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WWL>Topics>>8-20 8:15am Tommy, retirement woes?

8-20 8:15am Tommy, retirement woes?

Aug 20, 2014|

Tommy talks to Lauren Lyons Cole, a financial advisor & personal financial contributor for TheStreet.com, about how one third of Americans don't have any retirement savings

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're gonna move on her retirement in a minute -- today about that David as we closer but. We're talking about Bob but he Kohl Welles Suton used parts on vehicles and as saying about it there and a break if you think about it actually -- if you get a transplant to get used part. Did know what used part per watt in again and deliver it again and lung. It's been you -- for IOC which remain gala you know but I do you know this that. I think there's a philosophical question when it comes to -- new car repaired. It was three years old a two years old. Do you really have the right. -- did to demand a new part because the part you had on there wasn't new knowledge sir sure but they use of -- new parts on it. -- they don't anymore I had mob boys and ramadi and there's what the key here is what you're paying. If your -- -- paying for the equivalent of a new part and you're getting seven -- has 50000 miles on that's not right. US Lee Blake. Up. Did you make a good point -- -- -- I had to experience one time and out of -- there have been through this I -- a card totaled. And invaded -- at first and when given the book value on it because -- I don't -- we go by cops. Would mean you -- -- Thompson does is real signal we go by what. Comparative cars selling for net area -- And a I would -- run well -- -- there on time remember how it turned out -- you know you don't wanna see your own insurance company and something else I think we're all. Terrified of automobile insurance as we wanted to we're afraid to use it. On the enemy decline yeah that's -- -- -- on. -- everybody don't you know my compliance so many I got uncle Joseph. Uncle Joseph can repair the car and them we don't have to file in exactly does. You know it's 30040000. Dollar car get the bumper of management. In like claim and who knows it's gonna happen with the raids so maybe. You know cost me 500 dollars is fixed but the rates gonna go on 500. Afraid to use that Mike in Madison bill higher end evidently you know things are calling. And at that moment it's something. My parents -- -- life -- the public. 1971. Call. Brando as the ball a year ample. He got direction. Some moderate in the Japan government. And authorities dealership where -- -- it. Get repaid at. So until the date it and fix and the insurance companies gonna pay so much in jail small little with the political. So pop pop he goes over there. Checks on particles coming ball. Well lo and behold he walked in the body shop the caller is clean would point. It's got rid -- -- and it looks like to trump went true tales ball. It replaced in the crumpled -- the ball well on the font now. -- it was from the body shop the body shop manager. Any insurance adjustment or think of -- instead of put nor do thoughts on the. You'll put news -- torrent and they would split the profit between them. So real -- goes up and it took. Sales will. It is the sales management solutions that construction sectors. It. I have things go wrong you know. And they should separate the truth so we're only trying to help the true. But now like to colonial often literally. He got to deal with congress to take a war let me. Looked out there in -- resolve troubled deal which he got each call repeated with a prop the poets. And it's. The body shop on the launch the issue. Also the insurance. Just lost his job. You know and it was no reflection on automobile automobile dealership. In automobile dealerships still in business today it was not a reflection that would. And it's back in 71 and that the insurance companies. 170. To -- tree. Pose little you know those little movement. -- when he drew quick so we move on sure you retired now orient retire at prices would be election would -- do today. Popped up centralize you know I'll get out of analyst with the new appliance it was an advocate human bones or. An award to about future capital the -- -- really like a gift from around a lot and Eagles will be. Yeah a little bit for so long story short -- get up at and it. Cooperative as much as I possibly can squeeze it and. Between sunrise to sunset it's -- arrival run into tonight a little bit. Well the reason I ask is. You know it's not free to have fun so like you did you adequately prepare for your retirement and when did you start. Well -- I watched everybody around the world -- but I don't know learned a lot from just I got a degree in the school observations and and not that that's the that's the best education the world. I -- thanks for call in on new survey. Says that Bankrate is matter of taxes 13 of working Americans have no retirement