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8-18 The Scoot Show Bob Mitchell 10pm, Ferguson

Aug 19, 2014|

Bob Mitchell…the REAL Robert Mitchell…is in for Scoot tonight…he has lots of great talk topics: let’s talk about the volatile situation in Ferguson, Missouri…and look at the most recent developments: President Obama said he’s sending the U.S. Attorney there. Also, a preliminary autopsy of Michael Brown fueled more violent protests in Ferguson, Missouri. It shows the 6 foot 4 man was shot at least 6 time; including twice in the head. Also, a video was released showing the police officer Darren Wilson after the shooting with Brown laying on the street in front of him. And, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon ordered in the National Guard after police cited “pre-planned” acts of aggression by protesters…protesters shot at police, three Molotov cocktails at officers, looted businesses and carried out a “coordinated attempt” to block roads and overrun the police command center. What do you make of this very serious situation in the heartland of America? Has your opinion changed…one week later? The video of Michael Brown strong arming and committing robbery of a store clerk change your opinion of the situation? Does it seem to you that cops are always guilty until proven innocent in a shooting? Can you see any instance where someone with their hands in the air could be a threat to someone with a gun, especially a police officer? Is it time for the local police to step down and let the FBI take over the show. Finally are the Police handling the protesters and the looters with kid gloves as not to be branded as racists?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Maybe Bob Mitchell the real Robert Woodruff filling in for -- all of this week -- I'm gonna get right to the phones we have been talking about Ferguson Missouri and so -- that people don't hold for quite a long time so. Let's go to our Brian Brian thank you for polian and then for being on for so long. -- expect McCaw now. Go back to the beginning of this verdict and not situation when it in the news but -- a great being in the -- reported from the main stream media and it just thought it. -- Several -- Willard. Not being talked about so -- Milan. -- All things that insight people they can -- and that the child even though he -- you in the bowl. -- perfectly capable Serbian military. Kept hearing saying. On. -- candidate -- -- he loses you know. As it was implied that it it was concrete from the -- opened fire on them. -- -- of applause -- that I'm currently this bank could really inside because it was irresponsible on the media's part. Now. And it is -- view. -- -- this has been growing probably for a long time up there and target and between the community in the cops. -- itself and that. Broke the camel's back now open at that come out today about now want them being around exit them outlines the important. Because that they comic books ago that they that he cook. Was applying -- what did you. And the normally used to -- block. And re use these -- specific type of the -- -- -- And what happened it causes that blocked two -- Fuller than if you just rolled a normal job. And that its content. That is now we know that this was and then I think he would call a young man. Which gone down on the. Well in the end in the beginning Brian and it's far is just as I can remember I think his mother and every one described him. Pretty much. And I don't mean to be disrespect a pretty much as as the choir boy. But then as things as things went on you know his mother admitted that they. Did have problems with team and that the person who was with team in the store admitted that they did steal these cigars. So it it just can't like one Alden. Fan and and then that was like the video was released. Two. -- slander his character and I can never quite understand that because. The video showed him committing the crime and -- in there there's no there's no doubt that it was him committing the crime. Well well bill you know they're using words such as technical job beginner. And the -- the -- the Merrill on and the video even -- no well -- still what happened out there is it discredits the narrative that the media which on the video. At the start of when this -- broke. And I believe. You know the community up there already made up that much like the -- on certain. I mean still the outrage over the and your network and compared these people. Even though the accident just you know are continually come. -- the -- -- mean needle little aspirin can be at their company. It's it's been. The cops have been. -- From being a -- betrayed. He's not a command -- and -- water and it it would be away. They need not putter and he that they maybe if he wouldn't. You know what he which. You know open over it and -- -- is that the and that's the feeling really it's mean aggravated about prince's. You know the media incite people to be support job and they keep illegal work -- story. -- eighteen year old black male to call it making you'll it. We keep saying blocked rail if you bring people think it would detail to the Scott. Well I can't tell you through prime I'm at the point in life and as that. I wish we would just stop calling people. In old Chinese Americans Asian Americans African Americans Indian Americans I think we should all just the Americans look I think all of that should stop. It'll release. A music it's going to be terrible heavyweights in the medal race. The young man was it because we all know what happened we all know he really did it go to the op. -- we don't know since police shot well. An -- really aggravates me is that on the story being brought on the news we keep seeing this from like bush prediction. This is why not answer because we don't know but if the cop -- opened fine. Then -- no. Option be on the -- to go to you know go to. Well we've had a couple police officers Foley