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8-18 The Scoot Show Bob Mitchell 8pm, Ferguson

Aug 18, 2014|

Bob Mitchell…the REAL Robert Mitchell…is in for Scoot tonight…he has lots of great talk topics: let’s talk about the volatile situation in Ferguson, Missouri…and look at the most recent developments: President Obama said he’s sending the U.S. Attorney there. Also, a preliminary autopsy of Michael Brown fueled more violent protests in Ferguson, Missouri. It shows the 6 foot 4 man was shot at least 6 time; including twice in the head. Also, a video was released showing the police officer Darren Wilson after the shooting with Brown laying on the street in front of him. And, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon ordered in the National Guard after police cited “pre-planned” acts of aggression by protesters…protesters shot at police, three Molotov cocktails at officers, looted businesses and carried out a “coordinated attempt” to block roads and overrun the police command center. What do you make of this very serious situation in the heartland of America? Has your opinion changed…one week later? The video of Michael Brown strong arming and committing robbery of a store clerk change your opinion of the situation? Does it seem to you that cops are always guilty until proven innocent in a shooting? Can you see any instance where someone with their hands in the air could be a threat to someone with a gun, especially a police officer? Is it time for the local police to step down and let the FBI take over the show. Finally are the Police handling the protesters and the looters with kid gloves as not to be branded as racists?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It has made Bob -- real Robert Mitchell filling in pursuit all the -- -- -- fills in for Angela hill who was on vacation. In -- normally one under the show normally this time of nine I was trying to. Give it some -- things something that they get away from the stuff that we talk about all day but and maybe later won't let them come up with a some of that but. This situation and Ferguson was story to me it's professional pilot mean if you heard the last newscast now. The protesters claiming that the all the Serbia arrested and they want the mayor. To resign -- a quick look at some of the most recent development. President Obama said he's sending. The US attorney there and also a preliminary autopsy of Michael Brown fueled more violent protest -- -- The six foot four man was shot at least six times. Including twice in the head. Now it never did to. Prove one way or the other. If his hands were up in the air when he was -- they were not able to determine. Also video was released showing that the police officer. That -- and Wilson after the shooting with brown blame on those. Street in front of them and Missouri governor Jay Nixon order of the National Guard after police side to pre planned acts of aggression. By protestors protestors. Shouted police threw Molotov cocktails of officers. Looted businesses and carried out a coordinated attempt to block roads and overall in the police command center. How would you make of this very serious situation. In the heartland of America. And we're gonna try to have a conversation. Tonight. Is civilized people and not pointing the finger and each side column the other side racism okay but I have a question to think about. Have black leaders on more. To stoke the fires on rest and put them out. And are the police handle in the protesters in the looters with kid gloves but because they know will be branded. As racist day. Have shown the video. Which of course haven't been around for about a week now Michael -- and strong arming and abetting robbery published door court. Now. I've heard -- -- on some of the black leaders come out and say that loses. It was hurting his character. But he didn't so I don't know how you can saying. That by showing the video and by the police fully seen the video. You know this is this is a bad thing and that if it's not Rite Aid and that the good thing for bad message of him. It's what he did. Now let's get one thing apple is great where I'm coming from. There would be no excuse. No excuse at all. If a young man was walking down the street on armed had his hands in the year to be to be shot. To be killed none whatsoever I cannot think of one reason. Why a police officer would shoot a man and kill a man implement -- approaching them with a stand up familiar. Does -- seem to use in these situations but the cops are always guilty. Until proven innocent in the shooting. And is that may be time for the local police to step down and with -- that the FB. Take over the show. So let's see what you think about that we will. Take your calls -- can start calling right now at 26018. Somebody that's 260. One late 7866889. Point seven it actually. And 87870. And John dutrow calls and not just a second let's go to bill on the cultural power you bill. Number you're great I don't. Fund bill you're the same bill would golden. Leslie I think you thought it would call you -- law enforcement. Well great that given the an overview. As far as you know I guess we all feel that law enforcement know little bit more than window. Give me an overview of of what you know of what's happening right now. Coke does the latest intimate and their outward speed especially on the same information everybody else -- receive. Which if you remember last week when I've told you. One -- little tumors out that the best thing to do is wait for the