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8-19 9:10am Tommy, NOPD changes

Aug 19, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Ed Chervenak, UNO political scientist, about the changes to NOPD

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- of the troubled continues in Ferguson. And I think this'll help. The -- Ku Klux Klan three factions of them and gathering Sullivan Missouri. Again at sixty miles from Ferguson hold an event culled to stop negro crime in the Jewish media cover me -- how closely resistant burgers and two point 960 miles. All proceeds according to their site will go to the cup who did his job against the negro criminal. So yeah that's gonna help settle our -- a smoother ride -- that will be like two sides with cool heads meeting at the negotiating table. At this -- for the people there I honestly do you know kids can't start school at least for this week that -- happens arsenal that. A lot of people that have absolutely nothing to do with this that are not protests condemning him feelings that are -- You know let the system works the -- how it turns out. And just total of peaceful lives get up go to work feed your family maybe want to TV program or -- they can't because the entire city is being held. You know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Created -- yeah not like us after Katrina or anything. I and then overnight -- the these reports and some of the arrest Tuesday made that were people who are not from. Ferguson in showed up and they brought guns welcome. But the people from the Ku Klux Klan the same thing now you go on that to have a fund raiser very controversial group obviously very offensive to African Americans so. I think the people that -- -- -- live and work in Ferguson that are just good people just trying to. To have a life at this point are similar body just leave us the hell alone. And includes Brian Williams and whoever else is out -- from media Anderson Cooper and Ali's people thank you David we're gonna continue our conversation about. Police chief in new -- superintendent. Ronald surpass retirement and that after the reports say that five counts of people were already to exercise their option. Under the charter and there were removed Ronald -- which I think would cause big problems actor Ed Sherman -- Jones right now. A friend the political scientist from UN no and my alma mater the morning dot calorie. -- our primary has the site for parking places begun innuendo yet. Well Laura yeah crap and start tomorrow -- god bless younger collecting. Tell me about dumb did the politics involved behind Ronald surpasses retirement. What they council might have been planning and blizzard tipping point that finally -- okayed that they caused everybody to say that's it that's enough. I think the tipping point was -- recent incidents. Where the -- PD failed to notify the public about the offers are related shooting. That was the major breakdown. In the system and so I think that's early kind of eventually led to -- deciding that it was totally. Do you think he'd decided that it was time believe for. That somebody help him decide that it was timely. Well that we don't know what the internal -- there but certainly. The police chasers. At the behest of the there and once you lose the -- confidence. The writing on the -- you know we don't know anyone from the mayor's office approached him and say you know we'd like your letter of resignation -- you know maybe we need to think about retirement. But certainly wasn't the way he wanted to go out. And in some -- that are saying Nam did that may be the chiefs might have Max out his retirement in Maine in their -- been some kind of deal behind the scenes that. You know we'll stick with it till may and a couple of months ago obviously and and then we'll -- are working on who your replacement should be along those lines when when it comes to. Either you -- and the is so called super and in interim superintendent Michael Harrison keep the job. Or hiring somebody from outside. There any politics involved here as far as who's gonna be at the table either officially or unofficially and and how important is it as the mayor's notches to pick the right chief. But to placate the right politicians with a choice. Absolutely the politics involved which are talking about a very powerful position anytime talk about power. People want to have input in who's in the senate seat and exercise that power. So. It'll -- to Tennessee whether they you know for a committee to. Search for new superintendent or if they just decide to continue with -- -- Yeah I always say -- that things -- you know like his motion picture not a snapshot in in if you look back earlier in the movie. There were some controversy when. It merely Andrew went with the -- test was -- -- That that was the number of people who resigned from the committee they felt that the fix was then. That the mayor has basically -- made up his mind was on issues Ronald surface and so. That this is not without controversy certainly and so people will be paying very close attention she's. The actions of any potential committee. With the politics of it all land itself to. Just promoting -- are letting Michael Harrison keep the job. As opposed to going outside. Because you have you know the rank and file officers might like one of their own -- -- did it does is determine all of this or decide what's best route to go. And I would assume that they would wanna do some sort of search at least. You know talked a lot of people if there's anyone else who might be interested. I was listening to your interview with -- clinics in -- and I think he was correct that can be very very difficult to recruit. So look for this position given the fact that. Nothing on the ground has really changed. Whoever comes into the office still has to abide by that can consent decree which is a very wide ranging very detailed. Plans to reform. In obedient they have the -- continue to follow that plan and so. He does the policies by any new chief -- probably going to be pretty much the same as it was under