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8-19-14 11am, Garland, Serpas Retirement

Aug 19, 2014|

Ronal Serpas resigned; Michael Harrison (Commander of the 7th District in N.O. East) is the interim chief. Who SHOULD be the next Superintendent of NOPD? Mayor Landrieu wants to know what you want and need in a Superintendent. Has there ever been a popular police chief…and is “popular” even important?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right let's think about what city you sort of think about tow ropes or boiled should or retires yesterday. Michael Harrison a commander of rodeos says that this doctor so and but it. Lieutenant commander. Is at least being talked about he's the interim police if you put the Marriott from the wind. During the announcement to serve those retirement. It's a possession is no intent to wall would cerberus rose and might be -- Federal and soon all of those we have book doctor George cup which with a whose former policeman now criminologist. Departments whose old -- Leaving -- -- targeted hotspots community policing initiative. -- also here in the studio where the sort of short criminologist -- to ruin doctoring doctor welcomed the show. -- -- I hear more tomorrow. -- doctor Lou let me go to you first electric -- which we would what do you make called the bills did. Surplus of retire will receive. Asked to leave Britain and do you really think that Michael Harrison is our. Next police -- Well I don't know element folded and unfolded pretty quickly. You know whether. He was asked believe or felt the knowledge I have no way of knowing. You know it is. It does seem that there are wars solemn he's judging from news reports. Some tension between the superintendent's office and the mayor's office. But that's not uncommon. In for any political. Appointees that there will be. Differences show a long way. You know it did happen. All of a sudden. Now what that means is -- today. Even doctor. -- -- to. Yeah I mean noting it's fired anymore Rudy goes in and consulting or whatever bit. Any thing -- can say is oh Ronnie is. Problem is among you beat of police chief sent a note I I assume George recruitment. His Ph.D. from the you know. Prior news coming into the solution he engineered the downturn in the late nineties. You know worked with Pennington you don't hear people say use the Arctic ice in his office and I agree with -- of the downturn going forward -- for a conference to 159. 99 Ford 99. Goes to Washington State Patrol and I'm from Washington State's. In a tremendous respect and Nashville this great job. And you know he's also in line to become an amateur. Since left the chief position where if that's operative or not the number. The the ICQ -- largest law enforcement. Association in the world. All over the world in use can be the president. You know in the -- some hefty credentials and also. You know -- used used for example nobody's gonna make -- an admiral being on the swift boat right circles that -- between right. And thinking it's to a law enforcement these chief gets season a lot of jobs and how -- need to learn to deal with the complex. Politics of this -- and office. And you know if you you know you need seasoning simmering. -- gestation. To reach that point. So you you know and the question is like trade Chris Paul. You know in a few general manager. You better of somebody that's 90% Chris Paul and look pelicans million -- film. So the question is. You can get that skill set. And running I've argued you know -- the last four years written great respect for each other -- -- But you know you know that this is is this an upgrade. You know real you know and an -- and I think Mike has and I hear great things about -- the person hasn't been a long road. To establish himself as the leader of this agency. A -- both scores should. We could this morning and general news reports -- -- it is and it's. Oh already Harrison's ascension to the top spot in the department is wrong call from its own circles. With questions over his qualifications. Withdraw. Georgia all all of sort we do. -- and you'd tell me the name of the quote popular police chief. I had the -- with his men and women in -- department in the police force. Or the community or both. Well I can take some in the past I think what happens is no different departments that have worked with -- You know I think what happens is that over time. Decisions that either have to be made by the superintendent's office. Or. Decisions that they have to make about changes. And it's no secret. That the it'll PD is under enormous pressure for a lot of changes should come through consent decree Department of Justice. That those decisions will end up. Being unpopular with. Which is the reason that. Executive positions like the use tend to have shelf life. And if you don't get a police chief for police superintendent for 25 years. They run -- course and then changed change. Hands so. You know being answered your question. Is even a popular even up to achieve that comes -- and