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WWL>Topics>>8-20 7:15am Tommy, stay-at-home moms and dads

8-20 7:15am Tommy, stay-at-home moms and dads

Aug 20, 2014|

Tommy talks to Anne Weisberg, Senior Vice President of the Families and Work Institute, about the rising number of stay at home dads

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    You know David and I'm not in but it successful heart surgeon at blows save people's lives in the lateness Mattel girls. All yells out tell a single lady does Bartok yet exactly I'm sorry I'm just a simple country long way here but I Italian. Mum. First of its hard to keep realize street yeah this idea how about CEO of your massive company that. Yeah. See you liked one. Of new York new high tech company news hi tech startup idea and yeah. But already you've had offers from Google and you know about this about new startup now IPO. Only drew eight billion and we were open from Portland that's a yeah. That'll get your day and ailments he says light ripening camera with a fender that duct taped. Let's just say security and security reasons there's of people and ideas they can exactly you're out. I admit seriously and visible thing with what concerns me and I get a text here about the new protocol. Unable healthcare workers gonna have to undergo special training to demonstrate companies seen using protective equipment use of the gear. Now including coveralls and single use disposable hoods must be overseen by a supervisor. To ensure proper procedure those procedures are followed when caring for patients with people. And I guess that the question and I hand is you have to be health care professional to shoot these new protocol I would think. Protocols I would think you would be. And and the the gentlemen we can oranges now and says it's 67 hours of training it meaning he'll watch him one date to make sure they know about it. To do it and and I I always break things down to duck it would Howard to do this it's a great idea how are we going to do this because they are on the Frontline. En us that's all the Oxford street doctors and health care workers health care workers. Noting that if you are health care worker. I mean you know you can have the best of intentions but. Can you afford to go unless I'm missing something here can you afford to go to West Africa take whatever time it does do the training. Risk getting. And then after you do get back you look 121 days. In quarantine and believe that's what would happen if you go over there if your health care professional. Well I don't think a nurse can afford to do that you. Aren't all unless they brought I think there's probably going to be a monetary incentive. You know to get people ago I think you would have to you and if you're a medical health care professional I would like I'm not that there's got to kind of like a tortilla. About would you go. And Kenya afford to do that because I don't think a doctor unless these independently wealthy enough the in hi he got up and millionaire tonight give up his practice gasoline and he's got patience there she's got a patient cedar. So I'd like to talk TO about this welcome back maybe. Donna Edwards can channel light on this bit of a doubt because she's an organizer for benefit concert. For people research and only too well I don't know we'll see tell me if your health care professional. On here for amicus I don't know of anybody who can do that and where they gonna come from the need these huge. But how many people can actually. Afford to take that much time on their lives and on their bank accounts coming back and flinched at a W I Tommy Tucker got a real beautiful listening fall morning. Gotta take a couple of seconds enjoy that at least before you begin the grind. Clear cool low humidity to day highs around seven the 67 eaters so and then. Wins in the northeast five to attend a make it feel even cooler than that same for tomorrow. Maybe it's hand warmer than Thursday highs of 76. And Friday highs around 79 but clear and Brian. Is beautiful Donnie Edwards joins us right now she is the organizer for the benefit concert for people are re search. And relief that Tulane University morning Donna. I. Ansari. I'm doing well and you. Before we go down the wrong road. Our US health care professional or you just involved in promoting concert. I popular did it at his age and biomedical science diet program. And and I am embarked in court maybe put a battery. IT and the reason I ask you this and you may now wanting to get involved but. I you know I just wonder when it comes of the call for health care workers to help the people in West Africa. And teach them did the proper protocols. Who could afford. Be it a nurse or doctor I don't know what other healthcare professionals they want to guess biologists. To take that time off and go. And and risk Ebola then if they get it they're not coming back to the United States to be treated I don't think and 