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8-18-14 3:10pm Scoot: on the demonstrations in Ferguson, MO

Aug 18, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Angela and takes calls on the demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri, and covers President Obama's comments on the topic.

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Good afternoon -- studio for Angela today and this week who we are waiting for President Obama to address the nation about Ferguson Missouri. And possibly about Iraq as well there have been some -- this morning or actually this afternoon in Fergus and the National Guard has been called in to help keep the peace. And as far as I know the the the curfew for Ferguson has been lifted. Also an autopsy shows that Michael Brown the eighteen year old who was shot and killed which started all of this unrest in its first and that was not shot from the back. There are those who say that the autopsy says that he was. Shot from. A bit of distance away but we don't know exactly -- the distances and there are still many many questions. There's a report that's. The police officers telling his story but it's my understanding that -- stories being told from a listener who called the radio station. So I don't know if that is firsthand from the police officer. In any event to take a break here world waiting for President Obama to address the nation and after he does that will give you reached a reaction to what the president has to sales of this are we talking about the unrest in Ferguson. So many questions. And few answers and so much to talk about because this is a racial flash point in time. Again. I'm -- differential and will be right back into the -- The -- Ferguson following the shooting of an eighteen year old unarmed black team continues to be a topic of discussion earlier around this country. On the president has cut his vacation short I guess you've overturned his vacation with the president as -- Martha's Vineyard return to the White House and will address the nation shortly. We're waiting for him to reach the podium any moment now we're gonna carry it life right here -- -- bit of -- I'm -- in for Angela today and this week and following the president's. Statements and I guess he may take some questions from the media. -- immediately get your reaction. This on. This. Speech in and this statement will also include some information about Iraq which is another really difficult situation for. Honest to albeit on watching unfold you know most of us can conserving our personal lives and we're we're really distant heartened to -- receipt. Unarmed teen. Who was shot and killed and there's some question about whether or not he deserved it and -- two sides of the story. And you weren't there I was in there so we don't know. But there's. There's a reason to -- trees and the question because of of past behavior. Of police officers and to some degree America. But when we reach beyond their personal lives I guess we're really not surprised. About the reaction to the issue. There's really haunting video like I mean that's the best way can describe it's the way I feel SE haunting video. This is from a and a neighbor cellphone. This nineteen year old woman had just left her parents' house about a month ago. As you just moved into this apartment complex. She is there a month. She's a role for the first time. And here she is taking video of this dead body in the street again we don't know whether or not the police officer was justified. -- autopsy is one has been released today indicates that there wasn't and any real significant signs of a struggle so again we have to wait to see when more information comes out. But this this this idea of this this body if you if you haven't seen the video watcher you would did describe it is haunting if you do see it. His body just lying in the streets of the police officer who shot and killed eighteen girls Michael Brown. Is standing there with you know the police officer. And he's also outpacing. But it. It just didn't seem like a respectable way to handle this. We know that -- autopsy that was ordered by the family and I don't know how prejudice or bias autopsy scan the but this autopsy shows that Tim Brown was shot five times this is the second autopsy despair and on and now there's a demand for a federal. And an autopsy to be done and without getting graphic. I'd guess it's fair to say that to some degree the body use. Compromised. Over. Over these these different these different autopsies. He was. Shot twice in the head and four times on the arm a total of six times it was a shot in the top of the head. That. Was the fatal where's the fatal shot. Also why was he shot in the top of the head. Was he was he bending over was he dialing down was he leaving was he attacking again these are questions we don't know. Now it's my understanding that there's a story out of -- out of the officers -- this story. By. I also referred to -- among the year so I haven't been able to totally investigate this but the story came from. Somebody who is. Who's telling the story for the officer and she called in to radio station to tell the story. Now the unfortunate thing about times like this from both sides. Is people. Often see what they want us. And I've often related this to your -- you're seeing stand and you see what you think is interference call against the saints and it's not called will look like in a -- do you. But if you for the other team you might be objective it's -- you know and ultimately was -- -- Our judgment of what we what we see. Is not always based on fact. It's quite often shaped by. The way we. Do we we. See things because of what we have have dealt with in our lives here's a Texas has quit calling him Mateen. He was an -- 63. 