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8-20-14 1:10pm Scoot: on what's trending

Aug 20, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Angela and talks with WWL news director Dave Cohen, WWL First Take host Todd Menessess, and B97 Afternoon Swirl host Stevie G about what news stories are trending on social media.

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Well good afternoon I've stood in for Angela hill goes on vacation this week this is what's trending on WWL. And in our studio Dave -- and having any real news director happy today Stevie G from the afternoons were one B 97. CVB and said yeah just you guys have really really badly about it you know. I can listen you guys it's like that you hear what you wanna hear BB seven on the aids you know meets its -- gynecologist don't feel bad screw it happens lately. I think you can think of something cute. -- already decided circling and Scott Scott. And well that's a lot nicer than what a lot of people call me -- cynical here. Also -- time necessary to -- momentarily and he's the co host. A first take with former saints offensive lineman Steve court on game day here for the saints on every WL. -- let's start with you day fitness is a time for people to qualify for Louisiana elections in most of us were asked the question are any of them really ever really qualified anyway. Well there qualified to the extent that they meet all the requirements and they pay their fees to -- balance so that's a qualifying means in this case and of course. The big headline race is the statewide -- that all Louisiana into cast ballots and come November and that's the senate race for the seat currently held by US senator Mary Landry she qualified today to run for the office as did. Here's chief competitor bill Cassidy who's leaving the congress to run for the senate. Man those two will battle it out the Tea Party favorite robbed Maine yes. Is going to be the kind of X-Factor in this race because any votes he gets there at least the vast vast majority of votes he gets. He'll be taking away from Cass city. Not from Landry so. And I think most people expect there will be a runoff in this race and we get time to see obviously before November before the election. But that's going to be a tight one the other two key races that a lot of us -- keeping an eye on our -- congress. From the fifth and sixth congressional districts. Of course. Edwin Edwards is expected to qualify he has not yet showed up -- the -- were told he might around 3 o'clock this afternoon maybe tomorrow. But the convicted former governor who cannot vote for himself. By Louisiana law he cannot vote in Louisiana and he cannot run for state office in the Louisiana but federal law does not -- convicted down from running so. He's expected while -- and run for congress against a host of others to. Are going to be fighting for the Republican vote to see which of them will face him in unexpected run off and then we have the kissing congressmen in. The congressman McAllister who is running for reelection despite being caught on video that was shown on YouTube of him. And married man kissing another woman who is married but not to him -- as one if and they rather passionate scene which he persson non -- in Iran I'm stepping down and decided he will run. And as the host of folks trying to dethrone apple this is not. To condone what he did it all but he he -- he made a mistake I think his biggest mistake is -- running on this the Christian values and what comes to politicians -- I do not live to what they promise that to some degree during a campaign. But but a lot of people have done that and it's just it's with today's technology that it's a lot easier for people like that to get caught I forgive -- forward and I think the guy should be able to run with the voters decide again. That's what a lot of people -- me cheated on their wives and well I always find it interesting when people. Decide to bow down and don't run I mean when has that ever hurt someone -- -- bitter didn't need double the votes of his competitor right after being caught in a prostitution scandal. He was theory he was reelected and I and rather easily after admitting to a very serious -- After his phone number was found to be in the DC madam phone book so I agree that what that's in laws but it was very well. Publicized that it appeared to be he was using the services of at least one prostitute why wouldn't give an -- and it seems that voters don't hear about that as much as these two. And on this case we'll find out he has suffered in the polls and he's having trouble raising money now posters. Since the scandal. And he's also lost the all important backing up the -- dynasty. A group you remember that he had gotten into office with the endorsement. From the patriarch of the ducked down a three Campbell -- And he's losing a set of these other people like you mentioned the people that supported him or the -- -- ultra ultra right wing. Religious folks that that's a big -- But is it fair that he is forever known as the kissing congressman you know the media gives him that label. He did make that mistake -- you'll forever be known as the the kissing congressman. Yeah and I think that bitter even though he is ahead in the polls to be the next governor of Louisiana which is not on the upcoming bout that's still. A year away but. Even though bidder was rumored to have been doing all kinds of crazy things in with a prostitute. He has recovered from that and bumping and went over forget it. I mean we still hear the prosecution jokes and for whatever reason in the -- diaper jokes things start -- but after the scandal even though that was never. Part of any official support you'll -- Stuff about Bill Clinton