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8-19 Scoot Show Bob Mithcell 11pm, Ferguson

Aug 20, 2014|

Bob Mitchell…the REAL Robert Mitchell…is in for Scoot tonight…he has lots of great talk topics: The parents of Michael Brown, the teenager slain by police in Ferguson, Mo., have called on the public to focus on their demands for justice and not let the worsening unrest in the St Louis suburb overshadow the circumstances surrounding their son’s death. They are also demanding that charges be brought against Officer Darren Wilson, who fatally shot their son. Do you agree with them? ON THE OTHER SIDE Officer Darren Wilson says he rolled down his window to tell Brown and a friend to stop walking in the street. When he tried to get out of his cruiser, Brown first tried to push the officer back into the car, then punched him in the face and grabbed for his gun. Michael Brown rushed him at full speed moments before the shooting. What needs to be done to stop the ongoing unrest before another tragedy occurs? Should police ban anyone that does not live in the neighborhood from protesting in Ferguson? Should white and black leaders have a sit down and issue a joint statement where they stand together against the violence?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It may Bob Mitchell the real Robert Mitchell filling in for us tonight. On our WWL -- table we are continuing to talk about Ferguson they had hoped that there were going to be -- no demonstrations tonight but. There have been quite. It looks like from like until a couple of hundred. Demonstrations. A protesters in person all of this point after a very peaceful but peaceful. And they are demanding the just this. Arm. Over the death. About mr. brown. Is. Currently. I'm. Against one of the questions that that we're trying to get through tonight is. What exactly is just how how'd you. How hotly argued judge justice here if if for instance and amusing in a very. Big if here today because one of the things that at least most people are saying that we really -- need to wait until we get all the information. And now I'm suggesting and hoping that the FBI is going to eventually take over and the Ferguson. Police department willow will step -- And this way may be what what ever of these. For the release decision is whatever whether they indicted or not -- may be if it comes from the FBI and they -- people Ferguson. Will all accepted but at its seems to be. That what what people are saying and it is the fact that if they don't find him guilty then that's that justice. But what happens. If there is proof. -- -- real proof I don't mean just hearsay I don't mean just one person say saw this or heard this but if there is real crew. That it shows the office of Darren Wilson rolled down his window to tell brown and his friend the start walking down the street. And when he tried to get doubled the crews -- mr. brown first -- deals from back of the car than punched him in the place and -- -- done. And then he was coming toward the officer in the threatening way in the all the -- and -- call call and he didn't hold. And then he shot him -- then. Should he still face a murder charge. Now you know if there is proof. That his hands were up in the air. And he was saying and I surrender and he shot -- absolutely that's a murder charge. But. Shouldn't we. Wait until we have all the information. And in other words I guess from trying to solicit. You can't say if the verdict is not the way you want it you're not going to accept that that's why I'm hoping that the appeal a takes over and then just maybe. Maybe people will win over the verdict is either way it will fund a little bit easier to accept. And we have our big 870 pretty drag where opinion poll question will reflect -- the departure of chief -- -- sherpas have on the panel predate. Will it be a big chains like game changer I'm not a reflector not a logical and go online at WWL dot com and cast your vote. Are simply call -- at this point 48% say. No change at all 24% say moderate 49% think that it's going to be a real game changer. And oh we're talking about something they're getting something a little light because them. Kind of tired of talking about the same thing for a couple of nights did you ever get caught. Busting curfew. Another words brilliant parents and you have to be home at a certain time. And you didn't make it you got caught and what was your punishment. Can't be anything like that young lady I think this happened and Virginia. Let me get in Virginia. What's worst Indian busted for speaking for -- you know the house public getting shot you're dead. And in the process sixteen year old girl returned around 3:30 in the morning. Dad's -- -- -- figure in the garage in the opened fire report he realized it was a sixteen year old daughter. He took -- to hospital and don't choose five let's go to mark empower you mark. I'm doing -- Marked lol what do you think is the solution in and Ferguson. Eternal live beyond how how can falcon. What can reduce the critical that the people of that community will feel comfortable with the investigation. Pan -- It's -- so complicated. Everything is easiest. Com on the and the problem yet the original thing is. You need to understand what have we need to understand. What went on between me. Paul respect -- the young man which I. Everything else. This is making it worse and it's strictly tension all of that. I think