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8-20-14 12:10pm Garland: on keeping the mentally ill out of prison

Aug 20, 2014|

Garland talks with Leon Evans of the Center for Health Care Services and Cecile Tebow of the National Alliance on Mental Illness on reducing the amount of mentally ill who are sent to prison.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Remembered tire notably cheaper old Serb -- couple of days. And think about it and talking about New Orleans Police Department and its future and he -- and doing some reading the -- the country looking forward different ways that different places and crime and gold. The problems that are associated with. Paying policeman in the right amount keeping them in the portion attracting new -- The crosses story in San Antonio -- and it has chosen sport grow up but to police should -- deal. Regular civilian shirts in the Google Talk. As will not laugh and talk and they get call. When ever -- illegal person in the spot it. And I'll tell what the do when we come back and what they do. His. 250 million dollars in savings. For the city of San Antonio. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Double bill Bill Gates W -- more than five career. We're doing an amendment show whose roots and Leland. A number of people in prison and how much it's -- and all -- How to reduce prison population. With the resignation of our police shoot would -- and shows on the future arbor police department. And when I was reading in preparation for all the truth. Idea and -- story of San Antonio. Where the police have come up with something called workers rushed to -- and sent -- And produces a number of police and plainclothes. Sit around for pro cards got laptop. And they wait for calls. Concerning -- Leo people. And grow up the figures across the country shields hole. Ten times movement of people with serious mental illness. At the hospitals and and more. Donors that he talks that. Well San Antonio. I guess there are city councilman there will be achieved so gotta be it that way. Should have been started focusing on the middle Leo and they've taken to these frustrations centers. Instead. Of liege and sort of jail route. The farm over the felt like yours it's a fifty. Million dollar. The outward try to -- there and current situation with the health services. Your new oral interview room country. So while Leo and Evans is agreed to give some that is valuable to -- his presidency -- of the so report healthcare services. Leo and thank you -- the call. You're welcome. Glad to share our experience here and cameo. Give it. -- and our dear -- what these restoration. Centers do. Well were restoration center it is -- alternative detail emergency rooms are being rotated back on the street if you Zimmerman no laws which. The -- persistently homelessness terminal illnesses. In and it Andorra on drug calls that you -- they have -- the other self medicating with alcohol drugs. So about point 5% to people in jail as a product possible level almost. Must have got arrested for non violent content of citizens in -- that's happened because. Over the last many years we've deep under the mental health system. In the traditional alternatives so offers the Oscars in the public. -- -- these folks Justin talked only door that -- as -- detail over your home was sort of emergency room. Which is also inappropriate content music split evenly people don't and that in treatment of multiple emissions emerged rooms. And so what we've done here is -- 2002. Week trying dove world warrior over three portion of the 6000 Arafat -- posters. Which call president -- turning. So we teach in direct about melanoma and an -- -- -- -- disorders. And how to deal with that so most offered after Islamic academy here -- -- parties are important brand presence. So we do laudable role playing so electric as a person -- is part right. They step back they used the F election to make it are these people down and Olympic pillar worst programs that bring for treatment. So we have a sobering detox animal health crisis in all of those claims -- building. And we also do injured dignity. Which is very you have interpreted the law enforcement so you know but -- -- -- -- targets. Relax and emerged program didn't production back of the line way ignited errors that yet. Productivity -- -- into this matter. Is that Osama. And shoddy than him almost oils -- -- -- growth problem and -- can duplicate them. And be right back on the street so it proves that maybe placing them. They hand you know would that criminalize people for ailments and often reclaim their lives so pretty incredible program. And recently we had. I think those couple -- homeless. On the war Navarro interstates civility in the university. And that was a big show entered to Kareem and all and take them -- and there. Some of them have gathered here in the jewels to know the location. If -- had a Kurd. In San Antonio would say there's a hundred of them. Say there -- Can you legally required them to go to the restoration center to end it and if so what happens when they get