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8-18-14 6:10pm Second Guess Show - hour 3

Aug 18, 2014|

Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier talk Saints and get the latest on the Atlanta Falcons from D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well affected us I guess you like to thank you Bobby Hebert and out of the syllables with the casino -- side in. Thank Scott county Mississippi vomit now be on it till 8 o'clock that night up and Ellis news night's NFL all across the board. Good -- relish Tuesday the clearinghouse. Cleared start -- -- -- tackle on the album and so. You know man six or what regard if you now from Ilie and guys who. On in Miami. Is going to be on the elephant roster rules the -- it now if you beat you with civility holds up. He's now and hope we get his weight down. Each and every 6 o'clock hour which dog not missed the Dave hill putt from the Silva -- but hey thanks so much -- -- and. Oh man great -- great for the yeah -- could be a real team to be back here on Monday night David you know Hawkins like you know with all things on it everybody in yourself that everybody it's like I don't think -- -- -- -- -- would be an in -- the lament the most Eagles look pretty well I don't know. Spirit squad. But yeah you two days before I was born here tonight I did that their car broke down. A -- follow but it it's -- at -- back at this is our eighth season since 2007. We've been here aptly -- great got a lot of good things going on the slipper. We're gonna start he would put all the football we do or not only now on Monday night's loss to get a normal Thursday night to -- the football or down here every Monday. And Thursday for the regulation medical needs Orton now. Ellis about them and in a payment that you know that you don't apple open next few weeks. Well first off we'll have the -- big screen down for all the all the big games on Thursday night we'll have the big screen down for the Thursday night game course money is well. -- we can't we have -- that the best thing in the area on our. Order stage or at the -- -- four out here. And that would get you great weekend the last week of August. We have album Fats Domino this coming August when -- -- third with his tribute. The Fats Domino and the last weekend in August. -- secrets in his Rocco Mediate in his tribute to Jerry Lee Lewis but the great thing come on out here on that August the thirtieth that's that and given away yeah. Four pick up truck but that's it's. Great to be here a lot of other good thing going on at Bristol -- a just as their that the new apt we have an -- for yourself and they'll tell us. They were you out dominant rounds already got Albers got it right that you can get and the -- the war or you Google play but there's over the for happ is now out you can learn about. All the great upcoming events restaurants -- times if the. Of talking to John last week with doing that talk in Slidell and he was telling me on the season though the all of the hotel is look at the labor to rubio around in march of next year. It's a little longer it made more than that first for the foundation and it should go real quick right after that. Just about a 150 -- right there on the war are overlooking their premier. You're you beach blanket you to write your step in the right over the seeing him. Well Michael we wouldn't be playing the cellar again it's memories like I if I can you don't dad brother and Agassi and with Dave this is what makes it's those questions coach here -- tradition. -- this over a sliver of whatever we start to -- we know full. All season is here. I mean it is here. You know we've because we always like winners and the Saints and LSU are winners. And on the local business it is they -- how well lately they've got a shot him know that I irons shots Biden is they hate gay. Were you look at the locals in the pit lane opening up again. I think he's been Louisiana you well -- yeah it would more putts it's done there and Ron Roberts would unbelievable job he's done it's southeast of you know what I just thinking about it and we had a golden age certainly Ellis you Saints football. But what does concern is out west and -- Lafayette at southeastern Louisiana. With a lot of Ole miss Mississippi State they you talk about in one shot at that type talent and those type teams. You know what in my lifetime -- raw milk book that sort of situation. Well we'll get all the teams that are relevant you know you'll have a chance of fighting chance in the being in the hunt but. They would be it's all I'm so excited. Now only that its eighth season. We you'll end of it made you appreciate this. We go to pre game show. But Ellis who was confident in Houston Texas by proper life stadium. They got this -- -- all the -- and sports book called the big big we're drove. And if you got -- LSU you've got to go and now this isn't the x.s. And it's so