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8-19 Scoot Show Bob Mithcell 8pm, Ferguson

Aug 19, 2014|

Bob Mitchell…the REAL Robert Mitchell…is in for Scoot tonight…he has lots of great talk topics: The parents of Michael Brown, the teenager slain by police in Ferguson, Mo., have called on the public to focus on their demands for justice and not let the worsening unrest in the St Louis suburb overshadow the circumstances surrounding their son’s death. They are also demanding that charges be brought against Officer Darren Wilson, who fatally shot their son. Do you agree with them? ON THE OTHER SIDE Officer Darren Wilson says he rolled down his window to tell Brown and a friend to stop walking in the street. When he tried to get out of his cruiser, Brown first tried to push the officer back into the car, then punched him in the face and grabbed for his gun. Michael Brown rushed him at full speed moments before the shooting. What needs to be done to stop the ongoing unrest before another tragedy occurs? Should police ban anyone that does not live in the neighborhood from protesting in Ferguson? Should white and black leaders have a sit down and issue a joint statement where they stand together against the violence?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well today Bob -- -- -- Robert Mitchell filling in for a student tonight. And I was hoping maybe we wouldn't be talking about this two nights in a row but it it is such a major major story I mean the world. Of the world watching on what is going on in Ferguson Missouri. Parents of Michael Brown he's the teenager slain by police and Ferguson. Have called on the public to focus their demands for justice. And not let the worst we unrest in the Saint Louis suburb overshadow the circumstances surrounding their -- stuff. Officials have called for protesters to stay indoors tonight but that is not happening at this point. The parents also are demanding that charges be brought against officer Darren Wilson who fatally shot their son now do you agree. That chargers should be brought. -- the case is still under investigation. On the other side. Publisher Darren Wilson said here's what happened that he rolled down his window to tell brown -- Brenda stop walking in the street. When he tried to get out of his cruiser brown -- -- -- pushed the officer of backed into the car and punched him in the place and grabbed for his gun. Michael Brown rushed him at full speed moments before the shooting. So we still don't really know what happened or I guess we don't have proof of what happened. It seems like the white. Community believe one thing the black community believes that its its apple went there and from view the officer of should be arrested. So what do you think. Needs to be done to stop the ongoing unrest before. Another tragedy occurs. Should police -- any woman doesn't live the neighborhood from pro testing and Ferguson. You're white black leaders sit down -- have a a real -- element issues some type of joint statement where they stand against the violence. Is this too much for it local police department. Should the FBI takeover. Paterson. Rule of running around that may be general honoring the guy who came to New Orleans after Katrina and restore order should go. What are your thoughts to 60. -- 78668. At 90 it's 78 going to talk to bill I had bill long. The top of the show yesterday. Bill is in. The police world against -- the easiest way to describe what he does these. Worked for. A local law enforcement agency. Know what is going on behind the civilians right now in -- what are they planning for. Her right and others should be going over there investigation. And collecting all evidence statements witnesses. And hopefully day the system from the outside. Agencies in regards to this so that. Whatever the outcome is there will be no call foul play. Like it surged last week when I called Bob. You have to wait to the investigations over. You can't. Just you know well for charges to be brought against the hawks who -- and you literally at this point don't know what -- I mean look at a week ago and it went from him gunning down an unarmed black male with a chance here to what you just described to report tonight. I mean there's so much more people ride out before. Everything has gone. It's down there are people and in the black community who who don't believe this that they they believe that this and a witness also came forward. To our core rate what the -- but they're saying that this is all just a big cover. That's a little believe it. Well. You're gonna -- them in any case. But what you have to take in consideration is you just don't go by. What the officer -- if you -- by evidence ego -- The crime scene. I mean it's my understanding that that all the shots were there were in the front of the body around. Mr. brown yeah I mean that coincides with him charge and also where if you think back -- -- -- first -- He was shot in the back -- -- weather and we're trying to that was true and then then where bird shot multiple times in front. But that. I mean Evans can coincide either way we can show that he's charging off like you said in your not gonna know the specifics until all the crime and all the evidence is processed. And then when he you know you witnesses together and you put all the pieces of the puzzle that we usually -- -- Can't let me ask you this question if it or not a police officer if -- -- just. Joseph blow on the street. And he used a gun and shot this individual in the same way would he be arrested by now. If it was the same scenario. Just two people and in the car in the same answer them that just two normal people. Right in the words if if that were not a police officer would. Would the with the average citizen. Have the same right to taken fire six shots and someone. Norwood or -- that by now. Would that. Shooter the in custody and and the rest