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8-18-14 4:10pm Bobby and Mike: on Saints-Titans in the preseason

Aug 18, 2014|

Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier talk about the Saints' preseason game last Friday against the Titans.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the first second gets shown. -- 2014. Season might take a while BA there we had these -- slip a casino -- -- not count me. Mississippi couple months he has will be here until 8 o'clock tonight and a lot of putts -- Ellis shoot the NFL all across the board. And -- to be honest with you it was. -- gain when you watch. -- Friday night the 31 when he would be true but while Owens. It was a game which. What impressed me right out of that was so -- -- weak Dolphins line. It really good job protecting the quarterback. In -- last year. -- sets -- issues with more sacks but -- reads inevitable when a black and gold. And we saw what they can -- -- made it don't matter -- pre season practice and whatever he writes that each and every play. And we sought a return to market. You don't come at all the knee injury and you really admitted up on Friday night so I don't want to penalties. Eats at you -- little bits and -- certainly Q do you are you breaking camp. I know you called me wouldn't really excited about what it happened with Jimmy Graham in the notes that sort of thing but overall. This unit with an awful lot of missing pieces. As he put up a lot of points and gotten a lot of pressure on the quarterback. But I think the biggest concern and not get your opinion on it I think right now people's valuable players -- that we put things is Keenan Lewis. Because if you don't feel. Any significant time because of age injuries to Champ Bailey and -- to Patrick Robinson. This football team it really really gonna -- water real quick in my opinion and Louis yet this today's practice. Law. I think right now at the present is the most valuable player missing out on the defense it's not a football. Well and you never have too many cover corners years it is all time. But I think -- ethical BI Keenan Lewis because I -- me right now fairly solid bet these to me he's playing in the profits gained. He's gonna get picked they'll. Not like now when to partner went down they went after Corey white. I think you go out there. The youngster in NC weekly Q and and everyone's pleased me three or four plays he has in the that being Stanley that the Soviets in the C. Who's healthy you could answer the bell. You know -- week one against the Falcons. Yeah and it definitely right now you got the thing is though -- area of concern and you know fans look at it. You know. -- this film. You know the -- -- -- Neitzel angry. -- you know it -- disappointed. About that it was hard to watch you know that he won the game a lot of good -- and this week given team. Pre season and regular season that you don't want those mistakes. You think you're not just gonna go away by themselves. While that we are creatures of habits like I said this before. Oh would've taken away the football. You know if you look at. Right now locked at two games were plus three reminds -- we got five turnovers. Now we can continue to do that because you look at it. And and you have to emphasize that as that's so they -- Saints have always none. Like you think would operate office all week it would next possession on a couple more. Just by taking away the ball you look at the Saints defense. Portugal's -- Cardinals that was the Bulls. Thus they keep it in the pre season I noticed receipt -- but it still got to go back to 2002. A game to get the ball with over a decade that you look at all of us had only five takeaways. In the -- and the Bulls season that twice in the last decade in a lasting years old. If we all know how significant that was to help with noticeable against the Vikings in the NFC championship game at five takeaways have been. A 2012. Home shut out. -- the Buccaneers though when I look at it you got you a ticket that the tail -- we were. A -- team or if we like the Raiders and Jaguars did it before. That Daniel like you kinda Beagle humble -- where completely back trying to have a winning team we're trying to. Get you know that no one overall seed -- -- go back to the bullet to be a champion. And that you can have those kind of performances though with the penalties. Be because all of a sudden you're not gonna get. The possibly 1213 wins though where where right now we -- think beat the bars or is getting double digit. But you have to beat -- to a disciplined team. You gonna get. The 1213 wins but. If you look at it. What it's gonna take that's why he's still in the training camp mode. Now you know state fans look at it we have lost the whole game when you think about it -- -- pre season you gotta go back to 2012. And that was their regular season a final is the Carolina Panthers. In December of 2012. But. It's amazing where we're at right now and expectations. You know who we need -- we need so we need to do because. This -- what we're looking for bigger better things that we ultimately wanna get that championship. And that that's why. If you look at it and