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8-20-14 6:10pm Bobby, Deke & Hokie: on Saints and LSU football

Aug 20, 2014|

Bobby, Deke & Hokie take your calls on Saints football and talk with Ross Dellenger of the Advocate about LSU.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back. Final hour radio sports talk evidently it's at the end it is the list and I'll show will come a deal laughter but can't act skippers stadium on the campus of men have a high school with a New Orleans Saints. Practice seven to champion he's the me. And then of course. The black Goebel privacy in tomorrow at -- -- hit to Indianapolis on Friday for the third pre season game against the Indianapolis coach what would like to see the Saints improve both this week. Is it their pre season game that's operated jaguar pick opponent that we. Like you go to one area the you know past the the look at who's playing who's in the game. But I didn't realize this that when you look at it Powell right Griffin and the McConnell is very successful yet -- overall. So was Titans quarterback Jake Locker and -- Byrd. Not yet eternal is got to come because that's how -- every stop a team that they riddled. The saint depleted secondary when you look at it through with creative 44 passing yards and three touchdowns. You know look at that -- it has been -- you know. 300 yards in his belly like a great achievement you almost had to get the four iron to within the rules are structured or. Or 350 plus the Baylor Wright knocking on that or but the thing that got to me. Was. You never want this to Colombo both Jake Locker and excitement burger they combined to complete 78 pursue it. Almost 80% know that that's like good I don't care if he is secondary depleted. Whatnot -- whatever. Almost 80% that that's like almost a -- you got to pass rush -- skeleton. 101. That you -- -- kind of so that orders he would have going to get things look better see who's gonna play. But I Dobie Moore to run better he's allowed another -- the Jake Locker and arm Internet rumors -- -- -- -- Rob Ryan and Bill Johnson -- seeing what we gotta do little more disruptive. So the quarterback is not as accurate as they were last week is that that that that. I didn't realize what that -- in my about what you think. That they were 70%. Completion rate and you know with the routine is that all. That should be around sixty more. -- 60% but not a closed. 80%. To 6018786688. Times a year. It would be -- the Sam -- evoke eighty Kennedy vs columnist -- shows that wouldn't -- eat yet got -- reveals a lot. He's -- name is starting quarterback tonight what no coach I know I ain't got -- -- revealed -- -- -- but I but I think. You know. He is today all the running backs that -- doing well right you know it is by committee now you hear you people commenting on. And I tell you what the he's really come on strong that the case that being Kenny Hilliard at the back end of his career yeah. Everything we always got it. Mean you know he's got god we saw differentiated. Unique -- who he was right at the time until -- when he wasn't of press assault on you you know everything is scary it was inherited thought it will when he was at it and remember you know be exactly what's going. But getting Ottawa today they are right last year and an eleven at the end of them disease he came on -- the right. You know fortieth -- season. Who just so but so be it backs in Neifi is hated being the team they really give the ball that one that -- let's -- they got back to a with Jeremy but do you saw -- you saw a chance cared cared about an awful lot I think they've got a really good. Quarterbacks and I think. You know took -- -- to think it for as -- block they've they've been great freshman season before we we've seen it in the history college football. But I I -- called about this group because they'll hear your. -- because of the well they're gonna have -- you know we talked about the very first game and this -- -- -- Wisconsin Badgers and LSU. I mean hell why would you run behind. You know all the sublime and particularly. Wisconsin as their -- and then if you look at that's also their weakness that the bits -- line. So why -- Ellis who run the ball forty times against him. The you can even have. A great quarterback. But what you look at and it -- you know you pick and choose your verdict even -- that commitment who you back. But if you could dominate -- -- -- in every time you were in the volume getting 67. Yards and you weren't down I mean they'll -- you that's. The percentage you have to continue to do that so. I would not be surprised talked about how many. You know passing attempts at that we'll see I think both teams combine I would not be surprised. If you look at it -- 7580. Rushing attempts. And did that that kind of idea here because I think people that it could be a toilet it what do you has replaced I would be surprised what the -- In fact I didn't read it but but but it's gonna be anywhere. I think at times NFL that is definitely a pass and down with it being quite well well I think when he make Clinton clinical them Rory plays against them in the bowl -- Yeah I have a bit of fast -- don't know yet it was -- yeah right but but like I could see third and three. That's definitely a pass that down NFL 33. I think Wisconsin thereof at that line that from a company that we got to run the ball. There are three maybe third in three and a half whatever and in that -- -- elegy. Could take got a prospects if you try to outflank the defense you spread them out there and you look man on man blocking and the running back you have to go while. I know we have the way to get a -- the ball just fall forward we gonna get at least you know. Mean -- before yours. He's Bobby gave its okay guys -- 45 minutes we'll keep coach miles take all of LSU camp. Get ready to stop them for the Wisconsin Badgers. We're meant to -- high school it jam packed standing -- -- and not much of that is folks have come out to see this practice this evening. 