of both polish. Again you have to wait nude pictorial evidence that there was a person in the war. You know for whatever reason and the window down kind of verbal confrontation started. And the person on the street charge and attract. The person and the caller which Louisiana and Georgia port -- -- -- and you know you don't need to that you carry in your course and excellence in your house. So that person on the street charge that individual punched in the saints reached -- gone that was in its vehicle. Then yes you can't. Or. Should the FBI be brought in at this point to in this local police department handle -- and the part two of the question. -- they starring in the community up by bringing tanks and it looks like -- snipers on the buildings. Is. Does this local police department need help. Yes and the reason being in the very beginning if you recall they didn't bring -- now that they tried it and themselves. The -- looting going on in escalated from. Random alluding to go after her the business owner who video show. Mr. brown extort. Then it goes and the cocktail bomb. Arms -- it goes in the police been shot at it got -- and yes and the call for reinforcements amount when they went Michael board with that because. The police didn't bring in all that. They waited on the crime escalated an electorate that next step. And they went the next step and brought him what they needed to to protect the citizens and so. Well I I've been reading as much as I possibly can on this and and and it does look like this particular community. Has pretty much had an ongoing feud. With the with the police department feeling that the police department is is a very prejudiced toward black people in that community. We have with that in mind and I'll call sends -- of this situation is. And the the one thing I'd do not wanna see not only anyone wants loosely. I don't think Michael Brown's parents honestly that is someone else. Get shot over the so since the days since the local people do not trust the Ferguson a police department. Would it be Smart board the FBI to move in and the local police department stepped down. -- -- that analysts say yes and now saying no because the police department has been there for a number of years like you said. That tension in them accusations have been around for a long time. And whenever they've paired instances that it handled it never had to bring another long. -- they hit it but see if if if they have not been -- and let's let's assume they don't OK let's assume the best let's assume they don't have anything -- high. -- and then it seems to me that maybe the -- goal. Citizens -- put more trust in someone that's not connected there. True but here's what you do that your responsibility law enforcement agency -- -- weren't lectured at an extra -- and that. Maybe not criminal because that Columbia and a he's offered in May be the attorney. But administrative leave they have written and they have a policy at the fall which states they where we're viewed as administrative. They can do. And then turn their investigation over to the attorney general -- the FBI to review and criminal investigation. And that way I would think -- covering. Now tomorrow it goes before -- love red to the grand jury what exactly. Is going to happen. At that grand jury hearing and well -- the officer be there. At the grand jury hearing he does not to be -- he -- I'd hate to see all of these. He can yeah but he is not required to grand jury here is is is very different than a com. And actual civil trial work from the -- at the grand jury there's a lot of evidence and a lot of hearsay that can be brought -- only brought him to a normal trial. So -- you know -- in Syria as you say what what that. -- when you when you look at you know things are going on again tonight. They were asked by the by the local police chief there were. Passed by the City Council there were even as by the parents you know. The state endorsed tonight but that doesn't I'm looking at the TV monitor that does not appear. The be happening. How how does this and this local police department -- over the hardly keep this from from being in the -- occasion no. All of its gonna take is one thing you know that there were up a couple of shots farther we're not far and above the police department. If this crowd. Does take. I guess that you'll attitude a man as delicate taken an important and and the -- and they start to a it either. Well -- again or or or -- at. Get more violent. I'm just afraid something really bad it's gonna happen. Want. Would instructions do you think these officers have been given to looks the give of the protesters. Is much leeway if possible. In the beginning after they were told that you animal model he and obviously so they were. They're voting enhancement with the department like you said there's history. Prejudiced. At least someone side basically you know that treated -- so when his answer yeah and I'm sure they were colts to give a lot of leeway. The problem is Bob -- at a point now. Where -- gotten out yet totally -- on hand and what they can't do now. -- they have the very extreme measures and by that I don't mean people using force I mean what they need to do. So much -- -- needs to -- and they year governor and -- needs to declare martial -- until they get a -- and that's and until they actually get more evidence and actually find out what happened. They need air Marshal law because that's not this is somebody else -- here. The -- under martial law. What does that mean the National Guard would move in and take over basically. Yes the net and it is my understanding there there are taken -- the biggest areas as the urban and -- back right now. Yes and and that would solve what problems because that would take the department out of it okay. They can work with the national Arctic differences during Katrina we wonder we've won a martial law