290 parents. I understand that that argument but you know here's somebody who automatically wants to defend the police officer. I don't think either one of these two individuals. Of Michael Brown. With a police officer should be automatically. I defend it and yet there is this perception of what we think happened and much of that is based on our experiences in life. Here's a text it reads he was falling forward after the cop gone off a good shot. Well again we don't know that for sure but that is as part of the speculation. What bothers -- is it that the people in in Ferguson. Are not getting the credits that they deserve. For. Doing the best they can and to to not be part of the violence now that's -- saved some people are part of the violence. But a lot of the violence has erupted in Ferguson has come from the outside. Hi it's it's tough for people who have come in because they wanna be part of that state they wanna. They want to purge and again I can't help but think about. Things that are similar with the movie the purge the one that came out this summer and that's our recent argument -- that I saw. There's a lot of anger in this country and sometimes people looking for opportunity to simply. Can't -- frustration. This is not the waited -- and there are people in Ferguson who were trying to protect the businesses from those who have come from outside to cause a problem. Let's take another break I'm -- differential and if you wanted to and as for the comment on numbers 2601 a seventy. Toll free 86688. -- here recently attacks Amber's late 77. And will come right back with -- we -- waiting for again for President Obama to address that nature we're gonna carry that life on every WL. Real secure WWL and the president is supposed to be approaching through the party -- any moment now. I'm studio for Angela how will hear the president we're gonna carry this life and -- discuss this. It in the White House briefing room only yesterday he flew to Washington for a two day break. From his vacation in Massachusetts. A White House correspondent Peter -- Iran Martha's Vineyard it seems he's focused today on two topics. Right Dan the president updating the nation on the US military air role in Iraq Northern Iraq to be specific. And we'll also hear his first public statement in four days on the situation in Ferguson Missouri he met today with the attorney general holder and other advisors at the White House. Peter Mayer will be hearing more from him of course is our coverage continues we might hear more from the president about federal involvement in investigating the shooting death. A Michael Brown the eighteen year old and Ferguson Missouri. Shot by a policeman nine days ago and Iraq as well here's the president coming up to the podium at the White House not wearing a tie by the way. Earlier today I received an update for my team on two separate issues that I've been following closely. Our ongoing operation in Iraq and the situation and Ferguson -- -- With -- respect to Iraq we continue to see important progress across different parts of our strategy to support the Iraqi Government. And combat the threat from the terrorist group myself. First our military operations are effectively protecting our personnel and facilities in Iraq. Over the last eleven days American airstrikes have stopped the -- events throughout the city of mobile and push back the terrorists. Meanwhile we have urgently provide additional arms and assistance to Iraqi forces. Including Kurdish and Iraqi Security Forces were fighting on the front lines. Today -- our support. Iraqi and Kurdish forces took a major step forward by recapturing the largest -- in Iraq near the city of Mosul. Most of that -- fell under terrorist control earlier this month and his directly tied to our objective of protecting Americans in Iraq. If that dam was breached it could have proven catastrophic with -- that would threaten the lives of thousands of civilians. And endanger our embassy compound. In Baghdad. Iraqi and Kurdish forces took the lead on the ground and performed with courage and determination. So this operation demonstrates that Iraqi and Kurdish forces are capable of working together. And taking the fight to -- If they continue to -- so there will have the strong support. The United States of America. Second we're building an international coalition to address the humanitarian crisis in Northern Iraq. Even as we've worked to help many thousands these CDs escape procedures bouncing jar. Hundreds of thousands of rockets have been displaced -- violence and many more are still at risk. Going forward the United States will work