WWL>Topics>>8-20-14 2:10pm Scoot: on the media's coverage of riots and beheadings

8-20-14 2:10pm Scoot: on the media's coverage of riots and beheadings

Aug 20, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Angela and takes your calls on the media's coverage of the protests and riots in Ferguson, MO, and the beheading of journalist James Foley.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon I'm studio for Angela who is on vacation this week there's a look at our studio and his legacy that there are a few dark clouds out there are so obviously if you. Thunderstorms scattered showers showing up around the area. That's good news for many of you because this is supposed to be brutally hot period of time over the next couple of days because were dominated by. By high pressure. The president addressed the nation earlier today and the world about the the brutal beheading of an American journalist. No announcement about any real specific changes in our military we've continued to confront crisis. There are questions about how the media handles this and those -- you listen to -- -- a regular basis here you know and I've always enjoyed talking about the relationship between media and society. And as consumers of the media I think we bear some responsibility -- audience members. When it comes to what the media actually shows us immediately assess what we want. And -- actually talk about this in the dispute blog which is how the media gets it wrong. In Ferguson it's about media faults in the coverage of of Ferguson. And maybe you've noticed some of these things that I talked about in the blog and talk about them shortly but you can read the blog and share with others it's on our website at WWL. -- dot com but this also brings up the the issue of what they've shown at the beheading. Well they haven't shown that they had but we talked about this center what's which treading under the WL last hour. If is the only place to see the beheading. Was in the media if you couldn't find details hardly YouTube has taken down but that's where started. There was there was a link to in and people located in -- this year I haven't seen it I don't need to see it to see now terrific that Wallace. Is this something that the media should actually show. Is it appropriate for the media to show something. That graphic. Because it might actually. Cause us to understand. Better. Prices these militants. These extremists they were dealing should we see exactly how brutal they are. And this is not that I condone or encourage violence. And again I haven't seen it. And don't feel the need to see it when I hear about this guy being beheaded. An -- -- photographs of him kneeling in the desert. Wearing that orange -- That I see the guy standing next to him. We're stressed all and block. The -- is -- the execution. I know what is going to happen. That's graphic and for me. But should we see. How brutal crisis since should the media showed that. If you wanna join Russia with a comic this afternoon on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- -- attacks interstate 7870. He the national news never reflects the accurate picture of society and coverage of the events and Ferguson Missouri really prove this point. You know I do a lot of channel surfing with all the cable news channels throughout the day. I generally have been spending most of my time watching CNN. Which offers more news and fewer programs that advance particular political agendas like fox and MSNBC. And it being critical Fox News or MSNBC for airing politically -- programming. They certainly have a right to do that. But it's by choice to spend a little more time watching. Watching CNN because I get I get. Less political slant and again I know many people will argue that but there's a -- less programs hosted by people who have a specific. Political agenda but again it's okay if networks do -- so in in my year. Desire to just keep up with what's going on and -- -- -- comes to two breaking news I do channel surf but I've been watching CNN a lot. So a lot of my comments are really based on what I seen a lot of CNN but all of the networks to. All the cable news channels -- submit to this temptation to present the sensational side of news. Now when news channel recaps events from Ferguson. Or there's a discussion about the shooting of Michael brown and the protest in the violence. I can't help but notice that the B roll the B roll is that the video that covers the conversation. It shows the height of the violent protest. Even if the discussion is actually about the peaceful demonstrations. And -- -- peaceful night. Last night. With the networks not won a match the video with the content of the discussion. The video the violent protest I guess is considered more visually compelling to an audience. Aid in the peaceful demonstration it's it's more. Exciting and -- is Alina good way. But the network's decision to hire that more violent video is a response to what they believe the viewers want to see. And I have often argued that audiences. Are ultimately responsible for what programming decisions are made by the networks because they're making decisions to attract your attention. With the 24/7 news network cycle. There's