we've popular support among rank and file. I will likely see that deteriorate banners are decisions -- -- may. As soon so -- will we hear it through the years. And she doesn't like buyers people and we get the unions on the complain about that just let us quote were I mean that. -- flew everywhere quite I'm Pennington. And the first rough year barely made it through from November 1990 Ford -- city and 95. Once the quote Pennington plan with some place could run -- god that he decided cum politician. An inning undermine. In the force to. I mean any fight with 600 people -- toward. But he had a strong brands within. Within point oh please front -- selling timber and sunny from the European. Again was adored the and he was a very rough on the integrity issues within the PIX. -- like Pennington fired 600 people. But they have reports that they can -- pledge at it and -- you fire pit exit when you can overplay is -- right and and and and this ago you know and and you know I've been you know. Running -- -- at each other Georgian fussy due to. You and I have for -- -- but I go to these conferences are you -- mystery man at rock and in the issue. You know the failure to replace. The officers who left. You know for variety reasons. You know we're was that responsibility. And sort of was Ronnie the front man. For that or with the City Hall with the budget with consent -- consent requirements getting snake -- -- understand the funniest thing. But. You know and and you really go to the office and say well what would he do. You know and and it's it's it's inarticulate. You know some sort of -- Malays. Our live music our first break here would come right back. After doctorates. Criminology. At the board talk and do about that. Current situation in the police department the resignation. Of that you are. And the parts to build it to you bill -- knew Michael as soon to police -- actually bush. Via. Welcome back we're thinking about -- towards should with the New York police department troops are retiring yesterday. Michael Harrison -- lieutenant commander at least in athletes to become the police chief at this point we have doctor torch count which witnessed criminologist. Loyal and also good short -- -- is that two lane. George. And Michael Erickson you you've been a policeman. General lieutenant -- commander behavior. Please -- dude do they have the the training via of these experiences. -- something. Where you have to bill and please people poor oral or -- and new poll from the war. Well I think he can't pull from the lower export a lot depends on. What the person's experiences. In particular the Brad -- that as well as its depth. And you know and there are. Yeah like choosing from a bong. Six people in the police force now if that's what ultimately happens. In that will raise eyebrows. Particularly among. The the rank and file. And you know one of the benefits. Of a national search for a port city police department. If you increase the pool of people we have the nature and breadth and depth. There experience. So you know can't look at it can't lieutenant commander argued that maybe. Depending upon news. Experience and demeanor in. History. With the department but as we've already seen from British reports -- -- -- gender -- room. Opposition. Long folks poor police officers in the department -- think that. Might complicate. The church if in fact the intention is -- -- appoint. A point -- commander. Peter. No. I mean you go I was going back through the go back to a next to Taylor in granite tow truck. And when we didn't have qualified. Persons. It was a disaster. It took -- to dig out from. From that you know both -- Riley's friend and an encompassing comfortably into the national academy captain when prizes through his work and efforts to restrict. You know in. We in in modern Europe. We we don't have that. Presley and -- wonderful things -- Susan at all. You know obviously get a good job seventh district. But. There's the strategic piece of wood national contacts. Mean ideas and police thing George and I both work whose apartment together actually on community we think. You know what do given someone who worked hard George of the hot spots in other people here this sciences. And I am running my classroom and George -- great hire these stolen from his wonderful teacher. You know he's condemned talented he also gets kind of the physics of crime. Integrated in his theory unless you have. That kind of backed him back. And I get all the next year. You know how do you run this department does and it's getting his people say you've been so long in the department. Hey is that good or bad. You know and a PD is the worst teacher in the earth in a lot of different ways you've got clique fear of god. All of the integrity issue through the consent decree is addressing. Factored in the effect Michael that this is to say the only place. You're trained with in this group. I'm not sure that's good or bad no I think he may be up -- but he's in the burdens on the -- And Michael. To show -- to demonstrated leadership. To get beyond. Those negative perceptions. And establish. His opponent CD's. By his actions. And we've we've done Bloomberg shows with -- most candidates don't shoot the all you -- the American. End and he was sold through laws. As being. Paragon. And knowing what to do bring the pro and -- and brought him -- -- if you from the mayor told me. -- -- -- -- -- -- And we try to moon -- have been talked about what he's doing in Chicago what he's doing here. A group of George first news is that planned that he writes about and don't shooting what's happening now. Or they still. Going in that direction and and if so. -- and nuclear if you come there and and and keep the murder rate -- using. That method -- Well you know and for your first question. The department still is well on that. Path. From that program and the different -- which. You know the valuations. Around the country. Now on the program. You know I have -- as is often the case. Given this mixed point being so -- its effectiveness in some cases it has. And it has worked quite well and others not quite so well. I assume. New interim chief. -- -- Would continue. You know I mean one of the problems. And issues. In copd have to deal where it is that the murder rate is coming down. -- other violent crimes circle now which is a little usual. Well and so. You know I think benefit. The poor. To try and can figure out. Why that's happening because usually. Violent crimes in general on the side tracked pretty closely with respect to increases and decreases and it doesn't seem to be happening. There's going to be an article in the times Picayune cut them that it more or whatever. Actually wonder if we haven't had a negative tipping point of going back. Into the murder of wonder or you'd think it'd look at whether -- hit 155 some numbers are in 2012 we had 200. In it's hard to definitely 201 in three and 2012. And 155 last year. So we stand at the ninety to -- now so let's say hypothetically. You he hit 100. By the end of the month September 1 which could happen when could be high nineties. You know and anything you -- four months ago. So if you hit thirteen you're at about one 55 or even last year. You know in the Pennington. Surpassed reforms from the ninety's. Every year you double digit declines. So could you could be rebounding and I hope now. But some of us have in George who disagree. In are are less confident then the pronouncements from City Hall. That the murder. Trend is. Basically you reversible. And you know remember. Under from Riley wants -- five. In 2000. And he. 2000. They. -- have to apologize they they went up to 200 the next year. You know in in the early two thousands they were you know 10% 15% reversals. So what. Goes down may or may not go. So I'm just a moment -- -- within the -- Q professor ever reduce our country whose compensation. New. Oh world the group. -- for the news at this point. There. What we will do ago. We're gonna come back we're going to be joy and buy a new Orleans city councilman injuries and Williams. And also rule on this issue. We're been talking where doctor George count Wear the shoes of former policeman criminal justice department of sociology at -- rule. And doctor. I appreciate you joy in this very much and please will look will be calling you again. George let's go get a different. Fight I'd take a break coming right back packaged news. Well welcome back we considered. -- -- about what -- sports cities think about it. Little bit it was price and apparently not -- lot of all the people in the media. That I would change -- it's -- tired yesterday and no bidders at least. Lieutenant commander Michael Rosen. In Georgia think you'll please me. And -- Becoming the new pollution that we have helped -- shore folk here with a criminologist. -- to -- -- you'd think dupers standing. As long as you want or. I got a couple -- for all locked especially is Jason's here love Jason. Well we think that's him on the computers in New Orleans a city councilman -- -- -- welcomed the show again I appreciate call. -- -- -- -- -- So what's your take on all of -- in the media reports. And I admit I'm quoting directly and city councilman at -- -- and Williams suggested. That. Dead at least five members sitting kilts who were prepared to terminates or pat. Is that correct. Well really what. The this body. This current City Council. It's always prepared to use all of its powers under the -- do what's best for the -- in the war. And at the computer to do so well. Yesterday that receivers aren't. More -- he may consider greener pastures and moving on which allows city. To move on any new direction and leadership for our our our -- -- Where would you say it wasn't needed -- tired. If that wasn't even bought what would you do it and certain members of the city celts and see happening. It's you know it's time for somebody new. What I'm -- it would. -- -- -- The council it's the people. That it is in the war literature to go to town hall meetings. Good neighbors. -- their