WWL>Topics>>8-19-14 3:10pm Scoot: on the protests in Ferguson

8-19-14 3:10pm Scoot: on the protests in Ferguson

Aug 19, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Angela and talks about the protests and riots in Ferguson, MO.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to the show I'm -- differential this week who is on vacation I've got a lot of text to get to it a lot of people are on hold waiting to get on the show and I'll get to all of your calls here just a minute. I also plans today to talk about my last day of jury duty in the criminal court building or -- later -- which way is last week. And you know we we hear about things in New Orleans not working properly and -- and how much would immediately get into the us this hour because topic about. I'm Michael brown and -- the unrest which is something that we can relate to an America coming from Ferguson and police officer shot and killed a man who had a knife handlers acting erratically this was in Saint Louis. Very close to the suburb of Ferguson. But I I'd really wanted to just say -- -- a kind word about. Everybody who runs the did did you replay and if you had a different experience in the bio means -- caller sure or send me text. A four days this this month I was committed to jury duty. It was called the jury pool -- -- I would get off the year -- -- -- -- at midnight -- I have to get up really early in -- the courthouse at ten at 830. The first morning and then 9 o'clock -- mornings after that so -- -- earlier mourning for me. But I felt media that's on the people there were really nice idea that the people who won the jury pool they were really accommodating. Really nice. And they made it is nice as they could. There are so many people who try to get out of jury duty. And it occurs to me that if you try to get out of jury duty or -- Contributing to what you believe is a flawed system of justice. Shouldn't we all. Relish in the opportunity to take part in our our civic duty. And that is shall offer jury duty. I wasn't called maybe you and actually has served. And look it was an inconvenience in my life but it was an inconvenience that I -- really willing to. Two to put up with because it was an opportunity to be a citizen. We're not often asked to go whatever we'd be citizens. And jury duty is an opportunity to do that. If you have been downed too lenient in -- I hope you had the same pleasant experience idea because that the people who worked there were great. There was a time that I couldn't get to Wi-Fi in the basement and you in this basement bunker. -- -- criminal court building. By the way if you ever get called for jury duty in the -- court building. I you you need to bring a sweater or sweatshirt or something because it's cold to me it's like a meat locker death on -- And -- jury room is even even colder than the other room but. It's it's kind of chilly but in August -- you're kind of looking forward to those opportunities to be a little luck a little cold. But honestly I've really had a very pleasant experience and I want to -- to compliment. The entire staff did that was -- to. That runs that the jury pool on -- -- at times they were funny if they were appreciative of us taking our time to be part of it and I hope your experience was plus. I'm studio for Angela here's an update on our WW up pretty -- opinion poll. Even though authorities don't know exactly what happened in the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri have you already made up your mind. 45% say yes. And 55% say no it is your opinion by going to our web site WW -- dot -- what is it that you would like to say. About the shooting. Of Michael Brown. And the protesting and of violence that has been started by a few following. What is it that you would like to sing about the media coverage. What does all of this say about America. This is one incident there incidents like this a different incidents that take place all across this country and right here in New Orleans. And -- get this kind of attention. So why all of this attention. Doesn't this reflect. The racial divide. That still exist in America. Which is a compelling story for the media which is why it's covered. The latest. Here's a text that is typical of many of the Texan I've received this afternoon. This woman says it in a rather nice way so I'll read this. Look like a duck walk like a -- talk like a duck. -- -- -- This is. Frightening. Frightening thinking to me. Because. We're talking about. Judging people. By the way they look. That's not the foundation upon which this country was built. That's not something that is. -- built into our constitution. So I can't Wear a hoodie. Without somebody thinking up a -- I can't walk around as a young black male without somebody thinking that and criminal -- I'm about to commit a crime or I wanna commit a crime. I just I don't see how that's been here. For Baton Rouge -- a year and a BW out. It. -- -- I think we're -- our. Land and -- and not go out. There. On mine. Video and coming in. -- -- -- Michael. But. Now she is common and store. Up. And you are pretty sure. There. Aren't many other black. And become. -- and by. And do a better scoring. Heart. Maria so if somebody steal cigars and rough somebody up there should be shot and killed. Issued. Yeah we don't I don't know if we knew it was for light. It it seems as if that's the same person but I don't know if that's been positively but I determined yet. Cheap. And I don't know like what why wouldn't idea why wouldn't I wanna take that side. I mean I had until I know for sure if you could say things on the -- how do I know Korea you can say things because there is there will be experts who will be able to determine if that is -- it. -- Maria I'm glad I'm political issue it sure looks like him and I believe it's him I don't know for certain. And there are people who talk among their friends in the office to talk in the car with friends they talk in a bar. I would be responsible if I had that same attitude on the air. I think it's him but I don't know for sure and we know for sure we'll certainly talk about it from New Orleans spilling your Adobe WL I billing. -- -- -- -- I done today and close agreements