21 days minimum quarantine when you come bank. And understand who could afford to do it is. Great and I like your day by. We agree that the mayor and how care workers still actually sacrificed their time. I do you got a god bless him I just I don't know. Who could do it I guess when I'm sane. It is people and I guess it. Here they are basically zero. They era. In there Akron right there I mean how it or eight people that are devastating speculation has. And speaking of which you you're trying to raise some money. For that effort with a concert right. Yet that Adam Lee hit two lane has passed a dairy corporate partner really act. We can have a government hospital here early at least at the age and injury accurate banner on the front lines at the Ebola outbreak. Actually did and we are obligated to quiet her factored in there international. In effort. So in order to support that we are raking and start like state in part and protective equipment. Cricket in their IP little antibiotics. Aaron for curbing back in areas action. And merely personal protective protective equipment. Wicket that our and that is a map that you see on the news. Yeah they need a lot. PPE. Actually stopped from being effective in treating the patient. I see the note here on a Presley's biggest news of personal protective suits hospital workers caring for patients. Need to suits per day at a cost of tax dollars each but is that. If there are only treating one patient. But now. Dare they're treating high and it's a patient outline I need. Put him away and asking Donnie you wouldn't have to put on a new suit each time you treat somebody different. Is at a question once you are in the war. You have to learn that you get any actor or northern new. Yes of that the need for suits as a I generally I only I can't leave their only ten dollars each. Great and Adam. There are part international and it didn't allow that. You know they're an act that these type a supply rich hacker well it is spam act being acted. I'm in so we're really seeing two sidekick and then over personal protective gear that they need. And Adam. It. It can't dollar hurt in the end it typically wiper expects let me dollar per day and we can't he act. Ulbrich and rhetoric are at or near Leo. And so it's a it's. Celebrating Sierra Leone and it happens. Friday night at the new loans house of blues. I ain't me. The ask. We hear it in a car. A general electorate. War mean. An op silent auction rate can't grab. Odd day. In right and Mary dies down. There's a lot of damage. And we're all we're doing Iraq will battle it going to be a lot of land. One down in an app but it's something important there and mind. If for whatever reason summoning as a conflict may be the era. Maybe they're on to a wedding. Maybe date they have some work function that night meted to sit around at the dog and I don't believe how can make contribution otherwise done. I simply can't that we dealt by me I teach kids Arabic site at WW. W dot they'll bite me. Back flag. Celebrating. Sierra Lee now. Aniston is the difference in the spelling and he did you will go funny dot com get there. Gated. Don't I mean it is fair game the patent idea to electorate is celebrating Sierra Leon now they're celebrating your outlook that act. I represented at the yearly. And and we spoke to. Gentlemen a doctor from Tulane that dating you guys very involved in in trying to develop treatment right. Yes that doctor Robert the airy. Is actually that. Head of the viral hemorrhagic consortium of her and hear the RE opted to beat up but I am I ain't that program. So there's really accurate how does that do it at Tulane school and that it. He's been a West Africa as in. I knew yet. Says a connection between Tulane and what's going notable and I hope we can help you at 7 o'clock Friday 9 October 24. At the house of blues a lot of fun some great items have been on an if you would just like to. Or can't go to stay home Ratajczak noted www. Go on to me. Common and I guesstimate how you'd type in celebrating at Sierra Leone will come in but its capital list Somali capital L and parading. Sierra Leo and thank you so much done and done everything you deal and and god bless mantown at stuff for the people that are over there and and to try to get somebody to go now I think you're right those are real heroes do that. Thank you gonna have a great afternoon and a great day 24 time coded traffic. He. Threat yet and I talking about a full of 43 people including five of them kids now a lot of quarantine and Dallas after 21 days of monitoring. No signs of global. A judge says eight community and you look among with grace compassion nothing's wrong with them. I'm asking you would you if you knew somebody was return and your neighborhood your workplace a year kids' school it'd been quarantined with a bowl would you say you know what. It's over they don't have it just. Come on in oh lead at DO drink gift do you do whatever. And