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8-18 The Scoot Show Bob Mitchell 11pm, Ferguson

Aug 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm Bob Mitchell in the Boris do tonight -- seventy party drag our opinion poll question. Saints quarterback drew breezes. Back at practice plans to play against the cultural much time. Should -- play in other words do you think since he's you know missed the games and missed the practice. On the he's practice. And wants and no problem month. How much time do you think he needs may -- of a -- water. -- anything drew those could not play at all and crank it up just for the Atlanta game. 26018786689. Only seven and of course where. Talked about you heard the news the situation in person was story. The president said today he's sending US attorney the US attorney there. Also a preliminary autopsy buckle -- and few more violent protest in forest and it showed the six foot four man was shot at least six times including twice in the head. A video was also released showing the police -- Darren Wilson after the shooting well probably in on the street pro Clinton. -- government indicts ordered the National Guard after police -- pre planned acts of aggression by protesters. Protesters shouted police. Threw Molotov cocktails of cops looted businesses currently coordinated attempt to block roads and overall in the police command center. What do you make of this very serious situation. In the heartland of America. And our police handling the protesters. Arm film more or less polluters to that the majority of the protesters have been peaceful some of but are they handling the majority. Of these people with kid gloves. Rather than an -- is not to be branded as racist. And are some of the leaders. In the black community. Fanning the flyer rather than truck. To put it out. Some of come out and said this needs to stop some have come out and said. We need to wait we need to get all the products we need to stop doing this this these would be peaceful. And others have done a lot of -- back to the opponent will go to Wayne and -- -- power you lane. Well look involved would put them all and. It's been a busy night tonight. That was him -- -- -- you don't. Hear about. Them being. -- -- -- -- I really don't think that -- these people down there leader. Activists. And fighters in sight. In sight raw inside and com. It is too little report last week and I was enemies. This all worked at least seven activist groups. Winter classic. But when you say these people who exactly are you talking about. I'm talking about anybody and it goes. To -- Life blight block. You'll make it says it's sorry -- comment. On -- on the people when people correctly. That very important. Around -- people controlled there. Opportunities for the -- and in the political ping put them -- you -- -- to do with what's going. It -- just. All put them stand on -- And house should be ruled out there and also directed the cut in the bottom. Well Al Al Sharpton was was you know accusing and in other words. The police officer according Al Sharpton was guilty Al Albert Albert -- -- Al became the judge jury in the executioner. Well ball you know -- a bit problematic is not that deep again but in what they want Ortiz it. Activist -- down there. But what -- Sharpton -- new. A lot in equipment. Out they had no business -- there and paid equal to play it you don't need. Expect of people go there to -- social on. It it it is. They be. -- agreement. Right now you know and -- these people need to. -- It similar but what I found is that you have on grieving family that that's looking for answers and we don't know what happened yet you have these groups say and you know you're right they killed your boy. They they slaughtered him -- they shutting down they executed him in and an agreed in famine also wanna hear that a grieving family wants the once the year bill let's let's let's wait and see what happens and let's let's look for justice that's what we're going. -- good all solid social and does not gonna happen to believe people. Get a way to let people. If a cult compound here and -- duty investigation well OK okay though they did it but. Well boy it is. -- need to back call had no respect for human being put them well. It really aggravate it could be that people walk or. The -- of the people that settle federal rate. I can't disagree with you going. You know it it is a shame that -- Don't do. Something did happen and an com. And Google and you know. Pony up respecting all. People that protect. Where you know me right. Simple now. North and that it can -- in some of these communities though the police have got to earn the respect of the community to. Absolutely absolutely accurate -- portal you'll approach shot on street two weeks ago. You know. And up here on. -- Don't -- pretty small town community. The apartment. And and and it and it just don't think really really out on. -- I I appreciate you calling in if we UN talk anything about those Drew Brees and how much time he should play this weekend. It. You mean you were. Like that like you -- or crop the it's gonna happen body. So he did it did not play and stop on the field in the Atlanta game and be a 100%. About 200. And for that -- and worked all. Egos football thank you did not cute dog be you. Thank you for calling in okay. Text message Bob good cops will be good cops to meet until they lose the brotherhood mentality and start giving up bad cops. Then I will trust them. All right I think this Ferguson thing is blown out of proportion. It seems like another race cars being pulled I agree. That the team should not have been shot let's and. And need to