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8-19 8:10am Tommy, NOPD changes

Aug 19, 2014|

Tommy talks to City Councilman Jason Williams and Rafael Goyeneche, the Pres. of the Metropolitan Crime Commission, about the resignation of Ronal Serpas

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It they've ever seen -- Phantom of the Opera like oh yeah now with the chandeliers. And again as a mask on and a wonderful wonderful soundtrack it is it's it's a wonderful play -- and attitudes of people you know identified with the play in case they don't know about it with the chandelier and again with. -- -- -- -- -- Well we have tickets to giveaway to calling. -- you know. -- let me tell people -- Andrew Lloyd Webber's ethnic and powerful music man -- -- of the copper. It's gonna transformed the singer's stage into the shadowy world below the Paris opera house in November. -- The -- in November it transforms the Paris opera house. Thing opera house in them. Maybe go in a lot of good story of his broadway's longest running show on tour about that. Just listen in town me up right between 6 and 10 am for the song. Music of the night. I do version of that that would bring tears -- I -- you do you do in the shower yeah. Occasionally argued the number to call in -- -- -- winds and it's a pair of tickets of Phantom of the Opera. At this thing Goran wins in November 5 at 7:30 PM prize valued you rape this. 252. Dollars and -- while we. So tickets on sale Friday August 22 at 10 AM of course -- contest rules. While a couple of guesses now -- Jayson. Williams the City Council member. That there. Are reports that you know it was a coup in -- -- browser Aniston. Iron -- necessarily cope with that five members of the council would not exercised their option. And cutting loose Los talked -- field going -- it. Be interesting match your wife swap he'd ever seen I am where one -- goes and takes over the other family -- no idea. And -- real that is what I would like to do is this proposes question to you our friends out there in the audience. And that is let's swap police department's -- New brain GPS oh and -- Norman. In two. New long ones in New Orleans parish. Now we're gonna take. The interim chief and or who every one to make police chief and move them to Jefferson Parish. And I think what's interesting about this concept is I think it'll show you. Is that the department or is -- the circumstances. Because after a year. What with the difference being in Orleans parish. What -- the difference be in Jefferson Parish. And I think if you look at it that way it helped you to think. Well is it really the personnel or is -- the situation. And knew now that there again stand would -- Norman in Jefferson Parish sheriff's officers deputies really be able to. Make a difference there would they'd basically be seeking their fingers in this in this -- to keep it from breaking just like in LTD seems to be doing a lot of times. And over in Jefferson Parish and LTD look a lot better because it's primarily. A suburban area with less crime I'd like to hear what you think about that when we come back David Blake. Shelden Williams Jordan -- and of course me. Little Tommy Tucker spent in Tuesday morning with you here on WW. Tommy Tucker talking about Ronald -- Hanson who should be his successor and I will say this on a lighter note. In -- -- a debit WL TV go to their web site in Poland the story changing of the guard serve as sleaze department needs any help repair. There is. As the video starts shall seize this still picture. The editor in chief. Along with the outgoing chief. And it looks as though they are preparing him differs stance after winning they're not they're shaken hands and if you look at where the video is frozen. If it looks like it again -- to -- some -- tango. Jimmy into Collins good morning and -- WL you do -- -- Jimmy was up. Are you everybody here is. -- situation. -- privileges Indian let me recap and -- and think there's an interesting way to look at it. You take Noual Norman. And JB SO. And you put them in Orleans parish then you take NO PD in its current form. And put it in Jefferson Parish and I says that because somebody -- you comparing apples -- oranges of those two police departments. And LPD mean needs more funding to improve period it's. More than just the chief -- I don't think I'm comparing apples to oranges and trying to to figure out if that situation. Or if it is actually the department's do you think. Com -- Norman and GPS so would make any inroads in the other crime situation. And then the violent crime situation in Orleans parish. My opinions and that the circumstances. And just overwhelmed by the police chief. It is the policemen and -- the placement are. So strong. Well is that. -- that's happening with the step up and saying listen we needed that he's almost instantly drop him and his attitude problem. But even even with that understaffed they were to go to Jefferson Parish. Could they get it done. I think they could. What did it that's no reflection on on the people that is the circumstances is that it can't compare. We know that there -- some problems won't subject tomorrow we'll open it. Now and I agreed to him in as a result you can't compare. The department's do you think. -- In this instance. It. In. Well. -- perpetuate the situation with these. -- That they cannot would the we pictures. And situations just to self perpetuating. Situation. These kids and responding. In the situation -- They've grown to. The situation. And these kids. Then they just change. An -- we. What you. In the in the black community -- I Jimmy I appreciate the collar really deal wanna go to our guests councilman Jason Williams you. I think was instrumental in in the change happening in NO PD good morning councilman. Yeah good thanks is taking the time -- instrumental in. -- Ronald serve has deciding to retire and now wanting to bring in a new superintendent. Nobody that should met activate at my well. I have been talking and working every day. That we. Are adequate. System. You know part of what it you. Managerial style. We were out problem that