a challenge of filling this vast continuous amount of -- time. As it was -- news networks cover any breaking story they show the same video loops over and over and over again. And for those who watch for longer than a few minutes you get the impression that the crisis or tragedy is even more widespread than it is in reality. Now it's intrinsic human nature. Two. To be intrigued by violence. Does it mean you condone it or courage or like it but it's just part of human nature and we should acknowledge that. Since the goal of the news networks. -- track race. Then they instinctively select new stories and videos that are most likely to attract the largest possible audience. Is it. Is that it is is the audience somewhat responsible for what is actually. Show and I mean there is a relationship between the media and the aren't I I doubt that it's gonna change any time soon. So the next best thing is for the audience to be. Understanding of what motivates the media and realize that you can't judge all blacks. By what you see on TV. In coverage of of an event like this you can't judge all whites. By what you see you -- -- police officers by what -- The good side of this story did good things that are happening. Outside of the violence. Never seemed to get the attention the violence seems to get. I don't know that we can change the nature of the news media so it's important for us as consumers -- the media to understand. How the media operates. And let's not -- -- it's not allow ourselves to define each other society in general. By what we see in the news. If you what did you an issue with the comic this afternoon on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven at a text numbers like 77. Chris here on WWL and good afternoon. Get the scoop Perry today a good actress. Cheryl. I don't on the subject of the outrageous group the reporters over there. My question do you were -- anybody has an opinion. There will be a lot of copycat try to stop normal would be adding that we saying this. When you wake up I haven't seen the -- have you seen the video. No but. It is. You know you can you can find it army. Living in Denver Colorado. Years ago column. School. -- -- happened. Bears and the other school shootings in Chile and -- it a lot sit there and I'm just wondering. We don't store and -- the headings instead of people bitten. Shot -- But for it was let's start -- short you know the question about recipe. Chris I've I've appreciate you calling I don't think that happened if you have a different opinion on this please -- -- show our partners in the attacks. I don't think this this brutal act by a militant. Fundamentalist. Maniacal group prices I don't think that screwing courage people to. Participate in the headings to send a message. Now this is not to say that. Crisis may ninth. They had somebody else because apparently there's another American journalist. That is is in custody and we remember the the execution of Daniel Pearl in -- that was in Afghanistan. These are horrific horrific acts there is a certain degree of danger that goes along with with being a journalist. But journalists are supposed to be respect I mean there are rules when it comes to war. There's the Geneva convention. Groups like crisis and al-Qaeda. And apparently Al cut out a care apparently crisis makes a kind of look like choir boys. They don't follow the rules of war. And even though it's war and even though it's brutal the rules to war. Do you think this is gonna lead to more -- and should the media show should we see exactly how brutal licenses. To join Russia with your -- this afternoon our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- said he text -- have recently I've screwed for Angela and we'll be back on WL. There's always something new and our website at WW dot com we've got the latest from saints camp in Metairie Kristian -- says Jerious bird. Flew high at camp yesterday Steve Geller says. It touched on patent will be smarts with bird at the colts came on Saturday. A cease practicing at -- high school 79. PM. This'll become a cluster Sean -- sound reluctant to drive so far and then back in -- tomorrow we've got all this information but the saints and everything else on our web site that behavioral. I'm studying for Angela here's the -- title this group blog today media faults at Ferguson -- you notice from the same things that that I noticed when I I've watched dinners. You can read that -- share with others it's on our website at WW dot com is one of the things we're talking about -- talking about the role of the media in talking about the beheading of an American journalist. For -- -- and -- on WW well good afternoon. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As you get your day if you want. You know of recovery here actually I think it does this. Walk everywhere actually. Mentioned. Started doing this conflict from there they'll each hit right away from. There's no excuse his mental state was doing. Musical terrorist or mentally ill. Ardent music all terrorist or mentally ill. Well it's kind of hard to argue with. The idea that they don't have some some degree of mental disorder. Well I mean that you and Maria are more. Aren't you because whatever. The department -- I'm mentally -- there are people they can't -- invention -- Yeah yeah -- -- who you know it was targeted by raising your children you decapitate compact. Whatever you're reading it that you wanted to know if you talk to build and get mentally sick. And if people kind of take pride -- agree on mentally checking out. -- I appreciate color our show it's it's early and hard to argue with -- at least has some clinical degree of medical benevolent medals sickness or middle illness. Behavior terroristic means something has to be wrong with your your brain. And your state of mind if you were able to commit those kind of -- soul. What's your reaction to the way the media has covered this a story of an American journalists being beheaded and should President Obama and the US change its strategy. Based on this beheading or should we just. -- plan the way it is which is do the best we can to. -- to stifle and pushed back the group crisis I got a text in here says the best thing to do is to vaporize him I'm not exactly sure how we've it would food would vaporize them. The suggestion is with the mother of all bombs in their lap. Well they just don't have and easily accessible collective laps to place of bombing and that it it would be easy. And what's your reaction to the way the media has covered the events -- Ferguson. And again I'm I'm part of the media. So it's not my -- to criticize the media. But it is Michael to sometimes. Wake up audiences to realize that the media reflects on us. And I think we'd bear some responsibility. In what the media shows us. And if the media shows. White. On black crime white police officer killing a black. Mail. If they're gonna show that more than showing black on black crime. Then is that the media's fault or is -- -- is that our fault for. In someway telling them that that's what will attract our attention. Because of our historical past if you -- to join us with a comment on numbers 260187. Toll free 86688. -- or recipient text Amber's late Soviets have a case a year and a VW well. -- -- I really don't pull you could you got anything to court battle over -- -- coaches that are you know are cruel people pour a lot of hatred. Vocal work real world. Why do you think there are groups that hate the United States as much -- crisis and now I didn't many of fundamentalist. Radicals in the Middle East. Well -- you toward our go to war was a double. And -- Iowa vote but. We're like it. Could make -- in the smoke a horrible. Trot -- and in part the public -- -- We're like the big -- and -- work. The power output control and been in the and hopefully we belong in -- -- war got problems like you're. All America that that they become more for -- and -- -- -- Your belt you know throughout the war but it should be America far. A Casey would you would you agree though that if he if there is a direct link to our national security that then we should be involved. Well you have -- -- -- are about ought to be more accurate. Well we hear we hear politicians -- promotes the link -- our national security to justify being involved. It generically and that ordered that they would do all in with -- and anywhere in the world. That the big money belt that the big strip or thought about it read their report or scrub board for. -- -- the politics of all the court. So many. Actually -- local but he but he got a -- that were not -- -- without the. And there is something inherently wrong in a civilized society where. Putting people in prison is a financial benefit because that only encourages people. To maintain. Minimal laws that willing encourage people to be put in prison. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All of the government and it. Although again it's what the -- sure -- the electric and the to appear in court and admiral but it would it'll. Check oracle. Well all I know. I don't describe myself as a journalist there's a difference between journalists and talk show host and I'm I'm relatively free to express my opinion but I am also mindful of the audience that is is listening to the -- Casey appreciate you calling him and the attorneys break here here's a -- that reads. Don't understand why fully -- solely the American. A journalist who was executed -- -- why his excuse she was not shown anywhere. Biologists did a day before the video of three women getting the same punishment for supposedly sex wrongs. Which we -- here's another text in the old days people and children saw everything sex death brutality and violence. And we were supposedly better adjusted. If your -- stay with us if you wanna join our conversation on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- hear -- seventy. And a text numbers activities -- will be right back in more and it's an open mind -- -- -- -- scoot differential at this week in his Japan's over the Debbie WL -- We're talking about the media this hour when it comes to telling the story of the beheading of an American journalist and also the coverage of the shooting in the violence that has followed in the protest and Ferguson. Here's a -- to -- a pretty general opinion poll should the media show the video of the beheading of an American journalist James Foley by ices. 