in terms of volunteers. There's different web sites and there aren't enough and it's an out of control quickly which means the military's gonna have to go win. So I would ask you if you remember the National Guard or member. A family member of a member of the National Guard you OK with them on West African Delphi edible right now time for them and WL first news for that. Go to David Blake we continue our conversation about a bullet and would you be concerned if if your neighbor or somebody you work with north. Maybe even some edit your kids' school was quarantined three bull has happened in Dallas and then you were found not to have it in at least in the community and judge here sizzler. Treat these people with grace and compassion. They have been through enough and I'm asking you would you know. And attacks comes in and of a serious ignited says if my neighbor was quarantine I would stay away from him and a drop off of potting number owners stoop. And run. Of its are not distances Tommy how can help a country where witch doctors. Still tell aids people in need of virgin Acura need raw animals that are carriers of disease. They parade their dead in the streets for days even those with diseased the un bury their dead on anniversary in feast with them. Some dance and party with them going to ordered to order relative disease. There's many cultures that are still doing clean unsafe practices. I don't Jordan auditing and one at the university you know. Yeah. Mickey the season. They look at him yeah. When one. They come from I don't know. No but anyway another one says timing in this series one about being healthcare workers with all those weights but Shelvin what is that. As a medical personnel was sec says. In the military including National Guard had no choice Abel told they will go if told and I guess it comes down to the question of whether York. The the nation is the world's police force is well as the nation's doctors. Other worlds doctor revenue and is on good morning Tommy is a position I answer your question about training no. We cannot afford the time and resources go to West Africa for Ebola precautions. As it strikes here we are more aware of the proper protocols and procedures training has already started at local hospitals we can't afford to get caught off guard. On this we've learned a lot of the missteps that occurred in Dallas. As well and then there's this one from a nurses absolutely I would go on also I healthcare professional way you know our and it would visit him daily bring them food. And attacked him from people who are ignorant and but I think it's. There's one issue of of morality and wanting to help and as another you can afford to jump Greg could you afford to take that chance I just son of a Doctor Who would closes office floor. Or is practiced for 68 weeks whatever it took I don't know of a nursing can afford to take the time off to do that. But I'd like to know and I would also like to talk to you about the French Quarter when we come back another person killed 5:30 in the morning. And a couple of video beatings as well when it's safe to being a quarter when it isn't that in a flash of a W. That is anything I think. It is being remiss. My great great grandfather today at Tucker said you know what. Don't ever be remiss. And I am remiss in a couple of things first off reminding you about are ready jaguar opinion apple. Which isn't going to try to be flippant or sarcastic or anything with this for trying to gauge where exactly you are in terms of priorities in your life. And a question and these numbers have been pretty consistent the answers and 6 o'clock. This morning what scares you more brain eating amoeba. Percent consent is concerned rather with brain eating a Meebo or being afraid of that. 28%. Are afraid of Ebola. And 56%. Are afraid of the saints' schedule. So give me Collie and answer that in 260187. Neitzel 3866889087. And again with apologies my great great great grandfather I was remiss. In reminding you about the national World War II museums victory big band concert. Other Libya once you and a guest to put on nude dance and use and swing to the sounds. Of swing from the war years reform by the national lowered to museums victory big band. And victory bells at the newly restored art Deco new loans Lakefront airport terminal. On Friday night. Of the candle Friday please let somebody yells when the ticketing and diner owner Dervis and gourmet dishes from the cnet's. Let's explore the air power expo which is a fleet of legendary World War II aircraft and an assortment of fighters trainers. And liaison aircraft all fully restored. And ready to fly so when you hear jet airliner by the Steve Miller band and I think you all know that sounds like. Negated a number to call and if you are color number eight you win. With the World War II museum and got a W well this happened. Very shortly attacks comes and I think it's time to start checkpoints in