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8-20-14 5:10pm Bobby, Deke & Hokie: on Saints and LSU football

Aug 20, 2014|

Bobby, Deke & Hokie talk Saints football with ESPN's Mike Triplett and take calls on Saints and LSU.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Ryan commodity a lap from skip the stadium home to the meant to -- skippers who have seven and I. The New Orleans Saints will practice and final. It's going to be a jam packed crowd out here and it and it did feel high schools 7 o'clock at night is the first edition of the -- -- -- with -- -- He said to get ready for the Wisconsin matches Saturday August 30. It used to it right here all the tiger radio that you get you in any event and it dot com operated -- that you vote online at WW cup team penalties a 104 yards the first week. -- -- duties last week 32 penalties to gain besides cutting down the amount of penalties where do you wanna see improvement from the Saints. Saturday -- game at Indianapolis against the Colts. Cast your vote on line. And yet you yet you nailed that come before with the hope he embodies take let's go to the area on line for the patiently waiting period to break Gary thank you for calling Debbie did you -- Optimistic. On the court and notebook when he talked about moving the ball back and extra points. So what my question is how Beckham affect the record -- like Arnold and chipped it to probably specific names in. He's scored the most points strong you know Q can you -- an extra point. They've moved the ball back how you can effect record book -- -- will be. Point yeah yes that going to be one -- and I -- as is could be a more difficult extra point that I mean. -- about as far as the put it in play Philly dot that it would be an extra point from 33 on that a. I'm glad that points don't mean it like it is not automatic anymore. So I mean what are the new -- it would have been I mean it almost it'll be almost impossible. To break a record. Well first of all that they have to adopted birth that is so that they trap for the first two weeks if -- -- they beat. Usually they've put forth the type of rules that they wanna change forward. They'll they'll talk about it and video -- of it but it'd be something becomes a Bob after the suitable to hit honestly yeah it and -- you to vote on it there is some real answers quick inning -- -- Morton at all. Don't know that they if it is back. Going to be impossible to break mark -- what you did at the plate when -- -- -- -- right. That's our edited yet levity as long gently yet anything yet that the reason yeah last a long long time they'd be playing well I am and answering and having EP we could make about it though with. Just this sample although beat the kicker. Went out with Tony you certainly. -- what you now the league but he's on and there are few if beanie at it you take it on and yet trying to reach fifty years and Utley here. 25 years that would mean he was brought back because he was -- -- my name and he was still productive and yeah when he -- you know. Twenty years that the league you know like oh you know we lightly and I -- the knowledge and that would probably like beaten out the young guys and that's why. Even at the party or part of four or five girl he's still winning the job he'll make about audience to keep the ball. In 88. It was the Indians who know. And sent him to doubt that thing real detail you can beat the puck looked equally well I'll tell you this that -- -- I think it is that all the time that. Not as part to do. Is that he's an all time leading scorer not only one team with two different teams. He's all time leading scorer this thing and I'll again I think that's now lives in and I mean. Any outfielder figures in my again and it would be 2223. Years in the league what -- -- -- well and that's why it is -- -- -- -- -- talent in the future that before it even before even the coach that you got to be able and they yeah. That is -- get a -- kick kicker. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Counted Ryan group last week both it will bull at a high quarterback rating opal well it. You know Ryan has an awful hurry said you ought to each of these thirteen games of the goal is. A week Google hit it wanted to sit on the first wrap up by Chris Long with -- how is his -- his nickname is the -- happy and I still think. It's -- connect to me. That. Either quarterback. That to me. Is on NFL roster now I think he put right on the practice squad the money but -- Is there is that's about as that even a question now Luke McCown the year old guys that you chance because and -- happen to him before. That he feels like insurance policy god forbid some haven't been through the end you know. And then at -- haven't run the reliant he's overwhelmed in some very meaningful game and in. Yet that experience salute the count. This right here shows you. You'd notice pre season. To show you this thing thought that at how efficient they are. Really no