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Aug 20, 2014|

Dave talks about if you'd run for public office, the perfect little black dress, and What is Wrong with People

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition WWL offers news it's August. The twentieth it's 2014. And it's Tom Larry well then let me take just a moment to be the first to wish you happy and healthy. Hump day yes and I guess to make it happier and healthier we're gonna go there well. Hump hump day days. This isn't doing. He's from Tuesday. The Humpty dance is your chance to do now. RC so I guess I should give you that chance I'm registering a yeah I think so. I mean we should just tired take a little chance I. My computers now the all don't know yet. It's giving me fits is give me trouble it's jumping around and it's it's slow I hate them when that happens so in the meantime I'm gonna ask you a question. As qualifying begins today whom are gonna vote for now got. Would you ever. Run for public office. Now there are thought about it G activity that I'd like to be. Here it's not man you know what I need to Iran because I think that I can do a better job than the first season and your thought. You know what. I think that's a career for me I need to. Fund raised. Make million radio and millions of dollars. And put all everything about me out there in the open. And have people invite people to attack me on radio and television and on the Internet. Have people come out of your pass from nowhere and come up with bizarre and wild allegations. And claims against you some of which may be true sets which -- -- it is definitely. Would you ever run for public office I just know the answers no you know and it's interesting that we talk about the people who do and they're they're different breed yeah they're not your normal -- and most people would not subject themselves to that put themselves -- that choose to do that the punishment is it is so unbearable and like you said. The money alone. Even some of these little races. -- -- the them you know state senator. An argument justice of the T plus yeah yeah -- always of that level we YouTube I don't think you can really run for dog catcher -- -- and you've got to come up with a upon Ireland galway and then you've got to make public appearances and non managers goes wrong on so that's my question tech and it's 7870 qualifying begins today for many races including of course the US senate and the two big congressional seats in the Louisiana that are contested. In this election would you ever run for public office in the meantime let's do this days. Everybody everybody. And I was in Florida. I knew it wouldn't let us down that I couldn't do it and the updated when beavis and I'll. -- -- I'm itemized rattled home but now yeah. Feel about it much -- you know I've -- it. I'd if you're in your card please talk gently everywhere else might now look now. Seems like you who has just one day here we are. Making progress getting over that hump and had not toward the weekend. Today of course I have to consult mind. National day calendar dot com to tell you what national stage it is that's always an interstate check -- out its national radio day. I'll all bull look at there're also anybody is currently doesn't -- this program is already doing their part they're listening to the radio. The vast vast majority of people do that anyway on a daily basis. Though thank you for that national chocolate con tie today. Shock at that point they really do get specific -- these -- is so I national lemonade. Well -- go for a -- and saw a couple of kids. Right by the side of the road and it neighbors say they were kind of up about halfway up the driveway there at the little table in the walls line. And the and the women -- ally -- ice adds up in our suit happy society lawsuit -- society I'm just I was afraid to kids -- lemonade stand. I'm just afraid somebody's gonna Sumi. And you know -- take my house away because they'll claim they got sick on -- eliminate kids. That's the kind of world we -- and -- yeah I think it is it's a very litigious world and they did scares me that. So I don't know that we've ever done eliminate stand at that line it's just you know it's like the epitome of innocence and in him once goods and American and all what stuff. Laminated the epitome of what's good and American all that stuff that darn right you sure you don't want to run for public golf that this is the stuff that was really -- -- -- -- -- that. In this country our children should be able to operate lemonade stands alone it is the epitome of all that is good. Now and America. And all that stuff. Ma'am. And that's not a good idea and say maybe usually -- -- I -- the other he's all right I'm going to connect a run for office that was written speeches that was yet. I'm elected and if yes what people say that they really. Let you go let you go to hit it on the phone with some of those -- that'll let you go to let me go off I want to go right. Whether setting -- a Carly well I guess they could be going. But -- You know you make its -- you're missing if I need to hang up now I don't wanna talk Q and that's what you're saying but I'm gonna put the burden on you a little let Uga. My allowed you to leave and. You can now get out of this conversation that let you go. Hit on people's minutes to say I've got to -- or you know what -- -- the it just tell you need to do something you don't wanna talk to me anymore amigo. Yeah. I wanted to let you text -- 7870. You wanna be a politician would you ever consider running for public office qualifying beginning today elections across. Up