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8-20 11am Garland, military families suffer financial distress

Aug 20, 2014|

Garland’s fuming about the newest thank you’s to the men & women who put their lives on the line for our country… stories about 22 suicides every day; getting completely underserved and ripped off at V.A. hospitals; and now…the revelation that their families can go to food banks rather than grocery stores!. Who wouldn't want to sign up for this? Garland talks to Joyce Raezer, Executive Director of the National Military Family Association, Melissa Haley, Program Director of Supportive Services at Volunteers of America Greater New Orleans and Maura Daly, Chief of Eternal Affairs at Feeding America.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well worn during had talked about a hero an abusive. When you read the immediate today. Everything has rehab loans that that may choose stop in political along. All the was a lot of them don't get paid to keep their draw. Of we've done shows in the past about. Veterans for the two of them to -- committing suicide. What most immediate dove through -- report that apparently awards section or or element of the suicides. Or Vietnam veterans. Are getting mature older and and getting stickers and a lot of good news is cherished. Attributed to old age doesn't know Limbaugh as the number switch sides but. It gives it different care of them what was -- in reading. Monaco and severe hospitals -- being listened to the median age from would you think reveal a little in the country is bad but. The one who -- New Orleans I've been to in the number of times. And I think they're very good in the the views and the reports concerning -- actually have been -- that. So now award and make sure the bottom breeding is corrected in the in the blog at the real story book and reading news. A headline that says more military families. Are now relying on food addicts. We got 46 American 46 million Americans one in seven -- used food banks and food pantries. Last year. New survey by feeding America. Tracks the use food banks. And the survey convert to conduct a live your film bit. Almost 620000. Of the households using feeding America's services. At least one member currently in the military. About one quarter. Of all US military. Also. So in order to grow up find out whether or not we're hearing the -- correct. Information we have George -- executive director. Of the National Military Family Association George I appreciate it called thank -- for the -- Thank you Garland and thank you for your -- -- on military camp. Think two I mean you're welcome. Or are these reports exaggerated. Or they're pretty much dead all. Weird not really sure is big numbers in that report we -- part of that Saturday and not quite sure how they got to the number. But we do here in that we have military families on the financial -- for a variety of reasons. And we want to make sure those families are struggling for whatever reason and have access to support services within the military and within their communities to help the now. A little let's just assume him and there's been concern news -- were no part of that but let's assume. This 600000. Plots households. Military help so. That are going dude took food in order to beat -- -- And that happened. Well me it would seem like when somebody. Volunteers. To to keep us protected. And puts themselves. At Britons and and it in the way they're at least two. Is the very least we should. Make sure they've got food. And and I I don't. Absolutely agree -- make one being in importance in nano is that that that number Beatty and Mary K came up. Includes not the people the -- I'm -- Judy all the time. But also that who are in National Guard reader packed in their communities and you're in or not. TD pat Butler to -- playing the weekend -- and doing deity. Couple couple weeks during the year and maybe -- comfortable and we -- So it. And seeing Mary didn't break out and -- that people were on top all the time and Hewitt National Guard that are. We're we're worried about. Our young active -- We had during the -- -- -- and came in and am now you know military day when he compared her in at age. Compare pretty good day. -- If if you're young and you have a family. About it yet -- because he -- that ran around. Yeah. Financial had to weather here in the military. And an apartment families we haven't Mary. There and need additional resource it. And that the problem until it. Difficult for a lot of players now to find jobs are -- this entire year. They're visiting and dealing. That that that military like dial. For a -- read their families. We know guarded reserve unemployment. It among. Gartner members hired even then four other 9/11 that turn. We know that those families. Have income. Fluctuate. Because they're on active duty and air off the active duty. Sometimes there are problems with getting paid. On time. We have players unique challenges that Stanley alive and maybe and communities that quite recovered from the respect. And they -- have deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan. Come. Had a -- before they asked that men -- that -- -- or eliminated in the -- -- community made every effort yet. There dared attend. That card reader after day that there are dependent line resource in communities. Like the food pantry and now. But all of band. You know for -- time. Do you think these and in your experience with the military. Do you think their recruiters -- these young families you know we're gonna movie around a lot there were about a window and we enjoy in the military you know and stay in the into one place very long. So consequently -- your wipers and nursery teacher or some professional. Her chances are getting the job or or Carlos Slim and you may end up on food stamps for food facts. I do well in I played in the if they don't tell them that why don't. I ain't I being. Recruiters can howl. People are recruiting. Out the military benefit structure Dan and we you know if it. Did you -- A 2118 year old high school graduate into communities that still feeling -- He recession. And -- Child was bought it then -- special medical leave. Fact military recruiter talking now about that I care -- support program. -- that British military and it. That's going to look very attractive to somebody who's trying to make the end now. Due date today and by the way to the main military today. It yet if you're acted now you've probably beyond its at least wildlife in the military. Date probably -- talked about DB. That -- of them is that not covered by the bill canary. -- that young person in this news is looking at the military as an option and maybe coming into the military credit card debt already. Which