50% say yes 50% say no. Give a sure thing by going to our web site WWL dot com and what are the reasons the media should show -- is just to show exactly how brutal one of our new enemies is. -- for the North Shore Marsha you're on WW -- good afternoon. I get it. That tree with me and oh yeah and you. -- it. -- -- -- -- Technically. -- Yeah weapon. In. The air. And it. -- -- I -- I do understand that point 11 of the problems is. Pointing guns it people. Early in the in the in the protestor only in the demonstrations in personal a lot of people believe that that was it. -- wrong. Wait to tactically handled the situation. I. Agree about everything. That's. -- That is a great point as they can. Given the equipment let's train them how to use it. -- going to be on. That. Apple. I. Can't let the jury -- the -- And and you know it. Like she can't. Eat out not need. To come on. -- Like I I I I agreed the there are other tragedies that are going on a regular basis. That -- Attention. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- -- -- what are how shocked and I mean. Eighty. My -- senator bring that up and register technical show from New Orleans Kelly era Debbie W a good afternoon. You can. Good Kelly can -- a year. -- late night shall. Budget in Japan and all of -- Recording. Wait shouldn't. A person and Kyrgyzstan and you know -- can't control come out. When we can't eat it situation. Should strictly up -- It should be chipped it shouldn't. Yeah -- and the great. Jet -- Utley but we can say oh and here ST you know why aren't they. Already all black on black. And. They -- the fare compare -- -- -- -- and I and mutually and then in cheek to a city. That's American couldn't immediately -- people all outraged. About pirate compact car. I agree I agree with -- -- -- but it always. Aren't any people for. Not true. That the mayor communities in itself. I I understand it -- little -- and Kelly. Are the African American community is outraged the problem is that outrage doesn't get the same attention by the media. Well I mean what. Americans and American. I -- critic of the occasion is we stroll. Get an -- -- -- the Sharpton. It is. -- she. Can -- Google. In the compact. You know I don't. Mean make the and -- Any -- audience spoke about. I would do an interview -- she started talking about -- -- people wore on. Anti. Bullying. On gay couple would hold on. -- Go. Out and about what. Will happen. Only I mean he -- each need. And one of the collision. I'll telling a lot of people more reluctant to control when CE OK. And she'd. Like that. Like jumping to conclusions Kelly I I appreciate you sharing your thoughts where this in the if you're -- stay with this if you wanna join our conversation with your comment. Our numbers 2601. A seventy. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your text numbers 87878. We're talking about media faults if Ferguson. But the media reflects society. Societies the audience. Do we bear some responsibility in. What the media. Focuses on. Is -- never give you a pretty general opinion poll should the media show the video of the beheading of an American journalist James Foley by nicest give us your opinion like going to WWL dot com. And we'll be right back. President Obama addressed the nation earlier today and the world about the brutal beheading of an American journalist. There is a lot of concern that Americans are part of crisis and the executioner apparently had a British accent and they -- trying to figure out who that person might be. There's fear that some of these a terrorist with crisis will come to America. And still have the intent of committing terrorist acts against the United States here's a -- to do a pretty general opinion poll. Should the media show the video of the beheading of American journalist James Foley by crisis 32% saying no. I'm sorry 32% say yes 68%. Saying no give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com -- from Metairie Armando you're -- the BW -- good afternoon. Good afternoon I'd love your show and I'm. My calculation that and media believe we should reporting what happened. How -- interpreted it up to about. I personally interpreted. From what I -- contained one. At the abuse of police power. Our kids which actually kind of you on the arm by a policeman. Plain and simple next thing that happened that affect people they broke it. The police. This guy that not only outward and called you but we definitely you ever you Wear debris and military -- year. And we are so overwhelming amount outward to human -- Now contract. -- I know the who UNESCO and makes you proud of them that way and the crowd. And cold comfort and street at midnight on Mardi Gras. 800. Some -- on the street and thirty minutes to clear the police. Good in the blue uniform when you course. -- -- a lot of that is because that's the way citizens react you don't allow a lot of police control has to do with citizens' ability to understand the rules. The other not a lot. And these -- the ones all they do the lighting and seemingly now people you're right they could learn from them. You show up on your -- church -- not what your camel clutch. And you're all right -- from your heart and you're not you wanna be soldier but