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8-19 7:10am Tommy, hunt for the new NOPD Chief

Aug 19, 2014|

Tommy talks to Craig Miller, the Dallas ISD Police Chief and former Deputy Chief of the Dallas Police Department, about what makes a good police chief

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'd David Blake before we went to the outbreak -- -- after your last news I told you I was going to tell you lying. IA NAM. My humble opinion oh in in my humble 08 -- opinion RI. Why the saints should never practice outside again this pre season with all due apologies to the fans but why they should be. In the endorphins. -- -- -- Engineering minds to. And above. Algebra mind just being harmed. But that's a good biology early on when it clear that up although if you wanna have a biological discussion on on your own please feel free to just on during class. I'd so when you practice in the heat and humidity. I think it kind of takes your legs out from Monday it takes -- something out and keeps you from being able as much work. Get as much work innings you can't okay working on -- now -- are tired you get tired it's miserable got to keep. Qualifying and so -- coach an -- to sit down yes I think the board would not be a qualifying begins on him Indians on the drink. Here's the thing let's look at the saints' schedule -- September 7 at falcons in -- September 14 and Brown's average temperature about 7273. Are easier to Cleveland. Vikings in side or if it's the stadium where they can open the roof because we haven't been able to determine that average temperature Euro about 71 degrees they really don't know where there playing under September over the -- -- the schedule and on Minnesota now. I thought the stadium was ready but are a year in rejecting. -- controversy. In ways stated temperatures maybe 72 at cowboys. September 28 Sunday night to be about 6869. Degrees according to the average Buccaneers at home. At the lions October 19 when they play. The lions again I don't you know we'll Detroit would be the first answer -- second round I know I -- stadium at Ford Field he's got in his -- and the Packers here inside at the Panthers on October 30 at night average temperature at night upper sixties okay. 49ers Bengals ravens all at home inside. Pittsburg. At Pittsburgh November 30 I don't think I have to tell you but the temperature there too I mean in November -- ended November guest Panthers inside at the bears at. 98. December 15 you talk about temperature or not now I'd if falcons you host them and home and you play at Tampa Bay final game of the regular season December 28. Average high temperature. 7172. Degrees my point. And -- being a hot weather games so why would you like to get acclimated to -- -- get the -- yeah. -- inside in the courts that is scientific. You'd think brilliance. -- -- -- position and and day out I think it is the time and energy directly outside in the NC man. I'll say it does. Whatever it takes to win a championship in bad batches I and my humble opinion what ever it takes at times and so I don't see the advantage practicing outside heat humidity you know. And -- continue our conversation about Ronald surpassed retiring and let's talk about NO PD in the culture of NO PD so many people. Talk about that culture of NO PD we got to change it. How are you defining that what do you think the culture of NO PD is when it comes to -- new superintendent. Should it be somebody from within the ranks. That knows -- PD and knows the city. Or somebody from outside of this city that has no. The relationship. No favors owed to any officer that's currently on the force and can can come -- really with a clean slate. So you tell me at T 601878203866889087. He does gender matter. And it that we hear about a culture of NO PD blue and their culture of Jefferson Parish sheriff's office. So what's the difference between the two. And did you have to call NO PD wild Ronald surpass it was a superintendent. What was your experience do you really think by putting the right person in. That recruitment is gonna all of a sudden expand will have more. A police officers better police officers people will be leaving Jefferson Parish to come to work here. Phone lines are open it's 601878203668890. Aids and the and we criminologist on earlier that says you know given the events of burgers and maybe that'll affect. Who is that the mayor hires is police chief. And I think you know look at that one of two ways you can look at it as. Because of what's going on in Ferguson Missouri. -- can't do something that won't offend anybody here you can always look at it also rather look at it as. -- -- the events in Ferguson are symptomatic. Of things that go on. In every city so you have to be cognizant of that when you hire police team. Colin -- do you think when we come back on WWL. Tommy -- -- WL seven to quality at 20% chance rush hours a day highs around 93 -- feel like a hundred and to a 110. And of course some of those downpours of the showers if you caught underneath one could be -- that is to be this way. All the way through Sunday and barring any tropical weather. Next week. We get -- that. Maybe the week evidently a little bit of a break. I'm I'm a Ronald service -- To say this if you missed my brilliant. Analysis of why in the saints should never practice outside here any more this pre season nation go to the indoor facility. I'm sure Adam should after will be tweeting it later I'm sure Chris mortenson will be tweeting it later. I'm sure all of the NFL insiders will will find out about it and -- it is there around however. There was one mistake. And that was and thank you for the bank those of you detects this and the vikings is a home game for months so we have to worry about Minnesota being open closed open -- college stadium. Which people Italian -- -- to be ready yet but that proves a point even more will be in the bill seventy degrees. So really I don't see the need for the saints to play outside. To practice outside. And the heat and humidity. Affect how many reps they can gain in affect public kind of work they can do because they'll never be playing an edit this season. Just an idea some of the text about. The new police chief islanders Smart enough to know that under the federal current federal consent decree all he needs as the chief is a good administrator. Leadership and creativity are not necessary. I'm well what about when it comes a retaining officers and recruiting new ones. Announces timing I think the citizens one an outsider that doesn't know any favors to anyone and I think. I think there's a lot of merit to that argument another one excellent football analysis Tommy well thanks. Thanks descent and an end but my daughter should be in school and am now in Minnesota's -- game -- dissent that. I think -- PD is screwed consequent left and right if they're not quitting they are retiring. I wouldn't want that job as chief of police even if it was given to me. All cops have no respect from the public every time something happens it's always the police's fault. Guilty until proven innocent I see a dark future for every one. And that's not a question right here would you even want that job and and is it Saturday criticized Ronald surpassing what happened. Given new restraints that he was under and constraints and -- -- think that. Really anybody can make a difference. And are ready jaguar -- people love forty -- quick call wanting long -- you know on an all. Should the new LP DT come from within the ranks or from outside of the department as it stands now 70%. Are saying outside the department and if you -- -- NO PD officer or former NO PD officer or police officer who would consider going. And -- Pardon me PD. Will what would it take to change that whole culture would you prefer to have some money from within. The department that -- some favors somebody from outside maybe doesn't know much about new -- ones but isn't complete and total. Independent. Leader tsunami colony know what you think seventh when he three tunneling your traffic and that we go to Terrell Robinson. It's been an honor and a privilege to serve as the police chief these last four years. Together -- Andrew and I and the brave men and women of this police department. Have played a strong foundation for the future a future that will be good for the people of New Orleans and men and women of the -- -- department -- heard things about Ronald -- as that he did or did not live here that is -- lived in -- roller I know anything about that that is what -- And I would presume with him taking a job teaching at Loyola. And he would at least Libya five days a week. What do you think is likely to change for the new superintendent. Of NO PD if anything. I guess it comes down to can superintendent really make a difference. And if you -- straight top or if you left and OPD are you currently on the force weak union via fake name. But I'd like to know what you big problem was with tunnels or hasn't even if you -- a police officer did you like him or not. Do you think the NO PD is better off now than before he came. Or worse. And do you think he really made an impact as chief police. On a culture of violent crime murders are down but shootings. Not so much. So for example those little babies there were shot. One of them I think -- feeling on one side of their body don't know that's gonna come back another one's gonna be blind for the rest of their life will technically that doesn't go in the books. As a murder. But for the grace of god and medicine they certainly would have ban but in the chief. Make any difference on matters that go to to parents does it go to his social structure. And I guess the bottom line is can you arrest your way out of this problems. Do you think -- new chief is gonna attract more recruits. And when it comes of that culture of NO PD that we talked about how do you describe it. You described it as. You know money draw with complete and total lack of any patients -- understanding for what's going on snap decisions taken people to jail without trying to figure out what really happened. Is that they have to do -- monogram. Any other thing is do you believe -- statistics. Because the team was known -- believe -- it'll but it statistical trouble here before he left then. When he left Nashville's newspapers were questioning whether the numbers he quoted was accurate that. And was -- surpassed more concerned with perhaps. Numbers and and spinning. The success of the department -- was with actually fighting crime was more about image. And or substance. Sony the answer to all of these questions from -- -- communities excel 170 total freak. 8668890870. -- retired -- From NO PD I would love for -- to hang on please and give me your take on Ronald surpass says superintendent. Now time for -- WL first news for that we -- to typically they did David get a taxi comes in here -- Tommy Michael Harrison's only two jobs -- to administering Kerry. The old -- as bullseye on his back -- says think the shooting in Algiers report being -- and other things made him look bad. Am a lot of things mainland and the -- Boris it and it starts. With the judges panel PD can pick up 500 today on charges but they have to be locked up an -- out and revolving doors daily. Did judges that will do their job and most of the foolishness will be curved. Eddie you know Rollins joins is right now is retired and OPD and he wants give us his thoughts on Ronald Serb. This -- I think there are good thank you for taking time to -- -- -- on issues. This is this system brightest smartest guy I've ever met. -- -- -- -- -- The end actually saw -- accused