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8-18 The Scoot Show Bob Mitchell 9pm, Ferguson

Aug 19, 2014|

Bob Mitchell…the REAL Robert Mitchell…is in for Scoot tonight…he has lots of great talk topics: let’s talk about the volatile situation in Ferguson, Missouri…and look at the most recent developments: President Obama said he’s sending the U.S. Attorney there. Also, a preliminary autopsy of Michael Brown fueled more violent protests in Ferguson, Missouri. It shows the 6 foot 4 man was shot at least 6 time; including twice in the head. Also, a video was released showing the police officer Darren Wilson after the shooting with Brown laying on the street in front of him. And, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon ordered in the National Guard after police cited “pre-planned” acts of aggression by protesters…protesters shot at police, three Molotov cocktails at officers, looted businesses and carried out a “coordinated attempt” to block roads and overrun the police command center. What do you make of this very serious situation in the heartland of America? Has your opinion changed…one week later? The video of Michael Brown strong arming and committing robbery of a store clerk change your opinion of the situation? Does it seem to you that cops are always guilty until proven innocent in a shooting? Can you see any instance where someone with their hands in the air could be a threat to someone with a gun, especially a police officer? Is it time for the local police to step down and let the FBI take over the show. Finally are the Police handling the protesters and the looters with kid gloves as not to be branded as racists?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It may Bob Mitchell the -- Robert Mitchell filling in for stood tonight and of course and I'll have to set anything up you know what we are talking about the situation and Ferguson the story of the good proposal do want to read one quick. Text message well just saw video brown -- and for the cigars yet. While you're the only one noticing that you only saw him leaving the store you were obviously. Conservative. And bias no one saw the video of him pushing someone in the store down in orwellian taking. The -- the cigars in fact. Guy that was with an even admitted that they stole so I don't know video use what's gonna -- me -- -- how are you. How good that the real that -- -- So far and so far I've I've been very happy is that it's been a nice pleasant conversation. No one's getting stupid at this point. Well you know the problem on the oh with a real. Try to keep real. Almost. -- -- -- -- It's simply because it is to decide it is in it and I'll do all that excited. But they are certain. Circumstances and conditions around -- staying out in this and so police officers. In other people with their own perspective and taken you know -- -- it now owned one of what it means. A home so the he would. One is that that the guy talks about you know. All. Thinking it is he doesn't have to necessarily be black and white thing I'd agree with that except. Effect he has. You've got a community. It is I think 67 or so percent. African American. You've got to police force. With a bullet. -- that -- get deeply about 53%. Number are 53 offices. The 533. All African American and I think another two what three or other. Soledad is that more of the problem right there and you know. Because what Kabul police force we have to say what 97%. Is one thing. That you -- All the rise to receive in control would have in terms what it used. It is something else it it kind of in our sources -- mentality on both sides of the. I can understand that you think may be what we ought to do in situations like that. Is that what ever of the majority of the population is that we should. Open that that the point you would inhale. Some type presentation -- proper representation. Of the net is there is definitely enough diversity. So that people feel. Including electing a voice said if you like is some gains indicating. You know. -- that -- if it takes on this. You know the group a couple of people. Lee was saying its release stated goal which was hoping that there was some good. That would conflict situation report who could NG it will hopefully of this. That deal you made because something might happen with the police will treat -- Better -- that the Indian community and she would say. It if they. Happen to have to deal with this mentality. Of a gangster film in controlling animals if you real okay. Think that is that is this court is the norm. To reach it in actually what you it'll. Like these animal in the cheaper. UT so as you know -- I can understand where you're coming from there. -- -- In my condone illegal I think that those people ought to be doing these things are pretty peaceful. Protest and by all means. Have you -- Serbian it. Because unless something. Happens in small towns in little cool -- resist so what where is what I'd like this this is the normal. Actually I have no problem with the peaceful protesters who who don't like which went on and what I'm wondering and then. There's somebody fact that that we don't know what we would be. We have to get the puck -- report because. I gotta I got a text massage -- and you know as well as -- do -- and I'm not trying to cast. I'm I'm just trying to. If a person is really really juiced up on drugs and I'm not saying that he is. Well with the thought they -- -- that question though I mean of course forces say it is forcible. Re going to be healed yet. Which should have been put out there and did nothing to do. With what. Happens certain things happen but it's -- wants to it would situation is you know young adult. You have you have the -- of the deal which is -- with respect people what I saw. On the big deal if there is optimistic he'll been at a certain things in -- called called -- -- it like. People like this that you get