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8-20 6:15am Tommy, elect NOPD Chief?

Aug 20, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. George Capowich, a criminologist at Loyola, and Clancy Dubos, WWLTV's political analyst & co-owner of Gambit, about what if the Superintendent of NOPD were elected.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David Blake good morning T how are you good to see -- thanks for stopping by thank user. Com. I am at the point of heat and humidity. Where I think most people are where you'd just set up. Yeah you walk out of the house has miserably hot I normally print. The weather so I can quickly refer to it to tell everybody what it's going to be like and I don't know that there's really need to do that I don't think so. Eric do you get a troubled couple of blood tropical things a little wave a little invest which by the -- does anybody know when he called those invest in vests. I don't own this Els 63 away -- burlesque parlor Redondo that next that's kind of technical whether people cost pool day out there in the Atlantic Ocean one model hasn't come and in the gulf most of them haven't I believe. Megan at northerly turn off the coast of the united that's the one we like we love that northerly turn. So I guess -- long as it's hot and humid we'll take it without any tropical weather but did it today is going to be that kind of day. In short for investigative areas somebody tells me Jordan is you know for aiming at a he does -- now. On the Internet must be true though this -- anyway no he probably got that from the official site. It's kind of date back when -- -- in the -- -- six days you remember that are you out of more attacks never thought it could be like this everybody was complaining about the cold weather and at that time we asked hot or cold. And think tomorrow I'm gonna make the ready jaguar opinion -- all day long hot or col -- To see how the results. Guilt because everybody voted for hot nine yeah exactly we are shivering right it was -- -- like he was the results are now. Com -- I don't know whether to be happy about what happens happened in Ferguson or to be. B will ordered by it because I understand bottle was around 47 people arrested -- not as much violence but before that ended ideas here this on the news. There's like a street party with pizza and wings being out and -- more earnings then and then they somebody run on the bull horns that is midnight on golf and and then -- reminded me well aren't they did which reminded me of chief surpass that mark McGraw. Any other police chiefs of New Orleans Lugo it's my it's a bad -- might as time ago exactly. So there's a strange thing nanny get to governors and the prosecution should be you issued the age should be began and it should be thorough -- -- will prosecute union even though. It's going to grand jury and you're not even sure what happened you know I was privy to information that nobody else knows. The saints. It has to be investigated. You guys it doesn't happen overnight ceases say it should be like invests have any force on them like that. -- that they something else to this NFL. Beating out the Super Bowl halftime rights. I I appreciate the the capitalism involved and that it. But at some point. When you think with the NFL would be. You know maybe maybe we'll just put on the best halftime show weekend that's what I would and the like not worry about seeing who's going to be at -- because if you. If you just put it out to bid maybe maybe you'll get that temptations reunion with none of the original members aren't spring yes on my god or the somebody addition -- O'Connor let's embassy and don't count her she'll have time because she was when when -- put -- the most money. You know I'm all for capitalism but it seems like at some point. You've got to give a little back on and say and maybe just get the best the most popular halftime she'll available and and foot the bill -- without me out as some ways shared lets you know on Sunday and takers commercial thing just too far and a Warren Buffett. An ounce and comes up with a big money to want to do is hula dance onstage -- Bill Gates perhaps plays of the tambourine and do his act as he's got the money. An -- to take a break we'll come back we'll talk about the police chief and long today's qualifying day. And would you like to see somebody qualified to run as the new superintendent of new Orleans police. Are you glad that he's appointed in models would go along with then in terms of civil service offices patronage etc. Tommy Tucker. David Blake Shelden Williams Jordan -- all of us and you back in a flash and a VW. I Tommy Tucker hot miserable human today's small chance for showers in the afternoon heat indices between -- hundred -- 115. So. Be aware that but again salons tropics are quiet I guess we'll take it doctor George Kapalua joins us right now for a police officer criminologist department of sociology. At Leo university in one of the most sought after gas money comes -- something pertaining to an LPG in the super intense -- got. Are born -- nice to accuse. Think you've -- heaven is for coming on it the first question I -- I guess is you have. Are you going to be working with Ronald served as for him how to -- we're busy to be working for you. And Ethiopian different departments. He's. Going to crumble just. Mentioned should. I'm sure the opportunity to get that. Well for beer -- the cafeteria. There's. Students and faculty and staff should. Sentiment here appease a time when -- -- well. In there was a can I wouldn't be career you. Our blueberry unless you know his preference and -- oh and that's why. Let's get serious here let's talk about -- The pros and cons of oil leans parish in electing a police chief as opposed to heaven one. Appointed did was there ever elected police chief -- Orleans -- -- was it always an appointment by the mayor. Arm as far as I know it's always been a pointer which historical coal into poem. Most organ environments. Are cute couple selected police chief are believed -- -- species is elected. But it's pretty clear. And Jefferson pass code Jefferson Parish right I mean Norman has elected isn't. I share. It which is a different. Sheriff offers is by definition a constitutional law sure which were police -- You know that always fascinated -- or at least interested me why one was called sheriff one was called. Police chief being a police superintendent so there is a different definition for sheriff. Yeah means that the distinction between she and superintendent