or being in -- And if you were on his good shot he took great care here part of our problem is secure on that is good side. He would get rid of view or -- you what what did you do -- get on his bedside. -- It's all about -- -- simply driven by Easter sell -- is likely in an -- an instant like or dislike sometimes work where the you know like get enough. Bright and whole lot of the people even that department -- -- in that department is saying that they get into -- -- may be able appropriately. But on the search search in the media that look like they've behaved appropriately. He's not stand behind him because that would make him look -- Even a certain age appropriate. Let me ask you this setting in terms of armed culture of NO PD of the so called culture waited. What do you what is it within the department and how do you think it's perceived outside of the department because -- phrases used a line. What more strange issue so culture of NO PD. Well it. I I truly the leaders of great you're Jewish or incredibly honest hardworking they shot sure wanna do the right I am and mark sort of their way to respect -- jail. But -- -- true. Which they are. A match that like I said look bad in the media but the bad guy thing that that actually does not understand -- side. There was sheer nonsense imagine that shooting and somehow western reporter. Well any any and a PD person. -- or passionate believed. That -- as being not as I think he cheap maybe Nader right situation. Let's not report this for a couple of days as we don't wanna have a Ferguson mr. -- on the way on the job. 22 years and in -- They blamed. It blamed Jews. You know -- people that they -- sources. So what may yet. What future -- I just real quick went superintendents with did you work under. -- -- back to work for. And which one of all of them under which you served would you say it was the best. -- -- Pennington and hear from outside would you think the new guy or girl man or woman has come from outside not inside the department. Now I think it complements our mom I -- getting im glad you called T 60187. He told creates execs at 890 -- at any talking about. Listeners they Richard Pennington he's been on for a while. Although I was in prenatal class with. Talking about the new police chief Ronald serve as who should replace him should be some money from insider rounds under the department and after 8 o'clock am obligated Jefferson Parish example -- that like to see what you think about that. One -- talked to a former police chief and he has he works now with hiring new police chief still talk about what would you look for what -- not -- borders. Each situation and required differences circumstances Tommy Tucker back in a flash with do you want to VW well. I Tommy -- talking about Ronald serve has resignation and what is again and take to. Find somebody that can do the job or lady that can do the job when it comes it. Being -- new superintendent chief Craig Miller Dallas. Guy is the police chief former deputy chief of the Dallas Police Department joins -- right now and morning chief I didn't do it very well thanks for taking the time -- this. Mumbling when it comes to hiring a new superintendent. What are some of the things the mayor should look for. In India the right person and does it matter whether they come from within. Or without the deploy from outside of the department. But they can't situation like -- it's important to get a person has been vaccinated. And when I played at a meet somebody who's been in the -- just somebody that understands. There are many facets of law enforcement. You know what you need to get a person that the servant leader someone that thinks of others before themselves. In your city's very unique. Terrorism is the driving force. To have someone who's got extensive experience in working and understand special events that would be critical. You know with -- start to being someone from Anheuser outside. Admire my philosophy would be to hire the best person -- the best person is someone that did announce the net consideration. But there are a lot of talented people out -- country you understand what they understand law enforcement. It needs to be someone that's from a panel of remorse ups and Marseille police force and else we have 3500 police officers. I understand if you get it somewhere around eleven under 12100 officers so that someone he's used to that the department to bring it symbolic victory at 400 man department -- they. Is exactly the right direction ago. I think you need to get some by the abilities and being transparent. I think that is critical. As a leader in a large police department someone that tape we met missed that. You've got to get someone -- community oriented that that's critical to to the location. -- -- really but it takes specifically in New Orleans the dynamic that you guys there. Politics played the U -- -- to get a person to understand. Both the city politics but as well the police associations and the unions. Because you -- to be able to work with the people within your department as well as the people within the city. You gotta get them by it's gonna select the best people for their team. You know those people or from where billions from where the end. The NASA's direction ago but there's also possibility to bring in people with a person if you are symbolic on the outside. He'd promote the best people. You know what you need to deal to recruit the best people. Obviously the top they -- it as someone who's as -- as honorable as integrity. There's so many different things that make up achieve but also somebody that humble. I think somebody gets along with the community some by the community feel like they can reach out to the ticket that they can talk to. Somebody who understands good common cents. Someone that. Understands that the