it's though Ellison dominant that next -- Belichick you have to leave so we could have pre game. Andy going -- -- kick off the season -- get any better than that now I mean ecology and all of a sudden it's a -- at the Atlanta. Noah is on an all star right here. Tonight -- it was slippery nationally televised game. Comes Saturday night at I can't think it's old goats out yet it's unbelievable. Knuckleball is here and how exciting is going to be a. Lists the Bob but I previous last week would tell him that man look that we Wisconsin's field and elections field full teams of the offensive line running game. That he'll overdone that this hasn't delivered a moment is 61 on the money carries hole. Football team and you pick up well. LSU I've never seen this kind of collection of all you don't -- -- does not -- old. Puck out and a lot of which you wanna call top. Linemen that it won't be NFL right not all these guys Louisiana kids you know it's crazy over the last two years. -- wheezing and ice rinks -- -- eleven. Linemen that are in the offensive linemen the odd double that never that never happened before. And look at the spirit that Belichick is the offensive line running game and -- is Wisconsin known book. Offensive line and opened Gordon mean this is my opinion on Melvin had come out. In April all OC and -- symbol for the draft you would have been a first round pick in make. That's how good of a running back -- Gordon is used -- desperate Ellis you put men or both these teams -- got to pound the rock and Bobby said it best pick on the on the monitor on. This game's going to be because there in that -- that a swing real fans. Yeah thank you you know for our game might be close the trio yet but you know what isn't this the type game that -- -- war. Well yes at that that that's the kind of game and I don't know the answer that Q well that's etiquette coach miles credit when you look. I'll agreement wouldn't doubt that that will put on market. And you look at how they played football you know why. Takeaways. We'll look -- -- he did. All of a sudden -- how he influenced the game so it's still that you -- win in the trenches with you still gotta win that there over Ottawa Alston. You know it's crazy about it it in a lot of times you get info from upperclassmen that LSU. I've not heard this a lot of the latest and while we brought up when he about it but what one guy who's getting rave reviews through -- laps. Think he from the fact that they're you went by comparison watching him and ice with he looked like a young people -- -- all of telling you to pop every upperclassmen. When you asked who was the most impressive freshman out there. And Angel ball out of scheme walked it off it's okay if you got that type talent and he's possible that he could also return punts relish you. You bring him in that it -- island Burnett valet guy to three -- -- -- got a rear end Brandon Harris and what Michael Vick who will be the starter on this football team this is the transition year. What will happen next to where I think knowledge you can play for a national champion. Well at that thing is you got to speculate about LSU because he can't won already holds it over the UK I didn't even if you watched it go. -- a certain -- tackle yeah quarterback. Wide receiver. They're not still he's still the middle I'm not a lot but -- -- say that you Keller right is all of us that -- don't hide you don't look coach miles said. You know let that part at all he you know. Along with his role run it was very -- So what is that. That being good at what about it and yeah that's the part about what do I -- that they get it's that. Again he had a 112 yard run. You know like put the ball. But you don't have to just let that they'll blow everybody's while it would be talking about but one thing -- -- witness. Professional football you witnessed at practice. And you -- -- with the putting McKinney account. If -- apparel. Is not. Not only Pro Bowl but all pro safety that now would be shocked if he stays healthy he is that dominant of a team leader. And a playmaker. He goes down. He's a young Rodney Harrison and very similar height Julio -- -- across what -- wrongly it bruised body. But Rodney Harrison in stickers -- -- always kind of been nicked up but I did you think out of almost a cross. I think on the back at -- and -- -- old school guys and you'd think Tommy buyers. You think if Sammy Knight all the playmaker so when I played yet. I mean Jean jackets in yet Britain actually. Not Jean -- his son. It's a lot better known and you know with the bagels but you look at the back -- No it could be kidding Eric Carroll the sky's the limit the best ever. The good -- look at his skills that Sammy I can make plays and a ball that's that the Carroll have to do does that mean I could not cover in this life. A lot like -- -- and. Hope you know it's been -- -- have not had a strong safety that