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Aug 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition WWL first news on this nineteenth of August 2014. Fair it is Tuesday -- better than Monday he a whole lot better so give you an animal. And making it through Monday and -- Tuesday one day closer. To the weekend and that third. Saints pre season game. -- threw three. Is expected to play the bulk of this. Powell and -- -- Third game they use that play into the second man that's right -- and on the last on the hardly play him at all if you know maybe like 10% if and the at all. We're gonna be good to see who administered breezes are not -- yeah well and sounds like he's doing pretty well practice. Will find out from Steve don't document what's gone on with practice today yesterday it'll rain shower just before practice and yeah saves that thing that I. And on practiced. And the heat and moved -- indoors. With the states Europe today and when fans can go -- plenty of heat today aren't you. I'm sure are dying to know what Nacional -- -- absolutely national day countered that come tells us today. August 19 that national aviation day power -- go for flight. National soft serve ice cream. Good he likes officer greatness. I went to a restaurant news. That is self -- -- and machine and -- the -- of going there is that the kids to make nice and you hear ya you do your own thing in -- -- on sadistic on an awful lot earlier in the day off -- -- there flames shooting out of the soft serve ice cream machine. With a big disappointment yeah. I would say Lisa rose soft -- it. Many many years ago I took my kids to restaurant that it's not in the had a big sign written curse of over the that soft serve. Well mine youngest and not really learn to -- -- yet and thought it said soft Steve. Saw Steve yes however cents -- right that's and it's the stay that way again to beat him off the -- on it. Those things we'll stay where if you if they will indeed that we have a new chief. Of the -- how about that you know about a month ago. A friend of mine called me who used to work in law enforcement at the causes all throughout the -- -- needed surpasses that on on these -- is on. And -- that that was true but it was a month ago I mean really a month ago and as Clancy Cuba is still do it this discussion. Apparently began with the second term. Mayor Landrieu now when he was elected into office for the second time there are already talking and then. About paid time finding -- chief. So. It's tough out is that typical all I'd just. I can't even imagine and and in fact and not that I had a a premonition. But even yesterday before we have this news something made me -- I think it was I was thinking about Ferguson. And then I was thinking about the crime fight here and then I thought about Ronald -- press and I thought. Who would want that job. You know like -- man perhaps off there are a lot of doubt in this world that you wonder who would you who would want they. That now and police chiefs in New Orleans I believe it is yeah jobs because. I think it is a largely. Thankless job it is -- job that. You're almost certain to fail only because you look at the 300 years history of this city. And violent crime has been a problem. From the beginning and a it's been one that no chief and mayor combination has been able to truly fix. In the three centuries out. Back to the pirates and before Newton so you know you're dealing with -- in impoverished. City. Buyer and Marge you're dealing with -- his history of crime. You're dealing with historically poor education. You're dealing with a lack of parenting. In many cases where kids are raising themselves are being raised by the other kids in the neighborhood or by siblings are really no. I mean you could stack up the challenges that you face trying to keep the city of new war island safe and reduce crime. And it's a tall -- Now it seems no matter what any chief. Implements. We have the same stuff over and over again the experts have told us for many years the police chief cannot make parents be parents. Police chief and mayor for that matter cannot fix the education system. Police chief -- that. Fix the poverty problem a police chief cannot fix the historic. Embedding of crime as a way of life. In the city of New Orleans so all of that being said facing all of those challenges. Together. Through. Whether it was implementation plans effective policing whatever was. This chief in this -- together did bring crime -- a thirty year low. I'm murder anyway meanwhile ya -- very I mean there are your love ice or there's really a long list of accomplishments. Made underserved pass if you will one and the current mayor but a lot of critics say is a long list of things he screwed up -- darn right and destroyed in a row and heard the about police officer's ability to earn. Significant live -- And -- a lot of griping. So the question I guess I have it is do you think -- was successful. As -- hopefully. That's a good gore was successful and to go out it's a good question he's gone he's gonna go teach at Loyola. And -- got a heck of a pension -- experiences and again a 140000 dollars for the rest of his life thank you. I guess in that respect. As miserable as the job is that's pretty decent I guess the teams pay for life after. Retirement. There are advantages to serving the public folks and for a lot of people joy of getting you know you