bark and Carrollton remarked. At you ready for the beginning of the season. Sure. I'm ready I got my own data. I'm I'm I'm -- I'm I'm kind of anxious to see. How drew is going to play against the colts because. I don't think he is Belmont and always practicing this week. And Newton may may -- we -- to see how great he really is how we can put the four all down for three weeks and it has picked it up but not loses that. You know no matter what it -- actually is. Go from 22. Out like maybe you. -- the real well and be happy with like this before I. Well you know. But you know if if you watch any of the other pre season games received lots of teams are or are getting. A penalties because. I was talking to somebody in a sports department today and they said that the that the officials are. Are deliberately in pre season calling in no more. Defense of the interference penalties and hopefully. When the season begins they'll back home. Well let me but I don't follow that can light up while cautioning that it went from fifteen to 22. I would Sean Payton got -- -- and I'd really like he's right sugarcoat their you know what does it starts. So what are your what do you think about the situation and Ferguson and what should be done. And unfortunately you are pretty open use and that the other. -- aren't -- walk out. Of the bed. And allegedly neighborhood. And I'm driving along windows nonstop polite yeah I'm sorry -- -- -- way out where. I'm not a it's Obama may I have via bit right now. Couple Eagles actually I'm afraid that. Have been on the other -- and why these people out there. -- what you airport you know. You know you got to take -- and went and he -- Uga. You know what they like wanna -- not shall. And then not professional. What did do you. At what that they can actually up. Legitimate. And always look approached them. And put it. Up by cops has been to oh that's what the and then the pol. Told you rescue. I can't you make it on the not caught check everything about you should. What it is they wanted to onto it and then like ego. Well I don't have that why should. You know that -- but I got at it like to read -- -- It's because action shall want ships -- -- and I don't know we don't know. But what we do know -- One -- was on and when was on his call I can't. I mean really wonderful right from a lot of thought to -- Anthony dropped away on a radio opt. I've got to -- is. Right. Kyra extradition extra. People aren't sure. That kind of I mean at the polling and spent a lot more. We and such is. Call the allegedly. Pretty female law that obstacle so I'm not at war. Chance confidential. Report is. -- group report that -- about it. And content toward. And that sale with -- you guys he'd. And then opened -- one. You know not only black people. -- -- Police brutality. It's going to be it's getting to the point where people aren't -- all people are actually -- The way the police treat each. And I don't wanna live in a country or should be well actually at the police and just like you do. It's bad at it it -- is released said you know and I'm. I'm the same way if if fly. If I stop at a a light all and and a and a cop pulled next to me I'm I'm I'm wondering you know. Is and I managed I'm just trying to be honest mind that it is he going to pull me over because he can. I -- Potentially. I'm on -- caused oddly. Obama jail and the Marshall has. You know Portugal and argued in the middle -- -- I'm an extreme that it lights on and a Romeo look. I want you registration group of insurance what do you do -- why did you elect baba -- At all. Yeah but they're not ultimately America you know I I I know several police -- Moses and they've been there are good honest hard working cops. Well that's great and so. That's -- good cops out there. But you know look -- don't -- be -- to -- and -- and I was in the cops call you up. They use these kinds of certain area as well. Well you know it's -- -- and shoot all the bad did it should we -- it on a gaggle. Have you any saying whether it straight -- -- what we have to. You know restrain ourself any any use deadly force that sort of call and -- like -- -- expected society is expected to carry the water and cops had to be the one that's as well you know much. Let's wait and see -- -- play much I'd give that benefit. And a new -- topic obsolete jail because we wanted to get in the -- Polytechnic trial. You're about sentinel is polite. All right mark I appreciate you -- OK let me read a couple of text messages this is concerning -- the he's right blacks have the leaders and I emblem. And here on the job -- -- are you kidding with Billy Bob you believe that last caller one main. You've got to be kidding me all the in just that African Americans and minorities. Have. Place -- the police and in the past and you gotta be kidding me well what he said was is that these groups who were going there and justice stir the pot. And and cause the looting and and and and and and just and make things worse and I I don't see anything wrong with say and that. And let's see what those two we have. Well we have a break and we'll take the break we'll come back to a Raymond Scott and Russell we have some phone lines open. If you take part in our discussion 260178668890870. Text me at 87870. There's a fan come into New Orleans -- WWL session tickets Andrew Lloyd Webber's. Epic and powerful musical Phantom of the Opera. Will transform the singer's agent of the shall we world below the Paris opera house don't have never seen. And may have to make -- the ghostly stuff. If you have a good love story on this broadway's longest running -- -- listen atomic to -- Friday between six and 10 AM postal music of the night -- W number call. And lucky number eight wins that's a pair of tickets to Phantom of the Opera at the -- Wednesday November 5 at 7:30 PM. Prize value will cool to 52 apparent gridlock from the station in love Broadway. WWL. A couple of things remember tickets go on sale Friday August 22. At 10 AM general -- Are -- right let's see if we can. -- to everybody before been that wouldn't Raman in a trio of Raymond. They took -- in WWL what your thoughts on the situation Ferguson. What about. You and it's obvious that. We've given points of view. Man -- to -- and so on Sunday. An important but buried in the fray and it is the role because basically it. And on the job and -- And it made medium. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And and and what is about to -- with Ferguson. Ever the duke players -- you. It does not apply equal players you know not equal. What does that have to do what happened and Ferguson. We'll tell -- -- what what does about the that would Ferguson Ferguson. A young man was shot by a police officer. And people -- looting there and when we were trying to figure eleventh so what does that have to do with Ferguson. Well a lot and -- that -- what does that have to do with that. Opponent and six. Because it would -- a. No they didn't say that and say that at all and enslave you was -- the store. You have your facts wrong but he we. Know the man robbed the store but it had nothing to do with Indian -- -- He was shot after he robbed the store but the police officer did know that even if you listen. Even if he robbed the store and he was walking down the street that still would not give the police solve for the right to shooting down even of even -- -- -- someone and he was walking down the street the police solves or would still have no right just open up and shoot the Q. Why it was a shot that's what we're trying to find out that he would what. What the police officer says is that the guy tried to take his gun and Ryan and all. -- it's a you're going to go you're the one who's who's trying to pre judge not made. Trying to bridge as. It and gone and the -- time ago and. And you don't think people of ever tried to do things the police officers but we don't know what would happen. But that has nothing do with you know you're upset because something happened you. Much -- -- And would you go on. You know nobody is they in any thing about that -- How how much more can I tell you that if this police officer gunned him down for no reason at all that's murder. -- but it I don't know. And it's all so you probably think deluding -- line though. It -- Not. Because. No one -- -- and he's gonna get a law. I'm gonna say good by the that you typically people wanna talk let's go to Russell Russell Howard you. He's just he's angry because he lost his job it's. We have made. You know. Like if they don't want -- -- queries. Should -- -- Among black and that -- where forty years ago a couple of months ago. -- we -- -- -- -- he has where. When we go to work Tibetans that when people -- -- -- away with tree curry. And indeed inequities all what you and I put that on the court. It out that outlet that I would no different than -- -- All of it these people. The life consider people and that it would be in. -- beautiful it is the site. Uncle father. Is now. Walk -- neighborhood. Community and it police. Do. -- -- -- -- and that the back out -- It yet. -- Well let's hope let's hope and pray. Then if that is the case in this situation that this cop gets arrested and convict. Merck -- that. What I did the peace in the limited. You didn't do that. So we. These should do it. -- -- Let let's let's just try to posters try to keep it all what would happen to your office. It everywhere. Wouldn't that it would. Well let's hope OK -- let's let's hope in this situation let's -- this situation if it is what is -- what what people think it is let's hope this guy. I'd get whatever as did he deserves let's let's hope if beat if let's hope -- he committed murder he gets convicted of murder. That means -- would be -- but that nick young and Obama -- all of them all -- Probably won't -- that -- been actively involved in the emirates they'll be on the very end to put that. Well you know Russell white people get killed soon. It. Good but your Norris. Outlets but you you used slave in the assassination you've proven this guy you've made the decision this topic is guilty. But. Don't. You believe that. We've. -- -- -- More -- you what more do you want me to say to say that if he kill -- If you look at the public and then not -- Well crime that's enough okay with articulate people talk to let's -- to -- -- Hi Kelly how are you. Well you look let's let's let's go ahead and and and and gets a -- -- I am sure that a lot of black people have been treated. Unfairly by police so I'm sure but a lot of black people fear police slow white white people clear and to but I can understand. The the black community probably fears them a lot more but what I wanna try to do in this situation tonight. Is try to keep it focused as much as we possibly can. On this particular situation and I'm hoping and writing that win in the facts come out. If this police officer did something wrong that he gets would ever -- a global association. About. -- I listened to you there shortly and our district can call it war mentioned. Was -- the and Indonesians. Protesting against those people. You went on to say. That had the leaders in why it would hear a oh -- I believe that pop idol pop idol I know. -- -- All the all you're doing when you make those kind of statements that can I didn't anger. I'm sorry the. None when I say it what are