WWL>Topics>>8-19-14 4:10pm Deke & Hokie: on Saints training camp and LSU football

8-19-14 4:10pm Deke & Hokie: on Saints training camp and LSU football

Aug 19, 2014|

Deke & Hokie talk about the day at Saints training camp and ask how far LSU football can go this year.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Won't know for now here's this afternoon -- -- -- to all today's program coming up or get off -- -- -- -- -- Bobby -- is. Take on today's practice that was outside -- facility on -- line highways we will hear from -- coach on a wide receiver Robert Meachem. Safety here is bird and also defensive. Climate change you can -- among others on the program. Not several guests today as we it's closer to the college football season Thursday box one week of the season beginning on Thursday night. Falcons 48 of these some big games and that. Saturday August 30 the LSU back with a thirteen points in the country would take on the fourteenth -- Wisconsin badges in Houston Texas. -- fire about college football analysts and ESPN hold off on Bob shall we would with the with the clock now. John -- this will be with -- he's a senior writer for badger bits that excitement -- go to Wisconsin badger athletics of course right now but within on. -- football they'll open the season against LSU and missed it two weeks into your right and it kind of made that. Brian knows all we will be with operated jaguar pretty volatile line at the BW dot com LSU ranks thirteenth in the Associated Press. First hole. It -- fair assessment of the Titans should LSU ranked higher or lower and you'll go on line. At that UW will. Dot com and we've got somebody in the hole already -- and so Wada doubled the phone with go to Chris on want Chris thank you for calling didn't do well. Paid -- -- that particular -- I was calling about LSU Tigers monopoly that you are right right where they should be. -- it probably should be. -- an unproven quarterback. No receivers that we know. And a freshman running back there and lost a lot of good players on -- there. Nice and probably a bowling ball and be like six deep to right -- And it's not beaten everybody and just come on come on come on you know -- I don't matter way to rank -- aren't made -- we -- -- in Missouri want to rank. Okay what you should do this and that old but when you do when I was that he is really doesn't matter -- you're right there. Last year misery and all the -- the top third. And like he's dating couple couple of all these one game that was both wing hoping. They want to believe if he sees it. Well I think if you remember thank you reunited disgusted that that LSU Auburn game early. If we don't shoot 21 point lead alone in the fourth quarter and and view we were talking about it you know what we -- -- comfortable with that you'd watch and wait. Auburn begin to play. Guess after you know it was she kind of jumped out to. Pretty decently in Auburn haven't kept coming back to chip away chip away. So yeah I mean to me. Pre season rankings there I mean that's for people would just you know. Need some football. Or whatever because you're right it means that in and it doesn't mean anything into me and -- -- thought well India and we inherited a call in but you know I mean unit for months now -- -- on a magazine and nick. Yet you know once you get into the the full swing of it but. -- it you and I were talking about it in the other day USA today without the all American list. Only got. Or this thing for the state ranked number one they've got Oregon number three. But yet they get Margaret Mary Oden as number one. Right. Quarterback first team all American quarterback and they got. James went in at number two. B no well because -- -- yet -- I mean basically what you ask somebody if they think the reason why -- one. When we get that right what is it. I don't think if anything do -- need to do that they book anyway that I. Safer for those people out there there's just this star foursome to talk about right and water cooler. Talk around the offices who's going to be number one in -- The only time he made matters is at the end of the season. And basically you don't even have to be you know used it to be -- them. After one of -- what they do now now he's going to be 123 of Warner and it ended up voting. If you're going to turn out okay and is how about this that means winners Ohio State and being now that Braxton Miller's out for the season I would put them in the same category Hoch has about like -- -- -- A lot of talent around him out but grab him and now they've got a freshman a redshirt freshman quarterback and a lot of holes a team like Wisconsin and Michigan state of the things of that conference. -- like take a deep breath not that I don't think they would imperial before because of the way they finished this season and they got beat -- -- -- they they lost Clinton. But I think now we're out of a quarterback like that. Then he would he would just not a quarterback with a team that was it counts you know McCord oh yeah there you -- definitely the the guy that makes -- oh era in June and I'm -- to -- conference player of the year and you'll be fit you know people dislike and he's a better. Runner at quarterback and a lot of running backs are it at -- Position you could -- he's one of the top two respective conferences yet yeah yeah and we we you know of aside from being a running quarterback -- -- that would amount land him out of the backfield and hand him