the French Quarter anyone can be checked. And I think there's more about it timing thing when it comes in the French Quarter is what got our attention. Two weekends ago I think it is somebody got. Held up armed robbery for 19 AM Sunday morning 3200 blocker royal. And twenty minutes later. And has captured on video for five guys attacked him in the 800 block of Saint Louis right by burden. That is not the bowels of the quarter at all and they get to. Women that are watch in his happened and I enough there are part of it or not but no shot no runaway now and other news watch him like. The lazy lucky dog on the street French Quarter while Lee's four miscreants beat this man senseless. Knocked him down level this property and money then this weekend. A a person was killed by drunk driver and a quarter when nom. When a drunk driver hit a Poland Italy was the pulled that kilter. And my question do you is is it safe to walk around the quarter late at night or early in the morning because sometimes will come in. Here at 4 o'clock in the morning and we'll see people's strangling home in areas of this anyway I've probably. Maybe it would be a little bit hesitant to walk in the daytime but certainly at 4:30 in the morning and and not in control myself as some drop. Not that I drink anymore but back in the day. And here to me is the conundrum. I think part of deal lore of new long ones is that you can come here. The bars don't close at two you can drink until 430 if you want an angle back the hotel rooms sleep it off start all over. But if it's not safe. To do that. Should you somehow warn tourists evidence say you know what. He put a sign up percent and urges with the counts here saying. If you go I'd take a cab back from wherever you are don't leave Teague at camp say if it's after midnight or if it's after 1 o'clock. And house will would you tell friends who were visiting the French Quarter I'd tell mullah. If yet on out by 1 o'clock. I would be very careful about where you go because it's. It's like in the old west where the to distract voters are gonna get caught and and salted so tell me how you would handle Hannity 6018780386. Exit 89087. In. Now I know because. I wouldn't be comfortable walking around a quarter for 35 o'clock in the morning. And again this is not an area deepen in the dark dank. The debt and I mean that pejorative Lee but he in the in the area where people aren't aren't this is too aren't there this is Saint Louis. Very close to burden where four guys jump on this other guy beating. And two women standing there with a deck cores or whatever it is and hand his watch it like it's part of the she'll wait 51. Nine before nine time look at Traficant for that we go to terror Robinson. 857 Tommy Tucker let's congratulate Steve Newman gave just one appeared tickets of the national World War II museum's air power swing. At the new loans Lakefront airport Friday night tickets valued and a 150. Smack her studies. And you didn't when you want more information call 50452. Late 1944. Or visit www. National world wars Berkeley national. WW two museum dot org is it. Matters they voted their www. National WW two museum Dodd award. It will have another chance we'd win tickets. All week long here with us in the morning good luck in the national World War II museum. And WWL. We still have a Drew Brees domination teacher to give away. It was born right here in new long ones. And if you win a T shirt you get a a Drew Brees nine brand domination teacher but even if you don't win it you can join drew when the domination movement. Abide domination T shirt go to your neighborhood Winn-Dixie your shop online now at again it matters and I any brand. Dot com not the normal but spell it out and I EU and I any brand dot com for every teacher sold. One dollar goes a great cause the second harvest food bank on Thursday we giveaway shirt that is actually signed. By Drew Brees and when it comes to calm. The quarter being a safe place late at night the the most recent deaths Lou is really sad young lady named Taylor McDonald they before her birthday Sarah fiancee says he was gonna propose. That night and both for they decided to go to the quarter a mother reminded her do not drink and drive. But she says she forgot to one in this young lady that there are other people out there they drink and drive about 5:15 AM Sunday morning. The alarm and gone in on our friends Walken and a quarter trying to find nick Carr see slightly minder friends 400 block ever Gundy. And they hear a crash in a banger frenzied turn around. And see airline owners comic with their hand on her head. And she got hit in the hand nets were killed. Don't driver's seat tell me what what what's what's the the out time for the quarter where you would feel safe I would feel. Very on hesitant to say they're after 1 o'clock and if I had people visiting from out of town and so on talent you know like. Go have fun stay with the crowd and get out by one. What would you say and is that gonna hurt the reputation in new loans if A you can drink all night if you don't be safe betting home by 1 o'clock back and slash WW.