would indeed land that already gathered here at city bill which is a wonderful education. Education benefit but it may already accumulated. That education debt before it in the military. Pay. And toward yeah. They're coming into military attack or they've gotten a little behind on capital expenses. Or it's the end of the mine and I had a choice between making my car payment. And putting groceries and buy groceries and I have an option to -- it was an entry. And get food for my family that I can take my car payment on time and not have to go into deeper debt. That's rational choice for that they. Just envision -- general. Walking paths a group of soldiers and outflows and Afghans and they've lost a couple of guys have been a lot about. And -- more liberal mind all of you get the GO -- ago -- bundle that view we have good help then it's building on what treat -- But you know if somebody came in here with the you know move would really -- did you know the that that just I'm missing something there at. -- -- -- -- -- -- On on that level. Back have to try it one of the issues we're digging into her house immediately and managing money. Did when that service member is well. -- -- -- Texture pack especially -- -- and make it -- package -- tax benefits they get actor today. And -- they say what we're paying and we're not the only one organizations being. Is that they may over and it bait and they're financially. De line the income make when there -- -- would deploy. Now the service member -- Good. Service members back and but there has changed. And these people. Young I'll read a lot young families. Who were never taught how to manage their money I mean -- I have to admit their twenties in -- They had learned on Iran and he did. Get a high school. The other place and now they're they're learning how to manage their money in difficult circumstances and -- -- time they make a commitment. By Indy car war you know Andy -- credit card. Debt while the service member was deployed to put -- credit card then that -- times is. There -- money management and many of that and it the end of the seeking. Extra help and the -- either way again help the military. Has. Released by their private organization that her. Military members thinking give an answer. Helped blur. An emergency. Kaplan military chaplains have been -- -- giveaways for years. Sometimes around holiday times and other times. There are -- put it out there that unfortunately sometimes their -- because. Of military circumstances there because of -- inexperienced. They need to tapping that resource. George like as saying yeah beginning of the show a lot of talent in the brief the media -- and radio talk to still -- news. You don't get to hold snoring you're certainly tell me things I haven't heard. President Obama is scheduled to talk about American journalists it was be headed. By extremists. And -- yesterday. That connect Urban League scheduled to Cora led imported products and -- the telescope are schedule and we only have a couple million -- Melissa elite program director. A supportive services that volunteers who have merit courier annual Melissa thank you blew the call. A morning when you don't find I've talked with the representative. -- that from spam Leo. Military gramley. National association of military pay him his. And ask her about these reports. 620000. Households. Military family news or having good food that -- to supplement their. Food. -- and she basically said that. -- a lot of things that -- win. Lot of times they'll get a bonus for gore to Nazis and they. It's been through mud should and come up short at the end of the month. Other -- and they column into the military. Owned food stamps. Do what what your thoughts when you hear those figures is that a valid reason for. Americans as say what the hell's going on or is this something that. A top pro. Well -- the problem for military family album contained. A when he beat them they become -- and and that. Courses different there -- -- talking about illegal people would -- -- -- -- here and -- dad he should come because ultimately included in the National Guard. And people who were not in total active duty at all parent. The population that we errors -- -- also deal with the issue of I'm not having food on the home in their homes that it -- the big issue that is one I want. Right now in the country and in the long. While it is very popular place for home is more common than they have issues back in time to house them. And we get volunteers of America and have been working with pertinent statistic in better and help -- in 2050. So we national. We -- how old are under your bed and and who -- -- and -- many of them on the street I'm sure I'll say it. In need of food left without much. And the money there to supply the support for the better standard client. And -- acted -- if you want and what -- stated we've yet. We use those bonds to help how he'll definitely get out much and they cap the funny the issue is not exact debated issues that they can't do on the tax. When they in the note here. 0% until weaknesses oversimplification. But. Let's say got the money and there is the group threatening to destroy me and my program. And isolated them would you protect me. And they say you have those who care like all pretty report. Should not guaranteed. Them even when they're finished protecting me to have food on the table. -- -- You know that. The military in that department at this stage they have in the -- right now this administration is in there you know that the million dollars. We've been -- in 1990s. Across the country to do do that. Now what's unique about these these sources and gain more than 80000 worked in the past twenty years. That gets going actually -- -- towards the to speed on guitar for the better so you're home -- -- And you need a security deposit that money can be used to take your security deposit money can be protected up to -- not to read it. That intensity because the goal eased to rapidly reach out there parents as well as to prevent them from becoming home. And the strategy they're using is one that's different from our first came to school they -- housing are not oaks. In the housing first model means that. The most important being that we're gonna do how she just say -- an attitude that. Arms and it what you didn't like how it's not easy to reject whatever issues there you acupuncture extra day's political substance abuse. Physical -- All the -- issues that come home and incompetent. -- -- we address all -- active policy because probably is the number one party. Did here if you got 300 million or -- released problems. How to 601000. Households military families. Add up enveloped. -- go to charities get approved. It's not that 300 