about -- he would. He would make a lot of yards over Ohio State they would to where do you think they'll let you go back with the with the -- I think he goes makes it okay. I think it -- respect. The other few program and you know it probably the best way to put it this that there right thirteen use a three you know pants. Without all -- -- -- -- -- You news of a depth at running back. You lose for the top six pack but don't be. Although be it. The defense was not awarded it in them a few years and I think you know via ought automatically better of fraud. Back subtraction. You know addition by subtraction some bats -- it's going to be me the most with Walt beat Newton but. I think all and all that rank him. Is respect for the coaching football program. And as -- -- -- a second ago I think that the best way to put it because I was I was shocked to see him even in the top 25 to be honest we've. Because of all things that you just said in. You're one of the things that I saw. The LSU defense and -- that it gives me sane is okay and -- Bobby talked about. -- because being in the right position to make that tackle on Chris average last year. Well a lot of -- those guys were in position to make the tackle they just didn't make it a lot like Malcolm Jenkins did so. The scheme itself was sound players where they would both be -- I mean. Early in the year in which he was one report pact -- I had. I think in a long time my disability but he college football and -- -- and they really didn't get a lot of substantial improvement on -- into the sea Hawks go in the bowl game and of the bowl with the best game make that. Yeah that was a bad field labor in their own -- field. But I like the way if you put that I think it's a lot of respect for the election program weren't done through the years and you know the people -- Low -- miles or hate him. He gets enough respect mean it. From all the national writers and everything else I mean they'll look at that ABL issues got enough talent on the as the somebody needs to blossom in if they do it than that probably -- for real achievement. Without a quarterback and went the opposite of weapons that they have and in past years. I mean that we I don't know we know anything -- -- the quarterback can do except for the young man played in the in a bowl game. He's -- guys 2601878668898. And operated jaguar people asking you when you think about the Tigers. Number thirteen -- and it takes to hear from -- he says he thinks they'll issue a number -- -- It's probably a little more fair than normal but he likes the Titans to do about that this season finish somewhere close to the top teams that they run around with. Holmgren called it wouldn't. -- -- -- -- Not around -- club in this now I don't know in opening them no movement is there until limited to if you get -- -- -- down if you get the top down be care where you render and his desired some pretty vicious under coming in here. The growth arc and live audio Hamilton pavement on that where are -- going to -- out I don't think it was it will come back. And talk about today's practice our resident pro hope you guys on him -- events in sports stop on that because if you. And welcome back to sports talk Saints can't have a trio all hope you guys I'm Deke Bellavia final four to 60 point 7866890. Rates him he's the but he gave him all the operate at -- per week at Texas late 78 at eight. Asking you about the LSU Tigers and their -- ranked thirteenth in the Associated Press poll top SEC team Alabama it too. Albany also the cocktail while soccer and Georgia's at twelve and LSU was number thirteen different opponent was content is at number fourteen. You like the Packers ranking that a fair assessment of LSU which is the time with the right higher on -- can't Yoko. On WW -- Come. On hoped he'd be practical practice today out outside it was so cool to say the least. But the Shah. Of Iran and keep it out I'll point out some of the things. -- and talked about one of the things Tokyo one. -- found interesting -- taking in the you talked about deal all in the I think in the group with the people who shall follow -- like they databases that cold. -- field. Those three the bit in the but in the as a group who look. -- -- Robert Meachem and make it. And out of those guys kind of the coup you'd think doable if Scotland now -- tees he hit Stratford yeah. I mean early on. What we saw him up there in West Virginia you know couple long balls thrown his way like he just didn't quite get to it. I know when one of the early interviews there you know he can fit -- they coming around and taking it slow. Miguel but you know this is not just. The two long balls that he felt the other night he you'd look at him at practice in the united I mean ended the tell -- that. If it's a simple curl rout at about twelve yards and all week on the way before he even came out and break. And he just went up in the -- and nothing spectacular but he needs made a nice leaping catch. And it's actually hit the ground running and you know it just kind of like and I cannot. Looks better if you will the last -- early camp then and I kind of thought that today's practice out there when a -- -- shoot it from both sides of the ball on net I think you could feel that the heat. You know that day the conditions of the field not to mean -- is is great and everything else but them guys just get accustomed to get back out on. That and in the field out here you we know -- -- -- a