and people still love him to I would if I'm accusing congressman I would ask that that be put on by my name and nobody knew that gets people. If they recognize the name there. More like both for and that's really that's a good point I mean you might as well embrace it yeah. I did I get word it -- to do a song and focus our president is bad publicity. I a time and Estes who is co host of fans first take care with our former State's offensive lineman Steve -- in part of the issue for a long time on the saints game day. Tied mr. you know I really hate the term mr. Johnny footballer. And I -- that I don't like you you know -- -- You present -- clipboard. -- identical report he he -- he is lost does the starting job the coach has announced that Brian Hoyer will start the first game. A the first season the question is the dead man dead man's Els shoot his chances. And being the starter with that little -- the bird the other night. In that game both of them have played awful in the pre season I mean really it's a flip of a coin who should be the starter. But I think I think Johnny football kind of showed his immaturity. To the coach who has been telling the media all summer long once he gets in the pros this will stop. He's got -- amateur we're gonna make sure he's not gonna do these goofy things what does he do the first time on the big league game he puts the other team -- so that he -- As possible thing that can happen for him though he is he needs to learn both I mean he's so in the spotlight right now that if he's a starter and he fails and spectacularly he'll never have the confidence to to come back from. Well and I think it is teaching a lesson that you know what this is in college they're not gonna put up with your little antics and just say oh he's just the college kid give them a break -- you're in the NFL now you're supposed to be professional. But I had a big boy advance come to learn and act like a big by my question -- that was like the team that loses job because. He got a magic of both quarterbacks sucked it up and guess stunk up the joint during the pre season. That may be the owner has gone well let's start. -- footballs -- at least we sell more seats to fill more seats get more people buying tickets and jerseys and make more money. Now not happen that way they're still gonna make money people are still gonna go because now. They're gonna go hoping that Hoyer does fall flat on his face and you gotta put man's talent so either way. The owner of people -- root for the backup quarterbacks ever really understood why but everybody loves the back -- quarter. You'll love the underdog a bit and -- most in my life Sereno accountable for the underdogs. A what's treading on WWL on this Wednesday afternoon I'm -- -- for Angela with the date Cohen town Manassas as CBJ finance in his world. -- -- -- When we come back as Stevie will tell us about. Cindy Crawford and other celebrities are pulling their kids out of two Malibu schools and we'll tell you why that's next on what's trending on WL. Good afternoon I'm sure this is what's treading on their behavioral every day at 1 o'clock Monday through Friday we open up the show. And I actually show weakness what's trending now want to -- if you Yeltsin's latest conversation about what's trending in news sports entertainment and social media. A day cold -- and SS and CVG from the afternoons Rowland B 97 our studio. So -- Stevie G. I'm gonna get this I -- Let's use its dealers that's why I was always saying afternoon scorer and a world but that's meant to neutralize they have -- world. You tomorrow but it's not like it's world okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Cindy Cindy Crawford and others are taking their kids motive a couple of schools and -- yes Cindy Crawford at -- that you Ed Begley junior doesn't have a -- he gets -- a cause and joined it. Let's I just Molina Rick Schroeder Cindy Crawford and her husband are. All very angry and it's actually a pretty complicated issue. I actually changed sides on it twice before I figured out what was going on the PCBs in our our chemical that they used to putting call. They banned it in 1979 because it's toxic. And can cause problems that is building the school building was was a built in 1978. So some of the teachers during the last school year were complaining get sick and they found out that they have this PCBs in illegal levels all through the school. The EPA comes in and says you got to fix it or you can't reopened said the EPA fixes and not another school fixes it. The EPA comes back in it is -- right their illegal levels. Gone but certainly -- they're not that gone but they're not in the air anymore so you'd have to don't have to -- the caught you have to -- the call now. Yeah before you didn't they claiming environment. So Cindy Crawford and Ed Bailey junior and the rest of them are saying. Hey we think there's still PCBs there and we're angry and we're willing to pay for further testing now the school district knows. If there's further testing the fine PCBs. And they don't wanna spend a billion dollars re doing the whole school. But they're so worried about it on -- they pay to get any work done if it is has to be changed not just the testing. That's a good question of expensive -- develop walk around every window and every -- and everything is not -- But these Malibu public schools the senators' public -- -- I can't imagine anything being wrong with anything in Malibu because I -- Malibu is derived from the Italian word meaning perfect. It is amazing that caliber round. In Malibu there still people who cut corners and -- you know the cult from 1978. In the windows but now it's sort of a misunderstanding about how the PCBs -- you know there's arsenic in