and and here's how they have described police procedure. They said that. And and and of course it's all of -- as we don't have the facts if that they did fight over the officer's -- And if indeed the officer was trying to put him. In the car and they fought over the gun and he got away and he ran and then he turned and ran toward the police officer. As people have been described him as eight. Bull rush. That procedures says shoot and don't shoot to wound shoot. Well I went there like the cops said it didn't he acted within comp on Google on the and so yeah this was there. But then again like let's -- that we don't really know what happened and you know now it's people like to -- active involvement -- other team in the league in innings. And it's. It's such. And it should never been a -- and it's that the media that's perfect example. Of the media the mainstream media being equal people and that is because they wanna sell advertisement. And they're gonna say everything taken dating site people BQQ two. It's irresponsible. You're here here's a question that maybe you can answer and no one has brought this up the Bob love your show on tonight's topic have one more question and that -- and answer if the the -- Saw this big guy. And why did -- call for back up why it was the cup trying to put brown in the police car. What's the handcuffed -- Maine from what I understand that police would never. Put someone in the car unless they were handcuffs vote don't know. That's a good quite. That isn't that sort of a perfect example of a society that it too emotional and not logical. In and -- that the court -- and while we should be waiting until we seal and before jumping to conclusions. Let -- -- you know well not be topic conclude in concealing the room and it gets the ratings. Our Rob -- that that. Unfair because it would happen and in the very beginning. Is -- a lot of the leaders in the black community today were the ones coming out saying. This this or innocent child was gunned down when he was assassinated and he was murdered so they'd jump on that bandwagon in the in the very very beginning. And I think that did a lot to two. A fan the flames of the rest of the community and that this this police officer was absolutely I mean. What what one of one of the first things that. And I can understand the mom being upset but one of the first things in my -- is that the police troubles -- deserves the death sentence the death. I. Think this goes back to an attention and targets and being. Pretty tight between cops and I'm sure in the -- Controversial Internet. And it gone on there where it's it's it's just it's pathetic to me. You know people so emotional. And we're not gonna week of a lot that they'll go back come out. And that the -- actor you know if he could not act according to -- should go to -- -- right. Right and you know you know the sad thing about this is that what could come out of this as. You know we'd look at it and I try to put myself in an and that position. We know we all all week concede. Is what we have been told at -- ago a big guy that had its hands up in the air and I surrender mode. And the police gunned him down well at this point. Why we do not have any proof either way we don't have any proof that his hands were up in the air. We don't have any proof that his hands were not up on the year the autopsy cannot. Show. Whether he was shot with his hands up in the air and until we get these answers you know we are we as a society or. The community. Ferguson at this point is judging everything based on the fact that they believe. That this person. Had his hands in the air well let me let me continue to -- second and a look to respond I don't care what he did I don't care if you rob someone. I don't care he shot someone. If he was walking truly -- his hands up in the air in a surrender -- if that. Truly was what happened than he did not deserve -- shot. That's right that's exactly right it be -- and not been given himself -- And it doesn't really matter what he did volley he was giving himself -- then. You don't shoot to kill. We don't know that we -- what we don't know and and you know and our I don't know I would I would have a hard time. Believing. -- a police officer. Would do something like that but we don't know we don't know we won't know until on a -- at at this point we have no proof. We have and you would think that with all the videos. That eventually something is going to showboat but I'll repeat that I don't care I don't care -- beat somebody up and Alter treat kill someone. I don't care what the dead. If he was walking toward the police levels and his hands were up in the surrender mode and he wants surrendered he did not deserve to be shot. But as politically was bull rusher in the cup and the -- felt that there's this guy is gonna harm me that he deserved it did show. But I think of the tension that the reason -- that so prevalent in pretty much around the country is because now on the Smartphone. And now more shenanigans that the cops are involved there and you know you legally be exposed. So I think and general around the country that are that this truck but the cops and their that this truck but the government -- it it to me it's not. -- -- possibility. That this is the -- -- the controversial incident I -- ensured that a while prominent community. And I'm sure you know that does does the straw that broke the camel's back. It's distrust from the police department -- -- I'm sure. But but do you find this -- -- found that in its seems like in today's society I would never want to be a police officer because police officers. Are guilty until proven innocent. Right. -- not think they need to go to I am so you know they need to be opened because. You're right at me not opt out cops and they don't exploit their story can mean even some com. Commitment -- -- big wait for a woman officer the sale for even -- to -- and before according