is that -- hurt we got her recruitment issue -- -- -- in the water. I'd like to say that city cab -- hole I was very implement. In moving this city ordinance. Yet you see here's -- hunting councilman if if the mayor had not. -- -- look let's just presume that if let's say it this way if the chief had not decided to resign. Were you in four other council members ready to exercise what options you hand under the charter and and I guess it cancels contract. -- All -- regarding police chief today. Bad and hit it on the right track -- ball. A K excepted. We do when it comes students do what you're looking forward a new superintendent councilmen and and you talked about. You know the morale problem what qualities would the new superintendent have to have to fix that would it be better if they came from inside. Or outside of the department. And -- you were any other council members have a a seat at the table when it comes hiring the new chief Evers is solely the mayor's decision. The new council and they're they're very open law. About. They're so important things or so that's a good thing. Or so days. Law the mayor's choice. Here a -- Use their respective. Department and out the match as it hit a lot of I'd -- streaming. Courses. As. Players and that the public in general style. Or Asian. I'm sure. A lot. And captured. Stale -- become the prodigy. What about some input and advice and counsel if you will from. Other areas of city government is that the mayor's sold decision would. Libya committee police monitored setter today that it at least weighed in and give him their take. It into the mayor is you know whether -- not the mayor this council. Are made by and -- will be it shall. And he had done. Com shortly at least some 500 itself and it counts and I think it's a great thing. Appreciate your time -- amazing when added that we didn't mention that -- miss and. I do a lot of focus on how and why it happened. But. That are. We think we all the focus -- On the -- and make sure you get the sources can't support it in that job I expect in the area of the -- About true statement. Far. They need to be accepting that. You know -- -- to the mobile. Our first priority of the chief you know going Cullen and -- in chief or not they did Harrison first priority top three things got to do. -- -- -- Apartment until the credibility. Of replenish the numbers -- police -- We got a budget calls. -- judge yesterday. Retired military folks wanna know what the right age requirements standards are they -- go to war. Eric. That being that there and it paid to restore the but. That you should call the police and you call -- about it at that Bob. Is there there -- enough offices where it. Chief Harrison could make a difference in response times. -- -- -- -- -- Those are going to be independent can get it right bowl 08. Probably. And not -- Ought not be doing its job. It every angle that. Councilman appreciate time and I hope throughout this process we've talked to you again. Thank you sir councilman Jason Williams a council member at large and will talk about this with you Ricky Anthony Floyd Dave market body -- hang on we'll talk about the hiring process of the new superintendent and Tom what is it. You know read between the lines there I'm thinking in net. Superintendent Harrison has a pretty good shot at the job is reading between lines. I don't know anything about it inside -- when when you hear things like you said the train this same training is -- Norman respected around the nation. An average is back to the conversation about doesn't have to be somebody from outsider. And somebody from inside. Improve the image of an LTD with the people that live -- Orleans parish. And also improve the morale so that is councilman said people actually wanna sign up. Friend OPD course we get together two million back from the fire department I guess now. Long story Tony five downloaded traffic that would and it's a province. Yet there right chief Antony and Floyd hang on -- gets you in a minute but you know any time I've done. Pardo and SNL 96 years old amazing and I don't know towards the end. Yes he was actually they are doing it live or if they if they recorded at California and -- what he had to say this is courtesy of any TV legends dot org about his first night on Saturday Nightline. -- the not ready for prime time players. And I said enough already. Now for. France -- They understood it correctly Omnia. On the air. In the dress rehearsal. So either that or. It in the early days. I was -- like a little always very well they keep cameras at all wasn't studio efforts saying. -- I was there with the clip -- what was it. I love the difference in his voice between our young when he started out. And crafts -- I'd lie. And it just started talking you know surrogate -- close in around earlier about Tommy's sounds party sounds. They get people ask me and so do you DJ weddings. Yes that's right OK the next room the next. I think we'll do is cut decay but before that let's talk about budget problems -- Orleans parish in and fire department -- police department anybody getting comments on that. It would be me DJ -- -- you have that's not gonna Kyle I don't know I don't think so either so gun control I was about gun ban yacht after they served the meatballs is anybody had a comment on gun control -- -- -- -- I don't think you'd be a lot of fun. And meanwhile in Zaire and have a W well thanks occult. And 08. He can't go that it took the question them about you know compared in the law. If you would and Anthony just -- of people don't know if they just got in the -- I just wondered if you flip -- the department's. If he -- Jefferson Parish sheriff's deputies annual Norman right now. Into Orleans parish in and you put NO PD and and the interim chief Harrison into Jefferson Parish. Would there be a noticeable difference in either place. It would not be the difference you know -- move moment. Don't have the problems that loans they have gotten to a normal ordinary people. So newspapers it would be -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In aggregate -- in the low. Right to