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8-19 6:15am Tommy, NOPD changes

Aug 19, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. John Penny, a criminologist at SUNO, and Donovan Liviccari, a spokesman for the Fraternal Order of Police, about Ronal Serpas's retirement

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Ever had a -- stock you. I had a cat go after me when I was a kid. And to sign these casts and in fact once from on lady in a -- yeah. Yeah and they chase -- and they were after my bare feet and scared did I ended up on top of the kitchen table team trying to get away from him. Well as what happened last night -- and Betsy the boxer who is about five months old -- and in a transitional phase which he has some -- And then not anti disease so I'm going to -- -- still don't know how you're stuck with that dog and another -- are so I'm. Marketed owner's cat that crosses the street and it happens in the dog looks better and and wants to go play you know Austrians -- the Les Miles. She -- on -- so than it had apparently gets angry. And starts following us and housing and scratching aren't going -- So close that I had to finally kick it away yet in actually touch that cat yeah -- my foot did try to back it off. Can't continue to follow us for like. Literally a quarter of a mile maybe a half a mile I'm throwing newspapers that it and I confined just to get it to narrow -- that's kind of scary -- dogs cats from hell finally had to get. Of flag from one of the neighbors yards and if you haven't -- -- and he had a flag Manson when these little wooden flags it's me I'm sorry. -- uses a stick and finally the third newspaper through edited backed off and ran under car. And and look into it I'm not trying to start a debate here. If that dog had been fully grown with a full senate -- -- after about an eighth of a mile that a problem would let nature take its scores. Maybe the cats -- status fixation on your -- elect and governor play. It had -- knowledge that's rightly says I was snarled morning and everything else. I'm of this candidate rabies and it's like when those are real moments where you're running chemistry with the dog trying to get away from it at act. I'm outfielders and happens -- it means freaked me out. Our sock cap trying to get away from our rat. In uptown New Orleans 1 morning -- was interesting to watch. Did this on the same size action the cat and a rat you out. Theresa and -- doing very well to having worked at a grain elevator with some of those -- -- all. I would not. I wouldn't trust of people glances -- I wouldn't bet on that match at all main. Yes and Hungary and defense -- so creatures that are roaming around what's it as a real lot of creatures from -- matches in his office. Talked about. Talk about chief surpass it's been a lot of time on. Com. Which -- a chief from outside the current accidental PD or. In this that'd be somebody with outside perspective did change the culture of NO PD. Qualities in new superintendent -- man. And bottom line is -- PD better or worse than when Ronald surpassed ago supported talked. About. In the first and we're talking about his crime challenges of the new interim chief chances of him becoming. The permanent chief. And oh has spent a lot of time on -- it is any counseling you know a lot of people didn't notice but as of the week or two ago they were. They had five votes they had the votes to terminate the police chiefs and political compromise. -- the mayor -- out now blitzes. And they they want a different direction so I really wanna talk to current officers really wanna talk to former LPD officers. And you call in we'll give you an anonymous named Jordan feature them off of great four presidents. Former presidents today's season history majors -- commodity from the University of Alabama and -- be completely anonymous wouldn't like to hear your feelings. On -- -- so called retirement and do you think you're new -- on she'd come from outside the ranks of NO PD. Or strategies. Money and its promoted from within hours into the city they -- department etc. And what kind of the person. They're gonna end up with it if they go outside and find somebody you know you're -- task master and there that's really. Crack and those officers. Or a laid back kind of guy I don't know man it's a job -- I just can't even imagine. And that's the other thing evaluate Ronald service performance -- LTD better or worse now they took over ours since he took over Tommy Tucker like coming up led UNS. Tuesday morning evidently well. I Tommy suckered evidently you glad you -- this morning 618. And is behind -- for this August 19. Partly cloudy hot -- 20% chance rise elated showers and thunderstorms highs around 93. Feel like a 10210. Has to be that late tomorrow and it's going to be that way Thursday through Sunday. -- eighty degrees we're talking about the resignation. Chief Ronald service has not ready jaguar opinion poll asking you should the new chief come from within their ranks are outside the department. As it stands now 100%. Are saying outside the department and if you feel that way above