lot of rain around here and they drains tremendously well. Must say things but you could just -- until they were a little bit more in slow motion this morning and then they were what we -- -- that and I think he had to do something with some miscommunication. On some routes down the field. Possibly. With the way the ball which for -- what did. Was aware active in the we give -- a new ball before every snap but that may have been looking at the quarterback can't after not soaking wet. But Joseph Morgan yeah I mean I am I'm start to see him now that. He's making -- plays that he made before and then some and it's just that. You know with his ability to did deep was his ability to play some specialty for you. The you just look at him and you know look at the entire -- yeah and -- I mean I've been through it before that. You know -- entire offseason both of rehab and I mean going through and you'd be concerned on whether you can. Continue your football career and they always say well -- -- -- do as -- adapted and -- -- when he hit yet but there's so many things that you resting on. And all that and I see now that that Gil Morgan and in training camp where some guys are starting to separate themselves the other way. -- talked it was a talked about -- champion -- these smaller receiver but very path. Kind of seeing him now we're. He's not making those catches that he was making her the only camp when things were fresh in the only one gets beat up from. Three weeks of practice. So Joseph Morgan is kind of separate himself the other way. I mean I -- game right now and I mean I see. I see. More of what young Robert Meachem was you know I actually meet him I mean he didn't involve them in -- keep -- involved with the in the game and game plan and a practice plan -- -- thrown in the ball again and he missed opportunities everything else I mean I think that they're Robert Meachem. When essays on the bubble I think he's more. At least to me he's leaning on the right side of the bubble in that more so that -- don't make this team as opposed to not but I can see Gil Morgan can. Closing that gap and to be -- up there with you know with those three guys that you mentioned he's not quite there yet he's not a given that he can make -- -- But I think he's starting to separate himself from the John Davies who owns the branding Coleman's. You know nick toon have very solid camp is no doubt but he's been a little bit quiet here the last. Of course you -- that last week of training camp but -- but. -- he will be a guy that if he does it accurately wise I think somebody picking him up quickly. If you -- asking me I think he -- especially now that they've that they've ruling you have two extra. Spots moment developmental squad and that -- going to be the end -- minutes kept more players that teams he would develop and it's I mean it is good for the play is good for the team I mean you know coaches would love to have a bunch of bodies out there so you John Payton left that. After practice and actually his response is going to be like that because you you want it may play you can get these -- with a CB -- In. Salary cap all -- you can only have so many players out there but Tuesday adding two more I mean doesn't sound like much but. Trust me go to get it mean players that they can't because -- they helped during the course of the week -- scout team. If somebody goes down boom they can put those guys in and Joseph Morgan definitely feels that role in Armenian and he's been around so he knows the system their opinion and I'm just encouraged to see. The improvement they make is that really thought about it staging camp and -- would. You know whether it balloons up on him a little bit has to be -- from -- -- course that would that would be something that they would share with us anyway. But I see Gil Morgan out in the field and -- looking good so. I think that's a bonus for the Saints and certainly congratulations to him because he's well long way from recovery from a knee injury. He saints' current us hope you guys -- big -- -- come back at squeezing Canada Mississippi more on the take -- hoping for today's practice Debbie deputies times for 32 time the first -- who go to -- -- And welcome back on up provoking guys -- Deke Bellavia 26018 cities in the beginning -- -- as you rethink about LSU ranking. In the Associated Press top 25 Tigers are thirteen of eight SEC teams ranked in the AP top. Point 52 -- two -- to a frightening it's a fair assessment of LSU remember keep him you lose. What do what that it -- any offense that without ego passes without an all Russian to 1000 yard receivers. A more depth at running back. Also you lose four of your top six pack clothes on these facts though it to the mix I would say that and fair assessment of LSU but he was -- week. And Texas at 87872. Mississippi for Kevin on line -- Kevin thank you for calling. Screwed it gentlemen good couldn't hear from thank you so much for a second -- -- Being a goal in her life. -- beyond a doubt there are. Can smacking about -- concern obviously at the DP here. Been had -- been there. Parts and MacPhail -- learned that -- and quarterback and I think I'm back in court this year is. It's good it's been wrong and got my main concern quite -- I'm you know the ball and that's in. Particular call or. -- and your coach here and Shipley and what order Super Bowl the mobile more work very much -- technical. All right care house ball firstly if you