correcting conditions and -- of terms and parts of the country. Share or. It is. Historically. Considered elective. A constitutional. Official. Written here and shoot stay. Constitution. And so it's a different positions are. In terms of Orleans parish would one be better than the other. Well into it you know it in my view the column electing a police the police superintendent. -- matters. The number. Town's arts under the -- -- the news -- commissioner. Of public participation. But on concerned about a couple of issues here police superintendent. Whose column. Is elected one you mentioned. Earlier your intro your -- It is historically -- offices. Network share as elected. Our sole source protections all less stringent war. And -- And so that's what issues are issues on its problem. And even at branches off doctor into. Eating get rid of -- employees quit more quickly or. There's a lot of political patronage involved where regardless of how you do your job if you don't curry favor with the sheriff he could be in trouble. Exactly -- I mean. You know if there is one. Is. On our bowl year old. It's easier true. Problem. National but a personal. Patronage. Here. Here. A police chiefs superintendent should call our elected. Put them and true. The campaign system which we know it and in in politics it is call certain. Dominated. Slogans and saw his campaign war church. And worry. That -- Published our top professional development and suddenly a person gets elected. Is one. The most money spent. Advertising. Slogans. -- Are also accountability issue. If so -- And he. -- or removing. Much higher. And -- the rise to whatever. Be in impeachment criteria -- more. Be it church fire. Social problem. Essential to it is full. Career or. Management issues. There are urged to differences. Levels competence. Then. It's easier to. That person for the mayor -- -- -- social issues to remove him. So -- -- What's against public. So it's not just one -- And incompetent manager who appear supervisors and doesn't adequately control budget. If elected. Wait for the next elections goal rather than inheriting Kirsch and dismissed. There's also there's limited studies on. So horrible ones studies that looked -- differences in management style between. Elected this year. She needs. -- found that the elected church. Paid more attention to fictional relationships. Legislatures city council's. Appear on the government's. In less attention to internal management and it was exactly officer elected couple weeks. Variants in doctor run out of time I appreciate you getting up early and being -- and and I can't wait to talk to you again thank you sir. Our current -- -- you do you have a good day -- George camp which former cop criminologists and department of sociology. At Loyola and were clowning around. About what kind of pie they would have been somebody texted in May -- chiefs are passionate humble -- While 616 timely to Traficant for that would -- to Terrell. Robinson thinks I'm zero for busy and you -- Harvard sitting dot com. Tommy Tucker ready jaguar opinion polls said the new loans police chief be elected or appointed -- evenly split. 53% saying appointed 47%. Saying elected will talk to Clancy -- later on about that. Advantages or disadvantages of either but I'd like to talk to you 260187820386. Exit 890878. And don't use it now time for -- WL first news that would get -- typically eleven thing about this Ferguson thing we've been talking about it a -- and just like the missing Malaysian airlines flight which never did find just like Ebola which. Never -- cure. Seems like things are at the top of the news chain and we talk about him and then they kinda go away. The people that are involved and I'm of course and nothing change for them it's still goes on and down and is under eventually time is gonna and it seems like it is already gonna take care of the the Ferguson thing and hopefully the legal process will play out in a way that's fair and just for everybody. I think that's really the key at this point is to what. The criminal justice system perceive as it should. And if but we don't know you know I mean. Is this cop there's an indicted. And and no charges against him because they find some evidence indicating that he was justified. What are they gonna do it. Now we have a story and get a W well -- count about a viral video with somebody testifying that I think they saw. Michael Brown running at the at the police officer which is also found marijuana in his system they quoted some doctors and Washington and posted that occasionally. If you're high on pot it -- -- -- I guess so relax that you can get aggressive which seems like an oxymoron to me I've never smoked pot I don't know but everybody that. Has tells me that it -- -- loud so and of that makes you decide one way -- the other you know last night game people are handing out pizza and wings. As people peacefully protest and think and maybe they should try that with Israel and Hamas must not denies he is starting point you out. Saints practicing and in the real high tonight and I think the crowds are going to be huge. So some of the things he bombing imagine yeah. It's in the evening and it's. It's right there for the Norris your fans who were you know they can't. Lot of them can't get down here to practice right so there knows let's take a five minute ride much one of the best teams in the NFL practice -- -- and -- -- But some of things you need to remember scheduled to start at 7 o'clock it ends at nine. You can't park at the school at Vanderbilt high until after the dismissal at 330 in the 330 the stadium opens. To fans at 5 PM keep in mind practice doesn't start until seven. Parking limited in and around school grounds violators are subject to -- no coolers allowed inside the stadium no parking on the median of the west causeway approach. No tailgating on school property and has a high school remember absolutely no alcoholic beverages allowed on school grounds. Saw only got to watch it appeared to have during your own tailgate sang it well. None on school property Null and if you do it home can safely park and anyone Giddens speculation about where you can -- you can't let. Keep in mind I guess bottom line if you go on tonight demanded real high end they'll miss a chance see this has. Especially at a status facility that small unit really get up close and personal. But there are some restrictions and we get this posted I guess -- debit WL dot com link it up to my page under recommended reading 641 coming back. -- about