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8-20-14 4:10pm Bobby, Deke & Hokie: on Saints and LSU football

Aug 20, 2014|

Bobby, Deke & Hokie talk about Saints and LSU football.

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And good evening and welcome to sports so gorgeous 70 in this evening -- alive from a skipper. Stadium at the home of the men to -- -- what tonight from 7:9 PM the New Orleans Saints will practice out here at Vanderbilt high school. From seven to 9 and 17 this evening it's off first installment. Of the less -- -- that type discriminating -- their final big scrimmage before they start green preparations next week. For the Wisconsin batches. I'll hold you guys on and Bobby -- I'm Deke Bellavia operated deck or -- you -- them online at WWL dot com the Saints. And I thought to number of penalties in the first two pre season games 32 to be exact twenty last week besides cutting down on the amount of penalties. Where do you wanna see improvement from the Saints Saturday night against the Colts. On offense oral defense -- -- -- vote on line if you give you well. That come in Tokyo one of the things to that you kind of quickly point out is one thing at this thing -- a goal on the season was on the special teams department. Eating more and the foam on yards on punt return but also doing better and covered -- with 26 in the National Football League. A year ago they went up against two of the better return units in football kick return unit in Saint Louis. Handed Tennessee they allowed 27. To the Rams and Tony to the Titans that's another area with a -- improve. I think special teams used to across the board with the exception of Tom Moore did in. You don't mean you're always looking for it for good cover guys down there and that's typically you'll be guys that played the thing if you -- linebackers and defense to back. I mean that's about. That's one of the things that mean this is a pretty complete football team but you know right now I mean they've. Panel coach fainted after the first game we thought the coverage with average -- at the same thing not he knew it was last week and instead it was about average. You know now they have tracks and different guys. That you -- in the and Graham. As a kick out that we know Thomas -- -- beat him of duty when the regular season start. But they what those guys and -- the other night they they weren't scared of bringing the ball out I mean had been making different where it was -- I think that the coach Whisenhunt is told him that look and let it the back of the end zone and bring it out that's they what we can do with it because -- meaning every they never even. They hesitated to run the ball out. -- a lot of guys that they're making in this league can't Sheehan on making special teams. What what is it about you you think that you have you have the opportunity its fans got that -- athletic guys. Is it more Sammy is the easy coaching you know what what is it wouldn't work goes into cover I personally think it -- guys have a knack for it. I mean they know how to at full speed avoid a blocker down there and get to the football I mean when you look at them. Like you said they they're guys that the end up making eighteen. But they very seldom get out there as a defense to back or as running back receivers don't like that it's like if it typically their fans but. Vegas they have a knack for doing it -- you looked at me just about every team. In the league has that guy. Yeah and in most cases you've got real really to a media wanted to cover back and then some tasty you'll have a guy that almost strictly a return man. Years ago to think that -- grade in they had Tyrone -- and they had. I'll hit the Chad Morton the they've had yet it Darren Sproles would Darren Sproles -- -- -- Cordero -- -- -- Courtney -- -- you know the guys and you Devin Hester made a a career out of that. So I mean it's just I just think it's certain guys it is have a knack for doing it in the state -- -- -- never -- you don't feel. Did the -- safety unless. They were in treat in the ball game and stay here and emergency but he was on every yeah unit that there was inspection team takes that extra point field well. -- who talked about that especially teams into -- it's an area that when you think of something in and is not really I bought this and look at them she'd think there's not really much you can point out but. You know special -- -- that area that it could really end and coming team does it make you break and is always a huge special teams play. And the Saints the last couple years in return department and coverage department. Could be better. Well the comment on individual players and Howell you can coach him but they have to have the desire -- -- was saying. In -- name. Bitty mountain. In her from -- you know -- at the balance Albert Shelley. Policy I think it's -- market itself state. The easy fight these individuals and I don't know there always have a knows that a football. When all's said and done when the season's over in the top. For short three if not water to a tackles. And you know that opposing teams when they do a game plan. That did okay we got to get his guys even those of time they try to double team and and it doesn't work. Well they've even made a roster spot in April will now for those guys