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I David Blake always you know something new into the WL -- it is of course and saints came in Metairie. Christine Gary -- yours bird flu hide can't yesterday and Steve go -- John batons to be Smart with bird at the colts this Sunday in Indianapolis. But as I -- Smart. But does that -- -- -- and means probably not play him a lot known letting me use into account is. You know getting hurt again or unknowns bank don't want down we you know we got the real ones coming open and when a real games. And -- it meant that figured it would Smart and and we also -- -- -- -- a man of -- high schools and until mine and -- back in -- from 11130. Andy bell of the autumn -- she's number thirteen ranking in the eight people as a sign of mad respect as you demand in. An attorney general Caldwell -- state farm over auto repairs plus the judge rules against governor Jindal in the common -- lawsuit and still. Red hot a witness to the Michael ground shooting and Ferguson. Says ground which charging bullies. When they shot him know we have the YouTube video it's gone viral league -- also check out -- latest blog. And Michael ground shooting while many are sure they know what happens all online right now it WW Elba Tom. -- and then I'm voters ask. We. One when we get off at ten -- months gotten and then there's this. And and -- have some kind of funny little story assembly thing I like -- and then there's this and others it is child it is in the Disneyland his happy today after actually getting an autograph for Mickey Mouse. That's it had a great to see a lot of another weird stories being of Disney World out of Florida Han are you come Florida's just loaded with stuff it is David. The mayor can win. Was known he'd been messy desk. And I announced a money like dad are yacht. Some people they go through cycles where it's messy than -- clean -- up other people's lives constantly and always Massey. -- right the other way always messy but they say you know I don't touch it. It's organized chaos at an organized -- I know where everything is so please do not touch it I'm. While the mayor. Of Ocala Florida made a mistake when he. He signed an ordinance that outlawed sagging pants. A guy that's going around very controversial I had a lot of people think they should be outlawed other people thing it's freedom of -- the NAACP is a matter of fact there's. Got there Ryan is because they thought it was outrageous that. The law was passed well mayor thinks it was outrageous to even though he signed it. -- What he meant to Vito when he came across is assessment he says there are so many papers on it mistakenly signed it into law a pass. Slow may be if you -- an elected official especially you -- you might want to actually read what it says am I Buchanan again. Yeah it would take a break we come back we'll talk about staying home on staying home dads changing trends in the economy way instead of us. A woman shopping and leaving her job to followed the man around the country men are doing it to follow more successful women around. So does it matter -- you who is the chief breadwinner in your home or is that all about the bottom line income and if you could. Would you be a stay at home mom hours staying home -- out. You know my daughter's eighteenth there wouldn't be a whole lot for me to do with -- would be even better but. If I had had the opportunity I would not reminded that a no no you know I'd I'd -- it. Very non sexes when it comes income whoever's making the most money. Let's go with that 713 Tommy Tucker coming back under the that you. Tommy Tucker she does work hard for the money mom does or ladies do you sometimes only earning 77 cents on the dollar that men works that manner and so. She really working hard for that money indeed some of the -- that come and and boat. Do you do men of follow women now instead of women following -- did there jobs wherever they happen to be transferred to a couple of text and then. I've followed my wife and know Oklahoma where she's a professor Nichols state. I love my job and Nolan out of professional firefighter in home aren't happy home I'm happier now than ever before. And allowances I was stay at home mom until my daughter was in sixth grade I wouldn't trade those years for anything. The only thing we didn't ham was the best car on the block which brings up. Another situation about what he willingness to give up to be one. A stay at home mom or dad let me go to Joshua recruit for yet Torre -- hi Joshua you're on debit WL. I like more. Up with you. How low laden I currently work offshore. Carriker a short work offshore -- -- -- -- now beyoncé. Years ago. And and she graduated. -- the masters and school technology. All the movies. Here in the next