matter who's at quarterback he got a hall of Famer Drew Brees with. If you look at what the comic -- and has done. I mean it's amazing that's what you wanted to be in those meeting rooms the quarterback needy -- to show you. The productivity got to give a coach of the Carmichael a lot of credit. You know he's calling the plays now it's on that he even acknowledged that. But if you look at Ryan group right now -- the whole NFL analyst they played two preceding games. He leads the league -- win a hundred. Eighteen point nine it's at least a 119. Pastor efficiency rating through two preceding games he's -- one. Everybody whose play night John Amos -- football whoever. Whoever you look -- -- Whatever quarterback. Account right now leads the NFL. It passes passer efficiency rating. Now you look at 358 passing yards. As -- it. So not only did -- one passer rating he's second also vote right now. Which total yards and look at the column. 86 point three so when you look at that. How could you know I get -- young guy and -- But they've both been productive McCown was outstanding. On that first drive Ali said that Tony -- led the team down the field now one touchdown pass he made that Jimmy Graham. I'm telling the history NFL Nolan that at -- on that better than he did so. I think top to bottom right now. It's about as good to get that thing. And it's ever been in his own music is -- time. I it is tonight. And update them -- notes in my opinion they looked a hell of a lot better than either quarterback to the Browns got to throw out there on opening day. I watched the game -- and I think that guys -- mean that I mean did coach -- When it today in named Brian Hoyer the starter but that they would both. Ryan Griffin and looked down outperform even want way more accurate yeah. Ed I guess. I'm given -- -- -- I think they've seen it requires the players have. Confidence in and Ryan. I usually get. With the thanks to poised to do this year that he you have to have somebody out there it beat a veteran guy you want. A veteran has been and realize NFL game that's the only thing because you have to look at it too. That. Right now you get at film -- Ryan group and then all of a sudden I'm telling you. When it comes game time they game planned against. Right now they look at an individual talent we see it all the time and trying to evaluate individual players. But in a real game though they -- to flat out beat you and humble you and do whatever it takes to win a game. Now even at Tulane at times not they'd like Hubert has gotten a lot better. When all that's -- -- -- protect. At times navy's -- on the ball too long airport take -- sacks. Now look at in the Rams game you read the blitz he cited as his friend the coach -- beat him. But the end just the day of practice. On against the -- the but it rob -- you know they get them mixed up all the different blitzes out there on the same team. Twice. Ryan -- when it got crushed. I mean smacked. With the ball in his hands and he did not read the blitz properly. So those that are kind of things that -- Dallas than if they would come. Actual game time real game in my group -- in the game. Well he better know where in the world where and how physical with the ball and every possible blitz and who is now. Because they get a seat if the young guy can handle the pressure if you don't have the experience of -- decision making. Well you know all the time when you talk about when they put a defense to back out there young guy they. Quarterbacks that don't go right at him but they don't do with -- they go ahead Afghan and he's banged around yeah. All right if the case if anybody gave its okay guys on the Saints a practicing -- -- -- -- -- -- high school here at home the skipper Bruce. From 7 PM to 9 PM the less now so it's 7 o'clock at night right field home of the Saints and Tigers at the delicate this is WW yeah. And welcome back of our our resident both of you guys on and Bobby -- there I'm the ability at the bottoming out news that ESP NFL insider. My trip will be what the talk about on this thing it's coming up taking on the Indianapolis Colts Saturday night. It Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis he picked up the conversation that battle for. 260187. -- or 2038668898. Since -- me. And -- they look at it. You know we talked about the quarterbacks now with that it was during game. With the state police has been at that point I mean you can't sugarcoat it. Particularly but returner. You know punt return game -- I was -- that are also went by the kick return game. I mean I think Tavarez -- that will remember that meaningful -- return hating it the 49ers the -- that maybe one. Punt return in the whole season ago. Mean it was really. Embarrass it -- championship that type football team we just have to get. Better now that you look at who's going to be in the future of and who's in the mix and who can maybe be a dark arts. At times to Q&A. Piece on this club that you returner. The -- Palmer. Now you can remember and look at devised -- is Joe Horn told them -- 87 you know he's not a dark Carolina state. He was -- the San Diego Chargers last year and I think you know with the Jacksonville Jaguars. The practice squad type player but if you look at it you might see him out there aren't you might see him Saturday night. Or even Thursday. Against the Ravens in the superdome to close out the pre season. He's been rotating in in drills as far as a kick off return. And obviously yet probably. -- catch -- last practice he caught a forty yard bomb with the party or a five yard bomb which is the longest. Plays so you know you'd. Look at who's making plays and as devised Palmer on the 87. Not to look at his background. He returned 47 vehicles hit two touchdowns. A kick off return that North Carolina State. He ran a four point 394. At his pro day back in two and 2013. So I mean NFL's aware of him and you have opportunities because we have that kind of speed. Now if you look at it -- in that rotation. Obviously. You look at Pierre Thomas. You know your -- Robinson. I think you know what they got a cadet right now then also Charles Hawkins. You know he'd be like on the level. That's more the young guys. It -- devised -- itself market targets you've been given what opportunities the you know who does better. But that's why you have the pre season because if a guy. All the you're seeing it and I keep it six receivers. But also an EP like Joseph marking -- who was ready for it took a punt that houses sun and he wrote back a kick off all the way all the -- -- -- I mean. You got to recognize that and Courtney Roby was the perfect example wouldn't even excelled at the higher level could not only. As a kick or a kickoff or punt return early returner media mean they kick off returner. Was also wanted to top tacklers. He is always want to material putter kickoff coverage so. We look at their right now looking they have we think it's speculating -- and keep five receivers. And that's why -- six receiver might be a guide -- in ninety and in the conversation. Simply because we think it purely as a receiver. But Utica special teams contribution. A guy like device Vollmer. All of a sudden he just finish strong. A coach Saturday night are. You know get the rated them Thursday night in in a -- fading as that is it's always one or two guys that come out and -- maybe make the team and you did they give him make the team at the beginning all Puerto that it brought hope you. Would. Hope you know came back. To it now and back to back in practice that they Beckel -- with five year veteran with you yet. Beckham like me who we've. -- we had to look on the roster and Travis Beckum. And you know not David Beckham. You know that that idea that he had not Theo Beckett not you know unaware motto at LSU player with Travis -- Five years got it Wisconsin. In eat. My understanding. -- recall. He was like -- past years he liked Ortiz with a -- So he's been an NFL rough. And he made back to back touchdowns. It difficult to close out the drill. Yesterday in the red hill so. -- at that the guys in in the mix but it might bring him in here and who knows. He's 63 to 35 will always -- -- Venus and about -- special teams you know how will leak it right it's expired to -- the I mean if Travis -- all of that I. He's come down. He's blown. You know the way our traditional way -- -- kick off or like -- he's making a tackle that you might be good spot over alive back. Mean as opposed to be productive that's it means so still a lot of competition to go even though he is right around the corner. A lot of football to see who makes that final roster. Coast that it not against the Colts and our team tonight. With practice you constantly nightly in obviously. Index there closed out the season against the Ravens in the. Alright and -- you -- the other side is 531 time first and we'll go to Q and -- He's one of the profession that we. Do respect and appreciate the work he does he espn.com. Eat in NC south and New Orleans Saints blogger Mike Triplett Jones does now. Mike the -- Practicing tonight seven at 9 PM and and the real high school -- the campus of then the new -- as we inch closer to the third preceding game my cup what are a couple of storyline if beauty or think that kind of spiked your curiosity. It is -- thing it. Develops at the spotter training camp that would it really picked it will go to that though. -- -- closers -- -- inappropriate try to work and I'm about to go over the call it art there. And. You know I said this morning and don't -- -- to -- game know this and -- element about the rookies in the newcomers that because now you're pretty and yours bird. -- -- that he looks like when -- ago dollars dollars together on the the other brand and -- come back from his stomach Bert -- are cheaper at. Coach soaking up together. I'd like cheaper close to strengthen. And see if he's in -- live up to that ball reputation the way we