savings at all. We'll let you when it comes a retirement area area hopefully do you think everything's gonna gonna work better you hope the list -- I don't have a heck of a lot but what else you gonna do -- media by -- Dave Wright and at what age do you plan to retire and he really think you'll have a job until then. We give faculty get calls about that and other things and talk to Lauren lions -- financial advisor and personal finance contributor for thestreet.com. Glad you let this come back in the second that it W. I Tommy Tucker talking about a veritable plethora of things this morning about automobile insurance and body repairs. And saying home moms following your significant other around the country end and -- Mormon. Willing to do that now than. Then women were in the past in the zone about how much money you take home speaking of which. Bankrate dot com saying that one in third at one -- one out of every three Americans would get it out. Has not think 13 of working Americans have new retirement savings but about DO. And I will tell you mine if you tell me yours. And at what age do you plan to retire and you really think you'll have a job until then -- lions -- financial advisor and personal advance contributor for thestreet.com. And a friend of -- joins us right now morning Lauren. -- ready jaguar opinion poll asking people when it comes to retirement are you hopeful or hope list. And as it stands now and is highly unscientific. 57% are saying hopeless 43% are saying hopeful. And I think I would be right in that. In that range of hope hopeless I wished I'd save more but. And I did Nady is that a function of the economy today -- where. A lot of people are urges didn't buy on what they -- so they can't even think about retirement. Yeah I would now. It's that important in the breakdown of the Turkey and angry at that you know what a happy retirement -- It a lot of Americans -- -- I had a job. Getting I am doing everything they can't get there by -- street and that they -- and part of my pack and Clinton haters. Turkey -- that you want you want really are right here at that I am now. Social Security that they -- a large part and counts four. Americans have lower end I tell you really are pulling him living under -- and -- About four to import and he -- out and asked rhetorically and content in retirement is under a lot of -- that. Security might be eating out. There. Actor you're age you're feeling I'll let you might have read it inspired and hopeful actually. But if for example on some -- in a position at 3540. Years old. Maybe a little bit older they had nothing saved for retirement -- think and well in on I'm living paycheck to paycheck here and -- Guess I cancel cable. Be what 5060 bucks a month I don't know that that's gonna make a difference when I retire in May as well. At least enjoy in my life now -- would you say to them. Yeah atop the situation -- financial planner Morgan State for cable -- are required. -- -- in my career you had long. You know I do not really -- Yeah -- called -- yeah I haven't grudges and yes I am now I've been saying there and they air it irks literate. Thanks terrible you know actually -- -- I think I can -- he's not library are very and I. That is spoken like a financial -- I don't figures in the at all. I think I'd figure ads absolutely tell the truth. We're tired. You know -- -- up again. We take a break when we come back him and ask you for some advice for people that. Are not in at 54000 dollar range but for whatever reason maybe some. Radical life changes as they call him an open enrollment for insurance life's events be it divorce death of a spouse at setter. Find themselves in deep trouble. When it comes to retirement learn lines -- guess financial advisor personal finance contributor. -- thestreet.com. If you have any questions or comments T six -- 1878. Till 386 exit 89087. Me. Financial advisor personal finance contributor for thestreet.com. And that by and videos Ameren and from library it makes sense. Eight when he for a time we get traffic to clear that we -- -- -- province. I tummy -- Greg get a EI a couple of text here is questioning my integrity and credibility because I'm talking about my retirement situation. And I tell you this I'll be perfectly honest with you I have a meager 401K. Hey I childhood I had later in life. A divorce that. Is not cheap. And some other things have left me wondered wonderment to do for. My retirement but you know it's like the film north Dallas forty when Nick Nolte goes up to complain a Mac Davis before the game might my philosophy on that is. Can't worry about that now brute got to get through data day in the Lauren when -- lion school financial advisor personal finance contributor for the street does count. It Lauren did what you know for people that don't have a lot saved our -- their parameters numbers that you can. Can look at and -- -- twenty to thirty should have this much thirty to forty