water it's just that such small levels that can hurt you. To EPA saying -- -- still PCBs there. But not in the levels that are in her Q how did my generation even -- yeah. -- -- -- this stuff when we were -- -- in our parents were drinking to try and smoke cigarettes that are close to well it up in the front seat wrote a device that illness now. It should be year I guess I guess though if you if your Cindy Crawford or somebody else with millions and millions of dollars and you -- your kid to go to a school that was built after 1979. And nothing else to do blind not to incriminate -- in public school it's she's got but it gets in private school and should we care. No I don't know we should care they're trying to get us to care because they want us to worry about our schools. That's why this nation like thing it's vaguely junior when she secured every. Just look at he's the Dave you must be -- of Alberta. Blog about the media's infatuation the national cable networks infatuation with focusing on the violence in Ferguson and not did that peaceful protest even when they were talking about. A peaceful protest the the B roll the video of its covering the conversation is about that the violence but yet -- equity but that but yet the media does have a -- they're not showing the beheading. This. Is American journalist who was beheaded by crisis. You know. Although you remember with some of the prior bee headings we have we saw some of the video we saw up to the point. Where perhaps then be heading was about to occur and these are difficult decisions especially in this day and time. A social media and no limits to what people are showing on their personal videos on their own social media pages I even on YouTube. And all over the Internet I mean you confine all kinds of video that. You're not gonna see on television broadcast television or on cable television but I think that social media is having an impact. On what we do -- and ultimately when you get down to it. This is all going to be determined by what people in the audience want and I agreed to be returned by ratings and revenue. But if the media didn't have the social media to show what really went on do you think the media would be more pressure to show it so people could see. That's a good question and you know we've confronted that with our own website just the last few days we had the video. From right after the police shooting. Where the bodies still in the street that we chose not to show on our web site but linked to it on our website because it was graphic and there was a lot of afterwards being used in the audio that a company that video. We made the decision -- when you can use it but then when the journeyman -- video. Here he is raising the middle finger should we showed that video while it was on national TV when it happened. And so that while I thought the same mean is it difficult decisions that media outlets after -- what do we show what don't we show what does the community. Except and expect. And I think we're still trying to answer those questions and then I don't see the trend going anywhere but to more graphic I think the end on television I think the answer will be which one gets the ratings period. But -- -- -- -- -- -- certainly get ratings and it would you know I don't does that mean that we encourage violence and we condone it or like violence it just means that it's it's. It's human nature to be intrigued by it by violence and we slow down to look at a wreck on the side of the road. Because it's it's a violent it's to some degree with in traffic it's violent act I think when you have a huge human being beheaded. That there we -- where no matter what you want to say about the media. And the big broadcast networks and all those of course they want ratings because ratings lead to revenue and they need to make you know they need to make more money but. I think there is some confidence that still exists and I think that when it -- question of showing of the heading. And I think ultimately that hurt you from just a moral standpoint and maybe in the longer operating standpoint because you would be the well. I think the ratings would be high if they showed about heading I think the question and networks is are the ratings worth the rat slash. I mean the backlash is gonna be this high will the ratings and be worth that and and and you know you have to you know it to give and take a little bit with that and stuff. I don't -- the networks to show I -- I only in the show it either but now I know is just looking at nature stuff. It used to be when the lion attacked the gazelle or whatever they would slow or stop and at that point. Now they show the full thing and you see a rip but it opened with a blood and everything on the table -- -- because people wanna see if I'm channel surfing and there's a scene -- river. An -- -- shark and he was getting close to the river and I know what's gonna happen crocodiles gonna grab this -- dragon and the rivers saw. -- that I get off does this the station W shark week now that's what they do they show on the eating -- that I -- and stuff. I think Steven yelled at them because I think that take moral judgement and and on the moral radar out of at all. I think that from a ratings standpoint I don't get a huge ratings spike. We're gonna show the be heading have a lot of people will tune it but I think ultimately the ratings dip. Below where they started that in the long run because you upset more people -- new entry. And the audience has a responsibility to accept what he's shown in the media because ultimately the media makes decisions on what they think -- will take to capture your attention. And I don't need to see the -- just seeing that guy. Kneeling in the desert with