it. Well -- I attacked climate. Phrase so many years ago they're -- justice. So. You know if you have an alternative. To the bank reduced they're going to drill. -- -- the she's been treated. And we Leo -- that treat these people's dignity and respect that we know him real and so we don't. You know you know treat him badly you're like they're kind of lost the low. It and -- it doesn't we also have a lot of people recovery actually have been homeless -- mentally ill. That in the treatment of him very well. Those those folks you know -- -- treatment names. You know it is that they're different atmosphere so. People apparently volunteer. Two you know under treatment in fact with the the Republican neighbor it's -- -- old folks are always compared there there are panhandle use that money dude did drink and drugs. And so they would never -- here for. Get to the point where they would seek treatment on the ground because they would know portico and most of deterrence -- it was a price for. Erupting people -- -- and arbitrary time they're rockers programs that are most people where. -- recovery so work and on our hands today easily people weaker government we used to be just like them. In Obama by the oil all is that the talks -- too long ago there it and let it help the idea. And so that was present these people would Varnado. Choose to do there. And so want to get Saturday talks that becomes necessary intervention. They really didn't work that oil you're not going lots of people been -- deep -- times you went below him and while the other high profile people can use him to speak on Saturday talks over and over again. Leo -- what Wimbledon terror group or break your -- -- the World Cup thought because. I think uses extraordinary. System and that sentiment told viewers put in place. To keep their mentally ill out of probed -- approved and -- I can find out how they -- A -- interest in two. And the amount of money saving. But Nokia. Are welcome back were worth thing good about an article that I stumbled on. And did a little bit more reading and do good relief seemed like a tremendous program. We've done so it shows live -- or our police department via. Challenges are pleased solution moved -- prison in this country in particular. -- and it would choose the in -- to ration capital the United States for more than in the of -- state in the number of people in prison. Antonio Williams come up with the old ways of dealing where their mentally ill. And according -- won't be articles are -- If this is corrected to his cross country jails hold ten time and as many -- -- -- mental illness. As the hospital. San Antonio I have trained their police and crisis intervention training. And -- open to something called restoration sooner. One of the people -- wrong groups and correct it. -- government has given them some of this valuable -- talked to this -- president's view of the center for health care services. -- one of the things. Always wonder about with the municipality. To uses strapped for money is the way ignore and desperately looking for revenue and different places. If Barbara this correctly you had a number of departments come together and said William. If we don't put the -- Leo in jail we're gonna save money that -- read that correctly. That that that's correct just like about it. You know he's abusing and neglecting -- -- in topic in terms as a big problem it's. People promotional appearances and melanoma isn't indoor have alcohol and drug problems. You know 65% of people arrested at a restaurant or drug related crimes. The -- persistently homeless you're mental illness. Alcohol and drug has two problems -- Google cost to taxpayers. -- the -- about -- about 30000 dollars a year. Because our prisons are hopeful of nonviolence people that tickets right from wrong offenders episode Kostis a -- does so while we decided. This year. Well people lot of data on costs and outcomes kind of proved to to cavity in the city in the hospital district hospitals. That by treating these people we wouldn't save a lot more money. Then what Acosta for the care of treatment in we've been able to do there at. So we get lot of local investment course we use our some state revenues that we do third party billing when people would return dramatic -- We're very vigilant about -- now waste and duplication in blending Brady in integrating state federal and local callers. And so well we get lots of people from all Leo but -- -- -- -- world to -- movements while -- always. Mentions she's got great programs but -- your hard work the other work we have -- few. -- Russians where everybody is involved. We can you want to mount duplicate and what's working and now worker and they and -- and -- recruitment processes. In because everybody gets -- character is -- in the growth of the program as saying. Well or they're right get excited about it but we have. Lots of champions. You know law enforcement in it and our elected officials with family members consumers. The health care system here in in our state delegation you know you know others. Momentum. You know -- building here currently services because. They seem to do that it says that it is also present public safety net that is expects very well. Leo -- and do at least that everything. And I appreciate you taking the calendar explained to us hopefully will adopt some and some. Well look like for the opportunity to speak as you look to duplicate everybody in my area. Firmer so the you know and the -- states nor. We're real -- and you have every day. Are coming up next will -- -- vote licensed clinical social worker. Former commander of the New Orleans Police Department crisis friends retention services. And things you do until something very interesting. About you that this program or it's similar -- And she is shrewd with the -- leaders of government for quite awhile. And if I understand correctly. After Katrina. We have the funding we had the -- to put together a solar program. If I remember correctly when the big questions it is. What happened to. It would seem like -- a no brainer. -- of Louisiana being bigger incarceration. Comparable United States. Per capita. Incarceration capital of the world. Bed -- you would be concerned. About the among -- on -- spending putting in pre pulled improves in particular. A lot of people that shouldn't be in prison. And -- think. If there was a -- and some words as the programs from word that suggested. By taking our mentally ill read and -- boating and prisons. Putting them in rehab sooners have some former position but I do about right do. Well so bone area of story out of San Antonio would just said the doom rolling program and -- -- it is working working blurry well. What they do. Is the show and -- and there are police officers -- report Leo were -- call prices intervention training. And they treats them how to work we've talked to handle components. And lose street talk down. Men Leo people may be angry who may be psychotic. Teach them a lot of the things professional. Middle L. Expert would do. And then they've taken to a place called the restoration center. Well as have been successful. Over the last five years they have saved fifty million. Dollars. And -- -- their primary goal way to. And according to article on looking at across the country. Jails hold ten times as many people -- series -- illness. Ads do state hospitals. Area where groups through a -- and stay in this is -- Tebow. -- National Alliance on Mental Illness. Licensed clinical social worker was the commander New Orleans Police Department. Crisis transportation. Services. Of that program -- ten years -- supports and 2012. Susan you'll I've talked to management. We've got true -- We're gonna give you food and water and you can do move in with. Her. It seemed like every time you try to leave blood drive but a drag you back to. Now. Well you know I ain't that I was so excited. Artillery and shadow and what they're doing an entirely true. It's cruelly they keep it extracts and they're they're they're certainly reaping the rewards can handle it pretty good at all. I doubt that for the community. And interestingly enough. We will get an app for Katrina ample money to do exactly that they would call quite -- retrieving an error an it would -- to act. Not all. But what they didn't gain antenna at the restoration and -- and we that a cat -- every adult people. Same papal it. Matt and we act and it went on the war. Two years and it never happened in your money back. And it it was really devastating. We knew in the -- perfection and -- deal like that on the cry -- -- Yeah -- did this would bring in the relief that we don't need it in the into that day we still do we have ER programs which are overcrowded. Jails. Which account market back oh. Psychiatric hospital. Now as far as the CIT training that VIP. Program actually -- today it. From what we started in the hauling in 28 years ago. Or who are retirement commander happen with the mobile -- -- -- We used volunteered to run the unit. The group that that came and model. Inmate at a model for training actual police soccer and it is -- Again in New Orleans -- reaped huge wearing that dead. Keep getting at target the money was not again. And dialogue with doctor -- -- with an MED. I know we're not -- Actually started on her -- dollars. EI -- training -- Korea. And we ran Mark Kirk playing out it was incredibly. Well thought out that your we actually had all the current lighting up. For the next play out but the money would never -- and to sustain the program. And that's you know. We do it don't take a public policy approached Google -- -- and politics seem to always get underway and it come into account and which -- desperately needy. Shut. That that is truly an incredible story let let me take a break here boom boom we come back. -- risk you -- obvious questions. How much money was -- where did the money goal. In what was that it. Bad that kept us from implementing politics. Or. -- on on on the able to work together. Older try to get some answers when we come back. Not often this happens but we -- saluted troops on leaps. Polish. Prison's prison costs. Then and you're -- an old -- grew up doing more with the blue gold slipped certainly -- and Tony. And it talks about a program there are worth their please. Go through. Quite a long often. Courses forty -- of course call crisis in the production -- And what they do. Instead of putting the mentally ill milieu which the homeless -- which we do push Boehner who decode to and other. Or men and audio. Instead of taking them to jail. They discovered the -- a whole lot lore. And the results were tremendously. Better if they -- some difficult restorations. Center where they work together to cure. And lo and behold -- sealed Tebow. Once again give loops on the -- birdied Bowden -- time. And she used to be the commander of the New Orleans Police Department crisis confrontations services. For ten years. And Cecile plunged them -- saying. We have the money. We have a very similar plan. Here in New Orleans right. We we were we were ready. That would smooth and it was a couple 100000 dollars -- it it was given that we. Max Pollock and human service district department helped compile and neighbors and receiving and -- -- a lot of money and excrement well. And then fortunately. For -- element read year after Katrina. The leadership. Metropolitan. At the time which in total -- And -- at Albert Kolb -- director actually. Went under investigation. And currently we are. -- at that misappropriating. And not getting in and out to the park. Not commander and it -- achieve it extension out in dollar by our money. Providing supplies that operate. In. It was just it was impossible. To get by and mid. Year. To get them being an action. We're re in the -- and possible start doing the right to -- center. The problems seen BP station -- -- it's a great. Talent here closer security. -- disorganization. And it's like mayor to be quite on. She didn't pick up on mental health crisis until I read your Katrina. That they are providing any indication that in the nation that out right. Don't like that going on to -- and at two whole -- trailer. And -- in the united people and it crisis currently the next day. On the air there was no coordination at any outside -- Korea and they -- by -- to take them and given drugs and and and then to play which you have -- in patient mental health circuits and they were going into the leaders of each day. Didn't run into that. -- Can find out that all under the leadership that HCA still does not provide. One. Internal. Inpatient. Psychiatric bat they have -- spur app or her medical field action. But psychiatry. Which I still think its -- He's reported that -- like. We had a they're quiet and good. Leaders and their wives -- the ability to get that money and into the person out there that are -- exactly. Like. The restoration center. At the height and what I what I talked about our protocol well. There are certain protocol that need to be in place people again. And the restoration senators in all power the beginning all of its protocol connections. So people can can. I keep going currently are not keep going into the the tactic to tactic to disturbances in the community. That art -- art community. And tell the end game. Outpatient program to get that people banker. To get the initial contact championing. It'll act. And so people all crack pretty quickly and that brought you know up and picking up. The ball hard and would be psychotic suicidal. Matt are. Telling their -- and a picking them up and bringing him back. This is Detroit owner's story almost hard league I mean truly believable. But he believable that breeders'. The talking through me and squander it like to do a ball will perform with the later date. Legal and he -- to Corey. Is now quarter. To -- CIT. -- scan. Which. But you know what you just phenomenal week and trying to get it and -- but for twenty here in the country here actually a rich and. I gonna take final break but led trying let's talk again and get more detailed Sebring get this thing going here -- who didn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They juices super -- everything good talk aren't. Or don't go away scooter is sitting in or intentionally killed this weekend -- of -- with one Angelo always -- in the probes were. Called Remington talked to the David Cohen. Coast of co host of the afternoon swirl on B 97. And they're gonna tell loan -- -- -- work and don't -- that was planned production codes. Also loved screw or have not and loose group of live toddler and has some co host a Thursday and -- -- game day. -- operator. Producer. Programming. -- Primarily trending to a nervous for ago. 12 minutes. And will give full details and who should. Also. The strange thing in New York they have a poor -- -- -- giant new high -- there. The -- or if four people live in the building. But Perry here a rent subsidy. That is skewed -- observe lowering income. And in the mega rich. And they give the -- dared to or an important role for the others so they'll talk about. Is where we're heading in this country. Figuratively. In some -- -- -- have with a group called the pink tag have a great day of a deal -- but he AM. 105 to -- it.