what we. It's something beta will have. Not seen it debt debt debt that was that certain things secret questions did you. -- year. After you've been shot once and you put your hands up. Being at that point. In the -- why. It at which mr. -- using pepper spray it to stop -- -- -- It did it take it. Well because from Ramallah understand the from the police levels as they are trained to shoot at at an arm. A mess I -- -- And and at this point evenly but the fight we were into the pathology report has not been able to prove that his hands were up when he was shot that's right. Yeah yeah exactly so I mean again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because there's only. -- so he's back and think that we don't. Like and agree with the results as a whole -- it yet we still have to wait. In NC. But unfortunately. We get to this point all times because there is. Insensitivity. It happens all look at any time and at that level of frustration that happens. And so -- unfortunately haven't gotten to a place where. -- is that there. Overwhelming predominant factor into situations and things like that it's opening. I got a personal experience get to Katrina where no. The -- pupil cut taxes. We would -- not be equipped and we went -- to come back to New Orleans and get out things in Quebec on the vote. On my brother was in the people would mean it will Morocco at the time and we would stop Bible more police officers as to pull over. Bomb did not know Hurricane Rita could come to -- in the it like a morsel. I noticed the old product equals. A search of of my vehicle to pulling the trailer that thing to do bring it from it of course I came back to noise coming at a I had. Go on that I own that I had purchased from distorted my -- Whitney. I happen -- -- -- over things quickly put out was told it but continued to ask questions focusing at all. Bit might be -- it hit -- 817. Let it would be like if you if you people. About the future it about them is with the. And started chuck listen I really gotta go I'm okay. India but unfortunately. We have things like that it happened yet to find a better way. I think you're right at the mediation but due to Sutton in Slidell Sutton though what are your thoughts about what went on and Ferguson. Well. Gentlemen distraught about. Or can argue well -- and -- Community. Saying. I'm able. -- -- Media primary. Caucasian. Community and forces you know. In the manner in police officers. And liberal paper. Who liked Utley and there and typically did it in. And -- are African American. Police officer came and shot. What they're still going. You mean you mean as far as the looting and -- -- liberty and you know just the way -- -- They one also one trying to say is. And there was shot yeah I think the reverend Condit that's been hit it and -- notices are on the dog. No I don't believe in what I don't believe Al Sharpton. Would do -- in now and credit to. To be fair. We had in in in the first. A rod a do not remember her name she was a very sweet -- I'm black lady and she said. That she is against all of these. The time polluting -- because what it does it does it does it keep that that that that bad image of black people and she said. That these that these. Black polluters. All they were doing is hurting the situation and so you know it's not it's not just about white people at field. Exactly what they set about concluding his it is armed not -- surrendering and leaving her you better in certain Iraq. Iraqi over there. You surrendering yeah and they got it going down. People out of the and I'm sure that. We put out you. The military force now the please note there are country and same -- When they -- and we got beyond. On you know on guard the -- surrendering that we had to answer. That and but he's not actually it was put into. But at this point we don't know that and you know you would think you would think that what. There's many video as people take that sooner or later a video is going to. The surface showing that he had his hands up or not because went when they did the autopsy of the two differed on companies have done so far I think. I think I heard of that order a third when. It has not been able to determine. Whether he was shot with the fans up and from what I can read and from what police officers have said this is day they they aren't taught. To shoot at center -- a couple of people of one into the -- why didn't they just tried to wound him and police officers don't shoot two blown. We're not trying to do. And kill it kill or be killed. If you look that threatening that threatening stance -- atop the yeah that there's a lot we -- there should be in -- bully days we have evidence that that that was brought the war. Petrino. At the start with complete disrespect. To the ground kicking the ball and -- At Gillette though. About that but the police troubles have already said that he did not know. But at this young man had rubbed his dorsal it's it's it's the you know the police side of the story is is that phase they they they they tried in and there are some witnesses. -- and of course you've got somebody different stores there are some witnesses who said the date they did see the police officer trying. To put him into the car but the guy was so much bigger than the copy was able to to get out of the car. And and and and he did the fight over the gun. But that the guy was running from the police officer but then turned around with no weapon and was quote. Bull -- the police officer. And that's when he felt threatened and that's what they shot -- But to attack other -- That that they showed the character. And that is why -- put the police there. Well -- we still have that we still to wait the more facts. Or are rights that you think Angeles with a Janice Janice thanks to the -- WW ultimate warrior. Who. Busy busy busy day. I know it has that seemingly different situation that happened. That the