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8-19-14 6:10pm Bobby, Deke & Hokie: on Saints, the SEC, and LSU-Wisconsin

Aug 19, 2014|

Bobby, Deke, & Hokie talk with ESPN host Paul Finebaum about the outlook for the SEC and John Veldhuis of BadgerBlitz.com about LSU's first opponent in 2014, the Wisconsin Badgers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back out of but the real -- saw coming up with talk of a college football this -- -- college football -- and -- time bomb of the pole -- about Joseph will be with us. Told him and also done built it seemed to try to put badge of Nick's that count the Wisconsin Badgers -- fourteenth in the nation and now imagine imagination today. In the form of some bad news for buckeye nation -- content has that feel now that their chances of a Big Ten title. All little bit better -- Braxton ability to -- conference player of the year offensively. Is out for the season so will preview Wisconsin it's your right of tiger -- dot com Brian -- all will be what is Bible for 260 wait seventy. 038668890. Rights in the text the city seventy -- at the Irish who ranked thirteenth in the Associated Press top 251 pole. You're a ball on the Tigers rank. Do you agree with it ought not vote online at WW a backup and recapping today's practice we handed off to the cage he can't be. Yeah I think I have a number of Coca considering that through last play. You know we had practices and in at different times -- -- me it was practice back so. To show you who's really stepped up. That is -- -- Monday Tuesday practice. You know since the big game on Saturday night against the Titans and the start off kind of from today and they weren't backwards in. Just hit and a few notes and and who's actually done something who's heading in the right direction whose. You know at this -- Nick toon. Is not high and these kind of like for instance today away. Well the target -- today and the second team period and ran he ran a wrong -- and Drew Brees that means over the room up fifteen yards but he broken off I don't know drew and and the reliability was wrong because vote Drew Brees and jokingly talked to them. On a deep ball that's what you have to do. And so what you -- like that. And the call their experience. All of those big two and he should not have those middle bus with a young receiver maybe he and his stamina. A guy like nick toon haven't. That kind of conflict they would through what the Dolphins in and what he's expecting. Now because going back when it's at last I'm Cory white. Starting with the team he caused the fumble on -- handled it like it was a run blitz they would Corey white. You look all the quarterbacks whose practice and who's not practice he's been about a steady as anyone. As far as I answered the bell and being able to practice -- bird I mean he. A Taylor broke first contact drill he hit marking -- -- right choppers. Says a thousand cars in to feed him out there they like through be playing. Saturday night against the Colts. Probably this -- best. Rudd play owner -- Because I think that to a three previous ones we got minor stars and David Jones. Had a nice when a reverse it like it have been a fifty yard gain. The connect Travares did that he continues to make the fan. A twelve yard run to wanna see a few of those and actual. Preceding game because he shows a great vision and a seven on seven really had a nice. A diving catch. Oh wait you -- hands that it it would have been like a deep angle type route almost option tight right down the middle and he still would have been a fifteen yard catch. Joseph Morgan stolen that game do a lot more to do is go deep like he did against the time to kind of his reputation. He had a nice high pitch he caught it would've handled Emmental. And really. Look more Marcus Colston like as far as Womack groundout that ten yard grab but. Nice catch by Joseph Morgan the -- that is really forced him. Who reached the check down the ball and I mean by that in the event I given up many big plays. Particularly on that seven on seven drill being. Very disciplined -- -- David Jones I think he's a lot like Brandon Coleman. Big receiver but the got to catch the ball more consistently army. Bigger plays -- make more plays this it's the utilizing their height. And it's too up and down I mean he dropped that the ball. He had Brian Dixon makes myth all on the coverage. But then he missed the past the pin out and -- in that the ball like if but he might. Intercepted an -- -- David Jones. Did not come up with it now I thought I can answer this -- compared to yesterday. Through reason I clicked in he yesterday. I Drew Brees does that add an approval level he was an all pro level. Well today he would have made the Pro Bowl. But you know you have those kind of practices and you know with hot out there and dealing with the elements and and but I thought inside. He was awesome yesterday and he will be inside come Saturday night. Ingram like cadet he had a nice cut Ingram is being consistent. If