investigation to be completed. That we have all the tax. It and I've turned and mentioned that they -- -- several twists are simple. Pieces of proposal that probably come into play. And has forcing him now that -- exactly what. You're here now that there's a struggle. That the officer. Some reports he'd say that. The board grant for the Oscars go on it was a struggle shot one off. The -- -- officer pursued. More stops and recharges the officer shot six times I mean. There -- so much information that's gonna come out and tax that we -- now camp right now. I mean based on what we're getting now I mean it changes the whole outlook as a week ago. If the young men did charged the officer. And did not have a weapon and was just bull rushing him. Would that be a reason to the officer. The way you guys are trained to shoot him. It attempts. If this scenario occurred. The latest stories are coming out now that there was a struggle for the gone. I shot one off the suspects fled. They -- pursued -- has been the suspects stopped he was giving them orders get on the ground whatever order war. Suspect sales are here to. And turn around -- charges him. Once you know plot plot include -- gone then yes by all means to picture. So even if he. Had no gone. And he's. Running at you let's then you have done and he has no weapon at all. Well police officer would be trained at that point to shoot to kill. That's a bad term to term at the -- complex two years and here we are not trained to shoot Carol we're trying to shoot. Well up until two years ago sent them -- which would be to Chester. Who recently we have been trying now to shoot some romance and also -- A round today that. So now portraying her two years ago. If you were shot and when and where around the church there and here that would adhere to the trading between our training to do. Even with no weapon you'd you'd be trying to shoot. Circumstances. Difference but it like Gardner case here this war. In mop. And and I don't care how old. Crow rate he's going to be in a white male 290 pounds six foot four and saucers -- 180 -- its export our storm. And actually trying to disarm him one point and -- round -- law and avoid flared out to pursue them. The voice stopped and turned around inserted underground hard to sit talks are by all means. That would be encryption. Now at this time the police was releasing. Very little. Information to defend the officer. What are they waiting for. Oil in all cases like this that there has to be an investigation. That street beat two -- actually there has to be. And they escaped and eloquently. To make sure there's no criminal. Offenses or activities that went on and member has to be administrative career and administrative here. Is what would be considered possible. -- hearing. That would pertain to lawsuits and an anthem that occur after which you are terrible investigations are done. It's not to release information because what happens. Just like in this case the more information you get so. The more people would twist or they'll come to assumptions of what. They think that next thing will be released to implement now -- so it's best just a way to the investigations overcome all the results. And then just go from there. All right let me ask you the question dear -- in this particular situation. Are the police officers. Backing off on the -- let's say handle in the looters with kid gloves. Because they are black and because they are afraid if they showed too much force. Day he will be accused of being racist. That I can answer. Com I'm not him officers that worked so that department -- we also what I will say this spot a world service. Because of the attention. Has been wrong. Com national news Al Sharpton just everybody. That looting. Is that gonna change -- normally would be handled you so. I mean why wouldn't they get. More aggressive with polluters are are where I was watching some of looters of them and they were just they were just breaking in the shops and stealing. Anything that could possibly steal. And even some of the people that own the businesses were saying. That where's our police protection of the police are or not actively trying to stop polluters. Wow what a command like that outcome let's say from from their police superintendent saying. Let's not do anything to agitate the neighborhood even more. Or -- a couple of Meyer best three year ultimately at three future -- -- -- through providers that are on the road first and supervisors that they get their orders from higher about who gets it from the top. Yes -- that's the way they're responding. To calls -- McCain. And I understand it it's going to be. Their guns just on the they poverty -- you. If you remember when one store first -- the officer was guilty the apartment is their co opt. Now a week later ever comes out where you know might be and the way we saw. In -- humor changed more uncle's law. Bought and it continued even commute from looting continues. Our operations continue. So let's continue. So what are so they do. Are these black leaders like like Al Sharpton are our days. I just to put it bluntly right now are they doing more harm than good because. And I know I heard Sharpton. Of the specially mentioned. This video that that show -- That remain in the video to be honest with you look like a big -- you know was pushing one to go with or one employee over and and and stealing something. And he was saying that they should not have been showing this video but it's not like it's -- -- up video. It's not like there's any