you're not. It. Among W to -- a great. I think it's a good point and and a lot has been. Said about. Early on in the protests and in the violence pointing weapons. And as citizens. Which is this the right way to handle that situation or is that just and exacerbated. From the -- welcome -- WWL. -- idol and good. OJJ Gallagher. All -- look up Dario are currently. Situation. I'm at that. It might like colleges treated. You know. -- a billion in fiscal. Oh -- the picture. And -- do -- beat -- there and -- yeah like yeah they're all. Oh yeah entered the situation in order. Two. On the -- YouTube and compete. Here. And -- -- -- we start -- his name is Clive and Monday in a lot of ultra conservative says supported he is a battle we. We -- here and make it in aggregate at the central and didn't do you -- you and he. Local attribute a lot in the big in the it could be an impact. Show. That -- -- and really hear. You know what we'll change that Malcolm. I'm out a good -- On. So any column on rates -- you know it is it is it it it's gotten it -- -- As we've said it since we've talked about this many many times. And we do -- we and we haven't had it yet when are we gonna have an honest conversation on racial issues. Actually sit and tell you you're you're. All. -- -- and and and outreach. And I'll buy it. In. All -- up and talk about it on the but most -- people. Talk about it we'll talk about it. In that a little a beautiful talk about. And maybe that's where the conversation needs to begin why don't you would talk about it. -- -- I think one of the first things we need to knock my appreciate calling your show and thanks to that that opinion. I think one of the things that we all have to do is realize that we really don't totally understand each other and that's okay. Maybe that's for the conversation begins that there have been so many times when we have said OK this is the time to have an honest conversation about race. The last time this really came up on on my show was after the trial of George Zimmerman. It's time to have an honest conversation about race and we we know we talked about a little bit and we let it go and we really have never had an honest conversation. I'm -- differential we're talking about -- media coverage of Ferguson and also whether or not the the media the news media should show the beheading. Of an American journalist who was beheaded by nicest. Would that to be a way of showing how brutal crisis is crisis one of our new enemies. We'll be right back but it WL. Coming up in the next hour hour talk about this we're gonna continue this conversation for this hour but I'm gonna end of the conversation this. This controversy in New York it could potentially be a controversy here if there's an apartment building and -- some people pay full rent to live in the building. And others pay a whole lot less rent because there're radius income adjusted. Should -- be separate entrances. For -- for the different people. We'll talk about that coming -- the national I'm still differential we're talking about the media coverage of the beheading of an American. Journalist is also the coverage of what's going on in Kent Ferguson it's not reflective of America what we see on the news but yet sometimes we. As a society interpreted that what I Emanuel here under review. I didn't do. You have to unquote because -- -- But what about a new code about the incident. Bear in my opinion of it is on the please put got to put it on its because police recovered. -- crimes against. The home black people put a conflict though. He's also a little slow but as well -- -- If it was with technology and people might be good if it was would have been but it doesn't think. The police would it be capable of a fighting some wrongdoing that they did that went to the death of a white person as well. I'm an. Orange. -- the best -- the problem with the black vote and a home or home people would -- -- because there's so it will also marks. -- what would be do here it is -- -- -- You know dislike the guy who wouldn't like the couple were good to go about it appeared outside of their Normandy. On the gobble up you know. So on require. So. You're I I do and I do understand I do understand why particularly young black males feel like their profile whenever they whenever they walk in public. -- And and you look at the movement -- it getting choked by the cup. They're being -- the league didn't but it didn't the defeats but. You know the best well that's what outcome tomorrow when. You -- Obama on the move. You know that the police and the two but it didn't and so there. And when you -- and you can you know when the police would -- would be. And you know and -- the -- audio or videotape there in and important you know. But. You know look they played good enough. Emanuel I got to introduce frank -- appreciate you calling her show and I've I've I do understand. We're talking about since we're consumers of the media we're talking about. How the media has covered what happened in Ferguson the shooting the protesting and the violence and how the media is covering the beheading of an American journalist by nicest. I'm -- in for Angela if your -- stay witness will be right back after the news.