from I don't know whether or did you know about the guns with it but does. Yeah I mean don't we can't the -- to run the police department in they got a lot of good cops and police department can promote somebody. Punitive. I guess that's another part of this question did would you like to see somebody promoted from within or somebody brought in from outside. I think it's on the best person from within those the system better. Yet getting it here on the right person that open up -- -- -- -- -- -- There are a lot of people who were saying well you know the system is is far from perfect and there have been problems some corrected some -- -- May be somebody from inside is too much a part of the prophecy by somebody inside who is not who has not been part of those things that need to change. Yemen and you know and he would hope there's one person like that if not. Mean -- -- could -- he can't find one person within -- department that doesn't how to do it right where it troubled about the war. Well we were just you know this is a very unique city you know we we we have this French Quarter -- draw partying departure mentality and most of it is in a sit in and and legal but. Sometimes there's a fine line between what's acceptable and what's not acceptable not only for citizens but also for the police. And you know when you go around you know were. When nominee -- these cops. Trying to pick up women on the on the street -- an -- some -- analysts. That now that it isn't that the police department assists idiot screening. But that's just not that this is certainly not indicative of a falls police but there are times when I see. There's some new worlds police officers on Bourbon Street who seem to be more interested in. A franchising with women. Then they are in time policing and and I I'm not a police officers sole line I don't know what they're doing but it appears that. That their -- focusing more on women than they are on the crowd and I see so when the state police are here. And I hate to make this comparison but it's it's what I observed. They seem to be a little bit more stoic as a group. Yeah on -- exceptions but as a group they seemed to be a little more stoic when they're and vigilant on -- street. Well you know like -- got a good went out there I'm sure but. Amount that we did it whoever from the department of good people -- what the hell can't help cents. Talk about Klitschko shows specialist if you're gonna join us raise your reaction to the announcement this morning that in a PD police chief -- a circus is. Retiring leaving the department so there will be a new police chief. What's your reaction to our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a Texan -- -- -- -- -- scoot him for Angela on this Monday afternoon and we'll be right back on W well. The president is going to address the nation at 3 o'clock today on Ferguson Missouri and directly to carry that life here -- WW -- studio for Angela and we'll talk more about that coming up in the next hour. Also there have been some -- this afternoon in Ferguson Missouri the National Guard has been called in to keep the peace. An autopsy show that Michael Brown was not shot in the back but there are still many questions Sanders. Just -- phone video. On his body lying in the street where he was shot and killed and the officer who. Shot and killed him on standing there and and pacing it's just it's a haunting. It's a haunting image of what happened we'll talk more about that coming up in the next hour. -- are getting your reaction to the announcement today that in a PD police chief -- circus is retiring. That's -- divvy up to a pretty gentle people is that good or bad for the city give us your opinion by going to WW real dot com. And get to where your comments in the blogs in just a moment if you wanna join us with third your comments on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- me -- text number is 877 effect we're gonna have to take a break for news here to get to your calls here just a moment -- we do a quick text here. Says so a lot of failed policies come from the mayor. He may say that he wants input from the citizens but it's all show. And nothing will change for the better until a new mayor is elected. Last week four officers resigned and more are leaving to go to Jefferson Parish and Louisiana state police in the next couple of weeks. I screwed for Angela it's 231 coming right back with your calls and more of your tax on VW well. She surpass is resigning and I'm sure a lot of people wonder if he was forced out or not but I did the official word is that he is. He is resigning. That's a tough job I mean it's it's tough taking over and copd which is and many problems in the past and again this is. That the problems with the police department should never be a reflection on the many great individual. -- men and women who are in a PD officers to we're getting your reaction to the police chief are resigning numbers 2601 a seventy. Toll free 8668890. It's every text estates of the -- every from Covington -- -- WW August afternoon. Direction and one question that it's -- you're just mentioned earlier that it. Is it better to go outside of the orbit brings when he won't predict which opposed as a compliment from national. And we can nationally was that really good. Cheaper than he complete my question is kicking can more loans in the search for a long -- four years almost four year. OK does that -- simple benefit retirement. I don't know. To do what it was probably -- shuttle trip before he came back a bit of retirement homes sitting that just pitch and putt and I can get my benefits which. I would like a third it's yeah -- I don't know him personally put -- when I know of him professionally and having had conversations with him on the year. I would like to think he really did want to do the best he could for the city didn't come here to retire. -- -- departing from the outside yet technically they did but he was part of you know peace deal along time ago. Gerri appreciate you bringing that up I mean it's certainly -- the widget the question that needs to be answered. I'm here is a text that reads. Can anybody do their job I wouldn't wanna take it the pros outweigh. The cons outweigh the pros here's a text surpassed his speech. Was that of a defensive apologist. And a PD needs to act upon all of malfeasance not ignored or covered up also criminal acts. On the cause weight on your Adobe WL. I figured -- call your LB I think he forced out. I do believe Matt. There are. -- and herb -- -- and it triggered the drop. That are about it it. Are high here but to bring. Light. Well I was gonna say that's not something that he should be criticized because there are a lot of people who do that in many many different. Areas. -- -- Our. Superintendent. Have eight hours. What are -- Good or bad but. We. -- -- thirty year career at your door job. Market. But that. I think it's important that we go out and out they. They get -- -- -- What. They -- action or state. Law. And marketed -- our public record and discipline or. I better get it or earlier career. Port -- -- and activate it or. May not. But the matter what it's. About. Forty people -- important. Day. -- The leader organization -- acquire. Export the job but quite calm. And -- the -- -- but we're not at all. -- there are going to be well. Art or. Paper. Don't -- It -- -- your problem. So. There's