at nighttime there wasn't a National Guard force. It was a local law enforcement that been forced to but the National Guard system so it doesn't have to take them out of but it will give them some ability some ability to control the situation right now it's not control. Judgment -- to bill appreciate it so much our -- all right that there's a thought is -- time to declare martial law. 260 only 78668. -- 90 it's seven of course for talking about the situation. And Ferguson it's and I am gonna do my absolute best to do President Obama said the do you said this gosh. And don't argue -- tried to discuss. And do our best not to argue and yell at each other I'm -- Olympic notes. That's the big 870 WW well. I'm Bob Mitchell and approached you are talking about the situation. Going on in and Ferguson and tonight. What do you think needs to be done to stop the on going on rest before another tragedy occurs that's what I'm concerned about that if something does not done now I have a text message here that does. A martial law what would get more people killed. Another one that says there's no legal basis in the law for declaration of martial law. I'm I'm not -- one way or the other on the an adult low. I'm hoping and I'm Rory and they're both white and black and -- sit down and issue a joint statement where they stand together. I'm I'm I'm at the point and again. Know what I liked the -- that I'm not a talk show on this the god likes to talk on the radio right so. As I looked in at this. I'm more -- more wondering if the FBI should just come in and take over this whole thing. Because the black people of Ferguson do not trust the police department. And they say that they have been persecuted by the police department for years and years. And so that when if there's no trust there. Then and I don't often -- think it did solved. Oh we need to get someone in there. That and several people actually go home stay in your homes. You know stop all of the protest in let's let's get the and we get the fact of the matter what they are. -- -- election oh all right let's go to mark calling from parliament on. Remarked. That I don't -- I want to say a couple of thanks problem first Iran. I wanted to order -- you know I really don't know what happened. And user it give you an area that. We really don't know but I will -- And and I'm not saying that I'll just that he wants. -- we have to realize that what the policeman. Who teacher doubt -- to do -- get. The uncle and his politicians are sort of boat that -- And Angel you can take that ego you can you can say it will work out like out of it which are different it. Do you think they need. -- Well he controls and -- They are not on the black people that don't try to kill her police eagle like it -- so you know aid. I mean you know these past Portland you know we I'll try and picture. That we. Oh yeah. You're right about that -- about -- -- Well what you know that you know would we currently don't you know here are a lot of another until you know. Until we realize that. -- -- -- and well you know and and when what we pretended. -- probably you know Egypt or did you. So we we do terrible problem and you know we know we can -- Leo bit time. And pretty much you know I'll. -- -- you've you've you made. Good comment and it's probably something that I'm going to be three of them are probably never. Well wanted to. It meant well. I am so far from being -- racist that I don't understand and I don't understand why in the world you would judge someone by the color. -- -- your students so that when people say well they only did that because. I'm black I'd say wires used in that because. Maybe I'm I'm I'm I'm an individual where I'd I'm not -- myself on the back -- I don't see that and I don't. I don't understand racism -- -- don't understand it. And -- of their four. I know that I've point many of them on these things saying. Such things like so you'd think that they would do that just because -- block. What it does because I can't think that right well and right and and now I'm beginning to see some things. Of -- war. And and studied moral. On a ball tonight at the in along time and I can understand. Why the people in that community who do not trust the police department well and right and end it now you know it may be exactly this boy this officer. May. You know we we will all learn from London the Euro right. I look at it this way. The young man rob the gluten rob -- cigars when the one police all the police he probably thought that he was going to get caught. But we'd all in all week. We don't know any. Exactly and I want. -- -- you. Give you all white person. And I over the year. They run -- and you can now see bet. I don't. -- a black person. What now. You know what he chipped up by winds that white person killed. And if you -- if you want person you can now see in war you know. Win one big key match I am not a team you -- If you can keep if you can now if if if -- -- want to get you objective -- all gonna get the call it -- -- Either is due to be a likely went back -- Her -- -- -- -- personal problem. You know that -- that you don't get what ward ripped out because you look at this because. You know not yet on the right in the -- if that if you can get. Look at it which one you know -- a game. You you know whichever page to check out. What to do you know. And look at -- you don't eat -- eat. -- all need to be where. You know. You could meet you would be. Right so don't be so do you think because of the situation there you think that the only way. The did the final decision either way. Will be accepted would be if the FBI came in and totally took over the investigation. And the at the local police department just stepped down. I don't I don't bank debt at a -- -- in that truck of the four police album and then it before. Thank you for -- and pretty much a lot of pollution the -- throughout the current