those people have a and apparently from what I hear I think they have some legitimate grievances. And be able to get to -- wild. You know you have protesters and riot. Police seem to be. Inept at stopping that has been a week idea it's because audit audit on there are afraid to let people. We'll try to apply here right now are. Into right now there it's peaceful protests and so does nothing to rushed. Yeah -- tonight yeah it's gonna happen -- you know I mean I hope I hope we've seen the last. I'll looting and barring some distance events and. They're real the real. Finding out the truth find out exactly what happened. Between this young man and the -- that's that's that's going to be though that's going to be the number one thing. And how we fund them -- I don't know I'm I'm I don't know I'm hoping. That they have absolute proof that the vote weakens they would have between Michael Brown. And this police solves could have you have to you have one sides say in that all he was doing was walking on the street -- hands up in the year. Am not doing anything to get the at the other side saying the that you know he he attacked the police officer he tried to take it done. And you know you you can assume anything you want but we don't know when I'm hoping and praying. That -- that the proof was going to be. Where. Where it's it's going to be beyond a reasonable doubt that level in four. Alternative eloquent electric you know work in between the outside the right side somewhere in the middle as a true but what about the answer is. People just aren't going to be satisfied. That's going to be here and now is overshadowing. That. What we need video and when we come -- find out what it is we need to know we're gonna have to accept. That the dog -- Like it enough that we belong to me -- moving on. Those people have to change. Everybody's going to be Che got into -- I think that's -- Well they have to look at the whole community and and that's why I'm hoping that the FBI can come in and look look at the whole community because. You know you can you can understand. If you are a member of the community and over and over again the police have done things. That have -- -- not to trust them and then all of a sudden this happens and the police say I'll look at this time you know we were telling you the truth. You can you can see where where where they start -- but -- give me your comments on this a text message. It doesn't matter of the police officers are already been found guilty by the black community there's nothing short of -- conviction was out of satisfy them. And they are demanding it now they don't care what the truth they only care about the legal but don't care about the legal system. All they care about as a black person was killed by white cup. The circumstances of them are irrelevant as that some pretty accurate to you right now. Well I mean it's certainly. -- -- I believe shared a lot and I understand. Why that ship by people you know. College last night I'm the guy that you had the cops do not treat people. With respect they do not track. Tressel and intimidate. Citizens who why blacks Hispanic and I mean who. The cops have away and they do it intentionally. -- actually. So there -- a lot of accountability has to go inside that police sport. He can't always people. Go to them and and when you have a slight chill call in New York chill guy. -- Wal-Mart and get killed 11 man alive he says one thing to get an accurate and he gets off. -- you know you've had so many cases. A look at the history of the past. Thirty years or shall I think yeah. There there has got to a place where it stands out. That speaks out from people had been late -- I fully understand. Why -- people died -- -- -- legitimate. But that's about talk a bad guy and that the the woman -- follow the Altria. -- -- it's not really on the table would go ahead and doing it yeah. So what you. I is brother fondled ultra woman and he flashes so kinda cool edge. From the PA. Eight amnesia. The lancet -- From the district attorney's office. And I've a got a overweight or lately -- wait wait wait when I got to read this email and no this is supposed to mean. You give this dialogue that time -- life it's easy to see through you will put -- out of what war is supposed to Maine but go ahead -- what I have -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- minutes sly and the crazies out after after 11 o'clock again. God for. On the DA. Often. It can be. But it. Truly think that's why and where it. -- an abuse of us are you get pretty bad because DNA. Because. You know -- Obama could be and -- try to -- Well actually I heard I heard a little bit more about that that only gonna look at the bad ones. Right and if you did or not charged. With any kind -- it charges related to the -- -- -- I've got to go to migrate. Right now -- -- They thank you. Quick text message Bob. Just -- -- talking about. Keeping things light. I'm done no comic cookie were cute he is at a -- Butler OK okay. All right I'm coming back with Liz and we have some polls open to secure 17866. And late -- -- at seventy I'm Bob Mitchell. This -- the big date seventy WWL. And I'm Bob Mitchell and for a student tonight remember you can catch your favorite WWL shall live listened to podcasts and in time deflected DVR go to WWL dot com look for the big podcast button. With a right hand corner of our front page or to find your favorite most notably