the part we have to -- completely. How hot that -- Despite that would cut -- which -- yet at the first part partly by more. And. And done I totally understand that philosophy appreciate your share and witness if you wanna join us with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Semi -- Amber's -- 7870. Getting your reaction to the announcement this morning -- a PD police chief -- surpass is retiring. Is this good or bad for the city that's -- WWL party general opinion poll. Give your opinion by going to WB you'll -- give an update on that in just a few minutes the scope blog today is titles -- passed out as -- OPD chief. But what's next what we do now. And also in the in the blog there's talk about our responsibility as citizens that we can't blame all the problems on the police chief. Some of it falls on us as a community maybe -- you or me but us as a community. I'm screwed differential or come right back with your comments on topic of you well. Well doctor. And a PD police chief -- surpass is some retiring is this good or bad for the city of New Orleans and for the -- PD. That's a -- and you'll pretty -- opinion poll right now 35% say it's bad 65% say it's good. It was your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com reported back to abort your. -- reaction to surpass his retirement here's attacks -- please remind people to put their headlights on during these downpours. It is amazing to me. That there could be any human being. It would get behind the wheel of a car. And not realize. It when it rains you're supposed to turn your headlights. Not to flash yours but your headlights from Algiers Keith you're going to be to -- -- -- -- -- -- that the problem. What were the wall and jet and and a whole thing with the police she he would get by day. Okay not be out -- go to vote. So that's what bill like. Because any police chief India and immediate and -- like Richard Pennington. Maybe a -- The Who global green from the ranks. But they can't stay -- Because they answer to an account -- -- -- And some cities have police chief is an elected position so -- our police chief be elected or would that make it to political. Well I think they should be elected school because well. In Paris. New ball on the a comfortable order a record yeah and steady wouldn't ignore. The ball. And that they would do it -- counsel them as they get -- New York. Quit and the police chief bill. So probably -- -- Good while police cheat in the same situation there and in the same mourners. Eddie come out there. Which -- panic and he went on in the. These are going to -- the show thanks for listings us from New Orleans JD your into the WL. Hi -- yes I. Am glad that the superintendent and resign. On. -- call it and it you know that at somebody. And you all want and in the but when you have. And limit the portrait I wrote it out at all Alan don't well yeah I know. Bracket and who has a the only situation. Or how well the problem is that it made it -- all week is being an idiot my view and debate on. Laughed at him and do it any of them it don't -- it I. You know out of the -- one being. Six but without the cotton belt that -- -- all the ecological out here. It hit -- that it in my opinion. Single handedly. That he would -- a lot. She locked on me it happened in the go that we need -- somebody else. And the murder rate that the murder rate baby down but the perception is that the the strategy isn't really working and there were a lot of people who did not like the job he was doing. You know JD. A mayor and police chief can only say we're not gonna tolerate this any more something has to be done so many times before -- to fall on deaf ears. Not exactly correct you know the problem -- history you're currently. -- -- in my -- Everything at the wall hoping to pick. Strategy that would work and how it anybody that would not be. And it Eddie House at night and a lot of I did pay a lot -- -- -- totally that they actually -- I'll I'll call out like it. If that part out better now that should not be important to block or not so I hit it out. And eat it all right. Do you think that police department should look for somebody inside or bring in somebody from outside. I'm from outside that community I'm saying thank complete it and it. I'll be checked out there that -- district where it got our Tom I haven't thought the change it to hit a connector Hartley and sure it elevate the -- -- JDM glad to call if you wanna join us with your reaction to police she -- resigning on numbers 2601 a seventy. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. The Texan resort 77 years at Texas Reid said does it make a difference who's in charge you'll never solve the problems of this city being politically correct. And that starts with the mayor on down. I'm studio for Angela will be right back on -- and you'll. Coming up in the next hour we'll talk about what the president has to say to the nation he's gonna speak to the nation about three Clark really carry that live here on WWL. There's been some arrests and Ferguson the president will talk about Ferguson Missouri and also I -- I -- -- for Angela from met every day here into the WL. Great -- -- was out from the -- there that don't like much and are prepared to order to get. Fire truck laughter general lottery there. Help -- trying it in no uncertain yeah obviously you know capable and and their experience. He ran for a little knowledge -- you know he seems he's still a lot to share the net and he's brought so right now my actual. He's I think he sounded well he was in Baton Rouge earlier today because he was on those CNN he was against a CNN talking about Ferguson. -- -- you know it's great -- controller you know you're not important generally you know you know. Did you get considering not hesitate to -- -- -- -- I hope the right person does get consideration and take it. For pearl river -- year on WW real good afternoon. All due to a quick about that early that looked like 67. All require would -- -- all of are all. Well there're there're there are people who are because it's just time spent in certain areas that are able to retire retirement plans or are are different everywhere. Yeah all that all of -- -- -- product. Erica but it really did a good job. -- in position do you ever look at all but -- -- all over. Building and also the great great little ball and old. They get sent to do just that well I look at -- judgments. And the jail and say OK let people -- street commit crimes retreat for. Hurt so well because of the -- and we could go back. -- -- and right. And you know -- it's almost as if the media could stop saying are so and so who was arrested has a long police record because we can already assumed that. State radio I'm going to call. We'll continue this conversation into the next hour the National Guard has been called out to help keep the peace in Ferguson Missouri following the protests that do continue following the shooting. And an eighteen year old. A lot of different -- information coming out so autopsy shows that Michael Brown was not shot in the back however there are still questions how close was he. And here's just now haunting hard to watch phone video. Of his body just lying industry while the police officers are pacing up and down. Now also there had its arrests afternoon the president will speak coming up with free will talk about that coming up in the next hour.