it mutually break it down to the percentages. And that's like coach being emphasized is twice. Woody said five win at five takeaways and a nine minute mark in the fourth quarter it would only winning by a touchdown. You you winning by three touchdowns the team to be well in hand. But they kinda -- you get those takeaways. If you see yourself with the flow with the penalties. In that ultimately the penalty yardage. It's gonna cost you. -- that you don't want it to be like all Oliver's done though we're not this but yeah that's why you gotta nipped in the bud. Right now and if you look at it. I mean we have 32 penalties. For 288 yards -- that they it's four times -- we should. We should be about. About eight or nine penalties to gain is that -- 32 penalties. At midnight because are -- breaking it down. And it -- coaches do this that you have nine penalties of more. Nine. -- separate penalties on the board at nine penalties too many penalties. And then also in order to be near a hundred yards we had a -- before you might say well. You know. It will tobacco when it Wie at fourteen. In the first half so that that's -- with a stress that it and not letting it to slide by. Just -- usually goes. Mostly through the penalties that that would have tied. A regular season record. And they if you look at they captain wrote this advertisement you. That if you look at the record. That'll keep record that precedes you look at the Saints franchise record for penalties. In a regular season game with seventeen against the Rams. And it and it 2000 and we all know luck is look at the team and how -- more than either the line then. But that you could not have both the -- to have those kind of games that. -- even think Larry holt wrote that. It could have been -- 2728. To -- decline on him you gotta do is be more disciplined and I ability get a college stricter though again but I say. Okay because the TV people that don't like the game lasted three hours of 45 minutes power but the -- about three hours 53 hours' warning. But if you look at it. It's okay can I get a call all those penalties. What you think they think is take it away you still got twelve penalties that. 02. That that's still want to get past that nine -- that any coach at the end it affects the game. -- -- you look at it Obama and you wouldn't go to break group quickly which you brought up about takeaways last year to think we've been beaten. Think it was he -- -- -- take away you look at Seattle it walk looks when he. You just think about that -- -- proficient offense I mean there -- put up 35 points a game and but with that great equalizer with him was. Take aways and blessed when he beat that's unbelievable would you -- -- but that number are double -- -- ready jaguar opinion poll. What would you prefer it and it got to do. Lower the cost of though for pre season games or go to all eighteen game regular season. And just 23 seasons. Gaines speaking cast your vote at WWL dot com would be back with more second guessed right -- this -- you know to negate them. Welcome back to the second guess show Mike and take your -- -- it's almost like a casino. It's not in Hancock county Mississippi remembered that catch your favorite. Evidently they'll -- -- listen to the podcast anytime. Just like a New York -- definitely -- -- -- -- -- the big podcast button on the right hand corner of our front page we get on our favorite holes on goalie Marc shoals and schedules. Real simple so convenient podcasts on David Villa dot com while Eagles -- the things we're talking about. And will get to the practice field but. No one of the things that that -- look at last year is point now. In Seattle Carolina right efforts is what you lawless. The four best teams in points allowed. And it brings up the point about if you can get if you him even in the plus side most of us when it's all said and done I'm not even talk much when he. Right out and about being on the plus not a spot and six and you can turn those into touchdowns. In those points allow it is neat to meet most critical. Because. Without a doubt the Rob Ryan but tell you that. That part of the game of giving up points and squeeze and teams -- to give it up and it -- -- and are up and downs with that -- yeah I think that is something to watch as we've worked so we get around the early part of the season. Points allowed in a game that's what makes. Seattle such a dangerous football Carolina Carolina baker -- have a great all fits. They got Miller -- all that well what'd you do it's it's salacious yeah I needn't. Wuertz so many -- with -- force you to -- you'll schools even a team as good as your wallet. He forced them a lot of times the Q few schools is that a bit and that's. Now the only thing was. That and it shocked Carolina and nobody did this so we've ever I think people winning in three at the end of the first quarter the superdome that we scored what they went 10 points nobody did that they were shocked -- like that did -- come back. Knew Eddie was structured and actually the of that last drive we camp that was sugar taking care -- -- on the road and at. Charlotte but if you remember you and I were talking about this in the