could do that at that element and my thing about it is. Dave I know you do the same way and a guy who brings it every yeah I don't care at practice. Pre season mean he was back in Gaza romp in the second pre season game. Both ankles and so you've -- a certain intensity that he doesn't let up. You know what ally and everything in its. It follows the chain of command like everybody can't beat out the dog. In practice. Is that. Ozzie can have a Carroll and it been like effort they want to get Jimmy Graham states which you -- handle the back in comparison. And and I'm not seen that done that against him regret value might -- well for about what happened against the keep that lead army navy. This deal dollar bill is Kinney -- -- Brings it and part of me Jimmy Graham better. But I know I at times this kind of suspect I'll grant that he -- they practice. Against you -- not a hell of coach Peyton. -- -- with a coach that talent you know to get opportunities grill McKinney the Carroll. All on bill is that at the top output -- And when I see what occurs in practice. They tell everybody some of the things that. -- it up here at -- -- -- -- -- what they we just got I'm a big guy -- -- are the beep -- yet newspaper and Alabama the Alabama dot com what would -- -- they've recently I had a survey about the best buffets and and I came down from the newspaper actually -- -- afraid selected as the as the best casino -- All the mystical but for the second time that we've won a best -- -- -- out with so. You got it that's -- you have been -- yeah I was here. We shoot you know it's been absolutely you on -- -- -- like we are you don't receive food and Lee. And I can't get better in this that you got this -- that -- -- absolutely and but you would have to get a kick out your new restaurant matter gas gas if you wanna cup -- we're starting that way. Then you know -- -- -- that message hey you guys on the other -- you all know we need to be there to do the Saints away three gains. To be their starting with a -- this Saturday from five to seven. In the kick off this season. We got away gains in a row at Atlanta at Cleveland. Will be there to four to kick off prior to the kick off. So come out and on is that the kicking game right you know better. And be a lot of fun. -- done -- so far so good. You know whenever you get involved and you pitch earned you wanted to succeed. -- got to give credit in my life to do. Without her I would -- -- in his -- -- -- -- better without them and would this not let anything would have gone in the right direction. Except for those individuals and in mile wide there's that policy great market what it would be what it to me. Try to covered his thing. And Bryant almost gets spread so thin and that's why ovaries are happy he was the way you know yeah. He came up their vote lead which. He did it July. Greens are a pick up the glove there weren't a belt this health spas in the country. Night got to -- part. But but it is unbelievable. I mean even at via the resources. It got it appointee if you -- face that whatever they got doctors they got everything is kind of like a look at the version. A -- rich. You know I've I've been canyon ranch Tucson. And then you don't different areas that helps -- Austin. Boston Miami well the green -- is on that level. Well you would not be disappointed don't think is it might need -- most expensive bowling -- ever been. Yeah they like clear how much did it cost the ball. And hit the hole the only thing you know it was raining outside so let's go bulletin got to blowing out there resort. But I do what the devote to -- athletic on. I think -- -- a little nip and tuck and hey if they thought they really appreciate everyone and thank -- and and John and everybody get this it was -- but man it's great to be back. On another season come on down the so we'll slip up. -- back with more second guessed right up to break you know on the big 87. Welcome back to the thinking -- you might be to your body there were alive he would still most look at seem upbeat side in Hancock county miss that we wanted to deliver body. That out there at 630 we will have. Orlando Ledbetter tomato on a football team has been snake bit with injuries the Atlanta Falcons in the best defensive player in the offseason Sean Weatherspoon. And in this past weekend that loses starting left tackles Sam Baker. Think blame him opening game of the season so we're gonna find that little bit about is that the tell but a snake bit football team you know once you got hurt -- hurt. Made -- huge losses what the Atlanta Falcons. Weatherspoon -- for the season Sam Baker this past Saturday -- have a lot more here on this taking -- show. Right at this news break we have missed that Jim -- Lot of activists I guess you'll like it to you Bobby bare alive here at the doubles look -- he -- in Hancock county. Mississippi. We talked about looked it was still waiting