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8-19-14 2:10pm Scoot: on the Ferguson protests

Aug 19, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Angela and talks about the protests and riots in Ferguson, MO.

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Good afternoon actually is on vacation in studio for Angela -- this week it's another warm afternoon and August but that's week's practice time of year. Did you get out of jury duty we're called to jury duty did you get out of it or did you gladly for failure civic duty. Last week I finished my four days of commitment in August 2 jury duty now I've never actually called but it was interesting experience. This was at the year criminal court building -- two later brought. If people try to get out of jury duty do they not contribute to the flawed system of justice. We'll talk about that coming up in the next hour. What was your Judy jury duty experience like that's coming up next hour here's our WWL party general opinion poll. Even -- authorities say we don't know exactly what happened in the shooting of Michael brown and Ferguson have you already made up your mind. 49%. Say yes. 51% say no they haven't it's a very close -- is your opinion Michael -- website WW dot com and we're tracking poll throughout our show. CNN is reporting that police officer were shot and killed. On a police officer shot and killed a man in Saint Louis today. Initial reports indicate the dead man was allegedly acting erratically and was armed with a knife. Now unfortunately. When something like this shooting in Ferguson happens and -- so much attention. We tend to judge everything that happens. And that's not fair. You know we all watched the protesting in the violence continuing in Ferguson Missouri I was watching last night to flipping back and forth between that and Monday Night Football and we all have an idea of what we think happened. I would like to think that most of us and I would be included don't really know what happened and so I can't say it would have their they are people who want -- to say something on the year. I can't say because first of all I don't believe it and secondly I don't know what happened yet and as a lot we don't know. Did a white police officer feel like it's like which threatened when a young black males charged. Receive here for justified in shooting and killing a black -- Or did a white police officer profile a young black male as a criminal and become aggressive and handling the encounter. There are two different sides of this story it's interesting that a lot of people tend to believe. What they wanna believe what they think is true and they look for the evidence. The things that are said by different people that back up what they want -- belief rather than being open minded and open hearted to the truth. There's a great temptation to believe what you wanna bully but it's based on your perception of the world. Not necessarily what actually happened. The family ordered autopsy report showing that Michael Brown was shot six times two and head into -- four times in the -- really doesn't tell us what actually happened. But yet so many people on both sides of this debate are sure they know exactly what happened. Do you. Most of us have never heard Ferguson Missouri suburb of Saint Louis. But denies it was a source that a racially charged city. Ferguson is a very racially charged -- we did know about that we do know about it now. The city itself is nearly 70% African American and I believe the police department is either all or about 85% white. The City Council is a disproportionately white City Council in -- black community that is a willing to commuted his maturity black. Now these are these a remedy uses that. That's another topic. But the perception is a misrepresentation. And that yields a sense of injustice. Dick Cohen with or to give you Roland -- department here's got an update on the shooting Saint Louis. CBS news is now telling us -- that police say the man who has been shot and killed in Saint Louis not far from Ferguson as you noted. Was hollering shoot me kill me now. And brandishing a knife. Prior to police shooting and killing him that report coming to them from Saint Louis police so this appears to be. A much different incidents of suicide by cop presuming that this information from at least turns out to be accurate. That this is an individual who pad would be an acting erratically. There may have been some mental health issues. And some -- -- apparently was trying to get the cops to shoot him according to this new information. But if somebody has to be shot deep you know -- I would think that she would shoot them because they're requesting to be shot there had to be something going on there and well the radical they are in the brandishing a -- -- we've seen that here in New Orleans several times where we have knife -- individuals who refuse to put it down in London police officers. And police officers shoot to kill them off and they say it is intentional it's called suicide by cop that they. Wanted to kill themselves but chose to do it by -- so often mirror -- -- shootings where it's obvious that the that the perpetrators wants to be killed in the end. Yes and often takes general Myers which always makes you wonder when they start with that reckoning killing -- people prior to doing. Or will follow that story also Dave Bullock give us an update on the power outage I'm getting a number of text about a power outage Sharon nearly all of uptown. At least the Eric -- court or a ways from Jackson to Broadway. Do you know what's up we don't know but we'll find out about that and as soon as we do we'll pass the information don't you. What is it that you wanna say abouts the shooting and the -- testing and the violence that has erupted in Ferguson Missouri. This is something that is happening far away from New Orleans but with the media being the way it is we're all connected to it. Andy does touch this racial tensions that still exist very close to the surface throughout America meet we -- don't have