mark chosen schedules real simple and so convenient podcast. On WWL dot com. -- can call AM to 6017866889. Point 78. Text -- -- 7870. But see here's here's what -- -- like about taxes. If someone that text me and said you were obviously against the police. Great job playing dot com. They say you can text me but you don't have the -- to put a call late. And tell -- that. And tell you why you think I am against hopefully I am not against the point on where you get that for him but that's it texting allows people -- -- comet hit the wrong. Let's go to let's go to Liz in Mississippi power you lose. And fan and I thank have a solution to the problem in Missouri. Pull out the media pull -- opportunity. Cameras and -- the reporters. And let those scramble around and go wrong. And then -- -- will stop. Are there doing political part of this. Well right now there are no riots going on this just. Peaceful demonstrations in fact tonight there. There are less to the night before so to tonight there at this point. There are no riots and every one seems to be behaving themselves. That -- in -- backed away it was announced corona Beers ago closes stores in fact there in there containing related. Won't have all this distraction and they stole another looting instead of -- -- those. Expandable metal gates on the front of the stole. Kodak grew up and in an area where there were a lot of blacks and that's what happened. And and this was back in Ortiz. When that was going down. Well there were riots back in the forty's. No but very close that this step I'll debate it is and buried there in an input -- -- look at itself. And you didn't have no problem of people went helmet bat there in the into any state -- nowhere else to battle. So what what do you think needs to be done and Ferguson so that they of this of the people there. And can be confident that the police departments going to take and run a proper investigation should they turn over to to the FBI. I don't think so I think TV you know those -- and advance that that local people could take care. Well but that's not that's not the problem the local people. Do not have faith that their local police department is going to do this straightforward. -- violinist mom apparently Campbell on the -- police forces and over and here. Maybe but see here that that the the black residents there feel that for quite some time that the police of that treated them unjustly. And even though. The that the story of the shooting may be exactly. The way the police officers led. They don't believe in and if so if the local police department investigates this and says today. We clear of the top everything's fine they're not gonna believe that -- I think it's time to turn over to two two of the -- and let let them run the investigation. -- -- Bank in mind. Are what's putting our way into the minds of those blacks. And the pulpit as a black Panthers in that it pains and so what somebody. Playing the ones that are at hand in that -- Well let's let's assuming everything you say is true the that would be the perfect reason. To let someone else handle be the perfect. Reside if I had -- it'd have all this publicity county they -- Well now you you have a point there if that if you know but to say that. The problem is is that when you remember the media people -- the do's and and unfortunately. You can you can believe their people all over the country watching this thing tonight. I'm trying to see whether there's going to be anybody -- -- -- step -- and I think it's ridiculous. And that and that just don't watch it just changed it gently and noticed something that would not even need related I don't even watch it means anymore. And I thank thank you think tank and then -- they're. And get an Atlanta that those. Investigators. Not get the publicity that there editor and then they I think this whole area was sent him. All right Liz appreciate you calling in -- And I don't think there are many in the gators in the and although I'm I'm not quite certain although I had an idea earlier. Tonight at. I believe what they should do is you know outside of the media. I think they should but I think they should look. A dent in the words. Look for your -- them not to show your ID in it and if you're not in the neighborhood if that's not where you live and you know you lean Obama states that wears something like that. You can't comment because what they said was they felt that that where. Most of added that the the violence and that most of the bad stuff was -- coming from so. That's just my thought. Let's say. -- FF Bob I'm angry. The city won't fix my streets think and -- organize -- start -- the business with our neighborhood I know you're only getting. Don't have the right like the angry people in Ferguson. They feel wrong. So like -- they feel justified. All right. Lots. Let's go to the -- will go to the mold somewhere. In the draft how are you more than -- you -- long time. It's been awhile Bob you're not on the -- -- what you word out. Well up a bill to be aired tomorrow night the next -- down. Take up for a couple weeks have gone to Chicago invitation. While you're here -- get a -- and -- never done implementation trained. I allow you are about 3040 out like that. A month out on the ticket trained there and then fly home and we will you take the city of the world instantly got Mayo a little sleeper car. And when it -- -- reservations in the U the -- that the