million people to make it for better sort of read an article they also talked about -- -- But when you're active military you have different resources that are valuable he. We need to get out of the military you can apply for compensation in baseball that year -- military experience he's -- in church. It's with tech com if you'll baseball culture -- -- -- -- -- got I. Meaning veterans can get married each and -- baseball what they experienced in the military -- don't -- that extracted the water from typical injury. And it still can work its. So when we talk about hall there. Out of the title that population and the country is one pushed me so. That it would. Small population but overall that number is very very Archie -- -- it was initially a 67000. -- down to. Under 60000 in the -- to try to get to the growth in the next two years. Melissa Leo appreciate what you're doing and thank you -- we have great immortal. As always soon thing -- Think twice a book for you believe what you read see or hear of these it is. The media is in a lot of ways having the bright headlines and and spears stories who were -- should stop until it that's the way please stay open. That's where it begins today and it and it's become a very very very competitive business. Reduced to be applied to split in to a certain numbers slights is now all those flights have become microscopic. With the myriad of new communications. In the world. What I'm talking about -- -- is an article. A -- a couple of days ago in Hedlund says more military families. Or relying on food banks and pantries. -- one of the numbers. A broad set almost 620000. Households. Or using something something called beating on their rook services. And we had a couple of experts only have one prone -- the executive director of the military families whose musician. And also -- -- services of volunteers of vote greater New Orleans for veterans. And both. Added a Little League to the bones of this report. And the answering to bid more complicated so we thought we'd go to the source. -- is the results of its service. Conducted have fun reading it correctly and by beating America. And we tomorrow's daily book as a -- of the journal actors at beating America Mora parish said. The more. And we're not breed 640000. Households. The first thing the codes and in my mind to be perfectly candid. Is a little bit anger because in my mind and saying wait and I ask you to protect my apparently against people who won't -- as -- You have posttraumatic for a few -- -- you lost jobs that Ullah. To go protect me. I don't want -- to have to glued to charity. Just to be drove them. Is is that an exaggerated feeling or is that bow. Well if you -- heartening that many military families who are currently serving today and while it batteries. Are turning to that feeding America network for at that then. Did a couple of things that are important to understand about that date asked. Art department is back at the very first time -- average daddy seeing security that charitable sector and military that it felt a it's the first I ever had. Any kind of blend into that in -- -- and 20% of the outlook that we -- Feeding America -- Under reported that at least one member has ever served in the military -- that of course includes all of the veterans out there who have worked. Very heart of their life time -- defend our country whether you know -- that thirty year -- -- and nine year old app it would include. All of that matter additionally of those -- 620000. Council. Reported that. Somebody in there how old is currently serving in the military. If you. Do you rat -- and at 620000. Outlook currently serving today that translate into about one and for her. People serving in the military today. -- council that is turning to that feeding America -- -- -- Oil and it is there in the U. Sued to secure in your report that that suggests how often is -- 12 week once a month. We know over job at the 46 and a half million people that turn into the feeding America network on an annual basis. They're likely to -- about eight you have to -- per year. That number is a little higher than what we've seen in previous -- that this study and again frankly that while there are. Economic indicators that the economy and improving such as. Unemployment is going down. That reality is that it's not intriguing for you know income Camry and millions of people are still struggling many of them are working families. Over half of this -- that we serve. Had at least one person who is working but those folks are also more likely to work part time and part time I think it's really important. That we Indonesia having a conversation. Around low income gambling and working Tammy. Well yes the economy is improving there are still millions in -- that and we are struggling. And would you say one in four of our military you are showing up for the food bank. Of these aren't necessarily homeless or the homeless veterans or post traumatic for a sore. Middle Leo these these are families -- are -- that correctly. That'd Al white and the perception about hunger in America is not -- -- people that you need it that's cute. But unfortunately homeland. Whether there are homeless people out there who are receiving help from teen America act and only -- about 5% of the people that we serve. The majority of that people that we serve are unfortunately. For -- make it very difficult street did that nobody in the United States should have to make. 70%. Our science report choosing between his campaign for utilities. Followed closely by choice between sitting interpretation food and medical expenses. And food and housing. The other thing that we act in your first time. Black comedy -- how well out there have until you. Are -- at school knowing that there are so many people who Wear cooler trying to improve their account and get battered job. 30%. At how -- that weaker. Reported that they need treatment between -- proceeding education expenses that number is even high year for households with kids. And how are streaming the Mara could get funded how to how do you feed all these people. Eating American incredibly grateful that he did tenacity. All of our corporate partners individual donors and -- donors to -- a 100% of our budget. We you repeat that 25%. Of the four billion pounds of it that we distribute I mean you know they sent. Found in the USDA and that it is really an incredible. Example. -- public private partnership. However our financial contributions are 100% privately supported. Mara. Appreciate so much what you'd do -- which we could keep -- longer ago a couple of million potion for a but perhaps we call you back when the president is an outstanding book for news conference and talk about this issues more. Bank.