that problem here. We do have issues here but we may not have that specific problem here but it's something that. Just about every American can relate to and that's why this has become such a Dick story it's unfortunate. That this has become epic story. I I say it's unfortunate it's unfortunate that the race makes and to get -- story. That should be a big story because again that is debt. That's what should make an epic story not that it's a white cop and a black. Male. Somebody -- We often talk about the races in such a way that we diminish. The human element. What we're all for all human beings what is it that you would like to say. About what you know from what happened. And what is happening and the media coverage. What is it that you like to say about what's being said. About what's going on. If you would join us with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Ninths nearly seventy and -- text number. Is -- 77. A -- Cohen has ever turned from the newsroom. -- tells us now that we have about 181000. Customers out of this is in the band of the river uptown and on into Jefferson Parish again about 181000. Entergy customers. Without electricity now there are working to determine the problem -- say they have a restoration time estimated by 430. And they often. Give themselves and healthy cushion there but. According to -- -- web -- it could be another two hours plus before they're able to get all 181000 customers reconnect it now there's no big thunderstorms in the area that usually leads somebody to believe that lightning might affect his someplace -- it -- this could be something simple like a squirrel or road and getting into some area yeah we've seen that before generally those are smaller incidents again I don't -- speculate on what may have caused -- -- which is not shared that with this yet but. -- 181000 customers out. It looks like some sort of equipment failures that. And affects a large number of patent on a large area often they are a little quickly reroute power and get some of those people back on bit. We'll try to get some more information from Entergy but he had don't be surprised if fear. Going to -- live in the areas uptown through the river band and on into Jefferson Parish along the river if you do not have electricity. Well what's your work in -- blender doesn't work you might not be able to make that pinnacle of this afternoon did give a timer on yours for the start feeling it before you you know. No I don't we'll keep you up to date on nets overstated -- -- you'll also have the latest information on our website at WW built not count. I'm still in for Angelo what is at that you'd like to say about what has happened in Ferguson Missouri. And justice that the bigger issue that this reflects in America. What is it that you wanna say abouts what's being said about it. That the media coverage are numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And a text numbers 878 Stephanie here's a -- at least the autopsy tells us what did not happen. Brown did not get shot from behind brown could not have been holding his hands up facing forward and get shots. Through the front of the arts. Well that's not what what he didn't get shot apparently from the back. But there are still. A couple of different scenarios about being shot in the arm but again you know people are quick to find that bit of information that supports what they wanted to believe. Before they learn the truth. And that's a major problem we have in this country in general. -- -- differential ever coming right back with your comments on WL. Drew Brees is expected to play this weekend in Indianapolis in the game against the colts pre season game number three we've got all the information on our website at WW -- dot com. I'm still to inform Angela is a double have you a pretty general opinion poll and even though authorities say we don't know everything abouts the Michael Brown shooting. It Ferguson. Have you made up your mind. -- your opinion by going to going to be revealed that comedy gets more of your text you're just a moment I I wish I could read all of the texting you just to let you know how hateful. Some people are. I realize that the the people who texted -- percent all of the audience there were a lot of for a great people who who techs who do -- the audience for all of these text -- not represented this audience or any audience for that matter. There are fanatical people. Who utilized text. To say really hateful ignorant things and I can't imagine that many of them would actually have the nerve to say those things to somebody face to face. I'm from Dallas LB year and to be WL. -- -- -- But let's go to your questions. My -- and I need to this year man was murdered by the police officer in I'll be happy and a question for libel. Can anyone tell me kinda being in a purse in the court case in person being shut down. But go. Anywhere. In America. And white kids being beaten by the cool. Air. We -- suggesting that they don't happen. But because they don't go but those things do happen defect that you see them. Is is part of it the whole idea that this is a need for media event. Whether it's YouTube or the media this. Gets attention and it's it whether it's fair or not -- it's because of our past but there are there are whites who were shot and killed and -- every day across this country. Grew up up a lot like on the court people. Broken. -- war. In that was taken and. You know. Scenarios where -- black guy on power and wind -- by the police and I'm not gonna water and. -- get with them. It's not it's not coincidental. I've there's a problem with that but it but also this is not reflective of everything that happens even though he gets so much attention in the media. And as is consumers of the media I think we need to be Smart enough to realize that. That this doesn't represent everything that today that goes on with with police and with different races. However this is a disturbing thing that does happen far too often. I mean -- your. -- Katrina. -- Murdered by the police department. And blacks