to hear from yet. At 2601870. Totals 3866. In 89087. We're joined -- by a friend of -- that John penny a criminologist at southern university in loans morning doctor panning. Tell me your sides when you heard about the resignation. Of Ronald service. Well. I. There. The timing game either -- here and they're not. Public knowledge. But there barter their commentary. That people in the wall you sit there and look -- to a time where. The -- He thought it would com and that it can't say. The department. Opened to a different power. We need. We need to ship where we got to port where many of the things that have been talked about -- The changes that have been brought up about -- not come to reaction. So week. Sometimes what unique obviously when you have. A certain. Man you're. Even football you'd he may -- -- to get yours do playoffs that you need to go to shipped to. Win. What kind of changes or would you join keep the coach analogy on what what do we would -- does the new coach has to bring in and what would be the end result how would you. You equate. Change enough to be a championship. Well I think right though what New Orleans needs two. The -- real part of what was. That it but it. We need to promote proactive kind of the Clinton. The new management he succumbed to what. What -- great managerial skills. Great leadership skills and great people skill that will allow. People to. Such a -- and get people the -- -- June. Changed the culture of the world against violence that chiller in the the blood that is being built in the street. We need to look to someone who could look perhaps -- it's where -- which the put it all well marketed to but he beat around the operation. But put it chew. Program that would impact unequivocal way that -- has not been done and then recent. There's a race of the new chief matter. -- I don't think. I don't think it would have mattered as much. And so under the law bars and trade it. Of the sale and import -- aren't designed for the collar -- -- that they. Whether it happened recently. It was Hillary. Others -- the U and they and I think people look at the fact. You have to have caught tool sensitivity. You're going to be able to lead a police force police department. Effective only hours police department. Thank you doctor penny appreciate your time is always well Margaret are. You have a good day package campaigning criminologist at southern university new lawns and you heard him talk about that the timing of this with the events that are going on and Ferguson Missouri says. But it also put that out there as well do you think it matters if the new chief is wider than new chief is black or is it all about. The root of the requirement the -- the attributes that that the person hands. And can anybody from outside really change the culture of NOT Deanna and then also like to hear from me NT six -- 187 in. Toll free 8668890. Aids money to tell me what you perceive the culture of NO PD. To be. Right now six -- three timely -- traffic and for that we go to Terrell Robinson. This city in this police department is in. Much much better shape. Today than it was four years ago. And I thank you for your continued service I've enjoyed working with you -- wanna thank you for being with us and -- wish you well I -- your retirement. Mayor Landrieu yesterday talking about Ronald service has retirement he leaves with I think it's an 111000 dollar a month. -- Around that area to Tony for years of service with NO TDs -- encountered from before and many years as chief the different pay rates etc. And we're talking about. What qualities you look and born in new police chief would would he or she had to be white or black. Who would you want a male or female -- it'd be better if the the chief came from inside or outside of the department -- Baton Rouge morning on -- WL. -- -- -- I don't think Nadal. But should actually color of him. All matter of June it would matter the Obama probability. And it gently deal and it's not all it'll be the -- leadership. And could tell by worries. That they're. Happening in law. Is one of the bigger owners bought out by it. So is the ability. Where we ought to be a problem at all the result. Column order to -- And also to order. Not there to protect protect protect and -- or. But it does -- that comes in and says. You could have Jesus -- the -- in Nolan the stupidity and lack of education of the community doing 90% of the crime would say Jesus is the reason my child killed. Another child. Did do you think it really matters and un chief is and is there anything to whomever it is -- black male female. Did that they can actually make an impact on crime are they just. You know at this point trying to keep the walls from -- and and. Apartment like chemical. Could trade treaty. All of one arm drop in particular. Want -- And now. It is not is not that way it took you out of their tolerance attitude in the would have built tolerant attitude going. -- -- -- Shouldn't our map does all of you know all the -- what do you first of art department people that shouldn't. Blow. Idle -- 00. -- And was -- could be -- will. Jeter just