WWL>Topics>>8-20-14 3:10pm Scoot: on the media's coverage of riots and beheadings, part 2

8-20-14 3:10pm Scoot: on the media's coverage of riots and beheadings, part 2

Aug 20, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Angela and takes your calls on the media's coverage of the protests and riots in Ferguson, MO, and the beheading of journalist James Foley.

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Good afternoon I'm still differential this week she is on vacation. Should the media showed the video of the beheading of the American journalist James Foley by crisis and -- every if you are pretty general opinion poll. Right now 17% say yes but an overwhelming 83% saying now. -- your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com we're talking about the media. And this is one of my favorite topics on the -- and right here on every of your dollar and any show that I do. And throughout my career of always study this relationship between -- media and society the audience. And the -- blog today is titled media faults at Ferguson. And you can -- venture with others it's our website WW dot com. I may be part of the media but that doesn't. That doesn't make me exempt from warning to sometimes analyze the media. We can't blame the media for many things that we blame the media for because we the audience. Through our viewing habits ultimately tell the media. What to show. We may not want to admit that it doesn't mean that we'd like violence or condone it but. -- the the media reflects the audience and if if if they think it's something we'll watch. Then they put it -- One of the sad things about the coverage it Ferguson. Is there are so many good things going on whites and blacks working together. Blacks in that community trying to protect the businesses even the white businesses that have served the community for years. -- people barbecuing and making food and -- helping out those in the protest line. But the peaceful protest. Doesn't get as much attention. As the violence. And even when the media is is having a discussion. About the more peaceful protests last night quite often on the cable news channels I'm seeing video of the height of the violence. Wouldn't they want the video to match with their talking about but sometimes it's like they go out of their way. To show the more violent reaction and that's because as human beings we in the audience. Our guest innately intrigued by violence and -- we pay attention to that. If you -- -- -- with a comment -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's Saturday. -- -- -- -- 7870. Hears it takes the Reid said the beheading of the manned by crisis is the result of policy. It was broken by our idiot of a president's committed a form of treason. When he released prisoners for a man. That left two who left his unit oh this is about the the hostage that was released by. By the telephone. You know there -- people who do have -- opinion is is the president really to blame for this Hispanic. In general this hour we're talking about the media and I do to bring up this interesting topic I don't know that we're gonna get to a today because it is interesting topic. There are. There income discrepancies. In apartment buildings and neighborhoods but in the park -- in up in apartment building in particular. If you pay full rent. And your living with people who pay a fraction of the rate you pay because there rent is adjusted based on their income but yet they're living in the same facility you're living. Should they be separate entrances. For. Those who pay full -- It to see I don't again I don't -- gonna get to that today if not we'll trying to get to that tomorrow from New Orleans Anthony you're on WWL good afternoon. Yeah it could happen no. No different for you called -- called in the accompanying lack that we want the president in hold the -- pretty well in focus. In gifted jets and me in and out chocolate or -- a complete lack of needy people. Community need these people why it goes without a good idea that we -- -- right. You -- issue Phil did that go in Louisiana. That. The pain that pertain to one. Like they're gonna be like people but I have never seen that one. In this state can support up in that go out -- people. -- in the apple. To meet the corporate support it would. Of people. Bright student at home court and we and a. Could have done to him and get it right. In the -- When the corporate read them because we have a Republican go up. And you like Europe -- -- -- The food and regret and leave the people. But to go to the and type of people picked up. Equipment that we. Didn't we think didn't. What about you if you're if you're calling from New Orleans whatever happens in the city of New Orleans says the -- would have more direct control over reaction in the governor. Between them. But you know we've went -- that we've seen them do it and it's important thing to do with that people. Wait as -- you don't think that the mayor. You think the mayor and the governor are ardent are doing all they can't hold back blacks to not do anything for blacks. That look I don't think you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I've I've seen them both do things and particularly the the mayor do things to advance the citizens of New Orleans in New Orleans -- a city -- that would include the black community as well when I'm not I don't know what is it what is it that you like the mayor to do when the governor. Talk about that saying that the deep in the black. Text that much. It might -- -- the people will be at duke it. Out right. You will see that the people. Taken -- Ended. -- going into instant that the Tibetan. So when you go quickly when you go into civil service you'll only see white people working. No they're bad people could -- And the credit the -- -- would -- more pretty -- even more than. Four. You know Anthony -- -- I'm gonna I gonna have to move on I'm glad you called because in a lot of people share your frustration but whenever the whenever the Nader has. Conference or. A statement to make. I see a lot of -- totally surrounding -- from the -- shorts for a year and a B of -- good afternoon. -- don't you could turn. All of the comment on the yeah. Surely -- heading in in the country in Asia. Like absolutely. You need to see you -- your enemy is eighty. I think everyone else should be injury. Just design. Look look at from the focal point right. They're not seeing similar to. What debate -- Most western policies they gave they game and that in the -- big game Blanton poll. Like what not and nobody active and get what had happened. All the lo -- couldn't let it at Atlantic. Based -- the true. And you can't. So yeah you think this heading to lead two different strategy on the part of the president. Absolutely. Absolutely. With my arm and the service. -- Might -- chalk it up the word you. You can't negotiate these people you care. I'm gonna -- you don't do it. A few air strikes here. -- here's another problem with trying to punish crisis and these Islamic. Radical militants. They don't they don't treasure life the way we do how -- -- -- -- how do you negotiate with somebody where life is it on the line. Completely agreed on the train that should -- Milk. You can't win an award compromise is not afraid that -- I mean that's one that one of the things that it kept us from getting into world war three to the Russians. And and -- -- a song about the you know I something along the lines I hope of Russian love their children to if they love their children they'll be less likely to push a button to send and nuclear missile over the United States. And if we love our children will be less likely to do it as well but hot -- go completely agree that with militants. Trait I appreciate you would do what you do for our country and thanks listening to our show. I got full lines so we're not gonna have a chance to talk about this this afternoon maybe we'll get into if you pay full apartment -- in the building. And I should you my have a separate entrance don't police that denied that is there a controversy in New York or trying to event tomorrow afternoon. I've -- differential if you it'll be patient were coming right back with your comments on WL. In the first at 1 o'clock hour there what's trending and -- -- -- coherent narrative of hero Stevie chief for the afternoon swirling behind 7% in our studio -- talking about. How it looks as if the NFL is narrowing down the halftime show for the next Super Bowl to be Katy Perry cold play or Rihanna. But what he brought up is -- the NFL once the artist to pay. To perform at the Super Bowl. Because they get so much publicity -- painted to do it but they generate a lot of revenue solely the NFL wants to. To tap into that it will be interesting to see if that changes the people again it. Played the halftime show. I'm scope for Angela we continue to talk about a media coverage of the shooting of Michael brown and the events in Fergus and and also the beheading of an American journalist. -- if -- -- stay with a target to a more of your text here in just a moment from Mississippi Brian your and to be WL. Excuse to write your oh let me purposes but today. Problem. And -- -- People in general. Some that your caller. Now. Make ego. -- it it scares knee in some people think the way. And judgments as. But governor and that may -- care. Well. The the American -- or. The black community which we want to. Well and I don't see how you can look at city government in New Orleans and and only see white seemed on top ranking jobs. I guess stunt that's just not a fact. Eight and beat the other eight PR. RD UB. -- in Louisiana. Below and you'll. Are the AT&T is ordered federal prison. Well he's not going to federal prison because he's black he's going to federal prison because he -- southern -- Exactly and eat eat eat people vote and elect. And the poll on. And then there hasn't been quite officials who vote for people but it like. Well I I operator. And you bring up a good point I mean. Lights should not vote against the candidate. Because he she's like and black shouldn't vote for a candidate because he or she is one he should vote for them because of qualifications. The end and it and integrity and he. If you look at the -- euros. Whomever. Should be ball. We we need people to. Take care because it -- pretty. It's the site as well we do well. -- -- you know I looked like this or whatever. So. She get a job or like what Odom made this department brought the I -- Look at it. -- objectively. Government. Should be more like it which means. Yeah is the only problem with that Brian is it when you have a businessman and -- Ray Nagin who comes in and becomes mayor of the city sometimes you get the impression that he doesn't it doesn't understand how politics works. And while some people take advantage of of politics because they understand how works. Some people to politics like a business he can't he can't do that you can't treat your enemies like they're your competition. And you you can't you can't you can't -- people even though even people who understand politics do that is well. But can we ground it. Understand how. Increasing their. And it -- and people are negative which is there now. Or eat all you try -- -- -- better more productive you would be. Whereas politician. They're. Through those rules figuring out. And they tree in cells or. Power. He talked about and -- Politicians. Create more opportunities. For and a member and it is. A mortal -- I think. Brian I I think this is a very astute point I've I appreciate -- take time to call our show. One of the problems we have