so made. While I've I've talked to a couple of plays soft close to provide -- and I asked them I said. Do you think that the reason. That the police have been handling. These looters would pretty much kid gloves because even some of the people -- own the businesses say. That that they they have been looted and and the police have to pretty much. Have had to stand by and do nothing because. That it's such a tense situation. That the the police. Are afraid if they go after these looters in and in a really hard -- let me tell you something -- and again I mean no disrespect to anyone. I would bet you anything at all if these looters were all white -- turn the hose problem. Well thank you know they're being -- and that's exactly and there are for. Did that there there there is that it is that they don't want to be. -- perceived as as -- as -- even be in more races by the members of the community. And and a lot of the members of the community the people -- -- businesses and people -- dot -- looted their loved ones are hurt on this. And the community. And our community and he can't calculate can be his dog excluded from now he can't go to that still aren't and you've been at work. All right -- rob Brian I appreciate you voting in okay. -- -- All right and about a request that we lighten up the last hour and talk about the slate that's what you want. That's that's -- were -- but what will keep on both subjects open. 2601878668890. It's seventy Bob vigilant -- -- -- -- on WWL. I'm Bob Mitchell interest do let's go to JJ thank you for hanging on for so long -- you tonight. They're. All right action quicker. It is an -- it's really been a good night tonight. Yes yeah and you noticed that. Most people have been sensible and we've we've been able to have. A very honest and open discussion below anybody pointing the finger at each. Well you know -- than it -- what you -- here -- your basically. Cute too. Well actually if you will a situation where you've got. Oh well a lot of well thought mentality out the year in and sugar and that part of our population and you have the Moses militarization of police. They're its historical did you ever put extra warm. All you know -- for you know with. Especially well they're dealing with Jewish protesters particular. We're actually these images with the swat team -- -- Urged groups are out all the situation will start. In -- You know there's probably some people there are legitimately. Protesting the -- electors to. Well they are there many of them you're right absolutely. And then there's probably some people taking advantage of the situation. Because they have that part mentality in the water -- and and and kicked in the excuse to act out your -- they're angry aggression. They but then when you have people like Al Sharpton to say this young man was assassinated. And you know and the rumors that video. Well I -- like or that's all. That well. First about just deal with the initial answer we still don't know -- whole lot. Others there. -- the police file vault. Has been on the force for six years with any kind of complaint about turner. You know I'll just -- captured. All of anything like that. All he admits he did not go through that we know there are no records of the optional. Now. All young and you need to drop to walk out and in your ear cup and audio and you know they're they're truly chilling. You know how and will probably never really true. The whole story. All. You know it's either being you keep your argument or -- teachers. Peter you're gonna have once you overcome -- -- the other view and from somewhere in the development is going to be what really is you know perception it's. It's reality but it doesn't mean -- -- logic logic would tell me. That if I'd just robbed and he stool or. And they're -- -- and I've run into a police officer polite for stops millions of hey. You right there. Logic couldn't tell me oh I'm caught. Cannot drill our topic I think it got -- We're trying to get away. Or and in our hearts are. Pretty. That's. Happened everyday. That happened. Orders aren't everyday in the -- something like a worker now. You're out there. Where one shot Gilbert -- neo. Now -- -- soon after affection and all week. That that this should -- Roland. -- I just you know. Actually a lot of back you you know in the last you know 4050 years especially your inner cities and suburbs of leadership race. The -- ship dating caller may not -- All and that the streak relating to people are 121 patient and again the issue -- outlet out bulb. You know it's created at the cereal -- between the public in. Reduced criminal but the public and police could mean. I don't like get pulled over abruptly -- sir I'm pretty much a law abiding citizens in there and he got good pulled over police officers. Recently school why which pulled over and it's like in epic feel like they go after explained. To you what they're doing -- -- march. K -- you know I don't want to -- and I think the thing -- we need to be able to go back to where okay. Can't control the general population a little bit more and we trust the police -- a little bit more I think there's nobody. I think you bring up. A good point I think people in general are afraid of the police listen I I was pulled over. By the police. Because. I have a temporary license plate in in my back when -- okay now I had. The tag the real tag on my car I had just not remove the temporary -- so. The temporary -- had expired but I had my regular license plate. Art was pulled over and as I was why do I have the temporary tag in dissent. Gee officer on a a a a just forgot you know as you rightly Laura. And they treated me and I was afraid as oil. You know you're you know we better get this and I'm thinking to myself wait a minute you know at an aunt and I didn't know what was gonna happen. For a minute there boulder with a drag built the car and beat my -- Over the fact that. You forgot to remove