not there yet kicker Matt Bonner but Florida and it. I mean even am worn down the especially Annika team casket yet and in open when I went that a Robles beyond the horizon the line. Sanders and Albert -- and he and he was that player. That when it was kick off our punt coverage units and also blocking a punt whatever he was right there and he was just that back a caller. If he is -- a real game at cornerback and he was getting picked when he was first you look at it you look at that now that was just had in their beavers who but he was that dominant especially teams. -- that you want him out there a couple of guys that. And I think -- it. If you look at -- -- not. I mean here's a guy he's that start off at any linebacker in addition. But. He's on every special teams. Unit. And -- here's a guy they brought aboard in the season what you got to Fresno state. And but. He almost have to fall on its face right now tonight make the team. He tells I have to be like the last two games against the Colts and Ravens to just get blocked -- terrible if he keeps doing what he's doing. He's a -- that you actively witness to be on the roster another one look at it has Will -- Jersey has seen at a volley. The rookie out of Boston College or go let me in him he's he's an old rookie 24 years old uh oh watched him. Look what he does he gets after the quarterback Lugo and anyway I noticed that closely you'll. But not you know be an idiot you get a guy favors. We'll -- you know we're talking about now. We gathered. On like I added that the new number it and and you know -- are numbered and you Blair right but he is a guy that does look a lot like Will Smith. And it it's all about listed. Getting opportunity it didn't matter where you're drafted and he could be -- -- like look Apollo look at -- report that things could end up you know put an IR of what you look pol. I mean I you know you might want him to work out where you drafted. But they go by what they've seen on film and we take note Filipino. We we we could sell -- that got you in beautifully and it's a time oh he's a pretty. He when he the draft and you see it happened a couple of handful of times I hopped you know I recognize that there's -- coaches Reagan on the field or recognize and. That is another thing that the scouts do and they go into. The schools that mean guys that are your your big time players and all that they can accidentally and special teams in college is pretty slim. But when they get to the NFL I mean you wanna ask those coaches at the college. Do these guys have any special teams experienced it return man cover man right of the like that and be in and if you doubt this doubtful up that stuff and look at. All right -- -- president pro hockey guys on him -- become a few laughs from -- DeVille I ask you -- the Saints who practiced -- from seven and champion the last mile so it's 7 o'clock here on WW. But you know but the bottlenecks Foulke over the Saints but ESP -- the NFC south ESPN EE SPN dot com Mike Triplett would Jonas. LS UB try to follow the advocate -- diligent will be what does it at 7 PM tonight the first installment. All of the less -- show battle for 260 point 7803866. 8890 -- in the economic ball where he wants -- -- Saints improve. From the first two games to -- preceding games of the three against the Indianapolis Colts can't you vote online -- -- -- -- dot com they had won anything of value since the immediate. 98 but the Dallas Cowboys. Or now the first US sports franchise that top three billion dollars in value they're writing 3.2. Billion dollars and Bobby and that they use they've increased. To 44%. Up thirty -- with an excuse me from a year ago. That's all fine and yeah I'm OK here's the thing -- you'll meant it in Dallas. -- when he -- -- now WF five hours a team that's been invited to an end that that makes you more so what look at it if you look at just does that mean you know makes it more special when we kicked their ass here that I honestly if you if you would put you put a whole -- -- that -- I thought about the real business of it. How big you know Jerry Jones and I heard this on well on Thursday it and needs it. That he needs to be teaching marketing classes like it SMU. Which is right in Dallas are we are going to do around Texans are noted that go to office though yeah so yes he did that class -- be had yet. But as far as running a football team now it fault then and now the latest thing I heard what he wanted Johnny Maine Al and his -- that I think our batters and that non. That that looks like -- I mean maybe. That is signed. Do you blame the football aspirations are the football achievement for the Cowboys maybe blame the sign. In it that that ultimately everyone knows Jerry Giles. And you know so it definitely is and as ruining everything. But could be 500 -- the that's amazing. That showed an abomination. That is certainly. And its star on the helmet. But this makes it even more -- that the -- on -- Dallas then. Christ accomplished and -- indictments beat -- at -- 2006. Then Beijing came about. Mean people the blue collar people I think if those feet mole or. Would it seem like the Saints we would be more like the Cleveland Browns all of a sudden would have success the Cowboys are like if they have success. There are more like the -- we feel like to Oakland