surplus. When it comes to. The the though the whole process. Of hiring a chief I'm just wondering do where the fact that since he's appointed or she is appointed. And works at the pleasure of the mayor meantime -- what a three year job here at three and a half year job. Probably it. But you know well of course that the parents. And -- job they're doing and you know whether the next administration wants to keep an individual. In that position if things are going OK you don't wanna change. You know horses in midstream. But at the same time and means incoming mayor would like to put their stamp on the administration and have their own people. We're to talk about this tomorrow doctor Sony get your take on it before we let you go and their concerns. A police chief serving at the pleasure of the mayor or being elected. Have there been any studies to show one is more effective than the other more. Answerable to the public school or the won their results in a better managed apartment. But you know held hands and and which -- really looking for if you want someone to. You know -- -- have their own power base. And you know be able to resist. The mayor and and in Brooklyn -- policy than -- -- elected positions so you would want that person have that autonomy. But at the same time. If the mayor wants responsibility for dealing with the quality of life issues and and crime being one of those primary issues. And you can assign responsibility to him. Hasn't arisen because ZEDU you better watch which yes or you may use edit it throws. If you wanna point that the police chief and you'll all of it and if he's elected innings -- -- that -- answer yet. You picked I'm trying to do my best with a hammer our current crop docket I think -- -- poets ago. Well one -- which you know. Certainly good luck to lieutenant Paris and he's gonna have to cancel. And so but I hope he does change the direction of the at a he can convince. The rank and file not to vote with their frequently. Or thank you doctor appreciate your time literally do and and good luck tomorrow -- -- you -- that those of you that it never attended you know. The first say they've expanded the parking out there but the Thursday's they're very tough because a lot of new students. Trying to figure nowhere to park and parking is -- premium. At least if you wanna be close to any building -- And then after awhile people start dropping and gets a lot easier. And then they realise too how. Early they have to get there and and that settles out anyway 2601878. Toll free 8668890878. Give me your take on Davis. Instead of -- -- wife swipe were -- and we hello wife swap. Where playing superintendent. And police force why. So take the Jefferson Parish police department which is bigger I think -- Orleans parish. And about the same when it comes a population in suburban areas and swap it within OPD. And then take NO PD with the superintendent Harrison. And I call him interim because anything is he -- the job and for whatever reason he has superintendent. Take NO PD and superintendent Harrison put them in Jefferson Parish. Take -- Norman and the Jefferson Parish sheriff's office and put them in Orleans parish tell me what changes in either parish and why. I am of the opinion nothing would change which means is it the the problems -- Orleans parish. Go far beyond the police department and whose superintendent is. But I'd love to hear from it to 60187. Neitzel 386 exit 890878. Change the two departments flip flop -- with parishes. If you make at saint Tammany India that is well in -- What the differences it'll take you calls when we come back Tommy Tucker let you -- steamy Tuesday morning at WW LR. I tummy -- and evidently you always been heaven a very serious conversation about the superintendent of NO PD. And we were surprised to find out that one of our favorite people stop by and and a performer that's featured occasionally. Here on WW well. And she is Khloe. The young lady that saying what's up with that. -- and we play -- so Khloe let me let me ask you a couple of questions how old -- Five or -- school. And -- off today. And how are you enjoy in school so far. Here would you do all summer. Parents told you feel compared finger told me. -- -- -- -- -- They they left I'm sorry. On -- gradient seventh date high school. -- our own arm and -- kindergarten KNN Hoosier teacher. Named him. -- Yeah it's a New Year's -- kind of hard to remember how. Well would you do us a favor if you don't mind and saying what's up with that force again. -- And ran a sudden start overs that. -- he. Had. -- And I yeah -- Had a -- -- And job -- thank you so much for coming by and it's a nice beaches sweetie we connect NC is again. -- have a good time it's Colombian agreed here okay. And dad I have an eighteen year old -- telling in the blink and I get ready because it's not an elderly I would tell you is however much money you set aside. Multiplied by four and and you'll still be short. Very expensive nicely -- think -- moment for common. Are ready to 6018 Saturday toll free 86 exit eight nines early -- How can that not just make you feel good in light of everything that's gone on. A beautiful young lady I let's get back to business 260187. Neitzel -- 86 -- 89087. I would rescue every 1111 Jefferson Parish. And I don't think there's just an idol BS conversation. Always gone doors were good. BS conversation because I think it goes to. Did the criticism throttles -- pants I think it goes to the so called culture of NO PD. And I wonder if it doesn't hold people responsible for things over which they have no control. And I'm not in any way trying to diminish the accomplishments of sheriff -- Normandy and Jefferson Parish. War Jack strain in -- -- parish but. I would love to know what you think if you were to. Change departments put an -- in saint Tammany parish would saint Tammany over here. Would NO PD in Jefferson Parish would Jefferson over here would there be a difference and if there wouldn't be. Ariza and then and you really can't hold Ronald served as responsible. And the challenges that it's in current superintendent