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8-18-14 7:10pm Second Guess Show - hour 4

Aug 18, 2014|

Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier talk Saints and discuss the outlook for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back this thing -- she'll like it to you obviously there were a lot of that's almost the opposite casino it's not in Hancock county Mississippi. We'll be on until 8 o'clock tonight in Bob while we got a call -- been waiting vote -- we can -- him any in Longview Texas Kenny. -- -- -- -- OK in practice today you know -- in all the talk about this early in the show. Right now -- -- the most valuable -- to think Applebee's meant that boy. Yes the series it threw me you know on the bottom all efforts dropped ball popped you -- look at what's right. Keenan Lewis yeah. I mean court's pretty you know that didn't -- what do comment on -- -- now. You know I mean -- itself like he was anything significant. You know I look at kind of moved out of sight out of line. That guy to beat that. -- -- individual maybe if you can speculate would be the fullback. The fullback and that week -- lower level from Tampa Bay. Well you know what direction they get a goal. I mean there's a reason why they brought it great -- I mean it's usually come at the you look Austin Johnson. I think he's more pass receiving pull back. I think Greg -- it's expletive that he won through to -- pounds basically. He's seasoned veteran. You know eleven years out of Florida State it that he could knock the snot bubble. -- -- -- Eric glory is that guy you want to utilize now if it's -- injuries he you know all at once right now that I might have. Question Mark Russell speak as far as I'm going forward who's available and not available practice and practice. I am like it's there and yet we can't lose but all -- -- -- And I go like he has that Keenan Lewis is not available. -- week one against the Falcons. Really it economic got to have luck would you agree -- you -- did have a -- last year think about this Green Bay Packers. The Green Bay Packers talent do you watch that they've done the effectively. You look at like legitimate teams who can have a high impact it's more -- -- the NFC. They wanted to for you you look at the sea dogs part of them tell you Green -- we got to have luck would increase. And if he and Louis is not available. I'm not saying oh we've screwed whom we old Bulls -- -- on the verge of getting through those sort of speak I'll tell you right now we need him. Because of his leadership and how we comment on him. -- definitely as far as the cover guy. Gainey wanted to things too early in this season is. Matt Ryan is a good quarterback we don't you know the quarterback and deeply -- it would air rod. So you know what you might be able to come -- -- patching together. But on the available when that schedule becomes much tougher and you played some pretty good quarterbacks down the stretch. The cornerback issue is going to be a big question mark on this football team. Who's gonna play opposite either Lewis and I'm just telling you just like to wrought on -- got the nod at left tackle somewhere this season. The but -- got to be put their hand definitely don't let these. And right now the but time is put in his hands. We're. But this is some bad -- -- -- that they're -- -- group I get there right now because I know if he's starting. Week one right now against. That -- that Matt Ryan that -- who was nearly that he's guarding. You know I'll Corey white guy's gonna have to play a part in that Bruschi and they'll -- the I don't know what -- incident nickel dime coverage. Because you don't go to on holiday is like it's either an -- -- -- that four quarterbacks better. Being your -- apparel. He -- the narrow it's like I'm telling you that third quarterback or quarterback right now where you know we need to work out. -- all we drafted him that he's come back from injury. He -- Patrick Robert. We need packet -- but it don't work out on talent and that in any camp. He could have been outstanding team with a player yet to beat Hewitt had a -- seven. But at least he's batted the ball now I think your position he's got about getting hurt you one of theatre outfit. But I these knock at the ball well and that but I'll look at Keenan Lewis. If you look overall the iconic Champ Bailey experienced. Patrick Robinson in West Virginia with the second best cornerback -- -- that good or bad I'm just tell -- I would. Did you gotta think to me is that if that's the main reason that cornerback position. Player becomes. Nervous bird. Because now -- used in a field -- Now he's an artist in the sort of speak up I get traded him don't let you know about the pick Blake next hole if you got some issues that -- -- I agree with Bob that team look -- could well be that guy that and I think you've really got the spotlight on you know. That's got blame deep in that would be Harrisburg. Yet we got to see him and -- who you are money. You know. You know I don't