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8-18-14 5:35pm Bobby & Mike: on Johnny Manziel and the Browns

Aug 18, 2014|

Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier talk with Tom Reed of the Cleveland Plain Dealer about Johnny Manziel's status as a quarterback with the Cleveland Browns.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to the second guess you'll likely that you Bobbie Barrett this -- with the casino -- side in Hancock county Mississippi. He's training camp is back at -- that's about the eligibility into the high here and it's always -- season you know personal breaking news but -- -- -- the pelican sign up now we're definitely -- next alert this text the word or 27870. Message and data rates may apply -- You'll be doing but we've the numbers yet legal grounds for the Cleveland plain dealer and I'll -- so much would join us tonight -- guitar. -- -- -- Has written a story you advance Albania a out. That you beat Jones basically had to rip that aren't out of it that. Argument -- collect -- at Dallas -- Look at what man still has -- you really believe but honestly. Early in the season. It's not a football will be starting it gives you well. Mean I'm gonna say no I'm trying to think they'll be your game that. I keep the lead that they would if they go to see him go forward here I can't believe you -- the first game and get. -- after one game and what he would like the dog fighter except that the more likely scenario. Is it open with Pittsburgh. New Orleans and and -- more than supply and that's probably there were one of the changes that you made there. Know when you look at the Browns and out and outlook on paper and I can enlighten me. I think Joseph -- deadly in the conversation. When you look at the top cornerback is breakdowns though what dusty Gilbert. And obviously Donte Whitner and his leadership are not coming over Cleveland is -- like maybe top to bottom on the back end. I think -- Cleveland hang out with among the best teams in the NFL with that secondary. Yeah holding your first -- it just you -- -- he didn't get in the first game. Because of a groin injuries. He's been buried for the camp. But again he what he -- and Ogilvy -- you know couple aren't -- challenger accident -- see what he can do. But he's been there for a a lot more press coverage this year that. You know -- -- -- -- the other goes with the new rules the way their. Whether constructive -- of the front and backs Wear the gloves during practice that. Get them away from. A play and you guys and you guys know that the -- pointed at the during receive probably. All. I'll off us a break out guy on the Cleveland Browns team and he was good player you're go with. Jordan Cameron I mean he has really stepped up both as a tight end and not having Josh Gordon fought many games or possibly put his season. Hit that guy has really turned into a terrific idea but we rounds. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know I don't expect. I think the problem you can sign before. He started -- so happened but you know there's you know. The field could be a little constricted in the sure without charge or. And that receiving corps is and he's very strong you are important soul you know obviously deeper and bigger than a lot more attention Jordan air. They did a year ago. Well when you look at the pulse of the fans and you look at the blue collar you look at the dog pound it. And all that that they take you approach that I know they educated -- it no football they look at that they look at Brian Hoyer is like. -- -- our youth and -- given an opportunity. Or would they rather have I think the younger generation. Which is they output John -- outside of football and there. It just knuckle for the scapegoat well what what is your take with the fan base and how they look at the quarterback position. Well hope you guys shorten your -- or according to him about that -- or I'd be back. And that you wouldn't seem to hear what it would it almost. Like -- -- -- guys it's almost like Republican Democrat you know your -- you know you're talking point. Everyone knows they're talking points about quarterback. I think a lot of people would like you know and certainly -- or. We will stand here and what they -- in a situation. Is that an agent or would that -- that he can have a quick you know you can have a very short leash. So you aren't -- he then he did you have. That you don't try to take it quite well won last year. But it's -- really difficult situation so much. Fight for a reason though when you got to take it you know it's unfortunate. That most people that the question if. Now when you look at the only okay. And I can remember him as my daughter was let him make now. When you look at it at the podium Alex back and oh yeah Jules hey you know or is that Alex -- as floors. We look the best among the -- scores at their position. Compared holiday in the Philippines on this browns' -- -- speaker of the great question. And I didn't get them the you're right -- got. I mean I think Matt is one that you were repressed that the league at it -- certain conversations. In that frequently do well so I think with the leaders in your guidance and the crowd switching over -- Zone blocking scheme. And they really believe that this is going to be so good for Alex might -- that he's so mobile -- moves so well early. Are they think he can take his game another level saw no match for that reason I don't forget the -- contract structure. He can get out a few years. Right. Don't want to think Sami is back in the running game and I think. We duplicated those bad weather games that'll happen because we definitely. They'll remember it decent but how the running game it -- that's one of the areas that -- spent some money on early round draft choices on. Yes it's that -- at running back position. Is going to be running back by committee there apparently but parents west. Really put up some huge numbers that thousands they come and tell everybody a little bit about his progress as a rookie because it. Who had health and state you lose not -- and a -- boys. You can kind of -- -- The first team up and watered the and with our arch street in -- -- Is there on the line. And last week he played with strictly with the number -- and I mean he could barely -- -- Portland right Ron. And -- -- back when scrimmage. Because they've been -- in union or measles. Biggest issue last week. Which kind of went under the radar which is kind of a salute -- -- out of the triple. With -- -- changes. How many did he -- what. With the first unit -- -- one. -- -- -- relishing a player guy was really dominant player. I'll ordeal you not quite as much as a union ended up being a top pick while the Browns everybody a little synopsis of ballpark Goosen how well he's done is trying to. That your. Partner of the coaching patent and you don't know background. -- -- -- -- you know white. -- Coptic every year the guys that they they want. Thirteen to correct and then when they -- a year ago. How do you really wanted marquis is obviously the Cleveland. What they really like it it it it -- him from day one course are astute in their starter. There and there are more in future obviously rushing the quarterback but also dropping into coverage. Helping out who outweighs so -- CP can kind of elevate his game this year. One of the things like -- -- what you did you will be -- -- -- had about 45 guys. That played better than ever played for. He's he's very good at getting guys in the one on one matchup her up on them. Take it appeared. So Brittany has argued that this unit to get that opportunity to make it now. Tom thanks so much -- -- this. And believe me. The spotlight at a football worlds that are -- -- -- Celek Cleveland and that will be operated Dunston. Yeah. Jordan thanks for me or. I -- from mud covers the Cleveland Browns would leave him. Point -- thanks so much but -- in this we appreciate it more with the second guess you're right it is -- you know the --