first -- Carolina was getting. Allowed to do a lot of woman in token on saint -- yet yeah yeah I did in college in all of a sudden it's that drink water up blacks started coming out. And basically kind of turned the course of that game they called that much tighter after that but in the first ought to mean Carolina was getting away with a Lotta -- and Duncan down -- on saint receive. Well I think you look at that you bring -- that scoring beat -- -- its amazing last year. How. You know you look at the numbers and let talk about. I'll rushing attack but we want it's horrible we had that you greatest stolen terror. -- the rank sixth. In the NFL. Rushing the football last year's magic number all of the hitless for. Well at the fourth ranked total defense. We will fourth in total sacks. Whoever we talk about all they can get the normal Florida wind it up. I mean our run right there 49. If you look Carolina had sixty to build a bit he's seven the Rams 53. Whip party now -- report and then. Group or at its glory the fifth. If once that besides think -- way to football if we could still. He had that number where we allow in 1990 happily the game with this -- -- you can't help but win double did that we needed to get that -- at double at the 1213 games whatever at least getting a home game in the Delmon. And and not -- always go win on the road but. It's amazing. That would scoring the pit. And how no matter how eighty pitches he might be in other areas that are red they'll beat him there don't that there are down deep yet but. Keep your opponent out in the moment. At this they had -- all the rule changes it can hold your opponent in the team that that's agreed to come. Good news that they LSU fans that -- found out that the clearinghouse cleared from want to balance. Their prized defensive tackles 64 and the pitting when you weigh him anywhere from three and 3250. Pounds. Their top defense attacked whom they got out of Hialeah high school out Florida the clearing house finally gave him you okay. The interim LSU so. It'll be interesting on a team that lost eagle Ferguson what make this. You had a terrific season last year. Ellis a policy that there -- my god bless you had a solid so far. You know what he does better than anything else stops the run and make the tackle. Yet more tackles that he plans to tackle than any other that the tackle is occupy blockers make it up that way. Since Glenn Dorsey 2007. So you can think about all the defensive tackles Michael -- speedy you'll get. That a home from that program and yet he was eagle Ferguson also lose an Anthony Johnson. Amid consistency if you're on if -- get his weight down and I think that's going to be a big YouTube you can't play. Three -- thirty pounds. I mean it just way too big for him. Can he get himself in good enough shape. To be part of a mix at that defensive tackle position you don't know what equipment helmets you hope you come back from the biceps triceps injury. But I'd rank him -- Christian locker poor mostly young pups that you don't know -- made it almost. Johnson the government make a run the football be powerful but I think like I could be a four hour game Ellis who was -- that is more like the radiology hack at it collectively past that it's this they've backed away at the line up right now and I'll give up but he he moment at a date I'll -- open on -- on the -- -- rushes in that game at 61. Forget that that that that's just write about it sixty what are you could -- as many -- eighty yeah he'd ever. Oh but Mike you look at all the -- at the linemen in with the eight that are NFL level we've all talked about that the Bulls Donovan Dominik productive guys how Williams. With the Buffalo Bills. Which goes to show your high you mature as a player you -- they'll be as great as -- guard who has been Ellis knew. Michael rockers the betting NFL live for the Rams. You know the you don't like it that stretches in the middle that they can think. Would you agree with that -- I agree wholeheartedly. That -- that's become the better NFL play out and will be a -- Dorsey seems to be. You got hurt and Eddie's played well with the party it's really not now injured on that particular spot does not think many -- to go along with polio and Philadelphia new. But I'll -- this in the last twelve years. Patrick Peterson is the Bulls Dominique. Player to come out of LSU on the defensive side of football history -- the go over the last well Yucca Patrick Peterson -- -- but you guys now Williams. Yes well I I don't think you could get but it was all what about the -- Matthew what. Currently one season not even open it almost -- season right yeah almost one season and thought he's been. You know a disappointment aware of you picked him that I think right now -- look at over the last dozen years. You most significant got to come from -- you -- go to the NFL and make it impact is you just know what yet Roy Williams is clear cut the number three. Right by it at our embassy college the first time ever met him you know you read -- and that's how Willie. I've yet have bad body. I'll look at at -- in the locker room but he can run. If you could run an offense that I usually