7 o'clock and 10 o'clock. Yet dig it's almost like guys who well in the are hopeful that feel the idea and have all night and I had to put up I blurted -- it would Monroe -- rather -- Rockingham gag order to build it right. This is sports so all at saint radio that we do you. And welcome back to sports optimist I'll show at 7 o'clock at night right here on WWL. Radio and the -- tonight Bob Mitchell is capital that night you feel for eight to be at night. He's got a lot to talk about this about last night I'll all the way into a little bit and like you shouldn't take it the I suspect it's the first active here. Directly against the US what now the US government determined that a graphic video with authentic Mitchell to forty over American journalist James Foley. Being beheaded by the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria. You talk about that the night plus the National Football League doesn't usually pay act. That befall to have attended the Super Bowl but it was this year that he is as artists under consideration but how profile gate to pay to play. So would completely. Used to bowl all that on tonight's program of them any other top Bob Mitchell. From eight it took it back to the ball to go let's go through battery for -- on line once -- thank you for calling that you get you real. Hello good evening. My question is. I haven't -- had not been listening enough but I haven't heard -- very much but Victor Butler. Would. We haven't said that but why don't go out and yet he yeah and -- yea he's been injured in I don't I don't know if we -- and their plans. You know you look at is not that much when you break down what's invested in him. And you know Rob Ryan would have liked to see him you know available yet -- attract recruit him with the Cowboys that. No I was kind of out of sight out of mind. And. Had -- I'm I'm not alone in this. No no not at all I mean I don't know -- they'll put -- reserve Ricky and and then maybe bring them back you know that that exemption. On -- they might do that would Eric Oregon speculating I'm just guessing. Yeah but. But to say that they count on him that this season right now I would say no. So that's two years we've we've had in. I can you. Yet now it's a shame now we don't go thing you know different players like that's why it was amazing album modern medicine almost a modern day miracle. When you're looking Adrian Peterson. Now he came back up like you spend a unique circuit at that run the run went for 2000 yards like -- did that's like Miami man. Where some players you just don't respond the same way to rehab and you have setbacks. And I think that's the case -- with Victor Butler. That he never with the rehab and on that never quite. I'm healed that we need you to play in the NFL and to be out there on the. Well you know really hesitate to say is. I mean is it like I -- game on his head and it made it like it better. Well last year when he got hurt that was legitimate and me and I'm not saying that when he had now is not lifted right as it last year -- -- -- In -- OT -- and boom I mean that was it for the season. Don't really know what the ingredient right now we haven't seen it so I via. And but if he's he's standing out there it practice right you know that. You know he's not laid up in the hospital bed and we did it on crutches wearing. We got it -- erratic early in training camp and was genuinely sounded do really optimistic and I cited the date you practice hard a few days in. I don't know what you -- unique in -- swelling that that's like got to give a lot of credit also to Joseph Morgan. Look at in his knee injury you know he works -- rehab and all of a sudden he's still getting behind the defense that people. Saw me -- it. Indeed veto by we talked about how coconut talk about the easiest -- of it. I don't know if -- Where I think it is you know all all season the whole team that beanie can't make it in everything we got the watch. Open it in the first two weeks of practice. And beat it to could be overall now I like where it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To be easy at the same speed or he's not enough. I don't -- as I am not saying that this is what it is but. Sometimes people. -- practice players. And it would be it would likable they just don't do what they do have practice victim and it's not done it in making date to at least to do and it gains we -- immediately Kenny stills as which Joseph Morgan has done. The only I also are there are even Robert Gates but even even the last couple right. Weeks of practice he had done well it was a story of camp early on its. They're -- the -- got an ex smoking you know like is not even close of -- of course we can have a big lead right now and -- is the is petered out in. But think about -- look at our receiving corps and he can you say right now who you receiving. To be in the -- -- -- cutting men -- -- he -- got here. And I'm going to bring a Colston would you look at the competition. That he is based in OK when you're looking at. When you look at him vs. Robert Meachem. When you look at him vs the jewels of Morgan. And now we talked about -- -- that it would you look at them. You know vs Kenny stills and mean they've had games. Where all so big touchdown play by Robert Meachem. You know Joseph bargain. Two of the best plays ever seen in a real game in Saints history. Against have a bucks in the Packers well we haven't seen it. From -- you know we seen it doesn't practice well what we -- and thinking that you're greatly. When I'm I'm hoping that. Maybe. This Saturday night he gets an operative because that I I -- I've got to -- -- -- one of the receivers the Saints are gonna keep I've got to keep him over Meachem but. If he'd written. Start to do something now it. We have to finish strong yeah you -- -- so he got a dose of the dog actually believe like that because he's right there. So -- typical Saturday night and finished strong even against the Ravens than a Thursday night. 