next to go with your forecast and the saints are practicing on the North Shore today it will tell you where and when was Steve Geller right after this -- three home. 519 Dave can in the early edition of WWL offers is 1% next needed to mediate and he says you both David and David. Have what it takes to run for public office he tripped off a -- -- job. At all. And others as to whether you want to run -- -- of officer not qualified. Alice's. Hot hot no I would never run for office you notice all politicians have great there. It really is amazing to watch someone once they're elected to public office particularly liked the president of the United States how quickly they -- it's like ten times the normal aging rate. Where they just suddenly get really old really fast from all the pressure. That they are under and I qualifying begins today which you ever run for public office are about tell would run for meteorologist and win. For the next several days high temperatures we'll sit in the middle ninety's -- -- yet again with 94 today at 20% chance for rain. Another 20% shot tomorrow just for a few stray storms with highs of 94 and by Friday. That chance drops to 10% with highs in the middle nineties from a pinpoint forecast center I'm urologists -- tell. The couple degrees cooler this morning's 79 at the airport and can't quite 8880%. 87% -- in -- the North Shore and by now. 75 degrees at 9%. -- Speaking of the North Shore the saints are going to be up there practicing later today. -- sweater and plan and everything else on non sports we say happy home. To Steve Geller. Feeling good gave W. I'm inside in the air -- -- that I noticed it a lockout the that it. The -- a way to the sun goes down to practice on the North Shore. Yeah at 7 o'clock is the the kick -- time at -- -- maybe a little less sweating Steve Geller was sports well good morning everybody sixty ti -- has Byrd had not taken part in the team drills. Since the free agent acquisitions signed on with New Orleans this all season. Until yesterday. He's been cleared for contact following back surgery but will the bird may be ready for Saturday -- pre season game against the colts. In my mind I'm expecting to play my mindset is on the play. The last say so goes to -- okay so I want to prepare myself as a compliment labeled you know things can change. With Brian Hoyer and joining me and -- locked in a battle of pre season futility browns head coach Mike Patton said that no announcement of Cleveland starting quarterback decision. Will be forthcoming. After reviewing the game film -- is that the QB play. Was not as bad as it might have seen on Monday Night Football. Yeah now. The NFL is reportedly tried to capitalize on the most sought after gig in music this Super Bowl halftime show. The Wall Street Journal says that the week has set its sights on Katy Perry Rihanna or Coldplay as possible headliners for the big game. And is reached out to each artist to see -- -- be willing to pay to perform. Sources say that the NFL approach the artist representatives. As if they would split the profits of -- post Super Bowl or in exchange for the coveted headliner title. The LSU football team went through a 120 -- scrimmage as the one squared -- against accused for a majority of the work out. Coach let's miles still isn't saying much about the quarterback competition between Brandon Harris and Anthony Jennings. I think two quarterbacks here again they'll playing well. Well I don't know that there's -- separation from you know one from the other. And the Ohio State Buckeyes will likely go with redshirt freshman JT Barrett has the quarterback in August 30 season opener against navy. That's because Braxton Miller the two time Big Ten player of the year. Is out for the season after re injuring his throwing soldier. Throwing shoulder there and will require surgery. Today have four on sports talk besides cutting down in the -- of penalties -- wanna see improvement for the saints in Saturday's game vs colts. Then at seven it's the very first lets smile show of the season as -- just ten days away from LSU opening the year against Wisconsin. I'm Steve Geller that your early morning look at sport. Sides of the saints will be on the North Shore where tonight -- the bill hi -- go high school. Practice starts at seven get there early if you wanna get Agassi are. First last -- show of the season tonight. I hope no one called then comes up to the Mike and asks him to coach which quarterback has the entry. Take coach which quarterback you gauntlet they gonna have the two quarterback system because here's the deal folks. And I don't know why this is lost on most everybody. He's not telling us. He's not going to reveal because he does not want the Wisconsin Badgers have any idea who to prepare for. He wants them to have to work twice as hard to get ready for this game both corporately wanted -- to prepare for both. Quarterbacks he's trying to give his team a competitive edge so he's not because there's no roles in the SEC you're the NCAA the C asked the Dallas. He's not going to tell lies which quarterback is likely gonna start against was not to because it doesn't want the bad. What's funny is he actually said that will probably tell the who's going to be whoever's going to be starting. The Thursday before the game last night not Saturday yet the last five miles -- the media's Wednesday. Mean it's not an ally that this is that it surprised and -- why people keep asking. He wants to give his T team the best chance to win. So he's not going to tell anybody which quarterback gonna start to that was that's best prepare. For both of -- study -- on both -- -- if -- -- -- is that high school film I guess mostly. And they got to try to figure out which dad has -- and that edit. We can't even get stats from any of the practices like you have is the quarterbacks as a whole through for this with X amount of a stand -- miles of estimates. Everything on the bush well I wanna win that game. My job as a coach absolutely so like it was -- to any information makes our job as the media tougher. He basked in that -- So the Super Bowl the NFL has decided that they really coveted thing valuable thing if you perform at the halftime show on the Super Bowl. View week. Huge benefits from the -- they say beyoncé and Bruno Mars experienced huge -- -- -- after they performed. So another thing to what you pay us to perform you know. Isn't that crazy come on NFL why are we paying you to perform when you. Get more money because you for four. -- the good thing is like at least the three finalists that are at their debt down to between Coldplay Rihanna and Katy Perry goes agree choices -- the two or three of those performed together. Our winners out has -- Amani dumped onto it out of the running or can afford to buy that you definitely people Paris there's been a campaign on social needed to get -- -- at times. Time now would you pay to perform at the suitable wouldn't -- artist page to perform. I mean to -- yet NFL all the money we've always coveted gig but to me I would think you would as a big artists like that you'd be paying me. To be on stage. -- -- -- meant more sports I'm not paying you do it yeah we happening about Steve -- at Akron or sports and when he prime minister forecasters. Five point 84. -- well it certainly feels like August out there with temperatures in the mid ninety's for the next several days and -- it's still staying pretty low 20% today. With heights of 94 we'll get that exact forecast for Thursday but Friday we start to -- that left the marine chants just 10% for a stray storm. And highs in the mid nineties from the pinpoint forecast senator I'm urologist -- tell us. Cloudy 79 at the airport relative humidity at 90% it's partly cloudy and 75 at the National Weather Service office in Slidell. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this twentieth of August 2014. And it's a big goal hump day and back for a cameo appearance at one time only now I request people been asking via text message today at 7870. The camel for justice. Wound last it's. Yeah it's quite good. Great it's like it's -- quite come on Nightline don't mind. I don't know I think -- -- I have to do element that important what I don't know. But I don't get this done this -- I don't wanna get back in the middle of the controversy over whether that would keep the Campbell the one time only event. They got all of you have been begging via text message today it's 7870. For the camel to come back there it is folks happy home. It's that you and yours you've been very good about not pulling the trigger on the out that way out again. Every Wednesday people's next in -- remembering the camelback but you remember the controversy we had when. People sort of hate Amy Campbell on well it's enough police and argued garlic you know there it is now that is the one. He's back so we've been asking people attacked the sedate them and needs at any doubt that they would run for public office with qualifying beginning today and and -- -- and that's about it might dirty name dragged through the mine. He entered the senate in other words as president understands that kind of few things in my past that could probably come back oddly about it. Put myself up there is I wouldn't do it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's as they would -- That public problems that is one of the very problems finding people are willing to run as the first challenge to begin. We've got great people out there are that would make really good politicians. But. -- Not interested and that's because the money and many other things in Somalia and you know I about the senate we -- know. Definitely and at this point for plays that Symantec's latest updates -- -- this is gonna happen. All of us have not been begging for the stupid camel to come. Jobs. Some people did so that he can keep everybody. That's -- be upon -- As you if you found a bag of money. On the side of the road with 21000 dollars a -- have been dream and bought. This and other ethnic and you're itself I. On what you would do -- happened in Atlantic City. An armored car hire armored truck at -- more cars adequately trucks an armored truck. Picked up some money from a casino and apparently the driver pulled one back on top of the vehicles drove off while opening the door whenever it didn't and surveillance video shows. The bag was still on the roof of the truck. When the driver pulled away from the concedes -- -- now where it was going it was gone I've done that with cups of coffee you know put it up on the on the -- I've I don't talk to people. Like your cup. Especially if it's you know like a nice popular one of those thermos type things and yes you heard that. I know someone who put their cellphone on the roof of the car while their keys on the pocket -- -- it there and off they drugs. That's a favorite place to put things when you're casting. -- -- put that question audience it is Texas and it's it's but he have you found a bag when he 1000 dollars. Call the cops and returning it may go to alliant. -- whoever. Our cars are evidence there. They're all nation that dropped what did somebody -- there is key we don't know we don't know I don't know what happened. They're used I was