but did not. Help. -- that the police. But what are they saying that mr. If these two guys because you were in the -- also. It -- that would be called on law Motley. It -- -- in the very day that the officer up here because the report on long rock. I don't think there's so I don't I don't know -- I have very little respect for the Ferguson police department at this point with the way they have the -- information and with the information that it has been released they have not handled this properly. They're probably not prepared to handle high profile issues like -- but that's not an excuse. It was Barack Obama they're they're. Also a partner autopsy. I don't believe deducted. Yesterday. It was evident that global. And and the -- in at close range like the the so called mr. this so called anonymous. Call the radio station up to date vehicle. Well I don't know that the anonymous witness and I talked about this briefly yesterday I don't know if she should be here -- credibility because again she she wasn't there LB I -- going to -- the show from Dallas. From the world -- Caroline your -- WW on good afternoon. A local. Good. You're gonna have -- been -- into the very differently. That came. Out. But I emailed to you about what all that is -- -- have. CNN NC ES are reporting that police officer shot and killed a man in Saint Louis today who was acting erratically and armed with a knife. Yet don't go to audience to. Look at who don't want them about. It in the -- That you write about. How to you know. Is -- that if I could come on the and you know get a drop. Your record and I think. I don't know what I'm sure I'm sure -- I'm sure what frightens you is that you're you've got to black suns who don't get in trouble and yet. Do you feel like I feel like if they go out they might be profiled as people who were troublemakers and might be as such. Welcome. At a school but he added that you put that. And Mike. About being -- did so in the peak of I don't understand why is that a is that the police catch up and by the -- at this obliged to pick the one. In the republic beat her. It's it's a disturbing answer I've I've tried to carriers are going to start and the and -- tell -- whether this is fair or not tell your son says I did with my son who's who's white Padilla could easily be profiled by police. Told you what if you may be profiled just respect the police no matter what Carol I'm going to color show. I'm Dave Cohen is joining us from the W a newsroom with the updates about 7000 of the 181000 -- customers that had been without power have been reconnect at about 111000 remain out mostly in the uptown New Orleans area will keep all right Jason excellent. From Florida Georgia are under BW or good afternoon. I have got through the -- and say you know. He's kind of -- argument that it perched right. And it and it -- that there -- your. Door. Faster. As a result. It got one. Without. Talking. And the that this is an area that. All are potentially people say it would go back to. Work. And that all the -- ultimately. Parent you know what I like that it may not be popular but I think it. That we should wait on. All the result. The police are sure. To release on -- the incident that occurred before she -- won the background on the this individual. Get what you like school you -- -- there's people. -- People. -- out and Christine back. And we don't -- -- -- the police officer shot and so. Here -- Stories. And it's also orders -- -- the Ferguson police have been soaked too so quick to withhold some information but as soon as they had something negative on the by the alleged perpetrators probably Michael Brown in a convenience stores with the the cigars there aren't strong army that guy. Seriously it's a negative information about him they released that so that that's not congruent with the way they've handled the information coming out about the officer. And it you know it it's a surer thing whether or at least they the roster. They really beat by command and your errands you know. Or that they could get used to. Go certainly think it's about it -- How to do that and -- -- right -- Are -- that they are really really. Do something. They're making mistake allergy board judging all you know probation and that is that. He's being. It is -- it's just really. George I appreciate you calling our show people are judging. Based on what they won a belief based on their preconceived. Stereotypes. Of police or a young black males. That's up with this country's posted the abrupt. Here's a text that -- out where is the black outrage when there's black on black killings. Will talk about that -- it's more of your calls when we come back I'm -- differential upon this Tuesday afternoon hears it every WL news updates with Jim -- And it wasn't long ago went up to 181000 energy customers were without power in the uptown area we've got the grid map right now on our website at WW dot com if you wanna take a look at this is -- -- it. Even heading -- Jefferson Parish now the 181000 down to only 4000 still without power so energy working rather rapidly to get everybody their power back. They say that they should have everybody restored by 430 but it's a -- Cohen pointed out just a little while ago. They often give themselves quite a cushion so hopefully they'll be everybody will have their power. The forum before 430. I get back to a more vehicles are just a moment here is attacks that expresses the feeling that many people -- Where is the black outraged when there is black on black killings. It seems like the blacks now wanna make racism out of everything. Every incidence they can there's so much like on black urban areas that blacks need to address within their own communities. Well there should be outraged because we're talking about human beings. And I've I've had quite often talked about how I think it's easy for a lot of people in white communities to think that well that's not my problem because it's happening in their community. But we're a city that is made up of a connection of different communities. And we should