a moment that you would go to you and you put him in the -- I agree that they haven't figured it would mind is that here. The -- how the limbo the corruption that they haven't -- it would have the same problem put him into. I would about the other way you put -- interim the superintendent Harrison. Harris Michael Harrison into. Jefferson Parish with NO PD as it is now does anything change in Jefferson. And if you put it went up the -- The wind yet compared it to beat the neighborhood that they haven't gotten good at that that doesn't it. I think that they haven't gotten better he recruit mr. Gordon who know what do you know whatever it much poverty. Thank you and I -- -- goes too is that the situation. Or is that the officers involved yeah the Anthony's and entitled is opinion I mean that is -- -- Either. Superintendent Harrison oil over. Sheriff Norman and his and it may be the situation. Is such in each area that it makes it a lot more difficult relied. Less difficult to succeed we'll see what you think when we come at colossal talked to mr. -- crime commission. President -- going to TCU ideas about this Tommy Tucker glad humans on this hot Tuesday morning evidently you. I Tommy Tucker continuing to talk with you about the retirement of Ronald surpass and the appointment of interim superintendent. Michael Harrison and the united revenue going to -- on as president of metro bombing crime commission morning -- How you do one. Well thanks for taking time with -- how many. I guess it challenges faced by the mayor when it comes in name Tennessee new superintendent and is there. Any school of thought did though and indicated it's better to go outside then to promote within NO PD. Well regarding news and it benefits Michael Paris -- -- the title instrument product -- this name right now. But that's to be leading department she's -- -- era title. Doesn't really mean anything occurs every decision he makes. Police chief and it's not -- That in world. Title and it. So you know the question is are we gonna go out and do a national search and not sure what's available on the market. There is indicated that he's got a look around and see what's available out there but it should different scenario then -- now five years ago -- and -- -- -- is entering its first -- off such. An offer -- opportunity. Potentially being mayor for eight years. And now you're dealing with a situation where the mirrors. Is in his last three years law urged. You also see the implications. Of the consent decree. We're gonna -- early stages of a consent decree and all of the condition that the consent decree. Didn't exactly. Create a cattle call applicants eight years ago when the consent decree which coming. And now we have. And that's not going to be something that's real attractive to a police chief from another jurisdiction that has the option. And you couple that with the that were at a -- secure well remotely. Things standpoint. And the goal is higher for younger officers. When we ability many police -- implement his policies and be successful. In the short to her so I think you're probably looking at Michael Harrison. As being they achieved what foreseeable future. If that's if that is the case then how important is it to remove that interim. Tanks and of the front of his name because I know in any organization if you that somebody that comes in as a general manager. Any others just -- caretaker and to be ever a couple of the months or or maybe even a year until a new person comes in. First off from their standpoint I think they're hesitant to really institute any change and from the employee's standpoint. They just kind of go on to ride it -- -- until they see what the final plan really is -- is an important if Michael Harrison as the guy that they they come announced that the rather quickly and come out behind him. Well I bet they do their due diligence on the -- but Michael Harrison has full support of the air and the City Council. Sure it's the most popular. At least she's going to be today urged the ball on the and there -- decisions that he makes. Particularly the controversial one is going to be alienating some that department or community. Whether it -- -- resource. There's an opportunity. For. Leadership. So that he -- support. The political leadership. She needs to go and reach out to -- man. And women and they jam ship and realized its vision he's going to issue. So. You know -- and on the on the radio commented. Hell -- physically different she's -- well. Yesterday -- should burst dale archer a couple years ago David and in that area. And stay on top job a lot of -- Actors that you really don't control as police -- You know that the police chief didn't make a decision not to at least that was the political situation. Am now where rates with them power surge and whoever they -- is -- 2015. We're going to be -- year staffing. For the police department. So what is that. Dials 911. They get a policeman to respond as quickly as part it was like. I mentioned some policemen not be able to make. So you know the political. Consequences. That. Are. The realities of limiting. The police department shot at an ability to hire people is going to be something that we're going to be -- probably the next six years longer. While we're out of time thank you Raphael appreciate you becoming homeless. Here you gotta Raduyev monetary present the metropolitan crime commission. And I think and just my opinion -- given you know like. Management philosophy organizations etc. if Michael Harrison is going to be the permanent superintendent. I think the sooner you announced that the better we'll talk about that's more when we come back 855549. Earlier Jason Williams announcement that I think was instrumental in had a lot to do with Ronald service using retires -- that. Chief Harrison. Had the same training in a lot of ways of new Norman did and I think that was kind of thing and that this could be that guy. Time for traffic that would at a Terrell Robinson Tommy Tucker coming back continuing our conversation about the NO PD chief.

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