apprentice -- about the Saints defense and all of what you see it in. It's kind of is confusing -- -- -- if you think it that the Saints Q now we're about to -- put pressure. All opposing team's quarterback and you think the lap back with a -- they've been awhile. Within me you should really be as concerned about the secondary if -- your previous because. If you put any your opposing quarterback that's going up any defensive back out there and you're actually better in the defense secondary this year that you've been. -- absolutely it when you look at the the names. Back there I mean I feel very comfortable with this year's secondary. Now we got a couple of banged up guys. You know with -- Lewis being out hitting -- -- that they're working with the the training staff today so -- they got him out there doing some conditioning work and some rehab work. Run around everything else that that's good. You know Champ Bailey started to get back on the field years -- First practice today meaning -- gets around the football. A rough field bush is. Mean he's a solid player -- Karros is is a star. Wait and happy new you know he was last year he hit the rookie. That you could say what you what you want about Corey white. And military there's a lot worse back up cornerbacks in the NFL in scoring wise. Stanley Jean Batiste taken him a little while but -- start and make some plays he may apply. No Marcus Colston in the in zone today I think I look honestly make absolutely -- out -- me and Marcus Colston is better -- when he made the other might mean he played it made a nice play the other night does this strip the ball. And -- for min -- so they didn't know whether it was an interception or fumble but they yeah they call -- a fumble. But markets go to -- up in the end zone. And he was able to match him sat side they been able to get up and pull the ball away. For market ballclub had a ball up at that point. At that was an impressive play and -- do that well yet -- end the coaching staff has enough confidence in him that. With the starters being out. Keenan Lewis. Champ Bailey never really been considered the the starter but the Patrick Robinson did. I don't know what is injury is but he's not out there work and I know they've got Stanley gained the -- back there is a rookie cornerback right now running with the first unit. And that doesn't mean you -- be when the regular season start but. He's a guy -- the -- put him on the don't know what semis and snatch him up because. Look they -- they wouldn't just blindly picking a second round pick when they took in the in the film. Something about him that they liked a lot of things that they liked about it. You look at. Be necessary come in and has -- afternoon might make some -- bone jarring tackles in in the game the other night. Hit. That met burger and B he gamely and I'll feel a little bit but good solid legal hit they put on him. Made another hit when the ball game only jarred the ball loose from. The receiver. You got the kid from. Thumping Canada -- ball on a very impressive fear warranted being the guy. It may simply yet rod sweeting who's been on the team. In the past -- hadn't seen much -- and we've been back. I think he's injured a little bit. But he was again it was on the squad last year so. I mean I'm just going out a handful of names right animation here there are some that or escaping me at Patrick Robinson was a first round pick up the years ago been. A little disappointing from the standpoint that he was a first rounder but right now he's still a talented player so I'm not nearly as worried about the secondary. Is Kevin Hand me I look at -- defense. And no it's not the 85 Bears and not to 2000 Ravens and it's not the steel curtain -- -- From front to back it's about as solid group that I have ever seen here when -- ranked at the dome patrol. It'll four linebackers -- three defense -- lamb and they made it work and as he pointed out when you put the pressure on our secondary back pin and went very I mean you had Torre -- he would gene Atkins he had. Dave when -- detailing -- his career who wins say the Houston cornerback. If Bobby were here he remembers some of the -- defense aback by it but they were not that -- but the quarterback was always in a hurry get rid of the ball because -- could pass threat that guy and so. I know the point that you were making so if you -- that much pressure and you got that many talented players. Play in in the secondary. I would say in that told you this after after practice today. This climb back in court doesn't have a star in it. Do neglect being considered an outside linebackers so he can be doing most of his Russian. That -- Heath I would I would worry about him in pass coverage I would think that he would be. A liability but. You look at David Hawthorne he's again and win. He's healthy he's gonna make a hundred tackles a year ago Curtis Lofton has led the team in tackles and he has not spectacular group. But they're solid. The defense to line I think is really goodness ended dipped and I think that's secondaries as good as we've ever had so I don't all the same -- That question mark with the secondary that technology that I think there about strongly we ever had. He saint Conosoga guys on the -- we -- comeback Allen Knoxville Tennessee won't talk a little. College football Hutu camp as well college Saints laid off Paul -- Bob don't -- here on Saints radio WW. College football analyst and host the pole