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8-18-14 5:10pm Second Guess Show - hour 2

Aug 18, 2014|

Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier talk Saints and get an update on Johnny Manziel from Tom Reed of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back -- -- second guess he'll likely to give Bobby a pair of alive at this outpost of the casino beach side and -- not -- Mississippi couple months he has will be here and feel 8 o'clock tonight -- -- up ready jaguar -- to -- What would you prefer the NFL would you lower the cost of the four pre season games are. Go through -- eight you know regular season game and -- pre season games -- cast your vote. -- EL dot com we got a whole bunch of people hole and also we gonna go with John in hitter John you know huddle with Bobbitt might. Today all right done. Probably gonna do what we -- -- -- doubt he's veered between your plans are and then Angela absolutely. John got the big difference is -- Jimmy Graham not people -- in an Atlantic delay and delay the game. The only good Dallas at -- or overlooked a genius in the NFL. But that signature game on a Thursday night changed everything because it delayed the game. I don't know exactly how many minutes and I didn't basically and he said his own rule and that. Billy Campbell -- quick bang out of it just not Khaleda -- what happened with Jimmy was. You don't you delayed the game in that I spoke to -- -- in offseason but this and one of the things Mike. Said listen all the example -- lay ups and all that they wanted to Betts line hang an article polls isn't good because you can literally. Break your hand all you all arm or -- slam and that's all political apples like a kid but because Jimmy hung onto it and delayed the game. That's why it's a rule today. I think about it the -- you look at the rule out the climate that you can't have a problem. Well the Little League is that the mile an hour on the yeah that in the -- but it might have to use him activity in it -- now what -- -- in the rules and in bits of the you'll celebrate. I mean use them ice partner and being a role in field goal of the -- line. Above mine whose -- it will. Mean may well great. At. You know as long as you would've been on it and not hold on. The opinion that the favorite I I look and yeah -- you're at but terrible. I'm 'cause I'm -- what you don't want is to get a penalty in a regular season game. And change -- He's part of that that I hurt it that I don't all of them as they go wrote. That now okay. He didn't practice that victory Bryant went Pena. Like Corey. You know it and if they are on the line OK at the bottom and yet they look at OK. On the roller yes able we have an opportunity but the old school or in. The team yet. It's that time in etiquette OBL. Right it -- thank you agree. Like basketball player who could now use -- -- all that. That we appreciate your knee. Them. Well. Right -- in the pocket that that -- -- -- are like I'm at in my native practice. -- it was broke it open and it. All of it. Marreese. I hit it program short time. On the night that the trying to stop them we'll let the and -- -- that it is -- acted you know talk. -- you don't mess I didn't get business you know at this stage Emanuel and it's not not hitting some real it help. There when you talk about Brittany -- until Morgan you really Kenny stills has a really good football player to. You'll really getting a lot of help opening up things -- Graham we can -- the equivalent of what it really helps so. More than anything no running game. Because you cannot now -- another -- up on the line of scrimmage you got to play a little bit with the edge to the Saints haven't watched as an. Exactly and I also agree with you know I that the game doesn't make it -- too many penalties that would like the most seem like it though the it was ridiculous with the penalties do well. It at that and -- blow McGhee. It's that obvious penalty. You have to call what you want it to be. That's the urge people it I'll look at the look global world respective. That is look at not world they'll they'll but I think I look at even. We prepared well as being the football rugby. Rugby is continuing. People -- that the nets continued you know opt out there have been all over and it felt like. Like why -- can't always like you know -- Replay of that work on hopefully we utilized that strategy. And all that. But it would you have all these penalties. And he's gonna TV -- Monica Murton and although that that they. Generate. You gotta keep the team boo me. And that's why it would be kind of compare. Look at like football soccer Reno's the world golf world that -- that would just occurred. But -- accord rugby and it's a continuous thing that for not having. They'll have the penalties but I mean it's not. Making the bottom line. -- -- and executive and rightly about the new new -- who'd been. But I got got Cubs and notes that and I'll be there every doing. All the -- the weight -- -- we do in the pregame but it's faith in the Colts will be there like from five to seven right rookie call then tabs on you right. Yep -- cavs don't mean. We'll be back with more the second guess no right of the -- break you know on the big them. Welcome back to the second guess she'll like it that you probably bear witness will