Raiders that they came out of nowhere. The Oakland vs San Francisco via -- you look at the markets but. The one thing about the Cowboys. Is that it's must see TV you know why all of us that you look at the ratings and amongst the best. Could see the love hate him eagle eagle at the Cowboys went on they wanna watch him. The game to watch him -- like how they lost that the Broncos to -- oddity. Well activated today and know a lot of Dallas cowboy fans in and they'd do they'd they'd love their Cowboys. They don't think very we have here no -- about it as well and a lot of the old school now caused pokey they go back to the way to hole. Says I'm Massa go when he went down that we take tram and -- -- with him. You know it did well I feel so I'm really is an icon yeah yeah I he and you know regardless I know with down and I'm not saying they should count him back because I have a prop. But that could -- at hand and head automatically you don't mean to the way they did it man that was all over the drawn. I look at the cowboys' tradition that I have a problem how they treated I'm glad you're not necessarily pick strand you could without ever happy no but I remember Texas 1987. He was so hard -- get the players. That he said this Eagles listed. Whether ranchers and yeah they cattle we can always get more cattle. Right -- you like about a pompous attitude and but nothing about that but having problems -- -- -- -- -- about -- that -- it -- -- before he had free agency and all that I have it but think about it you negotiation. And then now all of us you sort of players and management. And it's kind of like old school a cover house Art Modell. Jim thinks. Tex -- all of them. Is that hey we all need. I even though you have a contract we have you're right that whatever forever to get rid predict you'll we wanna get ready you know continue to negotiate you -- you think lifted. But where the ranches that you get a cattle can always get more cattle and know that that's not exactly. If that's why I appreciate. Mickey Loomis and how he works at the players and their agents. They get things that you don't see that kind of driving we haven't played out it's amazing no you don't -- anymore ever played out in the media. Those -- two resident pros -- guys on and Bobby a bit of Bible for -- so -- -- 7203866889. 08 Sammy he's the that would compete in football called back for much more. And later we're gonna have the last mile so the first installment LSU peaks at about ten days out now before that big match up. Have a thirteen Ellis suitable fourteen Wisconsin we'll talk about that -- won't have a big advocate coming up. In the 6 o'clock now but first -- all the news that the deputies that it's 430 type of person who will go to Japan so. 7 o'clock at night the first installment of the last -- shows Tigers would go well replaced images that they if they -- last. Make his commitment before. The start of the season August 30 couple -- thought. At 3 PM on Saturday August 30 will be it will drove the Houston the closest location to. The stadium and will be -- realistic at all the network -- vehemently eclectic golf. -- she used to -- here Saturday night at the college football season -- On WW TO radio that -- -- I think we will all agree Bob ethnic I stated -- point on after last week. It makes them policy -- -- football is. Through the suitable or what what is doable and you know it won't matter well it's who will win them by three touchdowns and yet. All an epic game yet again I don't think we went and we we have -- and -- But you know even with all -- say this is all opinion. 33000 dollars. -- don't put the ball typical polls in the pre season. I think that's a little excessive by. The media as a way to keep your point across if so -- -- its not like -- -- -- he's always -- for me but 33000 dollars that's a lot of money. And I mean it's got to be a better way to meet at the yes it's a little over the top -- -- that's that's he's possibly face. -- I think that you start and -- that in the bud right that make you -- is that ho hum. But not even finances -- borrow money standpoint it is you hurt the team. Scores having that penalty. Occurred during a meaningful game. Now. You know it's crazy about -- you think about it. That would -- then. I came about a sport that new rule if he doesn't Billie Jean Alain. He does not hanging on at the victory there's certainly kept a minute ride but not hang on the hopefuls. The -- I think you'd still be doing it. It felt like a guy named Mike could be that that's what I think adding okay that McCain have that now. We've corrected hopefuls and it would fifteen and it went in and it wouldn't. That that make sure it's even so yeah an active throughout the -- you know it UK and it's that we lead right now the penalties it disrupted the flow again which we did not need. And and that's letting you wanna keep things fast pace in and you look at. At the progress thing as far as -- they could tell the networks and they kind of guestimate -- -- at the time slot it's. You know three hours fifteen minutes and hours twenty minutes every game -- that that they are looking for and not not the -- that game and as far as the penalties or you know -- manipulate like could use the prop. All of a sudden that the goal of the hopefuls on the position like it