know was going to be difficult putt though right now Rockets now you beat what I see in practice -- -- breed. Is -- if the Colts now coached pretty I -- speculate. He's sick yet Garrett bird ready to roll in the oval car of tomorrow. I don't -- -- practically well not out of habit -- no I don't. I -- they've -- at least he is our business that are -- and I don't know because I'm not gonna make -- of bottled ultimately. On -- coach -- said. Eddie's ready to roll bar in practice -- bomb and watch practice animus which errors are a lot -- in. -- Harrisburg. Based eloquently stated that a -- Saturday against the Colts now if he doesn't mean. Is going -- -- -- -- -- -- that you would like to bill. And -- team doesn't know yet we don't know yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- the bottom line is dangers earned enough money. And get that dominate. I did me good. He ethical and their head and dominate he's not a bad guy in this that the one that over the last five years yes I -- -- yet to be like Earl Thomas means. I don't the 'cause of being with Earl Thomas has done that it's the all that but the thing. I don't know that's gonna happen but that we expect. Probable after you made a part that I could blame. They'll break blatantly lightly and I though is that -- -- your -- you know and I'll be worked out I'd go -- weight back little. And it dykstra pretty losses. Oakland back in early eighties and early ninety's either. Yet look the look at that and now here in coaching etiquette does that upgrade that. It appears. It's playing -- think he's going to McNabb made a great match up -- -- week. Reading the green to get where we took me. Well yeah little errors -- apparel all -- -- day. And -- that -- their adaptability that the fifth or anywhere Baylor there at that like we did last year we need those guys. You know we don't appreciate what you think about it. Jabari Greer. Divide prayer last year killing got booed every bit as good -- guess he helped us beat economic impact the it. Boone goes to Parker might come out of nowhere. I think that would during the San -- yeah yeah that is if you make that run it would be an honor of his rehab and is being a witness who that is why he has and then all of a sudden nobody covered everything you could help us. And -- look where we're at right now we keep your trip. Anything else getting. Don't don't go to -- and still haven't hit in his -- and his me on this that he had a real serious knee injury. And soul. And even he has that I'm not sure I'll be able to come back I could give everything he's got. I think or you make that comeback although it was so quick or this it would be. Early -- would be great I think but it's in the very similar. You might think kids came out of nowhere is the patron. Yeah is it easy this week one week like they did in the next week in and help but there's got to -- the Patriots. Behind I don't know opt out I counting out two partners not know what he's done and not allow cornerback talk about it not -- god. -- guy -- I don't know why don't you come back it was the -- you gotta go the run and all that. But I know it's like ought to -- Your partner is healthy and not know he'd be in the mix. He'd be right there behind you look like it. In this week that day drafts her body person second round you almost can't give -- that Richards season. And not think so we're Bob I think you need to beat this season Stanley's OK until that he's has got to be able to -- starter. But by Appel and -- they are it's -- -- -- when our lives every one play he needs is like three report negatively. So what you look at it from a company at that point. So -- I see coaches getting on him he looks like he kind of the -- any kind of gives you can make you -- Arguably quarterback you know why are you relatively -- back at the long arms and all that. You know what deport somebody anything he's got a sports psychologist to give them confidence -- them a talent this thing isn't there. He like he got the physical ability got to keep fight UK you got to weather the storm. It really becomes second nature all of that stuff. I think because the play -- -- -- to get the physical ability what it is it's all by competent you got to have confidence that you can do it. I -- delegate. You got to the Sharks are every you get hurt the what. -- act like it the best ever. That's a catch up with that fit program sliced bread -- it don't matter I got the ultimate comeback and exploit that that the great with him and laugh and all of the night. A quarterback classes. In years a decade or more NFL. You've got to have a short term injury. No matter where you are because you've got out of the -- our talent and it ended indicator excuse yet that they'll put it behind you are unhappy Rams must make up for got to have amnesia. In that spot that he is the fact. That company Keenan Lewis Yeltsin's you know make the comment that when -- first game in the movie. -- -- -- -- It was like mile it was like war they'll look at the