couple weeks we'll look into spammers shall be and university amber to not. Get her -- Education so picker is not that he yet not a doctor. Let me assure adequate what can -- UN news and ROB tech and about. I didn't get do you guys friends give you a hard time about that. And I'm currently. I'll marker on an for a while until we start having kittens like but and then would you be seen it. Yeah that's what we planned out and now I'm looking forward. And I'd I'd I'd do cooking anyway so bonds. A go Joshua appreciate the call one to give to our guest in my Eisenberg senior vice president of the failings and work institute of mourning and morning thanks taking the time was you just heard Joshua is that a new trend in America. Yeah actually and I wouldn't say it's Dubow. What we've been seeing is that. Over the last 1015. Years there's been no real shift in how both men and women think about their old home. As well as -- work. It does it go to equality for women but if it does and why not equality in terms of pay. Yeah well. There's still a lot of that is old assumptions that people have that we all carry around frankly both men and women about who's doing what it home. And a lot of the pay gap at this point can be explained by what's called. Maternal by -- Both men and women sort of assuming that once women have kids. There's going to be less committed to work and therefore. I'm not as valuable employees. And that actually. Is it when you look at date. The pay gap between mothers. Well women who are mothers and women who like -- That's where you see the biggest pay -- In terms of -- men following men and women to their jobs and is there any. Trend in the United States or something that spending on going on for awhile and women are becoming more educated than men generally. Yet I mean women accepted. The majority of college graduates in this country and frankly in most countries around the world. Including. Brazil. Japan not Japan actually -- one exception trying. A lot of Europe fell -- -- Are more educated. Then men and and then knowledge economy. They have better opportunities for good job. And he's been saying you know this still -- a lot. What we called bias in this. Where you know people assumed that women -- as competent and and we see that in every field so. We have a long way to go but part of that is just. Having these kind of conversations where you concede that the changes is already taking place. And not in society a lot of us have -- moved to a different sort of understanding of what men and women want from -- lines. And that men and women actually want very similar things. A lot. At night and why. Strong -- -- to be involved in their life and the one good job. Of ball. It is and -- as -- appreciate -- time senior vice president of the Families and Work Institute when we come back -- on the phone lines. At 26018720386. Exit 89087. -- On the what is the situation in your home is it gender specific if -- man -- you have a problem. With your wife make in more money and you. Being a professional and perhaps you aren't -- following her around would you be willing to do that is their career advances even have been means moving. Even if you had to take maybe a job that wasn't as good as the one you had here or beat them one stayed home with the kids. If you could would you be stay at home mom or -- Which would be better for the kids and if you are one I would love to -- he has 723 time related traffic that would go to Terrell Robinson. I Tommy Tucker talking about being a stay at home mom -- stay at home dad in -- you have a problem. If you wife made more money continue your significant other and moving away with their -- further Euro or advance her career. And some of the -- that are common man and -- pretty. Pretty strong stuff males have lost sight of what would be means to be a man they've become wimps. Another one says there -- seven women for -- of course they're more graduates that are women I don't know. We've stats are coming from about there being seven more. Seven women to every man in the United States but if Hayward be allowed easier for a lot of -- -- dates -- event. And Allen says I'm too old he has stayed home and and I'm definitely looking. -- to be a stay at home husband I'll wash cook clean and even have a glass of wine waiting on side. Of our hot bubble bath when she gets home -- -- for a ship -- wife. But I'll tell you why after the after the divorce I've found download that. Well it it takes a lot. To get everything done on time and efficiently in terms of get in the laundry done and get nine. The house cleaned. Get in the dishes washed didn't. Dinner cooked and all that stuff man on Tony it is a lot of work so before you to say you'd like to be a stay at home mom or -- You gotta think about what kind of work -- exchanging. And while I set I would like to be a stay at home and it would have liked it to spend more time with my daughter. In terms of do in