needs to be. In the bottom line is will be used -- seeing. Because the visuals. Have been up like happy throughout the pre season no matter who's the team. That I think he's trying to get the players' attention but I still adjusting see them an arrangement seizing gain. All of a son. If it would -- -- in the month of September. All of them I think some TV executives. Are getting that -- -- and -- -- and you know we have to do something about this now you know. What I think. That's not a time of their pitches might be stricter or are are more streak you're restricted afterward against the -- and age as far as and it preceded vs the regular season. I can be enhanced that a face. If you hit and what you did dog by the public to deal with that line and beat them you've been hit that guy and -- -- And if you keep your head and you keep jacket trying to break is that right. Then -- -- -- in Europe like we've got to had to replace the ticket golf you don't need to be called it the same thing if you're at the -- of that. And it's are that this could be jamming a guy Tennessee. You latch on to them. And he started break away from you and then continue to hold them without the penalty but if you -- it down. Maybe trying to get that kind of leverage -- re direct it did make goal right and in that you might chuck them again that you let go in that you don't call that. It's what you play poorly like it hit it a whole heart continue to Jackson -- a -- that they'd then rules little bit you have to call. We gonna rule of the NFL hope he went to the first two pre season week put the ball down a fifty yard line instead of the two. Put extra points now the numbers that -- Ian the if you go a BAT's will be used for -- -- -- distance during the first two weeks of the pre season that's 94 point 3% success story 133 or 41 it was. Below the regular season rate Bobby silly dropped about. I can say about 5%. That if four point 3% to nine that puts him right the rate went big it if the team is through the two only five. All of the 1267. The eighteenth. Were used in 2015. So much much of a -- -- -- at that point that you think about eight they'll just experience meeting. But with seat now it to the winter meetings only and so forth and it is that maybe think about uncle little. You like it I mean -- know this it's not like you mean I'm not automatic Ingram missed his first one -- it would -- ahead and get back to the goal pulled thing in the now Davie the made the the up rights hire. When he hit that they would get the football it's an opening wobble her I mean it good. 23 minutes right at the kick. Now it would -- swaying as far as the crossbar. Those -- anything like that but -- I get on the air and dump the ball in on the home. On the cross bar right now it they would be -- may delay game but as you said. The I mean when you look at the numbers. And only five extra point Smith -- inaudible on the from the three yard line that gave me they would at least that meaning -- -- in the first two. Preceding -- -- well for me we don't know what we have an eight -- -- -- I mean it's it's not a game Seymour it's definitely. If you're looking the ball game up on the final play it day extra points and it's been -- I think he'll bite leaving their feet right right right get a beer are like -- rationally expect it to its a Caster now any. You go back that you hear like a lot of times that I've noticed they give back to some one. Coach -- -- -- at a post game you know buckle all on fourth down a certain level and a -- back -- you know they look at the percentages a certain things what goes. And you think now over the course of time that with eight means the two weeks this is it is half minutes in his or is there for two weeks or courses sixteenth season. That's a lot -- the draft that vicinity you got to want over the course of time and I think with the NFL what they wanna do from a competition standpoint. Is the least and these coaches thinking OK I look at the percentages. I've got to go to you all to get two points. All operate that spectacle 33. -- at one point and -- record time you know what what if he beat. The better percentage than -- I don't think -- -- I'm -- if you want to pick you know it's like today because they look at it you're professional commitment that you should make. And even though it's a long extra point. You know the big east division league they get a visit and it we've seen an -- the first two weeks I faced that saw it being an eskimo. Bottom line is -- -- up -- job there I think you've got to make that yeah I. I know that -- is not now if you need to do. And you playing it's there down the game obviously it over to to win the game or tie it and try to come back whatever but I still think the article one. But in at the line of football mine. You know what you think of a touchdown. You know we had when you say okay we scored four touchdowns. You -- got 28 points Belichick. Seven size smaller MVP who you know I could technically advanced as having the extra point -- game B yes that's why -- that you want to bring that made it sooner you back into where it's not automatic and that's why I think that's a good thing. Hopefully the guy that I think it's a good thing you'll -- -- -- that. I think you're a -- I think the third. Third no matter what year is with a win. We