corporate. Conscience stay -- the legal -- on the right well and that's a problem that I think. That's the other extreme we've got the dog bit you go to -- there's no doubt that we. You know we got her off probation for -- well you know an American. Is very difficult to deal. And that's what extreme tea and the public -- for them. But the situation of the police in -- you know Iraqi war -- You know saying what we're trained and that's in a foreign country in a war sure America is a bank job. You know I don't want -- to become bowl wardrobe but it's like. The captain -- would keep go. -- -- -- Well it's it's. Out of me and bombing would -- -- -- slightly but it. Up armored vehicles in our -- how police force an artist -- course you need for. Yeah I think -- the wall message to the general public is saying it. That you know we can stop people on it we meet you. Mean. All of their cheers for. I know that there's people in our should go there for trusting the particulate in joked that she should -- -- -- people troopers that are leading the computer. -- now -- -- there's got to -- and they're trying to do prosecute the luckiest people protesters or. But they don't stop the criminal outlook -- they are note that there are cops. -- Somewhere there they're -- -- there -- -- position then there are police officers. That. I honestly I think they're there are certain pressured to police and do the job. The right reasons but the duplicated in that position to have because the council articles. Sports where we are and that's what I think the good -- we've got to. We got to eliminate. People from eating in -- law enforcement. That feel like -- -- you'd rather save the world war they're the world has earned him something and they're gonna you know bird that you actually we ball countered. -- -- know -- coward that war in on the other small percentage. -- police shoppers are spending your. Lyrics like -- the general bill situation although where police department. -- of great concern to me and an -- in the other people prepared. We as law by shouldn't tell what -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All of them let me I need to move moment let me ask you on the line aside your saints fan. -- Drew Brees. Is going to be is back at practice. And plans to play against the -- how much do you think he should play a dead meaning that out for quite some time should be played just a couple series should play. Half should play more than I have all of its eggs and getting we get back in -- Well Drew Brees -- mobile. That in Q you'll -- all play out several product -- -- -- It ought to be pretty much -- body and he's probably a little bit more. You know but that's what -- -- and capture their reception you know. All he should yeah yeah block to figure -- trust him and that the -- doctors. Eight years ago he could probably play. All at least the first half it's not a little bit more troops. He got going against anybody else in the third treat you figured it got one more game and start the regular season. All. You know -- I think -- got a -- sort of you know we've shown in the doctors and let them make the right decisions I think it would be helpful for her to get to watch it. I get somebody other -- On your bigger your teammates could shoot a ago quarter and double speed and in training camp in scrimmage. They're not supposed to hurt your own team you know -- had -- heart the other players at the K but it's typically not. They're not as concerned about or somebody opposite Q well. -- would rather hurt them the nurture and team expected tape calling mark Wayne job be with you guys. We do have lines open so if you -- a -- in and take part of our conversation. It's 26017866889. LA it's evident. That's this don't show I'm Bob Mitchell WWL. I'm Bob Mitchell and almost cute show tonight and the rest of the -- two will be -- -- and of Angela hill. Who's on -- issue have been talking -- -- about the situation and for isn't mystery and we will. Continued to keep them on our talk tables will be taken to the -- but for those of view. It may be viewed him as something goes the little latter to talk about let's talk about the hour. But it's seventy project where opinion poll question Drew Brees is finally back at practice and plans to play against the colts. Now how much do you think he should play in preseason and played at all alone hasn't practiced quite some. Mean how much time to think -- to the need to get back in the root them -- things should be played half. A quarter. More than half. And if Jimmy Graham says he's not. Going to continue to dunk the ball over the goal -- to get those fifteen yard penalty but. If he does have from time and time with bush if we way opening game. You've -- he's been -- Atlanta if they. Are you going to be are upset -- thing that the does that. Let's on the -- will go to John and to John how are you. John you with. Me and my little. John. What about you John -- but how much should do bleed Drew Brees played. This weekend. Now fact apple gets up -- him -- so let them do the. And I say you don't think he needs time to warm up and -- -- tuned up. Now Larry let him being well as long as these in prime shape for the falcons at solitaire about. I believe dec -- will. He will. So I'm an -- big the John you know he's he's my show producer in board imclone writer he thinks that if it should be. Scores a touchdown against the falcons he's gonna dunk the ball over Google pulls what do you think. I certainly -- that man. Really wouldn't get them basketball. That put it on the laps -- and and it's absolutely. I mean. You -- -- would ask post it. Let him do it on the sideline with a lead -- fifteen yard penalties that's for sure. Though less and you know Peyton. -- -- -- So what do you think about the situation and Ferguson. True and I really do believe it's it's -- I do believe I ever happened. Like that trying. When the -- It's like nobody understands