did serve the -- Text creativity it's. I'm not. Saying that he was a victim -- thing you should boo -- over him I'm not saying any of that -- the scariest -- he was successful in a what is eight by eight. Clear definition difficult job -- -- 877. And I want to mice and talk about I -- -- -- because that was -- cut -- -- Sports with Steve -- your forecast right after this a lot of people taxi and it's mediate seventy -- that they don't feel bad for the achieve because he's gonna get between eleventh that eleven and 121000 dollars a month for the rest of his life. Now look at column but my question was has he been successful. One person -- today -- 7870. Not successful. Fell straight into the good Ole boys ways and didn't do enough internal reform. Those as the last good police chief we had with Richard Pennington didn't have ties -- -- world prior. -- ten year rights does that mean that you think department -- new police chief. Should be an outsider come in and -- should be some on up through the ranks and do you think that she was successful. Then you think this forecast this is excess. Very hot and very humid today actual -- about 93 but it's gonna feel more like 10210520. Factor and that moisture and not much the way your brain only at 20% chance for a downpour today. Overnight mostly clear and then back to a 20% rain chance for Wednesday and Thursday that means both -- the afternoons around 93. From the pinpoint forecast center and urologist -- tell. And 87%. Steve gal I can see you suggest to win saying she's a 103. It's gonna feel like between honored -- five and when you get on that. Turf out there at the -- deal with no shade. It gets even if feels even -- with the sun reflecting off the grass. Yet -- late. Then -- the players are looking forward to that as well dad have led to a lot of fans are disappointed the saints moved indoors the last many yesterday is that shower moved over. But I guess you're pretty happy to be in the eighth CNN but the Fed that players were -- Out definitely with walking outside after the rain it's kind of cleared up we're kind of surprised that they called it's overly but. Deathly left that muggy humid feeling outside and don't mind being in the indoor facility one day. Yet you don't want a practice football in a Sauna but nonetheless the saints again some guys back on the field and get ready for the third street. He's in the morning everyone on wall -- rookie Brandon cooks miss Monday's practice due to illness fellow receiver Kenny stills practiced fully for the street second straight day. As he's coming back from quad injury. Stills got -- -- warning in West Virginia and is trying to make up for lost time. There's a lot of team building and camp. You know getting in shape get the -- withdrew its. -- subtle -- I've been focusing their attention and -- -- -- you know felt comfortable. The saints are back on the practice field at 11 AM and it is open to the public weather permitting. Brown's head coach Mike Patton had hoped to name his regular season starting quarterback by today. But that was before Brian Hoyer and Johnnie -- and -- failed to impress during Cleveland's 2423. Loss to Washington on Monday Night Football. Porter was two for six with sixteen yards and five series -- -- completed just seven of his sixteen throws the 65 yards and a touchdown. -- football also raised the middle finger as he jogged away from the Washington sideline after a play late in the third quarter. So your words exchanged with me throughout the integrity of the game every game week after week and should have been smarter -- my football game and the cameras. We'll probably solidly army so does seem to be smarter roughed up. Steve Ballmer introduced himself to the LA clippers fans at a rally celebrating his ownership of the NBA team the former Microsoft CEO made his way through the crowd inside the Staples Center exchanging high fives and clapping furiously as he took the stage. Not gonna be stuck in the past -- moment for the future. And nobody should overall read a new. But I think if you're not being Bolger being timid in the LA clippers are gonna be bold. And defending champion Raphael Nadal has withdrawn from the upcoming US open because of an injured right wrist. The final Grand Slam event of the year starts next week in New York the 27 year old Spaniard was hurt July 29. While practicing and was told by the doctors that the next week because we are cast on his race for two or three weeks he'd hoped to be able to return in time for the opening. Therefore on sports talk the latest from day three of saints camp in Metairie. Including coach -- key players and analysis from our resident -- which early morning look at sports I'm Steve you know -- record. -- -- on Steve -- with you on your radio on this not Monday congratulations on away from him through Monday on Tuesday. So Kenny stills back that's good. We had been expecting terrorist bird back on the field that happen no insurance -- would just say he sooner than later hopefully today. Waiting on that so we haven't seen a lot of Champ -- haven't in a lot of there's bird but it breweries is back and Kenny stills -- back. Yet -- miss another one missing us there was brain and cokes and fourthly -- revealed that he did have some kind of stomach flu had a bit of a fever. I'm OK with that right exactly nothing physical I'd much rather he got all the some bad meat -- -- -- -- -- has