use them is certainly that -- -- effective it is a game would weapons that that right yes you know it. And I know there's been a lot of times that are you know in. Him and our college game you know lead -- you -- you know. Ingram -- at the the point but he could squeak it into the up right. That ball from Atlanta -- -- telling -- -- -- eight -- off the right now a little left. Because I mean I think he kicker they do they go out there it's just a cat bowl yet you know all got to do with skated in you know and it's going through. But now he's gonna have to laugh and have that thing well middle concentration. Like you do it game. -- Eddie and Oakland and know if they elect is middle of December at Chicago at night. If you had that kind of like tough extra point reality it. That candy you might -- you've got to -- you 2.2 run drive right that ia there anything about the conditions the winds -- -- wanted to greatly you know that the of the late. That's the phone calls -- -- -- Duke on them next guy gave -- vote deacon Bob scary and the rest you call it as a sports at all on WW. And what about this book -- let's get out -- off phone calls go to Dave on line one day thank you for calling -- -- you had a a little if they would got. Well one went off for so long we got a couple of pro bowls. And both water and argued they're gonna do once they they did -- know and bill does playing protection that that have been through preceded me because it's. -- the pre season reason that they have so much success. The -- -- judge pre season Armenia that game planning that doing stunts. You basically. Not every now that you feel blitzes something that you don't game plan to get that opposing quarterback -- look at an individual. Matchups and who's winning in. I think by that made it through without having been growth available or Jahri Evans had just helped establish more depth. Among golf at the line about playing. Marcel Jones and any -- mock de. The -- it got to Washington so mean activity to me if that's a win win situation would happen. And so far and the two teams who work with golf at the line let's go to Bob at Tennessee on line too but think typical. Only did you -- at -- And how are you guys. Finds it. I guess we're thinking about. That Jimmy Graham thing and I watched that game. They knew it was gonna Duckett they had the goal post loose before they gain. Weight for him to do it. You dumb but the Falcons game in Atlanta. That makes it. I mean -- on goal post and in if they're connected right I can hang their well they do you know do whatever he wants to. He could barely -- detail. He barely cut it it came down about what that. While that ballot that's the story behind the story that Al that when. Who you avail though the -- the Falcons grounds crew all lol no I mean that. Who knows becoming the case it is 24 I mean -- -- -- I don't know that he's to full knowledge that. That's kind of the story is or you know. You out of your username don't cowboy -- -- -- -- -- I don't like without a -- well I'm doing -- -- a goal -- oh boy game because they don't -- me because it was grounds -- to balance that -- Jim McMahon that it's -- you know -- -- whatever I want to put down the -- that the -- winning Tony you know he now received -- felt like the other side -- -- I'm trying to say I can't make those. What will maybe him out of the volatility is now authority he instantly. -- -- -- you know this those that you get a Duke being the rules of the NBA. You all you do it you do throw pocono -- -- I thought we you do that -- you do. That's go to college have both -- lacked on last three or both thank you called WW Rio. Bigger picture would be -- well -- -- show quick question are we game. Well at the last you get to appreciate Jay in the first quarter. But all. No doubt drunk and I don't know our 52 and a half minutes was the first I -- That was ridiculous and is -- that the TV TV people. -- you hit it won't happen yet and it is not. Whether you -- -- football purist in you know the rules of the rules and all that no it's all follow the money. And -- of how they controlled things that that that's why I'm saying they gonna have. And that official is gonna have to understand. That it is going to be a judgment call but they did it teach him how to make their judgment call whether they enhance their faith -- Holden are you pleased that flagrant. It all looked -- have to be. Could you don't you -- -- -- the blow the game is gonna have to be like flagrant. As far as illegal contact downfield. Our our our hands that faith if you need to call any little thing they could -- theory. Now that the right call but if you don't -- gain. You know you know lasted about four hours three hours 45 minutes. The last question or all set to play it would open up Jimmy Graham -- -- keeping track pushed off to -- -- the fact that it flag. Last week and it's huge we all its employers is that you have been -- quality that. Michael Irvin. Chris Carr leaving come in and -- and a birdie and have you had him right you know that's the give and take -- if you can call it strict on. The defensive backs and right now you gotta call it straight to the receiver all right Al -- -- guys on him Bobby -- as a sports talk -- -- -- laps from the end of Ohio listening to practice from 79 at night here. Is that WW.