water. Gentle -- very. Seeing. Bad. Well the police department viewed it resource as the man now. And caller. Engines. Dieters are definite -- to Brooke you booted phone's gonna break and up on this. And it's very important mortgage sale want people bugler and stand -- and there. Actually get any -- a little bit let's give them fraud. It. People war or -- We're not happy or not -- some other resource is being -- And money call our equipment. A possible. And and so the syndicate at the list. Are the people that it since second grade for the past hundred days -- an -- and converts it -- that conversation. About what direction we need to -- it's been constant thing. Wars do got a break up and pulled -- over Hillary if you don't mind paying our own ego will call you. -- don't don't go away please. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Will include the shooting occurred and the French Quarter a seven weeks ago. This lights going. Management. The members of this step -- thought there -- bad -- he can take that says they embark jump and I would be done. In setting in the middle of the Ayatollah government managers and it's going to be -- instance nineteenth and this is deja -- deja -- did you Abu. And I did and I said to my need to tell you this but this is just a little loop in the roller coaster. And the -- but I don't leveled and you'll come down in new logo backup and all -- up this morning. -- are doing the show. Here's the reporter will web sites after shooting the trip to city urban street marches ago. 49 days later backed him burglaries cocktails and beat the talks -- -- lady who's been newlywed was aired during the shooting. She set I was scared -- but we don't think about it now we've -- groups say fear in those scary. Blank can happen anywhere in the world. I had I had -- recount all of that perhaps the question. Was Shakespeare right. What's around and fury signifying nothing. Does this really changeup for a Rangers Dudley conservative new Orleans police officers. Saint complaints heard nineteenth and. It's called revolutionary -- that's a fair comment you know you know I think we're on the right track that's a strange -- because. I think that the and the mayor deserves credit but that there's an attempt at a new paradigm to give intelligence sharing. You have by and forced into the integrity -- its consent grief -- -- You know you you have a coherent plan. In the sense with some promise you know it's consistent with what the research -- works. In -- no question if given the new leadership. That has to prove itself. Can -- -- you look we will look under servicemen from 200 murders. To object 245 this year masters and about 55. You know and we have experience that these things combatants back. But unions. In you know when the firing three Pennington -- -- remains the most common -- heard from -- folks -- Were I know the bodies are buried you can't fire. The -- very complex. Police department. Could this go one eating the wrong way. Really that tempered. And over the bodies hunger is you know with a -- -- you know our bodies are buried at some grizzled -- take a break here's -- -- this. Talking with duct -- short criminologist. Would to an -- so. Citic ultimately lord she's from Williams hopefully -- -- and remembering right says it looks -- -- Our book from back to. Board to get about. Police police department and Walt Williams. Wrong Serb the former police few retiring yesterday in -- new -- like there's a pretty good troops that. Michael Harris and -- lieutenant commander in -- and short fuel -- these -- become. Our next. Belushi. Role should try and do reached out was to connect to injuries and Williams. -- civic culture -- -- large did drug called in but Bolton. Was up working. Peter wind. We -- look. At the situation. Tuesday. Can -- be -- I mean the the David Kennedy of the guru. New Orleans and Chicago. And parts of the but Hogan's new York and Chicago and New Orleans Chicago with a lot of people get killed a regular -- And camp Monday that he -- tomorrow in the two models describe a model -- -- -- -- -- Gary fought him. That is trying to break the cycle of revenge in me the interrupt you agree tease you about drug of the model of the new things that we're doing today it does the neighborhood out Reid should. Bring in the gang members and saying it won't -- in jail but watching him on the if you don't changes that were well. There's some preliminary results I work through the corrections department were involved in the call -- We're seeing some folks from the guys who monitor. Through the and that is reduction initiative with the progression of pro are going to treatment which they would have done one of the sectors and gotten date. Does that matter that -- coerced and treatment that I don't care what they go to go. And -- right. You know it's I don't like cute they're a modicum of working at the board. Of city councilman toward true Rogers movies and so we establish contact. Helmsman -- perjury -- trying to call about. What do