into the Atlantic class I. Yes indeed it was about three I admired the way boundary and then obviously thinking. -- -- -- -- But the robbery etc. -- robbery has nothing to do with the shooting. Yeah but I'm just trying to call private capital is that the operates. They conduct probably and they explain to me that he can still felt that it shoplifting. At a picture happening when he got hit a good. It has nothing to do with the shootings I was just talking about the shoot. I don't think computing. I -- the ball. And it comes again. He understood the Pope died at the apple didn't about the state crime to. But. -- just done something like that it -- this spill. And then have a sadness upon me. He and combative mode because I don't think that the count them -- yeah. Today. I'm not saying that and the public that the -- any better -- many -- But it had no benefit immigrant I don't know I can't make a candidate that judgment. I didn't get people out there have been intact and -- -- -- on the computer and -- The cabinet with people -- children with the minister. -- if they need to be down about half but it. Well -- the police are in the police are in the top of the situation now they. Today that's -- -- I don't know this -- and they think it may not pay but they could try to tell the negative tactics he could have won an assistant I don't know if he had anything out of the system. I don't know him but no one apparently kind of -- -- and maybe it did maybe it didn't. I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm not sure I thought I was under the impression that detects Alger reported not been released yeah. By the end said today that there was no one just. -- you can look at the -- jump -- there would have been good. It's the right but the the main thing is gonna come down this. If the police officer. Felt threatened here's -- here's what I think is is it is going to come out of this -- does it and I'm just guessing where the police officer. As if if if the police officer felt threatened if this guy it was rushing the police -- or if they can prove that they thought the gun and it was left in the police officer. They are trained. To shoot and -- if anything has to change it would be that they are trained. And to shoot not to -- and I gotta go I I appreciate you calling. So much come right back to. To your phone calls those have you been on hold for quite some time I promise I'll get to -- as soon as I get a power is that you wouldn't Texas. I'll be right with you I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit on WW well I'm Bob Mitchell and us. Four through tonight went up and they'll go with Tommy Tucker and tomorrow show the latest on the retirement of Ronald sherpas. When you hire the new chief from with in the current ranks of and will be deal or insist. When a leader with outside perspective what qualities mostly new superintendent haven't bottom line. Is that OP be better or worse. When Ronald surpass took over WWL first news for Tommy talked a -- table and -- to debate to get started on WW. And RW WL pretty drugged or opinion poll question saints quarterback Drew Brees is back at practice plans to play against the cultural what should he play. Couple series I have more than happy can cast your vote at WW dot com or feel free to out work him into our conversation today and I know at this point. The only thing we're -- amount is Ferguson Missouri but the feel free if you wanna start mentioning. Something about -- about Drew Brees and the saints. It's up to you I'll get to the problems in less than a minute but let me read a couple of text messages have -- obviously. From a police officer we are trained to shoot at center -- another text message. Autopsy didn't show a single shot to the body. From the back police are trained to shoot two of the largest body mass which -- between the waste and the shoulders. We don't know if he was shot in the head first. And the autopsy showed the all the shops were frontal shots all right let's did back to the -- limited go to a Howard power -- you budget. The great opera. And Spain is that we have Homeland Security. -- -- -- and think about a month ago. To rest once suspect -- helicopter coming down a tank and he's doing music you know it will. To -- it would do its security and shop them. Yeah and so on tour yes and then insecurity faced the informers. People out west Mueller recently as six months so. One example of security there in this series. -- that because the demographics. It's not politically correct -- it's securities both suspect. Protect home on the business owners in some bond that this went well -- security that the president used that because. It's absolutely. Well I I've I believe what's what's going on there and I've talked to a couple police officers tonight and they said yes. I think that that there there are so sensitive. Above that being called racism because this is a or a racially charged situation. And things aren't aren't just you know it's like power drag it to the whole thing could explode even more but I just think they are being. And that they're they're treating the looters rather than molten iron fisted treating. Then with the kid gloves I believe that if the demographic was different. Then I think you'd see the movie and a big time but I've I think -- I think it's just the situation that's going on right now. That would make me be an expert on police procedures. Like an expert on you -- just -- yeah it's an expert in the India but the older people -- think they. -- -- -- -- -- But we've had a couple police officers and I and I -- -- listen. -- police officers and one -- to our respective police sources in in the wallet and one thing on the attempted the circus ride away. That -- -- more will be easy to point at which time between now -- to get the heck out of this mess that you know that policemen have to deal with. So I'll just