you look at him he is -- then. Like boy he had a bad day are dropping passes or its moment though he had nice -- you see him you can you don't see those big runs. As far as like -- Robinson on how we projectors and actually tackling. But angles and move you know to those big runs maybe that we see some time. From cadet archive Robertson and UC at number of like plus five. A plus ten type runs and he had a nice cut a marketing would have been a ten yard. -- for sure now looking at the second key period that they went on after -- seven on seven. I talked about that tuna -- running the wrong route. But it does encourage it looking at David Hawthorne. I mean beane despot and a -- it's that side we were running a throwback screening try to pull the defense. Well he blew up Carl Robinson. And he was all on top but it throwback screens that I think courage in but it gave it to feel about the army that kind of play. Look and it probably. I mean we haven't mentioned. Made probably think the longest pass that it day was trying Griffin Ryan's been outstanding noted the ball. I think at times. Why -- trying Griffin and Luke McCown -- pretty -- and Drew Brees is for. You know downfield Mena if the -- -- -- But drew always those are things like him in the clutch to nowhere to go win. But Ryan Griffin and nice pass that the -- is Palmer. That would have been a 4045 yard gain he's the kid one year -- -- away win when NFL camp he's -- -- from North Carolina State. Of the Dallas a nice thirty B 34 areas Brooke -- -- -- with it ducky. Brees to -- in this seem Islamic tell you this because called an opportunity pretty difficult in -- -- plus forty yards. And then but you look at -- -- think type play he dropped the pass me doesn't Karolyi that you gotta make. That play and I think advance to try and be on the practice squad. Now Jimmy Graham he he he sometimes -- lackadaisical. He dropped a pass today that. Kodak because you know getting a first down you know as they present a talk hokey about this is that did watch it. To -- -- Watson. Is playing like he's in his twenties that image young thirties whatever. That he's made that number of plays in and night fifty yard catch in the end this team I throw while Luke McCown would be if you Watson he's a solid two. Right now when you look at him behind Jim Ingram. All right much more on the Saints and we'll talk to the college football Powell thought about don't just -- here all the hope the Saints and Tigers and the pelicans WW. College football analysts polled all ES PM Paul I'm. Now Paul thank you so much -- the time how are you. Great. To have you on the show off balance everything out everything off or eightieth -- it. It's not really cool and they gave -- last year -- game day in and did a lot of different hits in addition to -- radio show and finally. Last Thursday we got the SEC network launched in the expenditure and really a lot of fun big part of that. All eight teams from the Southeastern Conference in the top 53 in the team in Alabama Auburn and South Carolina and you know. Over the course of timing in this conference at one time Steve Spurrier was kind of kind of ability Florida. Now you know when you win. You've become hate it doesn't matter where they want time everybody by the New England Patriots may have -- I got the win so much people kind of got that way don't like. Can you imagine all that the three teams that have constantly and talked it over the last few years have been at Alabama Oregon and South Carolina 336. In the last three seasons are Spurrier Sabin ACC championship match of which that's what the media is saying is gonna happen. That would be that would be exciting matchup I would say that this to say the -- from the -- to -- Yeah wooden -- you know and Spurrier has really. And Nick Saban number the year he beat Saban. Couple years ago and twenty Cameron well that was number one in the country and indeed beat him badly. A couple of match out sort of between you know issue in Florida we're going pretty far back -- -- books about the -- two different schools but. Not many people. And the game have have much of -- and ex sabre Steve Spurrier does. Now up following your opinion on this because. You know things can change stated they'd always look at. Battle not only in the NFL obviously the the franchise type quarterback quarterback -- bit. Look what I haven't Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller. And their expectation then you look at the SEC. AJ McCarron is going the Crimson Tide do it right here locally. That -- -- an NFL quarterback along to their -- you. And you know expectations. Transfer -- Jacob -- believe Florida State and Alabama. In the Brandon Harrison did in two innings with that come about just break that down that talk about. The difference it can make. Make or break pretty much if you're a contender. Or pretender. And all of a sudden I look and I think it also -- this. Now what I Braxton Miller right now I mean are they even a top ten team on