in touch with that the Orlando Ledbetter all -- who covers the Atlanta opted for the Atlanta journal constitution. Certainly go big loss for him in losing a starting left tackle Sam Baker of what. Gals had some injury problems but during his career not only with the top with but also -- University of Southern California. Involved laws. Back to back huge losses for the top Sean -- in the offseason war you use their best defensive player. And now you Hughes morning left school in Sam Baker you can switch Matthews over to the left side. And man you know -- bomb that -- -- This this isn't a real good start. -- really -- -- would be a season where man -- but everybody's on the hot seat. It's there and with. This -- the way they are Carolinas the Mets is cool because lit if you can't protect Matt Bryant and they're running game is not good at all. Well the thing is I don't want them to find any answers. Especially to start the season that's -- first game. So you know you wanna have a question -- more -- And and I think it all starts of for a living in -- be interested to see it's must see TV. And could not believe. When you look at it. That he was might panicking. That being Mike Schmidt you know it's hard not that HBO. And those of Barry humiliating. You to -- -- -- pre season a humiliating loss. Column you could do really anything right. And you weren't winning and -- it -- any battles. So. I'll be interested at -- he just was gonna occur. To watch that performance that still it is pre season but I still think. You know you have to sit at home and get ready for her regular season when you look at it to be whenever a coach just the city. That we gonna be a tough team. You know we're not gonna back down and go on a real -- -- -- -- to see that. At the heat if you with the right players. You don't have the talent to be tough that has the best is gonna happen. So when you got to challenge them that you can't get pushed around. There's I think there's always QB question. More of one if they've lost the connection there with Mike Smith in that football team. And it doesn't mean he is not a real solid job there with the Falcons it it never had a coach that back the back I riots back to back winning seasons. And yet it all horses looks as though that football team has come at him now. You know -- of success you go to the NFC championship game removes it. -- -- -- And then. Since did a rash of injuries and it's almost as though they had just learned that not include him all. Well I mean. If you look at it and start and I hit the panic button it's it and expectation -- a lot like Houston Texas last year. Is like they put all their chips they were all in it was a -- plus. And it the -- both cities it was a big plus it wasn't like well winning quite yet there you tell you face. That being used to that as an outlet and I don't think. If that is what happened last year that's. Look at Houston where they can view what's gonna happen with the quarterback -- I think you have a -- witty quarterback in Matt Ryan. When you look at all the that line a question mark they have there. Listen so all you have when you don't put -- this morning and you Ed Kelly got to you know be disruptive. And and you know getting Matt -- -- I think you sportsman of mistakes. But no ought to play. He's look at that you know we kind of -- of so I think that one HBO all look at the beginning. And Hammond. Mike Tice. That. You'll but the like go to another -- we got a New York. You know kind of thing. I mean this is the week with just enough to rattle off a little bit yeah he did not do well and respond not yet because the Nuggets you've seen film. In all that but this day and and I bill might. His brother was my roommate. For eight years with the saint. So. I go to -- -- that building it. Long Island strong island kind of background that. That at the bottom line is individually I think you have to challenge yourself that's towards winning that battle. And -- authorities are questioning your team stuff this. I mean that that the heat. The bottom line is that active. All of those toughness. Our -- I can go to do all this. We had a quarterback who probably have Florida greatest arms in NFL history a lot like a Jay Cutler with the Bears -- jarred. And wanna be the coach would love to help them to be a better quarterback hang in the pocket. It -- though is not coach June as a junior K coach current until that. Its upset of a -- go -- to hang in there and hit -- there no matter what you calendar and I really challenged him. So the thing is -- UK coach stuff. That as the government within are you gonna pick somebody up a bit not enough. And that that that that that that the ground work are ready has been made. Now you -- -- our our you can talk all you want but that at the government did it feel like. Friends like you try to -- of bodies more. You know yeah you all are what you can get a