Michael Harrison. The challenges he faces. Are daunting as -- Italy's saying you would have to wonder if it really matters whose superintendent of NO PD. The other question is if you are a former officer of -- Beatty because we talked to councilman Jason Williams and he said that. He'd heard from a lot of military. Ex military people it and now expressed an interest. To come to work for a copd if it's gonna make a difference now the chiefs -- process has decided to retire. And one other final question is. Do do you think. That the news citizens that they council hello should be involved. In the hiring of a new police chief renal comedian should that person come from inside. Or outside of the department. Because I think you can make -- case read the one -- -- if somebody's from outside they have no ties no allegiance as they owed nobody any favors so vacant. Come in reformed that department however they won given the restraints of the consent decree. And that may be in an -- way it would unify. The department. Finally Patton where everybody didn't really like game but not like any brought them together. Or -- who or whomever yeah higher. Or do you have to have somebody they grew up here in new loans it was affiliated with the department. That knows the workings of the city. That would make -- better superintendents of phone lines are open. Which is to talk to you at 260187. Neitzel 366889087. For the rest. The our about this and and then finally. Doctor John -- your criminologist joins us at 6 o'clock and I know people get in a car and and it work and listen at different times that he said that may be. The events in Ferguson Missouri. Should. Have a voice at least if not dictate. Who the new and LTD's superintendent is. And again I think you can look at that situation look at it is okay what's happening -- Ferguson is symptomatic of a lot of cities. Where it might be better to have African American leadership in a city that's predominantly African American. Or you could also make the case. That's something that's happening in Ferguson that will be soon over. And just moment in history I guess and that you can't make a decision it's gonna effect the city of new law -- For at least the next three years based on something that's happening right now. And it is you would hope a temporary thing so you -- colony know what you think in the end if you live in Orleans parish. Does race matter to use do you think in matters of the new superintendent as white or black or do you just want the first the best person man or woman. Wider black that's qualified for the job phone lines are open we'll take you calls as soon as we get updated. On -- WL first news from David yeah David in this weird twist of eight. -- field -- and it's it was actually quoting you as opposed to you quoting grass field going in NCA. About gum. When you were saying. Help me on here I just say Chloe in your analysis OB at about. Help me -- Jordan David -- would you say last time imported rice eyeglass -- that -- a lot. It was talking about the products off the job was. How how his demeanor changed Ali aged over 40 yes Yao absolutely that's what it was diocese did mr. Hannity said that was you know hear that on the radio yeah. -- actually it was David Blake in politics and mr. going to achieve better recognized this and police smooth velvety voice of David bleak Nadal come on dammit. They threw an -- -- and at the end for a dammit abstinence yeah for emphasis rather as the slugger breaking bad ran it sounds like I'm sounds like I'm. Just. Losing track of everything years so let's go to Donnie Indonesian I'll help to bail us out hey -- good morning aren't evidently well. Us which includes the peace and between two and tsunami and a bases and -- -- Protection of Serbs and -- -- -- to put them but I also. -- I. Don't. -- -- Jets and she. Does so it was protections of the -- you under the our lead is outwardly it was basically -- -- -- Digital -- on the -- and bring you -- lecture but it was once. And it basically and well. And -- But that that is a double edged sword to write because then you can. You know I know. I think get a by a couple of tickets at that time they have released fund raiser if you're on a departments he could say it lends itself to political patronage or. It lends itself to. Being able to be more responsive if you have somebody that you want her fired era. Well -- -- as election process you know what you wish that you. Not only to the public to the polls are not doing his job. He could go to some of Mexico. And towards. We're really have control. And correctly about election. -- let me let me let me make it exactly like it is then. You got he had no civil service protection you have an elected. Superintendent. And he had JP SO -- and and in you got the same situation. As it is with NO PD now and civil service and -- -- to be the president Jefferson Parish appointing. A police superintendent. And into roles are completely reversed do you think there's a difference in either parish as far as crime is concerned. And to -- you. Now. Under the tree and a pretty -- -- outrage. And street bridge collapsed. -- About it. Control. And completely controlled that -- -- urged the. Would you say violently when you say attic and truly mean violent. Drug related crime. And so when it jumped some. The subject or above two sides -- ago that there. You saw some control to look at the picture. Memories sort and so. Picture of war -- right. Problems and problems and Westpac up. And I -- -- league. And somebody -- -- under. And we we basically. It's sweet and we're. About -- -- also come out you able. Absentee and -- looked. Up and people like you. Pennington oracle basically weapons. And it just -- you -- The reality of it is to do jobs that support your Armitage -- so -- -- you have a much different and so on and consciousness so the officers and Betty the administration going to be able to post a straight up the winds blew that pretty much at all -- part of this Bob. And -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But we believe it's what's