account you know. You know we count count history and certain to trigger apology that -- crow. You know what -- -- -- So I don't. Thank you -- that all about. I would still -- some people who really. That's our that's what I considered or markup of a love talked a -- what we're we're on the same page thank you so much we're gonna go to -- -- case. Welcome to WWL. Yet thank you. You know more about my electric car parts on certain last night. One. That Fox News. Was reported an end and you call that was a lot. Well let let on on WL EE eight GB national media yeah. Whipping Gordon and yeah the police chief himself they've gotten from the state police that Kerkorian that the -- He don't want reported that. Well what he said he now he did not know -- didn't say let me finish he didn't say they were line he said he did not see any and actually. Up to that point I did not see any either but you can go online and you -- -- them. Object and then my second point eaters. There's four news this police all -- now -- Obviously he can't get a the trial in the door. That. Well at all so -- state attorney. Talk attorney general in -- knee out at corner -- -- -- All under deputy in or out 1000040. Armed yeah and which ones to step up and it will take the challenges that -- Well the way I don't know on the way you understand what's going to happen as a bore all the facts are going to be presented to the grand jury. And in the grand jury will have to decide whether or not they want to indict him you know we we we have. Witnesses on on both side and sides and just like our our our last caller said. He said if if you always thing. That. The white -- his role or you'll always think the black man and his role. -- races and we're gonna we're gonna find -- one what -- always liked him out. In oh. What happens in and that this is why I would like deceit. An independent. Organization -- that's what I'd like to see someone like the the movement because. What happens. If they look at everything and they say we can't find enough -- for. An indictment we we we don't have Andy Andy video footage in -- We we have some witnesses who say his hands up we have other witnesses who said uh oh I saw him. Punched the officer. And then and then rushed the officer. So if if we're able to give someone like the appeal or someone other and then. The local police. But doing this then navy will be accepted if it's not accepted because there -- some people who've already made up their mind and this officer is guilty. And he should be put in jail -- and and that's that we have the backed down on and wait until. Someone other than this police department investigates. Are. All right keep -- -- -- say thank you so much let's go to net net roots how're you met. Hoping that we get through tonight without on the violence in person. Are -- are college he would do not wait on him and call company would. -- economy regions. Are the Jordan Madden be on the but the included in. Italy meet. You there -- but it will. They -- it. Span but it's -- make the -- it. Oh so bad -- wanting it. Corrected bombing correct your right. At everything has the you know me and one what I'm hoping. I'm hoping that. Someone. As the video -- one of the things that that that bill was talking about and it if you if if you read about it too please say that. Many times the police are gathering evidence -- and the police. May already have the answers to well a lot of this. But they they have to get. They have been given enough evidence to go one way or the other what happens. What happens if all of a sudden they show a couple of videos. And it's exactly like this officer. Says and that this this. Was was was rushing in and -- and tried -- -- is gone -- -- hollow hollow hollow is the the black community gonorrhea. And the on the other side what happens if if if there is apt to allude to deal -- of this young man. Just holding his hands up in the air and then. I surrender I surrender and this cup just on using now you know that both sides are going to have to. Except that it's it's well of course the truth usually is is but 01 side to side. My side your side and the truth so I guess we'll have to latency. You know bout that virtually become a little bit of -- ever had indicated before. It isn't even done Tampa crowd and you do yes. Well you know we've ever. -- we've got we've. Do you think do you think the police. Should ban anyone who does not live in the neighborhood from protest and in person wouldn't wouldn't that be at first that the keep all these outsiders away. Yeah. Well it in the big people but the problem I don't count three days. But if you tell everybody if you're at in other words if this is a neighbor than. I would tell you can keep everyone who does not live that may literally. Oh. Public -- was no it will goal he needed recruit and retain come -- well. You know it would come home and you'd. -- out about it at the globe. And it. What do we came it came out about it -- -- the region where he. Caught up and again where political. Many to -- it in my region but. Well will be -- -- the the autopsy is at this point -- show on the all the shots were in the front. It has not been able to determine whether or not. He was shot with his hands up or fans though that that had not been determined. At -- typical and so it won't admit though that it was it and I'm not out and it -- -- about it in the we look at. But you've got some local to god that -- got into -- not act normal. Mad if only ever met -- only everyone would do what you suggested to stay home sit back chill button wait and see what happened but. I guess the people and Ferguson have such distrust for the police department have a hard time doing that. I'm -- before them and -- -- and the prosecutor it's about a new year to -- one abdomen cause. And even an -- code injection. Bereavement culpable and you know -- you don't. Thank him out