close the book casino beach side and Hank practicality. Mississippi -- Bosnia's will be on until 8 o'clock tonight. Don't go to David California -- -- huddle with Bobby Knight. They've got in my back and 2010. At Louisiana senator David -- declared me the number one who would in California. That being -- that you can apply in that town to watch game one and if there's cajun cannon restaurant. But we know it's going to be packed -- happy if I come away from California. And you do -- he needed to see a lot and it's not good food and -- Yet he's out in. If you go from California I'll guarantee you seats against anyone I think we represented -- we now truly international more global. If you still from Australia. Japan England whatever -- we got -- blue -- we get a guarantee you see a problem each door. That we gonna make you work so you go to California. -- pulling me through the yeah yeah yeah exactly that that's a big back on the road trip. That you'll be honored for that effort. -- -- -- -- -- -- This Howell and use the -- and over yeah. -- We. Let it. The way. You know my. Game now. With that -- All my. -- go -- it yet again. -- and how. Did what I can and whatever it is eight million better -- -- He can -- And equipment. Being. You know what you. -- -- At the beginning and they get a coach Monica -- could. Didn't read you know it is all I mean and now that it. Well academic Davis Carol I -- it -- I I love your optimism. And you you know obviously look at that the backup quarterback position. But I Drew Brees goals so goes the -- this year. As far as having a chance repeat that cute -- and that's why we keep the -- to reverence at the end it's the it is Rubel an -- you realize we realize that now what I like. And -- which say that no shenanigans ocean anecdotal and the those shenanigans ally that we -- main half step that Rico pedal to the metal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The way you got a break and at it again on they kind of bring. Re gonna bring this visit right now where waived it and the Falcons I think right now. That I had no we're going to Atlanta and it marked the general. And -- who we need to be extremely disappointed. It's not. Ready to overthrow everything Cole week one we're better. But that's who we shouldn't be because -- go by expectations that potential. -- -- -- C'mon I don't care but John Davidson out Johnny football rule whatever you can't go on Atlanta. And -- -- -- At it you got the Vikings at home we should be green belt that they're always knew we get at it and want to get. His -- right now we get to get out the gate smoking. Green and no and I say that's a key. That's the key is look at the stolen base machine. We get off to a great start we are relevant written though hunt also look at that final number is scheduled to know that's -- I've gotta you gotta get -- -- -- store. That's why around talent you. It's become violently and I got to get my schedule out. We should be undefeated have one loss. Not -- they're gonna win every game and I'll tell you that's how good I think we are where we need to be. Going in after after a bye week and is Carol Brad Nick Folk -- I'll tell you supplant them you know always felt it and -- you know public -- -- verdict on me I thought Sylvia Brad nick looked like Lance sport that does everything. Well I -- Greenbrier and West Virginia. He caught everything. The media would drop that was behind him the outlet pass right grip it drew and his team. Mean he need to kick your practice. It's it was his yesterday. Yet at the knee practiced that saint Matthews art that is that would -- he caught a touchdown. At -- on the practice. What you got to do when the lights are on and and listen at the bottom line is. That it Al's got a joke in. It was always overcast a lot of times the West Virginia and that's the Houston car balance. -- I don't wanna -- he would never make good excuse voters don't like it got in my eyes to look at the ball. No we've seen him is just won't admit that may want to have yet to make those plays. Because I'm telling you. I've been impressed not only obviously talk about it speed you he ran the fastest forty out of any one. Route running ability and holly can't. Ball decent young Steve Smith eroded in my scrapbook and that's exactly who looks like yards after the category bubble -- bit of speed all that is -- -- all over it and I think by if you look at it creates rules leading article ago 170. Plus catches. And you fantasy footballers out there even -- Drew Brees spreads the ball around. I'll be shocked. It it if you don't have at least seventy kicked our backs figure to be like west while Rio 415. Or hundred and whatever. But is it -- bread echoed dog. At least seventy catches. I would be surprised it's a lot of. Those short passes really almost like a long -- yeah. I basically a long and hard -- -- lot thank you so much -- now we'll have a lot -- you know this weekend sure right now it is news break whip Jim -- -- Welcome back to the second guess you'll likely that you Bobbie Barrett this helpless look -- -- -- side in Hancock county Mississippi. It's training camp his back hit veteran asked about the eligibility into the high here and it's always -- season -- the first you know breaking news but despite. LSU the pelican sign up now we're