dining car so no there. Partner appear on Larry I'll sell off of the I've done. I've never been on the -- solicited the lethal. Off one term critic. But you got -- prepare right. Yes I do yes and so what does -- have have have a nice place to stay I have a friend who. Has a beautiful Condo over over Lake Michigan. And he's got a 43 foot sailboat and you know. Having a friend with the sailboat is better than only year old boat. Right right Erica Europe to do all the main entrance. -- -- -- garbage -- you can get on there and enjoy right. Well that's I'm on the caught double what all the -- on the on the boat not a cook the the -- And anyway -- Anyway I. I did I do I do the cooking on the boat I know nothing about sailing and and now a bring a whole bunch of great New Orleans food and I mean. When you give them you can give them junk dumbo and they think it's absolutely great. They're now that's a if you can go and some were honor I don't care to it's it's not the bat that -- -- hears you make up ground. -- Actually we were gonna bring them and we're gonna bring them some red beans and that brings some French red. And I remember once a couple of years ago we brought some creole tomatoes. And that looked at me and they said Bob. We have tomatoes in Chicago. Now like eight Uga doesn't like these. So a little Bob burns. -- agree that you've got to let somebody in a couple of others in the local police -- not pretty much skater to operate partly. I think. This should be though probably the Missouri state police. Should investigate this war huge all the way to the federal level -- followed the chain of command because. That challenges in our state like. All but let's -- I got in involved in action at a local police officer if they would call the state police to investigate the car. Eric church that we're we're we're shooting stroke like that of that -- tree. They're all show optic. A search -- that the state police here at all with their neighboring iron in there would be called for Justice Department federal. -- -- -- I'd say if you agree with this text message that this seems to be. Honestly the that the general stream of people in fact I've had the to black callers tonight say this. It doesn't matter if the feds come and the only outcome that will satisfy the people there as a conviction the only way. Day will riot. Albeit conviction I guarantee you if he's found not guilty. It would not matter how much evidence they may find the show as an instance it just won't matter if that does does that sound accurate to you. Bob. You know unfortunately that's what we're seeing play out before -- all I mean what an upper that your aren't being. Out. Number labor court how white people there when it was. Yeah. -- would got a kick out of that mind. If there'll be -- all I don't mean to make it black or white thing but I think it is what it is -- cultural right in there at all. What shall look. The justification that troubled. -- -- -- -- Well it it it probably also goes back to many many years ago. Win the white people to do anything they wanted and and not be felt guilty saw and I think somebody gets dragged all along. We tell that it calico that we built -- and Eric and I think part of it is. Ego but it -- war or -- it happened. In order to hear you know here here in -- years ago that it doesn't affect you directly Tuesday. We've got to do what are obliged to date. It's as equals and edged fellow citizens or try to get all. Veto -- -- always going to be extreme approach. -- you know always going to be great sister and as long as -- war that one rate on this planet what outreach has. A -- not just. Put it the majority. -- got to try to pull together a year ago. Not let the extremes. Paul as more form the brand that we can create good. An adult you guys -- Q. You know the black cancers in the Jake Jake Jake in any -- Promote intolerance and hatred elect ago that you we will -- and you think you're not gonna get away with it. You go oh well we radicalized are so. -- what what what I'm hoping here and I think this is probably what it will take if this police officer is found innocent. Then I you know on our or our president has said that he wants to make sure that this is a you know I'm. A fair investigation he said that it's time for. The races. To. Talk and not argue and yell at each other and I'm hoping. Because I don't know what's gonna happen -- -- we don't know what evidence they have they've nay nay him evidenced. Of this young man walking. Up to the police officer with a hands in the air -- in. Please don't shoot me a surrender and they don't have downed that that may they may have that or it may be exactly the way the police officers -- I'm hoping that. If there is no conviction I hope this president's. I hope be hoping flies to the to there and at and and -- locked. This is our justice system. You we have to accept that we will not tolerate -- and -- we will not we went on tolerance syllable on on -- for about this is our this that this is our justice system. Let's hope let's hope that amount awarded is you know it doesn't it doesn't get -- This is so early -- -- reported it only just ten days older. You know to -- Yeah and I mean you're looking here tomorrow at their earliest -- -- and probably eighteen much. Show in air raid on Libya offered Weirton. Well that's true and well on and on the other hand in it that it's gonna go to the grand jury ethnic tomorrow when