up there I don't date the government to cull all the because what's the one little. -- -- So I don't believe it. Out the work and -- The longer the leader -- political cold cold also sort of flow of social accountable but actually. Thank you when we got to move on a news appreciate you taking time nickel and in Atlanta talking about it is it is the culture of NO PD so many times we hear that phrase used. Does it mean. He calls when we come back right now time for -- WL first news. That would go to David David continuing a conversation about -- or Anderson who should be the new police chief in new wall and should be a man woman. White black. Should be a strict disciplinarian. Somebody to be feared. Yeah -- laid back kind of guy like elected didn't carry out the coaches analogy from doctor penny. Do you wanna players' coach do you wanna and office's chief where do you want somebody that's a real. Majors and test man's yacht you know and another question is. When it comes to -- the culture of NO PD what exactly is that. And what needs be done to change it can you change it with an insider. And an outsider's game. And I think the other question is. One. Is any it is gonna -- any effect on crime. Dollars to make people wanna join the NO PD where they don't now. And and tell you this regular teaser coming up at 710. I will tell you. Scientifically. Why. Clyde and -- ply. The saints should never hold another -- to a practice. In this pre season. Tell you why we are right here and there's -- an -- is based on science I vetted as what a bit. Italian. Guy out and Kevin Wallace good morning how you doing your on -- at W. -- -- -- Are I'll call it -- comment -- yes she sure will -- as adults we do that. What do you perceive the culture of NO PD to be. I think it is on the real -- since they had the does the love problem indeed the consent decree. Yeah it that the consent decree. There. And the Soviet -- del -- called it that we long term that was extremely brutal. And you know about issues in the fourth. I think it -- China that is. And you -- -- the credit a lot to juggle around. A long history of a lot of issues within four. -- are -- Spina consent decree before he -- you point it before I forget you think the new chief really has that much operating room since. The sensor or this document is basically telling him her what they have to do. -- -- The -- decree was because things were being down law. Like -- tenement at column about the Chemical Ali and maybe compared policemen. Don't -- certain things lightly. As a way to do things in the PP is obligated to act consistently -- model. Like twelve but I think your way PO -- I think a lot of all of -- before they need in the would be could change and couldn't do. In. That it was confused I think -- that it well. I think a lot of things that follows current MP. Some corporate firm measures should be put in place. Is to that this reacted. To a crime map that happen. There's a lot of things that indeed and I think it was -- through -- figure out direction and -- Within the department or outside does -- matter. It doesn't matter of me personally what they do white black female law. -- -- -- But but within the department now promoted was from was in or you got to get somebody from outside. Up from either going to -- this whole purpose somebody from outside they got to understand a lot about the -- -- -- culture. Before. They understand about. You know this war about you know creepy because we do things a lot different. Kevin I think I think you made a lot of good points and led to take the time McAuliffe thank you for that because. That's that's the conundrum Mets in the hire somebody from outside think NN okay. -- don't have any friends on the force did didn't go through the ranks with anybody either so they can be no favoritism. We're gonna have a set of rules and to follow them equally for everybody but then again they've done a lot about new loans -- Colin you know to think 642. Eighteen before seven Tommy Tucker back in a flash and evidently you. 64713. Before a 780 degrees to be very very hot today as you would expect for August 19. Tommy Tucker talking about the arm that this search for the new police chief. Ronald surpass retiring Donovan -- Kerry joins us right now friends spokesman for the fraternal order of police morning diamond. -- -- Tell me from your initial reaction when you heard this and do what are the rank and file officers saying what are they looking for in a new superintendent. I outlet strives -- you know Tuesday. I've been. But he figured that it was common at some point in the row of your future -- Nobody -- expecting -- -- Com. I think the people who generally upbeat about the year possibility of our improved to work sessions which for and so. Little or decision -- -- changed and admitted to have to make. What specific things would you like to see. Given the constraints of the consent decree. Well you know we all understand that the here at this point so it's greater speed implemented but epic that -- Europe also just want people to hook it. It's. It's the way that it turned to hear it in