doubt that it is him in the video. Are -- by making some of these statements. Are they making the job of the local police officer of -- the. I don't know the make and their job that we harder. Or here if you're collecting on why would still had been. The riots. And death threats whenever. Whenever you try to justify somebody doing something wrong again it doesn't matter who Libya's how old they are male female black white. Whenever you try to justify. Long -- So you can justify the end. It's not gonna help this is gonna cause more problems. Bill I think Q so much a levee insulated you make things a little bit easier for us to understand is there anything you would like to add forego my break. Now -- just like this saying that it you know I know what's hard and in actually you'll for the family for their loss but you have to wait. Until the investigation so -- and everything comes out everything completed. And then form your opinion. Thank you bill appreciated. Art -- all right our phone numbers 2601808668890. It's Emily and I I am tonight of phony police officers call and I am gonna give them priority and try to get them on. First because a I think we -- it'll put more insight. Joseph -- Trace of -- hang on. I'll be right back. I'm Bob Mitchell in -- on WWL. I'm Bob patrol in force him to better WWL -- jaguar opinion poll question saints quarterback Drew Brees is back to practice and plans to play against the colts how much should be played. -- -- half more than half you can cast your vote at the WWL dot com let me read this real quick. Text message and which you try to be nice to reach out to nine okay. See what you would do at this -- we're charging your -- You're really good behind that might -- really be in the eyes then go. To the cops should do more to stop the -- How about shooting the savages how would you like -- -- was your store. I was simply. Saying to of this officer. Trying to get the information. What is police procedure. What I would do. If I if it were if we're misty eyed Brooke content in a I don't know I mean not be in the top. I public should not be in a cup. But I'm trying to find out what police procedure. So please pay attention. Maybe we can have a sensible conversation. About this tonight let's go to Jason Jason your police officer also. All right Jason you heard the last officers is that pretty much right that if if in this situation if someone was about to attack view. We have with our weapon if you and he had follow that weapon before you would shoot. In a situation just like bill it's you know it's one of those deals where if you don't try to take -- gone. It already sure aggression and he's not gone to act you're gonna take on. In -- particularly. Well BP -- -- -- and -- he -- in a way that the way it is no longer there you know the ability at that point to argue. Lord but he had the opportunity. At a point where he turns around and start -- back to make that a ground. Nature you know what should -- Being what you. In that situation. That the opposite fail that is why he -- jeopardy or you lose. In the position of receiving -- you. Then he has ever right. To. -- So even even if he knows the person bull rushing him. Does not have a gun. He's already again you need the attempted to be gone now -- that attempt what they initially. It it would need to be just occasional and this is part. In ordered it to jump on articulate. Why he did what he. Achieved. By. And of itself -- it if someone told us we and he's trying to take you'll you'll if you -- to take that weapon from. Well now we are on this -- on east main adequate -- motion. You know it's not like we we can assume that that the country not just important. We have to assume that's suspect and take your weapon in order to kill you should actually. Work for them to get away. Fighting with you initially because no one is one. Reason. So if I can keep your weapon that you even greater. And the process of -- -- or opposite minded they want to go on. They're gonna try to kill. So if if -- and the police solves or -- probably go -- but the the the victim did not take to go -- and -- runoff and then turned now the officer of the gun. The suspect has no gone and he's rushing the police officer a procedure is still would be to shoot. Again it's everything is in -- -- -- in its own situation. In that particular situation. You'd suspect -- the war. He -- any answer he outweighed the officer I don't know the condition politically that officers and compared the suspect. The weight of -- -- -- over the -- struggled. In all of these factors come into play. And opposite -- -- That individual was they need -- optional. If he was two days ago in orbit. And a suspect and take that weapon again that -- weapon again. If people leave for a reason we -- the thing he has other issues. This is this is such a terrible situation. Absolutely. And it's getting even worse because. You know. From the leaders that are. That are going out there in my opinion storm pot. You know -- it but wouldn't say it. The belief that these leaders. In the situation worse than what it. It's -- leaders. -- you know being a leader saying. Let's wait the occasion you know took aren't. You have broad. Commitment to investigate behind the attorney that committee to investigate. -- -- Like reasonable. People and wait until the Asian or and it knows -- in these -- sure that the opposite. And -- And the privilege of just like anybody in the country well now if -- -- back -- he right. Something about these should be if you want a quote well on stage like he pulled that. But just. -- -- -- saying this new. Video came out shall -- The suspect Juan and beyond the individual who look like you've. -- on the Indy outweighed by all accounts. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You're gonna assume that the circuit. And called the basically at 11. You wonder if it will go to the other which is clear evidence. That he had an aggressive nature just a minute. You can't wait -- have won the. Are at it seems to me that in situations like this with a police officers. -- guilty until proven innocent. Absolutely we did that become a publicly held to a higher standard. We we've we've been. In a week. Or so we'll get frivolous complaint filed against them. You know whether -- record and you know and you know these and complain. Oranges dinner to -- as strong opposition -- -- that's. You know just try to discredit the opposite I've seen many situations where all campuses throughout the camera call will go on camera -- -- -- Are -- -- -- individual complaint from saint all the people Leo and -- -- up and down. But in. When nobody knows. There's only. There's no coaching no disrespect -- anything. And once the individual issue that video. You know you claim that -- -- -- -- to. Include one and the like OK now. And nobody in the middle point and -- -- Let me read a text message and give your opinion on this this text messages I think the -- should've waited before they released the video because. I believe it just aggravated the situation to me what I see aggravating the situation. Is too many of the black leaders including people like Al Sharpton. Already have the police officer. Convicted in the he's guilty and they seem to be. Flame mean that the that fire of guilt and saying you know this this young man was was executed. And I'm I'm desperately waiting to see the rest of the information. Why do you think at this point. If the police have any really solid evidence that this police officer. Well when it but was was justified. Why are they not. Coming to his rescue. Mr. and the good and complete investigation. In the sport you know little bits and pieces of the investigation as an old. Any law enforcement also tell you make your case -- in investigators will be there -- -- and again. All the other that -- -- all the witness as you know subpoena every -- world record. If you sort of want everything that they need to do more to me six weeks. -- for the -- out -- the like in the Asian you're not going to you know give it to the target of a little bit of of evidence which evidently eagle you can get it ultimately what the soreness or you know wait until you -- your -- case before you make the arrests. It hasn't been neatly. On the net you have the suspect party company well you do -- the much information again. Due to the investigation educated submit. Most of it to the target opposite of other -- the completion of the injury. And -- it is individual with an investigation contains nothing you know out a little bit east commissioner pop. You -- You are clear transparent investigation. And a -- that -- present. Jason I'm gonna ask you the same question not athletes less police officer. Do you think that. The police officers have been. -- treating. Of the looters with the kid gloves because they are afraid of just be an accused of more racism. Sure I mean -- the national spotlight at this point so everything's going to be you know that it goes to -- on shelves right now. Any little thing that they do it and people -- bother me. I was reading one. It was became from the Huffington Post a note not too much of credible source but it. One is it's -- an -- models are well stated prompted a police stations had to wait there. And then but as -- reported a copy of his tweaks. All -- all. To sit in and play an up and -- it. Then. This happened according to the time this week in one hour. I wanted to but he certainly can. And -- Lead in many rookies and bring him to. Our our our -- and I am brought to be patient. And work and then in the relief -- Jackson in one quick question I have a text but I just want to know why couldn't the police officer -- food taster. I'm not at all -- -- a secret that you know it is an option yeah. Remember you know. One shot the one issue which. If you don't. Have an impact in. He's made. It into an. Orchard that -- the result optical drive on. But you could go in the war and apply that not. What he's really I'm fine with contemporary. Jason and got to move on thank you so much under read this quick -- too -- is now Robert have you actually seen the video brown still in regards yes I didn't and it's very evident. All right we're going to -- break out of debt to your calls just as as quickly as possible. 26 year old -- 78668. Or nine point seven XXV and -- Lebanese. 8:7 AM Bob Mitchell and ports note. And advocates seventy UWW oh I'm Bob -- children. The real Robert Mitchell interest due to better WWL Prodi -- -- opinion poll questions and quarterback Drew Brees is back to practice plans to play against the colts. How much should he play a couple series have more than I have cast your vote at WWL dot com. A 52% say only a couple of series. 