that guy next to -- the ice this XQ sugar in all black with just his eyes showing. Seeing that knowing what is about to happen even though that's a -- it is so graphic in my mind that I don't actually need to see it but if I want it to you go to YouTube. I don't think people realize the message they're sending to the media on FaceBook and step when they do something like share. A news story but then right. I am still offended that they shelved it but then they're sharing it so it's becoming right widespread sort of a mixed in the media think what they show yeah believe exactly. Well and that they and people get mad at the media wing and they're the ones who were actually watching so that is says certainly a contradiction. This is what strutting now under the W -- studio for Angela with state college avenue Estes and Steve EG from the incidents world -- -- seven will be right back after this WWL news updates with Chris Miller. Good afternoon I -- it for Angela win a third time and SS state Cohen and Steve EG from the united seven. So we mentioned yesterday that Taylor switched their song shake it off a whole new CD it is is not country at all she is pop a lot of pop performers move from. A pop to country she's moving from country to pop. And CBG has news about now a major grouping is rejecting. Taylor Swift. It's not exactly sure where they were coming from what this because I think they saw the public relations nightmare and quickly deleted the tweet. And Taylor Swift went on an unveiled this on here which is clearly in no way country and mark our favorite songs. I'm. Via the Country Music Association CNA who runs the big country awards -- tweeted. Good luck on your new venture Taylor Swift we loved watching you grow to expect you to. So they are saying op who's pretty. Good guys Taylor slipped it was nice Yahoo!'s -- Wrong because they're so accepting of performers who have been rock performers who crossover into country. -- he estimated that they would would -- celebrate this moment when one of their primary artists today Taylor Swift has moved into pop -- and this is nothing -- I remember about ten years -- action -- -- had some pockets -- country songs and then she released one album. To separate versions one with completely country versions and one with complete pop version of -- -- a -- -- what I -- if you watch it if you -- country -- did you listen to country music today now where does the CA may not understand that country music is pop music. And if you look at a country band today with the piercings and hair and the tattoos they look like a rock. When the other part of Georgia line and -- doing duets. Well. Here's and here's the deal guys speaking from the former country music programmer and I Stewart and in touch with guys used to program country music. They all hate that country music is moving in that direction just like you said. Nashville did this in the eighties and killed country -- the urban cowboy thing started. And -- -- countries became pop Charlie Daniels was Evan hits that are you know looking for love to see it now popular so everybody streak -- more and more pop. And it killed country music a -- -- Nashville did their true country fans didn't like it and it and it kind of died out. Came back with what they called the traditionalists -- Randy Travis Garth Brooks Clint Black those guys Alan Jackson. George Strait that hats Riva McEntire. Got back to popularity. Now they're gone back the other way again because once it gets popular it seems like the music industry in Nashville. Once more like the NFL wants to expand they want more so -- money trying to go more pop money end up. I think there are. I think that's true there's also anomalies like tonight's -- Taylor Swift who are sort of right just born to be superstition I have twin is Canadian she started country music as a marketing move deny a twain's first. Album in country music was a flop. I don't think people realize that the the first album series the first couple of singles she did it went nowhere no one liked her songs and her style it wasn't until she changed. The second album in -- her record company wasn't gonna let her perform that they said what's under contract to do whatever you want. So she did which he wanted and that's where you've got all. But there isn't in line Darius Rucker became a country artist I don't know if you change besides having the backing band I mean he still sounds the -- yeah yeah I think -- -- is stolen -- to most people activity and there are so many young people who were intimate look at who look at the people look how they dress look at their looked at with tattoos and hair male and female. Look at who goes to country music festivals today a friend of mine has a twenty year old daughter and daughter who's about to be a fifteen. And these girls love pop. But they also absolutely love country. I guess about my question is this song gonna be a success regardless of why the country music. Folks think about it well -- judging from past success I think so it's catchy it's in your head right now isn't -- Justice can get it isn't going to be a success in part because it's it's Taylor Swift. I -- former NFL are eager NFL well we didn't exactly yesterday exit does -- this event. Former NFL referee. Mike Carey reveals that. He didn't -- works Redskins games because he disapproves of the name. Yeah he's it was a one a long time considered one of the FL's best rep for reason. He's now a TV analyst he's not a -- anymore. And he revealed since. The last Washington redskin of the Washington game he says he wanted to say Redskins. He told the Washington Post the league respectively honored my request not to appreciate Washington. And happen sometime after average -- playoff