with politicians in general on both sides of the political. -- It's the politicians are existed in power. Anderson in the money that they generate from being a power. While there were an office and when they leave office. Politicians are more interested in the power and in chair waiting government in operating government. That and actually doing what it should what should be done to run government properly. This is my opinion. If we were talking the other day off the air about the movie day starring Kevin Kline. And Sigourney Weaver. And it's it's a brilliant move if you haven't seen it rent it. If you haven't seen in awhile rent the movie gave with Kevin Kline Sigourney Weaver. And others. Is a movie about a president who. Pulls into a coma. There's this guy who looks and acts and sounds just like the president so they moved him -- to be president. Because they don't want the vice president to take over. Sold this behind the scenes group at the White House moves this guy who's not really President -- and into the position being the president. -- what he does when he finally gets in office as he realizes way to read they can expose you for who I am so I'm gonna be the president. And start acting like an average citizen. He starts acting like a person who's running the country based on real concern for the country. And -- go to the budget he's going through it with this idea of well do we really need this no we don't let's let's cut that wolf because this in this in this this in the can balance the budget. But politicians won't do that because they play a game. If your -- stay with us -- -- differential will be right back with more after this to BWL news updates with -- and so. How to set the record straight here. Willie Nelson doesn't doesn't need to go and buy pot. In Rolling Stone magazine in an interview Willie Nelson says. That sometimes at the end of show is they are pounds of wheat on the stage at this answer. He says in the past there may have been times when he ran out of -- but no more. -- and as you know reason is that marijuana in -- -- the rest -- the -- -- people might wanna go to Willie Nelson concert to just maybe get some of the leftovers. Ice -- for -- here's a quick update on Debbie if you're -- pretty general opinion poll should the media show the video of the beheading of American journalist James Foley by crisis 20% say yes. 80%. Say no -- from Slidell terrier and a BWL -- good afternoon. -- are you -- about super. -- you know. Op apartment owner shot well you know it's. It out -- the older it'll warn about all the black on black line in the United States but that can't play caller. OK more people killed in the war in one week and then -- shot in the past ten years why are we actually -- which in low enough that more people which. In -- Terry I under I understand this argument -- we we hear this allotted at times like this but this in no way would justify. If a police officer inappropriately shot and killed a young black -- A current standard to what you're into that -- proven guilty gear and jets the out Obama and older. What you're not a government. What the prosecuting you know prosecution at the ball well probably -- even did anything wrong well. -- don't buy it but there have been cases where -- at this point at least prosecutor would have filed the complaint and nothing's been done by a prosecutor which has caused some people to believe -- amenities a government trying to protect this. Not a government on the prosecutors tell me a little while. And arrest one -- -- well there hasn't been indicted again. And and also you talk about the album and it would be hit it yet final pop art because you come out at the Morton -- and my you don't realize. The Islamic religion think all Christians ought be Africa and -- want bits and able to wedding thing. How much a lot but they can try to kill. So you believe that you believe that's the mentality of all Muslims. That's exactly right and it happened. At the Secretary General of the delta area and. One thing about anything about the war well Anthony at the outfield and what you look -- and. Why is and -- told him you know. For her -- before like you before early you don't -- Nazi. You know remember the Clinton. And I am not white. In all the tapes but they were they were they were -- -- And we're certainly worked worked worked worked -- -- we're not. We're -- act in an out and our lack. Citing the black people -- now we're clan members. Were Klan members Christians. What are your Christian what are you a Christian. But you -- -- over to -- that you are Christian. OK so all Christians or not Klan members and all Muslims. Are not terrorists. It's it's just the point that I wanted to get to. It's so easy to paint a broad brush. It's not fair. But it says if that works in your heart and in your mind. Then so be it but we don't all have to agree with that mentality. I've been judged in different ways for different reasons throughout my life. And it's wrong. To judge an entire group -- And it's wrong to take a comment that somebody makes a box peaceful Muslims and think that that means that all Muslims are peaceful. That is. Nonsensical. And that's not what people. If that's what people believe. That's out of their own choice not because it's reality. This is a great exercise in judging. -- -- -- -- will be back on every WL. If I think we should all promote and support society they sit there is less judgmental. What does it mean that I support and promote violence by members of of any group. Ice -- -- -- this week here is attacks that reads here's a question. What has a Muslim done for America. In your lifetime. Well I can say the same question about. A lot of Christians are there -- it is every Christian doing something good for America. I I happen to have someone of a