implemented as much as what's actually thought about it. You know it's -- and it's delivered to the importance that they need to know that there are important to you as opposed to repeat target of the so great. He didn't do the offices feel as though. It was they consent decree and Ronald surpass against -- and and the opposite. -- -- Duplicate people -- that worries. And it doesn't need to be either that way that their consent and really has. There's very little do these that individual men and women accomplished. So when he comes as selecting a new chief did do you think. Panel flop should have. And believe there's a black offices organization as well should there be. A. A seat at the table for them or at least their concerns addressed in terms of what they're looking for. Well I do think there's that. Things tend to go smoother. When you have an import from. That represented organization political career. I think that they've. It generally at all or viewpoint bit ago that that isn't necessarily considered. But folks from the outside and. You think you really will let viewpoint be considered at all. Well that means he's saying. You know we tried to do that would be. Negotiated negotiation consent agreement to work overload. And. Dragged you in terms of hiring from inside -- side. Who would do with the rank and file prefer. Somebody to rise from within the current ranks of LTD. As opposed to coming in from outside. And we do what do what in the offices out of the offices feel generally about the interim superintendent Michael Harrison. I think that. There are when you qualify losses that currently works well in the world was -- You know who would be able to hold that position and succeed -- Our assortment. You know it it certainly should be considered. Com. Ball bounces just want somebody who's going to comment and then and to a good job and right by them in by the people's. Did the officers feel under Ronald served -- that he never ever had their backs and it was just the opposite he was always trying to catch him in something. I do think that they felt that way. Well it was right or wrong. But stupid but ultimately that message that the leader. Right -- does it matter and that we had a criminologist on before John penny that talked about hiring the new chief given the timing of the events and partisanship that have anything to do this at all. You know I think that. The mayor has to do what's right or are his apartment so it warms up and took these events and first problem. Our interest in to take in the consideration. Problem. I think that we have to -- We -- we certainly have to work on. Make sure that we can back smartest human relations between pleased for them in the in the community. They -- Donovan routed time though we to I'm sure will talk to Reagan's -- effect is a slow process unfolds -- a great day. You bet Donovan with a Kerry's spokesman for the fraternal order of police -- continued talking about this most of this morning about. You know as it comes a new chief this is a huge decision. For the main area it's a huge decision it's gonna affect the city. And I would like you did tell me do you think if you ran in charge of selecting the new chief does race matter as gender matter. I think one of the bigger questions is should it come from the new chief should they come from within the you know PD a completely outside. Because. If somebody comes from outside. Like chief Pennington did he has no friends on the force he has no allies he didn't rise to areas because of a -- from this one favor from that one. He did something for somebody Els. And I think somebody from outside can be. Completely and totally impartial when they come in new slate clean slate this the way it's going to be. Al bank UNT game any reason not to as opposed to any kind of favoritism thing goes on but I can see the other side of it to where. You get somebody from outside they come in and it really know about money -- And then they have a choice either being led through it by a subordinate and or. To have taken it upon themselves and and maybe mess in the Nazi to -- -- and to think 653. Seven before seven time -- traffic and that would go to Terrell routes. I Tommy Tucker talking about Ronald -- -- -- who was Euro what do you think was best police chief new Holland's -- hand in retirement that during the break and couldn't fill in the gap between. Eddie compass. And Ronald -- and did some date and of course it was a Warren Riley and I can remember some. Some trouble in Garland and Warren Riley had after the evacuation of goose I think it was there. And it was -- yes so I don't like to forget that but it did we do what do you look at Florida new police chief what is the culture of an LPD. And does it matter -- about what's gone on in Ferguson as it relates to was their decision it's gonna affect new loans for years and years after. The Ferguson situations over umi call we come back at lived -- for -- and I'll also tell you what the saints should never hold another outdoor practice this season. In my -- humble opinion.

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