the Michigan State got to be excited. You know I don't think they all our. And because I think that was so was already -- in awkward position. And we were speculating -- they have run the table. Would they get left out of the -- the fourteen playoff and it's very possible that they would but it would without Braxton. I don't think they'll win at Michigan State and then again that all -- -- meets every day I guess they think -- summit the the Big Ten championship game think your chances of of a title. Pretty well gone. And into their schedule was really bad as everyone knows and I mean you'd hate to see it that the quarterback -- interest spinning out a little surprised. And him well with. You know want to go over. Over island bit. And I'm most interested in him what's going on -- you guys -- close at all all -- -- that -- or so ago. -- both -- talk coach miles and he was who's coming Nash used keep over. The situation. Between Japanese and Harrison but I think you. That's acute allergy season really mean which one of those guys is -- take over and I don't know what happened last year Jennings -- Locker things or the other -- that. -- conference can beat. You'll conference while the ACC you ruled college football and -- always look at of course going to. Today and Ohio State -- can stay in there and it popped in about three basically to a team among the and it's definitely haven't UCLA you count well. A sexy -- but I don't know it mean they haven't been there. And of course the one -- as far in this talking about -- about your new book written about him know about it what's it. Well it's in that inning concept. Yeah I've been thinking about for awhile and someone really -- major you know you gotta -- -- yesterday should be in. And I I couldn't quite find the right approach and then at that point and Alabama had one. It's sevens in the seventh straight for the for the -- it would be easier outs in. If it's its -- autobiographical. Actually goes back to my my first job. Which was in Shreveport and takes me through -- and these are you used gained election which goes on has as the mayor of the season. A lot of behind the scenes stuff but mainly it's it to. It's it's a boastful Gregor bragging your trade so why they won the FBC's better in the big fan. The ACC in the that the pac twelve. And then the big twelve and they I think -- I think college fans particularly in Louisiana we'll get together a lot about west and there are a lot of -- LA issue and you know obviously a lot about Saban as well. Now Paul as close you -- -- SEC. Explain to me and I'm sure you can have a opinion about this. Why in the NFL as any -- sees so much better than Trent Richardson and Mark Ingram. Yeah it's interesting. When they are all in the same backfield that Q people say you know. The two Heisman guys Richardson came in third numbers -- -- one. Might be the best way. I'm I'm not sure I can explain that other than he was in somewhat a more punishing runner. And and -- in the -- but he was always overshadowed impose our year. And you know why why it's some people make in the and it's so and so yeah you guys are really closer and I am. But there's no predictability. And -- surprising -- hasn't. You know become a bigger storm he's certainly. You know credible. And Richardson who you know at times today has been discipline pointing. But our belated present different style and you know that's style or tablet cliche seems to work better me out so. Paul college football college sports the ACC and -- mean -- -- in -- blood that you will house what what is what is the challenge for you win maybe you meet with those guys in and you see everything that got most of the situation Adam's field. So the -- in the NF fail all of -- thought it and it's kind of one of those things now being this. -- national -- you got to kind of keep a little bit of all the table eat is that is that a challenge for if you find yourself. Doubled him more information more so -- like you come out of Birmingham you know show basically. College college athletics what -- some of the -- if any you faced now with the match. So particularly now you know being connected it to not -- he has you know but he has you know -- again -- a lot of people I mean -- you criticized the -- each -- well -- we we errors here and on the first scholars seldom you know on the marker -- on the national championship you don't -- -- out here now I. I heard a guy come after last today and which which ideas and -- you guys there I mean -- it was impossible to choose Saints. Which which are different breeze and you can't there's I mean there's -- -- keep saying in the middle it's it's one extreme in the next. But it with college football I I think you have to have balance. And you know I don't mind people saying anything. But I think in the commentator -- -- so well it is going to be -- -- the -- You find out there -- that there are a lot more people listing I was very critical accurate I've due date on cloud certainly that became