and you know opinions and thoughts Whitman related at all to the -- -- country and frustration that it. Unfortunately. That we don't do chopped flat remedies to he's just feel that way you can life that -- -- -- In but expand Christian Lombard red -- that most troubled. Neglected not seen him before. People all -- And you know at -- hatred bullet did not change growing a bit Kyra that there. Billy -- I wish I could share. Some of the text that I received because. -- are you love it it reveals the -- salute. If you or hate. It lives and hearts and minds of so many Americans who are proud to the American. Ladies and America. He has good reason to get some states which you write that bets that the -- of people around the world that metal lease period. And our rock -- -- it would we should be please do so it is wrong on every error that was -- unfortunately it -- feel that arrangement would be a guy. Look to read this book and -- a rigid. That's problem what should draw man -- blah blah and real life you know the -- -- would have them go against these ago. Political and they'll go right now get about Jesus and the -- kuwaitis in the to get to god and Jesus Christ he's still believe we -- Liggett compression rifle and you know. Billy I appreciate you sharing that witness it's a nice thoughts and with -- year Christian nor about some other religion. And you know -- -- find your find your spiritual guidance. I'm studio for enjoy hit -- it'll stay with this will take a break and come right back with your calls on WWL. This is a fun Sunday came out this summer new -- -- crazy lucky. -- -- for Angela here's a quick update on our WWL party general opinion poll even though authorities -- say they don't know exactly what happened with the shooting of Michael brown and Ferguson. Have you already made up your mind 44% say yes and 56% saying oh. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL -- Collins at right back to your calls are just a moment here's a Texan -- -- I don't think some credibility is lost when it is said that polluting. In the protests. Was. For the killing of this young man I mean what does one thing have to do with the other. I agree with you 100% that we don't know enough to form an opinion either way a coworker actually got mad at me because I told her. That I was going to reserve judgment until all the facts were in she already does she or he tried and convicted the officer. Many people have. It almost doesn't matter what the facts are. What matters is fighting in the -- and this goes for politics to not just this incident finding the things that we. The that we find support our beliefs. Rather than looking for -- stroke from -- Roger here on every WL. It's -- A little. I just I do believe we do need to wait for the tracks become obsolete form an opinion. But I -- see these things cool now thing open and and you know in this and your response. I have I'm speaking from the east from a show. Oh -- here and hard work and Bagram. And yeah I -- feel screwed. You know because so we may become in some time. We're not ready for you know Rory issue conversation. And about to be what do you. -- truly believed that the majority in the title. Them enjoy it a big portion of who -- apportioned. Well why America is not really ready for that trial embassies in action to bring democracy and -- you would do this at the side of the groups aren't. Called projection. And that is when someone -- being counseled about can be achieved that's called and complete and dale iGoogle two of those. Are confronted. Would do. Is diminished our confronting the counselor. About the problem and analyze and what adults do. The actual issue and you know do I mean more from the Austin though that at the black man of problem and in the black community would go at a crime poverty and lack of education and all I -- a lot of -- at me and Tokyo W justifiably. Understand whose name. Good bad as it is it's it's. -- the thing that happened was in new York community. Justify. It. -- try them and I'm boring stuff like that you know don't enjoy it and at a critical details on the the pair got to move next. This moment would -- have been stationed in and wouldn't you potential political and actually. Community that's in the Paris next personal. We're still -- more from these days. And keep at it and number one of them wouldn't just that and -- and that we its problem and deal with. -- That would do actually. Thank you. Roger I appreciate your dressing your opinion one thing that I senators -- white male is why I. I have to admit I don't know what it's like to be black. And there are so many people who are white to assume they know what it's like to be blackened and you don't know if you're black you don't know what it's like to be white. In different ways I have been judged my entire life and maybe that's one of the reasons why I don't like judgment I was judging grammar school and high school. I was ignored and again it's different from from being a young black -- it. I know what it's like to be judged and even as an adult today just if you listen to the -- -- and a regular basis know how people judge me. It's okay. But I can speak from firsthand experience how unfair it is to be judged. And it is unfair. To perpetrate this mentality. Of young black males using I guess deducted freezing to some degree. If young black males commit most of the crimes and you're young black male then your criminal. That's something that doesn't really make sense. Or it's not fair. At the very least. -- blog today is a title Ferguson shooting. Have you made up your mind and -- I tried to bring up some interesting points about this that cause us to reflect on ourselves as citizens white and black. Hispanic Haitian justice as citizens and in general and as human beings. It's on our website at WW dot com you can read -- and others to get back to your calls you're just a moment but here's a really interesting text. -- his friend admitted. Debt. Oh admitted that they that he stole the on admitted that in the store they they shall be. The cigars get caught up. So if this person. Is gonna believe the friend. When he said he stole the cigars. Then a viral lawyer in this