wish. -- -- -- -- -- Howard one will be towards college we had on was bill and he is a police officer and he said that in this situation and he said. We don't know all the facts but he said if if they did. Fight over. The officer's gun. There there was one eyewitness in a brand new you know you'd just don't know who said that. He saw. That the officer trying to put the the young man in the car. And the guy was too much bigger than him and they scuffled and he ran away and then he turned. And start running toward the officer he said in a situation like that. He said you or taught to shoot. And you know that ought to shoot to wound so he said that would be -- current if that's what happened that would be proper police procedure. Let me just say one important obvious ago I was giving who weapon. Loaded weapon the board options -- after Hurricane Camille. They wouldn't you know rules about engagement shoot. It was no problem like Obama but he played well public utility. Issue. If -- might know something more complete he would do anything about it. But so -- -- You know as the first sound like that loaded weapon ongoing duty -- Are -- The damage from the base is in the interest rate ability tonight. Actually in the -- -- -- -- went into the -- so I would think some actually became. But -- escorted to cheers on Howard went you know any we nine. And -- -- -- of -- reason why should she. And ultimately true that when you -- -- just inaction brought if spotlight was -- -- -- shot will -- -- and they keep busy oh Georgia. Thank our all right. Let's -- text messages Bob what do you say you want to show with all races or hateful comments what you read those comments on the year -- Bob I'm an African American man and I know you -- not a racist thank you so much. Trained to shoot at the body biggest market area that's why we came there as far as the -- we are trained to shoot. In the head if the threat to isn't top. If someone is wearing body armor or under the influence of drugs on the body shots don't stop the threat then we shoot at the head. Police will not shoot. At a -- and subject unless he is in danger. And it Pelosi is a danger to the immediate public all right let's get back to our polls is that. -- -- -- -- -- -- and the views depending. Did. This incident. Uncertainty and so. I'm very very afraid because. In the yeah it was incident on the night. Why would we not talking about New York what are you talking about. And ended the deep deep it is. And that's currency. It. And it. Does is it created. And so he has orbit. It it is. And -- -- You know. I think I saw him closely and -- -- the new rules. By Islamic we were each side. Children -- do. It I'm Abu it's not it will be good and because. And the what you -- do -- it. -- -- -- -- And that's -- America and tool. Tools you and subject them then. It's -- it's about that he -- be that shouldn't be. Resolutions. That from -- We saw him he'd be strong and it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Without emotion -- -- -- I have him as a bridge. -- I appreciate Colin OK let me read text message and then we will go to a break and finally. We do have some lines open those have you been trying to get through a note has been malls -- -- -- really really tough but. Finally we do have some lines -- open to secure -- one late 7866889. Point seven he text me at 870. 87 -- Bob live. There was a white girl sharp I find it hard to believe that I mob would would riot to the point of looting businesses. That didn't -- anything to do with the shooting. Bob your officers say to wait for the outcome of the investigation. But -- if you don't have faith in the investigators. The Ferguson PD lost the confidence of the people. Excellent point -- I would take a break and then we will come back. With. More phone calls of those of you who have had to hold for such a long time tonight I I appreciate that I promise on continued. As quickly as -- candles have you tried calling earlier and couldn't get through we do finally have a couple of lines if you wanna. Given -- opinion to six year old -- 786689. Point seven. I'm Bob Mitchell -- built on WWL. I'm Bob Mitchell the real Robert Mitchell filling in force -- tonight. Operate jaguar opinion poll question saints quarterback Drew Brees is back to practice and plans to play against the coach. How much should he play for a couple series tops. Maybe the first more than that you can go online at WW dot com and cast your -- -- simply. Called me and we can talk about the as well tonight 216. Or 187866890870. What's the quick. Text message the woman Cassandra this is a woman called in the first hour is intelligent. And what is happening does not make currently black woman look bad words your actions speak loudly for her. Porsche drops in the arms and two in the top. Per Michael Bowden retired corner who assisted and and the autopsy. That's policy to protect us and with Cassandra was saying that you felt that these looters. -- not not the ones that are even in the living in the community who were who or are doing this that the crimes of of looting. Have a tendency to maybe make people think stereo type of a stereo type of some public people put the defender. Was a great call. Let's go to. -- -- -- -- -- -- On others. And she's like at the big -- is that the hurt I think the confusion our -- like make in their own story up but I think at all falls. You know we don't know the storage problem. All at the -- that thing that keeps you know the fact that come out like that videotape feel like what could have been doctored. It looked at our church I did -- -- in Portland and there was a column a while ago. Let's go to videotape like. Just -- for the incident. He just happens to be I guess it is the only time is done and rob the store. You know immediately calling -- an excuse for trying to find excuses and blame it on everything else other than. -- -- -- it's it's it's