we probably won't know. What do they return an indictment. I don't think in the few days. Yeah I mean let me get in tiger's not -- that that will happen a lot quicker but with the way our justice system works. You -- with -- field continue witches in discovery. In ward got great big. You know all how long it took Pineiro to -- that there's that moment while it was well over. Moeller got a couple more calls -- a dual answer your question did you ever get caught sneaking into your home after curfew. I'll -- -- clutch sneaking in the modeled after courtyard reward program secured a partnership more room. And I offered a it's such a good job played admirable forgot I was motors shares -- I looked outside. You know player outside for a few literature -- -- thirty minutes on number I was large. And it actually meet back here. All right but that's good thank you so much OK let's go to -- Byron Byron thank you for calling WWL tonight. How are you. -- All odds on -- and -- And since we're all about the trust between the the black and well she. One child born in unison. And so -- -- -- and -- he has in the school. There's also -- A little bit about that at all Britain and all of that. Well. Who's been through most of it might have been the one that they -- tried it or that the war. The poll result and ordered all cooperate with the -- and I wouldn't go to ball in Ireland called social. John and I -- John and I were him in this exact discussion. In the control room above above a year ago that. That's when the the the the police were always that there was always visiting the schools always visiting the little kids and you actually look forward. To the policeman coming and and and you. You you grew up. Realizing that the police officer was your friend. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wouldn't it wouldn't it. All the -- happen to the present court. Yeah and won't the government would you -- slightly when he was pretty. Occupant would move -- out and out -- cool -- what people look for -- used to and while you're caught you're doing. You I don't stop by apple and so he lied about it all caught. As you retired united angle it is Albert it would triple play at -- -- and always look so -- -- Holloway get over those kind of things and keep them from happening today. I don't know if not I'm not aware that you -- actually -- Shouldn't the crop may call -- that we don't know -- the problems that that probably wouldn't -- the north. Yeah all the hard work -- you that for -- went on who will win more -- -- -- somewhere on a certain group. When I was an air -- all the planets around like the site rules. It back. What are -- respectively incipient much right now. Paul Volcker as weren't mutants and all the ones that I would -- I missed it. What what are we are going to say well yeah actual cause you're you're more a little bit. So I don't know -- dissidents senator of the old well you know you'll. Well well I don't all right people -- that it. So mobile -- because it is. Corporate or. Certain black people are suitable. Hole and there's web. Do you think. Do you think that is true today with the younger police officers. I don't think so there's little group or. I don't have a problem with the old but -- it well. I'll plot my acute when they'll Alamo when the pool while older. People in all we don't -- -- from -- old. Honestly are you that there would be. It was soft and tell them what have you have you -- as well look I want to know the amount -- -- -- the results -- But that ultimately -- -- that don't you find that most of the younger kids today. Did not respect the police solves both of these but you know the the way they talk to solely police officers will man. Our group were triggered Gardner good material at all. We all don't -- -- what was Koppen whether or want them and it's a total. -- or restrict open up. Like there's two Obama to win streak to did respond you're so we're still at war -- -- and -- and I was but it. And and -- well let me tell you this you know I'd do my best to respect police officers. When many times like them to work. A downtown will be a police officer in in his car and if if I see them. I will always say thank you for our committee but I gotta tell instantly. Just the way. Like people. Frightened. Nervous that they could stop by a white top. The same industry with estimated -- stop by a couple like cops went on the I was frightened because they were they were intimidated me and they were they were on B port for -- no. Reason at all that and I mention that the other side because I had forgotten like temporary tag. In my back windshield I had the the regular plea. All of the Claude just forgot to take the temporary tag optional I wasn't violating any laws and they told me over the NAFTA with you know I didn't. I'd sure what an -- and say hey you know you're talking to I just said you know yes sir no sir but that was -- not in the. There also good but there's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- all our fault the -- To the -- yeah. -- -- The local. -- mr. all all the. That's it anymore. That we got to wait to -- New Orleans we've got to get the that the salaries up so it at that tried to different type of person Byron. Thank you so much being part of the show. We have lines open if you'll take up part of our conversation. 