care about every community if there's so much crime and one community. What's gonna keep the criminals just in that community. And as human beings we should kick in the same way that we care about the people on the top of the mountain in Iraq who -- refugees. We should care about every individual who is a refugee to some degree heat in their own neighborhood. And in what is the solution. I think one of the things that we need to do it's it's stop being so quick to pass judgment. And by a single you know it's it's almost as if there's score keeping that goes. Well if if it's not true. That blacks don't care about black on black crime. Because many do many many many blacks care about black on black crime. But there's this assumption that they don't care now that's not to say that. When it's white on black crime -- gets more attention. I didn't create our historic past. And we are beholden to or past whether that's fair or not. But there'll always be this instinct to perceived white on black crime differently than black on black crime. It's not fair. But it is a reality. New Orleans suffer nor destroy -- -- WL. I -- quote Colin Pampers and call it. One that they would lead the incident with our security action. He. I mean he didn't get the I'm -- the -- When you look at although Colorado and -- and shot 72 people I have a ninety. When they -- They gave him options are -- you're. At it. He gave an option to surrender. It it and it but wouldn't it made it out -- -- -- when -- -- -- put it ends up in a LU that the men but all that you are. -- that the other guy like that it would that a guy who opt out Eric Gardner who was you know he was accurate in our offices choked in the yet there's no -- in -- in negative. It is it seen it go at it again -- he was in the goal is to separate -- We took theory. But on the other hand. -- it has -- to do with all in county. No I I do I do agree with you Troy whether he knew or not that's a separate incidents and to be innocent until proven guilty. And stealing cigars even if he did do that that's not a reason to X acute somebody in the field or put on death row. -- all with -- whatever happens out here. Maybe it was a part in Carolina. But do indeed -- issue. And what they apple app. At any weapons and that's -- is -- What if Troy. What if Michael Brown was attacking the officer and got close to grabbing his -- with the officer -- an officer then be justified to shooting and killing. Well got that assumption being well it's an assumption to get caught in many opinions people put it -- Michael octagon. You know yet it that would be to reply in usually. But that's not what it witnesses say that's not what it is awkward and out of him in I don't think he would -- the -- Most people we don't know but we don't know that's why should what if he -- what if he was called because it would be a split second. Before he could have -- And it. If you went octagon inhabit it. Like I don't know because it was yet okay because -- -- -- illegal. In the vehicle. As opt -- you report what those aren't. But I'm -- that that vehicle and it got -- -- out turnaround it is and it would be there at that point -- that. Could keep -- -- and outwit it is content with the Uga but somehow he got away. -- -- -- -- -- it's a lot of this that does it make sense to me there's a lot of this that suggest that doesn't seem logical and. -- -- -- I think if you look you know we -- in New -- if it's a black are intent at all that they it was a -- Any even though I'm not saying halt police. But he that he was kept a are in his if you get there are in you to. I I I do understand the perception that there are far too many white cops. Who are. -- judging young black males as criminals and mistreating them in the field there I understand that perception and I I think it's justified based on what we see and what we hear. Do we see all of the truth do we see the balance truth no we don't because we are victims of. -- global partner. That that the police chief. Who cannot look at the he got some of these in Iraq and who aren't. You. The actor why did you leave. It there because the pressure at all. The -- in the water if you want it to happen at eight under the current cap -- with the ballclub police department. Troy I'm I would I've got to get to a break but I I appreciate you calling I do I do agree with -- I think there's something very inconsistent about the way the Ferguson police department is handled all of this. I'm scoot him for Angela your comments are coming up next on WWL. Did you get out of jury duty or did you actually fulfill your civic duty will talk about that coming up in the next hour. -- about my experience with jury duty hours and actually called and jury but I was part of the jury pool for four days it ended last week as was at the criminal court building until late in broad. It was quite interesting so we'll talk about that coming up the next -- but we will also continue to talk about. Or we're talking about this hour and -- even though authorities say they don't really know exactly what happened to Michael Brown. Have you made up your mind as a W if -- a pretty general opinion poll 40% say yes they have made up their mind even though many experts say they don't yet know what happened. And 52% say no they haven't give us your opinion by going to our web site of if you don't count I'm studio for Angela -- to join us -- the comet are numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven in a text of receipts of -- of from -- Clinton Tommy here under the WL. Thank you. Well I like -- that. Many years -- all our. All. Foreigners here that we're old is she. -- Certainly believe that there's an order it -- and then a much much bigger crop. The only. Channel that mr. brown and they'll. The -- That would -- with him at the store. Wonder if they were. And they are -- just at least on supple. Account and come out all true. You're mr. brown and -- and observe that struggle -- -- -- now. Mr. brown right now or person you are so. Well. Confrontation that -- -- short on -- and on. And