this. Or stay and home. Although now -- on both but they stand home and cook in and clean and and doing that on a daily basis. I couldn't do I really couldn't it would drive me crazy because I hate it now the outside stuff the cut in the grants the pressure -- and etc. no problem. The insides inside stuff I hate. This text it's not being sexist sexist I would not -- my wife in this rat race from hill. For starters. From. You tell me when we come back at -- 60187. Until 386 exit 89087. In other Texans and followed the money. And if you have a son. And you're dead do you think it would set a negative. Image for him and viewers stay at home and the wife was the chief breadwinner. Conversely if you have a daughter. And your mom that goes to work and it stays on does that set a positive image for a car. -- David Blake talking about men new trend in the United States really -- -- well and get up and move away with their wives or significant others to advance the ladies' career then and being less worried about their own that I hear you say you could not do homework I mean off housework. Was speaking of that you know it's funny Jim hands of his story. About the proper time to do hallmark I'm sure at some point I did it. But I can't really remember -- all of a deal -- -- I head to have done it here of course you're in high school I had to have done no question about. Like I certainly remembered them maybe it wasn't as marches. Kids have today I don't know. But back on this saying with the with the dads staying at home yet. It do you think there's any problem there is what I'm saying with the masculinity thing to get things done. Efficiently consistently. It takes a lot of work if you refuse to really keep the house unaudited dew dusting if you clean bathrooms are here and a coat and washing clean every day. And I had no idea I would much rather. Do this now. And then do that. Because -- used that -- is drives me crazy like there's nothing wrong if you like it I'm just saying. I would much rather do out to a word than indoor work so we can talk about that. And then you know and then there's that is. -- medical Roy broke up with his fiancee tennis star Rory McIlroy won the British Open this year and also the PGA. And he's the number one ranked golfer in the world are Yahoo!'s big headlines every war while he broke up with is his fiancee who is a professional tennis players today and she got to keep the ring which looks like. You know one of those old glass door -- it's in a shotgun house review periods that -- all man but he says that breaking up was the best thing and he could do because she was keeping him from focus -- on the game are -- are. So generally speaking and I think it's a balance in your life between bogus and work and and focus on the relationship. And I would like to know from the listeners if they know of anybody a couple where. You know it that they were poison each other sometimes you can you can get somebody -- significant other that. That is helpful and supportive like a guy that's willing to get up and -- with his wife for her career out somebody's got your back but other times you can get somebody that. Is so intrusive and has it has -- talk every couple of minutes and you're trying to get your work done. Or maybe they're not will Internet to support you and take on the extra work if the new job he'd take. Requires some extra hours but yet they want the money so I would like to talk to yell at T 60187 -- 386 exit 89087. And ask you how you balance that are you know somebody that either their husband or wife or significant other boyfriend girlfriend. Almost ruin their career or if you have employees. That are like that Heidi handle it. And generally speaking if you are stay at home mom dad -- the of the talks Ian were you raised at home. -- stay at home there I don't think it really matters if the parents work or not. But it text comes in and says that I would not want my husband to be a stay at home -- children need their mother to be the one who stays home. Women are better care givers because they carry the child it's just affect. We'll talk about it when we come back Tommy to record got a W. It is going to be hot and humid today as it has been and as it will be about a 20% chance for afternoon showers and highs around ninety -- and depending upon where and how long it rains. And now 78 degrees and and warm up quickly here. -- WL is it is where you are we're talking about stay at home moms stay at home -- -- -- -- -- across a country given up their jobs or careers of follow their wife and bottom line. Would you do it. If you're a woman would you get haven't -- York. Man -- does it that way but across the country with these job new study out says Louisiana has the most native. Born residents in the country. So would you leave here to take a job that paid more money are you just new loans through and through and what is it that would keep you here. Is that the -- Siler