2601. Late 7866. -- and I know it's seventy. You actually almost no waiting time and also call now. John pitcher ready and we will come back right after this break when WWL. Well if you haven't heard those phantom coming to New Orleans and WWL has your tickets. Andrew Lloyd Webber's epic and powerful musical Phantom of the Opera will transform those -- -- into the shadowy world below the Paris. Opera house in November if you love a good love story. Don't miss broadway's longest running show on tour -- atomic talk a -- to between six and 10 AM of the song music of the night to give me the number to call. And lucky number eight wins that's a pair of tickets to Phantom of the Opera at the singer on Wednesday November the fifth at 730. Prize valued 250. -- Mac -- apparent good luck. From the station -- loved Broadway WWL. Are lifted back to our poll -- go to mr. EU and any relation to mr. kitty. No no relate that -- and he. All right mr. -- it's on your mind tonight. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I heard I wouldn't do -- -- -- -- that. And -- And not back down. It. -- would bode. Well Britain and sure how fortunate here. Apparently they buy me. Their birthday. Card -- year. Well go public entity. Edward may wallet bobbled. -- Yeah. It. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You -- -- -- Don't. Write out. The clock out or break up. -- Got. It. Right. Yeah you don't. These days. -- -- -- and you. Make. And. Does is he ever stopped like for doing anything wrong intellect as they were -- because speeding or running the stock. I would never doubted that much it was always like all -- -- outlook now but they did not do it. And it got to do. Well I dog what I'm asking is that is he pulled over just because they wanna check him out or is he pulled over because he's done something wrong. -- In the -- it's. Got right. Not not not. That there -- A -- At -- and now -- and their whole life. I love to do. It right at the I don't like. Mark. It could be the nail in the vehicle. They're as young male in the the -- yeah -- could it be. It black people would. Like people. The call. Oh yeah. Oh. Yeah. And now I'm only are there and -- Not only -- reported. Why. Only walk. Down and down by. -- -- -- -- -- So. Why are they. Acquired. And I don't know back. Sure why black is. Why are. You -- -- I missed birdie I got to break it about a minute some kind of conclude that give you -- Oh. -- Yeah. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- Oh. Yeah get a lot. Wrong. Now. And it. Mort I had been not even. -- Yeah quote. You better. Outlook. Go. Out. There would be that he would -- -- No. Wonder. They. Probably. Were more on. Back a lot we don't know what it. Well maybe you know maybe if they can get the the salary. Maybe maybe we can attract you know higher level of what we thought thank you for calling. I'm Bob Mitchell coming right back on WWL -- a text message for our last caller you like living -- -- intently perfect it's safe it's late because the police doing their job. And profiling those who commit crimes and one and you know like being inconvenienced. But on the other hand and elect results of -- I'm sure that like then a lot more. Sensitive about being pulled over it does for instance. You know if there was a bowl and four. Some old guy driving or -- -- bowl beat up on Sunday and the an old Leo that's okay have a problem with that. Who dat nation get ready for pre season game number three Saturday when the saints take on the colts in Indianapolis. Will kick things up at 3 o'clock with first of our resident Perot. Former saints offensive lineman Steve corn -- and it's 5 o'clock the Bud Light. Count down to a kick off beat Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia alive from Bobby's. Cajun cannon restroom and -- -- veterans like bill 7 PM game time with the best apple -- play by play team in football. The voice of the the -- instrument Anderson thank -- poking dodge on and things Simon report Kristian garic. And of course after the game join the cajun cannon in the big treat for the point after 1 AM it's ten hours. Of Walt Walt saying -- Saturday on saying radio the brigades seventy. WWL AM at them. All right it's been it's it's been a pretty good night -- tonight as as a look at. Much green there there there's still on. The protesters is still. It was protesting and -- in the story. Every Thursday. In looks pretty. And -- to accept a situation developed after someone threw water bottle. At the please -- there was one of those I don't know who -- can't remember. What levels activists that was in town says it was -- to throw water bottles of the cops which of course that Donald K but. Other than that things appear to be pretty calm about forgo. But I do have 01 more opening for you. You gotta you gotta listen this. A woman. Admitted to only a pornographic video in silent church. After a tipster. Recognized her breasts. In the video posted along the woman's place is not show him on those are top. Arrest -- -- breast while holding what appears to be a Bible and erosion. The New York Daily News report that at least two porn video featuring the same woman were filled at the same church in June but. How close -- Looking. Her he didn't even recognize your -- It is recognize her boobs. And I'll see you tomorrow night. Tonight god bless you and thank you for all of the calls -- participation. I'm Bob Mitchell and it was due to -- thanks to John on WWL AM -- -- dot com.

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