a national story out. -- game on Saturday you know -- different things from Alex are or college football. You it was a it was an -- deal was fired fourteen hours later -- that -- became. Yes it -- became scorcher that -- -- music played over and over again. So you do you're you're very cognizant of that I think that's the biggest jail. My conference can beat -- with why the SEC's new rules college football -- -- about the book call five bubble ESPN radio at ESP -- -- and keep up with you on Twitter and social media. Yeah I mean obviously it just outside -- and the and the book and it's an elbow bookstores Louisiana Amazon -- I out of I was kind of books -- that -- a week ago Saturday night. And let smile showed up unfortunately it went to a went to. The wrong bookstore. Doctor's orders say hello. I thought it was magnanimous -- do that I don't know curious BC coach Ochoa. To right sportscasters book signing but he won me over big time on that. Opal well yes the wing you overheat that's stupid I mean he might come back and I kind of mad hatter. You might do you get mad -- being over at the stroke. Well -- -- good level and that says that the report. All found bump Powell put it this it would take you so much. Anytime -- -- it our all time. It'd be on these -- 632 -- first dude we'll go to Japan so. And welcome back to sports talk along with a cajun cannon Bobby a bear and -- guys I'm Deke Bellavia 260 wait seventy. 866889087. -- is the number to be involved LSU ranked number thirteen in the country. Your take on the Tigers ranking the number fourteen ranked team in the country. The Wisconsin Badgers. Now today -- in the fall of their own good news and it's not good news but let's face it. The chase for the Big Ten title took a double -- days Braxton Miller report to think you're out. For the season joining us now -- job -- likes to cope with the Wisconsin Badgers athletic program particular would talk about football for -- of mixed dot com. John what is the message boards with the feedback we liked. Foam on the Wisconsin native things now that though the the best player offensively don't -- publicity in this conference would not -- -- -- Willie you know I think a lot of people are you are not that there are happy -- yeah really exciting player like Braxton -- guard down but. You know that kind of injury you especially do top tier team Michael outdated as -- opened the door wider for Q like Wisconsin teams like. Especially Michigan State over in the eastern division and then you know on top of that other teams in the last like Nebraska -- Iowa because. He and not having Braxton Miller playing for Ohio State 2014 does make their road to a potential championship -- A little easier -- at least if we're looking at from from two days and maybe if we looked at it yesterday. John when you look at now out been -- different things and you know now this is across between college pro and there was they pay top wanting. According to college football 24/7 the top twenty players accountable and -- team they have in the open court. Seven yards a carry last season to nearly 25% in rushing attempts I was reading. Went thirteen yards on four per carry and this is a guy -- a week we have seen in LSU has played -- share. Of these kind of bowl like opening games. A big game Bob Gordon in this one could really be -- guys hate the look you look at fourteen bad habits in this race all of this state and Ohio State it would like to favorite tennis competent guy who's in net. In the in the hats that category even before this game but if he -- to come out and do well against L issue in Houston. That would bowl well it really at saint they fail if you will comes out win this ballgame is is popular spring going to the rest of the season. Yeah I would imagine -- -- -- weaknesses this is definitely one. I think both teams were looking forward -- scheduled this series only in news that the college football playoff was going to be use coming up or are starting in the season so. You know just intent to put themselves in it in a position where they could potentially be in that conversation even what alive or. You know they were hypothetically go on defeated both teams I think would get a -- that's definitely a good feather to put their cap come the end of this season if they're looking match. You know -- potential bid for the college football playoff -- at being one -- Steamer potentially undefeated but yeah I think both teams are. You're gonna do what -- what they bargained for this game assuming they win and then you know when talking about Melbourne I think. Yet if you -- to come and you're really -- perform well on on the national stage in. Cause upon opening week -- you'd be good springboard for him for some potential national awards. Just you know considering that the strength. The other opening opponent and then. It has potential to to rack up some really impressive offensive numbers against the rest of Wisconsin's schedule. Now to look at it you know different