so great right now we really awarded to try and nobody Q did you us on the program. And -- but. You put it hurt you consent great employees. Solve the problems. And or whoever runs the show Britain we are later somebody -- The whole program which would do it should. Be. Do you think they'll be pressing a restart button. On and LTD. You think you'd be pressing a restart button on an -- that were to happen. Absolutely not and you look at the difference between what happens and state criminal court what happens United States -- court. What criminal prosecutions. Based resource. Persons are originals -- I. -- -- -- community. That's what -- need to be dark in Cumberland interim technical or need to do complete. Korean troops retried in recent generation always. -- Amber our resources and get back on track would never but it would get it back on track. Since Katrina not -- we thought about well we try to sort out -- trying to track government what. Although I do things done in a might be wrong on this that the feds actually did take over the police department in Philadelphia but now they're having problems again. I'm Donald had a sort of break thank him summons I'm so happy to time called Donnie will be called back. Thank you 8260187803866889087. If you want to get involved Teddy good morning on -- WL. Pretty good morning Heidi good time to think. Well a big go first thought that their commitment they've charged the police chief. And it initially -- Ignition telling one initially I mean Eric guys Asia art -- -- and -- rank and -- good guys. Actually brought this guy in the current year from you know those guys that are and a -- or. Just as well which brought an outside a -- where trouble to forgo any trouble he was you do that you bring him back. So they're -- Moreno will you drink -- Buick guys who all wore their well. To register for. So I don't dislike Sarah could you swap district or just care Arctic -- productive debate you know. And that's that's what I think that the point of it is said he is that it doesn't really matter ultimately when you get to it because seems like a lot of big cities. Did the police department then I controlling crime they're sticking their finger in a dikes to keep to keep the bill flood from common you know. Exactly exactly and has no resources that that this thing could be don't look better didn't just like to sit. Just -- you hear it should be elected -- people don't go to DC. Mitchell and part -- all -- an all or just being -- walk around our EP underground it would baseball bat -- economy is and that's why things are not always. Worked out you know shall there's no it shall serve as -- -- -- -- -- is too much. Like basic construction and corruption -- A Teddy am glad you called a bit -- good day. Well we'll hope we have from me again 943 Tommy Tucker coming back. Under the W. I Tommy Tucker gets some interesting texts coming and about the news superintendent of NO PD who would should be ousted. They be chosen any new loans and go to you first time you're under the WL. I am upset with this situation where they and that's. It's you know to help but -- law and it's a big -- and -- 683682. Other. Actually -- six people expect people and Eddie. And cap a -- Patrol. And -- decades. -- -- like you actually wanted and things that are. Eaten at. All. -- like. An object so. Go on the of these people. One and it. It's toll on track to. Control illegal aliens eat column. As part of -- they brought it was dead. So good and people for years ago. You know and -- Thought it was. Equity at a com. -- patrol in. So what you're telling me -- is. The superintendent doesn't matter that the state police should take over and -- PD that. No not Waco PD but yet realized that. I would good and quit again -- Think it did it and it happened district would end its toll at and -- -- There's an audience that ditch -- -- they need. During a -- -- that -- -- you know the act and then insurance -- are there. And would -- due -- inaccurate things like just. Would be -- Problem and -- you know not a problem. And you know topic -- bullets in the year you know. And which doll. Which are would be -- Patrol an accounting investigation. -- Now. And not. And -- -- out that the -- -- a lot. You know it took control. Away. It. Wouldn't. -- True. Wow Eddie -- when it come sit coining a new head of an LTD do you think it should be somebody from within -- like him. Some friends and NO PD somebody from within or somebody. Completely outside of the department so there's no allegiances. No enemies no favors owed no. I got this on knew you'd get this on me etc. Well I don't think it's been a lot -- -- -- Six it's been -- -- you would who would argue that it's not an in -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Superintendent. Are. Qualified people but at the top armed. I've got a lot of political. Guarding. People have been -- Our. -- You know certain people at an apartment not. Paint -- There is an Asian the serpent an Egypt that ebony bird I know it's. Not -- Edwards line. And ought not part of that problem and it was somebody arm. You know. I speaking. -- let me assure a -- for a -- goes so much has been said. In a phrase culture of an old media's venues we -- -- culture of the NO PD is as perceived by people not within the department. -- I take it. Should we got is that Al gone back into it. One bit of pot that. The non. Audit and -- -- -- at itself -- they. Are op Ed column in the end and we at least okay. Consequences that the guys in the department you -- and acted upon. That -- you know -- and you know diversity etc. Currently. You did you know you know -- and diversity is bed you're saying because standards were lowered. Right. Well thank you anyway appreciate the call we can we gotta run here and I don't know. If they were lowered or not but I'm glad you took the time Colin Tommy Tucker back in the flesh and evidently. I garlands coming up next got a pretty amazing think tank we'll talk about retirement and lack of planning there in enough big crime some.

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