business relationship with a cab driver that are used regularly downtown. And he's a bushel. He's a light haired blue -- Muslim. From Bosnia. Remember those Muslims that we were just introduced to during the Muslim war. He's a guy that I trust to to pick me up and and and dropping off. So there's a Muslim. Like many others who are contributing to America. -- from -- page. Year and a BW. A good did you. Actually my -- you know I look at what have you done for America. You know I -- Though and it on pat go back. And not how are you working. I mean yeah -- dot. And so you're doing some work for some Americans so you're contributing to America. Yet that -- put myself an American -- violent to you you violently from. The you know I don't -- army. And you know it does -- expect him. Harding knew how do you feel wind when people say all Muslims -- terrorists because it's all terrorists are Muslims. You know values you know while the you know. People. The wrong idea you know bird. You know Ethiopian. So you have to respect. -- Is it you know it would what is important -- -- The average estimate you know so now I know you know it's a -- on the you know use -- you have well an act of you know. I've never been little or being -- -- it you know him soul you know it. -- the you ought you know unity you're very you know and a unit you know I mean you know I don't. -- walking on the real -- that -- would go by an act out you know when you might be on our show that might be you know I have no problem. It by guys the opinion abroad will be running you know though. It is ladies you know I mean you know -- -- -- in the white rule. -- -- I appreciate calling are showing Flexilis. -- Maria wrote Tony RW WL. I don't think they might look and -- -- you know like ours are well callers and everybody gets some good input. But this situation. Comment on the terrorist spoke Libya that this guy. I do not think they should put them on TV on the Internet as respects. Pretty individual. And it is like who would ovaries and in the stadium opening -- until they. What -- what about the repeating of the showing of this. John F. Kennedy getting his head blown -- about respect for the Kennedy family. We receive that -- You're courteous people in this strange society program. They wanna see -- they wanna see the media attention like people when we killed. Osama bin Laden while we dump the body off its -- we want we want to see him blown out wanna see. But I do wanna go ahead and I could comment on the go ahead and listen to -- you know you your account. And come and see what caused bank and United States and collapsing stock of the world because we always try to police the world. The United States needs to -- policing the world and read it. We have a lot of problems and our own country we get current go to Afghanistan and other places and or. And let -- opt in -- air. In line. And -- country. We should take care first I was Obama -- extra -- -- in two years there -- as a teenager. A couple. -- -- Well it could -- the. You know it's a shame Tony that that politics is in advanced by taking care of our own politics is advanced now on the part of politicians and political parties. By getting involved or not getting involved in some foreign affair. And it will -- Include you should view it maybe it's not he -- when you as a you block it -- in Afghanistan. -- Enjoy. Women and children they should drop why are they -- Hispanics were. And speak to other countries to dig up all. Children and his country. Sure I'll. Tell you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In. The -- all. Wiped off the. Tony it would be nice if we -- do that I appreciate it had time to call our show here's a text they read sound my son's pediatrician is Muslim. We are Christian. She helped save his life and as one of the most peaceful kindest people. I've ever met she even went to Mecca and prayed for him she contributes to this country as much as any Christian. I'm -- -- for -- here's -- W -- pretty general opinion poll. Should the media show the video of the beheading of the American journalist James Foley by crisis can -- opinion by going to be giving you real -- I loved the song. Stay with me grace I've got great video as well. Great message to -- Sam Smith. We'll be right back -- your comments into the W. If you wanna talk tonight we don't talk on the air my email address is scoot apps WWL dot com. You can also -- join me on Twitter if you over the following you -- and follow me out -- its act scoot WWL. And I post a lot of things on the FaceBook page scoots on the air and most of those things are posted W real dot com and W -- FaceBook page a from Algiers -- I've got time for -- really quick comic is running out of time to go ahead. -- please care are you move. Crowd of people throwing Molotov cocktails. At the police like Fox News has been recording or eleven days. That's what that -- comment has anyone seen Molotov cocktails. Crowd of people like they say -- bold print on Fox News. I doubt it I'd like to be -- Are there there have been a few I appreciate you calling her show. -- coming up next sports talk with Bobby a bear Deke Bellavia an -- guy John live from mandate a high school. So -- a practicing on the North Shore aunt -- and avail hi. From seven and nine and then at 7 o'clock tonight right after sports talk it's the first last mile shorter season. We're just ten days away from -- she's opening game against Wisconsin. Here's a vital data on our WWL pretty -- my opinion poll this afternoon. Should the media show the violence video beheading of the American journalist James Foley by nicest 43% say yes but 77%. Say no. One thing died in -- our executive producer -- Manassas associate producer and mark Bernard our studio producer have agreed -- -- sports talk is next lucky New Orleans.