definitely -- next alert this text the word sport to 7870. Message and data rates may apply arena. You'll be doing but -- you covers young people Browns for the Cleveland plain dealer and -- thanks so much would join us tonight IndyCar. -- -- Has written a story you advance Albania a out. That Steve Jones basically at the ripped the heart out of is that. Argument -- -- collect the Dallas Cowboys. Look at what man still has on you really believe but it honestly. Early in the season. They're not a football will be starting against the wall. Mean I'm gonna say no I think it'll be a couple of game that. I keep the lead that they would if they go to see him go forward here I can't believe you -- the first game and get. -- after one game and what he would like the dog fighting. The the more likely scenario. Is that opened with Pittsburgh New Orleans and and -- more than survive and that's probably there were going to be changes that you made there. Know when you look at the Browns and out an outlook on paper and I can enlighten me. I think Joseph -- deadly in the conversation and -- when you look at at the top quarterback -- breakdowns though would just -- Gilbert. And obviously Donte Whitner and his leadership are not coming over Cleveland is -- like maybe top to bottom on the back end. I think -- Cleveland hang out and do it about two best teams in the NFL with that secondary. Yeah holding her first book it just over night he didn't get in the first game. Because of a groin injuries yeah -- of the camp. But again he -- go out and I don't know you mean you know -- couple argued challenger action to see what he can do. But he's been very impressive but a lot more press coverage this year that. And you know the WGC the other goes with the new rules the way there. Whether constructed on the ground offensive backs weren't boxing gloves during practice and it. Yeah -- -- and -- playing -- these guys and you guys know that the -- pointed at the during receive probably. All. I'll off us a break out guy on the Cleveland Browns team and he was good player -- go with. Jordan Cameron I mean he has really stepped up -- as a tight end and not having Josh Gordon's pull up many games or possibly put his season. Hit that guy has really turned into a terrific idea but it -- round. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know I don't expect. I think the problem you can sign with -- -- The people started -- also happened but you know -- you know. That fueled going to be a little constricted in the sure without charge or. I -- that receiving quarters and it is very strong you are important so you know obviously deeper and figure a lot more attention to Jordan air. The that in a year ago. Well when you look at the pulse of the fans and you look at the blue collar you look at the dog pound it. And all that that they take you approach that I know they educated me. They know football they look at that they look at Brian Hoyer is like. -- pieces are you the pattern given an opportunity. Or would they rather have I think the younger generation. Which is they output Jon -- -- on a football and there. It just knuckle for the scapegoat well what what is your take with the fan base and how they look at the quarterback position. Our local you guys chart I'm sure I didn't recorded. About that -- or I'd be back. That you wouldn't seem -- -- it would it almost. Like all of the guys it's almost like Republican Democrat you know your -- you know you're talking points. Everyone knows that talking point about quarterback. I think a lot of people would like an -- and certainly -- or. We will stand here and they aren't a situation. Is that an agent or would that -- that he can have a quick you know you can have a very short leash. So yeah of course -- -- than he did you that you don't try to take you did quite well won last year. But it's a really difficult situation so much. Hype around him though when you got to take it you know it but he questioned -- most people that the question if. Now when you look at -- -- okay. And I can remember him as -- -- -- -- a little -- -- -- now. When you look at -- at the podium Alex -- and -- yeah -- hey you -- or is that Alex -- -- floors. We look the best among the -- scores at their position. Compared holiday in the Philippines on this browns' roster. Quality kicker to the great question. And I didn't get them the you're right you guys. I mean I think Matt is one that you were repressed that the league at it -- certain conversations. In that three poorly do well so I think we're going to be in your garden and the crowd switching over -- Zone blocking scheme. And they really believe that this is going to be so good for Aleks Maric beat and he's so mobile he moves so utterly. Are -- think he could take his game another level saw though Mac for that reason and don't forget the -- contract is structured he can get out a few years. That's right. Don't want to think Sami is back in the running game and I think. We you can -- handles that with -- game -- happening and we certainly don't remember it decent but how the running game it -- that's what are the areas that there's -- some money on early round draft choices on. Yes it's in that mix at running back position. Is going to be running back by committee there apparently but parents west. Really