little bit more yet -- are all about somebody getting really Smart. You -- your little recovered opinion immaculate. A -- -- and make Ricky Jackson tougher to know he was born that way. I mean ethical spectacle hole peaking at -- And -- city chant I mean didn't out of our courts are I was telling him in the vehicle tomorrow -- -- -- -- get a get a prevailed -- -- slant. You know they know -- -- -- being that he -- -- those kind of things that those intangibles. That -- from. Hi you'll raise -- what you inherit you can you can take those who think you can coach it to be the right position. We UK coach toughness scapegoats Langer Bob. I think the one thing that shall be brought to the table you -- out last year he brought -- who grit of the Mike Leo wanted. Which a lot of it had to do with smarts. And toughness. And it was not swayed from that sort of you windy -- people audience -- creates its. This and that's his greatest everybody says about his innovative as an offense support him which really he's a unique guy net but the other thing is. His ability to spot the I've never had a head coach -- spot the talent like what Sean Payton. And their leader through reasonably today I don't know Drew -- is 66. Feet -- his cleats on. But I tell you that that of a gun on himself to be as he's tough. Exactly he went coats that I don't know I don't know Hollywood -- and all that I -- family background but I -- leads off. I -- any given up to both of those like getting well in some kind of body that backing down. I'm not this ball well. Public money mom and dad got because if you -- -- up on the pick on him in sell you might say you know he's got a ball if you would that's so ability. No it's not a prima Donna Kelley equivalent and he's a competitive though is that. He's got read that it's over we're going to don't act like he's made. It was. Yet you run you don't like he could tell that I can when he's on the field yeah -- -- -- on the second guess you know right up there -- -- on the big 87. Welcome back to the second guess you'll likely see a copy bailout itself will slow the casino. Beat side in Hancock county Mississippi. -- an -- talking about the Falcons and certainly in the NFC south. When you look at teams that stacked up here and out just how close it woke -- between Carolina New Orleans last year. Well when four Carolina team eleven and five you Wallace that he did Atlanta. -- example both with a more win more. Then I'll watch some of that Tampa Bay game Bob I'll be honest with their offensive line. Who could have Roy Cummings on the Mosul with a a seven when he comes the spokesman for Tribune now. But the line was horrid in that game. And man that is don't count you know the win that job over Mike when it. But that's a big question what this team -- really -- awesome spot without even consider that yet and then you look at Vincent Jackson Mike Evans in the Austin Stephan Jenkins. Got a really good running back it up more. You got some pieces of the puzzle that you know there before you go to their big receivers Vincent Jackson my Gavin my stamina Austin Seth Green Jake -- But -- -- offensive line play and I think it's -- hit import of winning championships. At any level. It's that play up front of that offensive line you've -- with Seattle. Where when they had some injuries early in the season they weren't quite as good but late in the year when they were really come up circulating sort of speak is when they got help the along the offensive line. -- the show you how quickly things painted up at the line. You know over the Carl makes it all when he was dealing with that he could speak with him and it that and those -- let me well at times you -- -- network look what could be the best -- go ahead -- -- are in the conversation. In the top two or three in a hole and -- -- getting paid wise they were definitely the big guys played because the programs resumes and then had a few injuries -- -- with -- the football yeah I thought he was the best Gordon and just bad luck it was amazing. Now -- you know like the one thing I'm not gonna -- -- -- part of the deal with that infection. Because you -- a competency. So -- they gave me that it's a shame because I think he was on that level one years particularly. That when you look at job and I think you'll be objective that I think this thing which are hammonds and Carl -- at that as dual. In the NFL and even Carl -- surpassing Jahri Evans. Elvis educate everybody so you -- But -- but then all of a sudden. You -- that actually that the deal with that at least he got me you at all some unfortunate. You know -- -- with does that affect. Gavel went on the -- what does the Orlando Ledbetter who covers the Atlanta Falcons put Atlanta journal constitution. That been -- thank you so much -- -- -- -- tonight in Maine Nevada beat -- has been snake bit. Before the season even starts in Orlando we. You -- on revs