person were on the stand and I would have to say then you believe his friend's story when he said that it's Michael Brown was retreating. And held up the chance. If you're -- this more of your calls more of your text are coming up next. I'm studio for Angela this week and here's a WWL news updates with Jim Hansen. All right it has just been released this is the brand new Taylor swift's single shake it off. She is officially no longer country she has gone from country to pop rock a lot of people go from pop rock country. She says now going to pop rugged this is just it's a very pop song. I think Taylor Swift is very talented says so far this is not among. My favorites by her but it certainly is a catchy tune and listen this for just a moment. I heard Dennis Stevie G and teapot players yesterday afternoon via afternoon swirled ever debuting his son on the 97. A right to -- reminds me of the -- and remember this when. -- studio for Angela here's an update on our WW a pretty -- opinion poll even though authorities say they don't know everything about the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson have you made up your mind. 46% say yes and 54% say no Chris you're on the BWL connection interest. Good afternoon and it's it could be here on -- Opening to say about that now reporting that the -- certainly broke a local well. -- -- -- In two topics of -- statements that they've -- firing at close range but -- pat -- correct we don't know. We don't. In fact. Bit -- an expired on and they -- the residue it kicked it a point or in Spain that they can that. Dispute that you can tell you right now that you would be sprayed export -- -- at least 300 pounds who's thirty inches away from you. I -- to decline to. It would depend on the situation might be afraid of and if he was a hundred yards away. Well appointed he could have been reached Italy from the talks are ready to attack on. There's going to be no gun residue that just token people sick all at close range nuclear. Close range as well. -- and it went -- -- I would be afraid of of any large angry person who wears. Who is near Meehan who appeared to be disrespecting -- and perhaps even attacking me again. Look we don't know what happened but if if a young person attacks a police officer. And even makes it seem as if he's going for his gun. That person may get shot and it could very well be justified. So. Well at the other end and in the point briefly is. However. -- police officers can't be so quick to judge somebody because. There are disrespectful like that we don't shoot and kill people -- -- people because they're disrespectful to police. That that was don't know I know we don't. And have been reported -- multiple sources that the talks are at a broken or apple we know that -- apt to shoot. Does it -- by the final shot yet that it had to have been and we both went -- ship hit. I got broken. But I don't. And it it claims that there supporting this salts. Everybody be in for each correct correct. Mentally shook up. So the -- that are that guy's been on the news on CNET and it. Yeah I I've seen it on and on last night he was one of the ones who wears he wants justice and he says Justus. He says justice is an indictment and I don't know we don't know yet if that is justice however he was. According to CNN last night he was pleading with the crowd. On to resist the temptation to be involved in violence. Cute look at -- on the Southern Poverty Law Center aren't. It anti Jewish anti white it kicked out of the nation of Islam for being too radical and so in part at all sinners not so on Willy Nilly group out. -- it's it's obvious that on both sides we we have we have hateful people. -- mean there's no question. Supporting. In the therapy. I understand that there are people there are people who are supporting the white officer. Mean they are -- the client has a history that goes beyond people wanting to protest at the group that's protesting an end of the smaller group it's part of the violence. They don't have a history like the client. -- on the black -- do they do -- look like they -- not. But no that's not what I said it I mean this this group has not been defined as the new black Panthers yet. I mean I'm not saying that there art some involved in it we don't know what that mean this is just a general group of people. Mainly from Ferguson and the judge it on Stewart they're the ones who were violent that's what -- -- person. That's the that's one person who was involved in this whole scenario. And it's also advising. The Highway Patrol and as -- Missouri Highway Patrol and how to handle the situation. Would you read. Well I think you know. How do we know I mean I don't know exactly what that means I get the impression that. He's not directing them he can say he's advising -- and I don't know where you're getting this information but is he sitting in on. On top level meetings on how to handle it or is this something that these same at least. -- -- -- -- -- Second you've been consulting with which -- bots. I won't what does that mean. Does that mean that he's talking to him about maybe helping keep the crowd under control because the crowd is paying attention to him is this not a a tactical maneuver. Question. About it scoot get some -- At duke and go consult with David do you think that the press would follow that you wouldn't deal. Yeah I would do you think it was. -- Chris you're just you're telling me this and I don't know. How factual and how strict the consulting is between this gentleman. And the Missouri Highway Patrol I'll try to find out more about it and I appreciate bringing that to my attention. -- ritualistic. For Slidell Dave here -- BWL. -- -- -- -- Dave go ahead you're on the year. Just look at her -- Steve hi how are you I've got that the named -- you're -- receive. Article in local nationals. Are on the list -- is where our -- all everybody says. That they have -- made up their mind -- helpful if there are being tried by jury of their peers. We think the -- at this moment that they walker courtroom that are decided that -- guilty. You know. That stupid. Anybody who says they know it what happened and it beta of mine fools. All of but certainly if