other. That they were street -- they experience working in different parts of the police department where the where there it was in the investigations. Or internal affairs or personnel. Someone as well rounded that that's that's seen a lot of different things. Those are all factors that they should consider when trying to select new police chief. You know one thing I struggle with is -- she said somebody that knows how to handle big events. But maybe promoting somebody from within and he you on now to go promote -- police officers there the did position of superintendent I don't think you wanna do that in. It just seems like. And it's not a knock against police officers but in any organization. I guess you can make. An argument that proves you should never promote from within but it seems like. Some -- goes somebody a favor. And how do you get somebody as a superintendent that's completely impartial. And doesn't carry out vendetta against those that crossed him or her on the way up and those that helped him earn a whale. Not alternate treatment those are good questions and I think that. For a lot of reasons you just mentioned it is best to go out flat immediate justice because you don't have him by the look at those those personal relationships of people that. They can be brother in law that's gonna take care somebody. I think that that it's into the to that to the -- Specter what you're looking for I think -- -- -- accounted deep in the country that that works best levee that's. We have achieved here. In the early nineties that tape from Los Angeles to doubt this apartment that had overseen the Olympics. And -- he ultimately left the department to go back to work another Olympics opportunity. There are people that support Super Bowl -- people that have a bit of work in BA All Star Games in the NCAA advanced. In our people that understand. The dynamics in the. Or. An important of terrorism if that's for me and adhered to. All right all right let -- when it comes to you know the events and Ferguson we've heard so much about it and -- overwhelming disparity that. 95% and thinkers the police are wide and a predominately. Complexity and -- your new loans composition 6% African American 40% white and other. How important is race when it comes of the police chief visit about the the offices themselves both. Well I don't think you can never. Underestimate the importance of diversity I think that the makeup of a police department should be consistent with the community. I. I also think when you're looking for the person is coded to lead shepherd an organization. The police department there. That it -- to get the person is the best person for the job regardless of there than their their diversity. I think it needs to be someone who understands community -- that that understands different communities. There are a number of police -- in the in America that that. May not. On the African American or maybe wire may be Hispanic there that understand the community where they are in they've been papal visit to get along with the people in the community. You know certainly I think a work force should be represented. Of the stating that they police but it's the same time. Even when you're trying to fire the person who's gonna have to run an organization like this you need to get the best person -- You know we're operating unit under a consent decree is these as the chief whomever it is as superintendent have that much of a say in and what they're gonna -- kind of programs and -- implement. I think so I think that -- -- course you're gonna have to work along with a degree and their requirement that it that it put onto you but it's the same time I mean. It is -- the person that it is it's been key to the tough job you know being able to relate to associations and understand the politics. You know. But the CD as well as what's going on in your apartment. And positions and -- you go you process promotions and how you process selections for different. I assignments. It's a tough tight rope that that you walk in -- but I do think that person would have a huge place so even with the decree. And because they're going to be providing guidance as far as we know what works best along with the decree. On the whole religion -- every -- in the shortlist three names of of people that. The mayor should consider. Maybe names will hear again do you do you have any in mind. Well I don't know. Anybody. From New Orleans itself and so it couldn't say there's an insight candidate. But I do know that here in Dallas there's a there's. The chief says nationally concede the deputy chief. Who is a very strong and a community person. As it has been in the trenches and I know he's gonna put -- -- that job and I think you'd be an excellent candidate but. I just around the country there are large police chiefs large city police achieve that that sure will be interest it. They wanna take on the challenge of a position like this but. I don't I don't expect I don't know the people down there in your area that well so -- I'd be remiss about Clinton were to save -- months nine. Did you say -- Aziz. Aziz and negative appreciated and I really deal BO today. Ankiel quit talking and chief Craig Miller. Dallas -- is Steve police chief former deputy chief of the Dallas Police Department any consults. When it comes to hiring new superintendent 754 your calls when we come back. Another time for Devin have you will Traficant that would go to -- -- I Tommy -- got WL gonna continue our conversation about. Who the new police superintendent for an LTD should be Roosevelt played police swat. And LT what that is going comeback but it's based on the old show. Wife swap. Where one takes over one and the other takes over the other I'll explain when we come back.

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