don't get the golf match with him to ride you out of good ideas yeah -- good athlete more on the second -- -- go right that it is news breaking on the big 870. -- Welcome activists looking Daschle might think about being bear -- almost look at the scene upbeat side and Hank got pounding Mississippi will be on until 8 o'clock tonight. And go to big John admits that he picked on and huddle with Bob and Mike. And so here we are against him. Yeah I didn't. I've been line and hope you all well and 198 weeks or 22 weeks of talk to each other on Monday that are culminate in February what they Super Bowl victory. You know our talk a little bit about the penalties. -- You know I'm I'm as upset as as maybe some of the others folks who've been. People posting and and comments and you know take away the two Jimmy Graham. Cool follows Wednesday and and factored -- -- to me like that bad officiating crew. It's so -- the pats pack broke window wide receiver to throw throw flags on them on on the the other night. Done like dinner rep you become that last night if you watch the game on television. It almost like this thing cruel. I mean three times within the last minute. I mean they were -- penalties he went to root for you. Well if it saves like right now and you got a legitimate team has listed in penalties that great accomplishment. And -- I don't know the trying to set the told to get the players that the -- When I told Greg I -- not really a little yield it no question. When he comes down -- regular season they would not be called -- all these penalties like they say they will because the networks will say. We got and accept that three hour 45 minute football game. Yeah yeah yeah an interview with -- product out there. One win on the. If I think John. Yeah. Not because if they think they immediately baseball. You'll -- got a new commissioner. They couldn't make the batters -- the -- added but not batters but not like every time so well in the picnic just buckle. They knew that my -- -- look at baseball I'll. Is that the younger generation. That's why they don't like baseball. -- You know we all go to -- -- -- date that you -- -- -- they were the young crowd at a speed of that game and that's I think -- -- -- -- -- that. But the agreement baseball you look at Derek Jeter with the Yankees the great Derek Jeter. I think every game is like -- all day or get back in the batter's box. In the batter's boxes the game. Well look look good football has long go pear trees all as rough and it took me to watch my man listen to pass the ball -- -- I don't. And as much as well -- film and it's a crime that baseball's. The most. You know but walks toward. In this country and cut it to themselves and and keep in mind. Looking at football. You know you can -- CO four -- Good number I mean Richard Sheridan and l.'s defensive back. Were allowed to basically -- or it was like let loose there at I you know I want to you know put clamps down -- and -- swing real weight but it got to swing back when it by by opening Perry. Or hear a lot of people call about. Networks and and in the network executives and so on display prize eats up a little bit -- happens at the plate. You know that's fine -- between wedding. Players like and and keep you know keep the control of the game and one of those and. I got a guy. That I think about it it might. They all can understand. That it needs where it often that the the linemen you -- -- -- the -- to me. -- -- -- made the guys that we've got a call. But if you accidentally. -- we rushed him at the everywhere if you hit the guy in the face. Well let's take it away. As got a penalty. That comedic quality that even at that oh no you can I called it out -- thinking. That the that the back. And jam a receiver and you'll want to be the starter breakaway from you if you'd all like oh that's the penalty if you like go out at the line. -- literally darkness and the like you know it. I agree with you that the saint bill would be canceled race I was thinking about this book because of the same thing with that would they had our program in the happily get picked right now with the idea I mean the players would not be very interest. I -- to watch. -- game and right off the I would be very intrusive of this team tonight is appreciated. Because now it's going to be on national television on police out of my element and the ball here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That panic Y in New York can promise you that. Big John. -- the it was a good buddy of mine -- great all there was popular guy out the Dallas area and he's wrote. A number of books junction boys and one -- you wrote the great book book on Jerry Jones. Yeah he also has just been one man's Albania. And yeah is riding in that book. That Steve Jones had a day that Johnny -- they'll -- call -- I'm in the hands of his -- Because Jerry Jones on his home. Would have taken Johnny -- -- So attempt hit -- a terrific reporter and he's getting this wrong more than likely Jerry himself. That Steve Jones yank the ball are out of his dad's name and they rip with that Morton -- -- got out of it -- Better ethnic economic and competitive and it looked at