got -- Miami. Then as any sort of physical injury that won't -- it's -- health you know quickly. -- also keep -- Lewis was at practice on Sunday evening but Monday. All of -- would say for him was that he was going through some rehab he did seem to injure his foot in the the pre season contest against the titans. Talked to in about fifteen now I'm twenty minutes or sports here at WWL Steve -- thank her for that update. I'm -- going to read text messages coming up -- wrong with people's right around the corner and look at your forecast right after the -- -- and it's indicates that it isn't so tired of hearing out talk about other saints after practice in the indeed. I work in it six days a week and don't make anything close to them. Point well taken and you'll have more of that heat today. Warming up with that sunshine today and plenty of it out they are only a 20% chance for a stray storm today but where they develop. They may be on the strong side highs around 93 for your Tuesday. And highs around 93 for Wednesday and Thursday with both afternoon's rain chances that 20%. For the pinpoint forecast Fenner and he -- Islamabad itself. -- at the according tanner 81 in -- humidity 87%. Little south breeze three to seven miles an hour and Dave Cohen thank you for being a part of your early edition of WW well prisoners about -- and an 87810 races. Who pays the police -- -- 140000 dollars -- rest of his life. What you did if the taxpayer funded pension fund that will pay Yemen as part of his deal when he took the job. 528. Happy to. 36 and. Minutes after 5 AM call the early edition WW golfers and that the name -- on Tuesday. On August off the nineteenth we'll call it 24 to you called it everything act called it just right now. Tuesday two and a month. I liked -- because we need to recognize an -- knowledge are. Success in making it through my thing and I felt like it was a Monday and every worry you have gone stupor Monday for me -- it's you know the rear view mirror you don't want your mind completely melt -- moaning about it on -- haven't they about -- remember since we mentioned earlier in the national softer it's. I like this world. Golf year round like chocolate Vanilla mix mix -- -- yeah outages were yogurt or ice cream if you if you have the choice -- the of the -- machine yogurt and you know that's that's tough. For me these days because I've gone over our economy yogurt switch. Recent years you on -- -- it could do that you've gone over to the its. -- That's good pattern I'm. Good chunk of the -- store. No yeah no matter what -- can do that but I'm just old fashioned out if when it comes off their artistic you know yeah -- And do you like to go round and -- and rounded up and down up down up and down when you put the right treatment that can come around and round and he pretty good at that yeah their never -- over collapses. On almost say never voted for. -- seriously you're taking it. Yeah I've made a switch to -- I don't sing over it now. The racers to Larry series I used about -- -- in series. Stops its special day can -- or. What would you do if you crash your car into a parked car. And then making it matters stuck there. Well is you who are a woman named Heidi joke Latin draw. From Altoona Pennsylvania well it is thirty feet up on the dashboard and starts hanging. And feet on the dashboard starts. At this article doesn't tell me if the radio was still working and she was singing the radio and but police say witnesses heard. A central Pennsylvania woman singing. After she crashed into a parked car. Policing neighbors heard loud music locate him -- in the radio is playing duke coming from the car the 26 year old Heidi joke box. And just scratched out and she was stock. Yet while -- is that it isn't feeling. Where two witnesses told police they saw her singing in the front seat of the car with her feet propped up on the dashboard. Police say she ran away after witnesses took her keys but she was found a short distance away and she is also found to be. All. Year out that's when -- -- a one week after they wrap your feet up on the dashboards and you won't not too. An ax car and -- -- is saying. The Scottish. Or. Let's maggots on -- -- I'm always worried about those folks in Altoona Wisconsin that's another story -- about an here's the -- She had this happen -- this month she had been arrested in June for. Drunk driver yeah to see was well seasoned. Drivers. You -- -- the judges count pregnancy and looking this and you were singing record and what the article tells what she. What's the audio it. Along the radio I sit along the -- that night if I crashed my car. They'll think at -- thing you know putting your field -- the direction -- Chela. But growth. There you go -- of course you know what this means that she lands in May job. People -- -- -- and thank you David attracted twenty minutes more person is Chris Miller joins us with more on this report that more people of Louisiana. Have a jobs than ever. Before. More than ever ever ever 12 million people employed that means that. And the job force is growing in the state more progress on that plus one of those guys that while we have more people on whatever report. Fewer people than ever apparently are saving for retirement they end. Let's go to the median read at WW LTV pinpoint forecast and it's a good -- game Tuesday as it works. I. I want to congratulate you. -- getting it through