Ferguson. He's that is the majority of people black yet the City Council is -- well election city council's well. And when I did mention that Steve I said the debt that's an issue that needs to be discussed that's a topic for another show and that is over there is a very legitimate point nine iron to sorry. The tape and police department the majority of at least five black officers out of it shortly. On the part simple bar but. Take into most police department that are struggling to get 7800. Offices right now problem much larger pool. A prospective applicants yet they can't so is -- that they don't have the ball flight people -- The folks are not interest stated in the I I join in the knowledge that has -- tremendous -- I bring this up in a blog and I think it's a legitimate. Topic Steve I really like to call the show Maine. Why is it why is it now all that people are complaining about so I know representation on the City Council where the qualified candidates. The voters is there one -- -- an office that's part of the the democratic process. And a police department in a city that is 70%. African American. Should an African American officers if they're qualified. I scoots differential will be back and to be WL. It's a Tuesday afternoon -- studio for Angela coming up next on sports talk with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia. The latest from the two days training camp in Metairie including Sean -- key players analysis from our resident pros. -- LSU ranks thirteenth in the Associated Press pre season college football poll. Is that a fair assessment of the tigers or should LSU ranked higher or may be even lower. Puddle up with the pros this afternoon weekday afternoons from four to eight over the saints L issue and the pelicans -- -- If you want to share your thoughts or opinions with me and your senator techs I've read just about every tax I guess somebody it can't possibly read all of them on the air. Or if you don't get a chance to call if you wanted to share your thoughts and opinions with me my email address is scoot -- WWL dot com. That's cute Debbie if you don't dot com and you can also what's in the Twitter message it's acts scoot. WWL. And -- -- back from a railroad David you're under the WL. Hello David pot may -- I don't like everybody has an opinion want it out. This sport will be guilty about well one -- everybody -- know. Is that what it was stole. It was very very like a pocket books heal the sick all the title -- -- back check that show the type attitude. That -- about it -- each shot. But hit a good reason that each attitude to be a big willow like that. Society we have more. Well I think somebody's more likely to pick on little man then a police officer with a gun. I'm neither one is right I understand the torture making David and -- I I understand I've -- political show but then you know the other question is. Did the police officer have an attitude with him now even if the police officer had an attitude with him my advice. When I was raising my son. Who as I mentioned many times have -- Fitness. Fit a profile of somebody who might not be a good kid because. Some would judge my son is having an -- And I told him if you are profiled pulled over any -- coupled talks for doing anything wrong. He felt like he was -- -- to always respect the police. And that's the message that needs to go to everybody. White or black Hispanic it doesn't matter you'd need to respect the police in the -- even if they're wrong. And even if you know they -- wrong because you're not gonna win and a confrontation with the police. In the field. But the police also need to be respectful of citizens. And not competent to which citizens and assumed that. That is a young black -- walking in the street. Is a criminal or criminal type -- again and I wasn't there but you weren't there -- If you -- I'd love to hear from. But if we weren't there we can't say for sure. Who had the bad attitude or exactly what happened. And yet so many people were quick to judge. Based on what they want to believe based on stereotypical views. I'm skill differential coming right back into the WL. Sports -- Bobby -- Dick -- is coming up next on the station of the saint silly issue in the pelicans WWL. From the -- Anthony I got time for quick comment and showing opening. It who now I don't know what I -- delightful squabble. Like oh -- comment you know we've been at it the -- But oh I'm only come oh lead in the that it that. So to me. Why did you realize that both Clinton and loan -- it into the heated debate about it -- -- let me. But you can hear of who would have been like -- right and racquet -- it and -- -- won't do it out. So coup plot that wonderful been in this country. White will need -- Arctic need that the court. It is. Get in an employee is charted in he would be convicted of bank -- And being that it. Anthony I would think that -- -- So understood shot that. Bet it would it would that couldn't have indicated that it that they have is it probable coal and have been domestic. -- -- Where did that article call them that we not look like that jacket I think that that happened Kabul outright. Well Anthony I think since he is a police officer. As somebody who is supposed to have a gun and I think that's why you're not automatically arrested if this way it's all white male and this just happened industry -- the person would probably. Have did arrested immediately I I appreciate your call on -- so essentially at a time here. We should listen to each other. Rather than -- each other. President Obama made that comment when he was addressing the nation talking about the shooting in the unrest in in Ferguson. But as we know. There will be those who will dismiss whatever the president says. Even when he's right. At this point we really don't know what happened Saturday afternoon. But so many people have already made up their minds here's the final update on our WW a pretty general opinion poll if you made up your mind. 48% say yes and 52%. Say no again my email addresses -- at stubby WL dot com what do think -- Newman our executive producer. And Portland art our studio producer have a great afternoon sports August next -- New Orleans.