with the Iraqi Government as well as partners like the United Kingdom Canada France Italy and Australia. To get food and water to people in need and to bring -- long term relief to people who have been driven from their homes. -- We will continue to pursue a long term strategy to turn the tide against Neitzel. By supporting the new Iraqi Government and working with key partners in the region and beyond. Over the last week we saw this sort progress as Iraqis named a new prime minister designate. Fighter all body and Iraq's outgoing for a prime minister of Maliki agreed to step down. As peaceful transition of power will mark a major milestone. In Iraq's political development but as I think world where the work is not yet done. Over the next few weeks doctor of body needs to complete work performing in new. Broad based inclusive Iraqi Government. One that developed a national program to address the interests of all Iraqis. Without that progress. Extremists like -- can continue to prey upon Iraq's divisions. -- -- that new government in place Iraqis will be able -- unite the country. Against the threat for myself and there will be able to look forward to increase support. I just from the United States but from other countries in the region and around the world. Let's remember. I suppose as a threat to all Iraqis. And to the entire region. They claim represented -- grievances but based water Sunni men women and children. They claim to oppose foreign forces but they actively recruit foreign fighters to advance their hateful ideology. So of the Iraqi People made reject them and unite to begin to push them out of -- that they've occupied as we're seeing -- also bad. And is gonna take time. There -- many challenges. Ahead. But meanwhile there should be no doubt that the united states military will continue to carry out the limited missions that I populace. Protecting our personnel and facilities in Iraq -- Erbil and Baghdad. And providing humanitarian support as we did on -- syndrome. My administration has consult closely with congress about our strategy in Iraq and we are gonna continue to do so. In the weeks to come because when it comes to the security of our people and our efforts against a terrorist group like I -- we need to be united in our results. I also want to address the situation in Ferguson was our. Earlier this afternoon I spoke with governor Nixon as well senators Roy Blunt and Claire McCaskill. Also met with attorney general Eric Holder. The Justice Department has opened an independent. Federal civil rights investigation into the death of Michael Brown. There on the ground and along with the FBI they are devoting substantial resources to that investigation. The attorney general himself will be traveling to Ferguson on Wednesday to meet. We give the FBI agents and DOJ personnel conducting the federal criminal investigation. And he wolf received an update from them on their progress. You'll also be meeting with other leaders in the community support is so critical to bring about peace and home in Fergus. Ronald Davis the director of the DOJ's office of Community Oriented Policing Services or cops. Is also -- traveling to Ferguson tomorrow to work with police officials on the ground. We've also -- experts from the DOJ's community relations service working in Ferguson says the days after the shooting. To Foster conversations among local stakeholders and reduce tensions among the community. So -- -- close to sing a few words about the tensions there. We have all seen images of protesters and law enforcement in the streets. It's clear that the vast majority of people are peacefully protest. What's also clear is that a small minority. Of individuals are not. Well I understand the passions in the anger. Arise over the death of Michael Brown. Giving in to vent anger by alluding. Or carrying guns. And even attacking the police. Only serves to raise tensions and stir chaos. It undermines. Rather than advancing. Justice. And also be clear that our constitutional rights to speak freely. To assemble and to report in the press must be vigil only safeguard especially in moments like these. There's no excuse for excessive force by police or any action that denies. People the right to protest peacefully. -- nation lost. Citizens who live under them and for the citizens would force them. So to a community and Ferguson that is right we -- -- looking for answers. Let me call once again for -- to six some understanding rather than. Simply. Followed each other. Let's seek repeal. Rather than to warm to each other. As Americans we got to use this moment to seek out our shared humanity. That's been laid bare by this moment. Potential of a young man and the -- of -- The frustrations of a community. The ideals that we hold as one united American family. I've said this before. -- too many communities around the country golf. Of mistrust exists between local residents. And law enforcement. Into many communities. Too many young men of color left behind and seen only as objects of fear. Through initiatives like my brother's keeper I personally committed to changing -- perception. And reality. And already were making. Some significant progress as people of goodwill