43% say the first -- 5% more. Then. More than half but I'll make -- corporal quick like a couple of text messages. Would abolish shot to -- dimension of the eight kill jobs both police obviously. Police are trying not to shoot two loan they are. Taught to shoot to kill. Bob just thinking maybe if that person wasn't robbing a store. And breaking the law he might still be alive. I think it was justified shoot the war we don't know. We knew we don't have enough we don't have enough in information to know if it was just about that we would we just don't know. Bob by your reasoning all of the protesters are looters. Who said that. I never said that. There world that the majority of the protesters. Were peaceful it's it's it's that it's the looters in fact it's a -- of the looters weren't even from the neighborhood. All right let's get back to -- of phones -- wanna go to. Cassandra Cassandra thank you for calling tonight. Lean mean and it. On line. And I mean -- the bank account and you -- opera pop right bill. Okay. Naral. FYE. I believe you said that yes. Another another not -- -- that train. -- -- I know they are trained that if someone is coming at them and they fear for their life they are not trained to whom they are trained. To shoot the body in the worst they're not trained to go for the -- of the arms or anything like that. Yeah at that backpack kind of bailed you out on the and say. The public. Me saying you remain. At he Kayla is a pattern that the public you know moonlight. Now now. I mean -- that I know what a fact is you don't see. Someone. In the area and -- all -- -- -- me -- use -- and idol. Is on me and. To stop bush stopped them from giving you physical harm right. Well -- you know you don't -- Because -- Michael -- Indeed last argument police officer -- I. I. Think patent and -- in the -- Need. Me no -- me. Why why -- -- me -- -- you know you re NBC news cheap. We'll stay here here's here's what we don't know if I get another police officer I'm bill I'm going to ask that question do you aim of for the head now or do you just someone is someone is charging you and you just start shooting then you hit him where you hit them. I would I would wonder. And in 01 of the things I really hope to do tonight is to try to have. This is a sensitive situation and try to have an an open. Honest conversation about anyone pointing the finger and 80 it would call each other. Raises doubt if someone is charging you do you have timed aim and shoot for the head or argued just just start firing and the shots fall where they fall that's so I guess if we go another police officer for only done -- asked. Are you trained to shoot for the head or you just. Just shoot. Well well I I also offered their Beatles on issues. Their -- -- and I'll see it. -- So we felt like you know. You know coming from we know police. -- -- Well not -- you know somebody. In India I expect it. -- -- and now. I am having it. Our. Michael brown. And the -- again. We do now. Now I'm eating at some. The capital. And have never mind. -- -- -- -- -- And. No in fact I've always been under the impression. That if if a person turned their back in is running away that you can't choose. Right that that's that's that's what I've heard that's I've always been under the impression. That today because I'm I've had a couple of police for a and then an option you know subsidies. Shows on TV of the guys for a while just shoot him in the back and he said no we are trained that we can't do so. There's there's so much of this and I'm what what I'm hoping for. As I wish the looting was stopped because that doesn't help anything Mullen doesn't hurt -- people who have no no reason at beaver. Hi I'm open to stop a whole week at all. That -- can learn something from this and and listen we all walked the same thing while. -- what the same thing I'm sure you want the same thing I want justice and it ended in this police officers. Did something that role in the that he should report them I'm reading at a xmas it right here. And these accounting rule legal like. If this world white girl in the world and -- -- figuratively shot cops you would you would be outraged and you denied. We don't know the of course I'd be upset I'm upset about that I'm upset every time something like this happens but you know week. We just can't take the law into our own hands and say. We don't like the fact that they have the rest of police officer of the way to -- loot and steal and do whatever we wanted him. Well yeah accurate and -- -- -- and say one more sure. Okay now I'm going to be complete yeah yeah yeah. Yeah some people of -- What I'm on the road and it's not cool. Could be completely frankly he. It may. Are black people a whole look back it it really yeah. We haven't even. Some people today and that mentality that. People are big note that. And they say. They. And I think the wind. What are you a community. Predominantly black. And -- you've got our people happy that we know by people they people -- the. Honestly -- tell you you're right to Sandra thank you so much -- -- a love your phone call all right we will get back everybody on hold to break him I'm Bob Mitchell and ports do and try to keep this nice. Pleasant intelligent informative conversation dwindle I'm Bob Mitchell and that's due to WW well. I'm Bob Mitchell. In four spewed -- news time with selected and did in the court rule text message through would this be happening if the officer would have been blacked. That the shop owners. Being looted shoot the suspect. Laxity Bubba doesn't need to be a race issue can't we just look at it as an altercation between two people. One who was the officer then investigated properly I'm sure the cop wasn't thinking the color of his stay in when he fired his gun. All right we will be back right after the top of the hour news WWL.

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