is it because you parents and all your family. Here's some other things are going on a woman in Florida severely injured in a crashed. A crash caused by a texting driver. Got four point three million dollars in damages and losses but what's interesting about this. Is that the text there was and then another car she was a passenger in a car. In India in the passenger seat when her then boyfriend was texting while driving. They ran a stop sign right -- and eighteen Wheeler she's permanently disabled. And it four point three million dollar award came to her from a judge not a juries -- it's a lot more likely to stand up on appeal. And the other thing to my attention is is the suit that buddy Caldwell has filed against state farm in terms of repairing vehicles with. He said used in substandard parts and I think we've all been through this week in an accident. And yet relatively new car and all of a sudden you find out that the parts are common from a junkyard to replace it. From a knockoff place and -- -- wait a minute. A 30000 dollar -- and you put and replacement parts on it but unless it's brand new. I guess. I don't know what's fair and what's not because it it angered me when efforts found out about it. The negative thing and a lot of ugly you know want defender wasn't new. Really when it was damaged deal whatever part they had to replace the cap that the front part of the car because it you know. And 20000 miles on that so wasn't new to -- the right to ask for a new one. So what's been your experience when you've -- the body shops and tried to get your car repaired after an accident do you know what kind of parts are put -- -- it. Can you insist on new parts and and what do you think is fair in terms of car didn't damage that has some miles on -- the right to demand. New parts. It's an interesting. And part has to work it can't be sub standard. But the do you really think -- you'd you'd justified. Or oat -- new parts and if you get them what's negative insurance rates all across the area. Coming up on potentially timely Traficant that would go to -- Robinson. Hi Tommy Tucker -- WL talking about a whole bunch of things including insurance companies in the suit filed by Louisiana attorney general. Against insurance companies when it comes to body work using used or sub standard parts to keep the cost down and AM in the morning on -- WL. -- -- The great you know it actually call actually. Insurance. Is. Or. One and a larger. Actually. There. Actually do you think he could be just as a percentage. Of our users and and so and so and they only. Actually. You just corrected it the right. They want the Saturday is a certain percent. Supposed to be. What they call. Use. The market. Which is that it may be. Actually made that act as -- -- -- Like a water -- percent and where -- mining get the water pump from the dealer you get. A lot of competence made by parts company is among those lines Ryan. -- do so and you know pandering. Laura -- -- -- back it our but it sort of place our. You know I only. Use. It -- Is you know the companies. Are. Police say he -- you know. Saving them so. -- brought -- -- And there or. But you know you look at. You can go. Out or on its -- here. And a check you. Would you know -- it -- -- -- -- A harbinger. You know I mean there's no way -- insure that your beauty. Of -- saint. While it. Anthony what does that what are the policies usually say what rights -- have as a consumer Kenya saying. And I want everything brand new orders of policies say heavily -- does that they have the right to vote on used or aftermarket parts. Well. -- that they use. You can protest -- I mean most. Wanted and what we crowned. We -- and a four. X amount dollars so you wanna get a new. At this as well. -- -- -- -- You know I mean I was out certain procedures and operations. Were. A lot -- I actually did choose. The mindset that you -- shoot them and initial. You got damaged the war. -- -- Operations. Are under him to be. But so what they'll do so I noticed. On the door. -- So -- -- that you check or. Yeah 600 dollars but what it took shop. Which. Is like fifteen under the growth of the company opened today. And only. So what happens when you what happens when you go to new body shop that's recommended by. The insurance company and so we know it you don't have to go to the adjuster just go there and we'll take there word -- senator adds Gerri can you trust. The body shop -- to get that preferred status. They in bed with insurance company to try to minimize whatever word needs be done. Shots or to try and me a great -- here for sure and so their complete and -- 00. See you. -- the people. They can't but also repair on the insurance company. Spirit in the insurance companies -- -- -- To go out of these companies. A lot of the outlook on life. -- -- shops. Right we don't have to go to an independent adjusters thanks very Anderson --

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