Pittsburgh Colonia that they were always talking to him and when you watch him. It's always been Percy withstand the national that he's always happen that compensation. Is would you say is true. You can easily lose your confidence and they'll look at Ed Reed making a comment in this the it would have break you mentally because did you -- -- make a physical mistake. That's why right now Pat Robertson Cory -- You want them at built to handle adversity and not think about it accurate Robertson. -- -- is the last pick in the first round. You know was first game that began a ball team nationally televised the Packers an error rock. He can't bring it boasted he got -- -- -- -- ticket. I didn't ever happen at Florida State that this is it that the NFL. And all of the at every week. It is I got -- they'll all work out that it -- -- they've been with Corey white. All of us he's sticking your partners please -- that you got about to hang in there and keep fighting and -- we keep getting better and better. I look at my -- right now Corey white -- number of plays out there. That's -- else think that right now but I'll look at Corey white. Then that I know in the top three quarterbacks I'll look at all the other quarterbacks I don't make -- late and at times you'll have to make all the plays. But he's playing with -- more more confident. And we all remember if I look at I can't -- replaying Carolina. Can't. All the throws the game winning touchdown wicket scoring wise. But I blame him but we're -- and -- like that Malcolm ticket blitz blitz they. And that disrupted and that the landing and probably can't use to help glory wideout. All of that building handed him like -- glove mean the bad. That's why I think. Right now whether Iraq with -- -- it at NFL experience. Whitney Cory YE a practice -- to work out because -- -- real -- And out you utilize that experience I'll remember the 49ers game. Corey -- now we're all excited that nick great play in is that the people on the one yard line. But to make that play that they'll help you competent Libyan backed out of a big time game and make -- late. We need we need Corey -- have to -- it robbed the work out because of their experience along the. Thanks so much pity we appreciate the call up or -- on the second gesture right at the history you know on that negates that. Welcome back to the second issue -- it that -- Bobby Hebert and here at this it will slow the casino beach side. In Hancock county Mississippi you -- on until 8 o'clock tonight. So if you wanna give us grow. It's all -- 146187. Or 689. Year old eighth -- We don't want gobble mr. Roy Cummings who covers the Tampa Bay Buccaneers but it attribute Roy thinks of what -- Jonas tonight. -- -- -- Roy. And watch in the books you see -- good -- bad real quick. That that this is a football team that managed to work in progress along the offensive line. Quarterback play man game especially Unionists and now they certainly of the -- in the fourth spot. But what you got since you don't beat us some big time players not on the edge to put the ball in the end zone. But. In -- hostile as the -- in -- you can get that offensive line cleared up. Quickly. Man this could be a long season offensively but Buccaneers. And out -- -- -- parlay I'll let Mike saying I mean I'm looking at their offense that you look at it different is -- if -- that is that they are ranked and realized this last in the NFL. A year ago with 277. Yards for a team. At a time Drew Brees gets that and a half. I mean it's I'm not saying you got to beat top off but he definitely can't have that kind of production on it -- season. No you're right I think they've been that they're going to be much improved on that but again -- it all depends on the off of the line you know -- at the people. He used Josh McCown or whoever the quarterback is doesn't matter -- Drew Brees and got him some time to work on. A little bit of improvement in that regard the other night. You know it's still not the level that that this team wants to be you know I know they're up there looking. Or art talent but that -- -- guys look around the league they'll -- where -- you know it. You know it's not easy to find good ones right now and no I mean Seattle's particular example but it's an event -- move in the garden. Suddenly they've gotten so the Super Bowl so it's not all that it happened in Tampa but they're looking around there's certainly. We just didn't Alex -- that you'll be worked out but some. Also you know feel pretty good about some of the up and they have the questionnaires. That those guys develop quickly enough to. A lot of teams that. Not make impact offensively it's obvious that the defense is -- ready and Ricky he would stop and he sent stand up. With a dispute great defensive effort wasted because you can't. With the ball and now so -- outfield but if you think they've got personnel everywhere well. It's been allowed to be pretty good often seen it's it's really about the line at Connecticut those guys don't. Yeah