violent did not say if you look at -- -- it -- 26. Or -- -- more people media in the EU's three. Just the building. And and really all council demand attacked. It's held so far gone arcane -- and everybody knows what little comments during the educated you know. The result of that is going to be he didn't -- had and she's just slow either. Well well this is as far as the facts but at this point. The police department has not released. A witness or anything that is said that they fought over the gone as far as far as the the robbery at the store. And and I I heard Al Sharpton. Speaking that this was -- cut his exact words that it was. It was it was the heat and we were a character assassinating this guy. But no it's how great he did make the robbery -- you know -- it it's not like it but. It's made it out what its execution and it was an English blood. It could have been anybody any colored hair could be that they'd they'd bring about needed -- and it's like a bird complete the public firms that the suburbs -- little. Nikkei distort the neighborhood near the hole like outside -- -- and -- -- that. -- -- -- -- -- -- And and and I -- I do believe that some of these leaders were saying it was an assassination. That all that does is as initial word play in Detroit right. And indeed he that you can't say you can't you know it's it's. And what -- You know don't apply to be police -- a -- and came out -- that -- effort -- -- -- You know it's like he does make things up the -- in the applause 2101. That we approach -- like you can't go it's about the result could be. You know and then. You know make excuses as -- You know -- figgins on and I get that but is that you can't change overnight you know we saw. There's other ways to this all there to really keep making excuses like we -- -- attack people and say would make excuses sport and that's like it could be that story. Second he will enable it. It's always excuses but it's parliament a lot of compassion Cuba detention. Human consideration and respect. And the -- or McCain -- audience groups maybe a year ago. And basically it's sort of the problems and violence and in that city in its obligations urgency and need it to the kids like. -- like -- Santa Barbara -- common. -- he just a different approach but you know it's just by our Jerrold Post. -- hit submit and just cooler to cash consideration between the -- You know it and it. -- a bit different kids -- that the group can you know. People seemed that we waited like like you know privatized jailed Tom Nagel wrote about it -- he. It can't be much you know and it's like it's that from the cradle. In which -- upon seeing that more on the buy you know they know broaden. You didn't say you want we representation in court who won there in -- Noted -- the use the suggestion against them and an important that while it -- and the courts are different and you -- all we sit that player on TV it's totally out of proportion. You know it should be at -- -- in general and just give it to the -- on and that's what the arms that the important thing you're educated. You know Q depression -- consideration and -- respect or get to one another on. Solid -- the national -- and simpler. Orion isn't just to try to lighten things a -- us the head. Drew Brees bad practice plans to play against the colts -- much of -- Q Shipley -- -- play half the game is not played at all. -- -- just partly at orange and you're on cold -- -- recorded the the whole idea oh you know it doesn't seem like. Yes you ought to -- up with a timing timing of not only running backs in the received particularly the receivers security that we oh is -- -- It's certain received -- going to be. I'd like I did you hope but his injury. Is completely healed because I read about this injury. And they say the a lot of baseball. Pitchers get this injury. And that 25%. Of them come back too soon when they come back too soon. The wind up having that go on the disabled list for about sixty days so. I certainly hope and pray that he is a 100% healed. I agree and hopefully maybe the back counts you know too well. If we need them -- -- -- -- -- -- the next man up and actually following position and I would hope that horrific strict. It out lay out the day that I guess but I don't we think it's too good tobacco and you got to Somalia -- -- -- team. And he used to read them stuck and you put somebody else. For local you know the real -- so that's. Thank you Ryan I appreciate your phone and Kate are. All right we will take a break right now to secure a -- 78668. At 90 it's seventy we. Have lines and are starting to open and -- have been of a very hot and and passionate subject tonight and and I'm I'm glad we're -- A very very saying you know we've not had the people go off the -- and I guess we all agree on one thing we wanna -- is justice. Now all we can do to wait until we get all of the of the facts and hopefully. Hopefully that will be -- Won't be too much longer. I'm Bob Mitchell and -- -- and this is WWL. I'm Bob Mitchell in for -- -- tonight on WWL text message. Bob nice to hear you on tonight thank you this is Eric from Covington. What the hell those pot that you're system and after the with a high ones. Everybody knows that store owners they'll fight for any reason in this is -- reference to. A phone call that went out earlier from Janice who. Said that there were rumors that there was pot in his system that. Might -- make him do violent things. Doesn't work that way Janis. -- sets up until. All right John Brian James Ron. Via hang on -- promise I get to your right after the top of the hour news and we do have a couple of lines opened if you wanna -- in now. John ligature ready and I know the weight has been a little bit longer tonight on get to everybody as soon as I possibly can Bob Mitchell in for bill tonight. And big 870 WWL AMF -- dot com.

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