WWL>Topics>>8-19-14 5:10pm Deke & Hokie: on Saints practice and LSU football

8-19-14 5:10pm Deke & Hokie: on Saints practice and LSU football

Aug 19, 2014|

Deke & Hokie talk about the day at Saints training camp and ask how far LSU football can go this year.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And eating a lot of Alabama to a sport so well approach will be guys -- and -- -- -- -- the that's guess coming up in the sixth at 7 o'clock owls would talk a little college football college football analyst and host for the pole -- about -- Paul I'm probably -- -- Unveiled a senior writer for bad to blitz that count the Wisconsin Madison mile Chicago Saturday August 30 any. Houston on the thirteenth and fourteenth ranked teams in the country will square off. In a primetime affair here on that we go BO radio coverage starts at 3 o'clock kickoff is at 8 PM. On talk radio WW that would take it all about you bagel with say your right anti debate dot com brown -- off and here as a coach all eight. Safety -- burden if it to pass rushing specialist Jim you -- let. And also right now -- jumping -- -- -- an interview here at receiver Robert Meachem addressing the media after the day's practice I don't Allen happily for the back ago. Okay Saints receiver Robert Meachem this in the media right and you know what you look at it we talked about the three. -- cooks and fields fields well I think we would agree you and I these although locks and those are three if you look at it filed -- -- now. He didn't -- much I think so. Two of the spots -- -- available in The Who thought about Cole talk about it hey Christian talk about -- is -- an awful -- to. In doable in -- You know. -- about -- today the final between man roster in August 30 at an -- Eddie and before you know you're into game week. But Joseph -- his return did Robert Meachem probably from what you think about if you look at it you know to cause of a goal one. Sabbath that I think eighteen -- now going about fifty miles of now. And having him in the eaten meat it was probably it would fab thirty. The meat of state point 530. Went to if you want PP. He maybe -- 25 torn him a little he came out of the gate smoker now but I think he's kind of dropped off somewhere -- and a more steady -- Balkan hot right now. Waited grab a meat is the easy is it bad that you feel will be. I count personally when the Saints got him back last year that. At least in my eyes. Thought he looked lost a little soft and he came up with I mean heck if I'm not mistaken in his first reception back with a touchdown. And he's. I mean he's still. A receiver that contribute yet. But I don't think that it is in again -- compliment just what I see amount to bat over his district in my opinion where I just I don't think it he's got that that. That last year. Anymore they're really game down deep down feel I mean I think he's more. Of an intermediate target now. Secured it and he's going have his moment when he don't get. Behind the secondary. Joseph Morgan and do it consistently. Robert Meachem gonna do it occasionally and Robert Davis I mean it. I don't think DC he's not like Marcus Colston where it's -- it's a shock to you when Marcus Colston dropped the ball Robert Meachem. Is not the better hands and Devery Henderson but it dance to your question I think he squarely on the bubble. I mean to me if they only don't keep five I mean you mention three of their line. To me maybe it be Gil Morgan and nick do. Not that I've got he's -- guys Deke Bellavia of course that decision come down August 30 when those. A final rosters have to be turned game will come back and we'll hit some more sent via technology equipment -- Byrd and Sean Payton is to sports talk. It issues ranked thirteenth in the first Associated Press top 25 what do you think of the -- -- Or online at WW dot com. And welcome back always hope you guys out and Deke Bellavia 5042601. Except they operate jaguar paid. People have issue comes in at number thirteen in the Associated Press top 25 give or should take. All the Tigers are right let's go to Nathan on I want a thank you for calling WW real. Yeah I you guys -- -- -- can't I was isn't what it the wick to it -- and so you know with. That's turf there is that -- album he got with the Lola. You know I know with them played on it mats still -- haven't found -- -- -- -- all and that is certainly playing different than any kind of what. You know there's a machine that they come back over or -- of the field up and we saw it down there and out of there West Virginia where they can't they go Littlefield that. Reset those pellets kind of much like they do if they look don't know what that Cofield thought I don't -- anything and. Yet don't really know. I know that one of the things when they first came out with -- -- it takes little while the Eagles will Ellis accounting yet. -- down in there. Now wanna see. Like after a gamer even there with the union now they going over. Not with a roller but it gets something like that little -- and having third. Yeah I don't know it if the idea now is to blow them up to keep the softer he won't back down. I don't know it. Now the saint will be the only team you can it be unfair to let -- go in there own rain out but problem. I couldn't tell you