rhetoric college. All right I'm Bob Mitchell and pursuit what do you think needs to be done to stop the ongoing on rushed for another tragedy of cars. In Ferguson Missouri. Our poll numbers 26017866890. It's something I'm Bob Mitchell it was do it has a look at my control board we have some lines open so you can get in. Not too long wait to get on the I'm Bob Mitchell and for -- tonight we're talking about the on -- situation in Ferguson Missouri. Would need to be done to stop the ongoing unrest. Before -- tragedy cars and it made media them almost New Orleans the Google -- -- tailgate. -- be cooked up some some gumbo. On the sidewalk I was noticing. On line that there are also a lot of white people are. Walking with a pro social that's but you have you know we went there. -- -- -- Not always puts people cities. Also what I would have liked at the us talking about tonight is what happened. Yesterday day before. What affect will the departure of chief -- says. Campbell on the LP date. Will be a game changer a moderate effect no affect at all. Ronald surplus that -- commander of the New Orleans Police Department after four years. And lieutenant Michael Harrison the central district commander. Is the interim chief now here's a question. No -- and in New Orleans. It's it's predominately black. So as we look for a new police chief for the city. How high up on the on the scale. -- -- -- Should -- bring someone. In from out of town. To get a total -- approach. I'm sure they won't give lieutenant Michael Harrison from time to see whether he's the person for the job. But if you're from New Orleans how important. Is having a black police street to our city. Let's get back to our our phones let's go to. I'm not sure some and on -- Minister Washington note today. -- -- I don't know. What it out there. And on Michael's. Own. -- -- -- Off there. At all. On it and that we -- opinion -- Looked on all important. Is it well -- all you don't like they always. Jewelry. In -- hours. We have. It yet election. -- -- All of these talent. -- true that aren't in it if it. Is not that we we ought. In people. It's not. Always bought it in the ball. And. I'll pay you back it. It will keep all that in jest than. People expo wrote in the wall former law and not the six. These young hand yet about how well our -- and I hate that the -- Though are are are you suggesting or. Encouraging violence. How many current. I asked you a question and only works in Yuma. They were able he'd follow what -- in depth that we -- so -- in -- what the market that. It's -- -- -- that being -- all the -- we ought to be. I thought. I -- I thought I heard you say that they had guns that's what I thought her -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But think you're saying are argues and they should use their guns. You know what I am and it's people -- -- What it -- it that's why it well ballot and earth orbit. OK so an -- Ferguson was the Smart thing to be to bring in the FBI and let them solve this problem. It about I'd probably do. And what. We. In. I went -- -- In and out. What. What is right but what those are. Actual. All right minister I appreciate your -- in. Melvin and -- have a whole bushel on to open I'll have you an opponent and the talk about what's going on and Ferguson. Talking about with the departure of the chief surpassed what kind of effect does that have on the NO PD you can probably. At 26017866. And -- 970 Bob Mitchell and withstood a WW well let's go to Melvin Melvin thank you calling -- WWL tonight what's on your mind. -- Olympic I think we need to step back and take a look at this a different perspective. Our number warned it is Arctic. What happened. And Ferguson is just a symptom is not a pretty. All -- and so -- -- take a look at all by itself as the oracle solutions that don't work. Number worn it is. I think when you take a look at African American communities such workers and such a New Orleans. What you gonna find a -- higher unemployment. In the corporate education systems. Unified a group of people who. Pivotal hole but it's that you can put forward by the fact that -- 101520%. Turn now that there -- resourceful and concern and -- city where you'll super. African American it should be -- one. Because. People there don't feel like they failed. Also like that the technical. Then. Normally what it is you know situations like this that bore holes weren't that this sort of -- -- if you take a look at history. There you go back and look at the third African American communities or reacting to. The reaction. The majority commute to take a look at their reconstruction. You're reconstruction for a number of Americans to potential. Government. All Americans are good Americans and your reaction it was Jim -- you have the civil rights law and sixty. Now yeah. Everything so that -- rule there victim was legally. So. I think he got this article that the boat. -- and then again that the solutions. To where everybody's. You know that there -- solutions that went to. I agree with you Melvin. Do you think though at this particular thing to defuse political and audit Ferguson. But may be the local police department needs to step down and let the FBI moved in. -- -- -- you can do that but tomorrow. You know out little. Hope that sanity in the same blisters there they're there for the -- going to be there again. It's still got to solve the core problems like I've I appreciate your polian okay Ronald and Larry I'm a monitor -- right now but if you hang on. -- guilty right after the top of the hour news and those of you who 01 opponent we we have lines open John touched on during the the newscast and we departure of the top of the hour. It's 2601 late 78668. Or nine points and the text me. At age 78 heavily I'm Bob Mitchell and -- boot coming right back on the big dates ebony WWL IAM a -- dot com.

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