thought about it yet you know it they're so I think every other at. Especially after like -- sloppy. Performance. Bleak today it'll be nice to see their number one offense and number one deep bench for a full -- stolen against a really good Indianapolis Colts team that. People have high expectations -- that here with Andrew Luck and company so to be as close as we get to the real deal. Now Mike there when -- go at each position category and what's your take on. But when you look at a dark Carson on the other spectrum and you look at the final roster. Looking at -- bits of Lyman Brandon -- the five year guy at nose tackle and Alabama. You know these prompted -- beat you with hubris Alabama -- with the Jaguars at you know that is the route he he took to get here. But when you look at the depth there I mean what is his chances and also. It -- at a volley the rookie outside linebacker out of Boston College an old rookie 24 years of age. But when you look at that linebacker and he was to line position obviously to -- though what did you take on them and you have like David dark horse also that that come about. Well I gave you credit on at at about you you mentioned the other day that a lot about yesterday and then everybody started and that. He's he doesn't watch and but what a tough position group to crack Percival the defense of line. When I've been projecting a 53 man roster easiest six I mean thirteen are writing an -- defense supplied the three starters and three back ups and John Jenkins. Hiram walker and -- are also excellent markers that. So it's it's -- depends that they want a seventh -- Brandon Decker are eager were were absolutely. The candidates -- he's the leader he's really -- -- you noticed is he's then you and remember the trade he spent the entire summer playing nose apple and John Jenkins assert. And and done against comes back but gene actually practice and that -- didn't break with the pursuing it and so obviously that kind of versatility. So absolutely can pay attention to him -- -- back now. And then and all he and another one that sort of in that same group as group -- Johnson junior two guys that have not had on mine. 53 man roster just has so many guys. It'll clear up. Injuries play apart Victor Butler and so on I'll market or into buyout and open spots but on route now list. Arctic -- -- sales and panic button that into Dawson of that and trust that they're not Ronald Powell. Even though he might equal underdeveloped. I think I'll boxes on this team I think Kevin Redick on the scene there on every special teams unit. And you know it's just all of a sudden I've been at linebacker making all along that without jobs and -- Now might go look at it that third all of -- to tackle. -- -- Paris familiar with the team and fans -- him. But no what is your take Marcel Jones obviously when he's done a guard. In this training camp that it pre season you -- -- -- -- also regard. Thomas well the four year veteran out of Vanderbilt. Rise Harris do you think he's that third of its attack that in that keeping. Well I think he's -- in the that are open to tackle. He was all last year -- you know Toronto -- was -- every -- last year until -- made the switch to apple because here -- -- -- that they'll you know. Number. You know hammered out seven and and is eligible. You know and eat it all back sometimes he'd lineup is the extra tight and sometimes. And he's really reliable right at it you'll remember which on eight yeah Charles brown and programs if they put street at left tackle Eric -- apple. My big question mark price there is if needed could play left apple. And that seems like it's a work in progress especially what you want I want pats are still -- at our panel that. I think he's a very good at right tackle I think he's a very good Jumbo tight so I think he's. Entrenched at -- that it's going to be active on game day. If any injury cropped up which are on bounced and I wonder what they would do it goes over gross errors in that role date with a look elsewhere but all the guys they've got on the right now he's number. My a lot of promise obviously in the running game going forward and now we don't know how significant. We won the super mobile it. Became that you rated show in there where this -- rushing attack. Eric glory ago will kind of look at I think leading Oklahoma Courtney was saying that he might be available -- won. And now that it's not contributing. This season but not available when they echo what what is your take -- you loaded the -- that are better and as Gore's lead block Greg Jones. -- -- at a Florida State leaping Austin Johnson has done enough and Austin Johnson. Is definitely a pass receiving full activity is the lead blocker that you need media -- plays like like Greg don't bring it. Know -- -- put some body and you know I think one guy who might even get the most snaps in that role would be Josh hill there tie it and good lineup as a pull back and be that dual threat if you