Monday oh -- giving pat on the back -- don't hear it is the worst back to that quick. That way you can. Well you probably I would do it every year Ari rats Ari you. -- and you. You -- that's your hatred for Tuesday many times. -- -- -- -- I broke down -- like. -- -- tried entering. And it says it is Geithner on top Ralph I died and I went off -- gone not -- reckoned. It. Kathy I don't like coffee in the morning act and act mean. It was one thing. I'll ask you two day catch up these children on the back that's going to be all right well I'll gradually event tomorrow. Or surviving Tuesday. In the meantime we'll all deal with the heat. -- hide the fact. That. I am not -- break from either in a couple of thunderstorms in the afternoons although I think we thought better chance yesterday. And what will have today reached -- down even further to just 20%. Actually keep eyes. Ninety read through the rest of the work week and -- 94 for Saturday and Sunday. And had a lot of rain even through the weekend now you know you a couple of -- or is -- your New Orleans seems to be one of the spots -- -- position we -- -- ultimately north of the -- We seem to be one of those areas that get the thunderstorm development not a lot out there for the next authorities and I today you know folks it's pretty simple 93 then 94 -- little shot -- showers otherwise humid muggy and just. Downright uncomfortable and cut through the rest of August get as close -- September but they get close to September but the good news is when a word about any topic it is too little ways that we talked about yesterday near the central Atlantic both have a little chance of development right now that. Just an area watch the -- that kind of Atlantic season where we look off the coast of Africa that right now. Concern gadget you know that today is national softer might mean that it. We let me today is national soft serve ice he's the author at least at a -- -- -- -- up -- I'll have my -- -- there is nothing worse than putting hot cold ice in my hot plate right now not bowl yet. Especially you lot have to get my high. Alamos with ice cream on the side that -- day for and I definitely have the slate dot yeah right part that doesn't work either. Snow and ice officer writes for. Yes well so if you had a choice right now you -- pick any thoughts -- -- machine what flavors coming out of it world chocolate and -- world and indeed. Aren't they get chocolate analysts were mad -- -- wrong this club yet got -- -- that it. I know it -- he has -- a break down at. Applicant for -- -- -- -- had -- that every and it's important you know swirling I -- that -- these -- as much quality of may we need to set that every it is soft serve ice cream machine and pinpoint forecast to do that well let me I'll I'll make a phone call. I don't think -- be any good economic equality pay at least try deal like giraffes. Who doesn't like to wrap it up you wanna go play with the drafts plea -- that. Are they leave no they're not as one woman in Madison Wisconsin find it found out hot but then. She shared there to have California woman was visiting Madison Wisconsin at the zoo and decided that she was gonna hop the fence and go. Chill with the giraffes frolic with a two -- 24 year old Amanda hall. Jumped into the Kennedy and closure according to cops. Over a fence. And ask Nicholas have math and turn it turned out real nice at first. The zoo the zoo staff told -- that one of the -- The two year old twelve foot tall giraffe named Wally. -- down. Here. Both talent that's in the water and it. Eloquently about might like -- rise right then the draft turned around and picture and ahead. Set her up -- right in the bank and buried her closer yet they say they drafts are actually are capable of killing lie eons with a kick out of a woman was fortunate that area. Are not life threatening. He has been charged with harassment of zoo animals and we'll have to pay -- pay a fine of 686. And -- Ordinary I think that those that might. Feeling of what they would be life line and I just and kind not only just kind of while Koran eat the leaves off the trees. You know that well they they and a -- themselves in government lions trying to eat it of their health threat inside that to pick anything that threatens. But they'll get behind it to perhaps that's why for more than one reason I think that campaign because addressed pretty tall and -- stuff fall guy rapids. You're not a good idea. For the -- -- -- -- yeah on the Stanley -- I'll look at compromise that yet keep out of the enclosure it's -- -- latest -- say that while she told -- -- -- Perhaps. Why do you do exit and like I wonder if she still likes her success kind of a different impression that overall the lack. And I had -- -- -- by turning its back navy -- to the head punish occurred there right you know right my debt like maybe Nazis to stay out of it. Zoo enclosure is just admired them on the attraction at -- learned a lesson but I do know that she belongs it me. -- people file. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pinpoint forecast this year or about tone of regret by forty seven's sports Steve Geller next. I'm 51 person next and it's 77 nieces my breakfast of champions is an issue big high and our troops here trying to -- and add them in a while. In the breakfast of champions -- but now -- soft serve ice cream and it Diet Coke Ron Amadon if you could have -- -- I -- right now talk like Vanilla swirl are. You want to -- exotic flavor. I've been really love in -- king Barry they have a salty Kara Mel. Felt -- yogurt yes. I'm going with that but at nationals off of ice cream. Officer yogurt ice cream I think we can let it slide that some people don't admit they know the difference -- -- -- -- and others. Not the other case so much alike. Sports time clock to reach a -- to a -- make -- -- good. You surmised about a tent -- that if it. For sure good morning everyone. What market nerves and made it seems to ignite saints' fans as the former Heisman Trophy winner has lived up to expectations. For his first three years in New Orleans. Ingram has looked more confident heading into this season though and many wonder though if that's because he'll be a free agent at season's end. I think he moved over exaggerated I mean you know sport and obviously but every is important just say this year is not put more emphasis on this year. Then past thirty years -- because my country here is ridiculous. You can see -- in the states on the practice field at 11 AM today fans are permitted to attend weather permitting. Johnny -- they'll struggle to hit open receivers and added another gesture to his repertoire in the Cleveland Browns 2423. Loss to the Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football. Means they'll completed just seven of sixteen passes for 65 yards and a touchdown. Now I'm pretty hard on myself I don't think I did a very good job I think there's a lot of room for me to improve. On -- -- I was sort of had back -- football didn't complete a middle finger to the Washington sideline as he jogged away late in the third quarter. Meanwhile Brian Hoyer also had a bad night going two for six for sixteen yards. It's a new era for the LA clippers -- the team owner new team owner Steve Ballmer rallied around thousands of diehard fans an event at the staples senator. And enthusiastic -- promised to bring NBA titles to a franchise that -- seem more its fair share of down seasons during Donald Sterling is ownership. Clippers head coach Doc Rivers also talked about striving to bring home a title. Really look at last year as the first step. Took gore to where we wanna go through and there's only one voice -- can go to and this morning. And could be some bad news for the Buckeyes Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller reportedly re injured his right throwing shoulder during practice. The senior underwent minor surgery on that shoulder February -- the team had been moving him along slow leak in his recovery. Today a court sports talk the latest from day three of saints camp in Metairie including coach Payton key players and analysis from our residents rose. -- -- early morning look at sportsline Steve Geller I've integrated on Steve -- with -- on your radius. Oh Drew -- looking good now that he's got a couple practices under his belt and get ready for senate breeze isn't -- yet -- looking forward to seeing him getting a little bit of action we'll see how much. You know. Reps he ends up getting in Saturday's game to fully expect him to be ago. And Kenny stills also mentioned that he plans on playing Saturday to he just came. In his second consecutive practice after missing most of campus quad injury. The -- is looking sharp in practice even though he missed a couple of weeks yeah it's timing is is you -- as could be expected he's been and you know getting our -- with his receivers. So -- few more drops than maybe we normally would seem -- couple day gadgets. Vividly remember one overthrown pass on Sunday his first pass of the day was he overthrew -- too but other than that. Reason Brees looked sharp he's someone he's been money he is trooper in exactly he's Steve -- talked. Entertainment -- -- WW one person -- -- 7870. Thanks Dave now I'm craving soft serve chocolate dipped soft serve ice Graeme. Daddy you dividend that Stephanie comes out with a crunchy hard -- But got to start to eat the softer rights advocates now -- because every -- it cracks in the stuff starts fallen off. But that's the price I'm on the forecast -- -- -- an 81 it. Here downtown at the lake front and didn't slide down. 90% relative humidity and not much robberies. On a soccer. He's coming on now I yelled why don't think it's contagious you may be off. Not gone low of zero Manama I love getting up in the morning is big enough. You have get I loved being up 21 ratio Nolan what's going on. Bona cloud goes up 315. Now you know the real litmus and I can make you a south -- income right now for every. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Chocolate and Vanilla is like a test of aggressively beating guys went -- -- only -- -- -- On Vanilla no I don't -- -- with no I don't like it is -- well. Colombo. What ethnic war has -- -- -- not much of an ice cream actually by the collection and at the Romeo. And -- offending music that just. Not much meat especially officer is weekly serving openly in the machines you know and on that please let me -- places where they have their own seltzer and yeah it would in my right up to this figure like you know -- This thing -- recruitment that. The big thing again out of date seltzer. You look at the Pulitzer yeah. I don't like other people touch in the stuff with the bombings and -- -- -- an excellent one that have a great not Monday.

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