out -- and would you look at it that you compared the NFL and you look at Doug -- and his production when healthy as a running back. And then you talk about the mismatches with big receivers you look at 30. Of a six foot five receiving target you got bits and Jackson got Mike Evans. Then Austin -- -- -- what is your take when you look at and maybe break down there's skill people. And as far as maybe the problem that because as far as mismatches than. And so far as my camp and judging it's that they lived up to expectations we don't fit the jags beat you with are all those other guys also. Well my. Just for example the other night it's -- and you want to -- the -- on the ball. Part of all of the middle broke tackle. Rent point five yards loses if you look like forty yard touchdown pass both Brad Bryant came from behind -- strip already he crossed the goal line so. That didn't work out but what you saw out there and play with what they won't be -- -- Over. You know fairly weak safety. And made the play broke the tackle ran 45 yard they just got caught behind -- -- rookie mistake there is any indication what he blocked. It's very Jenkins has been put firing you don't want but it apparently QB Graham but it is I think for the first time a long time off at an option. Who can do some Graham -- things you can get down being. -- the big target he got the only game he's got a great chats radio -- -- one of those guys. -- had to create mismatches he's in the lineup. Along with that have -- in Jackson but we've got 365 guy and -- want them -- 170 pounds probably 260 pound. I'm going to be tough over the -- a pretty -- 11 in. Again it comes down note that the line if the quarterback whoever that may be it to be just count our beat them. Who's going to quarterback and can't find that guy got one on one matchup and a if they can give next time this he could have the ability to do something because you know what the other thing is that. They've got a great running back yeah -- -- -- but but mark prosecute degrade you got to know Ryan another yard won't be all here and there. And and two tight end -- and probably accused -- active though. Don't -- either of them things they do it you would think that you know what you got sixty years work experience and held pro football run in the operation here. Between Jeff Jeff -- Lovie Smith. You would think he can -- come up with some kind of you can compensate for you know a little bit less than adequate guard play well. Q what happened it's -- they've made improvements this week they continue to. B team on the rise not regard the public field statements not you're right it's going to be -- seat. Now you know speak -- -- that you bring them up and everyone those courts separate from Calvin. In in his mindset offensively. -- rod is a big fan of coach effort. When you look at Lovie Smith is it still I guess a lot of fans are you take the right -- hottest Hannity fans. How to market their fan Conaty if you let -- -- -- they've taken a wait and see approach started think. Then you have success in the game. Well there but. It's by the most excitement and -- John Bruton came. To be honest with you they got a legitimate while -- -- resonated very -- In charge you know when you had the last few coaches toward. And they'll tell for coaches you know it would be you know -- effect of the week before. You know elected -- a little of the feeling of optimism that things are going to be OK -- know with a decent going to be. You know a lot of people wondered you know the -- to an attempt to still work. It's -- made I don't think you need to be honest with yet you were just find that like for now. When you got that I'm definitely drove on him problem top three weak side linebackers now that side linebacker league Monty maybe it'll work itself. You know I think defensively they're going to be just fine and and again. That's a lot that went football you don't you don't get that point -- kind of one unbeaten Bears. You know from the defense -- in the -- And that we thought the other night on the defense -- -- take away. A ball point five yard line put in the end don't know them a 30. That's probably what do that the formula. They get the takeaways on the defensive side should be OK stole the outfield. You know although when you look at the quarterback position obviously it's all about confidence in Mike -- Coming out and -- North Carolina State third round draft pick in now how was the approach into this season he's like look. But if I have to play him -- have played -- is this the kind of look at the situation with Josh McCown criminal court that. I want to take advantage of opportunity but I'm not -- Mike Powell arm or beat discard you know if I'm not the start because I know one day. I'm I have that opportunity again to be demands that approach he's taken. Yet so far it is definitely a question because we're not the big thing -- You know couple weeks going up yet -- earlier in these two and a you know -- would rather and you know it's