want a guy in the passing game so. -- maybe that's 51 percentage stick Greg Jones like. Our roster because it's just telling to me that you know they brought it -- and as soon as he gets hurt they go out. And Greg Jones. To take a look at them at least the only super so then I think he eluded Barrett but he still didn't -- posted -- that -- down. Has only been here for two weeks that stage seems to me and it might want him. On the roster for that reason that they wanna ask that you make it -- Just you know let Austin Johnson -- only guy that they're gonna search deep and on the scene like America a lot Europe that's that your special seamer. Kept around though last year eat he would definitely be one of those one of those under there're guys that makes -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The officers -- -- and I don't -- the back problem Max liked him the top of this the tide in. And he got Jimmy Jimmy Graham and Watson dodged real. Why what you bring in -- Travis -- if your guy out it was in. You know he's been on that giant New York Giants roster but -- -- the rhyme -- reason but that. Well you know what. -- at this debate little hairy older they'll back and looked old game books to see who is right. I. That they have always -- Or tight ends or to pull back up until last year and he sent greatly. And it turns out herbal -- to beat it beat that date back to when they first got here. There were many years relate to sports I it and on the -- -- -- he might -- -- -- -- -- games and Torre called Maria and it's. Or that recently -- that are here that they didn't actually -- -- -- 20 April Corey all and at Korey Hall. And and it's time but it. So -- -- have chips portends a lot that they liked amongst that's it seemed -- just go out there like him as a pseudo fullbacks. Are I think. That could be in response to you know the deal were all some right side and Albright I'm analyzing the position group. And record has something to lower injury as well that that look and it and it all black skirt up but. I don't expect Beckham to make this roster I actually. Really light is the undrafted rookie nick Jacobs. As a blocker he's just a that he met. And he's out there on my couch and and dexterity that he has good. Locker I don't ever played two year span and the problem as well we've seen him drop and some passes that I don't know they opened. I think -- -- I would be surprised to see them keep -- -- special to murder extra block are your temper that some things like a longshot to meet barring injury. You know I like I -- critical area we have you ever met. And it ESPN inside over the NFC south it's saint Mike Triplett -- how can people people we want to. I'm Mike Triplett and -- -- -- -- Trip thank you so but be safe with CA sharply. I think. All right is the sport's top the Saints practicing from 797. It's a night where we all it meant to be a high school but the skippers. This -- saint radio that you do you. And welcome back docket tonight it's the first installment of the lesser amounts shows that via coach miles talk about the fall camp the Tigers ahead it. And as it gets it to prepare for the Wisconsin back -- Saturday August 30 Arco which started 3 o'clock. What -- elation at work at 6 PM. And at the end. 8 o'clock it's LSU Wisconsin will become a TO lie with the tiger tailgate count down mental issues first game this he's a big wood throws. Right at the stadium beat Houston we will ought to -- -- the Tigers. And the bad -- wall to wall coverage Saturday August 30 year on WW he's okay guys on the body can't be Villa Viet. We are confident do you live from then the bill high school -- Gasquet it was what -- night at 7 o'clock the -- -- to practice in front of the jam packed crowd here. And Vanderbilt high school beautiful campus of the -- those Altidore shall this -- -- radio WW. Tomorrow exports so. If Saints coach John -- visit -- at the final practice squad hitting the road to Indianapolis which player do you think all of the bubble with just two pre season games left the court today that the arrangement one week from tomorrow night. And -- to show. Well and do better if preceding games of the three in north have a shot at making the roster but the LSU defense look to bounce back after a sub -- season in 2013. Of the fourteen. Tiger defense returned to be in the unit all of that is all of sports talk. Are all hopeful that the -- beat him and -- on Saturdays game -- Fans first take with -- it's the court from three it to five the hand made it 5 PM it's the -- like countdown to kickoff. The first by my count down to kick off at the eighteenth and it restaurant in -- the core of veterans and make Villa. Are actually are -- if Brad overload on politically it and it's at a day. It's 7 o'clock it's game Christie Garrett Kobe guys on it and it -- sent of the saint and the colts' Lucas -- they get. If the point that -- 1 -- all that Saturday and now the ball a lot of saint covets hero -- radio. WW.