WWL>Topics>>8-19-14 7:10pm Bobby, Deke & Hokie: on Saints and LSU football

8-19-14 7:10pm Bobby, Deke & Hokie: on Saints and LSU football

Aug 19, 2014|

Bobby, Deke & Hokie talk about Saints practice and talk with Tigerbait.com's Brian Lazare about LSU football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And ready to go to the final out of sports talk -- -- -- camp my -- made hokey guy John I'm Deke Bellavia late in the alum here from Saints safety Jarrius -- -- erratic I debate that -- -- -- will be with us for the -- -- a few practice reported over the issue now. Just days away from the opening game on Saturday August 30 in Houston against the fourteen point. Wisconsin matches and operated jaguar opinion poll where that you opened at number thirteen in the first. AP top 25 poll this a fair assessment of the pact it's too high too low just right -- vote online at the text this. An 87 the aches and that's -- sound the gate to including. From the Saints pass rush specialist here is -- -- 83 -- -- speak to the media after the day's practice. Saints' pass rushing specialist Judy government came to camp. And now he's again it is don't spoil my goal yet become. -- -- that he expects to have BI double digit sacks so. You know on and -- toot his -- along. With Cameron Jordan. We don't -- had two players. I was twelve effects of more. So I think. And their confidence that they can do better than that. So I think that's a win win that who dat nation and -- the team. -- -- -- competition of one can have fifteen sacks and don't have twelve war. You know they've both approval on that number 1212 and have. That that that both well for Greg Ryan defense tonight they. We had the fourth the most sacks in NFL. Last year and I think if we do this evening. We just could be more disruptive involved in a pop up and we'll get more takeaways. Just because that more consistent pressure. Now you know do and at the back to back seasons. -- Q you've been anything it is they've been a story since 2006. Sean Payton got here. You know they've got to go with the best class and he just got better and got betting got better and this is again now that Buehrle is. With a year if you like he had last year could be one big pay days. Let me put it this way. He's the only undrafted. Free agents that have ever heard that -- drafted or what nervous on cut day. I know a lot of draft picks and know a lot of half a high draft day. And I hit a knock on the man -- I'm not him but if you were not get nervous then that means you believe. A lot in your ability -- he's got that much confidence. Man I'm in the heat won't be something to deal with this year. Bobby you talked about it among the top pass rush in we've faced in the first week of course queen -- -- McQueen in -- An other -- -- suspension this league it's would you commit camp don't -- -- yet best in the league I think he was third with combined sacks. The if you look at it and we not sugarcoat met him in. Two and the things born in this what they were able to accomplish. And and and I think that there -- get a better. I mean and I don't think that I'm grasping at straws. When you look at it. And yet fourth most sacks in the league you know we were opening. When you break it down they wouldn't get the likable Portland 42 part three -- We almost at fifty -- So when I seen that happen and just have a confidence thing when you when you get to that level. They need just feel like. That you think years back that Iman again. That opposing quarterback into Ohio in an ideal winning situation. And I said this in the pregame the one thing. You know we had a bunch of wars the fourth overall defense. Oh we go forth and scoring defense. We look toward that total sacks but you know we're noble wanted. A lot sustained drive in acted get this from the Titans while we were number one only given up 171. Downs and -- In the whole NFL. Nobody gave. Less first down -- to think that that's unbelievable number because you look on the flip side. The -- And you look at what we're doing offensively. As far as first downs and when you break it down but we were average in. The 22 and a half now additional -- big difference right seventy Detroit you have -- who ranked fourth in the NFL. As for a number of first downs average per game who grew double one deep into it only given up 78. Senior -- -- -- -- dot com www. I debate -- on HBO door to would have brattle volatility is that what today's practice reported that Tigers -- closer to game week Bryant thank you so much for the time. Phillies handle the latest in the by human. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our meeting -- yeah. -- -- An in -- Not giving out -- may -- or other. At what. -- -- waited four backs played very out war -- backs ran the ball. And any -- But the -- -- At the problem the only really explain it. One period the number one. Oh well not repeat the number one shut down. I'm in awe at how -- you'd look at it because that. It was a 101. I like I like at this at these periods one -- -- brown NCA. He's in the phone ahead had a long run and put my is that what I'm always that he went a long way of Atlanta. As the that he could do that stadium lights in it again at a 112 yard run in. You know like that nobody you know you look at it but -- -- -- confident team. Have no problem on Saturday show it's about -- as you all hit -- -- offered only it's my Alabama. Everybody was weight in a pool downstairs to one of -- -- -- on here with the coaches say it's really hard to get McGhee it. I know that they can turn out there -- but well. We again. Yeah we live and let let bad. And we -- it they're -- the players today and then week in output are year round and try to pick up little. Tidbits here and there. But guys at -- back there you know out a lot to. Get up -- back situation. Yet but they're not ready. Now anybody nobody separate. And really added it would make all regain which they're back after any bad he would probably tell. Whichever guy is starting our people or. -- You know I don't expect to opt to go regain battery on our bet on game day not start or. Now of Bryant with that being said if you gonna put and over and -- there and you look at. Wisconsin situation. You know we do with the atomic that -- Wisconsin beat writer here yeah yet he was basically saying you know they have. As a quarterback competition also you know going with -- to -- comfort out then -- -- on Mecca like. And you know once. More athletic you look at McIlroy he appeared it's -- Eleven times. The last year but the reason I bring it out when -- when you look at the quarterback situation of both teams who -- you think. Overnight there as far as -- tend to think it's about thirty force them away. I would say both coaches would probably say we we would love. Did not throw it twenty at it yeah. -- look at the strength of victory that got to that or -- packed up the that are at quarterback and running back in the big issue and it never order for back. But they lost about Alter. -- Alley in -- -- during -- off the line. Certainly ball or experience at running back and -- report net and make it would lock the report back. So you know I would certainly expect both is that when our football. Now Brian I guess having your opinion on this you look around the nation in house again and we talk about. That you call college quarterbacks franchise quarterbacks that they. Can make a difference though where -- ranked or not a look at Ohio State lose and Braxton Miller and that impact got to be all of a sudden. Ohio State. They're not a top ten team and on him. No way you know I think the aura about it brocail they Michigan State to be pretty well ready to debate it. Whichever one wins the division probably these paper that they -- And possibly be in India college football well that we. Yeah out there are linked with the practice Miller beer out the big gap be debate. You know I think they that they were that we need to be the problem when the overall out -- and -- -- Brian deep offensively and I Hughes got one of the best in the country on the books to -- -- to doubt the team. Nobody in the -- they have some talent at the back back there. What is this that is of the second unit passes that got him look good it was -- they got the talent to me coming here on out if he got a good pass rush. Court like the pass rush this year and what the secondary has come back. Well I think they're going to be better in the back at me in light war games in which -- -- -- -- the ball. -- -- -- From what on an error -- -- like -- one order. Imagine art rob that is all that being our starter. -- While we were out there bracket that -- we you know jail I'll get it wrapped. It's not ordered Sharpe Robert with a probable -- a little debate will. But. Regardless. Of three very good quarters I think that they feel that without a paltry. -- you know Jalen bills went you know is -- going to be. Eligible to be able play against Wisconsin I know let it dead yet you know -- brought him. And at the back but certainly need somebody that will you know be in the make I think Ronald -- and start to begin your senior. And -- or not it. Jamal adams' been very impressed -- -- And every gap in the Doherty play here. They are I say the right there that had starting experience I mentioned the streak ordered. -- out swing thought it was very that it did not act like you're going to be back rat hole that you're talking about players. -- -- I think it's pretty comfortable that out there like that that I would depth back there. And I think the secondary could be good and adequate secondary you normally have a good defense. -- the next important at that -- at the back yet. Very good defected that the -- on that he at the arc. Brian how -- people follow you on Twitter. At the elbow at the LB -- Violence Aussie right anti debate that cup Bryant thank you so much for that time we appreciate. -- -- -- come