one way or the other night I don't. -- -- And I think you go out to -- it does not until August with -- -- -- coming out the end I was slipped. At this level in the first put it down and -- that is an invite all the fans that helped. Stop it -- And I would just think it was too late that plane on blew it you know just make it in the school now is that because that's true or not -- it down like it would normally be. Native made it very well clues -- one victory you know a twelve game schedule. It it was six times and you know. 24 quarters -- two teams bailed him so -- I mean I have that effect on my -- that he had to -- Okay make thank you so much appreciated need -- -- schoolroom was wrote. Like it's been real resisted the milder note run over the top of engagement now and follow -- Yeah. I'm shouldn't deter -- on the beatable by the end it definitely go wrong one -- give me. Now what about -- Whether it's natural color. Artificial. I'm not I'm not gonna cut it yet could I hate to -- and that though 'cause he would every damn good that I've got a yard man speak and you know with amazement. -- -- -- -- -- -- Point four points is. The greatest issue in that -- you -- regular. -- mean it it was -- can be aggressive as you can. And be aggressive see how he comes together more of an aggressive and other you know different things in the it takes a lot of games like he won't but he conceded improve oh yeah we got in Tampa. Oh yeah it's like -- -- when you see it when you're going down and Sharon is one of the little overpass. I mean almost looked like a living there me and him in this. Much higher eleven what we got down here but they gave me it was just like. Like -- very green. Yeah great thing on it or not that you know an -- like you say and in bad at the end training camp it was the route that they're pretty good -- in. It I don't know if that. That first big rain we had which was that. That it's there anymore in practice. You know whatever. After that I don't go -- I think it was maybe right. We got -- here now up there there first morning that. The one we got so cold in that when the black belt now known out of it before him. But you know a lot of that stuff for -- -- now the mountain air with a person who moved to Sunday yet. You know but you can candidacy in the background when they were interviewer and coach -- on the one of the practice that they had them that lower field all the little. Rut so there's that -- Come -- now we're washed out from. You know coming down that -- but I guess it's gotta weigh it naturally fill in the in the the -- -- cold. Pretty quick here and like today it can be at Columbia Purdue slavery walking up that. He won't that marine -- going up to that -- sooner. He's okay guys and a big building academics we were here with Saints coach Sean Payton had to say after the day's practice -- DiLeo whose time is 530 after a first then we'll go to Japan so. And welcome back. -- -- guys I am Bobby -- island Deke Bellavia practical practice and they at this outdoors. All the out mobile facility on and -- highway they will practice tomorrow night 7 PM and 9 PM under the lights and avail Hines who. Well after the day's practice Saints coach Sean Payton spoke to the -- That is Saints coach Sean Payton addressing the media will combat ball from our resident trophy at the club will hear from Gerry -- also hear from Duke and it among others indicating and it gives us his take on today's practice. And -- -- CC guru Paul firebombed don't disseminate the house to sports talk politics radio -- that -- All right. We going to be zone and law he's he's here and now the -- -- and just to -- you quick. Overview he got about nine seconds -- -- -- the -- outbreak Kate McCain can you give us and Andy's thinking. Report no that the -- would just trying to get a feel -- much Ian. Try yeah -- hit and if you tidbits. At at this they have branding Coleman. You know coach being maybe -- -- giving him to have back to back. You know maybe good practices he had. You know he flashes that he indoors well. Today he did not fly -- Then and I thought. That they compared to yes that he and I expect. Drew Brees to be excellent. Always I think it was a bad practice for drew. You know that getting all the dealing with -- You know climb in and out there and I know we -- replays of Saturday night it's indoors but I mean he Drew Brees does not believe -- -- yesterday. Was like a 25 year old today he was more like about a 33 year old politics quite. You know 35 but. The look at it -- different players to stand out and then who's gonna. Have an opportunity we wrote this on the back in apprised that the number of sacks. -- Kyle Knox and pocono I -- -- until we got -- -- almost none you can have a player of words -- -- Kyle -- not for not. Not hard -- but Kyle Knox I -- I think he's on the team. You look from Fresno state now he's gonna be driven dispatch a team that holly flashes. On defense so he came up with a sack today. Paris and Parys Haralson. He also had a sack but the grand -- back in. Sure he had one if not two sacks. -- Johnson junior. You know what I see him do that -- in and a real game. We don't know -- cities had Sixers haven't sacked we haven't seen it yet in actual game all right much all here on WW yeah.