won arguably their best defensive player of the team's starting left tackle him vehicles that history. Of zone entries in the past so -- -- out early on with the Falcons and for a football team that's really really struggling right now is the worst you. You can hear now is a but injuries and people lost for the year. Yeah not quite the ball. Problem position last year. They had to him and you're -- you'd. And it one at the moment. But now. Much. In mind that you. Kind of relies on and coach Mike side -- and it. Mock and they -- the project in at the plate last year -- now I look back and play Ian it. We'll see how that. Worked out well. Now at the Orlando what you look at. Their game not though it is pre season but when you look at when you struggle that a number of areas. I mean I mean they can sugarcoat it it's a solid you know this you've -- on the -- -- move forward but Mike Smith. I'll be Jake Peavy was after that last. Pristine performance against the Texans though well what did you take. That where that balance Herat because before you know -- week one is that too far off. And when they ours our organization and obviously. And getting national recognition getting innings Bulls getting exposed an -- not an HBO and all what comes with that but what did you think because. It's things like okay show me -- me that they their their winning particular the last game not about the Dolphins but. Against the Texas that that that happened. Yeah yeah. And human effort. The not only that they come out there was that all retired. He'd been out in October. In the back and ran back and and having progress and now about -- highlight. I don't know there. In. You know humans make you the -- players. Did in new. -- -- -- Given that -- -- topic did it'd. Talk about it down and Lourdes twelve and -- talking about anyone would be but they go out there and it -- union there is text. Now let the Orlando so what is your take on your opinion and also the Falcons fan base. Only knew it would be easy and hey coach you are someone. You know talented as he -- to be tough. Our you know looked at that we got to bring it and that we not let this. You know get put to the moderate not respond or which is going to be tough overall for me to meet you -- tells -- like to be tough they're not tough. People will what is your take on that. Yeah yeah. He taught -- So I can't. Bump somebody could be done to and I'm. Not somebody out. -- the they -- and you know they pulled. And Chamberlain on. You know. -- that you know it is. That would have been. The. Now the that you appreciate that covering the Falcons that when I was there in the mid ninety's it. Lose the point I remember owls almost kind of like a player coach at the back and then go work -- -- you don't. Who was outstanding. And in a felony all Bobby got to help me out and in what you detailed yet -- to remind me a lot of Jay Cutler as far as his arm Trent wanted to best arms in NFL history. To hang in the pocket and make the throws. And I just told jubilant is that I don't know UK coach current height and makes a body is that they don't want to. So that that's the pro that are hopping you've coached coverage or likes back -- -- like the Saints at anything when Beckham about it feel like. Well like Ricky Jackson properly with. Ricky Jackson was and so me. But he was born that way. If we're from the get -- to the trying to make somebody covenant that fist fighting. It is winning both individual battles within the rules I mean that that that that's like you about. Is like but you are not getting blocked or whoever I have to block I'm gonna get it done. You know about it the the -- Mark I'll -- one and got -- To team with Terrell you know line is building a you know later in the year. When he went back -- you know Tony's. Team I don't you know he got the -- In the Indian pretty. Protect -- bracket. You know you've got to be. You know odd man out there and -- battle. Around I'd. And talk didn't do. Detract from the not on the on the field. You know -- good now yeah it was a coach's job chip though. You Orlando -- one of the things that you look at is the -- and talk about defense. We. You -- and prepare for example the a cut above at least in principle what Atlanta's got right now. I don't see how this is gonna be a good season and all -- the Falcons we -- look at -- defenses in this NFC south. In Atlanta right now it's clear cut the fourteen minute dispute. Yeah no core about it and you know they haven't found anything. In. It anything -- anything different right. Not a bad note back from Iran and human that. That made that tackle. You know that happened that usually is correct it's. Yeah you're. Right. Around now where they are. Well. Thanks so much we appreciated pioli and bill that federal government the Atlanta Falcons would Atlanta journal constitution. Will be back with -- looking Daschle right up his -- -- -- --