a tough spot you know he started thirteen -- -- you do -- bad job certainly from you know. But the decision maker when you you know we played a lot that you know what you want -- -- -- -- -- sound they make insult. The other part like when we kind of looked at it would be wrong you know I came -- and no team that was deteriorating round you know we buy it. You know like get the together -- that helped win four games and not at all via -- Here I go and but you know what -- want -- -- you know he did a great job explaining that look. We think we can win right now I I know you think you're -- player he did last year was good but. -- -- -- -- idea -- -- comfortable with and it seemed to understand that pretty quickly it. I also think people don't realize that. You'll -- on the sidelines -- -- -- the -- you know you look at what's you know there it might agree to play like he did too but. No it doesn't hurt suspend Simon spotlight you know. Through Reed came to Portland and you know have you experienced yet and Diego while. -- -- you know like maybe not -- used today but I think you know I think like look at it that way that they've -- It is a bad thing I'll leave that thing that he faced in the going to be -- reform that we like Don. How much roll around draft time. Then did the books and that was some speculation that it was taken all along look at it on amen you know. What you've been able to find out how much was there are you look at that or was that it is. You know the usual draft ball that maybe just on a creative. I mean Mike Evans is just got unbelievable talent. But you know we look at this football team at that critical quarterback position. What was -- -- -- really -- and beats them discussion on the Buccaneers more. He was. And couldn't read you don't -- he came in and they they didn't know -- land it. Was that more than they -- no -- it was like a lot of the big club. Didn't know because they had seen it for himself up for themselves rather in the that they were gonna bring in just count. And so once that happened that that they hope it will protect quarterback who's it going to be if we got big broad team in the future. And they sure building that they looked at all or technical or Utley or abroad at Bridgewater. They certainly brought into alignment Phelan and what all people inside -- they visit China and built -- home away. Yeah we both executed interview and they had no -- on the outside. Endeavors and activity in and week here so that they were concerned about that at all. But India for a think the change to get to know. Good Mike Blanton and what he is about what kind of quarterback he is and what kind of work for years. And on April I don't think a little bit more into the real thing they don't want. We know he had his quarterback in this particular draft you Bridgewater mortal men they'll take your pick. I'll didn't see any of them as a -- now quarterback in the you know what they were gonna do. Give the if the rain that you cannot count start with Lee for a year maybe two and they problems so I think it will develop quarterback. And we were all these guys down we and we look at it objectively from the scouting report standpoint we feel like. Are -- the same thing. You know that they inning Mike Glenn that I -- -- -- is thinking England in the nineteen record you would like different style quarterback. But what they saw that includes a quarterback glad that they knew. You're happy you're runners belt all -- look at the L quarterback one -- -- you guys are getting -- -- your Rutgers now. It wasn't accurate that's why we go to somebody else we got a guy the organization of the third round pick up so. Hole. Glad we found that out after the draft pick on Mike Blanton. Probably a month before the draft that. Not to worry -- talk it's going to be a lot out there about within the quarterback don't worry about it. We're not taking the quarterback we're gonna take from I'll look at -- of the and that doesn't happen to be something else that probably won't be a quarterback don't worry about it though I think the decision was made rather quickly. That that he really got Michael -- That he was just a good option and -- side and anybody prominent draft largely because you have your experience under -- Like. Thanks so much for joining us tonight really appreciated -- boy you talk about the NFC south. And then you look at it from a defensive standpoint. You see with the Saints have in Carolina and potentially what's the Q school wanting Tampa Bay. Man you know you -- -- style offenses we can with those gloves. Let it go through it is going to be. I really have yet you want guys to -- I think you know there nor did you guys -- -- at the upper hand because. I think you've got the quarterback certainly right now we're in the division. If not the conference and let me. When you've got that it be eaten up by the way correct me if I'm wrong Bobby. If there's one thing who -- know. It's fine dwindled to over do you -- -- -- -- -- going to be