6018786688. The rates in the use -- you about the UC close with those two and beat them. I'm mower. I guess potential and that he was to -- look at Meachem. Right and -- is why I say there's no -- Hewitt Meachem is because. He will it. The San Diego mostly got his -- day. And then he came back in he came back because injured all they could utilize many that I have yet. It seemed like you were different it was a touchdown -- -- like you could almost come on that these guys have wondered as I've -- is almost every game. You know when he's active instead of it. When I just look at it. And you know they don't have to pay him is that like. You know number one draft pick -- when he first came into the league. But we just look at it in theory. You'd want it to to work out. Are you want to stay young if it's even I mean 245. Robert it is what denied. You know like a three years vs the eight years so I'm just think if you look at it who's gonna continue to progress we've got to disseminate gain. Just along those lines. You'd want. Two. To beat me about now I would -- with that being said. I -- -- wet as it -- good though by the lack confidence in Coleman hit and then we think that's it right Jones thing when hall. If one advantage -- it it been solid all the way through you can't beat you write it if about it now but caught up a -- what you say it will -- -- -- come down -- opportunity meets in the game. I've -- Michael I think they would indeed it is ready to. Okay and I go would have -- -- down speculating here but I think almost a hundred with that sure been -- -- before. He knows that in the back and receiver and his team whoever Drew Brees will. The origin of that the player that will that make. No personnel this isn't right I guarantee you Drew Brees is putting is Tuesday at the end if -- -- want to meet him over to. I trust them more whenever. I think it in that direction thinking. About that at -- Heatley and whoever whoever he wants. Is there who who whom lack -- in my gonna count on. And he's had actual look of the game experts -- Meachem. That over to. A good look at -- to help get that game away is that it though you could still bounce back but that. But he kicked the long ball. All the movement have been up by two touchdowns in New York right all of -- they got -- that you originally that you eat -- you have -- made it. You. Know I had. Because I think about it and not a I don't know if that's classic that classic. Happy we sit here and -- thank you with all called so we will see we've seen it it -- -- -- we've -- against the rain obviously last week. But if they meet the evil he would look good practice that he would do it. But they dictated kind of guy who it is and where they were drafted in the -- -- -- -- he has flashed to buy it on me shortly in just a few days he's been here and yet at the back and and yeah yeah but what and I'll say bill -- the that's the kind of guy that you could. No he can go to a number of camps it that the guys that as the saint eagle Bulls he might upgrade to a team yet it that is that what they -- -- the Dallas to collect when he's been -- -- -- -- receiver are -- gonna take that chance -- right -- -- and. That's though with the audiences the I look -- that -- more Roth eligible it was a latest on the LSU Tigers and that's I'll show coming up about when -- and -- deputies that. He's 632 it's not the first news it will go to Japan to. But I Saturday. Wall -- -- -- coverage starting at 3 o'clock AM 5 o'clock as the by -- -- -- to golf will become with the alive and the KG can't restaurant he can't put before do. Beating united -- I think it would typically mean maybe you route it took a Coke and -- there over it get whatever you want. If we get it out I guess -- how he could be moved -- but hopefully build our coastal ball allowed. Well let me let me say this I hope I hope -- been there -- night. Mean -- mean they eat in it was very good out -- can be beat them -- oh yeah I've got an area in and they were excellent -- yet the cryptic -- Yeah that was the -- and -- eight -- it might be. Bradford he's their so we've experienced if you listen if they vote and then that it fits him being on its all those late this the -- in there. It has been a little extra time walk around there and looked in at the memorabilia. Applicable to -- -- -- got really. And -- though yet and I it's. Yeah I mean we had a -- in the united use of facilities went down in on the way in the media room. Things well the masters. Champions. I mean just to sit there agreed to name in the -- accident there was a baseball card. It's those values is football no memorabilia -- have a I have this also cal Ripken junior. You know I respect anybody that can answer the bell in game any game out like Brett Favre via we'll cal Ripken junior got him autograph the Baltimore Sun and an -- bat that he used for that season. There's a lot a lot of unique though LSU overtook the season Saturday August 30 against the Wisconsin bad news I can beat Ryder put the advocated