game in 2006 Olympics since 2006. Up until last year was the last year he was he was a raft. He did not do any games for the Washington Redskins because he. Said he felt. The name was offended he was offended. By the team name Redskins now he's. He's one of the he's the first African American to -- for re a Super Bowl okay. And he decided that he had enough afterward in the playoff game in January 2006 and he wasn't gonna do it anymore he says. It just became clear to me yet to be in the middle of the field or something disrespect was happening was probably not the best thing for me. So that's why he asked the NFL agreed they kept it quiet and make a big deal out of it. He did make a big deal out of it either now that he is he's no longer an NFL refereeing is -- TV analyst in this whole Redskins name thing is still. Circulate around. He came forward with Stevie G do you younger generations. Who were not familiar with the -- the overall tradition the Redskins are in a name like that -- to the traditional NFL team like that. Do they think that it's maybe time to change the Redskins name. Well I think a lot of people have just recently started to. Beat beat informed on we air -- income from I guess no one was ever talking about it before and nobody I mean. Really the reason this is happening is because one group. Decided to start making a big push and getting it out there and now everybody's like week. We had no idea that was insulting it's insulting and people are saying OK well that the so we don't want you it. But it but it if we did not perceive it as a public evicting an insulting but now we perceive as being insulting we would've -- -- is like Halloween was an innocent holiday until some. Fundamentalist Christians decided it was -- holiday. Analysts and became -- -- -- before that everybody just went out had files -- onus on it from me and me -- this is what's treading on WWL I stood in for Angela. With Dave -- Thomas's hands Stephen GB from B 97 people we are still not finished talking about the DA's brother. Who fondled a drunk woman on the North Shore allegedly. Allegedly. There's video still actually we'll talk about that we come -- as a hero and this is what's trending on WWL I'm scooter differential over state going to Manassas and Stevie EG. We are not finished talking about the brother of the DA in saint Tammany parish who allegedly fondled a drunken moment we talked about it yesterday. On one of the reasons are not finished talking about is that people aren't finished clicking on it all over the Internet and sharing it passing it around this is definitely one that is trending. And and the discussion has become vast and varied with many different branches but it. The newest development is now that the DA has confirmed he is recusing himself. How Walter Reed will not make the decision on how to move ahead with the charges against his brother. Who was allegedly in a bar on the North Shore. The times in Covington. And a woman who was nearly passed out drunk. The police say he was grabbing her genitals. And her breasts and when she. Got enough energy up despite her extreme drunkenness to fight them off she made some effort to get him to stop. And he continued according to the police reports so. The DA has confirmed that he's not. He's stepping aside this state attorney general's office will decide if the charges that are correct will decide on how to move forward with the. Prosecution. And oversee the case we talked about this briefly yesterday with -- touch who was on and I just I don't understand. What is attractive about a woman who is essentially unconscious and incapable of understanding. Anything pleasurable it might be happening. I can answer that for you if you can tell me what time this happened it was very easily because the later it is the lower the standards it for people I mean they were that they -- -- in the booking picture of the guy extreme beer goggle that there will go out and want a if they want that kind of thinking that they will start at the top and work their way down. And take the thinking it. Governor I said I still have a hard time and understanding what is appealing about being with a person who was in -- -- some -- or female and that in that condition well we we you know we unfortunately we have news stories about the so all the time people slipping somebody -- roof -- or otherwise incapacitating them. I'm so that they can have sex with them and that pressing cannot. Resist or stop them. And it whatever causes it and we know -- to problematic continues to happen and this is another example apparently of that. Man now we'll see how the state attorney general's office decides to proceed with this case. And it's just another chapter in. What is apparently the corroding you know Walter -- reputation and and his legacy as he prepares no longer be DA in saint Tammany and Washington NFL icon former saints coach Mike Ditka has a message for -- what he describes as anti redskin liberals. It's a year now Mike Mike's the the crusty old guy in the football world you know he's featured typical you can't get -- on that guy in. He basically he says. That he's tired is that what's all the stake over the Redskins name it's so much horse you know why. It's incredible we're gonna -- liberals of the world run this world. In there's nothing wrong with the Naimi said the and he said the name does not it's not disparaging it's -- out of reverence out of pride to the American Indian. Even though was called a redskin what are you gonna call -- brown skin it's those stupid it's appalling. But is it fair to say that everybody who is opposed to the Redskins name is a liberal. I don't know but might the front obviously think so I mean it and it says it's as the