of all races -- rated -- that but that requires that we build. And not tear down. That requires we listen. And not dish out. That's how we're gonna move forward. Together. But trying to unite each other and understand each other or not. Simply. Divide ourselves from one another. We're gonna have to hold -- to those values. In the days ahead. That's how we bring about justice. And that's how we bring about peace so that I've got to. If you question them or take them a certain Jim -- -- -- here. Here's an advertisement type of discussions. Wondering whether you wonder. You think that to see that effectively going police response in person. And also -- agree with the. Well. I think 100 of the great things about the United States has been. Our ability to maintain a distinction between our military and domestic law enforcement. That helps preserve our civil liberties. That helps ensure that the military is accountable to. Civilian direction. And that has to be preserved. After 9/11. I think understandably a lot of folks saw local communities that work ill equipped for their potential. Catastrophic terrorist attack. And having people in congress. People of goodwill decided we've got to make sure that they get proper equipment to deal with threats that. Historically. When it arrives. In. Local communities. And some of those figures from -- some law enforcement. Didn't have. Radios that they could operate effectively and in the midst of a disaster. Some communities are needed to be prepared if in fact there was a chemical attack and they didn't have. -- -- Having said that I think it's probably useful for us to review. How the funding his. Gone. How local law enforcement has. Used grant dollars let's make sure that. What their what their purchasing. This stuff that they actually -- Because. You know there is a big difference between our military and our local law enforcement and we don't want those lines more that would be contrary to our traditions. And I think that there will be some bipartisan interest in reexamining. Some of those programs -- -- respect to the National Guard I think it's important just remember this was a state activated. National Guard so it's under the charge of the governor this is not something that we initiated. At the federal level. I spoke to Jay Nixon about this expressed. An interest in making sure that if in fact the National Guard is used it is used in a limited an appropriate way. He described the support role that they're going to be providing two local law enforcement. And I'll be watching over the next several days. To assess whether in fact it's helping rather than Henry. Progress and -- Steve Hall bright -- Like mission to Iraq and how long it takes. Well. I have been. -- from the start that. We are not reintroducing. Thousands of US troops back on the ground to engage in combat we're not the Iraqi military were not. Even the Iraqi air force. News. -- -- -- -- The United States armed forces. And Iraq is gonna have to ultimately provide for its own security on the other hand we've got a national security interest. And make sure people are protected camps in making sure that. A savage group. That. Seems. Willing to slaughter. People for no rhyme or reason other than. They have not. Kowtow to them. That a group like that is contained because ultimately can pose a threat to us. So my goal is number one to make sure we've got to. Viable part. And that's why it. We have so. Consistently emphasized the need for. A government formation process that is inclusive that is credible that is legitimate. And that can appeal to Sunnis as well as she is and -- We've made significant progress on that front but we're not there yet and I told my national security team today. And I will say public. That we wanted to continue to communicate to. Politicians of all stripes in Iraq. Don't think that because we have engaged in. Air strikes to protect our people. That now's the time to. What the foot off the gas and return to the same kind of dysfunction. That has so weakened. The country generally. Doctor body has said the right things I was impressed in my conversation with him about his vision for an inclusive government but they've got to get this done. Because. Wolf -- the door. And in order for them to. Be credible with the Iraqi People. They're gonna have to put behind some of the old practices. And actually create. A credible united government. When we see a credible. Iraqi Government. We are then in a position to engage with planning not just with the Iraqi Government but also with -- regional actors and folks beyond the Middle East. So that we can craft the kind of joint strategy. Joint counterterrorism strategy. That I discussed. At West Point. And I discussed. Several years ago to in the national defense college. Our goal is to have effective partners on the ground. And if we have effective partners on the ground. Mission creep is much less likely. Typically what happens it would mission -- is when we start. Deciding that. Were the ones who have to do it all ourselves. And feel bad because of excellence or military that can work for a time we learned that in Iraq. But it's not sustainable. It's not lasting. And so. You