should have that much in here about magic number is there such a thing. You know it's interesting because a lot of personal and -- flat tire and the one thing that really. I'm the kind of numbers right out. It is that -- -- and -- like that match. You know if you. Are like you're -- here I am listening to -- pretty good money. Her acting out and retirement and available you you can be sure your ire with that money in the -- out. -- You're -- -- confusion and -- -- acknowledge that you're not if you I and I've been in our day. Actually we are not total. In between there and -- thirty years. And that and that got mark down and you know I think a lot you look at one point five million dollars -- It you -- Here. The prince and that is -- -- emote emotionally. And much. But. The app and -- -- That you're -- track. So -- if you started 25 contributing 23000 dollars a year to year retirement fund you can retire at what age was -- a million dollars and did. Retire -- be like that he actually this is thirty years trying to protect but even on thirty. You get started I'm authority and it really actually. The thing. So the numbers and I wanna half million -- to get 75000 a year to live alone. Exactly and tax gap -- the Internet like and what record. You know you can he can't. All of it there so it would be is it you know. -- -- I'm completely. Well you're making that happen the year the -- about you don't act. Required -- do you know like today you don't do that day you're not actually in. Your life. Labor. And -- deal. Well -- -- You are I think it lock them harm. Well. -- two EU. He gave a lot of people some good news new you mean laws only work until it -- -- -- Lauren thank you so much free time I love talk NT and next time I promise of giving more time. You gotta learn -- -- financial advisor personal finance contributor for the street that count me ask. -- -- When we come agony color T 601870. Toll free 86 exit 890870. David -- -- -- the it was a real name. It can be like they're checking into hotel and on the hot right now the other witness protection pro am I'm just saying if you don't give you -- Shelton's give me a frown I'm just saying not anything. Unsavory and -- our -- if your celebrity you know being down so at what age would you like to retire. And what age do you think you're really gonna retire at her. Because I think 55 is entirely too young -- these days aged seventy and -- would you do on gone so I would think. Com -- in -- Texans and be realistic not a lot of people to put 20000 a year away when they're making 30000 year off so I would think. That honestly right now I would. Probably like to retire around 75. We'll let you. That's a little late for me. Well it depends on what but yeah I have to do because well you're on Nelson things like I would just like when you're on vacation the more your home the more you're not a word more money you spend. Don't you think now. This is I idle hands of the wallets workshop. So I I would I would presume I'm gonna retire when I'm 75. -- tell me 260187. Neitzel 38668890878. It up the phone it's not a quiz there's no right or wrong what do you think the ideal retirement age is for you and what -- -- and how old do you think -- when you actually retire I tell Leo and would you be healthy enough to enjoy those so called golden years right well but you Blake. Just pick an age ten X. 68. Two retired -- -- -- later on this year. Time for news now for the RU. It. -- we -- to David Blaine thing in my famine -- island inkling of a couple of things here David Blake and I are friends we often go fishing together as a matter fact we got to take a day off and get Dubuque to take a species that's word we need to go with him yet. And a reason David I joke about you rages that you -- the consummate professional you're so experienced year you worked at the big markets in Los Angeles and new York and I just think it's amazing that you accomplished all of that in your young life that's Hillary's I joke with is not right yet. -- we -- we tease about agers are all the time do now in terms a lot of trust me retiring when I'm 75 yeah I can't imagine another forty years behind this microphone -- I would love to do it if there will -- -- 47. Isn't saying I don't think a lot of people wanna talk about retirement because I think it frightens them to. I honestly do. I've had this vision. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know what -- at the would you like to retire and I mean it's pretty simple like him make it in simpler than this. At what age would you like to retired do you think is the right age and then. Who won do you think you'll really be able to -- an -- you know than isolating that we talked to before. Said that you know 75000 a year if you started now -- point five but. And retired at 55 the my question would be would what is 75000. Dollars a year really going to be thirty years from now. Because not much that's my point back in a day everything and in the supermarket and you could average about a buck then it went -- to -- now everything's -- four dollars that you go to the average everything in -- basket. And now Fuller 75000. -- go in -- and I guess maybe an illusion that a lot of us have is that. If you never there was this thing money when it comes to golf clinic first created this senior -- of people that played golf with. They were students 859500. Though we know what my turn 50 -- -- on the senior tour wash your. Well if Nicholas to you can't even carry his bag now. What makes you think because both theater in fifty suddenly going to be as good as he has and my point in all of this is I think a lot of -- Have this vision of retiring in going to Europe and doing all the things -- -- do but if we're not making enough money to do that now. What makes this things. Steps that we go to I Erica and quit work it would be -- would do that I'll be out there that mailbox nominee had made to -- look at that you -- -- across history day David I had done an RI ad -- policy -- A 45 coming bag with -- -- -- T six 187 -- 3866. An 89087. A lot of people wanna talk about and used parts on the vehicle which we shelved when we. Return on -- W last couple days we needed daylight today we're over guest. Pretty much he Sheldon and screw around a -- it won't talk about aftermarket parts when it comes through body work in. And vehicles -- -- morning -- -- W well. -- god what unity hope -- Q would you think is the ideal age to retire. Oh man -- Seven year Oakland board and you know I ran into seeing it well mart problem. If if you can act as many -- than me and said -- yeah -- guess what when you -- gets married there -- the retirement fund not to mention college but. Did -- -- would you think he'll -- 870 I think so do you think you'll make it. Our. -- -- armor he said twin boys right now how old. Artists. Are eating you out of how hardly alone aren't here yet wait until they're teenaged circulate our Cisco delivering directly to your house. Tell me about it aftermarket parts. Actually record. -- -- and other colonel from the exit you. For but can't afford it. Well limited just how are all the stages in a radio on -- call wells suing about insurance companies -- after market or use parts and vehicles indirect. So that what he think what's gone on. Won't put it on ma Whitaker out. Explain it would be you know used on all that it ought. -- will cost and let the younger. Yeah. The you know more and more is our you know when you're not because once critical -- -- yeah there's not a lot and -- -- out. So that it the market and itself -- yeah parks they saw -- Oh app market. On the Internet business who Bittermann columns sometimes there isn't practiced there on the seventh. Ball a lot respect always important to broker. -- team and natural partner to super park and actually funny it's almost like a cheap suit would never its name from beginning. That equipment. And standards are predicting acting for a mole is -- a -- And for -- -- there -- two years. Old you know it was. You know all out in 1000 mottled. And when you bought you bore -- about -- -- -- warn you you know you don't want you know a marketer substandard works. You're put back on car you'll end collision. And we just haven't time constraint here's a do you have a choice and -- -- -- insurance policy says. It depends that it received it was not about their. -- -- -- You know -- injured work you know yeah you don't actually wanted to -- -- -- -- using -- parts you know or. Yeah exactly the point you know your policies. A consumer you know. Ian and his rhetoric. Hardly do the work to be run up. Our our -- is ma'am tell you what you guys are to be admired when when the body work comes out right because. And it might say something to make it new and I know a guy owns a body shot that told me this. Thing where they -- heal damage from a Tron they do it with little wires it's fastening a watches. It bet craftsmen in the street -- it's. Opportunities. There allegedly there are you know. How are you real quick before we go how how did they remove as he got a a dreadful dance out of again now generally. Others it's a way to keep our prayers at the Vietnam -- -- -- It didn't work with local aluminum. I'm Natalie. And the governor recruits and wanna build memories are. It depends on the an -- -- To -- we gotta run I appreciate the column and they go hoods. Government 854 time related traffic elegant terror Robinson. Tommy targeted at a WL only comeback -- a little Wednesday morning gab fest continues and we'll talk about. Parents cousin in front of kids a woman in South Carolina and I think is hilarious. Got mad at her husband for crush in the bread and smashing it up after they went to the grocery stores or -- -- a couple of expletives fly. In front of the kids in my at a reporter and she went to jail we'll talk when we come back.

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