guy who attributed to one of the worst moves in -- three getting Ricky Williams and get through that. He he he attributed us getting Ricky Williams to the power of prayer. And that didn't work out I don't think was behind him an awful cover with Ricky Williams and wedding and what happens really -- numbers it is why we care with celebrities and retired players and people like that think about political -- -- it's interesting though when everyone would lights fired up on social media is because he's talking about it and it is Mike. -- But the thing turned its -- about so they were first off. Cramps. You're wrong Redskins isn't the original name of the teams that had started. It used to be brave so. Again changed the well. Yeah performers have performed at the halftime of the Super Bowl they get a lot of attention they'd sell a lot of music they make a lot of money. And CVG is there a story about how the NFL is now talking about artist paying to perform at the Super Bowl. Know it's interesting how the NFL is on. You know there -- there a behemoth now there are very be very successful and everyone want to see their product and they flexed their muscles every once and a while we saw here win. There was a little brouhaha over the -- -- He being. NFL owning and stuff and now there's. And that they they've never paid for the halftime show Dave it's always been sort of honor for free but this year. They did the rumor is they're going to their final three selections Coldplay Rihanna and Katy Perry and saying. We're just saying if you wanna give us some of those -- future earnings that you get because of the publicity at the Super Bowl gives you if you wanted to donate that to the NFL it would. -- case but we know the infield struggling financially. I mean I I -- and I can't see that -- it's an unknown but it's not like. Any of those three need the NFL the continues Hollywood event within about Bruno Mars -- about his sales skyrocketed after his I'm not an enormously hard because it was so good -- He exposed himself to an audience that. Didn't know and even though he's already while I would think if you were still doing like -- Who all the old guys that they were due on -- -- when they tried -- they have the maybe a lot of the a lot of performers to Google and toured and I've played. A lot of different venues and they don't actually generate revenue from those values they generate ultimately they generate music sales deals and selling their music well I guess it's like when the world wants to host the Super -- we got a bid on it and other asking performers that did. To get to play -- -- so -- Mars may have been the last one to not have to pay to play at the super cool well as of now those three aren't very reluctant so if they all but. Get together and say we're not gonna do this in May not happen -- wait a minute. I thought the Roger Goodell said the reason the saints got troubles because they were paying for play you can't pay for play. It let's say they now I'm screwed on WW only we'll be right back. Welcome back to what's trending on every WL I -- with state -- unnecessary and Stevie chief in the afternoon squirrel on B 97. If you use Facebook's dvd has something -- know we'll face. Exxon mobile app. People up in arms about this Oliver the Internet. It's been in they've had their instant messenger -- separate for awhile -- but they're just starting to do what you can not send messages on FaceBook app you have to use. The instant message app and. So here on FaceBook on your found US ambassador greatest which app. Access to my -- it made it makes you update to that that and I think the big thing is we use when you download this -- there's about when he different permissions you have to give it. And then some of the same permissions you've already given it could but seeing it again. And knowing what they have access to is making people -- -- Tony Gonzales he's retired or not he's retired maybe maybe. He said in a recent interview that it's kind of trending that that temptation would be there to play again the and it now. If maybe you know we've got a chance to hiring he still want to Super Bowl ring. And if the team he says it was close to the Super Bowl maybe you know 67 weeks and he got a good show and they called. So like all the work to guess there's it and that's what it's. The temptation will be that not a 100% happy with with that decision to do that he says but I I would definitely do it any said. Some teams have already contacted him but he told them -- Dave what -- -- issues believe it or not Nike is going to U mass produced and nationwide market shoes with. Crawfish on them they're actually pearl was is gonna every day disabled because they're gonna look that that they've started selling them in select stores in Lafayette man develop. I'm nineteen year old worker at a bad numbers skateboard shop. Develop these things with the Nike -- And they're mostly red with little -- spackle to look like that -- a crawfish. They have yellow that looks kind of like corn on the back and in the middle is some news print and every single shoe has a different news print design. So note to. Nike -- issues to the same they've been flying off the shelves in a battery Latvian men develop and now they're going to do is available nationwide this week but it cost. A 105 box. Just like note to crawfish. Folks blow the crawfish the same -- and -- -- -- April and it revealed a.'s director Tom and this is co host first take with over State's offensive lineman Steve court on sixteen day and -- EG for the afternoon's roll along by the way the saints are practicing it man to -- time tonight. 7 o'clock 7 o'clock this has been the afternoon's oral -- I mean this is -- This has been another -- that.