ratings that you look at the different conferences -- content in my understanding. The favorite to win the winds. Even though they have only basically eight returning starters -- Like LSU when you look this spring football and collected two days to get ready for the season. Also a quarterback battle elaborate when that then Agile Steve Norris pronounced that right -- thirty security -- when he. Tires out the last two years with supposedly. What he was in a batter with a Tanner back of boy from about that right for his starting job at this offseason where where's that at. Right now with the projected winner. All right now -- if if I had. The pick I would go with that I mean just because he has the experience of playing last year. There is more consistent in the in the practices. That he members are allowed to watch during camp this year. -- boil it had the you know the added benefit of being dual threat guy which is what I coach Gary Anderson and his offensive staff really wants to. Kind of move towards the next you -- a couple of years so that's that's you know the kind of players and they've been recruiting to that position but. I don't know why if I've personally -- you know that the coaching staff saw enough. Progress from Mac away to where you know that the trade off of is because obviously he's more accurate the -- -- -- was more mobile but -- got to really. You know have a chance to win that job McIlroy news show that he could be about as good as Jules you know as far as the talent passing game goes and I had an idea I really didn't see that so. That the coaches aren't saying that who's gonna start I've talked about quarterbacks today they've said that they have been told. And you can't coach Gary Anderson said yesterday they might not you know really announce a starter until that first game and whoever takes the field first so we'll -- I think at least the -- but you never know really. Now I just look at it you know against you got to give Ellis -- as. Because they are playing in Houston -- Lambeau feel like -- will down the road. In Wisconsin. When you look at where their rankings in how you look at -- that any do you think. That's kind of a flip of the coin who's gonna win the first game come August 30 -- You really have to give. That LSU obviously because it would be like a home game when you look at the crowd. And was content haven't does the travel a lot from it. Yet simply a factor to consider I guess I'll dispute early interest to -- the how the two teams match up just because like you alluded to earlier both both teams are really losing you know a lot on. You know been particularly one side of the ball and so I think. I would agree you know -- being favored in this game you like you like you mentioned because it is it's I imagine there will be a lot of your fans over it used to affect game. I don't know I think that there they're probably. You fairly rank as far as being close together and just because we don't know or there of their questions to answer on both sides of the ball for both teams so I think they're pretty but. Yeah I think I would agree here I think you knew you consider -- -- little bit -- a bit in the matches because they can expect a pretty -- -- -- -- to -- -- game. You know guys tell us about though Wisconsin bad is bad news blitz that -- Saturday August 30. The badges fourteen point in the country LSU thirteen square off in use it down. Wisconsin. Defense Woody's elbow issues got. Who opened well -- it was an office to replace it freaked out your quarterback out on Russia -- -- our receivers. -- got a lot of talent in the fall -- the president company in some -- -- backs but the main stay is kind of what. I'm sure was content mean you'd think having as a solid offensive line a lot of backs. What are some of the challenges that are facing the Wisconsin defense you know what can you tell us about the bad is the -- On the big challenge. You know like what we've been talking about is that. You know Hughes losing a lot of offense in the bad losing out on defense they'll I mean -- -- virtually their entire front seven from last year but yet at the same time the guys that they're losing what are you. Three or four years starters so who would play can do well under. -- the only defense and and his coordinator system and so. In that the Packers ran. I'm -- little 34 defense last year in that that's how they were aligned. But you know if you really after the snap -- the defense itself I'd -- and I think being branded the defense corners as much of that. -- that -- -- like 43 you know it was more conservative they can they can blitz quite as much as he might want to you know in an ideal world and so. With that -- coming into the front seven. I think that and now the very attitude to really run this team waited he envision running his first year and so. We have a little bit of a tree and there with Simone and I think they would like to just because of that other rosters. If that's just how would kind of shake out there