on the on the roof and it's gone in the video says it was another for the truck and the truck pulled off that now it's gone now. The announcement of the driver went up the road block pull off the -- I don't. The I don't know what happened that is no it was there and now it's now. And now I'm just -- whoever found it would not turn back I don't think I'm money's coming back on things I don't think so sun. Very question of scruples thank you David with the -- and twenty minutes corporates as Chris Miller joins us with more on the senate race now finally candidates are qualifying model that look like -- more on the too heated congressional races for qualifying today. Yeah. Here's your chance this meteorologist Laura bust out. The -- who -- the town -- that's right I'm glad it's. You these days congratulation that mechanism that we've made that better by the studios they. -- -- -- Again around Dave -- busted out of the hall the hall. It. If she resting up by wake embarrassing and we are spread like wildfire you go I'm like -- -- -- -- I want some more today. And it denies the he didn't come you aren't back yet dot I've got to have a currently secured. If you are driving ladies and gentlemen please come gently that's one remind you and now. You have to shown restraint -- good advice any time that. I just wanna be the blame for Democrats are Sarah implant market and they're trying to explain what happened the gap. Cole -- and exactly the radio we meet you and at a at a funny again. I don't know if we're gonna make people do it but -- outside they're gonna sweat today that really muggy out there a smaller team in the streets he would admit that you want and it's. You know but at least at -- -- -- August -- We knew -- common. It's just that we normally have -- at three solid months of the oppressive heat and humidity and it stayed away at least until now now. We kind of flip the switch on things high pressure's gonna -- and over the area for the rest of the week and into next week. And that's gonna keep it hot and fairly dry still a few isolated thunderstorms each afternoon but no widespread rain expected at least the foreseeable future. They all way through the week and it's going to be hot and you. Feel like more than a hundred degrees and you're gonna -- yes -- 94 today signed a go from feeling like 100 modern that maybe even 110 and a whole lot by the weekend I now authorities say an -- that extreme heat aspects will be returning iron to keep the trial the tropics that's why not the only Caribbean yet they're actually wave headed toward the Caribbean that had a good shot -- development. Yeah you know I think you consider western Caribbean the east -- this year has kind of been the graveyard it's kind of been a little dead sense that they can survive that area I know I'm OK with that. And and it holds together you know they track a little closer toward the western Caribbean it's -- gradual development possible but it's funny you look at models and we're talking about something that could be possibly ten days away. Models are really only reliable about the read of forty's kind of stretch and it's -- target about ten days. It's just too far out there -- to worry too much about it. -- is gonna saddle you with keeping an eye on what the hell no if we need to start being concerned about it right now we won't be that's exactly. Like an element -- but that. So today you pulled out the perfect little black dress I did -- -- yeah that way down and then I think everyone had a panel seat black everybody every woman has. Yeah it's that simple black dress that makes you look great but it's -- I don't think we have been equipped. Is that equivalent for -- to some -- that. Works for us and just about any situation in here and all that time. Is it khakis and polo had to -- that Pakistan standard -- uniform. And that you see that you can Wear that black -- to work you can work hours rested up reject Al -- yeah you could go out to a fancy restaurant and where it's flip -- you to -- yeah. As witnessed anything significantly. That's congratulations on the perfect little. Perks that that we thumped in life -- -- that's right. I've also share with you. People speaking of getting dressed apparently a guy in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After committing a robbery at the home of -- 94 year old man got undressed and took a shower. Shaved. And then put the victim's clothes time at -- after the victim's car. Taking tell a television and cash with him of course. They were able to identify him by air prints on the bottle of mouthwash. -- And the electric shaver -- academic. Cook a. At least DNA behind I've -- a crime scene investigator but. They can that's at least stuffed behind Janice you know break it allows. -- the TV take the cash by the car keys and leave right new -- -- -- -- -- -- Insulted our chain of even. -- -- brushed his -- with the guys do use them out. And that he's still on the guy's stuff the city's sanitary bathroom up to in the process that that's not right that's just. That's where I draw the line well. Yeah that that -- bathroom -- Thank you -- and it went public. I'll live and direct eyewitness sports sports team jealous it's -- to the North -- And they've been do it's a bird watching it -- scammed you though on that and more after this. How can a convicted felon Edwin Edwards run for office please explain if you hands as one text to donate that need them and it is a kind of strange thing Louisiana law prohibits convicted felons -- even registering to vote running for any Louisiana offices but federal law does not. So Edwin Edwards while