what do you see happening now. What steps are coming. I think that we -- excellent position. With an excellent. Person and Michael Harrison to have on this conversation. About where re actually -- and manpower or. Shooting statistics lies violent crime wise sexual crime. And really talk about what you -- things we can do. Unique in very different way with the limited. And number police officer -- so now he can say look we can't respond. To. Two minor independence. As quickly Michael because it would have meant to do that and home invasion and homicides in the public. Need to be scary to those things collected that movie QB mean we have to be handled the true. Yeah and go to some very trying time. But he's in a position to build trust during trying times and and and and also work. To have a certain amount of credibility all with offices and left the force. Morale reasons that -- it doesn't make ample -- about coming back China check on residents are quite. And then what kind of changes in morale to use -- That should be -- Well you know it's. It's it's that we concept when you look at I -- sports analogies. For a lack of better announcement you know losses in corporate America as well. Sometimes stock prices go up just because a change in leadership and change in the way of thinking whether apple Xerox. And yes like you know Phil Jackson can inspire players. That are that are great players playing and different -- to play better together. And I think that's gonna happen mark Harrison because he worked and every facet recently. And and a PD and he's also going off in them a lot of education. And law enforcement just like you see with the new old Norman -- perished so he's looking at things in the most innovative way. But also understands the right to. Offices and and and and that your sales race with especially being. Command out there in New Orleans east with its biggest geographical footprint. But he was able to make folks think maybe if they were actually more offices work and they they'll actually -- that because where he placed them when he place. He would bring. -- Norman seen since the BUB. The rule of law will hold up because he's been very successful but. Doesn't that mean you actually have a budget though the actually have equipment they actually. Filled the number of officers they need are we gonna do that even Michael Harrison. In charge of New Orleans east wind in his speech yesterday -- we're -- we're gonna change sinners we're gonna stand up we're gonna do right. -- and read an interview this morning with the -- the legions of Vietnamese community. During the call the police its lead to ten hours to get him and. Yep you're right about that it's going to be slow process. -- it's not gonna happen overnight. Back into aids instinct that you brought up members Vietnamese community the last time. I was out there. -- association. Michael Harrison. And he was dealing with. Very basic problems to a very important problems and he knew. Of those instances he was involved and engaged. And and and he was willing to say when there was a fault slip up by the police department. Just like he was willing to say what their success need to leave the real reason. And not just an excuse but the real reason why couldn't that work. And why weren't what took so long process -- get there. And what he's gonna do to change that in the future and that's what the people which Israel insists people know it's going to be tough -- not expecting. To have the good bad jokes in Paris type of law enforcement agency overnight got to rebuild -- -- which we fund it. -- make sure he has resources he needs to. But but the morale peace the peace that comes in just. A new -- leadership. Wouldn't say you're gonna give the resources in the it's. You're gonna at a bunch of money into the police -- What you have if you look back the last City Council actually allocated. More money event than have ever taught. To the police sparked so much so that because we had so many offices -- left forced there was surplus there. Now some of that surplus. We we reallocate it to that page. Some other things need to be paid this year oh because our crew efforts. We're not working. At a rate that we hoped they would and did users resource is -- sure that the allegation to the police department. -- it's gonna it's gonna either remain the same for growth. As a police department grow but there's no reason. Gas if we don't have the manpower to pay. Jason -- clothes suit some follow opposed shows I appreciate your calling in bury him should I do my friend you did great. And doctors -- During an attempt to Broadway and all Europe and and and cup Q for the -- power of the government action we're gonna talk about leaves wearing care and -- important it's pretty good result so for. Wouldn't work here. All right -- venture will continue our conversation about -- would take a look at California. We're pleased your own wearing little. Camera and -- -- to at least support be very effective. Would you detailed -- we --