put up some huge numbers that thousands they come and tell everybody a little bit about his progress as a rookie because it. Who had health and state you lose not a Amanda both boys. You can kind of the one problem the first -- -- but Leinart the and with our history there -- -- they're -- on the line. And last week he played with strictly with the number twos and I mean he could -- all. Portland right Ron. And -- -- back when scrimmage because they've been born in union or in the infield. Biggest issue last week. Which kind of went under the radar which is kind of a salute -- thoughts on the triple. With -- westerners changes. How many did he -- what. With the the first you know -- one. -- -- -- Oklahoma LSU player guy was really dominant player. I'll ordeal -- not what -- what does it union ended up being a top pick while the Browns everybody a little synopsis of ballpark Goosen how well he's done is frank. That your. Partner of the coaching patent and you don't know background. -- -- -- -- you know white. -- Coptic every year the guys that they they'd want. Thirteen to two and then when they all year ago. How do you really wanted our key is obviously the Cleveland. What -- really like it it it it made him from day one course are astute in their starter. There and there are more than -- -- obviously I'm rushing the quarterback but also dropping into coverage. Helping out who -- so. Double CP can kind of elevate his game this year one of the things like cut -- what you did you will be last year Butler had about 45 guys. That played better than -- played for. -- he's very good at getting guys in the one on one matchup her up on them. Take it -- so maybe because argue that this unit to get that opportunity to make it now. Tom thanks so much vocal abilities and and believe me. The spotlight at a football worlds that are beyond -- -- Celek Cleveland and that will be operated Dunston. Yeah. Or thanks for a mere -- I -- from mud covers the Cleveland Browns would leave him. Point -- thanks so much -- -- in this we appreciate it more with the second guess you're right it is very you know -- negates. Lot of activist that you get killed my opinion Bobby -- we -- the single most of them were casino beats in not coming Mississippi. Topic it was some of the highlights of the practice session today. The but -- go look cover Robinson. Had a one yard run at least he got on the outside this week I play. I don't know with -- Robinson back to turn it -- a touchdown long touchdown run. He has that kind of ability. Not for public interest in their work and a special teams includes pre pays attention. The -- that the tail when you look at it it was a free kick it would Afrique what I mean by that. Is this the end of the Seymour are you wanted to situationally -- really long. Field goal you Barrett catch the ball. And then all of a sudden. You get a free kick in the paint trying to block. Now is thinking about that -- cake. And the genachowski when he was younger I'd seen him in pre game warm up with the Raiders. Make it from seventy yards but that you would do Graham yet it -- with their rent what you do it today it's almost like you make the bearcats. Bills that you won a pre -- you're trying to make a very long. Field goal -- that that they can not you know attempt to block it's that they worked in that aspect of the game Robert Meachem we haven't executed name. In a while often on a breezy and -- a fifty yard touchdown. And that that was very encouraged and also -- Like get out this aspect of -- The defense didn't even if the backs. As far as the you know coach the grip getting on them not gonna make a play on the ball but -- -- -- -- Will Brian Dixon the break on the ball quite hard about the looks like he should -- interception. So coach McGrath says OK we can do look down it's down like old school. Punishment form as far as calling. You know up and down now but look at that. What occurred in now what happened in the two minute offense. India emphasized that towards the back in. That out Drew Brees. To Jimmy Graham back combination. His fourth straight completions Moffitt got off to a great start. But pin but don't break that the -- get them audience on the hadn't scored touchdowns. It's Jimmy Graham wartime and also -- big -- the Iran outstanding on the screen play and I'm Mark Ingram. Had a thirty yard gain earlier priceless Brinkley or right now not so fast with a one yard gain but then. All of a sudden. If you look at what occurred at the back in there trying to get an -- long Corey light great coverage. With Karl actually sacked. Drew Brees and you need to -- -- so we think about that you -- look -- -- -- and on the back end. Visit Ben Watson was utilized like Jimmy Graham. But it's -- he also of blew up. A screenplay. But did right group and also got sacked. The -- glory -- and -- -- Dawson. I think guy who's kind of a group -- but I think those 55. So back to back sacks -- compete -- one to two minute drill team golf it's not the end they'll. A lot more here on the second guess you're right up this break here on -- piece of closing in up here all our number two of the second guess -- an item with drew me to be talking to. The Orlando Ledbetter who covers the Atlanta Falcons but Atlanta journal constitution. Mean you can Sam Baker put his season.