he cannot vote for himself. Can't run for congress can run for senate could even run to be president of the United States -- the law doesn't prohibit that Afghanistan. Sports time now on WWL Steve galleries and with that and there'll be some bird watching on the North Shore when the saints practice. North of the late today. Bird watching. The -- birds back that's pretty cool Steve is back with sports as well happy hump. Good morning everyone in the -- 54 million dollar free agent acquisition -- Byrd went through team drills for the first time this training camp. The safeties being cautious returning from back surgery but now he's been given the green light. Is he ready come back Saturday against the colts. Who is working my way back you know genius everything's still going out there in the contact and don't even do to make sure graded by you know the week one in this game and move forward. Six practice moves to the nor short tonight that may have the bill high school from seven to 9 PM. Browns coach Mike the team. Has not picked his starting quarterback yet as the plan. Brian Hoyer and rookie Johnny -- -- Haven't convinced them that they deserve the job that decision's been delayed and could carry through Cleveland's third pre season game on Saturday. -- go to the Super Bowl is pro football's biggest stage it's also the most viewed annual American sporting event. In recognition of this the NFL is that some of the musical acts under consideration to played the big game -- pave the league to take the stage according to the Wall Street Journal. The league has reportedly notify Rihanna Katy Perry cold play there under consideration to perform. And that's the artist either give Porsche a portion of their post Super Bowl -- proceeds that'll lead. Or make some type of financial contribution. In exchange for being offered negate. LSU football held a 120 police scrimmage at the tigers Europe for their season opener at the end of the month. Coach let's -- says the running game really paced the offense that he. -- very hard Kenny Hilliard had a hundred yards plus Leonard is running hard and give in this area. Very strong back to choose from. And Ohio State says the quarterback Braxton Miller will miss the 2014 season after re injuring his throwing some shoulder. The school says he'll require surgery redshirt freshman JT Barrett is Miller Miller's top -- And will likely be the starter in the August 30 opener against navy. Therefore on sports talk besides cutting down on the amount of penalties. What are you wanna see improvement for the saints on Saturday vs the colts. Then at seven it's the very first lets smile show of the season as we just ten days away from LSU opening the year against Wisconsin. I'm Steve Geller and that -- your early morning look at sports. Feel for him and say shoulder surgery three channels that surgery yes that's it three times that shoulder surgery shoulder surgery shoulder surgery why you did it that's hard to say usually a soldier ends up in there I had some shoulder surgery Erik -- going to -- now shoulder surgery is is one of the most of opening the sports broadcaster. Ever had to decide that. -- -- go to the North Shore tonight at seven and nine Amanda bill highs will get there early votes if you wanna get a good seat and get in position to get some autographs from the players and Gerris -- looks like he's he's ready to go on he has used that we could see breezy and bird in the pre season for the first time this that it adds depth. -- the planning yet but didn't take too long for -- to get some contact is Mark Ingram. -- in -- about 45 plays in the practice yesterday. Everybody held their brass and then they both got up and gave each other you know little little -- of the fists and everything was fine. -- that pretty much relieves. Champ Bailey is like one the only guys we haven't seen on the field yet that practice what we saw him a very short time at training camp in West Virginia had a great play. Where he really. You know save the ball from -- you know going at about Aaron end but a day for any kind of disappeared for awhile and yet we haven't seen him in. Team activities since overall -- pretty healthy is there for this. What we got to see what happens with Huey Lewis was the winner here what's up with the quarterback. He. Has a mysterious injury we don't know about right now Patrick Robinson also still on the mend. But other than that it was nice to see the big names like Drew Brees and -- has bird finally taking part in team drills and yes both will be playing so. At a guy you'll be playing again in fifteen minutes more sports here on WWL IMF diamond. And I want text message today -- its emphasis finders keepers losers sweepers 121 grand that apparently fell off the armored car Atlantic City and others as -- five on the money within the lord. Has -- The lord has blessed Tommy talk with duties of the next four hours of fun here on WW well. Aggies at duty. -- now I -- talk about her script yet I am sympathetic -- -- mentally and Atlanta. That's not bestseller away from school in first grade I did not know that I had enough -- -- peppers and Algiers and and and it Berman part writer and support them a little blue -- to bank and Rana. They get to -- as good as gone like a great escape isn't eighth graders on bicycles after me knows. Mean it's bill. -- and they caught in a limited was that I we talk about electing a police people talk about workplace mobility man verses women and a mom arrested for harassment and cricket Laurie Garrett again have a happy hump day -- --

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