it but it definitely reality TV. That. I would have been something Disney but again it goes to show and we talked about it talked about the which Jerry that guy to make that decision and if it was up and Jerry you would have taken on against L. That is in the book man they'll -- written by a champion like him. Good brutal month of a long time and a great great all. You think it Theriot takes difficulty on that you think in theory. -- events now you don't have to win like multiples ovals it's not even -- would -- that Dallas. Vegas when I'll one BB it has -- -- the social media did have been light light of Roger Staubach Troy -- -- Think about it if you right now we take it Cowboys and it all happened because these are the cowgirls. Did a 500 team. But whoever gets to that point I'm paying this thing is they go people of -- the -- auto mall unless you look at it it's going to be unbelievable I hoped -- out of -- they'll do as well. -- -- -- It ever want to. Must see TV and there -- Mara and it's made Cleveland relevant yeah as a pro football team again. Jeremy whole album we write that you write up that -- break -- in the -- them. Back here on this second guess you'll hear on the negates that a team like that that you obviously -- -- gonna go to Jeremy enjoy all of these Jeremy. You know how to live -- in my. Was so that I feel all right Jeremy. Cool cool I'd have a -- quandary about the wide receiver corps and on the view of the spectacular performance by number thirteen you know how do you guys Billingsley the last few position and and -- up in the. Okay. I'll say this. The return of -- Morton and the addition of brain -- gives this team so they haven't had the last couple years and that's people that stretch you vertically. Right and I think that even though you don't connect on the you watch on me about football you. At least twice that gained just get that safety out the box so it will rearranged the game. Until market based on that performance along with Brandon cooks more because -- -- any steals. Those four guys. I've made this team at this point what's albeit as being five or you go with six. Knows I don't think they politics goes out the six guys back court payroll in the camp with special needs. Robert Meachem and you know what you can do you. He's that good now -- blocking good one good -- two games or does beat you was averaging almost twenty yards a catch last year Nick Jones had a great camp. Great OT James and hasn't been able to translate that McKinney. That applies to me he's like he's going to be dead solid them before I would that -- that it got between me to know Morgan's bit. -- news he obligates smoke in these kind of ordered it neutral you gotta do -- in a real me. You know B yes that make plays out Joseph Morgan we've seen that before. Three catches a record eight yards. 36 yard average in the -- the pre season game but listen we've seen that in 2012. When games counted -- wanted to -- that I can't catches. 379. Yards. Three touchdowns to -- -- -- market doing before. Lola and we look at big play receivers predicted at the event -- -- tell you today. Now we ineptitude with also in the scheme of -- that this standpoint -- that -- market. Going down the sideline in -- greens the girls -- -- dumb Corey widely. Great pass defense knocked the ball down. -- you don't want. Like Brett -- you have a little more worth it he began winning. We didn't like that but it keep it solid kind of exotic Corey while I was in position that they definitely -- guys -- -- Like this like Corey wider where he's at right now. You got to know don't know you'll see is quiet corner -- in pretty typical -- I didn't -- He's definitely in the top four probably the top three right now and the reason why Derek and nobody's beaten them out. And it is like double got to get somebody else think that's somebody else but they can't beat -- -- And where you're gonna find a cornerback today I mean every teams looking for that -- I think the situation here where. That's special teams guys you steady if you you were really good guy on special teams that they could -- a six spot like court payroll is unbelievable I think the hardest decision may -- what happens at quarterback. Because if you he knew it's gonna be -- Griffin. But you're going to this season with a guy would never taken a snap in an NFL game would at 35 year old quarterback or. Insurance policy and -- now deflated real NFL game and Africa but a linebacker or safety who can help -- on special team yet the guy that to -- -- a big big decision. That's why you know -- you solve all of let it get it all rookies to look not letting out their pocket -- -- wanna do that does make it a -- man roster. That a 53 make it sixty Andy and I think if -- the Pontiac to eat a couple of blind -- even a couple more because it's always like a handful of guys that we we keep. But we can't keep him because that didn't -- Ralston. Well with this initial run at this break you know the big pizza and we'll be back with more the second guess you're right up that is you break on the big 878 whip Jim handles will be back with more second guessed. Right up at 5 o'clock now. There on the --