our what I say and is the fact that the unleash them had no I'm talking to you pulmonary. Well what what I said early on in the show is effect at the the police have had to be very very careful in handling this and and and and that because of what happened because a white police officer. Shot a a a black man that they are that they are giving the the looters a lot. More freedom than they would if that were shot in -- stock. EE if if if you watched any of the stuff on TV many of the shop owners said that the cops pretty much sat back and watch polluters -- because. They didn't wanna go win because if they had gone in. Because of what happened with the white police officers shooting a black man. Then people to start yelling racism and you know as well as do but that -- -- the world around real people like Al Sharpton -- always calling people racist all the time. So you truly believe that. It they won't like it -- -- I believe because of war we. Because because because because that would have been because politically with a built in have been politically correct it would have been all right they would have had nothing to fear they -- have a community that -- ready to explode. It's unfortunate. He a month maybe you -- -- will listen. At all kinds of patterns and very or I am white and black and. And killing an honest question on the -- -- In Oakland and here in the U. You know the individuals arguably can. -- -- And if and it would and wait wait and and -- -- last night what did you mean by those people and he said the people that are going there. Black white Perino currently are who we're going there to inflate the people. And and and and caused the -- let let me ask you a question that if you watched it from what I saw. The chart -- but I could be wrong but the majority of the looters if not 100% of them were blah why didn't the -- stop that. Why do you think the cops will allow them to go in those stores and include a -- Because there. It is what -- asking why do. What -- aren't -- -- the police why did the police allow them to -- because they knew that it would at that it would cause more damage if they would have gone in and gotten rough and wouldn't it it it might have made the whole community explode in May be more people have died so. -- Done differently at him like him because -- -- -- -- They would have done differently is your whole life. Because because it would not -- -- -- tell you that would not have been an explosive situation. Right. And they're all white it would it would have done. If they wouldn't have been that was right. Become our would -- about it -- it because it would have been Rachel that didn't like -- law. It's like a -- like cops would have gone in after a white man that wouldn't be right -- But it's again I'm. I'm not sure I would. I'm apple would never make decisions so I too sure on what you know could you are regularly. Yes. Yes today right let's go to friends and -- Google. Well at least a week we got through most of the show about the while the craziness going on. Yeah. -- have won -- first failure screen or your producer there a little little humor and danger. Well we got a lot of -- it was -- it would get a lot of people salute to say what you have to say okay. OK I don't problem is that dinar lost. That's. To that burglaries. Are to him that I'll just go to that. Other groups don't go through the first -- into the third quarter not -- -- -- gators time and down and every direction and not. But unusual to you know I appreciate the job judo and ago a lot of people -- actually -- not helpful -- All right let's go to a -- -- power -- Hold head. An explanation. For those credit should the police -- That the little -- Oh lord do. You've never. You never know what you're gonna how you're on the group formed a cute here in the heat of battle. Some of these pretty -- keep that in mind thank you. Thank you let's. Let's go to law author author how are you tonight. Did you I don't know lectures are how you don't. -- -- And it. Builds. OK that it's caught in the net this year or. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because the white meat department. One double for. You. And now. Against building it -- An -- but -- think deeply. Now -- There's a lot we don't there's a lot we don't know it in this whole situation. Not not on our ultimate -- all -- not that you're on the web -- but what. That's -- explicit threat because hitting it. It -- community. Indeed -- did it freaked out. -- -- -- -- All right a white right that that that in this group what what we don't know. Is we don't know if that is by choice or -- week we don't know if not a -- enough while the black. -- people. Applied for the job or or qualified that that that we don't know and that might lead that might be the biggest problem in that community right there. It might be and it I mean and what the bed Brett -- -- -- what you are. But he no practical unity at the leader got -- you know our. It again all that at all -- or at school -- -- you know it could -- it say it right. Well that's on the they have to investigate and find out why. Eat it and more people are there aren't that because it's -- I don't want to -- changed yet. Because there are. Are what young. The yeah. You all. Into it. Import export that it -- -- -- mean the -- somewhere -- pre K. -- did in 2014. And I think they lack all e-book and are you in again and get it right. You can beat them. Well they -- living on him like Al Sharpton say and was -- That he pretty much who called the the the police officer a murderer. And well and what. Yet you are. Yeah we would get bored but I mean demand. -- Barack. It now I. The -- debate. -- -- decade. Rule that our court ought to -- we need our man. I know that that they said they could not confirmed that. It. Are they be all right off are gonna go take a break I'll come right back in drop out of you more volatile get everybody before midnight. I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit on WW well let's go real quick and try to get everybody -- the disaster and Algiers -- is left. I I won't be long as well that are out in your demand callers in orbit for the last three days of watching Fox News report that Molotov cocktails corona police -- the net and bold letters court. Loads of people throwing Molotov cocktails. And that he -- yen and bullets were fired at the police is -- that once. Don't know. I don't know I've not I'm not seen any videotape on it I heard the bullets were fired at the cops I think one cop. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know you know a Molotov cocktail is a web yeah shot if I am right now in the street could be a big fire. But I think I think I kicked it may. Have happened. During the the the looting and allowed listing of some of the interviews. Some of the store owners and and they were talking in and you you can you could see people just looting and taking -- -- the stores and the and and they clearly -- the cops were just weren't doing anything about it. And as I would -- as I was trying to make is that. -- I think the cops can you imagine what would have happened. If the white cops wouldn't -- in -- polluters and let's just say you and just to create a scenario let's say the looters had guns and they would have been a shoot out. And and and white cops would have killed more black people at it would have the the whole -- community would go on won't explode. Yeah but it's very suspicious to accuse someone Molotov cocktails -- that didn't happen because that -- the sign of covering up Euro action on and he -- them. Responsibility to report it accurately and I have not seen one Molotov cocktail at -- what one neither of whose partners never stopped reporting it and -- Of people in letters based on that and the beat. Of people going. Molotov cocktails. That -- that's that in itself is is. And had a good Hannity it's. All that equipment so -- though it. Angered them -- cockpit open them. In right in the hole underneath. Well I've seen I've seen the looting I'm -- I'm seeing the on. I've seen people say. That this young man was assassinated. You know what you thought was really really are out of line. I've seen them yelling. War. The the mayor. To resign in the if I'm not if I'm not a snake and I I think. -- that I heard crouched handing the that they wanted this police officer killed. Well I do that bad enough and but it's still in the media has not a responsibility to report it accurately. And not just make it they go along I wanna see one Molotov cocktail. Before I believe anything on Fox News anything anymore. All right Jeff thank you call an end. Let's go to Jason Jason how are you tonight. They're about to program I'm doing fine. All right we had a couple of rough rounds in a for a -- -- okay. Are right now that I'm I'm content but you don't like bill on an intimate. Knowledge. What you are saying -- not for what part of the problem here the order was protected and don't look like. They understand what I eat though soul or the country and interest -- because like you -- -- -- -- once. A bigger. OJ so I'm just saying at the same time you looked at autopsy report. Would help enable and see where you it was a man. And you think these self wa property. Not open results when they're -- and they're not trying to shoot out. -- -- -- The -- to protect this right. And and so but. Austrian restaurant -- to do it in 2000. Saint -- -- and then read it segregated. Worse there -- but the white you didn't come to. -- -- -- -- -- beer here. A certain order and understand it the right order. Well Jason I've just been told and I'm totally totally all the time of a crime. I apologize okay. It's OK Bob -- -- All right thank you okay. Well that's at a bit about Bob Mitchell back on the show. By the -- the guy who was saying he'd had doubts in the -- the mold of cocktails neither by. I got a text message. Saying that it is all over the Internet so this week in a tricked out well. Before ago I'm gonna leave you with this. What is worse. -- and busted towards the team out of the house. You know like when your kid breaking curfew and things like that. What is worse than being busted for stick you know of the house. How about being shot by your own bed in the process. A deputy sheriff shot his teenage daughter after mistaking her for an intruder. And then he crashed his car as he rushed her to the hospital. Beliefs of Virginia's obstruction is to McDonald grabbed his gun. After his home security alarm while off about 3:30 in the morning. On scene a shadowy figure in his -- rugs she opened fire. Before realizing. It was his sixteen year old daughter returning home. After the you know early in the fifth at that. -- -- report gold would happen to be accomplished from Michael Brown that was rubbing the convenience store. Don't know but he is the one that told police that Michael Brown did the robbery. So maybe may be cup deal or something like that did and very very interesting show. I'll be back with you tomorrow night and the rest of this week through Thursday of course Friday. Is the saints game and all think that John for Meehan and studio producer entering the bone and -- On time in my breaks and reveals thank you John and thanks all of you for polian I'll see you tomorrow and -- -- WWL.

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