shook out this year so it'll be adjusting to the state if the tradeoff of you dispute that -- in purse size and you know potentially run stopping ability it pays off for them again. Jonathan LSU fans wanna get from me and learn about the Wisconsin Badgers let them know what's up it both. Bad habits that come. Well that you look back. I was part of the rivals dot com network we cover Wisconsin a football basketball and obviously recruiting for both sports. That being rivals affiliate in particular time focusing obviously on football right now so. We've had practice reports and obviously regular feature story term all of Wisconsin's. Fall camp and then. Obviously this same type of coverage can be expected during the regular season on top of the rest of the recruiting coverage that. We've already gone up on the things you know about as the -- pretty well in period and second years so the interest in the if they keep up that momentum as they finished up with class. Down down -- gave us up to date what's happening with the Wisconsin back to the fourteenth right back -- the thirteenth right type of Saturday August 30 right here. On that -- be John thank you so much for the time we appreciate. Thank you all right this -- sports talk on WW. And welcome back to sports talk tolerance -- -- guys and Bobby a bad I'm Deke Bellavia you know if you tackles and thirteen right in the country. He was -- take -- -- -- shoes -- too high too low on just try to have a few open the season against the Wisconsin matches to a fourteenth in nation on Saturday. August 30 in case you can't we can't close -- next week is game week for the body when he. Yet the we look at forward in the Mitchell at the big we're rules yeah. In Houston now -- -- yet group Crosby right Vollmer. You know which Joker across because -- -- And what I like is that the passion of the -- plant in the Houston area. You would think it's used to Louisiana that Houston Texas. When the Tigers in a rule that sound righted in in his backyard. The minutes they -- flag into the ground so to speak in a pickle Reliant Stadium that is gonna happen. Because that they'll have bola I even know how much Reliant Stadium holes. Well but if it holds abuse for it if it holds the is gonna speculate bills. 85000. I would say they'd be 70000 LSU 151000 was not that it was constant travel. And have may be. You know a dozen. You know 121000 -- -- 12151000. Around there. I think LSU fans like saint and the Tillman at the bit -- -- yeah but this season the stars and expectation I don't know. I think last a little nervous right now what his quarterback. Position I think he needs to trust Cam Cameron that's fours that the Eagles but I don't know Brendan Harris. Will he be the guy arm. Well what he eventually be that guy maybe start when Anthony innings who goes I mean -- view -- frankly he you do things -- -- -- speculating. And that really knowing what's gonna come out right but the one thing you with thing. That god -- but I'll crowd like rival what you would think -- is that considering. A reputation again -- that was discredit. To Wisconsin and look at their running back. That if you noticed that running back in the office that line or NFL lineman. One value and run the ball. -- Silva you know you look at that as -- and Julio and LSU's power football field. You look at the game we -- of -- game lasted too long as he might laugh at three hours you might -- a total. Maybe thirty at 35 passes bubble team you know 1520 at camp that you don't know suspension -- success. And then would you root of the law all you know that the team -- schools by. -- on -- constantly moving. It big I would say to be objective. Whether it will rank in this game -- up at Lambeau Field. Considering the circumstance the quarterback like it was content in their -- they got it but it being down in Houston. In the economic down here -- she should win. I'm not saying got a crush him. On -- about point if you will whenever. You'd be hard like -- amount -- -- Belichick should win the game but I -- that mental -- is -- like a home game for them vs right now. Thirteen fourteen -- -- like the -- calling the ranking. Where fallacy that the -- to Wisconsin. And it will Lambeau Field I've been through with that you have to get there it was cut but that's not the case right now. Hope you view bout and home field thing. You come out with if you -- and it'll definitely. Yeah definitely. Because that. I know I did -- -- rulers every year from. You know if you booster club over in Houston as a bunch. Of LA a few people over there and that was before Hurricane Katrina. Reluctant to mandate that he wanted to -- or so. Yeah I ended the the tiger fans in Houston they make their trip to bat through here for years to come watch L if you play over there. And this this time they -- -- -- their body there and they don't matchup every election ticket various. He's -- gather our former LA a -- greatness Bobby -- big ability at this -- sports talk all the hope the -- WW.