know I've I've been very firm about this precisely because. Our role here has to be to be able to build up. Structure not just. In Iraq but regionally. That. Can be maintained. And that is not involving us effectively. Trying to -- Or impose our military will. On a country that is hostile to us. -- -- I don't execute this point I'm prepared to provide. A thick blanket answer to that a lot of it depends on. How effectively the Iraqi Government comes together. I think that you'll see. If in fact that government formation process moves. Rapidly. And credible. That there will be a lot of actors in the region around the world that are prepared to help. And to step up assistants who many of whom may have been reticent over the last several years because. The perception was at least that. Baghdad was not. Being inclusive and that it was going to be self defeating to put more resources into. I think you'll see a lot of folks step up suddenly now Iraq War have. A variety of partners. And would. More folks unified around the effort. I think it's something that can be can be accomplished it it also means that there's the prospect of Sunni tribes. Who are the primary residence of various that I shall now controls. Saying we've got a viable option. And we would rather work we have. Is central government that appears to understand our grievances and has prepared to meet them rather than to. Deal -- There are individuals who we don't seem to have any values beyond death and destruction. I've learned I'm retired the last question from. Somebody who after 41 years. I understand. Has decided to retire. And Compton. Everybody here knows it's not only the consummate professional but. It is also just took a pleasure to get to know. I was proud to be able to. Hug her grand baby recently and I suspect that may have something to do with her decision. But. I just want to to say. Publicly and we're gonna miss you and were very very proud of -- extraordinary career and work that you've done. We -- another stranger around her. I suspect you may get some cases -- Let me ask you this isn't an interesting time in your presidency. And one of the things that you have so and this guy. In the last few months what I hear ourselves is this reach out to Brothers brothers' keeper added to a generation that doesn't feel that hasn't. Sending attorney general who Ferguson is a step has anyone there to have you considered going yourself. You personally do not just the first person but for communities that might also feel that kind of attention and see you well you know -- it. And obviously. We've seen. Events in which there's a big. Gulf between. Community perceptions in law enforcement such perceptions. Around the country this is not something new. It's always tragic whether it involves the death of someone so we don't. I have to be very careful about not pre judging. These events before investigations. Are completed. Because although. These are. -- issues of local jurisdiction. You know that the DOJ works for me and it when they're conducting investigation I've got to make sure that I don't look like I'm. I put my thumb on the scales one way or the other. So it's hard for me. To. Address a specific case. Beyond making sure that. -- -- conducted in any way that isn't transparent. Where there's accountability. Where people can trust the process. Hoping that as a consequence of a fair. And just process. You end up with a fair and just outcome. But as I think -- and in some past occasions. Part of ongoing. Challenge of perfecting our union has involved. Dealing with the communities that feel left behind. Who as a consequence of tragic histories. Often find themselves cells isolated often find themselves. Without hope without. Economic prospects. You have. Young men of color in many communities who are more likely to end up in jail or in the criminal justice system than they are. And a good job -- college. And you know part of my job. That I can do I think without any potential conflicts. Is to get at those root causes. Now. That's a big project. It's one that we've been. Trying to carry out now for. Couple centuries. And we've made extraordinary progress but we have not made enough progress and so the idea behind something like my brother's keeper is can we work -- is. Cities. And communities. And clergy. And parents. And young people themselves. All across the country. The school superintendents. Businesses corporations and can we find models that work. That move. These young men on. On -- better track. Now part of that process is also looking at our criminal justice system. To make sure that. It. Is. Upholding the basic principle of -- is equal before the law. And and one of the things we've looked at during the course of where we can make they're during the course of investigator where we can make a difference. Is that -- pattern for starter. Young African American Hispanic boy is gonna get suspended. From school. At much higher rates than other kids even when -- in elementary school. They tend to have. Much more frequent interactions -- -- criminal justice system at an earlier age. Sentencing. May be different. You know how all trials are conducted may be different. And so. One