back at some point later nobody here from the Saints safety -- -- is to sports talk on WW. It was the prize free agent acquisition for the New Orleans Saints this offseason picking at safety Jarrius -- -- Byrd spoke to the media after today's practical practice. Saints safety Jarrius -- come back -- Hokies also beat me to comment and he's. Resident pro piece today about jeers by the way he looks also indicate he can't wrap up today's. Practice report this is sport stuff between -- camp coverage on WW. I'm right they are resident pro hockey guy John and the Bobby eighty basic eighty -- just her firm. Gary is -- -- go to hokey photo poking when I was taken down -- don't -- resident pro peace it's a big -- -- Buick dot com. One of thank you talked about you -- one nothing you can Cano in that. How he finishes please if he's there -- very -- make a -- Dead I mean this is the first time we got the same do any thing in me came up and made that good thump on Mark Ingram. And then you know you -- -- got me he. He knows how to get to the football he's got. Tremendous range back there and ended. You know those guys are going a 100% like he will on game day but just watching movies moves around couldn't move. You know it plays going away from him Nate plan back in center field solely Pete he's got angles who went to both sidelines things like that he just puts himself. In position to make. The play or if something happens. They had a fumble pop and out he's there eight years. He's got a way of being around football is based on just one day but it. I don't know I mean he looked pretty impressive to me I hope he gets an opting to play. On Saturday night plays steady lane you said it well today said that he had every right -- -- mean he doesn't have that -- the final -- all right let it be. Pleasure I think he did not mean to finally seemed in some in some live game action and so based on one practice I thought he looked pretty darn good. You don't look at what had asked them. I don't know when you get a guy like that. And I use the example and only example. That everybody has the practice them -- when you feel like him ready to roll. The only person ever seen become. At the highest level promote sport to the other night even practiced one time was the end sand. He came. In a Major League Baseball playoff game. And a helicopter that he would have as equipment. -- -- his equipment and went guard Henry -- held to one pitch. Fourteen yards in -- you know and looked like like all pro -- semi Pro Bowl type player so. That's -- similar do you need like a couple of theories. You wanna play half. Aren't gain. And that's when he gets -- -- I don't dominant see how upfield and then I'm sure you have that kind of communication the coach Peyton. Is that I'm a feel like I'm ready to -- come week one. Against the felt the living is you wanna play. And you know you get that they gain speed but you also want to be fresh. You know come game one against. Known for outlets where you almost like pin up like you and -- And -- came week to be let out now or veto by missing tackles and I've brought this up a number of times. And you might think well he's still miss fifteen. -- you look in three seasons. -- compare this to preceded team is fifteen tackles. In three feet as Malcolm tickets -- 45 tackles. On the things forever would you look at that ratio that shows you right then and I like native and Carol. When -- positioned to make the tackle. That the guys tackle. Him throw in here -- bird. It has posted when you think about this 22 interceptions. Since entering the NFL 2009. The second highest league total in that period. Thought they feel like you don't -- range Oakland sideline to sideline I just think with his instinct in him being back there. When you look at you don't give up any big runs. Or if it's a big pass play that. A twenty yarder then turn it to sixty yarder and because he tracked down angle gets the guy down or is it the ball's in the air and the quarterback that precise he comes would interception are. Depending on his run support now I think is not going to be as much as the Carroll as far as like you'll Roman Harper or Marcus ball. When those kind of guys be more in the box to the point of attack. But all let's say you do give up. Like a fifteen yard run and all aside and yet the chance to tackle about the fifteen yard he tackler -- he -- at a -- -- -- All right operated jaguar people LSU ranking thirteen of AP poll of college football. To start the season is a fair assessment of the Tigers -- the fact that you say yes point opposite say to be higher at 24%. Say no thanks so much to can't handle our passports that -- gave T five a Bears the regular him walk on are coming up next. Is this -- -- would join you tomorrow -- sport's top 47 minute the first installment of the list. I'll show for hope you guys out of Deke Bellavia he is Nick Cage -- -- Bobby a -- on the lead late stalled -- people. --