mr. now published this spot sure. And continue to Russian factory which aren't in all and that's one shot him. Well. But this should export all overweight or albums. And -- just -- -- they -- all so. The adult wanna make -- You know. American population only 13% and you're not very. A call on homicides. Are -- Not black and black on black. It took it sort of black may own and why not. It is very rare. -- police culture to shoot that aren't on -- If -- act that would walk as well. Their you know in an accident and a court to strike it very -- And -- don't know what the -- -- -- can only go by investigation. Form and after all over. But I feel like. -- other -- -- they're a source just. But Tommy if if somebody. You know I I guess the question is enough being a police officer I can't answer this -- this firsthand -- I've got a number of -- yesterday and today. About why not use a -- like I can answer that question. But if a police officer is is being attacked I mean obviously. That's wrong and if you attack a police officer you may be shot and killed by the officer the ultimate question will be. Did the officer have to shoot him and only the officer can answer that question. Hungary I agree and you know there's a lot of unanswered questions in it. It's just a real sure thing. Later the lakers are not folks and -- rural Chicago. You know. 820 Chile on what -- -- -- a strong. Oh. And what's being done about it which. You are a person. And so young she. -- oh yeah -- Apple. And Bob. Go out with their absentee mother were struck on that help the men and on all. But there are but now they're just -- legally -- Or extra well. And we we always hear about the hopelessness that exist in in some communities but yet you know Tommy -- gonna have to get to break I really enjoyed our conversation. It doesn't matter. The percentage of black males that commit crimes compared to the percentage of black males that make up this country. I don't think that matters. We're talking about human beings and -- -- a black male. I don't wanna be judged like the black males that are committing those crimes because I'm not. And it's unfair. For his country to judge all black males by the behavior of some in the same way that I don't want to be judged by the behavior of many other. Radio talk show host orbiting other white people. I'm -- differential if your will stay with us will be right back -- -- -- -- you well. Even though authorities say they really don't know what happened in the Michael -- shooting at Ferguson have you already made up your mind that's are -- -- pretty -- opinion poll this afternoon here's an update 45% say yes they made up their mind. 55% say no they haven't give your opinion by going to WWL dot com and skewed in for Angela and for Texas Howard you're on WWL. -- -- a few years ago. A white man was killed that Nicole Powell played one avenue trying to get this call opt. -- -- calling like Kenya that. And whatnot why certain demographics I -- that don't -- -- show. Right moderate Democrat. Democrats and other people do you know why why is -- certain group of people want it wanted to make we wanna. Why that suspect who doesn't know. And other groups Hispanics whites do not. Well I can't answer the question from firsthand experience Howard but it let's let's be fair. To -- this is this is not just. Blacks and in Ferguson -- this is a group of blacks with in the black community. A small group that is that is interested in venting frustration in purging their frustration however you -- phrase it. They're angry and they're looking for an opportunity to to take back what they think the system is taken from them I'm not saying that their right in doing that. But yeah -- that's my understanding of that frustration as much as I can understand. I have one other question. Went -- Urban League was and and of these CP now. No end and two we're we should because there's still a possibility is that. Michael Brown should not affected the way he did pricing acted the way he did I mean if he did attack a police officer and he -- close to getting his gun. Doesn't that adds something to the story if indeed that happens now he still an eighteen year old unarmed black. And he was apparently not shot at point blank range so I have logical questions about whether he needed to be shot. But again we have to wait and see what we find out -- from Canner Steve your WWL. But a 1996. -- JP deputy Jimmy clerics killed -- at all cobalt Volvo board. He pulled over a suspected all proper. He quote has done. These guys charged. -- -- became a hot but it. The suspect got the guard shot and killed them because Jimmy did shoot -- Yeah I that's why I'd I'd phrased it the way I did there's a split second before somebody who is if indeed Michael Brown was trying to get his -- it's. If did there's a split second before he actually gets the gun and shoots and kills you. I appreciate you calling our showed just a part of office you know there are some. Deere is a forensic cut expert who has been on I believe CNN. And he brought up an interesting point is is Michael Brown's DNA on the gun not the daddy is a decisive factor but it's interesting. A thing to consider because if he was indeed a trying to grab the -- he think that some DNA. Might be on the -- -- gets a couple of these text your recovered at the end of this hour if -- -- stay with side and if you haven't yet called and you want to express your opinion will continue this into the next hour we'll also talk about jury duty next hour. Here's attacks that read said George -- situation all over again. Here is attacks to Amy -- you have have you ever thought about getting a gig playing music you have good taste at thanks double we have filed with the proper music on this a talk show. Here is attacks thank you scoot for being fair about the -- shooting you're right about to everyone forming an opinion. And let's just use this is an opportunity to recognize that we form opinions quite often based on what we think happened based on our preconceived stereotypes. Not the truth. Will be back.