advocate dot now Ross diligent. Dillon is now -- thought I spoke -- -- on Saturday we were talking about you wait to hear what coach miles that -- about discriminate. Was like yesterday -- -- every Sunday we were owners who were talking I like what what you had an advocate you know coach miles that it. It afforded him a -- Roland. And point out as well coach how long was Roenick code deposit it went all the way. The equipment that -- -- -- -- I brought you -- chemical you can go out with -- what was the coat that. It it's frustrating that fatally beat it's frustrating that you wouldn't you know -- arteries in. You know use your practice you can. He entered green and obviously people are allowed in their privileges and -- You get some rumblings and feedback from -- which you really reported you might be kind suggested in your running a little bit the all you can relieve report. Actually littler well -- the elected years there that run was about fifty yards and it wasn't on a broken play and it was you know that ball spin I think he's trying to. Temper expectations a little bit. It was a broken play it was only play in electric without 57 yards so lot. Yeah it's frustrating certainly it is it you know have a have a coaching I'd been in idol stuff but. You hear him now on you and your body. Right around. Now Ross we've seen this before running back by committee -- all the stud running backs at LSU but. Before you know it August 30 we gonna be in Houston. -- via maybe game one quarterback by committee are going to be just one guy. Yeah you know last night we met with -- -- the last basically black scrimmage of fall camp and I asked them about you know if you know we're we can ask Allen said that separates the quarterbacks and and I asked if it's a very real possibility. Right now that both could play in electric car he actually basis for -- yet you know but there's an opportunity here for both of them play. And I think it's something that we all expected and -- comfort from the rumbling around the program back. It's such a tight battle with such a bit. I think -- When I don't play against Wisconsin but you know made the both will play until somebody's. You know separate themselves. Up from the competition in May be that you know two games in pregame until. You could -- both quarterbacks play you know early in the season. Now Ross we always talk about this in the NFL. In obvious you have more observation about that dark horse. Say if you gonna put money on -- maybe speculate -- PP. What are those dark horses that that come out of nowhere and and we haven't seen before at a high level at Tiger Stadium but. This is this season are all of us that he gets that exposure. Is there any maybe one -- -- ended their do you think could the other. -- Well I think you as a freshman receiver it's not the guys on the -- and I think it's big guy on the route -- Quinn. I think here he has been in rumble in years and don't even -- -- there about. Record and you know he's going to be involved he's going to be called cavalry. LU coaches are moving around the field in different you know you -- -- replay slot even. You know Raymond animal ball -- reverses and things are pretty sound like he going to be heavily involved. And -- either fat guy got really good hands market. A -- probably am you know at least offensively. Defensively. Two guys really they're about it is it's got that have really gone a whole life yet but could be here and match. -- back acquire Alexander in this incident in the Ohio those are all there is a pretty good guy who watched. You are also it's gonna say that deal on and looks the part of me would we seen at times and you know he's he's. You know good straight before five games away from. From his stock is rising out of since they likely -- me go but he he could have been if he has let that be an onside. Yeah IRS -- these two guys if they can call all the it's like other guys that LSU had to pass of the -- defense. And all that good they have these teams they could have been so good a much bigger pay day. Oh absolutely yet continually. -- companies. In the it's probably the best on the team. And Neifi got like 4% body fat patent for a guy who's. You know we and they and they need -- -- that they're pretty incredible. -- eat eat yet he like you did you look the part that now any player we've heard in practice at least in -- Peter certainly played up to -- -- it -- you know he's he's -- around the ball making. He's come off the line really well and making you know sacks and tackles for losses and I think that one defense when institute law -- an -- -- in the you know mowing people down in the back of the second string offense -- Would expect if you lot of you know I mean yeah he's. Either guy you know in the good seat in. It's one of those things might we -- and goodbye there's you should respect them and in the hamsters -- a lot of -- got great art and about me he's you know he's you know has the lead between the tackles and as you know -- seven sacks or whatnot. You might be on the last in the honor -- I you know -- the senior east. It's kind of weird repko is kind of the opposite he doesn't -- -- when. When you come locker room but did -- you. You just to kind of shake your head but but rescue you certainly guys who who did tons of plain common as you said that they need to defensive line. -- that was included. Just step up and you probably better job that was they get -- you know the -- backers got criticized heavily last year. But really we talk to people in the program. In part it was the defensive line not doing their job up backers Connick got. Got the creek all the criticism -- -- so -- in