fire about show Paul filed by Jonas in the 6 o'clock -- without -- -- and it worked -- SEC football. Eighteenth in the Southeastern Conference leading the pack in the Associated Press top twenty found welcome back he's -- big guys. I've become obvious to the phone to go let's go to Knoxville for alum I want Al thank you for calling -- WL. Thank you very much -- purple and gold in the middle big Orange County country Monica is is often. -- that have my purple here. 1 o'clock although she's -- their ranking it thirteenth at that point. You know it it I'm always says there and it's funny how the team -- -- quarterback and all the throws and there's still number one in the country and at the -- whatever. You know you do those people yet. Earlier fall off that you know the world and everything and so and so forth that. You know -- is that the production aren't they law last year on the opposite is obvious. However on defense. Law a lot of players but they played -- player that he actually experience. That is coming back in the lot. Because these players that played a lot means a lot now. And back goes very far. In regards to know the playing field and in what they're gonna be exposed to predictions yesterday that -- lost some players by. A lot of people are there have -- a lot. -- that a couple of hot. I RE I I agree with that Alan I don't think LSU lost. Other the eagle Ferguson. I don't think LSU will ridiculous it's I've now that it will be instant. A whole lot on the -- -- on the ball and you know he was the kind of gently. Duke today at the amateur level but. You know from where he came out of high school to college and it was it was a disappointment in which you -- that counts and who know me you know it was a major piece of -- Would you use on and it got so I think but I like us in addition by subtraction -- that could be -- it to -- -- better and it it turned a lap back will be better. But but as far as what the program is a means. You know in this conference I think -- the -- right that you could argue that. Our probably put him issue may be able Georgia not much to vote or -- but I would put a little bit of book deal to cause I think overall. I like what LSU has back all all -- now the one thing dog has their favorite LSU offensively. Is that -- has a few more fuel. Wide receiver back. And they -- better. I think it brought him back because you feel about parity is the different back in the country and if you could have some running back that turned out to be some of the best in the country by sees it. And the quarterback typical for Emery was thrust into the limelight at the you know last year Alou earlier in gaining the -- when he had a community in the Arkansas game. Allen all that say it. I mean how would write a Mobile, Alabama not just going -- the quality -- camp but look what Alabama's got. All over -- what all the dot com back and I mean how many teams their three teams that are in the top team and that have been among the top team in the last three years and it's all as Alabama Oregon. It's -- Carolina. And I would have -- South Carolina even though they lost to a guy thirty feet six. The last three years having so it's their best out of place in the paint and I think they'd be at it in -- I think that's like again. -- may -- haven't flip flopped an L issue it you know Georgia and now with that you know to be. -- room with what happened Ohio State I don't know this field that much better their -- -- without Braxton Miller is he you know 56 better. Make makes him 56 better places ranked above about it rank and while I don't know maybe years but I I think it's completely fairway with a few. Out well I'm camps that -- to -- Victoria I'm I'm delighted it's a hand there I mean I mean if you if you pre season father something for. People talk about but. And again I mean -- the -- made a pretty decent point in that. Yeah I remember a lot of the young guys that they got thrown in there you know play in nickel and dime package packages there. Got a community gets tough to do want to deep into violent refute. Snapped their -- Thirteen. Of -- Sammy year I think that was. I mean if they would have been out on top 25 I know that would have been. Alive going in gnashing of teeth for Aurilia LSU fans but -- said. Well then show me something on paper anyway that tells me. That can convince me different that right that they should be incensed that went out for all those things achievement here. At and I don't know if it is you know it is because of the wave erratic. I don't know if there's another conference out there that could have two teams that -- in the top thirty. They're both skyrocket to the -- team like. Georgia -- he's like all Missouri Missouri and Auburn -- here I don't know I don't know if that could happen that -- and they would they be I would crack yeah I think they would move book but I don't know if they can move a bit. I don't either I mean maybe a couple of those pac twelve teams that used to be. Via you know in the in the hunt every year just because of their name and their tradition you AF CC's campaign -- to right now Hoch I think a little with the NFL that knows it's. Some of these guys that make the Pro Bowl Hugo like well here. He had a good year but I mean it's kind of -- reputation in the SEC schools they don't has the reputation is still a little while if you know your right real. Basis sports talk on WWL. All right coming up more from a pro -- -- on WW.