the police chief in new loans with Clancy Dubose on WW. -- 64614. Before seven has to be hot and humid and miserable today. And has to be that way until probably early October barring any tropical weather which I guess will take Clancy -- bush joins us right now -- WL TV's political analyst. And kill nerve damage to talk about the change in superintendent and NO PD. And the advantages disadvantage of having one elected or appointed good morning Clancy you don't. There -- are are -- well thank you've taken time with a some tell me your thoughts on the chains at the top of and LTD. And also we here in things scenes stories that lieutenant might go blow current superintendent Michael Harrison and a lot of support. Well I think in terms of sort leaving the timing news is not usual. The mayors just been real actors and he's already made changes in other partners. Any immediately and the election when. When asked about specifically about whether you keep -- practice and read about our. Which is -- the -- mayors do and get reelected. So by the time you're not that unusual. Surpasses Vinci for years -- more than four years. That parliament typical tenure for accidentally secret so there's nothing at all unusual. You -- point also a political reasons why in -- do those factors. At the end of the day I think surpass came in to be transformational -- The transformation. Is a work in progress. There's been a lot that went on during your -- And one man can do so much in this as he's done Arctic pretty much what he was able to do and -- -- right for a a change should remain in the store's parent. That's the and he passed -- more than twenty. Other props to outbreak camps. 3045. Years old battery. It's a proven leader -- the public integrity Euro. Well -- recently commander of the seventh district largest district. Geographically in city. So clearly got the experience and leadership role. In the in to church and that earned the -- -- just follow officers in the public. In terms of of you know management and you you know this -- you've been in position. How important is it if he is going to be that guy that that tag interim be removed it. And net that the people rank and file on a force now okay this is the guy and and these are his programs and then we got to get in line with us. Well if you were is one. Vote to -- and Amir. But an opportunity to. See that this is -- good and if the public -- to update. I think the male public -- And. Blah that it insulated it's it's hangs up electorate sort of damocles also does well. Chief and there are if things don't work out but. -- the mayor's comments when he when he names. Lieutenant Paris and you currency. Note -- jobs is to keep. That's sends a message that this is a guy at the -- likes -- awards. Is actually is some default person -- ball. On the perimeter and see what happens. In the mayor gave -- -- voter traffic or not -- -- attached. So I think about -- that it hasn't. Our intent of this interim tag would be there for -- -- By the end of the year made possible that early January expect. Is that things worked out will be achieved. Philosophically speaking to DNA it's better we do with superintendent -- chief of police and Orleans parish where. That person be in here she is appointed or would there be any advantage or disadvantage to -- a sheriff. Telling the criminal sheriff in Orleans there actual civil sheriff as well or maybe in Jefferson Parish who know Norman. -- I think inner city like New Orleans compared to other countries. Most major cities the police -- is important topic that's about a week ago. At the end of the day. Typical silver bullet in terms of a magic formula it's better to electoral batters to a point. Generally not that it's better to appoint a you know that there were -- -- during the right person whether whether that person has put there about voters or -- mayor. You can have a group of great personal electorate you could have -- A terrible or electorate you can have a great personal ordered. All are a person can be supporters are not a -- I think generally when you have elected. You create another political speech. End. In parishes or counties outside. It's not big cities. You also don't have a mayor. And they can in those areas -- in the future embassy in elect it sure. Not only be achieved blunt -- -- -- little element apple is not only achieve Laporte opposite. He's also the art collector. He's also jailer and also the -- processors -- so that torture that Teixeira. Where the police chief in the law that is purely the chief law enforcement opposite. That's a bigger nut job we have a major urban core security have a lot more complex. A psychological and sociological issues -- play. So well. I personally think it's better to have a police chief who supported because. Then you don't have a conflicting. Political. Well senate issues between the chief law report -- officer and chief executive who's the mayor. You have. But they're the police that the badger it did not only goes on to the police chief topic of animators. -- -- more accountability there aren't. People that complain. And you don't have the chief point the finger mayors and airport in that the chief. You know there's -- there's no question as to where the lines of authority are I think that's a better system. Clancy appreciate your time is always gave a great day. -- -- you bet Clancy -- study WL TV's political analyst and co owner of gambit will take your calls when we come back it. Next hour we're talking about -- Workplace mobility. And the the likelihood of a man and I don't mean this to sound gender specific but traditionally. Men have been achieved breadwinners in the house and and women have kind of news supplemented or augmented dad and an -- man had to go some way to be -- the woman would just go with him and and take the kids but a new survey shows it's it's turning images the opposite that men are. Move in to follow their wives and their careers and we're gonna Escude is -- really matter who. Brings home the bacon if it's a man no woman and would you be a stay at home mom dad if you could 653 -- -- traffic. And I would go to Terrell Robinson. Tommy talk very glad you with -- zionists steamy. Wednesday morning when we come back we'll talk about stay at home moms in home dads. Does it matter who is the chief breadwinner in your home and doesn't make you less masculine -- stay at home -- I'd be one of my good. Although my daughter's late teens and have a lot of free time.

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