equally popular for a and there's one thing he can do their part over too well. I don't -- do something through pretty late but could you. Well. It's great to be totally out of all week and it's read birds that come to is that -- the past that it disrupted is that bulletin -- -- but you're right holly holly can move the linebackers and Agassi with his eyes that he's human and no win situation. Now what was that they also are trying to do because as sports run support. Then if they can run the ball then go through Reed will definitely have success. But it because -- -- that's one thing that happened to. That if you could run the ball is mostly in the box. That that's why you gotta be stout up front profits need the support now that the court has got to come up obviously but. If the Saints can run against the Tampa. Two Drew Brees -- that says. I mean I think that is the reason. I'm -- -- -- really -- a play a lot from what it people have been a couple of games in political looked ordered borders being so far. I think every team in the league you have art I'm running its fifth day. I don't know I agree I agree our way into our lineup you'll Wallace. I think all three teams you could have a difficult time run against any of those three -- thanks so much for darkness we appreciate it. Thought boy you on the second guess -- -- as brief you on -- beat them. And a fumble -- what's here. The second -- -- Mike the above you there when all of a body clock -- -- will be able. -- by so many different things. What are the things that I think is coming to. Played a lot at them a lot of children instantly about it is kind of old school mentality. That you've got to win. The quarterback. And when asked the league -- would be is that Jackson and he's four bit elated that run I think -- minutes of -- -- later Bobby point. Teddy Bridgewater -- in coral though Clinton did that match out there record yeah I think about it is. Why you. Long game that decision you know that you can update real quickly why you prolonging his decision Lockett did not give him the job. I could say it's all like confidence. If you could roll a neutral environment. Patrol Europe GQ quarterback you'd think like the franchise quarterback are you futures. You won them when he squared the light got to handle adversity. Now not everybody can handle adversity this electorally. Try to start with the Cowboys they would terrible. Never one to fifteen to one game they -- Steve Walsh would that put a -- like not Troy Aikman so Troy Aikman was over. Troy Aikman was always -- in his rookie or not he was able to handle that from a psychological mental standpoint. A lot of players don't value. I have been supporting cast -- trying to control. Progress deep snapper but the one bit that maybe initially. Have success. It build upon that that's why a lot of times. They don't throw the guy out there to the wolves so to speak. I can look at two examples. And then there's arguments on both sides and who look or that we Russell Wilson -- did take out there -- not OK now on the flip side. Ever Iraq is probably ready to play before you -- -- actually put him in there. The Saints game. My Alex make college -- The good cabernet all. Well liked -- liked the -- complete your take on Alex Bentley College that he article order. But the coach Harbaugh at U gonna put cavern in the air so there's arguments on both sides I don't know I think is the individual yeah how other individual. Handle that. All of telling me tomorrow lasts a long time and he can handle things that you Glendon. Well with Tampa Bay holly get in -- out there are you late laurels. Or whatever even not even though you know you got a rookie got to take. All of bill is there would be before everything. Is said and done it. That -- at the end there in my baby now. But it could be quick that you think you know I think it's only once that any human error. Because of an injury are pars and -- all been dating the guy that performed utopian there. Don't make eagle getting in the way we got it to lose. We still atop the things mentally whether it becomes second nature that we had that opportunity. You know what the hell do it. And I freelance. You don't you know I mean even if you Pittsburgh are about to take the red. They beat Nadal by playing OK I'm visualizing. What's happening out there are a mile problem there. Where I would go with the football and be able to have that opportunity. Actually can do it. Innocuous been happy go lucky that it might read the why Brett Favre. The guy kicked out of the Falcons but money's cricket partying every night Atlanta. Maybe even you look at play in all of a sudden you hit them the Green Bay the rest is history he's a hall of Famer he never would have left. Atlanta if you've been -- this at the plate and they get a goal it is goes to show -- got this right up the talent. Right place right time. That all comes in the play they'll have a buddy Bob Mitchell sitting it was Bobby helped -- bluntly alleged -- good night people.