of the things that we've done is to include. Department of Justice in this conversation. Under the -- my brother's keeper to see where can be. Start. Working with a local communities. To. Inculcate more trust more confidence. In the criminal justice system. And I wanna be I want to be clear about this because sometimes I think there's confusion around these issues and and this dates back for for decades. There are. Young black man the commit crime. And -- and we can we can argue about. Why that happens because. Of the Harvard -- were born into the lack of opportunity or school systems that failed them or what have you but. If they commit a crime. Then they need to be. Prosecutors. Because every community has an interest of public safety. If you wanna -- after American premiere Latino community. Some of the folks who. Our most intent on making sure that. Criminals are dealt where there are people who've been preyed upon by. So this this is not an argument that there isn't real crime out there and that law enforcement doesn't have a difficult job and you know that they. You know they have to be honored and respected for. The danger and and difficulty. Of law enforcement. But what is also true is that given. The history of this country. Where we can make progress in building up more confidence more trust making sure that our criminal justice system. Is. Acutely aware of the possibilities. Disparities in treatment. There are safeguards in place to avoid those disparities. Where. You know training and assistance is provided to. Local law enforcement. Who you know may just need more information. In order to avoid. Potential disparity all those things can make a difference what one of the things I was most proud of when I was in the state legislature back way back when I had no greater and none of you -- -- my name. Was. You know I passed legislation requiring. Videotaping of interrogations and confessions and I passed legislation. Dealing with -- racial profiling in -- And in both cases we worked with local law enforcement and the argument was that you can do a better job. As. A law enforcement official. If you have built up credibility and trust and there are some basic things that can be done. To promote. That kind of trust. And -- -- in in some cases there's just lack of information and and we wanna make sure that we get that information. To law enforcement. So there are things that can be done to improve the situation. But short term obviously right now what we have to do is to. Make sure that the cause of justice and fair administration of the law. Is. Being brought to bear and Ferguson. In order to do that. We've got to make sure that we are able to distinguish between. Peaceful protesters who. May have some legitimate grievances. And may be longstanding grievances. And to those who. Are using. This tragic death as an excuse to engage in criminal behavior and tossing Molotov cocktails or looting stores. And and that is a very small minority of folks and they may not even be residents of Ferguson. But they're damaging because they're not advancing our thank you are much Herbert. President Obama in the White House briefing room walking away from the podium now live coverage from CBS news. Good -- and I stood in for Angela we're not gonna have a lot of time for comments but I'll try to get to as many as we can't. And I if we don't have the chance to talk too much about this a group really vote today will continue this conversation tomorrow because the president -- a lot of interesting things. A lot of people -- just automatically agree with anything the president says. You may have a lot to say abouts the police shooting of the eighteen year old so Michael Brown in Ferguson and also would have the violence that is -- follow that. What we don't talk about today and we'll talk about tomorrow I'll be back for -- tomorrow afternoon. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We are essentially out of time -- studio for Angela today and all this week Tony Tucker will be talking about this tomorrow morning and will continue this conversation tomorrow afternoon. The question is was the shooting death of an eighteen year olds blackmailed justified. Was a police officer attacked. Was he defending himself or was the police officer overreacting because there was a young black male in the street. Many people -- decided exactly what happened without really knowing exactly what happened so. This has become another racial flash point in this country and it's worth talking about. Because we need to understand and the president did a good job of saying this we need to listen. And not shout at each other we need to try to unite and try to understand each other -- you may not agree with the president but it's hard to disagree with. Those comments -- -- something that we should all try to do understand each other. And violence is not the answer. So join us so tomorrow afternoon again I know Tony Tucker we'll be talking about this tomorrow morning with WWL. For Schneier's. I screwed differential wanna thank you mark an art our studio producer and -- Newman our executive producer -- Manassas associate producer have a great afternoon bloody New Orleans.