the got. Now Ross obviously I talked about earlier running back by committee you look all the accolades landed foreign net but. You look obviously Kenny Hilliard could navigate smoke in. And it because of -- death may be at this shared wealth so to speak and you look at a came out of nowhere last year Terrence McGhee I mean do you think this coach miles that does the honor and -- million it scares me Ian. And maybe go work -- a thorn and it was them more let it part of the top dog from the get go. Yeah I think looking at it you'd see happen especially early in the season in Hilliard -- he will at least start the game. Probably are you a substantial amount of the series early in the year that they. You know there's not. Like it is a hole like -- I mean -- -- against what is what is you know she uses. A defense that. That's pretty dang good to hear from practice and scrimmage -- eaten a lot better than last year's. In -- you know or you know fifty yard touchdown run against him and knock people out real critical. I mean -- -- had a lot of put all and you know bring injured non contact because he's running over people -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Also how people thought you ought to. A program that it would really be the DE LL ENGREEB. In the -- are -- you coverage of the advocate dot com. Brought that to keep up -- to keep that with the LSU Tigers -- thank you so much that now we appreciate. -- -- alright this is sports talk that we do you. Then have a -- Kate Kate did you ever replace that one. So. While this is eager to replace it what you had to replace -- you know like you let them board by. If you winning. The bottom line it is -- -- it will Kline it's all that does well I'm thinking about right now if you heard it. I think balked while got the loop -- all the way you get this -- that -- -- -- aware of Virginia it it feel like. I'm still and today it right if indeed she says it is -- Like it -- -- I do it yet and -- Yet he has a lot and with out of five minutes as the and so they if we would we are things he would he's like the mask the use it but he won those but then it's all rolled -- way -- almost like. That. And a rat can't get him because I tell you what if we rolling like for instance. If we're at home with the Vikings that we put will but on the damage and we keep it probably two times the fans again standing up and they getting grow. Right this evening like a meaningful very mean they'll meet the open like. -- the Packers and Aaron Rodgers got that down. And we have -- school righted and understanding of the game. Well it is -- it is. -- us off to. Did you. And it won't. He screwed us. Yeah. It's. And -- he's going to continue its. One event and who's obviously -- yeah. Didn't hit a beautiful and nobody's. Let me stop. Talk to them about it it might -- stop stop stop. Thank you or. But I think you would I would have to imagine that. Was it meant to do play Romo is in the semi finals that was it easy a few years ago. It India other semifinalists. They both have not found they had a whole road. This is probably. One of the biggest. One of the biggest crowds I would think excellent upbeat semi final match at that it's -- -- and -- -- Saint Paul they all right side of it I'll go -- here demo is that cycle cycle -- massive. Crowd there will be here for like a semi -- even as they tend to give -- what you traded you to break the team to -- on the camp. Yeah yeah you know like come November December. The chance to continue to play the superdome and had home field advantage yeah. And I'd say it is a -- of the track and you have all the seems to take it and standing normal guy like -- has a speaking about the mental Duke program and has come over here it would keep Werth got he keeps getting it done -- -- -- Christ. But today. This program because they they've got respect it date -- -- now and the year and the -- to problems in my files. They could award making critical one as the team if they I don't know how level and ended and a group community at Butler putting round of the football program that they have they are pro. I think I'll go watch that we've seen him brags that earlier today. We started the shadow of the -- mr. -- is coming into Florida next week deeply. John Curtis along those lines you look at the competition. -- go Hokies kids that went to school they're meant to go high but we were playing it was 30 female -- -- -- -- we oh who would replace eleven you still live here and -- -- that nearly -- -- -- and -- those terrible that they were lucky it went to -- And I never existed at that. And other population here how commanded them not be better or not you look. I mean now all of a sudden yet to even build new high schools a pound blue blue -- -- -- game -- show and it hasn't been the date that you look at this you know when you look at saint Paul's where they're at night -- -- other -- I was always good -- good back. In his seventies now lol lol -- it is good statement to date quotes all that is to do with his family as a coach don't you ask -- that got away as you look at it then. Look at their rob right you can't -- Rob Ryan out the field so he's deadly a fan favorite these days. B well we think that works for everybody. All of balking -- joining us on today's program the first installment of the -- I'll show. Is coming up here in just a few. -- -- -- -- after the -- I'll show it is. Into for the latest on the Blanco and if you did you know that cup expletive and Dillon's ball ought. But now but it it's an okay guys out of the ability at the less I'll show his thanks as always -- -- -- KG candidate Bobby -- it bluntly they sell it I people. That.