it but when it comes on the people get out of control them. The president needs to step they take control. -- Straight oh lead which one. He's got to stock I mean like straight no matter what the circumstances. He's got -- step and stop there. I mean that that that I don't know. Well the National Guard has been ordered in the president is sending the US attorney there. And of course what what they would every one does not want and and and I'm I'm not. I'm not putting the blame on anyone but when you have when you have a lot of these leaders. Saying that this that this young men. Was assassinated that he was that he was gunned down. But he was murdered men at the other people in the community when they hear their leaders say in things like that it's got upset them it's not to -- them -- you put probably you know you put yourself there -- issues that you'd think the same thing. I think the problem these comments that we got this man did -- Can figure out. -- another word he got to step and do it could be its basic it's basic just like a true. But we don't know we don't know at this point of this police officer really did anything wrong we don't know Vick committed a crime yet we don't know we don't have the faction. What day old legal people constantly. Has he had any but he hasn't been arrested. Very very. I don't believe they'd be -- needed to Jerusalem. Don't really community. Got to communicate with the public and say I do. Like doll. Morgan shall I mean substantial case I mean -- a lot of things that happen. -- America but right now if it -- present -- stir at army really came here today. We gonna do in the apple can do that dictate. I mean there's some. While the president spoke today and indeed he did say that he was against all this violence than it was against all these -- that these were people come in and from other neighborhoods are and -- he did say that we have to be careful about jumping the gun and that you know you are innocent until proven guilty and he said that if this police officer really did anything wrong then he should be are arrested but at this point. There and they don't have enough facts to arresting. And. Scholar Katrina I mean so many things happened so you wouldn't know. The president didn't. In a lot of people a lot of things but the president came in helicopters. Should. An eight -- week. So it's like right now. Our I don't remember the president coming to New Orleans for Katrina -- with a shooting. Maybe helicopter. But the president. Know that the president -- how come I got you a Wednesday. And then -- machine and. I think people. Were on Tuesday even more -- Kate yeah. If -- Honestly it doesn't matter if they knew it didn't care what being. I'll respect to where it witty and what's going on I believe that I believe exactly what I hostile and up and admit it. Unless they were right where they get Scotland and the other. On the matter and that people got to deal. The people -- the community. Who is an. Well look the bottom of the people in the community had done nothing to do with the shooting of of this man. And and they are the ones being hurt by the looters. Exactly. Well. If there was no. Yeah we do have to do. Well you're right about that I I've I appreciate your colleague John thank you so much. All right here's a text message do you really think this cop shop disguise six times for no reason. I guarantee you this cops feared for his life cop -- don't go around looking to shoot people do you really think that -- one and this to happen. Look at the character of these two people a couple of spotless record. Or Michael blow -- a thug with no job I do not know whether you have a job or not I'm just under reading this. Just wait till the facts come out and if if everyone could wait until the blacks. Come on and and that if some of these leaders and you know. I'm mostly the more I think about it the more I examine everything. I thought I I put moral les leaders believe they are the ones who was say in the this man was gunned down he was murdered he was assassinated. And we don't know anything like that. And put yourself and in and shoot like that where. If if you have if you have leaders and and people that. That that you respect and and and they are going around. Basically saying. That. That this business officer or this person is guilty this person got. Got got got murdered and got got got gunned down like like an animal you know we it it would rile you up to do. And I put more on them than anybody. All right well we will take a break and we'll come back with more your phone calls at 26 or 170. 866889087. AM Bob Mitchell and priests go to WW well Michael Mitchell in pursuit tonight we been talking about the situation in Ferguson Missouri couple of text messages and what happens if his hands were up and told to stop but he continued to approach the officer. After the prior struggle do you really think the officer would subject himself to another altercation. No I don't think so I think if the officer kept saying the Hulk Hulk Hulk and the officer felt threatened. Then protocol would be to shoot. What was the cop arrested him for in the first place -- noble the robbery from what I understand. That he and his friend were walking in the in the middle of the street. And the police were trying to get him to move on the street that's. From what I can remember I can't say a 100% sure but that's what I seem to remember. -- All right and today as Raymond. And Wayne and mark and Scott -- to be a big favorite I'd love to come to your right now but I'm a monotone and -- A lot of time and it. It's it's been a busy night and people -- hold on for quite some time but. I guess this is one of those nights where the subject is important enough people want to get their opinions out. And if you hold on we will get back to you right after the copy over the news on non W don't deal.

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